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Full text of "The Todd family in America or the descendants of Christopher Todd, 1637-1919 : being an effort to give an account, as fully as possible of his descendants"

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Some years ago when I began to feel that I would like 
to leain who my ancestoi's were farther back than my 
grrandfather, 1 made some inquiries among my relatives 
as to what they knew concerning them. The best I could 
do was to learn my great-grandfathers name, beyond 
which was oblivion. Consequently, it was about two 
years before I was able to learn my line of descent and 
trace to my immigrant ancestor. At that time, little did 
I dream that eventually I should voluntarily assume the 
responsibility of editing a genealogy of the Todd Family, 
but as I worked into the matter, deeper and yet deeper, I 
could not learn of but just one person who had ever at- 
tempted to collect a record of the descendants of Christo- 
pher Todd as a whole, and he had recently died in the 
harness, leaving his data unpublished. I then negotiated 
with his heirs and soon thereafter, all the material that 
he had been years in collecting, came into my possession. 
Since then I have attempted to complete more of the 
branches to the present time. 

The result is now soon to be placed befoi'e the Todd 
Family for their inspection and perusual. My principle 
reason for this action is to preserve from absolute de- 
struction the data which has been years in preparing and 
with such infinite labor and zeal. 

However, the task has not been wholly without its 
compensations, as I have become somewhat acquainted 
with many people, who, otherwise I never should have 
known, and have become personally acquainted with a 
number of them. I have had many willing assistants 
who have given me valuable help and information con- 
cerning their particular branches of the family, and with 

such I shall always retain very pleasant memories. On 
the other hand, there are those who have not been enough 
interested in their ancestry to furnish me with informa- 
tion which was in their possession. Unfortunately, these 
are the very ones whose records will appear the most in- 
complete, which has given me much keen disappointment 
and it necessarily follows that those who have sent me the 
required information and have answered my inquiries, 
will appear much nearer complete and to date. It has 
been my ambition to complete every branch which has 
living descendants, but alas, I have failed. 

The foundation to this work was begun many years 
ago by the late Rev. John E. Todd formerly of New 
Haven, Conn., who did a vast amount of work in col- 
lecting the records, especially of the earlier generations 
contained herein. It is impossible to specify all to whom 
I am indebted for assistance rendered me in my part of 
completing this work. To all these, I wish to express 
my thanks, and that I appreciate all they have done for 

I do not claim this work to be perfect ; no doubt there 
are many errors, which, perhaps came about largely 
through transmission. When such imperfections are 
discovered I would be pleased to have the corrections or 
additions sent to me, as sooner or later a supplement may 
be required. 

This work is planned so that each generation is 
finished before the next one begins. Each person is 
numbered in rotation beginning with Christopher as 1. 
His oldest child is numbered 2, the next 3 and the last 
one is 7 which completes the first generation. Each per- 
son who has descendants, an * is placed before their num- 
ber thus, *2, which denotes that the number will appear 
in the succeeding generation in its proper place, the num- 
ber then appearing in the middle of the page, otherwise, 
all that is known of that particular person will be found 
when their number first appears. 

George Iru Todd. 
Northampton, Mass. 
January 1, 1920. 


Tod is the Scotch word for fox. In Scotland and 
the north of England a todhunter is a fox hunter. The 
name Todd is an altered form of the Scotch word tod. 
The shorter form of the name is therefore the original 
and correct one. The doubling of the final letter is a cor- 
ruption. But at the present time everywhere unless in 
Scotland and perhaps even there too, the corrupt form is 
the more common one. 

The first to assume the word as a surname was per- 
haps a keen sportsman. He followed the hounds, or may 
have been a fox hunter. Tod is a name occurring in the 
writings of WycliflFe, also Todman. We have other forms 
of the name, Todt or Todte and Todde, also the compounds 
Todcastle, Todenham and Todlebru. 

A good story is told of a market gardener of Middle- 
sex, who was brought before a magistrate for not having 
printed on his cart his name, his place of residence and 
the words "taxed cart." In defence, the gardener said 
that he had complied with the law in every particular, as 
the Court could judge from inspection of his cart, upon 
which was the following legend : 

"A Most Odd Act on a Taxed Cart." 

This looked startling, not to say contumacious, until 
it was explained that it could be rendered : 

"Amos Todd, Acton, a Taxed Cart." 

Among those who have helped to make the name 
illustrious, to mention but a few, one of the best known 
Irish scholars of his day — hewas bomin 1805 — was James 
Henthorn Todd, consulted both by statesmen and theolo- 
gians. Another was Henry John Todd who was editor of 


Milton ; he also edited Johnson's dictionary, and added 
several thousand words. Robert Bentley Todd, the early 
part of the nineteenth century, was a physician of high 
repute, and his statue may be seen at King's College Hos- 
pital. David Todd had a world-wide reputation as an 
astronomer. Isaac Todhunter was a mathematician, 
whose treatises had an enormous circulation. 

Shall we also mention Mary Evans Todd, the "Mary" 
of Coleridge's verse? She was not a Todd by birth, to be 
sure, but the wife of one and the mother of another — the 
mother of Elliott D' Arcy Todd, of Yorkshire, which for 
centuries has been the stronghold, so to speak, of the 
Todds. Can there be any connection between the name 
of the family and the town in the West Riding of York- 
shire — Todmorden ? The town also dates back to Edward 
III, and even prior to his reign. 

In "Women of the Revolution" we read of Sarah, 
Adam Todd's wife. Their home was in Cliff Street, New 
York. When the British took possession of the city she 
left it, but quickly returned when she heard that a ser- 
vant which she had left in charge of her house was pass- 
ing herself off as the mistress and was taking boarders. 
She remained through the war, and with her daughters, 
was a ministering angel to prisoners and the wounded in 
hospitals. One of the latter had taken up its quarters in 
the Quaker Meeting House which was next door north of 
her house, in Queen street, and was used as a prison hos- 
pital during the war, and she often went in to cook for 
and nurse the sick. Her house was called "rebel head- 
quarters" by the British, and an officer said of her and 
her daughters : "They are the d — Rebels in New York." 

The men too played their part and played it well. 
Timothy Todd, of Vermont, a surgeon, was at the battle 
of Bennington and a member of the Governor's council, 
and several other of the Todd descendants of Christopher 
served during the war. Thomas Todd, of Virginia, was 
also a member of the Continental army ; his son Charles 
was one of the four aides who rendered Gen. Harrison 
most important services during his campaign and was 
afterward minister to Russia. The Kentucky branch of 


Todd family also has its war record. There were Lieut. 
Levi and his brother, Col. John, good and brave soldiers. 
Levi was the father of Robert, the father of Mrs. Abra- 
ham Lincoln. 

All the Todds have originally come from Scotland; 
but they have come by different roads, and some of them 
have been a long time on the way. For centuries, driven 
by persecution or lured by the hope of advantage, they 
have been with their fellow-countrymen, descending into 
England, or crossing the straits into the North of Ireland. 

For three or four hundred years the parish regis- 
ters in all the counties of England have contained many 
records of Todds. An ancient Yorkshire register records 
the marriage of Richard Tod and Mary Wod. This is 
poetic and beautiful. In such a family it must have been 
natural for the boys, when first learning to walk, to tod- 
dle, and for the girls, when old and fat, to waddle. 

With the practical union of Scotland and England 
under James I, the mutual political prejudices of the two 
countries began to abate. With the reformation in Eng- 
land and later the spread of independency and Presby- 
terianism their religious prejudices also disappeared. 
And the Scotch in England were mingled everywhere 
with the English. Consequently the two peoples became 
thoroughly amalgamated. The Todds in England have 
long since become thoroughly English and have lost the 
last trace of their Scottish heredity. With the Scotch in 
Ireland, or the Scotch-Irish as they are commonly but 
improperly called, the case is very different. There the 
Scotch have been segregated from the Irish, in a few 
Northern Counties; they have been strong advocates of 
William of Orange, and the protestant succession, while 
the Irish have been loyal to the Stuarts, so long as there 
were any to be loyal to, and since that to home-rule, or 
anything rather than the established government, and the 
Irish have been bigoted Roman Catholics, while the 
Scotch have been not less bigoted Presbyterians. From 
all this has developed a fierce antagonism, which has kept 
the races apart, and has manifested itself wherever even 
in foreign countries, Orangemen and Irishmen have 


"foregathered." These Todds, therefore, have no Irish 
blood, but are as purely Scotch as the people of Scotland 

Of the nine distinct and so far as known wholly un- 
connected families of Todds in this country, three have 
come from Scotland direct, namely, the New York Todds, 
the SufReld, Connecticut Tods and (probably) the Phila- 
delphia Tods ; three have come from the North of Ireland, 
Viz., the Maryland Todds, the New Hampshire Todds, and 
the Pennsylvania Todds ; and three have come from Eng- 
land, Viz., the Massachusetts Todds, the New Haven, Con- 
necticut Todds and the Virginia Todds. Of these last 
three, the first two came from the republican or Puritan 
party, and the third from the royalist or Church of Eng- 
land party. Of all the Todds in this countiy the Vir- 
ginians were at first highest in social rank. 

The arms of the Todds, or of such as were authorized 
to bear them were, with trifling variations, three fox 
heads in red, in a shield, with a fox sitting, or running 
away with a goose, for a crest, and the motto, "Opertet 
Vivere" — "One must live" (even if he has to steal for it.) 

It must be admitted that the Todds have been better 
than their motto; but it is not pretended that the Todds 
in this country have any right, or wish, to make use of 
these "childish things," which the manhood of the world 
has put away. 

With a single exception the Todds have all come from 
the Highlands of Scotland. 

The original name of the Irish Todds was O'Shauagh, 
which is Irish for fox. In consequence of an early Eng- 
lish Parliment, which compelled the Irish to assume Eng- 
lish names, the family changed its name, the Leinster 
branch taking the name Fox and the northern, Todd, or 
Wolfson, corrupted into Wilson. It appears from this 
that a portion of the Irish Todds are of Irish origin. All 
other Todds are Scotch. 

They have come to this country by three different 
channels. First there are the Scotch Todds, who have 
come directly from Scotland. 

In the latter part of the first half of the eighteenth 


century, probably between 1730 and 1740, Adam Todd 
landed in New York City, coming direct from Scotland, 
and still wearing the kilt and the tartan. He was twice 
married. He had one daughter, Margaret, by the first 
wife, and three children, Adam, James, and Sarah, by 
the second. Few of the descendants bearing the family 
name, attained to distinction. But the female descendants 
became the wives and mothers of eminent men. Sarah, 
the youngest daughter of Adam, married John Jacob 
Astor, a native of Waldorf Duchy of Baden, who eventu- 
ally acquired an immense fortune by trading in furs in 
the Northwest, and by the rise in value of property in 
New York. In 1848 he founded the Astor Library in 
New York at an expense of $400,000. He also established 
still more useful institutions in his native city. John 
Jacob and Sarah (Todd) Astor had several children, of 
whom William B., known to be one of the richest men of 
his time, and who doubled the Astor Library, and Col. 
John Jacob junior, are the best known. Magdalen, the 
eldest daughter married first Gov. Bentzen, a native of 
Denmark, and Gov. of the island of Santa Cruz, and after 
his death Rev. John Bristed, of Dorchester, England. 
Their son, Cliarles Astor Bristed graduated at Trinity 
College Cambridge, England, and wrote a book about the 
union of life which has been much read, and became a 
literary man, writing under the nome de plume of "Carl 
Benson." It is sufficient to show that the Todd family 
came to be intimately connected with most of the promi- 
nent families of New York, that their records contain the 
names of Astor, Brevort, Springier, Sedgwick, Dodge, 
Vanderbilt, Aspinwall, Piatt, Kane, Roosevelt, and others. 

Next there are the Irish Todds, a part of whom came 
originally from Scotland. In the early part of the last 
century Robert Todd came from County Antrim, and 
settled on wild lands in the interior of Pennsylvania, 
whence his descendants spread into New Jersey, Carolina, 
Georgia and Kentucky. 

It was into a branch of this Irish stock that Presi- 
dent Abraham Lincoln married, Mrs. Lincoln being the 
great-granddaughter of Robert Todd, who was a native of 
Pennsylvania and a general in the Revolutionary Army. 


Robert and Andrew Todd came over first from Ire- 
land. Robert the Grandfather or Great-grandfather of 
Mary Todd, afterward Mrs. Lincoln, settled in Penn- 
sylvania and Andrew at Todds Point below Cambridge, 
Md. Michael Todd and Levin Todd came over a few 
years later and settled near Andrew. Hugh Todd may 
have been their father. Their grandfather's name was 
John Todd. 

James Todd and his wife were born in Scotland, but 
emigrated to the North of Ireland where all their children 
were born. These children were Alexander, Samuel, 
Elizabeth, and Andrew. Alexander and Samuel were 
both of them graduates of the university of Edinburgh. 
Samuel was never married. The others were all married 
in Ireland. James the husband and father died in Ire- 
land. In 1720 his widow and all her children and child- 
ren-in-law arrived in Londonderry, N. H., and settled 
there. The youngest son, Andrew distinguished himself 
in the French wars of 1744 and 1755, in which he served 
as Colonel of the provincial forces, and was one of the 
marked men of the time. The descendants of this family 
seem to have confined themselves for the most part to the 
region in which they first settled. 

Lastly there are the English Todds, who have come 
to this country by way of England, where they have been 
known at least, so far back as the eleventh century. Upon 
their entrance into England some of the Todds seem to 
have retained their Scotch name, while others exchanged 
it for its English equivalent. 

Hence the Todds and the Foxes belong to the same 
stock, and have always borne the same arms. The Todds 
seem to have settled first in Yorkshire where the name is 
common to this day. 

There was a John Todde, who was high sheriff of 
York in 1390; and also Sir William Tod, who was high 
sheriff in 1477, and Lord mayor ten years later. Till 
within comparatively recent times there was two inscrip- 
tions in preservation on the walls of York, which the 
antiquary Leland thus describes — 

"Under a piece of indifferent sculpture of a senator 


in his robes and a woman kneeling by him, 'A. Dom. M. 
CCCC. L.XXXVII. Sir William Tod mair jou-ates some 
tyme was schyriffe did this cost himself.' Near this on 
a table under the city's arks, is — "A Domini M. CCCC. 

L. XXXVII. Sir William Tod, Knight L Mayre 

this wal was mayde in his dayes Lx yerds." 

Among the more eminent of the Yorkshire Todds 
was Rev. Robert Todd, a dissenting minister of Leeds. 
Among other notices of him it is chronicled that during 
the Great Plague "he preached repeatedly and impress- 
ively on Hezekiah's boil." 

There was also a Sir William Todd, who was High 
Sheriff of York under Charles I, in 1625. 

There are in this country three distinct families of 
Yorkshire Todds. One of these sprung from Thomas 
Todd, who settled in Virginia, whence his descendants 
have spread into Kentucky. 

In 1664 Thomas Todd came from England and settled 
in Ware Parish, Gloucester Co., Va., bringing with him 
his wife and one or two children born in England. He 
was a ship master and died at sea in 1676. His wife was 
Ann Gorsuch, dau, of Rev. John Gorsuch, Rector of Walk- 
ham, Hertfordshire and his wife Anne, dau. of Sir Wil- 
liam Lovelace. Their children were Thomas, Christo- 
pher, James, William, Philip, Joanna, Anne, Frances and 
Isabella. One of the descendants of Capt. Thomas Todd, 
the eldest child, was the distinguished jurist, Thomas 
Todd of Kentucky, who after filling the highest judicial 
offices in that State was appointed by President Jeffer- 
son one of the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court 
of the United States, and held that office from 1807 till 
his death in 1824. His abilities and character won him 
the personal friendship of Chief Justice Marshall, and of 
the foremost men in the country. His eldest son, Charles 
Scott Todd was graduated at William and Mary College, 
practiced law in Frankfort, Ky. In the war of 1812 he was 
appointed Secretary of State of Kentucky by Gov. Madi- 
son ; he was sent on a confidential mission to Colombia by 
the United States Government in 1820, and was appointed 
minister to Russia by President Tyler in 1841. Judge 


Todd's second wife was Lucy Payne sister of Mrs. Presi- 
dent Madison; but when he married her she was the 
widow of George Steptoe Washington, youngest son (by 
the fourth of his five wives,) of Samuel Washington, 
brother of George Washington first President of the 
United States. Isabella the youngest child of Capt. 
Thomas Todd the immigrant, married John Madison the 
son of a wealthy planter of the same name, who was the 
original immigrant of that family. They had two sons, 
Ambrose and John, the latter was the father of the Right 
Rev. James Madison, President of William and Mary Col- 
lege, and first Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Virginia, 
and of his brother George Madison, Gov. of Kentucky. 
Ambrose married Frances Taylor sister of Zackary Tay- 
lor, who was the grandfather of Gen. Zackery Taylor, the 
thirteenth President of the United States. The wife of 
President Madison was Dorothea (commonly called Dol- 
ly) Payne, though when he married her she was the widow 
of John Todd, a promising and wealthy young lawyer 
in Philadelphia. She and her sister Lucy (Judge Todd's 
second wife) were daughters of John Payne and Mary 
Coles, a first cousin of Patrick Henry, and grand-daugh- 
ter of John Payne who came to Va. early in the eighteenth 
century, and Anna Fleming, grand-daughter of Sir 
Thomas Fleming, one of the early settlers of Jamestown, 
Va. Their family belonged to the society of Friends, and 
their mother and Grandmother had been as celebrated as 
they were for beauty and charming manners. The Jef- 
ferson and Madison families were very intimate, and as 
President Jefferson was a widower, and his daughters 
were married and had duties elsewhere, he was accus- 
tomed to ask Mrs. Madison to preside at the social func- 
tions in the White House. For President Jefferson's two 
terms, and for her husbands two terms, therefore, in 
other words for sixteen years she was virtually mistress 
of the presidential mansion. During her long tenure of 
this elevated position she became widely known and uni- 
versally admired and beloved. In some respects she was 
the most remarkable woman which this country has pro- 


The second family sprung from John Todd, who 
came to Chai'leston, Massachusetts, in 1637, and two 
years later settled in Rowley, Mass. His antecedents are 
not yet discovered except that he came from Yorkshire. 
The Rowley Todds are found in Massachusetts, Vermont 
and the West and have furnished a general in the Revolu- 
tionary army and many men of ability and distinction. 

The third family sprung from Christopher Todd, 
who was one of the original settlers of the New Haven 
colony, in Connecticut, in 1639. He came from Ponte- 
fract, West Riding, Yorkshire. 

The register of the old parish church in Pontefract 
is still in existence and contains the records of the mar- 
riage of William Todd and Isabel Rogerson, the grand- 
parents, and William Todd and Katharine Ward, the 
parents of Christopher. 

William Todd the youngest "was killed in sort of a 
duel," when his son Christopher was but an infant, and 
Christopher was but about twenty years old when with 
his wife, Grace Middlebrook, he joined the New Haven 
colony. Here he became a farmer, miller and baker. He 
seems to have been at first one of the less prominent of 
the colonists. He signed the "General Agreement" mod- 
estly with his mark and quietly took his allotment in the 
"Yorkshire quarter" and when the "meeting-house" was 
"dignified" he had his place assigned him, not in one of the 
honorable "middle seates," but in the "third side seate" 
though "sister Tod" — for they worshipped in those days 
"the men apart and their wives apart" — was a little more 
fortunate. It was not long, however, before Christopher 
Todd began to make another kind of mark. He bought a 
grist-mill, which the town had built where Whitney's gun 
factory now stands; and it was long known as "Todd's 
mill." The records of the "General Court" show that he 
was continually adding to his real estate. He even rose 
to the dignity of a "viewer of fences." In 1650 he bought 
an acre and a half on Elm Street in the more aristocratic 
"London quarter" on a part of which St. Thomas's 
Church now stands, and occupied a house on the eastern 
part of it. This ground, known in after-times as "the 


Blue Meeting house Lot" remained in the family fox- 
nearly a hundred years. 

Christopher Todd died at a good old age, leaving a 
will which is a model for sense and wisdom. He had 
three sons and three daughters of whom the whole earth 
around and in distant states has been overspread. 

Of the daughters, Mercy, the eldest, married John 
Bassett, and became the mother of a large family ; Grace, 
the second, seems to have been mentally deficient, and 
though married, was soon, deserted by her husband and 
was specially provided for in her father's will, as "incom- 
petent to take care of herself or any estate." 

Mary, the youngest daughter, was married to Isaac 
Turner, son of Captain Nathaniel Turner, "the right arm 
of the New Haven colony," who afterward perished in 
the "Phantom Ship." Her husband's sister Mary was 
the wife of Thomas Yale, the mother of Elihu Yale, the 
founder of Yale College. 

Of the sons, each became the head of a large branch 
of the family. The descendants of Samuel, the second son, 
have been the most numerous. One of these was Rev. 
Samuel Todd, the impulsive but able first pastor of the 
North Parish in Waterbury, Connecticut. 

Another was Rev. Abraham Todd, who was for forty 
years pastor of the West Church at Horseneck, Green- 
wich, Connecticut, which stood on the hill afterward 
made famous by Putman's desperate ride. Many amus- 
ing stories are told of this simple minded but respected 
preacher — 

"Although a general favorite throughout the whole 
of his ministry he may have had some, though few 
enemies. It is related that during his ministiy many of 
his hearers were outspoken men, even expressing them- 
selves publicly during worship, as to the merits or de- 
merits of the doctrines advanced. Among this class of 
persons was one Palmer, who was present during the 
service on an occasion when an Indian missionary 
preached to Mr. Todd's congregation. He preached 
fluently, and we presume well, and so great an impression 
did his logic make upon Palmer, that at the close of the 



sermon he exclaimed with great vehemence "Lets swap 
Todd and buy the Injin; he does a good deal the best." 
Mr. Todd himself was present on the occasion. The 
length of his pastorate, however, is a sufficient guarantee 
of his ability, as well as his excellence of character. 

Another preacher of this line of descent, whose 
worth is established by similar evidence, was Rev. Am- 
brose S. Todd, D. D., rector for nearly forty years of St. 
James Church, in Stamford, Conn. His father before 
him had been a clergyman of the Episcopal Church, and 
he inherited more than the abilities and succeeded to more 
than the reputation and influence of his father. In all 
branches of the family in every generation the Todds 
have been inclined to the ministry and have risen to 
eminence in the clerical profession more than in any 
other, unless the medical. 

To the line of Samuel Todd, however, belong George 
Todd, late Judge of the Supreme Court of Ohio, with his 
son, ex-governor of the same State; also Edward Todd, 
of New York city, who has won fame, not by his pen but 
by his pens. 

The descendants of Michael, the youngest son of 
Christopher Todd, have also been very numerous. Like 
the descendants of the other sons, they have been mostly 

One of them, S. Edwards Todd, is well known in our 
own day as a writer on agriculture. Another descendant 
of this line, in a former generation was Doctor Eli Todd, 
of Farmington, Conn., who was one of the founders of 
the Retreat for the Insane at Hartford, Ct. and acquired 
celebrity in connection with it. Ex-governor James E. 
English is also a descendant of a female branch of this 

The descendants of John, the eldest son of Christo- 
pher Todd, continued for a time to till the paternal acres 
at New Haven ; but at length one of his grandsons named 
Jonathan feeling the hereditary ministerial impulse, was 
graduated at Yale College in 1732 and ordained in the 
fall of the following year when scarcely twenty years 
old "having that part of the Church of Christ committed 


unto me which is in the East Guilford" now Madison, 
Conn. His pastorate continued for more than half a 
century. He was naturally accompanied in his migration 
from New Haven by his younger and only surviving 
brother, Timothy, who settled near him and became a 
merchant and magistrate, the father of a large family 
and the grandfather of Rev. John E. Todd who compiled 
the major part of this genealogy. He too was a graduate 
of Yale. 

Extracts from the register of the Parish Church, 
Pontefract, West Riding, Yorkshire, England. 

1592, Sept., the 24 dai Wyll Todd and Isabell Rogerson 

were married. 

1593, June the 29 dai Wyll ye sone of Wyll Todd was 


1594, October the 18 dai John ye sone of Wyll Todd was 

1593, Julie the 22 dai John Warde and Isabell Bruster 

were married. 
1596, November ye 29 dai, Katherine ye daughter of 

John Ward was baptized. 
1614, May the 22 dai Willm Todde and Katherine Ward 

were married. 
1614, October the 15 day Mary the daughter of Wm. 

Todde was baptized. 
1617, January the 12th day Xrofor the sone of Willm 

Todde was baptized. 
1617, May the 8th day Willm Todd was buried. 


Mr. William Todd was born in Pontefract, in York, 
in Great Britian and had two children, Christopher and 
Mary, and was killed in a sort of duel. 

Mr. Michael Middlebrook lived at Hold Mills, who 
had five children, Matthew, Michael, Mary, Hester and 
Grace. Mr. Edward Wigglesworth married Hester, and 
the above named Christopher Todd married Grace. 

From these documents it appears that William Todd 
and Isabel Rogerson married Sept. 24, 1592, had two 
sons, William, who was baptized June 29th 1593, and 
John, who was baptized Oct. 18, 1594. 


William Todd 2nd, married Katherine Ward May 22, 
1614, and had two children, Maiy, baptized Oct. 14th 
1614, and Christopher, baptized Jan. 12, 1617, and was 
killed in York, England, in a duel less than four months 
after the birth of his son Christopher, having been buried 
May 8th 1617. 

John Todd who was baptized Oct. 18, 1594, was born at 
Pontefract, York County, England, and married in 1620, 
Alice Clayton of Bradford, York County, England, where 
their son John was born and who married in 1643, 
Susanna Hunt who was born at Bradford, County of 
York, in 1621. He emigrated to America, settling first 
in Charlestown, Mass. and shortly afterwards went to 
Rowley, Mass. where he became a prominent citizen. He 
was elected as a representative from that town to the 
General Court. They had the following children, viz. : 

John, b. 1655 ; left descendants. 

Catharine, b. 1658. 

Thomas, b. 1665. 

Timothy, b. 1668. 

Samuel, b. 1670. 

James, b. 1672. 
It is thought probable that William Todd who mar- 
ried Isabel Rogerson was a son of Reginald Todd, free- 
man of York, 1605, and a collateral descendant of Sir 
William Todd, Lord Mayor of York, 1487. 

Christopher married Grace Middlebrook, daughter 
of Michael Middlebrook of Hold Mills, Yorkshire — her 
sister Hester being married to Mr. Edward Wiggles- 

As the recoi'd was taken down from the lips of an 
old woman, a long time ago, it is possible that "Hold 
Mills" was "Old Mills." The title "Mr." indicates 
superior position, as also does the stoiy of a duel. 

Christopher Todd and Edward Wigglesworth and 
their wives came to this country together and settled in 
New Haven Colony. They were not among the first 
settlers, 1638, but were among the first additions. Their 
names appear several times in the records of the Colony. 
Edward Wigglesworth was a cripple and a shoemaker. 


The somewhat famous poet was one of his descendants 
and the family have been somewhat distinguished. 

Christopher Todd became a planter, miller and 
baker. He owned several tracts of ground. His mill 
was where the gun factory now stands at Whitneyville. 
In 1650 he bought the house built by Jasper Crane, where 
St. Thomas' Church now stands on Elm Street, and the 
place remained in the family for a hundred years. He 
seems to have been a bright, level headed business man, 
but without much education. His will, signed with his 
mark, is still to be seen among the New Haven County 



Christopher Todd', was born at Pontefract, West 
Riding, Yoi'kshire, England, baptized Jan. 12, 1617, died 
April 23, 1686, at New Haven, Conn., married Grace, 
daughter of Michael Middlebrook, of "Hold Mills" York- 
shire, England. 

He was barely twenty years of age, when he and his 
young bride sailed with Mr. Davenports company on the 
Hector, probably sometime in April 1637. Two months 
was perhaps, the average time consumed in sailing from 
London to Boston in vessels of that day. The Hector 
arrived in Boston on the 26th of June 1637. The immi- 
grants received a warmer welcome than ordinary. The 
eminence of "the famous Mr. Davenport" and the opu- 
lence of the merchants who accompained him, gave to this 
company, in the estimation of the colonists, an unusual 
value. Most of the company remained in Boston or the 
vicinity during the following winter, many of them 
having found employment suitable to their several 
vocations. Though somewhat scattered, some finding 
lodgings and employment in one place and some in an- 
other, they were still an organized company. 

On the 30th of March, the leader of the company and 
most of the followers embarked at Boston, having for- 
mally decided to fix their plantation at "Quinnipiac" on 
long Island Sound. After a tedious voyage of "about a 
fortnight they arrived at their desired port." 


It was perhaps, a peculiarity of New Haven, that 
cellars were used for temporary habitations. They were, 
as the name suggests, partially under ground and per- 
haps, in most cases on a hill side. On the Sabbath, they 
worshipped under an oak tree, near the landing place: 
and Mr. Davenport, in a sermon on Matthew IV, I, 
"insisted on the temptation of the wilderness, made such 
observations, and gave such directions and exhortations, 
as were pei'tinent to the present condition of his hearers." 

The English, soon after their arrival at Quinnipiac, 
observed a day of extraordinary humiliation, when they 
formed a social compact, mutually pi'omising "that as in 
matters that contain the gathering and ordering of a 
church, so likewise, in all public offices, which concern 
civil order, as choice of magistrates, and officers making 
and repealing of laws, dividing allotments of inheritance, 
and all things of a like nature," they would all of them be 
ordered by those rules which the scripture holds forth. 
For more than a year, they had no other civil or ecclesi- 
astical organization for the transaction of business and, 
if we may judge of that year by the years that followed, 
there were penalties inflicted on evil-doers; but if any 
individuals were authorized to act as magistrates, the 
record of their appointment has not been discovered. 

The plantation covenant, like the compact signed in 
the cabin of the Mayflower, was a provisional arrange- 
ment of men, who finding themselves beyond the actual 
jurisdiction of any earthly government, attempted to 
govern themselves according to the law of God. The 
elective franchise was limited to church members. 

At first, Christopher Todd seems to have been one of 
the less prominent of the colonists. He signed the 
"General Agreement" modestly, with his mark and 
quietly took his allotment in the "Yorkshire Quarter," 
and when the meeting house was "dignified," he had his 
place assigned him, not in one of the honorable "Middle 
seats," but in "the third seate on the side," though "Sister 
Tod" — for they worshipped in those days, "the men apart 
and their wives apart" — was a little more fortunate, had 
one of the more honorable "Middle seates." It was not 
long however, before Christopher Todd began to make 


another kind of mark. He bought a grist mill, which 
was the first mill erected by the town of New Haven, "at 
the falls over the trap dyke at the east end of Mill Rock, 
two miles from the center of the town." This was at first, 
hired and then bought of the town, before the year 1686. 
This mill stood on or near where Whitney's Gun factory 
now stands and was long known as Todd's mill, and after 
1798 passed into the possession of Eli Whitney, who 
erected there, the first establishment in America for 
manufacturing fire arms. 

The records of the "General Court," show that he 
was "continually adding to his real estate." He even 
rose to the dignity of a "Viewer of fences." 

In 1650, he bought of Jasper Crane, an acre and a 
half in the "London Quarter" with the buildings thereon. 
There he passed the remaining years of his life. This 
lot, which was on Elm street, between Church and Orange 
streets remained in the possession of he and his descen- 
dants for nearly a hundred years. It was later known as 
the "Blue Meeting house Lot," on account of the interior 
of the building, which the "New Lights" erected upon it, 
being decorated in that color. St. Thomas's Church now 
stands on a part of it. 

Mr. Todd was a farmer, miller and baker and ac- 
quired considerable property, some of his land being re- 
mote from his residence. 

He lived to be a little over sixty-nine years of age, 
having died in April 1686, leaving a will which is a model 
for sense and wisdom, and may be seen in the Probate 
records at New Haven, Ct. 

He had three sons and three daughters, the descen- 
dants of whom the whole country around and in distant 
states, has been overspread. Of the sons, John, the 
eldest and his descendants for a long time continued to 
till the paternal acres at New Haven. Samuel, the second 
son succeeded his father in the grist-mill. His descen- 
dants have been the most numerous. Michael, the third 
son also had a large family and many descendants 
many of whom have been farmers. Mercy, the eldest 
daughter married John Bassett and became the mother 


of a large family. Grace, the second daughter seems to 
have been mentally deficient, and though she married 
Richard Mattock, was soon deserted by him, and was 
especially provided for in her father's will as being 
"incompetent to take care of her self or any estate." 
Mary, the youngest daughter was married to Isaac, son 
of Capt. Nathaniel Turner. 

Children : 

*2. John, bapt. Dec. 2, 1642. 

*3. Samuel, bapt. April 20, 1645 

*4. Mercy, bapt. Sept. 16, 1647. 
5. Grace, bapt. Dec. 15, 1650, married Mar. 2, 1668-69, 
Richard Mattock. When about thirteen years of 
age she was called before the court and sentenced 
to be "whipt for some improprieties of conduct." 
She seems to have been mentally unsound. Soon 
after her marriage she was deserted by her hus- 
band. Her father, in his will, provided for her as 
one being "incompetent to take care of herself or 
any estate." 

*6. Michael, b. June 15, 1653. 

*7. Mary, b. Feb. 18, 1655. 



John Todd=, (Christopher^ baptized Dec. 2, 1642, 
married (1) Nov. 26, 1668, Sarah, daughter of Matthew 
(one of the "seven pillars" of the church in New Haven, 
Ct.) Gilbert, who died April 1672; (2) Aug. 20, 1677, 
Sarah, daughter of James and Mirriam (Wheeler) Blake- 
man and grand-daughter of Rev. Adam Blakeman, she 
was born April 25, 1658, died Dec. 16, 1688. 

Child by Sarah Gilbert: 

8. Sarah, b. Aug. 27, 1670, d. Sept. 1670. 
Children by Sarah Blakeman : 

9. Sarah, b. May 13, 1678 : d. Oct. 19, 1678. 


*10. John, b. May 11, 1679. 
*11. Jonathan, b. Feb. 20, 1680. 

12. Sarah, b. Mar. 12, 1682 ; d. June 26, 1682. 

13. Mary, b. Sept. 26, 1683 ; d. Aug. 8, 1706. 

14. Joseph, d. Mar. 7, 1709. 
*15. Josiah. 

16. Daughter, b. and d. Dec. 16, 1688. 

Samuel Todd% (Christopher') baptized April 20, 
1645, died April 1714, married Nov. 26, 1668, Mary 
daughter of William and Alice (Pirtchard) Bradley, who 
was born April 20, 1653, died Sept. 26, 1724. He suc- 
ceeded his father in the mill and bakery. 

Children : 
*17. Samuel, b. July 1, 1672. 

18. Joseph, b. Feb. 4, 1673 ; d. Mar. 1673. 
*19. Maiy, b. Feb. 11, 1674. 

20. Sarah, b. Feb. 3, 1676; d. Nov. 1, 1683. 

21 Joseph, b. Jan. 29, 1678; d. Mar. 22, 1678. 
*22. Hannah, b. Feb. 17, 1679. 
*23. Jonah, b. Dec. 16, 1684. 
*24. Daniel, b. March 14, 1686. 
*25. Abigail, b. Jan. 27, 1689. 

26. Mercy, b. Nov. 25, 1692. 
*27. James, b. June 10, 1696. 



Mercy Todd% (Christopher') bapt. Sept. 16, 1647, 
died April 8, 1714, married John Bassett. 

Children : 
I. Mercy, b. Dec. 15, 1676. 
n. Hannah, b. Oct. 3, 1679. 
in. Sarah, b. June 3, 1682. 
IV. Lydia, b. Aug. 10, 1685. 


V. Abigail, b. March 15, 1687. 

VI. John, b. July 11, 1691. 
VII. Joseph, b. April 19, 1694. 
VIII. Rebecca, b. March 14, 1695. 

IX. Joseph, b. Dec. 14, 1697. 

Michael Todd-, (Christopher^) born June 15, 1653, 
died 1712, married Elizabeth, daughter of Eleazer and 
Sarah (Buckley) Brown who married (2) 1715, Lieut. 
Samuel Street, son of Rev. Samuel. She married (3) 
Capt. John Merriman. In 1738-39, agreement by heirs 
of Michael and Elizabeth Todd, signed by the nine 
children below, and the husbands of the three daughters. 

Children : 
*28. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 12, 1690. 
*29. Benjamin, b. Nov. 19, 1693. 
*30. Gershom, b. Oct. 12, 1695. 
*31. Sarah, b. Nov. 2, 1698. 
*32. Michael, b. Jan. 26, 1700. 
*33. Hannah, b. Feb. 20, 1702. 
*34. Gideon, b. May 6, 1705. 
*35. Eleazer, b. Oct. 12, 1707. 
*36. Ithamar, b. Oct. 25, 1712. 

Mary Todd,= (Christopher^ bom Feb. 18, 1655, died 
May 1, 1676, married Aug. 19, 1668, Isaac Turner, whose 
father Capt. Nathaniel Turner, was "the right arm of 
New Haven Colony," and lost in the "Phantom Ship." 

Children : 
I. Isaac, b. July 3, 1669, twin with the next, m. Abi- 
gail , who d. Feb. 10, 1749. 

II. Nathaniel, b. July 3, 1669, m. April 25, 1705, Ruth 
Buckingham, of Milford, (Ct.?). 


III. Joseph, b. Nov. 13, 1672, d. Oct. 11, 1759, m. Feb. 3, 

1708-09, Sarah Hotchkiss. 

IV. Mary, b. Dec. 9, 1674, d. Dec. 12, 1683. 


John Todd^ (John=, Christopher') born May 11, 
1679, died Sept. 21, 1723, married Feb. 9, 1708-09, Han- 
nah Butler, who married (2) Caleb, son of Thomas and 
Hannah Powell ; who was born Aug. 29, 1674, by whom 
she had (1) Joshua; (2) Stephen. She was a daughter 
of John Butler, of Branford, Conn. In 1748, when the 
church society employed John Curtis to preach, Caleb 
Tuttle and wife and David Punderson and wife, Thankful, 
conveyed a half acre and 17 rods, fronting 100 feet on 
Elm St., for a parsonage lot. Caleb and his wife Hannah 
had become owners of two-thirds of it by deed from her 
sons Joseph and John Todd in 1726. This was the Blue 
Meeting house parsonage lot, and is now the site of St. 
Thomas Epis. church. Mrs. Hannah Tuttle died Oct. 27, 
1748, in her 65th year. 

Children : 
*37. John, b. Nov. 13, 1709. 
*38. Joseph, b. Nov. 1, 1711. 
*39. Thankful, b. July 18, 1717. 


Jonathan Todd^ (John^ Christopher') born Feb. 20, 
1680, died Sept. 14, 1723, married April 19, 1711, Sarah 
Morrison, who was born July 7, 1689, died April 29, 1753. 
She married (2) Deacon Benjamin Stone, of East Guil- 
ford, now Madison, Conn. Her tombstone, which may be 
distinguished in the Todd row, is noted for having a con- 
densed history of her life, as follows : 



Sarah Morrison 

was born July 7th 

1689. Was married 

to Mr. Jonathan Todd 

April 10th 1711 (who 

died Sept. 14, 1723) 

And was married to 

Deacon Benjamin 

Stone June 1735 

And died April 29th 

1753 And Her 
Body is Intered Here. 
They were buried in West Cemetery, Madison, Conn. 
He was one of the early Justices of the Peace of East 
Guilford, Conn. 

From Fifty Puritan Ancestors, by Miss Elizabeth 
Todd Nash. 

Children : 

40. Jonathan, b. Feb. 7, 1712; d. April 11, 1712. 

41. Jonathan, b. March 20, 1713; d. Feb. 24. 1791; mar- 

ried Jan. 9, 1735, Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. Samuel 
Couch, of Fairfield, Conn., who was born 1710, 
died Dec. 14, 1783. No children. Ordained pas- 
tor of the church in East Guilford, now Madison, 
Conn., Oct. 24, 1733, where he remained until 
his death in 1791, an exceptionally long pastorate 
of 58 years, all spent in one place. Graduated 
from Yale, 1732. 
"He was a distinguished scholar, and a judicious cri- 
tic in the learned languages : had given consider- 
able attention to philosophy, and had thoroughly 
studied history, both ancient and modern As- 
siduous in his application to reading, and prepar- 
ations for the sanctuary, making the sacred ora- 
cles his guide, he fed his hearers with knowledge 
and understanding. . .Christ Jesus and him cruci- 
fied was the sum and substance of his preaching. 
He had a happy talent at conversation. In times 


of uncommon sickness and mortality he devoted 
almost the whole of his time to visiting, and pray- 
ing with the sick and dying, and administering 
consolation to the afflicted. A clear discernment 
and sound judgement made him an able coun- 
sellor. He was singularly mild and amiable in 
his disposition, clothed with humility and plain- 
ness. At his death, not one of the sacred order in 
the State had been of so long standing in it. Not 
one head of a family was then living, of all who 
were living at the time of his ordination. Dur- 
ing his ministry he buried about twice his whole 
congregation. The calmness and resignation for 
which he was distinguished under all the afflic- 
tions of life of the gospel, were conspicuous in 
his most painful visitation through the last 
year of his life. Having uniformly and eminently 
exemplified the spirit of Christianity, he closed 
life with serenity, with peace, with joy, with 

From his sermon of Rev. James Dana, D. D., quoted 
and amplified by Rev. John Elliott. 

"My great uncle was a plain, primitive clergyman in 
olden times. He lived a veiy long quiet life, 
dwelling among his own people, equally prim- 
itive. He seldom went out of his parish, and 
though he was a great student and thorough scho- 
lar yet in the things of this world he was a child 
in simplicity. It so happened that there was a 
vessel cast ashore near his house, and from the 
wreck several Africans, directly from Guinea, 
emerged. I never knew all the circumstances: 
but they came into his hands, and my uncle made 
pets of them all. He thought of instructing and 
educating them, and sending them back to Africa, 
and he thought of making them school-teachers 
here, and he had divers schemes for their eleva- 
tion. But they were full grown people, could not 
speak a word of English, were immensely stupid, 
and never having been brought up to work, were 


anything but industrious. He gave them Scrip- 
ture names, Cush, Tamar and the like. Cush was 
the oldest, uniting simplicity and cunning so that 
it was often difficult to say on which principle he 
was acting. His simplicity always had his own 
ends in view. Among his exploits, he got up a 
company of boys as soldiers. He made them long 
sticks for guns, but — a drum ! He set his heart 
on having a drum for his company. In those 
days gentlemen wore small-clothes and white-top 
boots. My uncle was nice in his dress, and no 
one in his parish had his head in more perfect 
wig, or his feet in more becoming white-top boots. 
At great expense and pains he had procured a 
side of white leather for his boots, and laid it up 
carefully. All at once the leather was gone ; but 
a smothered sound from something called a drum 
among the boy-soldiers revealed the secret. Cush 
had cut it up to make two drum heads: when 
called to account, he gravely assured his master 
that his company were delighted, and said, "the 
minister had more patriotism than all de gemmen 
in de town." 

By Rev. John Todd, D. D. 

By his will, Mr. Todd emancipated all his servants, 
making at the same time sufficient provision for 
them to encourage them to support themselves. 
"I do Declare my will in respect of my Servants 
and Slaves: I have long been convinced in my 
own mind that the Enslaving of the Africans 
brought from Africa, or those Born in this coun- 
try, is unjust: and it is one of the sins of the 
land, and would Endeavour to free my Estate 
from the Cry of such a sin against it : and there- 
fore do order and will in the manner and form 
which is following." 

42. Amos, b. May 15, 1715: d. Aug. 14, 1733, being 

drowned at Dragon, (Fair Haven). 

43. Sarah, b. June 16, 1718 ; d. June 10, 1719. 

44. Ephraim, b. Mar. 7, 1719-20 : d. June 9, 1724. 
"45. Timothy, b. Mar. 3, 1722-23. 



Josiah Todd^ (John=, Christopher married (1) 
Feb. 28, 1715-16, Elizabeth, daughter of Matthew Gil- 
bert: (2) Dec. 18, 1718, Abigail, daughter of William and 
Mary Fredericks who died Aug. 26, 1760. 

Child by Elizabeth Gilbert : 
*46. Elizabeth, b. March 30, 1716-17. 

Children by Abigail Fredericks: 
*47. Mary, b. Mar. 27, 1720-21. 
*48. Deborah, b. Mar. 17, 1721-22. 
*49. Sarah, b. Jan. 30, 1725. 
50. John, b. Aug. 17, 1728, 


Samuel Todd^ (SamueP, Christopher^) born July 1, 
1672, died Dec. 1741, married first Sept. 16, 1698, Susan- 
nah, daughter of Joseph and Hannah (Munson) Tuttle, 
who was born Feb. 20, 1679-80, died Oct. 10, 1737. He 
married second June 10, 1739, widow Esther (Morse) 
Maltby, who was born May 19, 1679. She had married 
first Oct. 27, 1702, Daniel Maltby, of Branford, Conn. 

Children by Susannah Tuttle : 
*51. Lydia, b. July 28, 1699. 
*52. Caleb, b. Feb. 2, 1700. 
*53. Stephen, b. Dec. 4, 1702. 

54. Mehitabel, b. Jan. 29, 1704 ; m. May 26, 1726, Elihu 

Yale, a wealthy planter in New Haven, Ct., who 
died 1748, aged 52. No children. 

55. Christopher, b. May 2, 1707 ; d. May 12, 1712. 
*56. Elizabeth, b. 

*57. Christopher, b. April 27, 1713. 
*58. Samuel, b. Mar. 6, 1716-17. 
*59. Susannah, b. Dec. 7, 1718. 




Mary Todd^ (SamueP, Christopher^ born Feb. 11, 
1674-75, married Nathaniel, son of James and Sarah 
(Street) Heaton, who was born Nov. 19, 1664. 

Children : 
I. Sarah, b. Oct. 3, 1695 ; d. Feb. 27, 1707-08. 
II. Samuel, b. Mar. 29, 1699 ; d. June 10, 1700. 

III. Mary, b. Sept. 17, 1701 ; d. Feb. 25, 1707-08. 

IV. Nathaniel, b. Mar. 19, 1704 ; m. Oct. 13, 1726, Phebe 

Cooper, who died 1740. 
V. James, b. Feb. 16, 1706-07; m. Oct. 29, 1730, Han- 
nah Peck. 

VI. Samuel, b. Dec. 9, 1709 ; d. 1736. 

VII. Sarah, b. June 14, 1712. 


Hannah Todd^ (Samuel-, Christopher') born Feb. 
17, 1679-80 ; died April 1739, married June 2, 1701, Seth, 
son of James and Sarah (Street) Heaton, who was born 
March 25, 1676, died April 8, 1741. 

Children : 
I. Abigail, b. Jan. 4, 1702; m. Feb. 25, 1724-5, Daniel 
II. Daniel, b. Oct. 13, 1704. 

III. Thankful, b. Jan. 21, 1706; m. Jan. 15, 1728, 

Nathaniel Yale. 

IV. Esther, b. April 27, 1709 ; m. Jan. 28, 1728, Ephraim 

V. Lydia, b. Jan. 1, 1711. 

VI. Seth, b. Oct. 29, 1714; m. Dec. 19, 1739, Sarah Mor- 

VII. Lydia, b. Feb. 16, 1717. 

VIII. Hannah, b. July 3, 1719. 

IX. James, b. April 3, 1722 ; m. Sarah Bassett. 



Jonah Todd', (SamueP, Christopher^) born Dec. 16, 
1684, in New Haven, Ct. died Aug. 29, 1730, married 
April 20, 1709, Hannah, daughter of Samuel and Hannah 
(Tuttle) Clark, who was bom April 6, 1685. He was 
buried in the New Haven cemetery and the following is 
engraved on his gravestone. 

Here lyeth the body 

of Mr. Jonah Todd 

who died August 

ye 29th A. D. 1730 

in the 45th year of his age. 

*60. Abraham, b. Feb. 18, 1709-10. 


Daniel Todd% (Samuel-, Christopher^) born March 
14, 1686-87, died July 29, 1724, married April 20, 1721, 
Desire, daughter of John and Mary (Borroughs) Tuttle, 
who was baptized July 11, 1697. She married second 
Aug. 26, 1730, John, son of Thomas and Mary (Olnistead) 
Read, of Norwalk, who was born Aug. 7, 1701. 

Children : 
*61. Mary, b. March 7, 1721-22. 
62. Katherine, b. Dec. 22, 1723; d. April 4, 1724. 
*63. Daniel, b. March 5, 1724-25. 


Abigail Todd^ (SamueP, Christopher^) born Jan. 
27, 1689, died Nov. 19, 1731, married May 28, 1712, Sergt. 
John Gilbert, who died July 8, 1713. 

I. John, b. Sept. 1, 1713. 



James Todd^, (Samuel-, Christopher*) born June 10, 
1696, married first Dec. 6, 1721, Lydia Sherman, who 
was born Dec. 20, 1699, died Sept. 17, 1733; married 
second Oct. 15, 1734, Mary, daughter of Joseph Potter, 
who was born May 19, 1710. 

Children by Lydia Sherman : 
*64. Ebenezer, b. Aug. 24, 1722. 
*65. James, b. April 7, 1725. 
*66. Lydia, b. July 6, 1727. 
*67. Lois, b. Nov. 10, 1729. 
68. Eunice, b. June 10, 1732. 


Elizabeth Todd^ (MichaeP, Christopher^) born 
Feb. 12, 1690-91, married Dec. 29, 1708, Isaac Dayton, 
who had married first, Rebecca, daughter of Jonathan 

Children : 
I. Rebecca, b. May 1, 1709; d. Dec. 10, 1711. 
IL Elizabeth, b. Sept. 25, 1711; m. Daniel, son of 
Daniel and Hannah (Cornwall) Doolittle. 

III. Rebecca, b. April 12, 1713 ; m. Ebenezer Gilbert. 

IV. Isreal, b. Mar. 12, 1715 ; m. Dinah Bishop, widow of 

Moses Clark. 
V. Sarah, b. July 16, 1716 ; m. Benjamin English, who 
were the ancestors of ex-governor James E. Eng- 
lish of Connecticut. 
VI. Hannah, b. Aug. 4, 1718 ; m. Stephen, son of Thomas 

and Jemima (Tuttle) Jacobs. 
VII. Isaac, b. Aug. 30, 1720. 
VIII. Michael, b. June 4, 1722. 
IX. Deborah, b. Aug. 8, 1724. 
X. Jonathan, b. Jan. 31, 1726. 
XI. Charity, b. Sept. 29, 1730. 
XII. Giles, b. Feb. 20, 1731-32; removed to Blanford, 



Benjamin Todd% (Michael-, Christopher') born Nov. 
19, 1693, married Jan. 7, 1718, Lydia Ailing. 

Children : 
*69. Eunice, b. Dec. 6, 1723. 
*70. Benjamin, b. April 10, 1728. 
*71. Titus, b. July 16, 1730. 

72. Lydia, b. April 1, 1732 ; m. Samuel Mix. 

73. Patience, b. June 24, 1734 ; m. Bishop. 

*74. Jesse, b. Jan. 1, 1735. 

76. Eleanor, b. Sept. 10, 1738 ; m. David Bishop. 

77. Chloe, b. July 27, 1741. 

Gershom Todd*, (Michael-', Christopher') born 
Oct. 12, 1695, died Nov. 1748, married Hannah, daughter 
of Japhet and Hannah (Bradley) Mansfield, who was 
born Jan. 6, 1704, died 1773. 

He seems to have been a shrewd and capable man and 
acquired considerable property, his estate inventoried 
over £4000. 

Children : 
*78. David, b. March 29, 1722. 
*79. Asa, b. March 24, 1723. 
*80. Gershom, b. about 1725. 
*81. Enos, b. 1729. 
*82. Hannah, b 
83. Mary, b. May 8, 1732. 
*84. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 29, 1736. 
*85. Mabel, b. 1736. 
*86. Phebe. 



Sarah Todd^ (MichaeP, Christopher') bom Nov. 2, 
1698, married Dec. 21, 1719, Daniel Gilbert, who was born 
Nov. 15, 1697, died 1753. 



Children : 
I. Daniel, b. Nov. 12, 1720. 

II. Matthew, b. Feb. 21, 1721-22; m. Bethiah Todd, 
dau. of Caleb and Mary (Ives) Todd. For children 
and ancestiy see No. 125. 

III. Solomon, b. Feb. 10, 1723-24. 

IV. Sarah, b. July 29, 1727. 


Michael Todd^, (Michael-, Christopher^ born Jan. 
26, 1700, died Sept. 10, 1744, married Dec. 30, 1724, 
Mary, daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth (Glover) 
Dickerman, who was born 1703, and married second Sept. 
17, 1745, Col. John Hubbard, who had married first, 
Elizabeth Stevens, of Hartford, Ct. In making his will, 
Mr. Todd chose his wife and his friend, Col. John Hub- 
bard for the executors. In the work of administering the 
estate together, they seem to have found such congenial 
companionship, that they concluded to bind their friend- 
ship more closely by becoming man and wife. 

Children : 
*87. Michael, b. Aug. 10, 1729. 

88. Eli, b. Oct. 26, 1731 ; Grad. Yale, 1751. 

89. Charles, b. April 13, 1734, d. March 3,1735-36. 

90. Mary, b. Dec. 18, 1737, d. Oct. 14, 1742. 

Hannah Todd^, (Michael-, Christopher^) bom Feb. 
20, 1702-03, married Jan. 3, 1722, Nathan, son of Samuel 
Ailing, who was born March 8, 1696, died Oct. 24, 1774, 
at Hamden, Conn. 
Children : 
I. David, b. Feb. 2, 1724 , d. Apr. 22, 1794. 
II. Samuel, b. Jan. 3, 1726, m. June 17, 1752, Mary 


III. Hannah, b. Oct. 4, 1727, m. Jan. 25, 1750, Ezekiel 


IV. Nathan, b. Oct. 14, 1729 , d. June 2, 1812 , at Mt. 

Camiel, Conn. 
V. Zadoc, b. Nov. 27, 1731, d. about 1787. 

VI. Amos, b. Feb. 14, 1734. 

VII. Benjamin, b. May 1, 1736, m. Mar. 7, 1764, Lydia 

VIII. Moses, b. Dec. 4, 1741. 
IX. Sarah, b. Oct. 20, 1745, m. Daniel Rexford. 

34 114.9526 

Gideon Todd^ (Michael-, Christopher') born May 6, 

1705, married Dec. 17, 1728, Thankful Ives, of Walling- 
ford, Conn. 

Children : 

91. Rhoda, b. Jan. 1, 1729 , m. Ebenezer Wolcott. 

92. Sarah, b. Feb. 22, 1731-32. 

93. Isaac, b. May 18, 1734. 
*94. Gideon, b. Nov. 3, 1737. 
*95. Charles, b. April 10, 1740. 

96. Caleb, b. July 3, 1742. 


Eleazer Todd^ (Michael-, Christopher^ born Oct. 
12, 1707, married first. Thankful , who was bom 

1706, died Dec. 21, 1747. He married second, Mehitabel 
, who was born 1704, died Oct. 23, 1753. 

Children : 

* 97. Sybil, b. Jan. 23, 1734. 

98. Miriam, b. Nov. 27, 1736, m. Mar. 10, 1756, John 

* 99. Seth, b. Feb. 16, 1738-39. 

100. Ann, b. Aug. 16, 1742, d. Jan. 30, 1810, unmar- 
*101. Ruth, b. Sept. 14, 1744, m. Cooper. 



Ithamer Todd^ (Michael-, Christopher^) born Oct. 
25, 1712, married Hannah . 

Children : 
*102. Ithamer. 

103. Sarah, b. Dec. 12, 1736. 
*104. Abner, b. Nov. 4, 1738. 

105. Hannah, b. Aug. 11, 1740; m. Jotham Blakeslee. 
*106. Joel, b. May 24, 1742. 
*107. Job. b. Aug. 5, 1744. 

108. Thomas. 


John Todd*, (John% John=, Christopher') born Nov. 
13, 1709, married Hannah . 

He removed from Branford, Conn., to "Long Ridge," 
in the town of Stamford, Conn., where he bought land, 
March 22, 1739, passed the remaining days of his life, 
and died there. He was the only settler in the town of 
Stamford by the name of Todd, at that time, and inter- 
esting entries may be found in the town records, of the 
different tracts of land bought by him at "the South end 
of ye Long Ridge." He seems to have inherited a taste 
for the milling industry, for now (1914) there are ruins 
of two mills at Long Ridge, one for grain, the other a 
saw-mill, both owned and operated by him during his 
residence there. He became one of the leading and in- 
fluencial men of that region. 

It is not known who he married, except that her 
given name was Hannah. 

Children : 
*109. John, b. Jan. 8, 1731. 

110. Hannah, b. April 23, 1734. 

111. Mindwell, b. Sept. 8, 1736. 

112. Elnathan, b. Jan. 20, 1738. 


Joseph Todd'*, (John^ John=, Christopher ^ born 
Nov. 1, 1711, married Feb. 27, 1739, Sarah, daughter of 
William Punchard, who was born Feb. 19, 1717-18. 

Children : 

113. William, b. Dec. 27, 1740. 

114. Joseph, b. Aug. 20, 1743. 

Thankful Todd% (John% John=, Christopher^ born 
July 18, 1717, married Dec. 20, 1739, David Punderson. 

Children : 
I. Hannah, b. Oct. 21, 1740. 
II. Charles, b. July 14, 1742. 

III. Susannah, b. Aug. 16, 1744. 

IV. Sarah, b. May 30, 1746. 
V. John, b. Jan. 1, 1747. 

VI. David, b. Sept. 9, 1749. 
VII. Daniel, b. Dec. 15, 1752. 
VIII. Daniel, b. Dec. 15, 1753. 

IX. William Joseph, b. Nov. 13, 1754. 

X. Ahimaaz, b. Aug. 26, 1757. 
XI. Anna, b. Feb. 17, 1760. 

XII. Anna, b. Oct. 5, 1763 ; twin with next. 

XIII. Thankful, b. Oct. 5, 1763. 


Timothy Todd*, (Jonathan% John% Chrstopher') 
born Mar. 3, 1722-23, died Jan. 3, 1779, of small-pox, mar- 
ried May 16, 1751, Abigail, daughter of Capt. Joseph and 
Mary (Couch) Crane, who was born April 3, 1730, died 
Sept. 30, 1806. Mr. Todd graduated from Yale College, 
1774; was a merchant and magistrate in East Guilford, 
(now Madison) Conn, 


"Timothy Todd, Esq., was one of a committee ap- 
pointed December 14, 1776, to confer with committees 
from other towns or governments to receive charitable 
donations for the distressed poor in Boston, who were 
suffering in the Common cause." 

From Fifty Puritan Ancestors, by Elizabeth Todd 

Timothy Todd was a member of the Coast Guards 
enlisting as Seargent May 15, 1780 and served 150 days. 

Children : 

*115. Sarah, b. March 30, 1752. 

*116. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 10, 1754. 

*117. Jonathan, b. May 17, 1756. 

*118. Timothy, b. May. 16, 1758. 

*119. Abigail, b. July 26, 1760. 

*120. Mary, b. Oct. 9, 1763. 

121. John, b. Aug. 20, 1766 , d. Sept. 1766. 

*122. John, b. Feb. 18, 1768. 

Elizabeth Todd*, (Josiah^ John% Christopher^ born 
March 30, 1716-17, married Jonathan Goodsell. 

Children : 
I. Elizabeth, b. July 11, 1739, m. Jacob Bradley. 
II. Jonathan, b. Feb. 21, 1741. 

III. Josiah, b. March 27, 1742. 

IV. Josiah, b. Dec. 1743. 

V. Sarah, b. Oct. 24, 1745 , m. Timothy Bradley. 
VI. John, b. 1747. 

VII. Josiah, b. Jan. 22, 1750. 

VIII. Samuel, b. March 10, 1756. 



Mary Todd*, (Josiah^ John^ Christopher born 
March 27, 1720, died Dec. 1742, married Jan. 16, 1737, 


Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel and Esther (Blakeslee) Tut- 
tle, who was born May 29, 1714 and married second Abi- 
gail Ingham. 

Children : 
I. Uri, b. Sept. 8, 1737, d. June 18, 1822, m. Dec. 5, 
1764 Thankful Ives, who was born Mar. 14, 1747, 
d. Aug. 1, 1834. They lived in Bethany, Conn. 
II. Abagail, b. Aug. 31, 1740, d. 1828, m. Jan. 10, 1760 
Joel Bradley, of Hamden, Ct., who d. Sept. 18, 1801 
aged 62. 

III. Nathaniel, b. Nov. 26, 1742, d. Feb. 20, 1802, m. 

Aug. 24, 1768 Elizabeth Bassett, who d. Aug. 4, 
1819. He was twin with the next. They lived 
in Bethany, Conn. 

IV. Mary, b. Nov. 26, 1742, d. Oct. 8, 1834. For her 

descendants see number 104. 



Deborah Todd*, (Josiah^, John=, Christopher^ bom 
March 17, 1721, married Jesse, son of Moses Blakeslee, 
who was born March 30, 1710. 

Children : 

I. Sarah, b. Sept. 20, 1742, m. Enos Todd. For de- 
scendants see number 81. 
II. Job, b. May 28, 1744. 

III. Chloe, b. May 19, 1745, m. Bull, and had 

one son, Marrean, who died young in Delaware. 

IV. Josiah, b. Jan. 1, 1746, removed to Mobile, Ala. and 

died there. Blakeslee, Ala. was named after him. 
V. Obed, b. Dec. 5, 1748. 

VI. Dinah, b. Aug. 14, 1750, m. William Bassett and re- 
moved to Watertown, ( ?) where she died. 

VII. Jesse, b. June 30, 1753. 



Sarah Todd*, (Josiah\ John% Christopher^) born 
Jan. 30, 1725, married Nov. 10, 1743, Isaac Doolittle. 

Children : 
I. Sarah, b. 1747, d. July 21, 1832, m. Jeremiah, son 
of Jeremiah Parmalee, who was born 1744, d. 
March 24, 1788. He was Capt. in Col. Hazen's 
regiment; was wounded at the battle of Brandy- 
wine; died of small-pox. He married first Jan. 
14, 1767, Abigail Russell, who was b. 1742, d. 
Nov. 24, 1767. 
II. Abigail, b. Dec. 14, 1749, d. Oct. 24, 1794, m. Nov. 
17, 1768, Benjamin, son of Benjamin and Sarah 
(Dayton) English, who was b. Dec. 16, 1742, d. 
April 19, 1808. He was a descendant of Michael 
Todd on his mothers side. 

III. Mary, b. March 12, 1752, d. Aug. 6, 1760. 

IV. Thankful, b. Jan. 21, 1754, d. Feb. 14, 1827, m. Feb. 

13, 1777, John, son of Daniel and Mehitabel 
(Brown) Trowbridge, who was b. June 1, 1748, d. 
Sept. 7, 1791. He was a Capt. in the revolutionary 
war, and at one time was stationed at West Point, 
N. Y. 
V. John Todd, b. May 20, 1756. 

VI. Isaac, b. 1759, d. 1821, m. 1780, Desire Bellamy. 

VII. William Fredericks, b. April 14, 1761. 

VIII. Elizabeth, b. March 16, 1765, m. Collins. 

IX. Mary. 



Lydia Todd*, (SamueP, SamueP Christopher') born 
July 28, 1699, died Jan. 16, 1792, married Oct. 24, 1717, 
Rev. Benjamin, son of John and Mary (Peck) Doolittle, 
who was born July 10, 1695, died Jan. 9, 1748. He grad- 


uated from Yale, 1716 ; was ordained pastor of the church 
in Northfield, Mass., 1718, with an annual salary of 65 
pounds, and quite a liberal amount of money and land as a 
settlement. On the Northfield recoi'ds one of the high- 
ways is laid out, "From Pockany Meadow to a little brook 
where Mr. Doolittle's horse died." The following is on 
his gravestone. 

"Blessed with good intellectual parts, 

Well skilled in two important arts, 

Nobly he filled his double station, 

Both of a preacher and physician. 

To cure men's sicknesses and sins. 

He took unwearied care and pains, 

And strove to make his patient whole. 

Throughout, in body and in soul. 

He loved his God, loved to do good. 

To all his friends vast kindness showed. 

Nor could his enimies exclaim! 

And say he was not kind to them. 

His labors met a sudden close, 

Now he enjoys a sweet repose. 

And when the just to life shall rise, 

Among the first he'll mount the skies." 

Children : 
I. Olive, b. Oct. 28, 1718. 
n. Lydia, b. Aug. 24, 1720. 

III. Charles, b. July 31, 1722. 

IV. Eunice, b. July 31, 1724. 
V. Susanna, b. June 13, 1726. 

VI. Lucius, b. May 4, 1728. 

VII. Chloe, b. May 4, 1730. 

VIII. Lucy, b. Feb. 27, 1731. 

IX. Thankful, b. June 20, 1733. 
X. Amzi, b. Nov. 15, 1737. 
XL Lucy, b. July 15, 1741. 


Caleb Todd', (Samuel% Samuel=, Christopher*) born 
Feb. 2, 1700-01, died July 5, 1731, married Dec. 13, 1725, 


Mary, daughter of Dea. and Ensign, Samuel and Ruth 
(Atwater) Ives, who was bom Dec. 5, 1706. 

Children : 
*123. Phebe, b. Oct. 5, 1726. 
*124. Hezekiah, b. May 2, 1728. 
*125. Bethiah, b. Aug. 7, 1730. 

Stephen Todd\ (SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^ 
born Dec. 4, 1702, died 1772 in Wallingford, Conn., mar- 
ried May 26, 1726 Lydia, daughter of Deacon and Ensign 
Samuel and Ruth (Atwater) Ives, who was born Mar. 

Children : 

126. Jehiel, b. March 13, 1727. 

127. Ruth, b. Feb. 26, 1729. 
*128. Jonah, b. April 28, 1731. 
*129. Caleb, b. April 12, 1733. 
*130. Stephen, b. March 23, 1735. 
*131. Noah, b. Nov. 29, 1736. 

132. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 16, 1739. 

*133. Sybil, b. Nov. 17, 1740. 

*134. Lydia, b. Nov. 21, 1744. 

135. Charles, b. Sept. 6, 1746, d. Aug. 12, 1779. 

136. Asa, b. Aug. 5, 1750. 

137. Mary, b. 


Elizabeth Todd", (SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^ 
died Sept. 3, 1737, married Dec. 11, 1728, Deacon Samuel 
Sackett, of the North Haven, Conn, church, who died 

Children : 
I. Sarah, b. April 9, 1730. 

II. Mehitabel, b. Feb. 23, 1732-33, m. Sept. 11, 1765, 
Asa son of Theophilus Goodyear, who was b. Aug, 
16, 1763. 



Christopher Todd^ ( Samuel ■\ SamueP, Christo- 
pher') born April 27, 1713, died Jan. 13, 1785, married 
Feb. 9, 1736-37, Hannah, daughter of William and Mary 
(Abernethy) Tuttle who was born Nov. 10, 1715, died 
March 8, 1782. He was among the first settlers of North 
Haven, Conn. His house stood about 50 rods South-west 
of the house on the farm that was later owned and oc- 
cupied by his grand-son, Josiah Todd, and was still later 
owned by a Mrs. Leete, located about a half mile from the 
chuixhes, South on the old road to Fair Haven. 

Children : 

138. Susannah, b. Feb. 19, 1737-38. 

139. Oliver, b. Oct. 2, 1739. 
*140. Samuel, b. Jan. 4, 1741. 
*141. Dan. b. Mar. 20, 1743. 
*142. Hannah, b. Nov. 16, 1746. 
*143. Edmund, b. Jan. 6, 1748. 

144. Mehitabel, b. Nov. 6, 1751. 

145. Josiah, b. Oct. 28, 1753. 
*146. Abigail, b. Oct. 22, 1755. 


Samuel ToddS (Samuel\ SamueP, Christopher') 
born March 6, 1716-17, died June 10, 1789, married Aug. 
31, 1739, Mercy, daughter of Rev. Peter Evans, of North- 
field (Mass. ?) . He graduated from Yale college in 1734 ; 
ordained May 7, 1740, as the first minister at Waterbury, 
Conn., Northbuiy Parish; dismissed Aug., 1764; instal- 
led pastor at Plymouth, 1766; removed to Lanesborough, 
Mass., remaining there two years; organized First 
Church at Adams, Mass. and remained there as pastor 
until 1778 ; Moved to Orford, N. H. where he died. 

"He possessed a mind of more than ordinary strength, 
and great decision of character. His religious sentiments 
and feelings were strictly evangelical. The revivals of 
1740, he warmly approved and exerted himself to pro- 


From the History of Berkshire County, Mass. 

It was his approval of these revivals which led to his 
dismissal from Northbury. His church became Episco- 

"He was a clergyman of much note. I shall not forget 
how he used to shake his large white wig, when any of 
my good mothers little flock made a mistake in the old 
Westminister Catechism." 

From The Foote Genealogy, by Erastus Foote. 

After repeated attempts and failures, the people of 
Plymouth were at last successful in being separated from 
Waterbury, by the October session of the General Court, 
1739, to be known and called the Parish of Northbury 
The society thus formed, at once set about settling a min- 
ister, and at a meeting of the society. Rev. Samuel Todd 
was selected, being ordained on the 7th day of May 1740. 
It is probable that Mr. Todd united with the North Haven, 
Ct. church during the pastorate of Rev. Isaac Stiles, 
father of President Stiles, of Yale. His family were of a 
religious character, as is proved by preserved relations 
or memorials of its members, in the days when each 
church member wrote out his or her confession of faith; 
that of his sister Susannah, afterwards wife of Caleb 
Humaston, recounts the wickedness of her rebellion 
against God, and how, when awakened to the sense of her 
sin, the counsels of Rev. Mr. Stiles and the death of an 
aunt were blessed to her conversion. 

Mr . Todd graduated at Yale, under President 
Williams, in 1734, at the age of seventeen, six of the 
fourteen in his class becoming ministers. A lately dis- 
covered document shows that he received and rejected a 
call to another church before he was ordained at North- 
bury, May 7, 1740. He brought his wife on a pillion be- 
hind him, or possibly on another horse, into this wilder- 
ness, where there was a small, feeble, scattered, but de- 
voted flock, situated somewhat similiar to the first Pil- 
grims at Plymouth, Mass. There were only bridle-paths 
through the woods then, and the streams had to be forded, 
the first cart bridge across the Naugatuck, at Thomaston, 
not being built till after 1747, 


Mr. Todd's promised house was not begun on his 
arrival, and he set up house on Town Hill, where the cel- 
lar hole is now seen in the lot near Jason Fenn's, and 
where three old apple trees lately stood of an orchard set 
out by him ; this was near his good deacon Moses Blakes- 
lee, who had lately arrived from New Haven with his 
fourteen children. A spring flows near the old cellar 
hole, where tradition says Mr. Todd's first child, little 
Alathea, was drowned; near the tombstone of her sister 
Lucy, who died June 9, 1752, is an unmarked grave which 
is doubtless that of little Alathea, said to be the first 
person buried there. After two or three years delay, 
the society built Mr. Todd a house in Thomaston, which 
stood on the top of the hill where Mrs. Williams built 
later, on the road running north, which turned off from 
the river road at Mr. Grilley's corner. It is not known 
how long he lived there but he moved over to Plymouth 
Hill when the church was there and the people lived here; 
he had moved before 1746-47. His house was in the 
garden near Riley Ives' house, and is remembered by the 
old people as the Evans House, where Eli Terry, the 
father of clock-making, began house-keeping with one 
chair apiece for himself and wife, and one cup and saucer. 

The great revival under President Edwards roused 
the New England churches from the cold formalism that 
grew out of the union of the church and the state and 
other causes, and Mr. Todd went to study it at Stock- 
bridge, probably by the advise of Joseph Bellamy, settled 
two years before at Bethlehem, a great friend of Ed- 
wards, and then in the midst of a religious revival, in 
which every man, woman, and child in the parish was 
under more or less religious concern. When Mr. Todd 
returned, established prayer meetings, and labored with 
souls, many of his congregation rebelled against him, and 
abandoned his preaching. There was almost temporal 
trouble. The secession weakened the society, leaving 
half the number to do the work, to build Mr. Todd's house 
and a meeting house ; there were only a handful of mem- 
bers left, and they were poor, just building their own 
houses and clearing their farms. But they did not break 


down under their heavy burden, and established the so- 
ciety on firm foundations. 

Rev. Mr. Todd's house was built slowly, and in his 
first year he gave in twenty pounds of his salary towards 
it ; but it was finished by December, 1742. 

From the History of Plymouth, Conn, by Francis 

His name appears among those of the first proprie- 
tors of East Hoosac, which was, a year after the surren- 
der of the British at Saratoga, incorporated Adams, in 
honor of Samuel Adams, the "Father of the American 
Revolution," on October 15, 1778. At the first town- 
meeting, the Baptist and Quaker vote won the day and 
Rev. Mr. Todd of the First Congregational Church re- 
ceived a minority. He was requested to relinquish his 
rights to the minister's lot 48, granted to him for life in 
1766 by the General Court. However, he did not give up 
his rights to his farm, and this resulted in religious and 
political controversies between the settlers of the South 
Village and the North Village until the town was divided. 

From The Hoosac Valley, by Grace Greylock Niles. 

Children : 

147. Alathea, b. Dec. 7, 1740 , drowned 1741, in a spring 
located near the house where she lived in Ply- 
mouth, Conn. 

*148. Mary, b. Sept. 11, 1742. 

*149. Irene, b. Oct. 25, 1744, m. Wm. Southmayd. 

*150. Eliel, b. Feb. 20, 1746. 

151. Alathea, b. March 8, 1748, m. Dea. Isreal Jones 

Jr. who was one of the first settlers of East 
Hoosac, afterwards named Adams, Mass. He 
afterwards removed to Williamstown, Mass. where 
he died. 

152. Lucy, b. Feb. 6, 1750, d. June 9, 1752. 
*153. Samuel, b. Nov. 19, 1752. 

154. Lucy, b. Aug. 7, 1756, d. Jan. 9, 1757. 

155. Chloe, b. Aug 7, 1756. 



Susannah Todd\ (SamueF, Samuel-, Christopher') 
born Dec. 7, 1718, died Sept. 24, 1806, married Nov. 1, 
1738, Caleb son of John and Sarah (Tuttle) Humiston, 
who was born Feb. 10, 1715, died March 6, 1776. 

Children : 

I. Jesse, b. Dec. 12, 1739 , d. infant. 
II. Sarah, b. Dec. 9, 1742, d. July 27, 1822, m. May 17, 
1734, Deacon Stephen Bronson, of Waterbury, 

III. Hannah, b. June 25, 1745, d. Dec. 16, 1786, m. Dec. 

25, 1766, a son of Daniel Lord, of Lyme, Ct. who 
was born April 4, 1742, died Dec. 22, 1817. He m. 
(2) Jan. 10, 1788, Abigail Dickinson. 

IV. Susannah, b. June 19, 1747, m Hunger- 

V. Jesse, b. Dec. 4, 1749, d. Feb. 23, 1837, m. Abigail 
Blakeslee. Res. Plymouth, Conn. 

VI. Mehitabel, b. Jan. 1, 1752, m. 1770, Isaac Fenn. 

Six children. 

VII. Content, b. Aug. 3, 1754, d. Feb. 3, 1773, unmarried. 

VIII. Phebe, b. Dec. 5, 1756, d. Oct. 5, 1844, m. March 29, 

1774, Jesse, son of Thomas and Sarah (Humiston) 
Turner, who was born Oct. 7, 1746, d. April 19, 

IX. Anne, b. July 24, 1759, m. Samuel Sutliff. 

Twelve children. 
X. Martha, b. Dec. 20, 1762, m. 1781, Daniel Potter. 

Four children. 


Abraham Todd, (Jonah, Samuel, Christopher) born 
Feb. 18, 1709-10, died Dec. 17, 1772, married Nov. 30, 
1727, Hannah, daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth (Glo- 
ver) Dickerman, who was born May 19, 1709, died July 
21, 1777. She was a sister of Mary Dickerman, wife of 
his cousin Michael Todd. He was a graduate of Yale 


College of the class of 1727. He was ordained in 1733, 
pastor of the second or West society at Greenwich, Conn. 
at Horseneck, the church having been located on the hill 
down which Gen. Putnam later made his famous escape. 
Here Mr. Todd remained forty years or till his death. 

"In 1732, the Church extended a call to Rev. Abraham 
Todd, who accepted the call, and during the next year was 
duly installed. Mr. Todd was then a young man, having 
just finished his theological studies. Of his character, 
the duration of his ministerial office over a single church 
is, perhaps, a sufficient indication. He is said to have 
been of a mild, easy disposition, and many anecdotes are 
handed down to us by tradition concerning him. Al- 
though a general favorite throughout the whole period 
of his ministry, he may, like others, have had some 
though few, enemies. It is related that during his min- 
istry, many of his hearers were outspoken men, even ex- 
pressing themselves publicly during worship, as to the 
merits or demerits of the doctrines advanced. Among 
this class of persons was one Palmer, who was present 
during the service on an occasion when an Indian mission- 
ary preached to Mr. Todd's congregation. He preached 
fluently, and we presume, well; and so great an impres- 
sion did his logic and eloquence make upon Palmer, that 
he exclaimed, at the close of the sermon, with great vehe- 
mence, "Let's swap Todd, and buy the Injin; he does a 
good deal the best." Mr. Todd hiniself was present. In 
the old French war, "the inhabitants gave of their sub- 
stance for the support of this war ; and the ladies of the 
various towns formed associations for the clothing of the 
soldiers. Mrs. Abraham Todd was a president of such an 
association in Greenwich." "In 1773 occured the death of 
Mr. Todd, until which time he was pastor of the church 
in the West Society of Greenwich. For a period of more 
than forty years he had enjoyed the confidence of his 
people, adding to his flock. Many laughable ditties ai-e 
related concerning him, which only show a warm heart 
and an innocent life. Unambitious and unpresuming, 
none of his people seem to have disliked him." "He was 
buried in the old burying ground in Davis's lane. In 1769 


the society by vote "empowered Mr. Todd to desire one or 
more persons to tune the Psalm, as he shall see proper." 

From Mead's History of Greenwich, Conn. 

In 1732-33 Abraham Todd is called of New Haven, 
Conn., with a deed to Isaac Jones. In 1733 of Greenwich, 
Conn., in a deed of land in Governors Quarter, New Ha- 
ven, to Michael Todd. In 1740 he sold dwelling house 
and lot in New Haven, that was Jonah Todd's late of New 
Haven, deceased, to Thomas Wilmot; in 1741 land in 
Governors Quarters to heirs of Francis Brown. 

His wife survived him as appears by a deed in 1775 
from Hannah, widow of Abraham Todd, of Greenwich, 
Conn., to Leveret Stevens, of land conveyed to me by my 
husband Abraham Todd. 

Children : 

156. Mehitabel, b. Dec. 9, 1729 , d. 1742. 

157. Lois, b. May 13, 1732, d. May 22, 1812; was twice 
married, first Obidiah Mead, second Stephen Hol- 

*158. Jonah, b. Aug. 12, 1734. 
*159. Abraham, b. Dec. 21, 1738. 

160. Hannah, b. Nov. 18, 1741 , m. Gideon Reynolds. 

161. Mabel, b. Nov. 21, 1744, d. July 25, 1824, m. Allen, 
son of Aaron and Sarah Mead, of Greenwich, 

*162. Oliver, b. Oct. 15, 1748. 
163. Mary, b. Feb. 10, 1751 , m. Joel Waring, of Bedford, 
N. Y. 

Mary Todd% (DanieP, Samuel-, Christopher') born 
March 7, 1721-22, married March 13, 1741, Elias Read, 
of Stamford, Conn. 
Children : 
I. Mary, b. Dec. 12, 1741. 
II. Desire, b. Sept. 28, 1743. 
III. Martha, b. Nov. 24, 1745, d. Feb. 4, 1746. 


Daniel Todd*, (DanieP, SamueP Christopher^) born 
March 5, 1724-25, married Oct. 3, 1748, Sybil, daughter 
of Daniel and Hannah (Tuttle) Carrington, who was 
born Jan. 8, 1731. 

Children : 
164. Mary, b. July 19, d. infant. 
*165. Daniel, b. Sept. 9, 1751. 
*166. Sybil, b. 1753. 
167. Katherine, b. 1753. Apparently twin with Sybil. 
168 Joseph, b. Jan. 4, 1771; was known to have been 
living in 1792 ; may have had a family. 


Ebenezer Todd*, (James^ SamueP, Christopher^) 
born Aug. 24, 1722, married Feb. 1745, Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Ives, who was born Jan. 1, 1722. 

Children : 

169. Ann, b. Aug. 31, 1752. 

170. Ebenezer, b. June 13, 1757, m. Patience . 

171. John, b. Dec. 29, 1762. 

172. Thomas, b. Jan. 28, 1766. 


James Todd*, (James^ Samuel-, Christopher') born 
April 7, 1725, died 1811, married June 30, 1748, Martha, 
daughter of David and Martha Yale, who was born April 
9, 1728. 

Children : 
173. Lydia, b. May 26, 1749. 
*174. James, b. Aug. 14, 1751. 
*175. Yale, b. Aug. 25, 1754. 

176. Eunice, b. June 9, 1757. 

177. Infant, d. y. 

*178. Solomon, bapt. 1768. 


Lydia Todd*, (James^ Samuel-, Christopher') born 
July 6, 1727, married March 26, 1747, James Smith, son 
of Samuel. 

Children : 
I. Mary, b. Dec. 22, 1747 , m. James Pardee. 
II. James, b. Aug. 30, 1750. 

III. Benjamin, b. Aug. 11, 1753. 

IV. John, b. June 14, 1756. 
V. Thomas, b. Oct. 10, 1761. 

VI. Eli. 

VII. Mabel, b. Jan. 20, 1769 , m. Merriam Monson. 


Lois Todd*, (James^ Samuel^, Christopher') bom 
Nov. 10, 1729, died 1813, married Aug. 2, 1748, James, 
son of Joseph and Sarah (Hotchkiss) Turner, who was 
bom May 13, 1727. 

Children : 

I. Lois, b. Oct. 12, 1749 , m. Ives. 

II. Bethuel, b. Dec. 27, 1751. 

III. Mary, b. April 7, 1754, m. Mar. 19, 1770, Hezekiah, 

son of Jude and Lydia (Atwater) Tuttle, who was 
b. May 20, 1749. 

IV. Dorcas, b. Sept. 30, 1756 , m. Thorp. 

V. Edward, d. 1797, m. Chole . 



Eunice Todd*, (Benjamin^ Michael^ Christopher') 
born Dec. 6, 1723, died June 1, 1804, married Oct. 27, 
1745, Samuel, son of Samuel and Mehitable (Hill) 
Brockett who was born Nov. 23, 1716. 


Children : 
I. Matilda, (Tilly), b. Feb. 14, 1746, m. Mr. Eaton. 
II. Samuel, b. June 26, 1748 , unmarried. 

III. Jesse, b. May 7, 1758 , unmarried. 

IV. Peninah, b. Feb. 9, 1759 , m. Thaddeus Todd as his 

second wife. For descendants see number 298. 
V. Lois or (Chloe) bapt. Nov. 23, 1766, m. Mr. Bull. 


Benjamin Todd*, (Benjamin^ Michael-, Christo- 
pherO born April 10, 1730, died Nov. 1755 on the Crown 
Point expedition, manned by Isaiah Tuttle, Justice of the 
Peace, Sept. 3, 1755, Lois, daughter of Ezekiel and 
Susannah (Merriman) Tuttle, who was born Feb. 14, 
1737-38. She married second Dec. 9, 1756, James, son of 
Caleb and Lydia (Benham) Atwater. Issue: (1) James; 
(2) Daniel; (3) Stephen; (4) Lois, m. Michael Sherman ; 
(5) Eunice, m. E. Young; (6) Caleb. 

They lived in Hillsdale, Columbia County, N. Y. 

The compiler of the Tuttle Genealogy makes the 
claim that the above mentioned Benjamin Todd, who mar- 
ried Lois Tuttle, left a posthumous child who was named 
BenjaminTodd, and gives the date of his birth as being in 
1756. Should this prove to be true, the latter would have 
been but a very few months old, when his mother married 
second Dec. 9, 1756, James Atwater. It would seem to 
me, reasonably safe to say that the compiler of the Tuttle 
Genealogy would have tried to be sure that his statement 
was correct before he published the fact that Lois Tuttle 
did have a child by her first marriage. He also states 
that Lois Tuttle married James Atwater, Oct. 21, 1756, 
instead of Dec. 9, 1756 as stated in the Atwater Gene- 
alogy. The remaining six children are mentioned speci- 
fically as being Atwater's the name of each child being 
written in full. On the other hand, the compiler of the 
Atwater Genealogy appears to be convinced that all of 
Lois Tuttle's children were the issue of her second mar- 
riage, and to corroborate this view, is the fact that the 


descendants of Lois Turtle's first child call themselves 
Atwater's to this day. 

It is neither the intention nor the desire of the com- 
piler of this genealogy, to include any who do not right- 
fully belong there. And after carefully considering all 
the circumstances in the case, I am of the opinion that the 
oldest child of Lois Tuttle was a posthumous child, issue 
by her marriage to Benjamin Todd. This would most 
certainly be correct, should it actually be proven that he 
was born in 1756 as the compiler of the Tuttle Genealogy 

Child : 
*179. Benjamin, b. 1756; posthumous. 


Titus Todd^ (Benjamin', MichaeP, Christopher^ 
born July 16, 1730, died June 28, 1806, married first 
April 17, 1750, Elizabeth, daughter of Deacon Isaiah and 
Susanna (Doolittle) Tuttle of North Haven, Ct., who was 
born June 7, 1736. He married second June 7, 1758, 
Esther Barnes, who was born 1736, died Aug. 5, 1812. 

He was a deacon in the North Haven church, having 
been chosen March 1, 1787, to fill the vacancy caused by 
the removal of his brother Jesse Todd to Springfield, 

The diary of Ezra Stiles, President of Yale College 
from 1782 to 1785 has been published by order of the Yale 
Corporation and edited by F. B. Dexter. In Vol. 1, page 
177, there is a list of "Families in New Haven in 1760." 
There are mentioned twelve families of Todd's including 
Titus Todd, who is mentioned with the Tuttle's under the 
heading "West side of river." 

"In 1792 there appear for the first time the names of 
the Congregational "Choristers :" Caleb Blakesly, Thomas 
Cooper, Justus Bishop, Titus Todd, Jairus Sanford, Thos. 
Pierpont, Ezekiel Jacobs. They were authorized to take 
the lead in singing and three pounds was appropriated to 
hire the singing master." From North Haven Annals. 


Children by Elizabeth Tuttle : 
180. Ichabod; removed to Russell, Mass, in 1784, ap- 
parently at or about the time as did his brother 
*181. Benjamin, b. March 4, 1755. 
*182. Theophilus. 

Children by Esther Barnes : 

183. Abraham, b. April 29, 1759. 

184. Elizabeth, b. July 14, 1761 , d. 1773. 
*185. Chole, b. Jan. 26, 1763. 

*186. Titus, b. Aug. 13, 1765. 
187. Esther, b. May 15, 1767, d. Aug. 30, 1830, unmar- 
ried. She was buried in the old cemetery on 
the Green, in North Haven, Conn., close by her 
father. Her head-stone records the fact that 
it was "Erected by her brother, Theophilus Todd." 

*188. Abraham, b. Sept. 1, 1773. 


Jesse Todd*, (Benjamin^ MichaeP, Christopher^) 
born Jan. 1, 1735, probably in North Haven, Conn., died 
Oct. 27, 1819, in Agawam, Mass., married first Nov. 26, 
1761, Lydia Cooper. He is mentioned in the Cooper Gen. 
He married second Feb. 24, 1790, Susannah, dau. of Isaac 
and Abigail (Hale) Chandler, of Enfield, Ct., born Feb. 3, 

He was mentioned in the "Century Sermon" by Rev. 
Benjamin Trumbull of North Haven, Conn., as having 
removed to "Springfield in Massachusetts." He was 
buried in the cemetery at Agawam, which was originally 
a part of West Springfield, Mass., which was the town in 
which he lived. 

The Thorpe records of his children appear to be 
somewhat wrong. It mentions ten children, seven of 
whom are assumed to have lived only a year or two in 
each instance. The town records of West Springfield, 
Mass. have been carefully searched and it appears there, 
that five of the ten children by his first wife, lived to be 


married and have families. Of the remaining five, no 
record could be found. 

Children by Lydia Cooper: 

189. Solomon, bapt. 1765, lived about one year. 

190. Solomon, m. and had children, but their names are 
unknown , but had a grand-daughter, Ruth Naomi 

Todd, who m. (1) Bullard; (2) 


191. Naomi, m. 1821, Timothy Bullard, of Springfield, 

192. Uramia. 

193. Obidiah. 

194. Elijah. 

195. Urania. 

*196. Tirmiah, m. Jan. 27, 1799, Martin Chapin, of West 

Springfield, Mass. 
197. Sarinda, b. 1779, m. May 25, 1800, Walter Fowler 

of West Springfield, Mass. 
*198. Jesse, b. Feb. 7, 1782. 

Children by Susannah Chandler : 
*199. Chandler, b. May 6, 1797. 

200. Lydia, m. David Harris, had two daughters; (1) 

Lucetta, who d. in the '70s, very soon after her 
mother; (2) Rosilla, went to Kansas and m. 
Pearson; she d. 1913 at St. Cloud, Fla. 

201. Mary. 


David ToddS (Gershom', Michael% Christopher^) 

born March 29, 1722, married Susannah . 

Child : 
*202. Mary, b. May 5, 1757. 


Asa Todd% (Gershom% MichaeP, Christopher') 
born March 24, 1723, died July 5, 1779, married (1) April 
19, 1748, Mary, Daughter of Joshua and Mary (Bradley) 
Turtle, and widow of Ebenezer Clark ; she was born Feb. 


11, 1711-12; had married first Nov. 1, 1733, Ebenezer, 
son of Samuel Ailing, who was born Nov. 20, 1712, died 
1744. Her children by the first marriage were: (1) 
Eunice, b. Oct. 23, 1734; (2) Eunice, b. Mar. 29, 1741; 
(3) Mary, who married Enoch, son of Timothy Baldwin, 
their only child being Hulda, b. Feb. 17, 1764, and mar- 
ried Barnabas Baldwin. Mr. Todd Married (2) Phebe 
Brown, widow of Roger Bering Phipps. 

"Sir William Phipps, born at Woolwich, Me., Feb. 2, 
1651, the youngest of 26 children, all by the same mother. 
At the age of 18 apprenticed to a ship carpenter for four 
years. Determined to seek his fortune on the sea, he had 
the luck to discover the wreck of a very valuable Spanish 
vessel, and with the aid of the British government suc- 
ceeded in fishing up plate, pearls, and jewels of the value 
of 300,000 pounds sterling, with which he sailed to Eng- 
land in 1687. For this he obtained 16,000 pounds ster- 
ling, and the honor of knighthood. He returned to Bos- 
ton in 1690, and commanded the expedition which captur- 
ed Port Royal. He was appointed the first Governor of 
Massachusetts under the Charter of 1692. He died 1695, 
aged 44. In 1692, during the height of the witchcraft 
delusion, his wife was accused, and at the same time Mr. 
English, a respectable merchant of Salem, and his wife 
were accused. The latter fled to New York. — Dwight's 
Travels. A daughter of Sir William Phipps married Col. 
John Vassal, whose son, John Vassal built the house in 
Cambridge, Mass., known as Washington's headquarters, 
afterward occupied by the poet Longfellow. — Lippencott's 
Magazine, Nov., 1875. Danforth Phipps, a nephew of 
Sir William, lived at Falmouth, Me., married Elizabeth 
Skillon, who was b. 1713, died Feb. 15, 1786. Their 
children were: (1) Roger Bering, b. 1735, d. Sept. 11, 
1770 , m. Oct. 12, 1758, Phebe Brown, who afterward m. 
Asa Todd, as above; (2) Bavid, b. Aug. 2, 1741, Capt. 
U. S. N. in revolutionary war, d. Mar. 26, 1825, m. June 
13, 1771, Mary English; (3) Solomon, b. Aug. 17, 1745, 
m. Elizabeth Todd, the only child of the above Asa Todd 
and Mary Tuttle; (4) Baniel, m. Anna Townsend, who d. 
1837, aged 82; (5) Samuel; (6) Baughter, m. 


Blackstone, and remained on the paternal homestead in 
Maine; (7) Hannah, m. Benjamin Brown; (8) Lucy, m. 
Samuel Griswold : (9) Elizabeth, m. Dec. 3, 1766, Stephen 
Brown, brother of Phebe. 

*203. Elizabeth, b. April 13, 1749. 

(iershom Todd*, (Gershom% Michael-, Christopher^ 
born about 1725, married Jan. 24, 1750, Katherine, 
daughter of George and Rebecca (Pardee) Mix, who was 
born Jan. 22, 1729, died Aug. 26, 1818. She was buried 
in the cemetery at West Chesterfield, Mass. His estate 
was administered in 1770. 

Children : 

204. Mix, b. and d. Nov. 6, 1751. 

205. Mix, b. Dec. 21, 1752 ; went over to the British, and 

later his property was confiscated. He is sup- 
posed to have gone to Nova Scotia with the British. 
*206. Asa, b. June 28, 1756. 

207. Phebe, b. Sept. 24, 1758, d. Oct. 2, 1851, at Chester- 
field, Mass. 

208. Esther, b. Aug. 28, 1759. 

209. Justus, d. 1780, unmarried. 


Enos ToddS (Gershom^, MichaeP, Christopher') 
born 1729, died June 17, 1803, married Jan. 24, 1758, 
Sarah, daughter of Jesse and Deborah (Todd) Blakeslee, 
who was born Sept. 20, 1742 ; for the ancestry of Deborah 
Todd see No. 48. 
Children : 
*210. Lucretia, b. Aug. 26, 1759. 

211. Nancy, b. Oct. 6, 1761 , m. Sanford. 

212. David Merriam, b. Feb. 9, 1765. 
*213. Patience, b. June 9, 1768. 
*214. Cynthia, b. Feb. 12. 1771. 



Hannah Todd*, (Gershom^ Michael^ Christopher^) 
died Oct. 1760, married Capt. Ezra, son of Nathaniel and 
Esther (Blakeslee) Tuttle who was born 1720, died June 
11, 1793. He married second Susanna, daughter of 
George and Susanna (Abernethy) Merriman; she mar- 
ried second Oliver Blakeslee whom she survived , she was 
born 1744, died May 30, 1820. 
Children : 
I. Gershom, removed to Vermont; was an active 
patriot in the revolutionary war at Weathersfield, 
Vt., married and left children. 
II. Elizabeth, m. Brockett; had children. 

III. Isaac, m. Esther who d. Feb. 16, 1813. 

IV. Hannah, m. Jan. 15, 1777, Benjamin Bassett. 
V. Jonathan, b. 1756, m. Oct. 24, 1784, Sybil Cooper. 

VI. Phebe, b. June 2, 1758, m. Benjamin J. Todd; for 
children see No. 181. 


Elizabeth Todd, born Sept. 29, 1736, died April 3, 
1803, married Nov. 15, 1759, Capt. Lawrence Clinton who 
was born 1737, died 1804. 
Children : 
I. Esther, b. 1760, d. 1842. 
II. Jesse, b. 1762, m. Patience, dau. of Enos Todd, for 
list of children see No. 213. 

III. David, b. 1765, d. 1783. 

IV. Eunetia, b. 1768. 

V. Hannah, b. 1772 , d. 1861. 

Mabel Todd*, (Gershom% MichaeP, Christopher^ 
born 1736, died Sept. 12, 1783, married Titus Mansfield 


who was born Nov. 5, 1734, died about 1808. He was 
a farmer and resided at Mansfield Farms, Hamden, Conn. 

Children : 

I. Ebenezer, b. July 16, 1757, d. Oct. 8, 1819, m. Sept. 
23, 1784, Mary Lewis, who d. Mar. 4, 1844 aged 
79. He was a carpenter and farmer. Lived in 
New Haven and at Mansfield Farms, Hamden, Ct. 
Served in the revolutionary war, was present at 
the execution of Andre. 
H. Enos, b. Dec. 12, 1758, d. Feb. 20, 1814, m. April 4, 
1791, Elizabeth Jacobs. He was a farmer and lived 
at Mansfield Farms, near his brother. 

HL Hannah, b. Feb. 12, 1761 , m. Daniel, son of Samuel 
and Sarah (Humiston) Tuttle, who was b. Oct. 4, 
1765. d. May 7, 1833 in Plymouth, Ct, had (1) 
Betsey; (2) Lydia; (3) Polly; (4) Sally. 

IV. Richard, b. May 24, 1763: m. Mary, daughter of 
Isaac Stiles, who was b. Feb. 22, 1763, d. Mar. 13, 
1828. He was a saddler and lived in North Haven, 
V. Mabel, b. 1767 , d. March 5, 1773. 

VI. Titus, b. 1770, d. Jan. 19, 1829, m. July 16, 1795, 

Hannah Ives. He was a blacksmith and lived in 
Hamden, Conn. 

VII. Jesse, b. Aug. 11, 1772, d. July 21, 1825, m. Keziah 

Stiles, who was b. Nov. 11, 1772, d. July 4, 1854. 
He was a carpenter and lived in Hamden, Conn. 
VIII. Mabel, b. 1774 , d. Sept. 12, 1857 , m. Joel, son of 
Hezekiah and Lydia (Frost) Todd, who d. Sept. 
11, 1820. For her descendants see No. 294. 
IX. Samuel, d. Sept. 26, 1826, m. Dec. 24, 1800, Mary 
Cooper. He was a farmer and lived in North 
Haven, Conn. 
X. Joel, b. 1778 ; d. July 25, 1824 , m. Terza Jacobs. He 
was a farmer and lived in North Haven, Conn. 
XI. Mary, m. Lyman Smith. 



Phebe Todd*, (Gershom^ MichaeP, Christopher^) 
married Sept. 7, 1761, Seth Blakeslee. 

Children : 
I. Abigail, b. Feb. 4, 1778. 
II. Polly, b. Feb. 26, 1780. 
III. Seth, b. Aug. 5, 1782. 


Michael Todd*, (MichaeP, MichaeP, Christopher^) 
born Aug. 10, 1729, died May 6, 1776, married first Aug. 
10, 1749, Eunice, eldest daughter of Capt. James and 
Mary (Hitchcock) Peck, of New Haven, Ct., who was 
born Feb. 14, 1731-32, died Nov. 1765 ; second Sept. 15, 
1766, Mary, eldest daughter of John and Hannah (Smith) 
Rowe, of East Haven, Conn., who was born March 22, 
1744, died about 1789. She married second Holt. 

Mr. Todd fulfilled his fathers desires as expressed in 
his will and testament and graduated from Yale college 
in 1748. He afterward became an extensive merchant 
in New Haven, Conn. His estate was inventoried at 
£2083. In his will he appointed his son Michael, the ex- 
ecutor and guardian of the three youngest children. 

Children by Eunice Peck : 

215. Michael, b. June 11, 1750, d. Nov. 3, 1750. 

216. Michael, b. Sept. 24, 1752 , was lost at sea while on 
a voyage from the West Indies, about 1797. 

Children by Maiy Rowe : 

217. Eli, b. July 22, 1769 , d. Nov. 17, 1833 , m. first Aug. 

9, 1796, Rhoda Hill, of Farmington, Conn., who d. 
March 1825; second Catherine Hill, a sister of his 
first wife, Nov. 1828; graduated from Yale col- 
lege in 1787. He was a physician; President of 
the Med. Soc. of Conn, in 1813. He lived at Farm- 
ington, Conn, until 1819, where he held a very 


large practice. He was one of the most prominent 
men of his time. In 1819 he removed to Hartford, 
Ct. where he was selected as the first Supt. of the 
Retreat for the Insane, he being very largely in- 
strumental in locating the institution there. "He 
was the most perfect man I ever knew." He was 
very eccentric ; used to play the violin on his lonely 
country rides. 
"Dr. Todd, a native of New Haven, and a graduate 
of Yale College in 1787, was settled for many years 
in Farmington, where he acquired an extensive 
practice. In 1819 he removed to Hartford. He 
was a dignified man, with a handsome and benevo- 
lent face, his keen, large eye lighting up his whole 
countenance. His carefully chosen language was 
expressive, earnest, and convincing, and he had a 
large measure of personal magnetism. He was 
especially familiar with the medical literature of 
insanity and the European modes of treatment 
and care of the insane. He viewed the subject 
hopefully; but his feelings were so enlisted that 
his report on the sufferings of the insane, as they 
were then cared for in the State, is said to have 
moved nearly all his auditors to tears when it was 
read before the Connecticut Medical Society. A 
retentive memory enabled him to make good use of 
his extensive reading in matters outside of his 
profession. He possessed the rare ability of con- 
vincing his patients of his deep interest in their 
welfare, and manifested his sympathy often in un- 
looked-for ways ; and with his remarkable powers 
in conversation he sought to divert their minds 
from their discomforts." 
From the Memorial History of Hartford County 
Connecticut, by J. Hammond Trumbull. 

218. Polly. 

'■219. Eunice. 

Gideon Todd*, Capt. (Gideon^ Michael^, Christo- 


pherO born Nov. 3, 1737, Died March 22, 1817, married 
first Dec. 31, 1761, Prudence, daugiiter of Daniel and 
Phebe (Beach) Tuttle, who was born July 6, 1746, died 
Dec. 10, 1798, being a sister of Jabez Tuttle who married 
Mary Todd, see No. 202. "A very remarkable woman." 
He married second March 7, 1799, Eunice Brockett, who 
was born Feb. 21, 1744, died March 27, 1810. Married 
third July 4, 1816, Eliza Brockett, a sister of his second 

Prudence Tuttle was from Wallingford, Conn., her 
father being an officer there under the King. Gideon 
Todd was born in North Haven, Conn. Their marriage 
created a sensation in Colonial society. The Tuttle's 
were a wealthy and aristocratic family and when young 
"Gid" Todd asked their daughters hand in marriage, he 
was haughtily refused. He was their equal by birth and 
lineage, but had his fortune yet to make, and they had 
other views for their daughter. One winter day, there 
was consternation and dismay in the Tuttle mansion; 
Prudence was missing and investigation revealed the fact 
that she had eloped, mounted on a pillon, behind her 
lover, they had ridden to North Haven and were married. 
Her parents disowned her and her name was never to be 
mentioned. As time passed, reports reached them that 
Gideon Todd was getting on in a remarkable way; accu- 
mulating property and esteemed by eveiy one, and they 
thought it time to forgive the disobedient daughter; so, 
they loaded a cart with bedding, furniture, and other 
valuables, and started the hired man with it for her home, 
they going on horseback. Arriving there first, they found 
their son-in-law at home, and were courteously received. 
After a time, the cart drove up to the door and they then 
announced that they had brought some presents, when 
Capt. Todd said with dignity, "Time was when the furni- 
ture and bedding would have been acceptable, for when 
we were first married, we slept on the floor on a straw 
bed ; but now I can supply my wife with every comfort, 
and your presents cannot come into the house; but you 
will always be welcomed." And tradition has it, they 
returned home, as chagrined and mortified, as their 
neighbors were amused. 


Mr. Todd supported the King, when the trouble came 
about taxation, until the time of the Boston "tea-party," 
when he threw himself and his fortune into the cause of 
the Colonists. When the news came of the British inva- 
sion of New Haven, he was in his barn, dressing off an 
ox, for meat cai-ts were unknown in those days, when a 
man passed by on horse-back, crying, "The British have 
entered New Haven." Jumping on his horse he started 
at once for Fort Hale. His plucky wife. Prudence, at 
once took hold, and helped finish the work of dressing off 
the creature, with only a boy to assist, loaded the carcass 
into a cart, and immediately started, in her husbands 
wake, for Fort Hale, saying, "The soldiers must have 
meat to give them strength to fight." When the load ar- 
rived some-one shouted "Three cheers for Captain Todd's 
wife," and they were given with a will. 

Capt. Todd was widely known, as he took an active 
interest in civil and educational affairs. His tavern, 
which was on the Northford Turnpike, "The Rising Sun" 
was a famous hostelry, and a favorite stopping place for 
travelers. It was also called "The Half Way House," 
between New York and Boston. It is well preserved, and 
is now the home of his grandson, G. Henry Todd, who 
takes pleasure in showing the old tavern sign, the mili- 
tary hat and vest, sword and other interesting relics of 
Colonial days. There are two deeds, given in the Reigns 
of their Gracious Majesties George II, and George III, 
Kings of England, and a permit for the first carriage ever 
owned in North Haven, for which luxury Gideon paid a 
tax. The wine cellar of the spacious mansion, is interest- 
ing, as are the wainscotted chambers. The story of its 
being haunted, only adds to its charm. During the Revo- 
lution, when excitement ran high, an enthusiastic patriot 
exclaimed in the bar-room that he would shoot at sight a 
tory ; a poor ignorant slave boy cried, "I'se a tory, Fse a 
tory," when the impetuous rebel seized his gun and fired. 
It has been said that his ghost walks the broad hall at 
night time. 

He was a Captain during the Revolutionary war, and 
a man of energy and decision. It is said that he fitted 


out a privateer, to help the cause, at his own expense, 
for he was a rich man for those days. There are many 
interesting stories told of the valient "Captain Gid." 

Children : 
*220. Caleb, b. Jan. 31, 1764. 
*221. Justus Lyman, b. March 5, 1766. 
*222. Samuel Beach, b. April 5, 1768. 
223. Lucinda, b. April 22, 1770 , d. March 24, 1804 , m. 
James Pierpont, by whom she had seven sons and 

one daughter who m. Hart, of North 

Haven, Conn. 
*224. Melicu, b. Aug. 31, 1773. 

225. Sally, b. July 19, 1776, d. Dec. 29, 1865, m. 
Benjamin Baldwin. 

226. Clarissa, b. Nov. 26, 1779, d. Oct. 25, 1803, m. 
Samuel Chapman. 

227. Aurilla, b. July 20, 1781, m. Todd ; re- 
moved to Vermont. 

228. Betsey, b. Jan. 24, 1787 , d. July 12, 1795. 
*229. John, b. Feb. 4, 1791. 


Charles Todd*, (Gideon^ Michael-, Christopher^ 
born Apr. 10, 1740, died June 15, 1772 having been 
drowned in Long Island Sound; married Aug. 16, 1764, 
Peninah Peck, who married second July 5, 1775, David, 
son of Gideon Hotchkiss by whom she had three more 

Children : 

230. Rhoda, b. June 20, 1765, m. Beebe; 

Removed to Cortland County, New York, in 1791 
in company with her brother Amos Todd, they 
being the first settlers in that region. During the 
following winter, Mrs. Beebe lived in the wilder- 
ness alone for six weeks, and not a white person 
being nearer than thirty miles to her, while her 
husband and brother went to Massachusetts and 


*231. Amos, b. Nov. 15, 176' 
*232. Dan. b. Sept. 23, 1771. 


Sybil ToddS (Eleazer^ Michael, Christopher^) born 
Jan. 23, 1734-35, died 1805, married Nathaniel, son of 
Nathaniel and Phebe (Cooper) Heaton, who was born 
March 21, 1732, died July 12, 1803. 

Children : 

I. Sarah, b. 1755 , m. Daniel Gilbert. 
II. Thankful, b. 1757 , m. David Talmadge Jr. 

III. Sybil, b. 1759, m. (1) Sacket Gilbert; (2) Timothy 


IV. Patience, b. 1761 , m. Joseph Dorman. 
V. Joseph, b. 1764. 

VI. Phebe, b. 1766 , d. young. 

VII. William, b. 1768, d. 1802, unmarried. 

VIII. Nathaniel, b. 1770, d. 1784. 
IX. Willis, b. 1774. 


Seth Todd% (EleazerS Michael^ Christopher^) born 
Feb. 16, 1738-39, died Dec. 3, 1803, married Mary Ives, 
who was born 1744, died April 14, 1819. 

Children : 
233. Ira, b. Jan. 29, 1766. 
*234. Mary, b. Dec. 13, 1767. 

235. Sarah, b. July 17, 1769 , m. James Cooper. 

236. Mabel, b. Sept. 13, 1771. 
*237. Eleazer, b. 1774. 

*238. Bede, b. Dec. 2, 1779, m. Eli Todd, who was a 
descendant of Samuel. For children see No. 303. 
*239. Linus, b. Mar. 3, 1785. 




Ruth Todd*, (Eleazer^ Michael-, Christopher^ bom 

Sept. 14, 1744, married Cooper. Should this Ruth 

Todd prove to be the one who married Allen Cooper, son 
of Stephen she had at least one child, a daughter as below. 

I. Esther, b. Sept. 11, 1777, d. Mar. 9, 1867, m. Mar. 
30, 1806, Levi, son of Alvin and Martha (Gilbert) 
Bradley ; had three children. Resided in Hamden, 


Ithamar ToddS (Ithamar% Michael, Christopher^) 
married Hannah . 

Children : 

240. Mary, b. April 11, 1755, d. Sept. 28, 1760. 

241. Ithamar, b. Nov. 15, 1757, d. Sept. 28, 1760. 

242. Patience, b. Jan. 23, 1759, d. Oct. 6, 1760. 
*243. Ithamar, b. Oct. 4, 1760. 


Abner Todd*, (Ithamar% Michael% Christopher') 
born Nov. 4, 1738, died Jan. 11, 1805 at Lake Ridge, N. Y., 
married in 1761, Mary, daughter of Nathaniel and Mary 
(Todd) Tuttle who was born Nov. 26, 1742, died Oct. 8, 
1834. For her ancestry see number 47. "A very re- 
markable woman." They removed from Hamden, Conn, 
to Lake Ridge, N . Y., in 1804, where he bought land and 
began the work of clearing it off and preparing it for 

Children : 
*244. Patience, b. Dec. 6, 1762. 
*245. Mary, b. Dec. 31, 1764. 


246. Uri, b. Dec. 7, 1766 , d. Dec. 13, 1790. 

247. Abner, b. April 6, 1769 , d. Nov. 14, 1789. 

248. Chloe, b. Aug. 21, 1771, m. Elias Hotchkiss, of New- 
Haven, Conn. 

*249. Medad, b. Nov. 27, 1773. 
*250. Josiah, b. July 12, 1781. 
251. Ruth. 


Joel Todd*, (Ithamar^ Michael^ Christopher') born 
May 24, 1742, died Jan. 24, 1814, married Elizabeth Peck, 
born 1742, died Dec. 20, 1833. It is claimed that Joel 
Todd had nine children, but the compiler has been able to 
obtain the names of but six, and is not positive as to there 
being others. 

Children : 

*252. Simeon, b. Sept. 30, 1766. 

*253. Obed, b. 1778. 

*254. Lowly. 

255. Elizabeth. 

256. Anna. 

257. Lois, and possibly others. 


Job Todd*, (Ithamar^ MichaeP, Christopher') born 
Aug. 5, 1744, married April 17, 1766, Martha, daughter 
of Enos and Mary (Todd) Tuttle who was born Jan. 1, 

Children : 

258. Ruel, b. Oct. 30, 1765, d. April 1, 1770. 

259. Esther, b. Oct. 1767. 

260. Amasa, b. Aug. 1, 1769. 
*261. Ruel, b. Sept. 1771. 


John ToddS (John*, John^ John^ Christopher') born 
Jan. 8, 1731, died Aug. 29, 1814, married Jemima, 


daughter of Daniel and Jemima (Lownsbury) Hoit, born 
Aug. 13, 1735, died Feb. 3, 1826. She was a descendant 
of Simeon Hoyte who settled in Charlestown, Mass. in 
1629. The name had numerous variations such as Hoyt, 
Haight, Halt, Hayt, etc. Simeon Hoyte died at Stamford, 
Conn. There is an account of the family in Bolton's His- 
tory of Westchester County, N. Y., as well as a histoiy 
of the Hoyt family of Stamford. About 1700, certain 
members of the family changed the spelling of the name 
from Hoyt to Halt. 

Mr. Todd, though he was well past forty years of 
age, and had a large family to support, enlisted in the 
9th regiment of the 4th brigade of the Connecticut 
Militia, serving under Lieut. Col. John Mead. His 
Captain being Charles Smith. Mr. Todd was a Sergeant 
and drummer. He participated in the battles of Wash- 
ington Heights and White Plains. Time of service be- 
ing from Oct. 1776 to Jan. 1777. By a close study of the 
dates, one can readily see that he left his large family of 
eight children, the youngest being an infant of but two 
months, to serve his countrj^ in her time of peril and need, 
to help expell the hated British who were approaching his 
home so closely. That point having been attained he 
returned quietly to his home and family. Is it not easy 
for one to imagine why his term of service was not 

He was one of the founders of the Universalist 
Church at Long Ridge. Shortly before his death he gave 
a plot of gound to his relatives, friends and neighbours, 
for a cemetery. It might be said that the deed of this lot 
was inscribed on his headstone as follows, 

I give my friends this burial ground. 

Here to rest till the last trump shall sound ; 

May we all in triumph rise. 

To meet our Saviour in the skies. 
This was the origin of the beautiful little rural ceme- 
tery at Long Ridge. The loving, brotherly spirit breathed 
in the third line, shows the caliber of his manhood. The 
same spirit seems to have descended to those who now 


care so unselfishly and tenderly, to the much enlarged 

Children : 
*262. Deborah, b. June 10, 1755. 

263. Mary, b. Feb. 22, 1757. 

264. Jemima, b. Aug. 13, 1760, d. June 11, 1809. 

265. Elnathan, b. Feb. 2, 1764, d. Dec. 15, 1772. 
*266. Phebe, b. Dec. 1, 1765. 

*267. John, b. 1767. 

*268. Noah, b. Mar. 6, 1771. 

*269. Elnathan, b. May 5, 1774. 

*270. Washington, b. Aug. 11, 1776. 

Sarah Todd\ (Timothy*, Jonathan% John-, Christo- 
pher^) born March 30, 1752, died March 30, 1810, mar- 
ried James Evarts, of Sunderland, Vt. 
Children : 
I. Jeremiah, b. Feb. 3, 1781, d. May 10, 1831, m. 
Mehitabel, daughter of Roger Sherman Barnes, of 
New Haven, Conn., graduated from Yale, 1802; 
lawyer, the Cong, minister, Sec. A. B. C. F. M. ; 
editor of the Panoplist. Resided in New Haven, 
later in Boston, Mass. 
n. Sarah, b. April 26, 1786, d. March 15, 1841, m. 
Hercules, son of Josiah and Phebe (Gushing) 
Washburn, of Randolph, Vt., who was b. Nov. 3, 
1788, d. Nov. 23, 1849. 
HI. Mary, died aged 16. 

IV. Jonathan Todd, b. Sept. 16, 1791, d. Aug. 24, 1875, 
m. Electa Wilcox, who was b. July 22, 1794, d. June 
21, 1870. 
V. Elizabeth, m. Lewis Conant, of Westford, Vt. 


Elizabeth Todd^ (Timothys Jonathans JohnS Chris- 


topher') born Feb. 10, 1754, died Sept. 29, 1822, married 
Jonathan, son of Thomas and Freelove (Bradley) Wilcox, 
of Madison, Conn. 

Children : 
I. Curtis, b. Mar. 7, 1774, d. Aug. 15, 1829, m. (1) 
Wealthy Hill, who was b. 1781, d. Feb. 25, 1827; 

(2) Ruth J. . 

II. John, m. Goodrich. Resided in Vergennes, 


III. Amos Todd, b. Aug. 5, 1779, d. June 23, 1848, in 

Westbrook, (Conn.?), m. Sept. 16, 1809, Cynthia, 
daughter of Joseph and Patience Bushnell, who 
was b. July 11, 1786, d. April 1859. He was a 
shoe manufacturer. 

IV. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 24, 1782, d. July 19, 1849, m. Oct. 

25, 1804, David Phelps, son of William and Susan- 
nah (Phelps) Nash, who was b. Sept. 6, 1774. 
V. Henry, b. 1784, d. May 1842, m. 1808, Jeannette 
Bushnell, of Westbrook, Conn. 
VI. Sarah, m. George Pratt, of Westbrook, Conn. 
VII. Matilda, b. 1789, d. Oct. 3, 1809. 
VIII. Jonathan Samuel, b. Nov. 1, 1791, d. Feb. 9, 1875, 
m. Chloe Hand, of Madison, Conn, who was bom 
Nov. 30, 1791, d. Sept. 20, 1875. He was a farmer 
and shoemaker. Resided in Madison, Conn. 
IX. Benjamin Agustus, b. 1802, d. May 19, 1844, m. 
June 22, 1829, Clarissa, daughter of James and 
Sylvia Jewett, of Middlebury, Vermont. 


Jonathan Todd^ (TimothyS Jonathan\ John= Chris- 
tophers) born May 17, 1756, died Feb. 10, 1819, married 
first May 17, 1784, Ruth Bishop, who was born 1765, died 
July 8, 1785 ; second Aug. 15, 1790, Chloe Lee, who died 
Nov. 20, 1796; third Jan. 11, 1798, Sally Fowler, who was 
born April 7, 1768, died Sept. 19, 1858. 

Jonathan Todd was a well known physician residing 
in Madison, Conn, where he had a very extended practice. 


He was instructed in medical science by Dr. Gale of 
Killingworth, whose eminence in his calling was great. 
Dr. Todd's forty years of practice gave him great expe- 
rience. He was present in the medical staff, at the battle 
of Germantown, Penn. in the fall of 1777. Retired on 
account of ill health. 

The high esteem in which Dr. Todd was held is 
shown by this extract from a published "Sermon deliv- 
ered On the next Lord Day after the death of Jonathan 
Todd, Esq., by John Elliott, M. A., Pastor of the Church 
in East Guilford, 1819." After fifteen pages of sermon 
Dr. Elliott says he will give a brief sketch of "our re- 
spected friend, the beloved physician, not to eulogize the 
dead but to honor the providence and grace of God, which 
raised him up and made him, in his day, so great a bless- 
ing. After completing his studies he served his country 
about a year in the Continental army. In private life he 
was an obliging neighbor, agreeable friend, affectionate 
husband, kind parent, tender brother, devout Christian 
with solid, fixed moral principles." The sermon was 
thirty-one pages of printed matter, book size. His cele- 
brated nephew. Rev. Dr. John Todd writes this discrip- 
tion of him, "a short, heavy, lymphatic man, whose hair 
was almost milk-white, careless about his dress, always 
rode horseback with saddlebags, and charged $0.17 a 
visit. He was most careful as a nurse, and though he 
bled, purged, and gave medicines that would now be 
thought fearful in quantity, yet he was a good physician. 
He was a peace-maker and, though a justice of the peace, 
he always settled the quarrel if possible without trying 

On April 10, 1781, Capt. Peter Vaill enlisted a com- 
pany of coast guards, of which Lieut. Timothy Field and 
Ensign Jonathan Todd were the other officers. The com- 
pany numbered 100 men and served 8 months and 20 
days. It was "posted in squads at different places along 
the coast, these relieving each other from day to day and 
concentrating wherever it became necessaiy." This 
company was engaged in the most serious encounter with 
the British which took place on Guilford soil. A full 
account of the service of this company may be found in 


the History of Guilford and Madison, Conn., by B. F. 

Capt. Jonathan Todd was commander of the Military 
Band from 1786 to 1792. 

Child by Ruth Bishop : 

271. William, b. Jan. 3, 1785, d. Oct. 8, 1831 , m. July 5, 

1814, Sarah Redfield. He was a lawyer and lived 
in Guilford, Conn., which town he represented at 
the General Court for several sessions. On July 
4, 1818, Nathaniel Griffing and William Todd were 
chosen delegates to the convention which met at 
Hartford and formed the State constitution. The 
voters of Guilford rejected the results of their 
deliberations by a vote of 159 to 255. William 
Todd was a native of East Guilford, now Madison, 
Conn. He graduated at Yale College in 1806", was 
admitted to the bar in 1809, and practiced his pro- 
fession for almost a quarter of a century in Guil- 
ford, securing the confidence and esteem of his 
fellow-citizens. For many years, his tombstone 
recounted that he was "a graduate of Yale College, 
an attorney at law, an ornament to society, a pillar 
of the church, and his bereaved partner's last com- 
fort this side heaven." After her death, the stone 
was removed and a marble monument erected to 
both. She died in 1892, aged 96. They had no 
A part of the above description was taken from the 
History of Guilford and Madison, Conn., by Stei- 

Children by Chloe Lee: 

272. Jonathan, b. July 4, 1791, d. Nov. 20, 1796. 

273. Chole, b. May 12, 1795, d. May 26, 1835, m. Oct. 
23, 1820, Truman Noyes Wilcox; had a daughter 
who ra. and removed to Flint, Mich. 

Children by Sally Fowler : 
*274. Sarah, b. April 18, 1799. 
*275. Lucy Matilda, b. June 9, 1802. 


"276. Jonathan Fowler, b. June 2, 1804. 

277. Abigail, b. Oct. 6, 1810, m. first Nov. 5, 1849, John 
Tibbals, of Madison, Conn. ; second Oct. 26, 1871, 
Deacon Julius Albert Dowd, of Guilford, Ct. 


Timothy Todd', (Timothy*, Jonathan^ John^ Chris- 
topher') born May 16, 1758, died Dec. 1, 1806, married 
Nov. 27, 1783, Phebe, daughter of Jehiel Buel of Killing- 
worth, Conn. 

"Timothy Todd was sergeant after the Lexington 
Alarm, served as coast guard 150 days. Enlisted May 15, 
1780." He was a physician in Southern Vermont. Dr. 
Todd remo\ed to Arlington, Vt., having previously seen 
Vermont while in the Continental army as he was en- 
gaged in the battle of Bennington. "He was active, reso- 
lute and Persevering, his professional reputation rising 
and he soon had an extensive medical practice." 

He was a man of considerable literary taste and 
talent, and wrote many medical and other articles for the 
journals of the day, and on various occasions pronounced 
popular orations. A curious little memorandum book of 
his, still preserved, contains, in his own hand writing, "an 
abstract view of the miscellanious writings of Timothy 
Todd, the unfortunate." 

The catalogue gives the titles of orations, contribu- 
tions to magazines, poems and plays, some of which were 
acted, and some operas, most of them having reference to 
politics. He was a freemason and termed a noted mason. 
He joined the military and bore a captain's commission. 
Represented Arlington for at least five years in the Gen- 
eral Assembly, and for three years he was a member of 
the Govei-nor's Council, a body of twelve men which, un- 
der the old Colonial Constitution, took the place of the 
Senate. At the time of his withdrawal from public life 
he was on the point of being elected Governor. 

A few months before his last child was bom, the 
doctor moved from Arlington to Rutland, Vermont, which 


was then becoming a more important place. Here he 
secured for himself a home, and at once established him- 
self in practice. But he had hardly done so, when an 
event occurred which at once overturned all his plans. 
A rich man in West Rutland, who had been taken very 
sick, sent his carriage in great haste for the doctor and 
for his lawyer. The two gentlemen were seated to- 
gether, and were going down the mountain about five 
miles from home, when some part of the harness gave 
way, and the horses became unmanageable and ran, and 
the carriage was overturned and broken. Perceiving 
that it was going over, the doctor called to his companion, 
who was on the upper side, to jump out; but he, in his 
terror, delayed so long that there was time for but one 
to escape. Doctor Todd was caught, and the consequence 
is thus stated by himself : "My left leg was fractured and 
dislocated in a most shocking manner; the bones were 
forced through the integuments, and dragged four rods, 
grinding the earth, and broken into innumerable frag- 
ments." Terrible as this injury was, the doctor was 
wholly unconscious of it till his attention was called to it 
by his horror-stricken friend. The lawyer immediately 
hurried for assistance ; but the country was thinly settled, 
and two or three hours elapsed before his return. In the 
meantime the wounded man crawled to a rock by the side 
of a run of water, in which he laved the wounds, amd 
cleaning them from the clotted blood and the fragments 
of his stocking which had been impelled into them ; and, 
taking his instruments from his pocket, with astonishing 
fortitude proceeded to take up a principle blood-vessel. 
When found by his friends, he was discovered with a 
pencil in his hand, with which he had just been writing. 
Of this writing, the doctor thus speaks : "I sincerely 
offered the following ejaculation to the Father of mercies 
and God of all comfort, and aftei-ward put it in metre" 
(probably seeking with this mental occupation to distract 
his attention from his pain), "that in case I should not 
survive my wounds, as there appeared no hope, my child- 
ren and friends might know the sensations which then 
possessed me. 



" 'Great God, the day of thy power is dreadful in- 
deed ! Thy frown is death, and the blasts of thy nostrils 
crush us forever. Behold me in this hour of distress, 
through the sufferings of thy Son ; Then shall mercy beam 
upon me, and open the gates of eternal day. I feel thy 
power ; I own thy justice ; and believe in thy word. What- 
ever fails, suffer me, God, even if thou slayest me, still 
to trust in thee !' " 

"You will judge," exclaimed his son, sixty years 
afterward, "of the character that could in those circum- 
stances write that prayer." 

Help at last arrived. A bier was brought from the 
grave-yard, and covered with feather-beds, and the un- 
fortunate man was tenderly laid on it, and carried on 
men's shoulders to his home. The physicians who were 
summoned replaced the bones as well as they could, al- 
though he implored them to resort to amputation; and 
the result was, that eventually the limb was restored, so 
that the doctor could use it again without even a cane, 
and with very little halt in his gait; but this was only 
after much suffering and long use of crutches. He was 
confined to his bed for months. 

As soon as prudent after this accident he with his 
family moved to Killingworth, Conn., where sometime 
afterward he died. 

Children : 

278. Abigail, b. June 23, 1786, d. Dec. 4, 1858, m. Asa 

Preston, of Middlebury, Vt. No children. 

279. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 19, 1788, d. Sept. 2, 1864, m. (1) 

Stannard; (2) Othniel Jewett, of New 

Haven, Vt., who had previously been married and 
had a family. 

*280. William Christopher, b. Dec. 10, 1791. 
*281. Mary Matilda, b. Nov. 29, 1794. 
*282. Jonathan, b. Sept. 6, 1796. 
*283. Charlotte, b. April 10, 1799. 
*284. John, b. Oct. 9, 1800. 




Abigail Todd', (Timothys Jonathans JohnS Chris- 
topherO born July 26, 1760, died Feb. 19, 1810, married 
Luman Graves, of Georgia, Vt. 

Children : 
I. William Henry, b. 1786, d. April 20, 1856, m. 1830, 
Annie Evarts, at Bergen, Genesee County, N. Y., 
where he died. 
II. Julius, d. in Vermont aged 22. 

III. Amelia, b. Sept. 22, 1790 , m. May 17, 1810, Gilbert 

B. Maxfield, who was b. July 12, 1785; studied 
medicine with Dr. Hira Hill, of Georgia, Vt., re- 
moved to Frederickton, Ohio where he died. 

IV. Abigail, d. in Vermont aged 17. 

V. Samuel, m. Anna Stuart, of Bergen, N. Y. Resided 
in Brockport, N. Y. 
VI. Chauncey Dana, b. Aug. 10, 1798, d. June 15, 1867, 
m. (1) Sarah Adams, who d. 1839; (2) Elizabeth 
Cook, of Scottsville, Monroe County, N. Y. 
VII. Matilda, b. 1800, d. 1839, m. Josiah Dewey Mer- 
VIII. Mary PJvarts, b. 1802, m. Francis Hooper, who was 
from near Rochester, N. Y. 



Mary ToddS (Timothy*, Jonathans JohnS Chris- 
topher') born Oct. 9, 1763, died Oct. 26, 1847, married 
Benjamin Bradley Wilcox, of Madison, Conn. 

Children : 

I. Horace, b. April 19, 1785, d. May 2, 1819, m. 


II. Mary, b. May 4, 1787 , d. Oct. 26, 1812 , m. Sylvester 


III. Almira, b. Oct. 15, 1790, d. Oct. 25, 1857, m. July 

17, 1811, Horace Hills, who was b. Oct. 31, 1787, d. 
Sept. 18, 1873. 

IV. Benjamin, b. July 18, 1795, m. Thankful Kelsey. 
V. Eliza Ann, b. Nov. 10, 1798, d. April 30, 1822. 

VI. Wealthy, b. April 6, 1802 , d. Dec. 3, 1844 , m. John 
George Morgan. 


John Todd-', (Timothys Jonathan', John^ Christo- 
pher>) born Feb. 18, 1768, died Dec. 28, 1841, married 
Esther Bishop, of Madison, Conn., who was born 1766, 
died Feb. 20, 1859. They resided in St. Albans, Vt., and 
Manlius, N. Y. 

Children : 
*285. Timothy Marthar, b. 1793. 
286. Richard James ; lost at sea. 
*287. John Elliott, b. April 22, 1805. 


Phebe Todd, (Caleb, Samuel, Samuel, Christopher) 
bora Oct. 5, 1726, died Oct. 4, 1744, married Nov. 29, 
1743, David, son of David and Abigail (Sutliff ) Blakeslee, 
who was born Nov. 7, 1722 ; he married second, Abigail, 
daughter of Jonathan Howe. 

I. Thomas, b. Sept 17, 1744. 


Hezekiah Todd-', (Calebs SamueP, SamueP, Christo- 
pher') bom May 2, 1728, died Nov. 19, 1794, married Jan. 
17, 1753, Lydia, daughter of Ebenezer and Elizabeth 
(Andrews) Frost, who was born Dec. 28, 1735, died June 
4, 1807. 


Children : 
*288. Caleb. 

*289. Hezekiah, b. Nov. 5, 1755. 
*290. Bethuel, 

291. Lydia, m. Joel Sacket, of North Haven. 
*292. Moses. 
*293. Oliver, b. 1764. 
*294. Joel, b. 1771. 

295. Phebe, m. Parker Bates, of Southington, Conn. 



Bethiah Todd\ (Calebs SamueP, SamueP, Christo- 
pherO born Aug. 7, 1730, married July 1747, Matthew, 
son of Daniel and Sarah (Todd) Gilbert, who was bom 
Feb. 21, 1722, died July 2, 1795. They lived in Hamden, 
Conn. For the ancestry of Matthew Gilbert, see No. 31. 

Children : 

I. Daniel, m. Sarah ,who was b. 1754, d. July 

25, 1825. They had Sarah, b. 1787, d. June 20, 
II. Asa, b. 1752, m. Mary Blakeslee, who was b. 1757, 
d. March 5, 1840. 

III. Mary, m. Blakeslee. 

IV. Sarah. 


Jonah ToddS (Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christo- 
pherO born April 28, 1731, died Aug. 8, 1803, married 
first Lowly Harrison, who was born in 1732, died July 17, 
1774 in Northford, Conn; second Abigail widow of Dr. 
Hopestill Crittenden ; third, widow Johnson. He lived in 
Northford, Conn., until the death of his first wife, when 
he removed to Bethany, Conn., where he died and was 


Children by Lowly Harrison : 
*296. Charles, b. Aug. 28, 1752. 

297. Esther Lowly, b. Sept. 19, 1754. Unmarried. 
*298. Thaddeus, b. Feb. 19, 1757. 

299. Maiy, b. Sept. 24, 1760, d. 1762. 
*300. Thelus, b. May 24, 1763. 
*301. Ambrose, b. Dec. 7, 1764. 
*302. Jonah, b. Nov. 2, 1768. 
*303. Ely, b. June 29, 1772. 

Children by Abigail Crittenden: 

304. Lucy, m. Daniel Hotchkiss of Bethany, Ct. Re- 

moved to Andes, Delaware County, N. Y. 

305. Hannah, m. Alexander Milmine. Removed to Leb- 
anon, Madison County, N. Y. 

*306. Chauncey, b. March 24, 1784. 


Caleb Todd% (Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christo- 
pher^) born April 12, 1733, died Nov. 14, 1769, married 
Esther daughter of Dea. Isaac Johnson, who was born in 
1735, probably in Wallingford, Conn. Sister to next No. 
See 130. 

Children : 
*307. Caleb, b. July 6, 1765. 
308. Ruth. 


Stephen Todd=, (Stephen\ Samuel\ SamueP, Chris- 
topher') born March 23, 1735, married Rachel Johnson, 
who was born in 1740, in Wallingford, Conn. They re- 
moved to Salisbury, N. Y., or it may have been Salisbury, 
Conn., where he is said to have died when an old man. 
He was at one time a physician in Wallngford, Conn. 

Children : 
*309. Jehiel, b. Nov. 3, 1761. 
*310. Stephen, b. Dec. 23, 1773. 
*311. Bethel. 



Noah Todd=, (Stephen*, Samuel^ SamueP, Christo- 
pher') born Nov. 29, 1736, married Sarah, daughter of 
Caleb and Esther (Umberfield) Hall, who was born April 
10, 1742. 

Child : 
*312. Damaris, b. March 24, 1766. 


Sybil Todd% (Stephens Samuel\ Samuel% Christo- 
pher') born Nov. 14, 1740, married March 15, 1759, 
Josiah Tallmadge. 

I. Samuel, b. Feb. 2, 1760, m. Lucretia, daughter of 
Enos and Sarah (Blakeslee) Todd. For her an- 
cestry, see No. 210. 


Lydia Todd% (Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christo- 
pher') born Nov. 21, 1744, died about 1834, married July 
2, 1761, John, son of Moses and Phebe (Merriman) Mun- 
son, who was bom in Wallingford, Conn. Aug. 2, 1740, 
died in 1828. He was a farmer and cooper. They lived 
in Wallingford, New Haven (Mt. Carmel), Goshen and 
Litchfield, Conn., and Lee, Mass. 

Children : 
I. Lydia, b. April 29, 1762, in Wallingford, Conn., m. 
about 1792, Job Picket; they had four sons. 
n. Moses. 
in. Ruth, b. 1765. 
IV. Lucy, b. May 22, 1768. 


V. Caleb Todd, b. Feb. 5, 1771, in Goshen, Conn. 
VI. Diodama, b. Feb. 18, 1775, d. young. 
VII. Asa, b. Jan. 26, 1778, d. young; he and Diodama 
"were buried in one grave," having died, it is be- 
lieved, of measles. 


Samuel Todd% (Christopher*, Samuel% Samuel-, 
Christopher^ born Jan. 4, 1741, married Abigail, daugh- 
ter of William and Abigail (Fredericks) Tuttle, a sister 
to Hannah Tuttle, who married Samuel Todd's brother, 
Edmond. They lived at Todd's Hollow, in Plymouth, 

Children : 
*313. Oliver, b. Sept. 14, 1771. 
314. Samuel, b. March 1, 1774, d. young. 


Dan Todd% (Christopher*, SamueP, SamueP, Chris- 
topherO born March 20, 1743, died Sept. 26, 1805, mar- 
ried Lucy Frost, who was born 1754, died Jan. 8, 1821. 
They lived in North Haven, Conn. 

Children : 
315. Samuel ; studied law, having graduated from Union 
College, N. Y. ; settled in Cincinatti, Ohio, and 
there he married Henrietta, daughter of Judge 
Wallace. He practiced law until his death which 
occurred some 8 or 9 years after leaving North 
Haven, Conn., leaving a wife and a daughter who 

m. Rev. . 

*316. Josiah, b. Dec. 18, 1794. 

317. Mary, m. Street Humiston, of Oberlin, Ohio. 

318. Hannah, m. Talcott Ives. They lived in North 

Haven, Conn. 

319. Lucy, unmarried. 




Hannah Todd% (Christopher'', SamueP, SamueP, 
Christopher') bom Nov. 16, 1746, married Feb. 19, 1767, 
Abel, son of Moses Bradley, who was bom April 7, 1742. 
Children : 
I. Abigail. 
II. Rosanna. 
III. John, Weighed 300 pounds and strong in propor- 


Edmond Todd^ (Christopher*, SamueP, SamueP, 
Christopher') born Jan. 6, 1748, married Hannah, daugh- 
ter of William and Abigail (Fredericks) Tuttle, who was 
born Jan. 22, 1748. They lived in Plymouth, Conn. 

Children : 
*320. Elam. 
*321. Aden. 
*322. Daniel. 

323. Lydia, m. Chandler Norton, of Bristol, Conn. 
*324. Susannah, b. 1771. 



Abigail Todd% (Christopher*, SamueP, SamueP, 

Christopher') born Oct. 22, 1755, married 


Children : 
I. Hannah. 
II. Josiah Todd. 



Mary Todd^ (SamueP, SamueP, SamueP, Christo- 
pher') born Sept. 11, 1742, died May 16, 1815, at the 


home of her daughter, Lydia, wife of Judge Job Goodale 
in Bernardston, Mass., married first Dec. 3, 1761, Obed, 
son of Moses and Ruth (Butler) Foote, of Plj^mouth, 
Conn., then of Gill, Mass., who was born Nov. 25, 1741, 
died Sept. 21, 1797 from an injury received at a barn 
raising. She married second March 26, 1798, Rev. Jon- 
athan Leavitt, of Heath, Mass., who was born 1731; 
graduated from Yale 1758, died Sept. 9, 1802. 

Children : 

I. Asenath, b. Sept. 19, 1762, d. Nov. 18, 1813, m. 
June 20, 1791, Eliphaz Alexander, of Burlington, 
N. Y. They had seven children. 
II. Mary Dorothea, b. June 11, 1764, died April 17, 
1835, m. Dec. 1783, Rev. Amasa Cook, of Bernard- 
ston, Mass. They had three children. 

III. Bernice, b. June 5, 1766, d. Jan. 23, 1831, m. Melin- 

da Field, of Burlington, N. Y. They had seven 
children, three sons having been ministers. 

IV. Sedate, b. March 5, 1768, d. Dec. 8, 1837, m. June 

11, 1809, Josiah Jones, of Brockville, (Va.?). 
They had one child. 
V. Samuel, b. April 7, 1770, m. (1) Aug. 8, 1794, Sybil 
Doolittle. They had eleven children. He m. (2) 
1833, widow Parker. They lived in Gill, Mass., 
then in Sherburne and Plymouth, N. Y. 

VI. Chole, b. March 21, 1772, d. 1829, m. Isaac Pierce, 

of Burlington, N. Y. 

VII. Lydia, b. May 15, 1774, m. April 1794, Judge Job 

Goodale, of Bernardston, Mass. They had two 

VIII. Erastus, b. Sept. 19, 1777, m. (1) 1812, Susan 

Carleton. They had three children. He m. (2) 
July 9, 1820, Eliza Carleton, by whom he had four 
children. They lived in Wiscasset, Me. 
IX. Philena, b. Sept. 22, 1779, m. (1) 1802, Isreal 
Jones, of North Adams, Mass., by whom she had 
three children. She m. (2) Nov. 7, 1816, Rev. 
WilHam Smart, of Brockville, (Va.?). They had 
one child. 


X. Rhoda Ann, b. Jan. 1, 1781, d. Jan. 14, 1837, m. 
July 7, 1806, Nathaniel Martin, of Camden, Me. 
They had four children. 
XL Obed, b. April 27, 1787, m. (1) July 24, 1823, Ann 
G. Walpole, by whom he had one child. He m. (2) 
June 23, 1831, Mary Davis. They had one child. 



Irene Todd=, (Samuel*, Samuel^ SamueP, Christo- 
pherO born Oct. 25, 1744, married Oct. 16, 1763, William, 
son of Rev. John Southmayd, who died in 1777 on or near 

Lake Champlain. She married second Wells of 

Northfield, Mass. 

Children : 
L John William, b. Aug 16, 1764. 
II. Alathea, b. Jan. 21, 1767. 

III. Marcia, b. May 2, 1771. 

IV. Almeria, b. March 6, 1774. 


Eliel Todd% (Samuels Samuels SamueP, Christo- 
pher') born Feb. 20, 1746-47 in Northbury Parish, 
Waterbury, Conn., died in 1793, in Pawlet, Vt., where 
having been stricken with a fever, he took a dose of 
strychnine by mistake for calomel. He married Anna 
Stafford or Sanford of Pawlet, Vt. 

He was a physician and practiced his profession in 
Pawlet, Vt., and vicinity. 

"He was the first physician in the north part of the 
town. He was a skillful and talented physician, and 
tradition invests him with rare endowments. He was a 
Lieutenant in the Revolutionary war. He died in 1793 
from poison accidently taken." 

From the History of Pawlet, Vt. 

His military career was as follows : In a ballot by the 
Massachusetts House of Representatives dated April 22, 


1776; said Todd was chosen Adjutant in the 2nd Berk- 
shire County regiment of Mass. Militia; appointment 
concurred in by Council, April 23, 1776; reported com- 
missioned April 23, 1776 ; also, 2nd Lieutenant in Captain 
Peter Porter's Company of Col. Samuel Brewer's Regi- 
ment ; pay abstract for mileage for 80 miles allowed said 

Children : 

325. Lucy, b. Nov. 27, 1779. 

326. Anna, b. Aug. 23, 1781. 
*327. Samuel, b. June 13, 1783. 

328. Bathsheda, b. April 12, 1785. 

329. Polly, b. June 17, 1787. 

330. Jonathan Stafford, b. Aug. 29, 1789. 

331. Cynthia, b. Aug. 15, 1791. 


Samuel Todd% (Samuel*, Samuel% SamueP, Christo- 
pher') born Nov. 19, 1852, in Plymouth, Conn., died March 
18, 1852, in New York State and was buried in the Clove- 
ville cemetery, married first in 1779, Maiy, daughter of 
Capt. John and Lois (Brockett) Dudley of Wallingford, 
Conn., who was born in 1759, died July 11, 1841. The 
inscription on her monument in the Clovesville, N. Y. 
cemetery reads, "In memory of Mary, wife of Samuel 
Todd, who lived together 62 years, died July 11, 1841, 
Aged 82 yrs." He married second May 8, 1842, Jane 
Rosecrans at Shandaken, N. Y., who was born in 1786. 
His widow was allowed a pension on an application ex- 
ecuted July 11, 1853, at which time she was a resident of 
Shandaken, Ulster county, N. Y. and was 67 years of 
age. He moved to Middletown, Delaware county, N. Y. 
in 1802. 

Samuel Todd was a private in Capt. Joseph Allyn 
Wright's company of the fifth regiment, Connecticut line, 
his Colonel was Col. Phillip Burr Bradley. He enlisted 
April 30, 1777 for three years, and was discharged April 
30, 1780. 

Fifth regiment, "Connecticut Line." Formation of 
1777-81. This regiment was raised for the "Connecticut 


Line of 1777 to continue through the war. Recruited 
largely in Fairfield and Litchfield counties with men from 
all parts of the state. Rendevous, Danbury. Went into 
camp at Peekskill in spring of 1777, and in Sept. ordered 
to Pennsylvania with McDougall's Brigade. Engaged at 
battle of Germantown, Oct. 4, 1777, and suffered some 
loss. Assingned to Huntington's Brigade and wintered 
at Valley Forge, 1777-78. On June 28, 1778, present at 
battle of Monmouth and went into camp with the main 
army at White Plains. Wintered at Redding, 1778-79. 
In operations of 1779, served in Heath's wing east side 
of Hudson; its light company under Capt. St. John de- 
tached to Meig's Light regiment and engaged in storming 
of Stony Point, July 15, 1779. Wintered at Morristown 
Huts, 1779-80, and in following summer served in Con- 
necticut Division, with main army, on both sides of the 
Hudson. Wintered 1780-81 at Camp Connecticut Village 
near Robinson's house, opposite West Point; there con- 
solidated for formation of 1781-83. 

Children : 

*332. John. 
*333. Dudley. 
*334. Mary. 
*335. Lyman. 

336. Lucinda, b. in Cornwall, Conn., moved with her 
parents to Middletown, Delaware county, N. Y. in 
1802, m. Lyman Bugbee. 

337. Sarah, b. in Conn., m. Jenkins; she moved 

to Middletown, Delaware County, N. Y., in 1802 
with her parents, later she moved north and lived 
near the Canadian line. She was a member of the 
Universalist church. 

*338. Samuel. 

*339. Burr. 
340. Dyer, d. in Middletown, Delaware County, N. Y., 
aged 22 years. Unmarried. 

*341. Clarissa, b. April 27, 1800. 

*342. Darling, b. Sept. 27, 1804. 

*343. Isaac, b. 1807. 



Jonah Todd*, (Abraham*, Jonah^ SamueP, Christo- 
pherO born Aug. 12, 1734, in Greenwich, Conn., died 
March 17, 1783, in New Milford, Conn., married March 
23, 1756, Jane, daughter of John and Deborah (Ferris) 
Welch, of New Milford, Conn., bom 1728, died Dec. 12, 
1812. They lived in New Milford, Conn. 

He moved to New Milford, Conn., about 1755, and 
was married there the next year. He was appointed 
Surgeons Mate in the army during the Revolutionary 
war, receiving his appointment October 1778; was a 
Representative, or Deputy of the Freemen of the town of 
New Milford at the General Assembly at New Haven. 
He was a physician. It is said that while being in the 
act of feeling the pulse of a patient, he fell and died in- 
stantaneously of Apoplexy. He resided in Park Lane. 
He was buried in the old cemetery, the epitaph on his 
head stone being as follows : 

"In memoiy of Doct Jonah Todd, he died Maixh 17, 
1783, in the 51st year of his age. 
Here lies the man that others tried to save, 
Himself at last hath reached the silent grave, 
In silent dust my body lies confined, 
Until the resurrection call and judgement to mankind. 
In health one moment, you may be, the next in eternity." 

Children : 

344. Jonah. 
*345. Eli, b. Dec. 12, 1763. 

346. Lucy. 

347. Mabel, m. Isreal Baldwin. 

348. Lavina. 
*349. Hannah. 


Abraham Todd^ (Abraham*, Jonah^ SamueP, Chris- 
topherO born Dec. 21, 1738, in Greenwich Ct., died April 
19, 1797, married Aug. 24, 1757, Lydia Husted, who was 
bom Aug. 31, 1737, died Aug. 23, 1811. 


"After his marriage he settled in South Salem, N. Y., 
now Lewisboro, about three miles east of Goldens Bridge, 
New York. He was a farmer. His grave is on his farm. 
He served in the Revolution under Lieut. Col. Joseph 
Benedicts in the Associated Exempts, Westchester 
County militia. He was Lieut, in the Westchester 
County militia, Thirteenth regiment, under Col. Pierre 
Van Cortland and Col. Drake. He also served in the 
fourth regiment under Col. Thaddeus Crane. In the 
Westchester County records, Page 268, Land Bounty 
records, he was given land for his service in the fourth 
regiment during the Revolution." 

From History of Families of Southern New York, by 
Lewis Publishing Company. 

Children : 
*350. Hannah, b. May 26, 1759. 
*351. Abraham, b. Feb. 23, 1762. 

352. Lydia, b. June 22, 1764, m. Stephen Holley. 

353. Mabel, b. March 15, 1769, d. June 22, 1793, m. 
Gideon Seeley. 

*354. David, b. July 29, 1776. 


Oliver Todd'', (Abraham*, Jonah^ SamueP, Christo- 
pherO born Oct. 25, 1748, in Greenwich, Conn., died Dec. 
25, 1814, married July 25, 1768, Lydia Close, b. Oct. 5, 
1747, d. April 27, 1825. 

Oliver Todd and his brother with their wives moved 
to South Salem, N. Y., at the time that the British oc- 
cupied Greenwich, Conn. They settled on land now 
owned by George Todd. He served in Col. Crane's regi- 
ment from Westchester County during the Revolutionary 
war, and thus loyally fought for the cause of freedom. 

He and his wife both lie buried in the old Todd plot, 
in the cemetery which is on the old Todd Homestead. 

Children : 
*355. Fannie, b. Aug. 28, 1775. 
*356. Ira, b. July 18, 1777. 


*357. Huldah, b. July 12, 1779. 
*358. Uel, b. May 2, 1782. 


Daniel Todd", (Daniel, Daniel\ SamueP, Christo- 
pherO born Sept. 9, 1751, died of injuries caused by fall- 
ing from a building, married March 27, 1775, Eunice, 
daughter of Samuel and Hannah (Bassett) Hitchcock, 
who was born Aug. 16, 1754. 

Children : 

359. Joseph, b. Jan. 24, 1776, in Derby, Conn., d. infant. 
*360. Daniel, b. Dec. 24, 1777. 

361. Samuel, b. in Derby, Conn. 
*362. Sybil, b. Feb. 4, 1782. 
*363. Jonathan. 

364. Millicent, b. in Derby, Conn. 
*365. Marvin, b. 1789. 

366. Eunice, d. infant. 

367. Edward G. d. infant. 

*368. Carrington, b. March 15, 1798. 
369. Edward, b. 1800, d. 1827 or 1828. 


Sybil Todd^ ( Daniel », Daniel^ Samuel^ Christo- 
pher") born 1753, died May 11, 1777, married July 10, 
1776, John, son of Capt. James and Sarah (Johnson) 
Wheeler who married second Nov. 19, 1777, Sarah John- 
son, by whom he had (1) Elijah, b. 1778; (2) Samuel; 
(3) Sybil, b. 1783. 

I. John Todd, b. May 4, 1777, d. 1868. His father 
soon removed to the West, and left him in the care 
of his grandparents in Derby, Conn. He settled 
in Seymour, Conn., where he became an enterpris- 
ing merchant. He married in 1797, Sally Clark, 
of Woodbridge, (Conn.?), and had John Clark, b. 


1799, d. Feb. 8, 1881. He m. Charlotte, daughter 
of Joel and Ruth (Stoddard) Chatfield, and sister 
to Oliver Stoddard Chatfield. He was a manufac- 
turer of paper and augers ; removed to New York 
City where he died. They had (1) Henry, b. 1815, 
m. Nancy Hotchkiss of New Haven, Ct., who was 
b. 1819, had six children; (2) Frances, b. 1817, m. 
0. C. Putnam, of New York City, had four chil- 
dren ; (3) Howard, b. 1819, d. 1828; (4) John, b. 
1821, m. Alice Stanley, of New York City, where 
they afterward resided, they had four children; 
(5) Sarah, b. 1825, m. Charles E. Converse, and 
resided in New York City, they had three chil- 
dren; (6) Charlotte; (7) Mary; (8) Elizabeth, d. 
aged 2 years. 


James Todd', (James*, James^, SamueP Christo- 
pherO born Aug. 14, 1751, died 1816, married Abigail 

Children : 
*370. Yale. 
*371. Ezra Lewis. 

372. David. 

373. Joel. 
*374. Solomon. 


Yale ToddS (JamesS James^ SamueP, Christopher^ 
born Aug. 25, 1754, married Phebe Brown. 

*375. William, b. Aug. 30, 1784. 


Solomon ToddS (James*, James^, SamueP, Christo- 
pher') baptized in 1768, died April 13, 1857, married 
Aug. 10, 1789, I^ydia Sacket. who was born 1772, died 


Oct. 16, 1849. He was born in Fair Haven, Conn. He 
with two other families removed to Zoar,. Mass., in 1811 
or 1812 in which town he passed the remaining days of 
his life. 

Children : 
*376. Charlotte. 
*377. Lydia. 
378. Vincie, m. Abel Potter. 
*379. Eli, b. about 1798. 
*380. Electa. 

381. Eunice. 

382. Beda. 

*383. Uriah, b. May 11, 1808. 
*384. Solomon, b. Aug. 31, 1811. 
*385. Evelyn, b. about 1814. 


Benjamin Todd", (Benjamin*, Benjamin', MichaeP, 
Christopher^ born 1756, died May 6, 1833, in Cherry 
Valley, N. Y., married March 1, 1778, Hannah Reynolds. 

Children : 
*386. John, b. Feb. 16, 1779. 

387. Sophia, b. May 10, 1781. 

388. Louise, b. Nov. 29, 1783. 

389. Hannah, b. April 23, 1786. 

390. Dorcas, b. July 17, 1788. 

391. James, b. April 29, 1791. 
*392. Elnathan, b. Aug. 23, 1793. 

393. Massa, b. Aug. 23, 1793. 

394. Melinda, b. Sept. 10, 1799. 

395. Sally, b. May 19, 1801. 


Benjamin Todd% (Titus*, Benjamin^ Michael^ 
Christopher') born March 4, 1755, died Jan. 7, 1828, mar- 
ried April 22, 1783, Phebe, daughter of Ezra and Hannah 
(Todd) Tuttle, who was born June 2, 1758, died July 20, 
1850 ; for her Todd ancestry see No. 82. They removed 


to Russell, Mass., in 1784, where he bought a tract of land 
on the mountain, on which to raise wheat, prefering it to 
land in the heart of Springfield, Mass., which was offered 
to him for $10 per acre. He was a soldier in the Revolu- 
tionary war, having served about seven years. He died 
in Russell, Mass., and was buried in the old cemetery on 
the mountain. 

Children : 
*396. Gershom, b. Oct. 25, 1784. 
*397. Benjamin, b. Jan. 20, 1787. 

398. Elizabeth, b. May 23, 1791, d. April 14, 1820. 

400. Harvey, b. Aug. 27, 1793, d. Jan. 19, 1825. 
*401. Phebe, b. April 14, 1796. 
*402. Lucretia, b. June 11, 1798. 
*403. Cynthia, b. Dec. 6, 1800. 

404. Hannah, b. Sept. 20, 1803, d. Sept. 26, 1804, in New 
Haven, Conn. 


Theophilus ToddS (Titus*, Benjamin^ MichaeP, 
Christopher') married Chloe Granniss, who was born 
1777, died June 24, 1861. 

Children : 

405. Child, d. 1792. 

406. Child, d. 1797. 

407. Child, d. 1798. 



Chloe Todd", (Titus^ Benjamin^ Michael^ Christo- 
pher') born Jan. 26, 1763, died in 1810, married first 
Samuel, son of Samuel and Sarah (Humiston) Tuttle, 
who was born in 1759, died July 9, 1802; killed by falling 
from a load of hay and was run over. He was a soldier 
in the Revolutionary war. They lived in Middletown, 
Conn., until his death, when soon afterwards, his widow 

removed to North Haven, Conn., and married second 



Children : 

I. Sally, b. Sept. 15, 1787, d. Oct. 18, 1864, m. Oct. 
4, 1813, William Way, who d. July 30, 1868. They 
lived in Colesville, Broome County, N. Y. 
II. Edward, b. in New Haven, Conn., d. in Tooele City, 
Utah, July 1867, m. Sally Clinton. 

III. Lyman, b. June 15, 1790, in North Haven, Ct., m. 

Martha, Dau. of Jude Tuttle, who was b. Mar. 7, 
1794, in Rowe, Mass. They lived in Hartford, Ct. 

IV. Maria, m. Daniel Todd; they had issue: (1) Cor- 

nelia; (2) Chloe; (3) Samuel; (4) Edward. 
V. Samuel, b. June 7, 1795, d. Dec. 12, 1834, of sun- 
stroke at Baiou Barou Chunneville, La., m. Lucille 

Thorpe, who afterwards m. second Burr, 

of New Haven, Conn. He was a carriage maker 
in New Haven, Ct., until 1832, when he removed to 
Louisiana, where he worked at the business for 
about two years, when he died. 

VI. Titus Todd, d. in New Haven, Ct. aged 16. 

VII. Esther, b. Feb. 3, 1799, m. Jacob Doolittle, of 

North Haven, Conn. 
VIII. Jesse, m. Rachel Bartholomew. 
IX. Daniel. 


Titus Todd'', (TitusS Benjamin', Michael^ Christo- 
pherO born Aug. 13, 1765, died Sept. 10, 1810, married 
first Sept. 29, 1791, Elizabeth Todd, who was born May 
5, 1765, died April 19, 1804. He married second June 
4, 1804, Lydia Bryant, who was born Sept. 8, 1778, died 
Jan. 22, 1844. 

Rev. Jonathan Trumbull records the fact, that in 
1783, Titus, Esther and Abram Todd, children of Titus 
and Esther Todd, have said through the proof Catechism. 


408. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 3, 1792. 

409. Asenath, b. April 2, 1795. 


410. Joel, b. Feb. 18, 1797. 

411. Esther, b. June 25, 1801. 

412. Annie, b. Feb. 19, 1804. 

Children by Lydia Bryant: 

*413. Titus Biyant, b. Aug. 24, 1805. 

*414. David, b. March 17, 1807. 

*415. William, b. July 29, 1808. 

*416. Asa, b. April 16, 1810. 


Abraham Todd', (Titus*, Benjamin^ MichaeP 
Christopher') born Sept. 1, 1773, married 

Children : 

417. Benjamin. 

418. Ichabod. 

419. Theophilus. 

420. Maria. 


Tirmiah Todd'*, (Jesse*, Benjamin^ MichaeP, Chris- 
topher') born in 1777, died Dec. 7, 1842, married Jan. 
27, 1799, Martin, son of Martin and Bathsheba (Cooper) 
Chapin, of West Springfield, Mass., who was born July 
2, 1777. 

Children : 

I. Zeruiah, d. April 14 or 24, 1860, aged 58. 
II. Hervey, m. Persis Clark Parsons, of Northampton, 
Mass. Lived in Holyoke, Mass. Five children. 

III. Martin, m. Sarah Eliza Cross. No children. 

IV. Lysander, m. Sept. 18, 1842, Mary Ann Cronk; 

issue: (1) Henry Lysander, b. Aug. 9, 1845; (2) 
George Martin, b. May 1852. 



Jesse Todd% (Jesse*, Benjamin^ MichaeP, Christo- 
pher >) born Feb. 7, 1782, married Hannah Morley, who 
was born Aug. 5, 1788, died April 22, 1855. They lived 
in Agawam, Mass., where he owned and operated a farm. 

Child : 
*421. Henry, M., b. March 29, 1812. 


Chandler Todd^, (Jesse*, Benjamin*, MichaeP, Chris- 
topher') born in 1790, died Nov. 26, 1861, married June 
18, 1826, Anne Bagg, of West Springfield, Mass., who 
was born in 1796, died Dec. 25, 1872. 

He removed to New York and bought land near the 
present town of Fredonia, N. Y. 

An obituary says of Mr. Todd : "Mr. Chandler Todd, 
one of the oldest citizens of the town of Pomfret, who has 
for the last thirty-five years lived on his farm about three 
miles down the creek on the west side, died at his home 
on Monday afternoon last." 

He was a quiet, unobstrusive man, upright in all his 
dealings, and a useful member of society. 

Children : 
422. Daughter, d. young. 
*423. Charles Abbott, b. Dec. 19, 1831. 
424. Dwight Chandler, b. Nov. 18, 1834, died Jan. 26, 
1907 ; unmarried. 



Mary Todd% (David*, Gershom^ Michael^ Christo- 
pher') born May 5, 1757, died Nov. 17, 1828, married 
Feb. 10, 1773, Jabez, son of Daniel and Phebe (Beach) 
Tuttle, who was born July 30, 1753, died June 11, 1799. 
He was brother to Prudence Tuttle who married Capt. 
Gideon Todd, of North Haven, Conn. 


Children : 
I. Mary, b. Dec. 4, 1773, d. Dec. 14, 1773. 

II. David Todd, b. Dec. 28, 1774, d. June 19, 1801. 

III. Asenath, b. June 21, 1776, d. Jan. 18, 1801. 

IV. Susannah, b. June 12, 1778, d. July 21, 1779. 
V. Hannah, b. July 7, 1779, d. July 22, 1779. 

VI. Zophar Morris, b. Oct. 6, 1781, m. Rachel Brocket. 
VII. Benoni, b. Oct. 2, 1783, d. April 7, 1801. 
VIII. Ransom, b. July 8, 1785, m. 1806, Ethena Ellis. 
IX. Constant, b. March 28, 1788, d. April 2, 1795. 

X. Asa, b. Feb. 2, 1790, d. Dec. 17, 1794. 

XI. Alfred, b. April 17, 1792, d. in Salisbury, N. Y., 

June 5, 1844, m. Abigail Shepard. Three children. 

XII. Mary, b. Oct. 20, 1796, d. in Salisbury, N. Y., March 

16, 1767, m. Thomas Cole, of Fairfield, N. Y., who 

d. March 12, 1864 ; no children. 



Elizabeth Todd^ (Asa*, Gershom^ MichaeP, Chris- 
topher^ born April 13, 1749, died May 7, 1785, married 
March 26, 1772, Capt. Solomon Phipps, who was born 
Aug. 17, 1745, died June 7, 1813. He married second 
Feb. 4, 1788, Hannah Ailing widow of Hamlin Dwight, 
who was a cousin of his first wife. She died Sept. 7, 
1789, leaving one daughter, Hannah Ailing Phipps, born 
March 10, 1789, and married Joel Augur, of Northford, 

Children : 
I. Asa Todd, b. June 16, 1774, d. Sept. 12, 1774. 
II. Elizabeth Mary, b. Nov. 27, 1776, d. April 15, 1849, 
m. Aug. 5, 1800, Jonathan Mix, who was b. April 
19, 1753, d. Jan. 18, 1816. 

III. Joanna, b. July 8, 1779, d. Dec. 19, 1826, m. Olney 

Burr, who d. March 21, 1810. 


IV. Asa Todd, b. Nov. 16, 1781, d. May 13, 1782. 
V. Lucretia, b. April 11, 1784, d. Nov. 16, 1865, m. 
Sept. 11, 1807, Gains Fenn, of Plymouth, Conn., 
who was b. June 29, 1786, d. April 7, 1854, in New 
Haven, Conn. 


Asa Todd=, (Gershom^ Gershom'', Michael-, Christo- 
pher^) born June 28, 1756, died July 16, 1847, in West 
Chesterfield Mass., and was buried there. He married 
May 24, 1778, Abigail, daughter of Amos and Phebe 
Bishop, of New Haven, Conn. 

He was a Baptist minister and held pastorates in 
Whately and West Chesterfield, Mass., for more than 
thirty years, having been ordained the first pastor of the 
Baptist Society of Whately, Mass., Sept. 9, 1789. In 1803 
he removed to West Chesterfield, Mass., where he was or- 
dained the second pastor of the Baptist Society of that 
place, and was dismissed Nov. 2, 1820, in consequence of 
a dissatisfaction developing among some of the members 
on account of his having joined the Free Masons, and 
also for difficulties of a more personal nature. Yet, in 
spite of the rupture, he lived among his old neighbors 
for many years afterwards, and was known as "Elder 
Todd," passing his remaining days in his old home. He 
was buried in the cemetery on the hillside below his home, 
by his mothers side. 

Becoming a Christian at the age of 25, he soon felt it 
his duty to make known a Savior's love to those who knew 
him not, and although favored with very limited means 
of education, and meeting with many discouragements, 
yet naturally endowed with great strength of mind, and 
with perseverance, by his own efforts and the grace of 
God, he was an able and successful minister of the Gospel, 
for more than half a century. 

His views of his own sinfulness and the exceeding 
richness of Sovereign Grace, increased with advancing 
age. He retained his physical and mental powers in his 
old age, to a surprising degree. In June, the month be- 



fore he died, he walked a mile to the monthly concert, and 
then back home. In the four months, ending with his 
90th year, he read the bible through in course, without 
the aid of spectacles, and also, read the New Testament 
twice through in the last five months of his life. 

He was ill only about four weeks before his death, 
and seemed to fall asleep, rather than die. When told 
by his son that he had not long to live, he replied, "the 
will of the Lord be done, and it ought to be." His wife, 
the companion of his youth, and also, in his old age, to 
whom he was united in marriage sixty-nine years, sur- 
vived him. 

In early manhood, he enlisted in the Revolutionary 
army, and went with the expedition against Canada un- 
der Gen. Montgomery, enduring untold hardships during 
that most unfortunate campaign, when so many of his 
comrades were stricken with small-pox and other camp 
life diseases. Afterwards he was sent with others to 
reinforce Washington; was one of the sufferers in the 
retreat through New Jersey, and shared in the triumphs 
at Trenton and Princeton. 

In his application for a pension, he mentions the bat- 
tles of St. John, and Trenton, as among those in which 
he participated. He was finally granted a pension, and 
drew ninty-six dollars per year for the remainder of his 

According to the record of the Connecticut men in 
the Revolution, he enlisted April 1, 1775, for nine months, 
as private, his Capt. was Porter, Col. not stated. In the 
Spring of 1776, he enlisted again, this time for twelve 
months, private, Capt. not stated, Col. was Ward. 

One of his grand-daughters told the writer that, 
when he was about to enlist in the Revolutionary army, 
his mother took his gun and broke it, to keep him from 
going to the war, as her sympathies were with the king. 
She was unsuccessful, however, for he spent nearly two 
years in the army. His older brother, Mix, was a tory, 
and went over to the British, and what property he pos- 
sessed was cofiscated, the proceedings of which may be 
seen in the Probate Court records in New Haven, Conn. 


Children : 

*425. Lucretia, b. May 8, 1783. 

*426. Justus, b. June 24, 1785. 

*427. David, b. Aug. 28, 1787. 

*428. Mary, b. Oct. 15, 1789. 

*429. Lyman, b. Oct. 30, 1791. 

*430. Esther, b. April 30, 1794. 

*431. Obedience, b. Sept. 26, 1796. 



Lucretia Todd% (Enos*, Gershom% MichaeP, Chris- 
topherO born Aug. 26, 1759, married Samuel, son of 
Josiah and Sybil (Todd) Tallmadge, who was born Feb. 
2, 1760. For his Todd ancestry see No. 133. 

Children : 
I. Enos Todd, b. Nov. 21, 1784. 
IL Davis, b. April 2, 1787. 
III. Lucretia, b. July 4, 1789. 



Patience Todd'', (Enos\ Gershom', Michael-, Chris- 
topher') born June 9, 1768, died Aug. 23, 1845, married 
Jesse Eton, son of Capt. Lawrence and Elizabeth (Todd) 
Clinton, who was born at Clintonville, Conn., Aug. 9, 
1762, died there Dec. 12, 1836. Their children were 
born in Wallingford, Conn. For Mrs. Elizabeth Clinton's 
ancestry see No. 84. 

Children : 

L Eunetia, b. June 25, 1788, d. Nov. 1824, m. Eli 

Sackett, who d. Mar. 15, 1836. 

IL David, b. June 20, 1790, d. at Wallingford, Conn., 

Dec. 30, 1879, m. Dec. 29, 1812, Lucy L. Smith, 

who d. Aug. 28, 1883. He was a farmer and 


mechanic, and was noted for his inventions. He 
built a factory at Clintonville, Conn., for the 
manufacture of agricultural implements, thus 
founding the business house of Clinton & Sons. 
Had issue: (1) Salina, m. John B. Johnson; (2) 
Lyman, b. Mar. 21, 1818; (3) Lavinia Lucy, b. 
1820, d. Sept. 1849, m. Sept. 25, 1838, Ezra Mun- 
son, who was b. 1816, d. Dec. 18, 1882; (4) Eunetia 
0., b. Oct. 23, 1824, d. Sept. 20, 1848, m. Nov. 25, 
1846, Sereno 0. Todd, who was b. Mar. 8, 1819, d. 
Dec. 9, 1902; (5) Celia C, b. Feb. 23, 1827, d. May 
23, 1872, m. Lyman Bassett, who d. Jan. 22, 1901 ; 
(6) Delia M., b. Sept. 15, 1829, d. July 20, 1855, 
m. Jan. 14, 1851, her brother-in-law, Sereno 0. 
IH. Lyman, b. Sept. 21, 1791, drowned at Branford, 
Conn., June 10, 1811. 

IV. Sally, b. July 29, 1793, d. at Toole City, Utah, July 

1867, m. May 6, 1813, Edward, son of Samuel and 
Chloe (Todd) Tuttle, who was b. in New Haven, 
Ct., d. in Toole City, Utah, July 1867; had issue: 
(1) Eliza A., m. May 16, 1838, Joseph A. Grannis 
of Hamden, Ct., lived in Mt. Carmel, Ct. ; (2) 
Sarah, m. Joseph Meacham; lived in Tooele City 
Utah; 5 children; (3) Angeline, m. William B. 
Adams; lived in Tooele City, Utah; 3 chil. ; (4) 
Norton, m. Helen Elizabeth Utley about 1850; 
lived in Toole City; had 2 sons and 3 daughters. 

V. Hannah, b. June 10, 1795, d. Aug. 11, 1878, m. 

Harvey Todd, who was b. Dec. 1790, d. July 15, 

VL Elizabeth, b. Sept. 20, 1796, d. Nov. 28, 1886, m. 
June 17, 1816, Josiah, son of Dan and Lucy (Frost) 
Todd. For her descendants see No. 316. 

VII. Bemon Lawrence, b. Oct. 1, 1798, m. (1) Nov. 5, 
1826 Lavinia or Lovina, dau. of Levi and Molly 
(Mary?) (Bassett) Tuttle, who was b. Feb. 27, 
1800, d. Sept. 20, 1852; he m. (2) Sarah Frisbie; 
(3) Julia Wells. Children by first wife; (1) Har- 


riet Polina, b. at Wallingford, Ct., May 13, 1830, 
m. at New Haven, Ct. Aug. 17, 1851, Louis W. 
Gunn, was later divorced; (2) David Burton, b. 
at Blandford, Mass., Oct. 14, 1831, d. Jan. 29, 1912 ; 
(8) Sarah Burwell, b. at Wallingford, Ct., Nov. 
28, 1833, d. Oct. 29, 1879, m. at New Haven, Ct., 
Aug. 21, 1853, Washington Cunningham; (4) 
Mary Orminda, b. at Wallingford, Ct., Dec. 31, 
1835, d. Aug. 19, 1895, m. Oct. 10, 1867, William 
Cook; (5) Jane, b. at Wallingford, Ct., Mar. 19, 
1838, m. at New Haven, Ct., July 19, 1860, George 
H. Auger, who d. Jan. 15, 1904. 
VIII. Cynthia, b. Jan. 27, 1801, d. Jan. 13, 1848, m. Dea. 
Lewis Bates, who was b. 1798, d. Feb. 10, 1876. 
IX. Aurelia, b. July 14, 1803, d. May 2, 1892, m. Oct. 
30, 1823, Orrin, son of Joel and Mabel (Mansfield) 
Todd, who was b. Feb. 26, 1800, d. Dec. 8, 1889. 
For her descendants, see No. 626. 
X. Jesse, b. May 13, 1805. 



Cynthia Todd\ (Enos^ Gershom^ Michael^, Christo- 
pherO born Feb. 12, 1771, died Jan. 10, 1852, married 
Joshua, son of Capt. Ithamar and Rhoda (Gaines) Tuttle, 
who was born March 3, 1764, died Feb. 20, 1850. 

Children : 
I. Harriet, b. March 21, 1790, d. Aug. 1, 1836. 
II. Ithamar, b. May 9, 1793, m. Nov. 22, 1822, Aurelia 
Bassett; five children; resided in North Haven, 

III. Enos Todd, b. Aug. 12, 1804, m. May 8, 1826, Alvira 

Bassett, who was b. May 7, 1808, d. June 19, 1848; 
had seven children. 

IV. Willis, b. July 16, 1808, d. Oct. 25, 1882, m. Jan. 

18, 1831, Abby Bassett, who d. April 10, 1879. 
They lived in North Haven, Conn. 



Eunice Todd^ (MichaeP, MichaeP, Michael^, Christo- 

pherO born July 31, 1773, died 25, 1829, married 

first, Thomas Phillips, son of Dr. Ebenezer and Martha 
(Phillips) Beardsley, who died Feb. 19, 1793, aged 22. 
Married second, Jan. 9, 1798, Samuel Chandler, son of 
Capt. Eben and Mehitable (Chandler) Crafts, who was 
born Oct. 5, 1768, at Woodstock, Conn., died Nov. 19, 
1853, at Craftsbury, Vt. His name stands first on the 
catalogue of Students at Leicester Academy, which was 
instituted and endowed mainly by the efforts of his 
father, and opened June 7, 1784 ; was graduated at Har- 
vard College in 1790, with a Greek dialogue for his thesis. 
He was elected town clerk of Craftsburj', 1792, upon 
the organization of the town, and held the office 37 years. 
He was the youngest delegate to revise the constitution 
of Vei-mont in 1793. In 1796 he was a member of the 
House of Representatives, and clerk of that body in 
1798-9 ; member of the Executive Council from 1809 till 
1812, and from 1825 to 1827; register of probate for 
Orleans County. 1796 to 1815. Was appointed judge of 
courts for Orleans County, 1800; was Chief Justice of the 
State, from 1810 to 1816; was Representative in Con- 
gress, from 1817 to 1825; was elected Governor of Vt., 
1828, 1829 and 1830. In 1842. was appointed Senator in 
Congress, and at the meeting of the Legislature was elect- 
ed to the same office. 

He was a man of great simplicity of manners, sound 
learning and great moral worth. 

Children : 

I. Samuel P., b. Jan. 21, 1799, d. Nov. 17, 1824, while 
attending University of Vermont in the Junior 

Mary Todd, b. April 27, 1809. 



Caleb Todd', (Gideon*, Gideon^ MichaeP, Christo- 
pher') born Jan. 31, 1764, died Aug. 18, 1843, married 
Hannah Goodsell. 

Children : 
*432. Bela, b. Nov. 3, 1785. 
*433. Lovice, b. 1790. 

434. Philinda. b. March 23, 1792, d. Jan. 30, 1875, m. 
George Porter. No children. 
*435. Lewis C. b. Feb. 17, 1794. 
436. Gideon, b. 1796, d. July, 1864, m. first, in Herkimer 
County, N. Y. and had two children. He m. second, 
Liddy Hadley, and had seven children; all of his 
children are believed to have died young. To the 
writer, this would seem to be a very singular in- 
*437. Thomas Jefferson, b. March 11, 1803. 
*438. Caleb, b. Dec. 13, 1807. 


Justus Lyman', (Gideon*, Gideon^ MichaeP, Chris- 
topher') born March 5, 1766, died May 28, 1844, married 
Elizabeth Penfield, daughter of Isaac and Hannah (Pen- 
field) Goodsell, of East Haven, Conn., who was born in 
1773. Her great grandfather who settled in Branford, 
Conn., in 1679, married June 4, 1684, Sarah Hemingway. 

They lived quietly in North Haven, Conn., as he had 
no ambition to acquire great wealth, as he was perfectly 
contented with the competence left him by his father, 
which included a fine farm, having left similar bequests 
to his other sons. 

Mr. Todd was very studious, and a great lover of 
books. The minister who officiated at his funeral, said, 
"he was the best read man he ever met, outside of the 

He was a member of the General Assembly in 1808. 


Children : 

*439. Polly P., b. July 22, 1789. 

*440. Henry W. 

*441. Loyal Francis, b. Nov. 1, 1798. 


Samuel Beach Todd=, (Gideon^, Gideon'', MichaeP, 
Christopher^) born April 5, 1768, died March 12, 1852, 
married first. Lowly Humiston, who was born 1772, died 

Oct. 5, 1794, second, Brockett, who died July 4, 

1833, third, Polly Rice. He live din Fairfield, Herkimer 
County, N. Y. 

Children by Lowly Humiston: 

442. Ammi, d. in infancy. 

443. Esther, d. young-. 

Children by Brockett : 

*444. Manning S., b. March 28, 1797. 
445. Betsey, b. Sept. 27, 1798, m. Sept. 27, 1818, Eli 
McConnell ; they had six children ; lived in Salis- 
bury Center, Herkimer County, N. Y. 
*446. Lyman S., b. Nov. 7, 1802. 
*447. Hermon S., b. Feb. 5, 1804. 
*448. Lucinda C, b. Feb. 14, 1811. 


Melicu Todd% (Gideon*, Gideon^ Michael-, Christo- 
pher^) born Aug. 31, 1773, died Aug. 4, 1816, married 
Polly Ray, of North Haven, Conn. 

Children : 

*449. Betsey, b. 1800. 

450. Caroline, d. aged 18. 

*451. Mary Ann. 

*452. Beri Moraldus, b. April 4, 1808. 

*453. Polly E. 

454. Levi, d. infant. 



John Todd% (Gideon% Gideon^ Michael=, Christo- 
phcrO born Fob. 4, 1791, died April 9, 1861, marreid Nov. 
29, 1813, Lewey, daughter of Joel and Hannah Pierpont, 
who was born April 5, 1795. Mr. Todd kept the toll gate 
on the Northford (Conn.) turnpike for many years. 

Children : 

455. George Clinton, b. Dec. 1, 1816, d. Oct. 31, 1825. 

456. Lawrence Pierpont, b. July 7, 1822, m. Maria 

Antoinette Baldwin, who was b. 1831, d. June 13, 
1874. No children. 

457. George Henry, b. Jan. 24, 1828, m. May 11, 1858, 

Lydia C. Chapman, who was b. Oct. 4, 1842. She 
was living in 1913 in North Haven, Conn. 


Amos Todd', (Charles*, Gideon', Michael-', Christo- 
pher') born Nov. 15, 1769, died Sept. 1830, married April 
1794 at Great Bend, Penn., Lurana, daughter of Ozias 
and Susannah (West) Strong, who was born Dec. 4, 1777, 
in Lee, Mass., died Feb., 1851, in Sandusky, Ohio. Mr. 
Todd and his sister Rhoda were the first settlers in Cort- 
land County, N. Y. 

Children : 
*458. Roxa Ann, b. March 12, 1795. 

459. Mary Jones, b. Aug. 15, 1796, m. David Campbell, 
of Sandusky, Ohio. 

460. Susan Strong, b. Mar. 13, 1798, m. William Rollo. 

461. Lydia, b. Oct. 7, 1800, d. July, 1823, m. 1821, Adon- 

ijah Champlain, who was a merchant in Locke, 
Cayuga County, N. Y. 

462. Eleanor Ingersoll, b. May 6, 1803, d. 1852, in San- 
dusky, Ohio. Unmarried. 

463. Jason, b. June 24, 1806. 

464. Horatio Strong, b. July 29, 1808, d. Feb., 1862. 
*465. Lavinia Williams, b. June 7, 1810. 


*466. Julia Ann Jones, b. Sept. 1, 1816. 

467. Alvarado, b. Oct. 18, 1818, d. 1836. 
*468. Lydia Mahala, b. July 15, 1824. 

Dan Todd', (CharlesS Gideon^ MichaeP, Christo- 
pher') born Sept. 23, 1771, died Jan. 21, 1841, married 
Nov. 15, 1795, Sarah, daughter of Isaac and Sarah Foote, 
who was born June 20, 1779, died Oct. 7, 1845. She was 
from Windsor, N. Y. They settled in Homer, Cortland 
County, N. Y. 

Children : 
*469. William G., b. July 27, 1797. 
470. Peninah, b. March 4, 1799, d. July 5, 1827, m. 
April 18, 1816, Quartus Noble. 
*471. Sophia or Philley, b. Oct. 30, 1800. 
*472. Charles, b. April 8, 1802. 
*473. Amos, b. Oct. 2, 1804. 

474. Aurelia, b. Sept. 8, 1806, d. Dec. 3, 1836, m. Nov. 
19, 1824, Stoddard Hinman. 
*475. Harry, b. Feb. 12, 1807. 

*476. Sarah Ann, b. Aug. 9, 1813, twin with the next. 
477. Hannah, b. Aug. 9, 1813, d. Dec. 14, 1829. 
*478. Sylvester H., b. Jan. 11, 1815 . 
*479. Miles Goodyear, b. Aug. 4, 1821. 



Mary Todd=, (Sethn Eleazer^ MichaeP, Christo- 
pheri) born Dec. 13, 1767, died Feb. 7, 1844, married 
Sept 7, 1797, Enos, son of Enos and Lois (Ailing) Dicker- 
man, who was born Jan. 15, 1775, died Feb. 8, 1854. 
Their children were born at Mt. Carmel, Conn. 

Children : 
I. Enos, b. July 4, 1800, m. Harriet Doolittle. 
n. Elihu, b. May 14, 1802, m. Sylvia Humiston. 


III. Lebbeus, b. Dec. 31, 1803, d. Jan. 22, 1872, m. 
Amanda Doolittle. 

IV. Mary Ives, b. March 20, 1809, m. Edmund Lewis, 

son of Jesse Doolittle. 
V. Lois Allen, b. June 12, 1816, m. Amasa Preston. 
No children. 


Eleazer Todd\ (Seth% Eleazer^ MichaeP, Christo- 
pher^) born in 1774, died April 8, 1825, married Chloe 
who was born in 1780, died Sept. 10, 1808. 

Children : 

480. Seth, b. 1803, d. Sept. 6, 1822. 

481. Merab, m. Anthony Harper, son of Oliver Stod- 

dard, who was b. Aug. 19, 1797. d. April 15, 1842. 
He m. (2) Dec. 20. 1829, Juliet Watrous. who was 
b. July 28, 1808. He lived at Seymour, Conn., then 
Hudson, Ohio, then Mexico, Oswego County, N. Y. 

482. Sally, m. Heaton. 

483. Betsey. 


Linus Todd\ (SethS Eleazer', Michael-, Christo- 
pher') born March 3, 1785, died Aug. 17, 1819, married 
June 12, 1812, Ruth Hoadley, who was born Nov. 2, 

Children : 

484. Mary Angeline, b. July 26, 1815, d. Nov. 28, 1830. 

485. William Luzerne, b. Jan. 7, 1817, d. Oct. 3, 1833, 
having been drowned in the canal near Mt. Carmel, 

*486. Rufus Hoadley, b. Jan. 5, 1819. 


Ithamar Todd', (Ithamar*, Ithamar^, MichaeP, 
Christopher') married Hannah . 


Children : 

487. Mary, b. April 11, 1755, d. Sept. 28, 1760. 

488. Ithamar, b. Nov. 15, 1757, d. Sept. 28, 1760. 

489. Patience, b. Jan. 23, 1759, d. Oct. 6, 1760. 

490. Ithamar, b. Oct. 4, 1760. 


Patience Todd-', (AbnerS Ithamar% MichaeP, Chris- 
pherO born Dec. 6, 1762, died Nov. 1, 1801, married Dea- 
con Aaron Bradley, of Hamden, Conn. 

Children : 

I. David, d. 1854, m. Abigail . He was a 

clergyman in Hamden, Conn., for 46 years. 

n. Chloe, b. 1792, m. Levi, son of Levi and Chloe 
(Bradley) Dickerman, of Hamden, Conn. 

in. Mary, m. Silas Hitchcock, of Cheshire, Conn. 

IV. Martha, b. July 3, 1793, died May 9, 1866, m. Oct. 
11, 1810, John, son of Nathaniel and Mary 
(Thompson) Fitch, (a brother of Prof. Eleazer 
Thompson Fitch), who was b. Oct. 9, 1780, d. Jan. 
28, 1858. 



Mary Todd^ (Abner^, Ithamar% Michael-, Christo- 
pherO born Dec. 31, 1784, died April 24, 1859, married 
Jan. 8, 1785, Dea. Isaac Chatterton, of Rutland, Vt., who 
was born Nov. 23, 1759, died April 9, 1852. 

Children : 
I. Charlotte, b. July 15, 1785, d. May 6, 1854, m. 
Morris Reynolds. 
II. Polly, b. May 26, 1787, m. March 4, 1808, William 


III. Leverett, b. June 13, 1789, m. Mary Jackson. 

IV. Chloe, b. Feb. 6, 1794, d. Feb. 18, 1848, m. Silas 

V. Lovisa, b. Nov. 15, 1795, d. Dec. 13, 1868, m. Ger- 
man Hammond. 


Medad Todd=, (Abner*, Ithamar% Michael-, Christo- 
pher') born Nov. 27, 1773, died Nov. 20, 1805, married 
Amanda Chapman, who died Sept. 9, 1849, aged 70. 

Children : 
*491. Uri, b. Oct. 6, 1800. 
492. Lewis, b. June 11, 1803, d. June 13, 1803. 
*493. Louisa. 


Josiah Todd% (Abner*, Ithamar^ MichaeP, Christo- 
pher') born July 12, 1781, died April 10, 1865, married 
Oct. 27, 1806, Lucretia, daughter of Deacon David and 
Sarah (Parsons) Ingersoll, who was born Feb. 9, 1788, 
died June 21, 1863. Her mother Sarah Parsons was the 
eldest daughter of Elihu Parsons and Sarah his wife who 
was the eldest daughter of Jonathan Edwards the eminent 
divine. Mr. Todd was a farmer. In or about 1805, he 
removed to Lake Ridge, N. Y., from Hamden, Conn., 
where he bought a tract of land and converted it into a 
fine farni, where he reared a large family. Many of his 
descendants live in that region to this day, though the 
farm has passed into other hands. 

Children : 
*494. Sidney Smith, b. Jan. 3, 1809. 
*495. Henrietta, b. Sept. 6, 1810. 
*496. Carlista, b. March 6, 1812. 
*497. Sophia, b. Feb. 5, 1814. 
*498. Mary Tuttle, b. March 14, 1816. 
*499. Harriet Newell, b. Feb. 3, 1818. 


*500. Sereno Edwards, b. June 3, 1820. 
*501. Lucretia I., b. Sept. 30, 1823. 
*502. Josiah, b. March 14, 1826. 


Simeon Todd\ (Joe^, Ithamar% MichaeP, Christo- 
pher^) born Sept. 30, 1766, died Nov. 28, 1833, and was 
buried in Mt. Carmel, (Conn.) North Cemetery, married 
Mehitable, daughter of Reuben and Thankful (Smith) 
Perkins, who was born Dec. 8, 1770, died Oct. 1, 1856. 

Children : 
*503. Orrin. 

*504. Polly. For her descendants see No. 619. 
505. Manning, d. young, choked by a damson pit when 
about three years old. 
*506. Lois. 

*507. Angeline, b. May 1804. 
*508. Lewis, b. Nov. 6, 1807. 
*509. William Manning. 


Obed Todd^ (Joel*, Ithamar% MichaeP, Christo- 
pher') born in 1778, died Feb. 21, 1811, married Mary 
Parker, who was born in 1782, died Nov. 19, 1867. 

Obed Todd died rather young, as may be seen by the 
above dates, and left a widow with three small girls. He 
had built a house to make a home for his family, but at 
his death, his widow being without any means was obliged 
to sell the place and take the amount he had put into it. 
Being thus left without a home, the girls were sent to 
strange homes. Caroline was taken by a family in Mid- 
dletown till she married and went to Providence, R. I., 
to live. Mary had a home with a Mrs. Lyman Allen, who 
lived in a small house opposite the Squire Eastman or 
Ward place in North Haven. Lodema lived with Mrs. 
Lyman Thorp. In her later days, Mrs. Todd made her 
home with her daughter Lodema. 


Children : 

510. Caroline, m. Henry (?) Yeomans, and lived in 
Providence, R. I. 

511. Maiy Ann, m. Dennison Yeomans a brother of the 

above. They too, lived in Providence, R. I., not 
very far from her sister. 

512. Lodema Delight, m. Isaac Londsbury. They lived 

in Meriden, Conn. 


Low^ly Todd', (Joel% Ithamar^ Michael-, Christo- 
pher ^ married David, son of Reuben and Thankful 
(Smith) Perkins. They always lived in Bethany, Conn., 
where their children were all born. 

Children : 

I. Emma, m. Abram Lonsbury; issue: (1) Sarah, m. 
Nathan Clark; (2) David; (3) John. 
II. Willis. 
III. Alvin. 


Ruel Todd% (Job^ Ithamar^ Michael-, Christopher^ 
born Sept. 1771 in Connecticut, died in 1834 in East Wal- 
lingford, Vt., married in 1797, Lucinda, daughter of Joel 
and Lydia (Bradley) Tuttle, who was born April 8, 1775, 
in Conn., died in 1843 in East Wallingford, Vt. 

Children : 
*513. Mary, b. 1798. 
*514. Eleazer, b. 1800. 
*515. Lucinda, b. 1801. 
*516. Lydia, b. March 6, 1805. 
*517. Chloe, b. Nov. 25, 1808. 
*518. Ruel, b. 1813. 


519. Eliada, married and had two daughters at least. 

They lived in West Dryden. N. Y., when last heard 

*520. Levi, b. Aug. 29, 1815. 
*521. Louisa Emmeline, b. May 10, 1818. 



Deborah Todd% (John", John*, John', John'-, Chris- 
topherO born June 10, 1755, in Long Ridge, Conn., died in 
1836, in Volney, Oswego County, N. Y., married in 1776, 
Nathan, son of Capt. Joseph and Keziah (Wood) Bene- 
dict, who was born March 9, 1753, died Feb. 13, 1802, 
in Manlius, N. Y., having moved there from Salem, N. Y., 
in 1783. 

Children : 
I. John, b. Nov. 11, 1778. 
II. Polly, b. Feb. 1781, m. Obadiah Alber. 

III. Joseph, b. Aug. 1784, d. Aug., 1856. 

IV. Joel, b. Nov. 16, 1786, d. Oct. 27, 1823. 

V. Betsey, b. 1791, m. Simon Hill; lived in Columbus 
Center, N. Y. 


Phebe Todd% (John-', John*, JohnS John=, Christo- 
pherO born Dec. 1, 1765, died May 1, 1849, married Aug. 
30, 1786, Ebenezer, son of Epenetus and Sarah (Judson) 
Webb, who was born May 27, 1764. Her ancestiy may be 
seen in the Tuttle Genealogy, page 112, No. 245. 11. 


Children : 

I. Riifus, b. April 6, 1787, m. April 13, 1806, Thank- 
ful Lockwood, and had issue ; (1) Sylvester L'Hom- 
mediew, b. Jan. 28, 1807; (2) Augusta, b. June 21, 
1808; (3) Charles Lockwood, b. Dec. 24, 1809; (4) 
Cornelia, b. Oct. 17, 1811; (5) Harvey Patterson, 
b. Nov. 19, 1816; (6) Phebe Elizabeth, b. Dec. 11, 
II. James, b. Nov. 25, 1788, m. in Bedford, N. Y., Dec. 
23, 1813, Rhoda Hait, who died June 6, 1818; had 
issue: (1) Abigail Julia, b. Aug. 11, 1816; (2) 
Phebe, b. April 14, 1818. 
III. Ebenezer, b. March 27, 1791. 

IV. Darius, b. IMarch 27, 1793. 

V. Elnathan Todd, b. Sept. 15, 1795. 

VI. Hannah Todd, b. March 2, 1798. 

VII. George, b. Oct. 17, 1800. 
VIII. Rebecca, b. Feb. 11, 1803. 

IX. Harriet, b. Dec. 28, 1805. 


John Todd% (John% John*, John', John=, Christo- 
pher born in 1767, died in 1810, married in 1792, Han- 
nah Hubbard, who was born in 1770, died in 1828. 

Children : 
*522. Henry, b. Jan. 13, 1793. 
523. Lydia, b. 1794, d. 1818, m. John Mills. 
*524. Harvey, b. March 13, 1801. 
*525. Gabriel Hubbard, b. 1805. 


Noah Todd**, (John^ Johns John^ John^ Christo- 
pherO born March 6, 1771, married Feb. 14, 1796, Elea- 
nor Leonard, who was born March 1, 1777. 


Children : 

526. Eliphalet, b. Sept. 10, 1797. 

527. Ezra, b. May 13, 1799. 

528. Edwin, b. Aug. 26, 1802. 

529. Leander, b. July 25, 1804, d. Jan. 7, 1807. 

530. Joseph, b. May 5, 1807. 

531. Maria, b. Aug. 21, 1810. 

532. Augustus, b. April 21, 1812. 

Elnathan ToddS (John=, John*, John^ John= Christo- 
pher') bom May 5, 1774, died Oct. 10, 1819, married in 
1798, Sally Smith, who was bom Sept. 17, 1778, died Dec. 
19, 1819. 

Mr. Todd was a man of sterling character, and 
marked ability, always conducting himself in public and 
private life with dignity and temperance. He was very 
successful in all his undertakings, and became a promi- 
nent citizen and a large and wealthy land owner. Sudden 
worry and anxiety over business troubles caused his un- 
timely death at the early age of 41. With the loss of her 
husband, Mrs. Todd lost all interest in life and would 
daily, in sunshine or in storm, wander to a hilltop near 
her home, with her youngest children's hands clasped in 
her own, where she could see in the distance the hallowed 
spot where her loved one lay. There she would remain 
for hours, tears coursing down her checks, till the tired 
little ones, aroused her from her grief, and teased her to 
go home. Grief so intense soon absorbed her strength 
and in a little over two months, she too, passed away and 
was laid by her loved one's side. She seems to have 
thought that life was not worth while after her husband's 

Nine orphans were left to struggle for an existence, 
the eldest barely twenty years of age, the youngest not 
quite two, in this home that was once so happy, one that 
had been unusually free from gloom and care, that the 
people for miles around would tell stories of its pleas- 
ures. Harriet, the oldest child, bravely tried to hold the 


home together, but sad to say the usual cruel story fol- 
lowed, the undertaking was too great for her to accom- 
plish unaided and alone. The available funds disappeared 
and later she married, the j ounger ones were put out to 
live in strange homes. When the youngest child became 
of age, there was but little left for each to share, of the 
once large estate. Some of them were fortunate and 
happy, some were very sad. James called his brothers 
to him one day, and told them when he grew rich in the 
sunny south, he would return to them ; he was never heard 
from after his departure. 

The writer has often listened to this story as she sat 
on her father's knee and heard him tell how he had often 
stood in the dark, outside the brightly lighted homes and 
watched other mothers take their tired little ones on their 
knee, draw their heads to their shoulders and rock them 
to sleep, then run from the spot with an aching heart, to 
ciy himself to sleep — alone. 

Contributed by Mrs. S. M. Pine. 


533. Harriet, b. Sept. 26, 1799, d. 1898, m. Oct. 27, 1827, 
Daniel, son of Isaac and Abigail (Ayers) Hait. 

534. Emily, b. Nov. 21, 1801, m. James Parshall. 

535. James, b. March 2, 1804 ; went south and was never 

again heard from. 
*536. Darius Webb, b. April 11, 1806. 
*537. William Alonzo, b. Sept. 16, 1807. 
*538. John, b. Oct. 5, 1810. 
*539. Elnathan, b. Oct. 15, 1812. 

540. Chartes H., b. Sept. 17, 1814, m. (1) Thankful 
Townsend; (2) Aurelia A. Hilton. 

541. Benjamin, b. Jan. 28, 1817, m. Mary . 


Washington Todd% (John^ JohnS John^ John% 
Chrsistopher') born Aug. 11, 1774, died April 4, 1819, 
married Charlotte Mills. 


Children : 

542. Sallie, d. when about two years of age. 
*543. Samuel Mills, b. Feb. 21, 1801. 

544. William, m. (1) Prudence Miller; (2) Eliza Lyon. 
*545. Eliza. 
*546. Charlotte 
*547. Jemima Hoyt. 
*548. Deborah Ann. 
*549. PhebeWebb. 
*550. George, b. 1811. 
*551. MaryM. 



Sarah Todd% (Jonathan^ Timothys Jonathan^ 
Johns Christopher^) born April 18, 1799, married Oct. 
18, 1821, Timothy Rossiter. 

Children : 
I. William. 
II. Henry. 



Lucy Matilda ToddS (Jonathan^, Timothy*, Jona- 
thans Johns Christopher') bom June 9, 1802, died March 
25, 1869, married Jan. 13, 1823, Henry Sidney, son of 
Lot and Mary (Hickok) Norton, who was born Nov. 12, 
1800. They lived in New Haven and Madison, Conn. 

Children : 
I. Jonathan Todd, b. May 26, 1824, m. May 4, 1852, 
Laura Jane Clark. They resided in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
II. Lucy Matilda, b. May 31, 1826. 

III. Henry Sidney, b. Aug. 19, 1832, d. Feb. 22, 1834. 

IV. Mary Hickok, b. Feb. 14, 1835. 


V. Henry Lot, b. Jan. 23, 1838, m. Nov. 19, 1862, Julia 
daughter of William and Catherine E. Adams. 
They resided in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

VI. Sidney Eugene, b. Feb. 7, 1840, d. Sept. 15, 1842. 

VII. Wilfred Ernest, b. Aug. 21, 1843, m. April 11, 1867, 
Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of Rev. James and 
Elizabeth Averill. They lived in Bridgeport, Conn. 


Jonathan Fowler Todd", (Jonathans Timothy*, 
Jonathans JohnS Christopher') born June 2, 1804, died 
March 7, 1861, married June 3, 1828, Lucy Bartlett. They 
resided in Madison Conn. 

Children : 

552. Sarah. 

553. Josephine. 


William Christopher Todd% (TimothyS Timothy*, 
Jonathans John-, Christopher') born Dec. 10, 1791, died 
in Chili, 111., married March 20, 1820, Judith Babcock, of 
Madson, Conn., who was born Aug. 13, 1794, died April 
27, 1872. He was a farmer. They lived first in western 
New York, then in Illinois. 

Children : 

554. Edwin Ruthford, b. Feb. 23, 1825, d. Oct. 8, 1828. 

555. Sarah Matilda, b. 1826, d. Aug. 9, 1837. 

556. William Crane, b. 1832, d. Aug. 19, 1837. 

557. Eliza Ann, d. Aug. 4, 1837. 


Mary Matilda ToddS (TimothyS TimothyS Jona- 
than', Johns Christopher') bom Nov. 29, 1794, died 
March 9, 1832, married Oct. 31, 1818, Enos Parker, who 


was born May 3, 1793. They resided first in Malone, 
N. Y., then in Georgia, Vt. 
Children : 
I. Charlotte Elizabeth, b. Jan. 1, 1820, d. Jan. 2, 1820. 
II. Timothy Dwight, b. Dec. 21, 1821, d. Dec. 21, 1871, 
in Boscobel, Wis., leaving a wife and three chil- 

III. Abel Arunah, b. March 12, 1824, d. unmarried. 

IV. Harriet Cordelia, b. March 6, 1826, d. Sept. 11, 1831. 
V. Mary Elizabeth, b. Aug. 8, 1829, m. Dec. 13, 1858, 

John A. Newton, of Prairie Du Chien, Wis. 
VI. Jeremiah Evarts, b. June 15, 1831. 


Jonathan Todd", ( Timothy \ Timothy*, Jonathan% 
John% Christopher^ born Sept. 6, 1796, died Oct. 19, 
1843, married Jemima Warner, of Madison, (Conn.?) 
who died May 31, 1883 in Chili, 111. He was a farmer and 
lived in Madison, Conn., St Albans, Vt. and Warsaw, 111. 

Children : 
*558. Sarah Elizabeth, b. Jan. 29, 1822. 

559. Timothy Chapman, b. Jan. 16, 1824, d. Oct. 24, 


560. John, b. Jan. 16, 1826, d. Sept. 16, 1843. 

561. William Henry, b. June 17, 1828, d. Oct. 12, 1843. 

562. Jonathan, b. July 16, 1830, d. Aug. 9, 1830. 

563. Jeremiah Evarts, b. July 26, 1831, d. Oct. 23, 1831. 

564. Jonathan Warner, b. Sept. 2, 1832, d. Nov. 1, 1864. 

565. David Green, b. Dec. 31, 1835, m. April 17, 1884, 
Carrie Glance. 

566. Mary Abigail, b. March 28, 1838, d. July 31, 1838. 

567. Charlotte Alice, b. Feb. 23, 1840. 


Charlotte Todd^ (Timothys TimothyS Jonathan^ 
Johns Christopher') bom April 10, 1799, died Aug. 20, 


1849, married Oct. 27, 1825, Alanson Redfield, of West- 
brook, (Conn.?) 

Children : 
I. Alanson, b. May 18, 1827, m. June 23, 1858, Abby 
Coe. They lived in Madison, Conn. Issue: (1) 
Edwin, b. March 1860; (2) Carrie H., b. April 

II. Mary Elizabeth, b. Aug. 30, 1828, m. May, 1849, 
William B. Willard. They lived first in Madison, 
Conn., and later in New York City. Issue: (1) 
Charlotte Elizabeth, b. Feb. 24, 1851 ; (2) William 
Stanley, b. May 8, 1863. 

III. Charlotte Artemisia, b. July 8, 1830, m. Sept. 13, 
1857, William C. Miner. They lived in Madison, 
Conn. He was a ship-builder. Issue: (1) Eliza- 
beth Sophia, b. Aug. 27, 1860, d. Dec. 10, 1860; 
(2) John Milton Redfield, b. Aug. 28, 1863, d. Aug. 
16, 1864; (3) Alton Todd, b. July 4, 1868; (4) 
Charles AJanson, b. Aug. 27, 1872, d. Oct. 14, 1872. 


John Todd*, (Timothy'', Timothy, Jonathan^, John=, 
Christopher') born Oct. 9, 1800, died Aug. 24, 1873, mar- 
ried Mar. 11, 1827, Maiy Skinner, daughter of Rev. Joab 
and Lucy (Collins) Brace, of Newington, Conn., who was 
born May 5. 1806. He graduated at Yale College in 1822 ; 
Andover Theological Seminary in 1825. Congregational 
minister; o)-dained pastor of Union Church, Groton, Mass., 
1827; Edwards Church, Northampton, Mass., 1836; First 
Church, Pittsfield, Mass., 1842, where he remained till his 
death. Author of Students Manuel, Index Rerum, Simple 
Sketches, Truth made simple, and many other popular 
books. D. D. Williams College 1845. 

His biography has been very interestingly written by 
his son, John E. Todd. 

His father, having died when he was about six years 
of age, he says that he went to live with his aunt Matilda, 
who had married a Mr. Hamilton, who was a sailor, and 


with whom he made it his home until he was about twelve. 
They lived in North Kilingworth, Conn., before Clinton, 
the soutli part of the town, was set off a town by itself. 

His quiet life while he was living with his aunt in 
North Kilingworth, was varied with occasional visits to 
East Guilford, Conn., where his father's older brother 
Jonathan lived. He had a large family of his own, but 
he always gave the little orphan a hearty welcome. 

At these visits often, as well as sometimes at home, 
he met his father's younger and only other brother, after 
whom he was named, and to whom he was especially at- 
tached. He says, "I loved him from my childhood ; for he 
was one of the very few who used to speak to me in the 
tones of hearth and home that make you feel that the 
cords which bind you to kindred are not all gone. He was 
the only one, after my father's death, who would take me 
into his arms. What child does not love to be fondled? 
and what remembrances do the days of childhood send 
down to later years, and make one wish that such and such 
things wholly beyond our control, but which formed our 
characters, had been otherwise! You will recollect that 
I had no father, and my two uncles had all the love of my 

"In the year 1810, my uncle Hamilton being a pris- 
oner among the Spaniards, my aunt broke up housekeep- 
ing for one winter, and I went to live with Mr. Evarts, at 
New Haven. I went to school to Mr. Jarman." 

Mr. Jeremiah Evarts was his own cousin, a son of his 
father's oldest sister, and was at that time practicing law 
in New Haven. Ho had married a daughter of the cele- 
brated Roger Sherman, and was residing on Chapel 
Street, just opposite the college buildings. He had quite 
a large family, having a number of gentlemen connected 
with the college at his table. Little "Jonny" was em- 
ployed in waiting upon the table, running errands, and 
doing a small boy's work about the house. It was, un- 
doubtedly, in the family of this eminent man, and in this 
collegiate atmosphere, that that desire for a college edu- 
cation, which afterward became so strong, began to 
spring up in the boy's mind. 



One day he was sent to "the cove," where were a 
store and a small village. By the side of the store there 
stood a long cane fish-pole. It was very long, straight 
and light. How he longed for that pole. If he only 
owned that pole, he thought he would be perfectly happy. 
At last, after much talk and great promises he started 
foi- home. Proudly he mounted old Kate's back. She was 
frightened at first with such a long whip hanging over 
her. Finally he reached home, and instead of finding the 
family I'unning out to greet me and admire my purchase 
(lie had I'un in debt for it, and he knew it would take him 
a long time to pay the debt), they laughed, and asked, 
"Why, John, what do you expect to do with that fish-pole" ? 
It had not occurcd to him that there was not a pond within 
miles of where he lived, there being only a small brook 
running among the bushes where a pole over four or five 
feet long was cumbersome. He "made believe" fish for a 
time, and then set it up against the house, as it was too 
long to take in the house. In a short time the sun cracked 
it, then he thought he would make flutes out of it, so out 
comes his knife and began making flutes; he made the 
finger holes with a hot iron, but not a sound could he get 
out of it, it was a total failure. "Never mind" says he, 
"I can make some nice canes." Out came the knife again 
and he cut the pole into half a dozen pieces ; but in doing 
this he broke and spoiled his knife. Now he had the 
canes; but what was he to do with them. He tried to 
use one as he went to school ; but found he did not need 
a cane ; it was in his way ; and when he wanted to chase a 
squirrel running on the fence, it was a burden, and he lost 
it or threw it away. Piece by piece went his pole, till 
not a foot of it was left ; and yet to be paid for ! Nor was 
that all ; it seemed as if every body wanted to torment 
him about his pole. If the cattle got into the mowing- 
lot, they would cit, "John, your fish-pole will be capital 
for those cattle;" if the canker-worms built a nest on the 
very top of the trees, it was, "John, now for the fish- 
pole"! And when little Johnny dropped his cap in the 
well, he begged for my fish-pole to get it out. It was 
many years before they ceased to hint about a good long 


In the fall of 1812, he went to live with his uncle 
Doctor Jonathan Todd, at East Guilford, (now Madison) 
Conn., to enjoy better means of schooling, his opportuni- 
ties having as yet been small. Here he lived two years 
very quietly. Here he learned to swim, to handle a boat, 
to find the best fishing-grounds, and to hunt the sea-fowl. 
Through all his life he preserved a passionate fondness 
for the sea, and for this coast in particular. 

When he had lived with his uncle about a year and a 
half Mr. Evarts came on from Charlestown, Massachu- 
setts, to which place he had moved, to attend commence- 
ment at New Haven. While in the vicinity, he went to 
Madison, to visit his relatives. Here he met again the 
boy who had spent a winter in his family. On his kindly 
inquiring of his welfare the boy replied, "I had hoped, sir, 
that you would want me again in your family." This led to 
further inquiries and eventually to a generous off'er from 
Mr. Evarts of a home in his family, with a view to his 
attending a better school than could be found in Guilford. 
The ofl^er was accepted and when he was asked if he had 
money enough for the journey, he replied that he had. 
Upon being questioned more closely, he admitted that he 
had but seventy-five cents. However, no one gave him 
any more; and so, on the 21st of November, 1815, with a 
small bundle of clothes under one arm and seventy-five 
cents in his pocket, he left forever — not his home, for he 
had had none, but everything that had been home-like, 
and started out into the world alone. It was on Monday 
morning at about eight o'clock that he started off, and 
arrived in Charlestown, Mass., on Saturday morning. 
How he ever made the journey is unknown. Tradition 
has it that he slept by the roadside, protected by a fence 
or a cedar bush only from the November frosts. For the 
first three or four weeks he was very homesick, and says 
that he "was convinced that not many diseases are more 
painful." He lived in Charlestown until 1818, assisting 
Mr. Evarts and attending school. 

In the fall of 1818, he returned to Connecticut in the 
same courageous spirit, and by the same mode of travel 
in which he had gone from his uncle's three years before — 


afoot, with his entire wardrobe under one arm, and his 
entire library under the other. 

Concerning taking his entrance examination to college 
he says, "It was afternoon when I reached New Haven, 
and I wont directly to the Presidents room. There I 
found President Day, and with him Professor Kingsley, 
and they proceeded to examine me without delay. They 
found that I was totally unfit to enter college, but, on be- 
coming acquainted with the circumstances of the case, 
they agreed to admit me, witli the understanding that I 
was to apply myself to my studies with special exertion. 
It was late in the forenoon when I left the room. I was 
tired with a long morning's march, and the excitement of 
the examination, I had had no dinner, and had but three 
cents in the world. Two of these were spent in paying 
toll at Tomlinson's Bridge, and with my last copper I 
walked till dark toward Guilford. When I could no longer 
see my way, I lay down under a cedar-bush and slept. 
Very early in the morning I woke, stiff, sore, and almost 
frozen. I reached my uncle's in the course of the moni- 
ing. The college required, as it does now, a bond from 
some responsible person that the student's college bills 
shall be paid. I found my uncle unwilling to sign such a 
bond, as he feared, not unreasonbly, that he would have 
to pay my bills for me. In great discouragement I 
walked over to Killingworth, and told my brother Jona- 
than of my trouble. Now Jonathan was not worth one 
cent more than I was ; but he was a noble fellow, and had 
a great heart, and as soon as he heard my story he ex- 
claimed, "Give me the bond ; I'll sign it." And so he did. 
I never intended any deceit, but it has since occurred to' 
me that probably my brother's signature was mistaken for 
that of the well-known Guilford physician, the names be- 
ing the same. At all events, the bond was accepted, and 
at last I was a freshman in Yale College." 

He kept his promise so faithfully and studied so dili- 
gently, that he damaged and nearly ruined his eyesight, 
having been obliged to wear spectacles the rest of his 
days. Besides keeping up in his studies, he had to earn 
the money to pay his own way. He was so studious and 


SO attentive to his duties, that he could not take any part 
in the college sports, nor in the frivolous college life, his 
views on his duties being too serious thus to fritter his 
time away. 

Children : 

568. John William, b. Oct. 6, 1827, d. Oct. 15, 1827. 

569. Mary Brace, b. Sept. 22, 1828, d. Jan. 30, 1865. 
*570. Martha Collins, b. April 1, 1831. 

*571. John Edwards, b. Dec. 6, 1833. 
572. Sarah Dcnman, b. Aug. 30, 1836, d. Oct. 26, 1884, 
m. April 26, 1882, Rev. Myron Samuel, son of 
Stephen and Lydia Dudley, of Cromwell, Conn., who 
was b. Feb. 10, 1837, in Peru, Vt. ; graduated at 
Williams College and Union Theological Seminary. 
He was a congregational minister ; Settled at Crom- 
well, 1874-1885 ; at North Wilbraham, Mass., 1838. 
He had m. (1) Aug. 20 1873, Martha Maria, daugh- 
ter of Mordecai and Jane (Harvey) Hale, of 
Peacham, Vt, who was b. April 7, 1837, d. July 20, 

*573. Lucy Brace, b. Dec. 21, 1839. 

*574. Anna Danforth, b. Nov. 2, 1841. 
575. Samuel Walley, b. Nov. 8, 1844, d. Sept. 20, 1846. 

*576. James Smith, b. July 12, 1848. 

Timothy Marther Todd", (John% Timothy*, Jona- 
than\ John=, Christopher') boni in 1793, died March 2, 
1861, married Dec. 31, 1829, Elizabeth Ann Swain, who 
was bom Aug. 15, 1807, died Dec. 29, 1870. He was a 
farmer and at one time lived in Manlius, N. Y. 

Children : 
*577. Eliza Matilda, b. Oct. 7, 1831 ; for children see No. 

578. Laura Amelia, b. Aug. 25, 1833, m. Oct. 20, 1853, 
Henry Conklin, of Onondaga Castle, N. Y. No 


579. Richard James, b. Sept. 11, 1835, m. Jan. 18, 1865, 

Dell M. Stillwell. No children. 
*580. Harriet Swain, b. Sept. 8, 1837. 
*581. William Elliott, b. Aug. 14, 1842. 
*582. Mary Stone, b. Dec. 9, 1844; for children see No. 



John Elliott Todd", (John"', Timothy*, Jonathan^ 
Johns Christopher') bom April 22, 1805, died April 22, 
1868, married first, Sept. 12, 1825, Sophia Fox, of Colches- 
ter, Conn., who was born July 22, 1805, died Dec. 14, 1866. 
He married second. May 22, 1867, Eleanor A. Westfall, 
who was born Nov. 3, 1816. He was a physician. Lived 
in Auburn, N. Y., Philadelphia, Penn., and Baldwinsville, 
N. Y. 

Children : 
*583. Sophia Helen, b. Jan. 8, 1830. 

584. Cornelia Marther, b. Oct. 31, 1832, d. Feb. 7, 1860. 

585. John Elliott, b. March 4, 1836 ; at one time lived in 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

586. William Ely, b. March 7, 1839, d. March 8, 1870. 

587. Timothy Smith, b. March 18, 1842, m. March 25, 

1873, Mary J. Sinclare, who was b. Aug. 15, 1842 ; 
he was a machinist. Lived in Clinton, Iowa. 

588. Frances Eliza, b. Oct. 30, 1850, m. Nov. 20, 1878, 

Ralph Zwicky. 

Caleb Todd", (Hezekiah'', Caleb*, Samuel\ SamueP, 
Christopher') removed from North Haven, Conn., to Ches- 
hire, Conn., in 1783. A few years later when his brother 
Moses moved to Wolcott, for whom he endorsed notes, and 
later was obliged to meet them which took all the property 
he owned and left him bankrupt. In those days people 
were imprisoned for debts. He lost his home and suffered 
punishment besides, having been sent to jail where he 


passed two years. After this affair, he passed his re- 
maining days on a very poor fami near Waterbury, Conn. 
To whom he was married or what became of his 
descendants is unknown to the writer. 


589. Lyman. 

590. Farrington. 

591. Allen. 

*592. Luther, b. 1791. 

Hezekiah Todd'', (Hezekiah', Caleb% SamueP, SamueP, 
Christopher') born Nov. 5, 1755, died May 18, 1836, mar- 
ried Jan. 1783, Mercy, daughter of Joseph and Hannah 
(Blakeslee) Holt, who was bom Jan. 6, 1760, died Sept. 
12, 1819. 

He removed from North Haven, Conn., to Cheshire, 
Conn., in 1783, with his brother Caleb. He too, endorsed 
notes with his brother Caleb, for his younger brother 
Moses, and later had to meet his obligations, and managed 
to pay in full and thus saved his home. The story is that 
he was advised by his friends to leave for parts unknown, 
to make sure to keep out of jail ; but he replied, "I have 
not done a thing that I am ashamed of and I will not turn 
my back to any man." He lived in Cheshire, Conn. 

In 1796, he in company with his brother Moses, and 
Bani Bishop, of Southington, Conn., bought of Mr. Samuel 
Byington, of Wolcott, his farm and hotel located west of 
the Green, and a little southwest of the Meeting house. 
This farm contained forty-seven acres, and besides the 
hotel there was a wheelwright shop. The price paid was 
four hundred and eighty-four pounds. They did not keep 
the business very long, for in Feb., 1797, they sold out 
to Abijah Fenn, who built in the following year, 1798, the 
store near the corner of the lot towards the meeting house. 
This store was later purchased by Moses Todd. 

"In the Autumn, especially along the mountain range 
in the east part of the town, there were immense flights 


of pigeons. The killing and salting of these for market 
was a recognized industry. Hezekiah Todd, father of 
Street Todd above named, had a substantial brick house, 
which was jocosely said to have been built of pigeons, as 
the money he put into it was largely the product of this 

From History of Waterbury, Conn., edited by Joseph 
Anderson, D.D. 

Hezekiah Todd lived very near the angle where the 
three towns of Cheshire, Wolcott and Waterbury met. 

Children : 
*593. Hannah, b. April 13, 1784. 
*594. Jerry, b. Dec. 3, 1785. 
*595. Lydia, b. Dec. 7, 1789. 
*596. Street, b. Aug. 27, 1792. 

597. Mercy Malinda, b. June 11, 1794, d. Jan. 22, 1822. 
*598. Lucina, b. March 7, 1796. 
*599. Polly Ann, b. May 12, 1800. 


Bethuel Todd^ (Hezekiah"-, Caleb", SamueP, Samuel-, 
Christopher married first, Esther Ives of North Haven, 
Conn., second, widow Sarah Welton. He moved from 
North Haven, Conn., to Wolcott at the time his brother 
Moses did, which was soon after 1783. It is supposed 
that the four brothers, Caleb, Hezekiah, Bethuel and 
Moses Todd were not in sympathy with the Colonies 
during the Revolutionary war, but it has not been verified. 

Bethuel Todd is supposed to have removed to western 
New York or to Ohio. 

Children by Esther Ives: 
*600. Bethiah. 
601. Lovisa, m. Levi Upson, of Southington, Conn. 
*602. Russell. 

603. Roxy, m. Daniel, son of Charles and Theodosia 

604. Leverett ; removed to New York. 
*605. Phebe. 


606. Salah, m. Salome Upson, of Wolcott, Conn., a sister 
of Martin Upson, who m. his sister, Phebe Todd. 
They removed to Ohio. 
*607. Miles. 

Children by Sarah Welton: 

608. Esther. 

609. Sarah. 

Moses Todd^ (Hezekiah', Caleb*, Samuel\ SamueP, 
Christopher') died Dec. 22, 1848, married Delight, daugh- 
ter of Timothy and Delight (Norton) Upson, who was 
born March 11, 1769, died Dec. 2, 1857. 

In 1797. Moses Todd bought of Mr. Dan Tuttle his 
farm in Wolcott, Ct., containing ninety-three acres, at the 
south-west corner of the green, having paid seven hundred 
and fifty pounds for it. This farm was aftei-wards owned 
by Mr. Asaph Hotchkiss who resided on it for several 

After going into bankruptcy, Mr. Todd removed to 
north-eastern Ohio, where he became a very prominent 
farmer. He bred and improved a strain of swine known 
in that region as Todd's Improved Chester Whites. 

He kept a store in Wolcott, Conn., around 1800, but 
soon afterward sold it to Benham and Tuttle who were in 
the business for a number of years. 

Children : 

*610. Sarah, b. Feb. 23, 1795. 

611. Woodard, settled in Norwalk, 0.; was auditor of 

Huron County several years, d. in Norwalk, 0. 

612. Charlotte Delight, m. Hanford late in life; 

no children. 

613. Henry, b. Oct. 23, 1801, in Newtown, Conn., d. Jan. 
13, 1890, in Vermillion, Ohio. He was unmarried. 
In the spring of 1836, he went to Vermillion, Ohio, 
with his parents and helped to develop the farm 
on which he lived until his death. He was the last 


survivor of his father's family wlio journeyed west 
together at that time, and as he often remarked 
was the last of the pioneers in his neighborhood. 
"Uncle Henry" (as he was familiarly called by 
two generations) was of a kind, genial and social 
nature, fond of friends and friendly with all, know- 
ing no enemies. Positive in his views and convic- 
tions, he was public spirited and the very soul of 
honor, with a keen and discriminating sense of 
right and wrong. Generous to a fault, with a will- 
ing heart and free hand, he was ever ready to help 
the needy, or a good cause. Possessed with a re- 
markable memory and clear mind, stored with a 
large fund of anecdote and incident, he took delight 
in relating the events that happened in his pioneer 
days, and even fui'ther back, in the long ago times 
of his boyhood. 

*614. Isaac, b. Dec. 18, 1808, twin with the next. 

'=615. Kneeland, b. Dec. 18, 1808. 

Oliver Todd^ (Hezekiah% Caleb*, SamueP, SamueP, 
Christopher^) born 1764, died Sept. 10, 1847, married Bet- 
sey, daughter of Thomas and Anna (Smith) Smith, who 
was born 1768, died Feb. 26, 1848. Her father was in the 
Revolutionary war. "He conducted a fire ship to the 
enemy and was badly burnt, the attending boat having 
left him too soon, he had to swim ashore, where he was 
found three days after in a helpless state. He was taken 
over to Rye, (N. Y.?) and there died." 

From Dodd's E. H. Register. Page 75. 

They lived in North Haven, Conn. 

Children : 
*616. Zerah, b. Dec. 26, 1785. 
617. Polly, b. Jan. 11, 1789. 
*618. Deborah, b. July 28, 1791. 
*619. Roswell, b. Sept. 22, 1794. 
*620. Maria, b. Feb. 24, 1797. 


621. Bede, b. July 18, 1802, d. Dec. 17, 1819. 
*622. Emily, b. Feb. 15, 1805. 

623. Anna Louisa, b. Sept. 30, 1807, m. Pierpont. 

624. Betsey, b. Jan. 30, 1800, d. April 28, 1859, m. James 
Gilbert who was b. Aug. 29, 1780, d. July 22, 1847 
in Hamden, Conn. 


Joel Todd% (Hezekiah-', Calebs SamueP, SamueP, 
Christopher^) born in 1771, died Sept. 11, 1820, married 
Mabel, daughter of Titus and Mabel (Todd) Mansfield, 
who was born in 1774, died Sept. 12, 1857. They lived 
in North Haven, Conn. For the ancestry of Mabel 
(Todd) Mansfield, see number 85. 

Children : 
625. Dennis, d. in one of the southern states when a 
young man. Very little was known by his relatives 
concerning his last illness and death as the means 
of communication was very inefficient in that 
*626. Orrin, b. Feb. 26, 1800. 
*627. George, b. Sept. 25, 1810. 

628. Salome, m. David Blakeslee. 

629. Caleb, b. June 15, 1815, d. Sept. 18, 1888, in Wake- 
man, Ohio. In 1853, he moved to Wakeman, 0. 
where he spent the remainder of his life. He was 
a very active man. He never married. 

630. Mabel. 


Charles ToddS (Jonah% Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, 
Christopher') born Aug. 28, 1752, died Aug. 12, 1785 in 
Northford, Conn., and was buried there. Married Lydia 

*631. Albert, b. 1783. 


Thaddeus Todd''. (Joiiah\ Stephen', Samuel ', Samuel-, 
Christopher') born Feb. 19, 1757, died Feb. 6, 1826, mar- 
ried first, Susannah Fowler, second, Peninah, daughter ol' 
Samuel and Eunice (Todd) Brockett, of North Haven, 
Conn., who was born Feb. 9, 1759. For her ancestry see 
number 69. 

Thaddeus Todd was a revolutionary war soldier, en- 
listing from Wallingford, Conn., April 16, 1777, for the 
war. He Mas a private in Capt. Joseph Mansfield's com- 
pany, of the Sixth regiment, "Connecticut Line", forma- 
tion of 1777-1781. It was raised for "Continental Line" 
of 1777 to continue through the war. Recruited mainly 
in New Haven County ; rendezvous at New Haven. Went 
into camp at Peekskill in the summer of 1777, but was 
frequently detached on expeditions or outpost duty on the 
lines above King's Bridge. Served from Aug. to Oct., on 
the Hudson, in Parsons Brigade, under Gen. Putnam, and 
engaged in all movements made in consequence of enemy's 
move against Fort Montgomery, etc. Wintered 1777-78 
at West Point, and assisted in constructing peiTuanent 
fortifications, "Meig's Redoubt", etc. ; also redoubts oppo- 
site, on east side. In the summer of 1778, encamped with 
the main anny under Gen. Washington, at White Plains. 
Wintered 1778-79 at Redding, Conn. In the operations 
of 1779. served with Connecticut Division on the east side 
of the Hudson, in Heath's wing ; its Light Company, under 
Capt. Champion, detached to Meig's Light regiment and 
engaged at the storming of Stony Point, July 15, 1779. 
Wintered 1779-80 at Morristown Huts, N. J., and in move- 
ments of 1780, served with the Division on both sides of 
the Hudson. On the discovery of Arnold's treason, Meig's 
regiment was ordered, with other troops, to repair foiih- 
with, to West Point, in anticipation of advance of the 
enemy. Wintered 1780-81 at camp "Connecticut Village", 
near the Robinson House, opposite West Point, and there 
consolidated for fomiation of 1781-83. He was paid, from 
1781 to Dec. 31, 1781, as a private in the Fourth Regiment, 
"Connecticut Line." This fourth regiment, "Connecticut 
Line," fomiation of 1781-83, is as follows. Fourth Regi- 



ment in the second formation of the "Line," serving from 
1781 to 1783, was composed of the enlisted men of the 
Sixth Regiment of the previous formation. 

He was a blacksmith by trade, and had a shop in 
North Haven, Conn. He assisted in forging the great 
chain which was streched across the Hudson River just 
below West Point, it having been placed there to impede 
the British advance up the Hudson to meet Burgoyne's 
army from Canada. 

He was a pensioner. 

Children by Susannah Fowler: 

632. Lowly, m. Maltby Fowler. 

633. Parma, m. Cephas Clark. 
*634. Eunice, b. June 1, 1786. 

635. Susan, m. Roberts. 

*636. Polly. 

637. Thaddeus, m. Wealthy Westover. 

638. Lydia, m. (1) John Beers, (2) — 

Children by Peninah Brockett : 

639. Sarah, unmarried. 

640. Samuel Brockett, unmarried. 

641. Nancy, unmarried. 

642. Chloe, was a missionary. 



Thelus Todd^ (Jonah^ Stephen*, SamueP Samuel^ 
Christopher^) born May 12, 1763, died Feb. 1, 1846, in 
Northford, Conn., married Oct. 15, 1794, Irene Rogers, 
who was born Nov. 28, 1766, died April 21, 1860. They 
lived in Northford, Conn. 

Children : 
*643. Wyllis, b. Aug. 7, 1798. 

644. Rebecca, b. July 29, 1800, m. Dec. 24, 1820, Henry 
Williams, of Wallingford, Conn. 
*645. Thelus, b. Sept. 19, 1802. 
*646. Mary, b. Feb. 18, 1805. 
647. Esther, b. Nov. 4, 1808, d. May 13, 1818. 



Ambrose Todd% (Jonah^ Stephens SamueP, SamueP, 
Christopher^ born Dec. 7, 1764, died July 25, 1809, mar- 
ried Lavinia, daughter of Rev. Dr. Samuel and Lavinia 
Jarvis of Cheshire, who was bom Oct. 5, 1760, died Oct. 
26, 1841. 

Mr. Todd graduated from Yale College in 1786. He 
was an Episcopal clergyman, having been ordained Deacon 
by Bishop Seabury of Connecticut, June 1, 1789. He was 
rector at Simsbury, Granby and Huntington, Conn., where 
he died and was buried. 

The inscription on his Tombstone in Huntington is as 
follows : 

"This Monument is erected by the Episcopal 
Society as a Testimony of Respect and Es- 
teem towards him their clergyman for his 
Piety and Zeal as a Preacher and his benevo- 
lence and goodwill as a man". 

Children : 

648.- Martha Peters, b. Sept. 17, 1789, d. Oct. 13, 1808. 

649. Lavinia Harrison, b. April 29, 1791, d. July 25, 1810. 
*650. Ambrose Seymour, b. Dec. 6, 1798. 
*651. Charles Jarvis, b. June 26, 1800. 

652. William King, b. May 28, 1804. 


Jonah ToddS (Jonahs Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, 
Christopher^) born Nov. 2, 1769, died Dec. 23, 1834, mar- 
ried March 14, 1792, Mary, daughter of Uri and Thankful 
(Ives) Tuttle, of Bethany, Conn., who was born March 25, 
1773, died March 27, 1839. They at first lived in East 
Plymouth, then later they removed to Plymouth, Conn., 
where they lived a number of years and died. 

Children : 
*653. Charles Harrison, b. Feb. 1, 1793. 
654. Juliana, b. April 4, 1795, d. March 15, 1796. 
*655. Jonah Hansel, b. Aug. 23, 1797. 


656. Julius M., b. Sept. 17, 1799, d. Jan. 4, 1829, m, Oct. 
27, 1823, Lucy A. Ford. 
*657. Mary Juliana, b. Nov. 17, 1801. 
*658. Bennajah, b. Oct. 17, 1803. 

659. Esther Lowly, b. April 15, 1806, d. Oct. 18, 1808. 

660. Ambrose E., b. Oct. 29, 1812, d. March 8, 1837. 

661. Esther Lowly, b. Feb. 11. 1815, d. Feb. 26, 1815. 
*662. Esther Lowly, b. Oct. 26, 1816. 

Ely Todd«, (Jonah--, Stephens SamuelS SamueP, 
Christopher') bom June 29. 1772. died March 10. 1847, 
married Jan. 8, 1797, Bede, daughter of Seth and Mary 
(Ives) Todd, of North Haven, Conn., w^ho was born Dec. 
2, 1779, died Nov. 5, 1857. For her ancestry see number 

Children : 
*663. Lovisa. b. Oct. 11. 1797. 
*664. Leonard, b. Nov. 8, 1800. 
*665. Mary Ann, b. Oct. 11, 1814. 


Chauncey ToddS (Jonah\ Stephens SamueP SamueP, 
Christopher') born March 24, 1784, in Cheshire, Conn., 
died July 26, 1855, in New Berlin, N. Y., married Sept. 
13, 1812, Susan Hotchkiss, of Bethany, Conn., who was 
born July 18, 1792, died April 20, 1854. 

There must have been some Horace Greeley in those 
days telling young- men to "Go West", for he set forth 
for the unbroken wilderness of Central New York in 1805. 
He returned later to Connecticut to look for some young 
woman also anxious to "Go West", and found her in the 
person of Susan Hotchkiss to whom he was married on 
Sept. 13, 1812. It is the tradition that the wedding trip 
was made on horseback to the new home in the forest 
in the town of Butternuts, Otsego County, N. Y. In this 
pioneer home they lived for many years and there w^s 


born the patriarchal family of eleven, all of whom grew to 
man and woman-hood, nine of them marrying and having 
families. He was a true pioneer, for after spending many 
years on the Butternuts farm, he moved to the vicinity 
of New Berlin, Chenango County, and there carved out 
another home. Late in life he again became restless and 
was with difficulty dissuaded from again breaking up and 
emigrating to the wilds of Michigan. 

The following sketch was written by his son. Rev. 
Russell Todd. 

My father, Chauncey Todd, aged twenty- one, in com- 
pany with a young man, Enos Lawrence by name, came 
from Cheshire, Connecticut, into Morris, Otsego County, 
N. Y., then an almost unbroken wilderness, in 1805. Se- 
lecting a tract of land about one mile north from the 
present village of Morris, my father at once began the 
dealing of a space for a log hut, the beginning of a future 
home, then commenced the toilsome labor of felling trees 
and clearing the land. By late autumn two acres of land 
were cleared and sowed to wheat. He then returned to 
Cheshire for the winter. 

By the pleasant sequel which followed our fancy 
may take the pleasant liberty of imagining that the winter 
was not altogether void of pleasure to my father. In the 
neighborhood was a home to which he made frequent 
visits. Here he found her who was to be his future wife, 
Susan Hotchkiss by name, to whom he was to be married 
in the near future. Whether he was married in the spring 
following I am not certain. But it was not long before 
they traveled together to their new home in the wilder- 

Our fancy must supply the picture of the next twenty 
years. The portion of the forest selected by father in 
Otsego County became a well cultivated farm with or- 
chard, a comfortable dwelling and good outbuildings. 
Here in this home were bom eight sons and three daugh- 
ters. In 1836 my father sold this farm and purchased 
another about two miles north of New Berlin, Chenango 
County, N. Y., to which he moved in the spring of the 
same year. Here he remained until within a year or two 


of his death, which occurred in the year 1854, my mother 
preceding him the previous year. 

As I recall the memory of my parents, after the lapse 
of fifty years, the relation they bore to each other as 
husband and wife gives me great pleasure and profit. 
There is a witness of a uniform mutual confidence and 
trust. The display of affection was quiet and undemon- 
strative, of such a nature that the home life seldom if ever 
suffered a chill. In all the twenty-five years of my life 
under the home roof, I do not recall such a difference of 
feeling between my father and mother that there arose 
any hardness of words on either side. The best and 
truest evidence of my father's love and devotion to my 
mother was his studious watchfulness to lighten her cares 
and burdens of the home life. The boys being in number 
more than the girls, when it was apparent that the day's 
duties were to be of an unusually hard nature my father's 
quick eye took in the situation, and one of the former was 
commissioned to be the helper of the mother. Again and 
again was it my lot to be an assistant at the wash-tub, a 
helper in the preparation of meals, clearing away and 
washing dishes and sometimes applying the mop to the 
kitchen floor. This relief to my mother was by no means 
transient, fitful or the result of a special appeal on her 
part. It was a regular fixed custom of my father that 
she be relieved in time of need. 

It was my father's custom in the winter season to 
spend his evenings in the shop at the cooper's trade. Be- 
ing a very industrious man, his labors extended well into 
the evening, when he would join the family group, finding 
mother mending or knitting, the children, some reading 
and some at their games. From well established habits of 
my father, the children had learned what greeting to ex- 
pect from father when he had taken his seat in the family 
circle. "Susan (he always addressed her by her christian 
name) is there nothing the boys can do for you, no apples 
to pare for sauce, no pumpkins to be made ready for to- 
morrow's pies or something else they can do for you?" 
Often in late years have I gone back in memory to my 
boyhood days to the old home on the hillside and thought 


especially of the fact how watchful and tender was my 
father of her who was his helpmeet in the affairs of home. 
The cares of such a numerous family of eleven children 
were by no means light or few. 

Another chai-acteristic of my father worthy to be 
noticed was his firm regard for what he thought was right. 
There seemed to be no place in his nature for compromises, 
no place for light or trivial action when a principle was 
at stake. I mention but one incident to show this charac- 
ter in him, the same adherence to duty which he thought 
was right was shown in every phase of life. It was a 
Sunday morning in the early dawn of winter. There had 
been many days of constant and heavy rains, the roads 
were in a fearful condition. On the preceding night a 
heavy snow stomi had set in, a fall of six inches was al- 
ready on the ground and underneath a great deal of mud. 
It was still snowing and fair promise that it would con- 
tinue all day. The question of not getting to church on 
such a day under such circumstances, was a foregone con- 
clusion on the part of the boys. We can't get to church 
to-day was the unanimous verdict of the whole household 
save the small minority of two who remained silent and 
undisturbed. The usual hour for starting the two mile 
I'ide to church drew near. The children were anxious. 
They saw evident signs of preparation for going to church 
on the part of the silent two. At last the firm but gentle 
command from father came, "Boys, you may go down and 
harness 'old grey' to the single wagon, your mother and 
I will go to church." It is difficult to describe the feelings 
of us boys as we saw our aged parents go down the hill 
towards church that Sunday morning. This sense of our 
moral weakness is better imagined than put down in 
words. I do not think any of us children did ever forget 
the lesson of that Sunday morning. 

Speaking of a religious custom of my father, it was 
his unifomi habit, every Sunday evening, to gather his 
children, old and young about the old home fireplace to 
teach and hear them say the old church catechism, mother 
joining with the rest in saying the creed and the ten com- 
mandments and the remainder of the matchless formula. 


Turning in thought to the memory of my mother, her 
life seemed to run in helpful harmony with my father's, 
exerting a most potent influence on the household. My 
mother's character was of the gentle type. Her life, as 
it seems to me now in this far away time, was like the 
running of a quiet stream through a peaceful meadow. 
Very seldom a ripple of temper or excited manner of 
speech. Correcting or rebuking her children was always 
in the manner and tones of love. I do not recall a time 
when she lost her self-control or gave way to harsh words. 

As to my mother's personal appearance, I will only 
relate what as a boy of ten years I overheard from a group 
of ladies standing around the stove one winter's Sunday 
noon in old St. Andrew's Church, New Berlin. "Mrs. 
Chauncey Todd bears the sweetest and most winning face 
of all the ladies who appear at church." Her eyes were 
a soft brown, a pleasant smile about the mouth, her hair 
a light brown lightly touched with auburn, remaining un- 
touched with grey to the last. 

Children : 
*666. Lucy, b. Oct. 30, 1813. 
*667. Jared, b. Dec. 3, 1814. 
*668. Albert, b. Aug. 15, 1816. 
*669. Juliana, b. April 12, 1818. 
*670. Charles, b. June 3, 1820. 
*671. Edward, b. Aug. 21, 1822. 
*672. Ambrose, b. Dec. 12, 1825. 

673. George, b. Dec. 13, 1827, d. Dec. 29, 1853, unmarried. 
*674. Russell, b. Jan. 5, 1830. 

675. Mary, b. Aug. 7, 1832, d. Oct. 7, 1857, unmarried. 
*676. Chauncey, b. April 24, 1835. 


Caleb Todd% (Caleb', Stephen*, Samuel^ SamueP, 
Christopher') bom July 6, 1765, died Aug. 1, 1837, mar- 
ried first. May 1, 1783, Polly Rice, who was born July 12, 
1767, died March 10, 1792; second, Nov. 1, 1792, Lydia 
Rice, who was bora Jan. 13, 1772, died Aug. 18, 1798; 


third, March 14, 1799, Fanny Hatcli, who was born Sept. 
28, 1775, died Dec. 9, 1846. 

Children by Polly Rice: 
677. Polly, b. July 10, 1789, m. Willard Hall, of Meriden, 

*678. Erastus, b. May 11, 1791. 

Children by Lydia Rice: 
*679. Oliver R., b. Feb. 24. 1794. 
680. Beri, b. Aug. 12, 1797, d. Dec. 1, 1797. 

Children by Fanny Hatch : 
*681. Alfred, b. Dec. 28. 1799. 

682. William, b. Marcli 8. 1801, d. Aug. 9, 1874, at Wake- 
field, Kan. He was a missionary to Madura. He 
m. first, 1828, Lucy Brownell, who d. Sept., 1835, in 
India. He m. second, Feb., 1837, Clarissa E. F. 
Woodward, who was a widow of a missionary, who 
died June, 1837. Married third, in 1840, Ruth 
Southwick. No children. He graduated from 
Hamilton College and afterwards studied for the 
Presbyterian ministry. 

683. Norman, b. Feb. 5. 1803, d. May 24, 1853, unmarried. 
*684. Caleb, b. April 1, 1805. 

*685. Lydia, b. July 2. 1807. 
*686. George Nelson, b. April 3, 1810. 
687. Cornelia, b. July 16, 1814, d. June 11, 1832, unmar- 

Jehiel Todd% (Stephens Stephen^ SamueP, SamueP, 
Christopher') born Nov. 3, 1761, died Jan. 28, 1843, in 
Toddville, N. Y., married in 1781, Hannah, daughter of 
Glover and Lydia (Allen) Street, who was born Oct. 1, 
1758, died July 21, 1836. He was born and lived for 
some time in Wallingford, Conn. 

Glover Street, was son of Samuel and Keziah (Mun- 
son) Street; Samuel was son of Lieut. Samuel and Hannah 
(Glover) Street; Lieut. Samuel was a son of Rev. Samuel 


and Anna (Miles) Street; Rev. Samuel Street was son of 
Rev. Nicholas and (Poole) Street. 

Keziah Munson was a daughter of Caleb and Eliza- 
beth (Harmon) Munson ; Caleb was a son of Ensign Sam- 
uel and Mary (Bradley) Munson; Ensign Samuel was a 
son of Capt. Thomas and Joanna Munson. 

Hannah Glover was a daughter of John Glover, who 
was a son of Henry Glover. 

Anna Miles was a daughter of Dea. Richard and Cath- 
erine (Constable) Miles. 

Mary Bradley was a daughter of William Bradley and 
Alice Pritchard daughter of Roger. 

Jehiel Todd lived several years succeeding the year 
1800 in Northampton, Mass., and there are many deeds 
recorded transfering property in that town and vicinity, 
among which was one that conveyed to him a one third 
part of a grist and saw mill there. Later he went to 
Toddsville, N. Y., where he owned and operated a flouring 
mill and paper mill. The building was in ruins when the 
writer visited the place in 1914. 

Children : 
*688. Lemuel, b. Jan. 19, 1782. 
*689. Ira, b. Aug. 1, 1783. 
*690. Caleb, b. March 16, 1785. 
*691. Asahel, b. Feb. 5, 1787. 
*692. Zerah, b. Jan. 29, 1789. 
*693. Bethel, b. Jan. 19, 1792. 
*694. Sally, b. Nov. 14, 1793. 
*695. Mary, b. Feb. 26, 1796. 

696. Lodema, b. June 5, 1799, d. Sept. 12, 1803. 


StephenTodd'^, (Stephen", Stephen", SamueP, SamueP, 
Christopher^ born Dec. 23, 1773, died on his birthday 
Dec. 23, 1827, in Salisbury, N. Y., married Bede Frisbee. 
Ho practiced as a physician in Salisbury, N. Y. 

Children : 

697. Laura, m. Seth Miller. 

698. Adeline, m. Dr. John Spaulding. 


699. Eliza F., m. Thomas Burch. 
*700. Anna P. 


Bethel Todd", (Stephen-', Stephen\ Samuel', Samuel-, 
Christopher') married Hannah, daughter of Jonathan and 
Hannah (Barnes) Tuttle, who was bom Jan. 4, 1761. 
They lived near the foot of the 'Blue Hills' in the south- 
west corner of the town of Wallingford, Conn., on the farm 
previously owned by her father, and known ever since as 
'Tattle's Fai-m'. 

Children : 
701. John, b. 1794, d. unmarried. 
*702. Sherlock, b. 1796. 
*703. Edward, b. 1797. 

704. Maria, m. William Judd, of Fairfield, Conn., where 
she was hving in 1879. 

705. Hannah, m. Burton Thorpe, removed to St. Louis, 




Damaris Todd% (Noah^ Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, 
Christopher') born March 24, 1766, died Aug. 24, 1825, 
married Dec. 25, 1783, Asaph, son of William and Mary 
(Austin) Merriam, who was born March 14, 1759, in 
Wallingford, Conn., died July 27, 1836. 
Children : 
I. Selden, b. June 28, 1784, d. April 28, 1806, unmar- 
n. Sidney, b. Jan. 7, 1786. 
HI. Lauren, b. Aug. 24, 1787, m. Oct. 25, 1810, Temper- 
ance, daughter of Elam Todd, who was b. Feb. 2, 
1790. For children see No. 725. 
IV. Noah, b. April 4, 1791. 
V. Lusina, b. June 29, 1798, m. William A. Baldwin of 
North Branford, Conn. 
VL Salmon, b. April 17, 1802. 



Oliver Todd^ (Samuel'% Christopher*, SamueP, Sam- 
ueP, Christopher') born Sept. 14. 1771, died June 5, 1830, 
married May 19, 1791, Abigail Warner, who was born Feb. 
19, 1771, died July 10, 1849. 

Children : 

706. Samuel, b. Feb. 28, 1792, d. July 22, 1870, m. Mary 

Pierpont, who was b. April 25, 1794. No children. 

707. Miranda, b. March 27, 1794, d. Aug. 31, 1796. 

708. Miranda, b. June 27, 1796, d. Dec. 13, 1819, m. Mer- 

ritt Riggs. 
*709. Polly Maria, b. May 12, 1799. 
*710. Joel, b. May 12, 1799, twin with Polly. 

711. Abigail Tuttle, b. May 19, 1803, d. July 10, 1847, 

712. David, b. Aug. 30, 1805, m. and had a family, re- 

moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. 
*713. Hiram, b. Aug. 5, 1808. 
*714. Elizabeth Charlotte, b. Sept. 1, 1810. 
*715. Oliver Augustus Garrett, b. Oct. 1, 1812. 


Josiah Todd^, (Dan% Christopher*, Samuel', Samuel-, 
Christopher') born Dec. 18, 1794, in North Haven, Conn., 
died Oct. 22, 1869, married June 17, 1816, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Jesse and Patience (Todd) Clinton, who was 
bom Sept. 20, 1796, died Nov. 18, 1886. For her mothers 
ancestry, see number 213. They lived first in North 
Haven, Conn., then Newark Valley, N. Y., and later they 
returned to North Haven. 

Josiah Todd was a prominent man in town, school, 
society and military matters for about fifteen years. He 
was orderly sergeant for some ten years in the old militia 
company and was more than once offered a commission, 
but declined, partly on the ground that with his growing 
family his means would not allow. I think I can truth- 
fully say from my own personal knowledge and what has 
been told me by those who were contemporary, and mem- 


bers of the company with him, that no one equaled him 
in all the varied tactics with company drill. He was 
very prompt in commanding orders, and trained members 
of the company in the manuel of arms to great exactness 
and promptitude. It was common in those days, for an 
orderly sergeant to form the company, which, under 
his direction was very quickly done, and after short drill 
in the manuel of arms, which usually took place on the 
'Green', a little north and west of the old church, not 
quite in front of what was then the old Esq. Bishop place 
(now E. Lindsley), for the orderly to march the company 
on the double quick, with the fifes and drums playing 
'Yankee Doodle' and the colors flying, up to the old tavern 
on the corner, to receive the commissioned ofticers, who 
were in waiting. My father owned a book of tactics, 
which contained all the necessary knowledge for company 
drill, up to Army Corps, which he well understood, at 
least, so far as it was practically necessary. I think he 
had qualities which would have ensured him success 
pretty well up in the military scale as an officer. He took 
pride in it, was prompt, enthusiastic, and patriotic. 

However, he was more particularly noted as a singer 
and teacher of vocal music. He not only led the choir 
and gave instruction in music here in North Haven, for 
many years, but, also gave instruction in vocal music 
in the adjoining towns, and in New York State as well. 
He was conceded, by good judges, to have been the best 
tenor singer in the State. His ability to awaken en- 
thusiasm in a choir of singers was remarkable, for he was 
exceedingly prompt and enthusiastic. His time and ear 
were perfectly correct, and he would detect at once, any 
inperfection in that respect in others. He was noted for 
his ability to read and sing the most difficult music at 
sight. He studied and understood the science of music, 
and composed some creditable pieces in that line. His 
concerts were remarkable for the selections and for their 
inspirating effect on an audience. 

After his removal to the State of New York, he was 
called upon to engage in teaching music. At the close 
of the lessons, he gave concerts, as was usual in those 


days, that were gi-eatly appreciated by the audiences pre- 

He was a great reader and a lover of poetry, and in 
his library were to be found copies of all the English 
poets, among which were Shakespeare, Milton, Cowper, 
Dryden, Henry K. White, Thompson, Young, Burns, Spec- 
tator and Washington Irving. 

He was well versed in the history of our country from 
the earliest settlement to the close of his life, and espec- 
ially its political history. He was a strong Whig, and 
a great admirer of Henry Clay, and took a very active 
part in the campaign in his behalf, for the presidency. 
He was a great admirer of the New York Weekly Tribune 
and especially the editorials written by Horace Greeley, 
the reading of which was looked forward to every week 
as a feast, but did not live to see the unfoi'tunate close 
of the life of the celebrated founder of his favorite news 

Written by one of his sons. 

In the spring of 1834, Josiah Todd with his family 
consisting of himself and wife, two sons, Samuel and 
Frederic Handel, and three daughters, Aurelia J., Henri- 
ette W., and Mary J., removed to New York State. The 
main reason for his going was this. The Heartley's 
owned some seven hundred acres of pine and hemlock 
timber land. A man by the name of Belcher had built 
a house and a saw-mill on the premises and had done 
some lumbering of the pine in that vicinity, and some 
off the Heartley property. 

The hemlock was quite valuable, or rather the bark 
was, being used for tanning purposes. 

A contract was made between Josiah Todd, William 
Heartley and the above mentioned Belcher, to take charge 
of a large tannery near the saw-mill on the same stream. 

Josiah Todd and family, together with Timothy 
Andrus and family with his son-in-law Gilbert, left North 
Haven, Conn., with their household goods, boarded a 
schooner at New Haven bound for Albany, N. Y. Here 
they changed to a packet canal boat of the Erie Canal 
and thence to Montezuma, N. Y. From there, they en- 


tered a short branch of the canal of about seven miles 
which brought them to Cayuga Lake. Here they boarded 
a steam-boat bound for Ithaca, N Y., at the upper end of 
the Lake, which was about forty miles distant. A steam 
tug hauled the canal boat with their goods. The passen- 
ger boat was old and leaky, and the lake was very i-ough. 
Most of the passengers were sea-sick. The tug, with the 
goods, did not arrive at Ithaca, until the next morning. 
Mr. Gilbert and Luther Andrus came on with the goods, 
as they were left in charge of them. Samuel Todd was 
left at the hotel, to await the coming of the goods, while 
the others of the company got aboard of a lumber wagon 
and rode about 25 miles over a rough road to Newark 
Valley, their destination. 

It was a journey of fifteen days duration, from North 
Haven, Conn., to Newark Valley, which is a decided con- 
trast with the time required in the 20th century, to make 
the same journey. There were no railroads at that time 
in New York State, and very few in other states. 

The company arrived at their destination about the 
15th of May. There was quite a snow storm the night 
after their arrival. The distance traveled was about 
five hundred miles. By the way of the Newburgh turn- 
pike, the distance is about one-half, or about 250 miles. 

It was understood that the tannery would be ready 
for business about the first of June, but it was some three 
months after their arrival, before work could be com- 

The Andrus family had exchanged their farm in 
North Haven, Conn., for one in the neighborhood, a little 
north of the tannery, a portion of which had been under 
cultivation for some years. The Todd family did not go 
west for any purpose, but to engage in the business of 
Tanning. Consequently, they took up their abode right 
among the big hemlocks, between two high hills, a very 
tough place for farming, as the sequel will show. 

Josiah Todd bought about forty acres, all heavily 
timbered, except about four acres, which had been cleared 
of the timber about a year. Consequently, the land was 
covered with large pine and hemlock stumps. He had 



little money left, and the fact that the tannery was not 
ready to run, the little money he did have was soon gone. 
Then came the tussle, which seemed to fall to Samuel's lot. 
And to add to his troubles, about a year after the 
tannery opened for business, the company failed, which 
was a sad disappointment to the Todd family, as well as 
a serious loss, and the cause of many hardships. 

Children : 
*716. Samuel, b. Aug. 22, 1817. 
*717. Frederick Handel, b. Feb. 26, 1819. 

718. Child, d. aged about 3 weeks. 

719. Aurelia Juliet, b. June 7, 1823, d. March 15, 1912, 
m. March 26, 1847, Deacon William B. Bushnell, 
of Newark Valley, N. Y., who was b. April 12, 
1823. Later they lived in Wellsboro, Penn. 

720. Henrietta Wallace, b. April 22, 1827, d. Jan. 10, 

1903, lived in Newark Valley, N. Y., unmarried. 

721. Robert Bums, b. March 5, 1829, d. Sept. 28, 1831. 
*722. Mary Josephine, b. Feb. 6, 1833. 

723. Fidelia Angeline, b. May 4, 1835, d. May 16, 1843. 
*724. Theresa Adelaide, b. Dec. 4, 1838. 


Elam Todd', (Edmond^ Christopher*, SamueP, Sam- 
ueP, Christopher^ . 

*725. Temperance, b. Feb. 2, 1790. 

726. Dan, removed to Munroe County, Ohio. 

727. Flora. 

728. Asa. 

*729. Silas, b. Nov. 26, 1798. 

730. Achsah. 

731. Hannah. 

732. Mary. 

733. Eveline, m. Sanderson. 

734. Ephraim. 

735. Aden. 



Aden Todd«, {Edmond% Christopher*, Samuel ■-, Sam- 
ueP, Christopher'). He married Lydia ToUes of Ply- 
mouth, Conn. Removed first to Meredith, Delaware 
County, N. Y., thence to Sullivan County. 

Children : 

736. Chloe. 

737. Sally. 

738. Lydia. 

739. Titus. 

740. Eliada. 
*741. Edmund. 

*742. Erastus, b. 1807. 


Daniel Todd% (Edmond% Christopher*, SamueP, 
Samuel-, Christopher'). He married Maria, daughter of 
Samuel and Chloe (Todd) Tuttle. 

Children : 

743. Chloe, m. Mather. 

744. Samuel, m. and lived at one time in Bridgeport, 

Conn. No children. 

745. Cornelia. 

746. Samuel. 



Susannah Todd% (Edmond=, Christopher*, SamueF, 
Samuel^ Christopher') born 1771, died March 19, 1867, 
married May 1, 1793, Uri, son of James and Susannah 
(Tuttle) Allen, who was born in 1774, died Sept. 18, 1825. 

Children : 

I. Alpheus, b. Aug. 30, 1794, d. Nov. 9, 1835, m. 
Isabella Norton, issue: (1) Martin E., b. Sept. 21, 
1821, m. April 24, 1860, Elizabeth Gridley, and had 


Elbert E., b. April 26, 1861. (2) Alvira, b. March 
1, 1820, m. April 30, 1837, Orange Bradley. (3) 
Clarissa, b. March 23, 1825, m. Lewis Williams, 
who was b. Sept. 23, 1820, and had Frank Williams, 
b. Nov. 19, 1859. (4) Dwight, b. May 7, 1827, m. 

Frances , had child b. Jan. 5, 1861. (5) 

Adeline, b. June 10, 1831, m. Henry Lyman, who 
d. July 13, 1870, aged 44, had issue: (a) Wallace, 
b. Sept. 30, 1855; (b) Ann, b. Feb. 1, 1860. (6) 
Alpheus N., b. April 18, 1834, m. and lived in New 
Haven, Conn. 

Ransom, b. Oct. 25, 1799, d. March 1, 1861, m. Oct. 
25, 1823, Rosetta Russell, and had issue: (1) Uri, 
b. Oct., 1825, m. Chole Bradley, who d. July 23, 
1865, had issue: (a) Gillette R., b. March 17, 1851, 
d. Aug. 2, 1863; (b) Jason B., b. 1854, d. July 
28, 1863; (c) Frederick D., b. Feb. 4, 1858, d. Aug. 
1, 1863. (2) Olive, m. Nelson Hollister, and had 
two children. (3) Celinda. 


Capt. and Deacon Samuel Todd«, (ElieP, Samuel*, 
Samuel\ SamueP, Christopher^ bom June 13, 1783, in 
Pawlet, Vt., died Oct. 6, 1858, in St. Albans, Vt., of heart 
disease, married first, in 1810, Alathea Lawrence who 
died Sept. 23, 1846 in Enosburg, Vt., second. May 31, 
1848, Hannah Brainard of St. Albans, Vt. 

His death was very sudden, occurring while lying on 
the sofa, apparently as well as usual, but in such a posi- 
tion that he rolled off dead. Before he was of age, he 
purchased a farm in Enosburg, Vt. In 1839 he was elect- 
ed deacon of the Congregational church in East Berk- 
shii-e, Vt. In 1856 he went to live in St. Albans, Vt., 
and at the request of the Berkshire church society he 
retained the office of deacon until he died. 

Children by Alathea Lawrence: 
*747. Alathea Lawrence, b. July 5, 1811. 
*748. Caroline Woods, b. July 30, 1812. 


*749. Samuel Bryan, b. March 2, 1814. 
750. Phebe Lawrence, b. May 19, 1816, d. July 1816. 
*751. Hiram Lawrence, b. Oct. 6, 1818. 
*752. Eliel Stafford, b. July 11, 1820. 
*753. Fannie Skinner, b. April 16, 1823. 
*754. Albert Woods, b. June 12, 1827. 


John Todd», (Samuel', Samuels SamueP, SamueP, 
Christopher') was born in Conn., moved to Middletown, 
Delaware County, N. Y., in 1802, with the rest of the 
family. He married . 

Children : 

755. Hiram. 

756. Mary. 


Dudley Todd% (Samuels Samuel*, SamueP, Samuels 
Christopher was born in Conn., moved to Middletown, 
Delaware County, N. Y., in 1802 with his parents. He 
taught school. Married . 

Children : 

757. Abigail. 

758. Jane. 

759. Sarah. 

760. Joseph. 



Mary ToddS (Samuels Samuels SamueP, SamueP, 
Christopher') she was called "Polly", bom in Conn., 
moved to Middletown, Delaware County, N. Y., in 1802, 
married Daniel Bullock. They moved to Herkimer Coun- 
ty, N. Y. 

Children : 

L Daniel, a Methodist minister. The story is that 
one time in his youth, he was visiting his aunt 


Clarissa and being oppressed at the noon meal, his 
aunt remarked gently, "Daniel, you must get re- 
ligion". He fled to the hay mow and wept and 
prayed, returning presently in great peace, having 
sought and found pardon of God. Later he began 
to preach and was efficient. He married and had 
issue: (1) Clarissa, b. about 1856; (2) Seymour; 
(3) Dyer, 
n. A son. 


Lyman Todd', (Samuel% Samuel% SamueP, Samuel^ 
Christopher^) born Nov. 15, 1787, in Conn., died Dec. 4, 
1866 and was buried in the Clovesville, cemetery, N. Y., 
married Mary Craft. He moved to Delaware County, N. 
Y., in 1802 with the rest of the family. He was school in- 
spector in 1813, and assessor in 1825. 

Children : 
*761. John. 

762. Daniel. 

763. William, m. Rachel George, and lived in Dry Brook, 
Ulster County, N. Y. 

*764. Julia, b. Oct. 11, 1814. 

765. Mary. 

*766. Olivia. 

767. Elizabeth, called "Betty". 

768. Deborah. 

769. Lida. 


Samuel Todd', (SamueP, SamueP, SamueP, SamueP, 
Christopher^ born in Conn., moved to Middletown, Dela- 
ware County, N. Y., with the family in 1802, married 
Eliza Able. 

Children : 

770. Dudley, b. 1823. 

771. Reuben, b. 1825, living in 1907, aged 82, 


772. Martha. 

773. Elsa, living in 1907. 

774. Alada. 
*775. Jane. 

776. Mary. 

777. Silence. 

Burr Todd^ (Samuels Samuels SamueP, SamueP, 
Christopher^ born March 23, 1796, died July 5, 1846, 
married Fanny Craft, a sister of Maiy Craft who mar- 
ried his brother Lyman. The inscription on his monu- 
ment in Clovesville Cemetery, N. Y., reads, "Burr Todd, 
died July 5, 1846, aged 50 yrs., 3 mo., 12 days". 

Children : 
*778. Dyer, b. Jan. 14, 1821. 

779. Ada. 

780. Delilah. 

781. Andrew Jackson, living in 1907. 

782. Jacob. 

783. David, living in 1907. 

784. Isaac. 

785. Orin. 



Clarissa Todd", (Samuel^ Samuel*, SamueP, SamueP, 
Christopher') bom April 27, 1800, in Litchfield, Conn., 
died Aug. 23, 1889 and was buried in Franklin Grove, 
111., married Sept. 10, 1820, Major Daniel Moore, son of 
Daniel and Jannet (Moore) Bradstreet, who was bom 
Nov. 6, 1795, in Hartland, Windsor County, Vt., died May 
15, 1877 in Franklin Grove, 111., when a child of 2 years, 
she moved with her parents to Middletown, Delaware 
County, N. Y., in 1802, thence to Illinois in 1844, and to 
Franklin Grove, 111. in 1864. 

Mrs. Bradstreet was a cultured woman of charming 
personality, genial disposition and holiness of living. 
None knew her but to praise. 


Her obituary which appeared in the Franklin Grove 
Reporter for August, 1889 is as follows. 

Lo ! A mother is fallen in Isreal. It is with sorrow 
that we note the death of "Mother" Bradstreet which 
occurred Aug. 25, 1889. 

She has been among us as a helper and means of 
strength for so many years that her loss will be keenly 
felt. Possessing fine physical and mental powers she 
devoted the last fifty-nine years of her life to the service 
of Christ. For some eleven years her husband was a 
local preacher in the M. E. denomination. 

Her work has been crowned with great results, it 
being estimated that several hundred people have been 
converted and vast numbers instructed and aided to live 
sanctified lives. "Blessed are the dead that die in the 

When a child of two years, her family moved to Mid- 
dletown, N. Y., where six older children taught in the 
neighboring schools. Although living at the time in a 
pioneer state, she received many advantages. Her earli- 
est recollections numbering her mother's perusal of the 
Scriptures, and her father's tales of his three years toil 
in the Revolution. 

In 1831 she was converted and united with the M. E. 
Church in the spring of that year. In 1833 she conse- 
crated herself to Christ and lived a consistant and happy 
Christian life. 

Of her twelve children, nine preceeded her to the 
spirit world. Three survive her; Mrs. G. T. Patrick, of 
Byron, 111., Mrs. J. D. Smith and Mrs. C. Helmershausen, 
of this place. She also leaves eighteen grand-children 
and eight great -grand-children. 

The funeral occurred at the M. E. Church. The ser- 
mon was preached from her chosen text, II Timothy iv, 
7, 8, by Rev. E. D. Hull, of Kingston, 111., assisted by Rev. 
G. W. Bassett, pastor of the M. E. Church, after which 
she was laid to rest in the family lot, surrounded by rel- 
atives and friends who sorrow not as those without hope. 

Mr. Bradstreets line of descent was (Daniel Moore, 
Daniel, Henry, Simon, Simon, John, Simon.) He joined 



the New Hampshire State Militia, enlisted at GofFstown, 
N. H., Sept. 14, 1814, and was in the service for at least 
65 days as a private under Captain Phineas Stone, later 
he was Major of a company of New York State Militia, 
organized for drill, and was known as Major Bradstreet; 
on April 27, 1871, his claim was allowed for a pension, 
at which time he was living in Franklin Grove, 111., and 
was then 75 years of age. His widow was allowed a pen- 
sion on an application executed May 29, 1878, at which 
time she was a i-esident of Franklin Grove, 111., being 78 
years of age. 

The first five children, namely, Henry William, Dan- 
iel, Alexander and Clarissa are buried side by side in 
Hancock, N. Y., and Clarissa Anne and Richard are buried 
in Ulyses, Tompkins County, N. Y. 

Children : 
I. Henry Moore, b. Oct. 29. 1821. d. Oct. 4. 1822. 
II. William Moore, b. July 15, 1824, d. Feb. 3, 1827. 

III. Daniel, b. July 14, 1826, d. Aug. 12, 1830. 

IV. Clarissa, b. May 15, 1828, d. Aug. 15, 1830. 

V. Alexander Calder, b. Feb. 17, 1830, d. July 21, 1830. 

VI. John Wesley, b. Sept. 27, 1831, in Chehocton which 

was later named Hancock, N. Y., d. Dec. 31, 1888, 
and was buried in Oregon, 111., m. Nov. 6. 1853, 
Mary Conway. He moved with his parents to 
Illinois in 1844. After two years stay in Days- 
ville, he moved to Oregon, 111., thence to Marion 
township, where he resided until he married. He 
was a sufferer from lupus for many years, which 
appeared just below the eye, and which eventually 
caused his death. His sufferings were borne with 
cheerfulness, always hoping for the best. He was 
converted when still a young man and during his 
last days he received the sacrament. He trusted 
in God's Mercy. Issue: (1) Daniel Moore, b. Dec. 
2, 1856, m. Elizabeth Parker and had four chil- 
dren; (2) Jesse William, m. Harriet Brimblecom, 
they lived in Byron, 111., six children; (3) Harvey; 


(4) Clarissa Winifred, d. in Aug., 1878, as did her 
infant daughter Clarissa, m. John B. Smith. 

VII. Daniel Moore, b. May 17, 1833 in Hancock, N. Y., 
d. May 15, 1887 in Oregon, 111., m. May 7, 1860, 
Lydia A. Mack. He moved to Illinois with his 
parents in 1844 and settled in Daysville, thence he 
moved to Marion township where he lived until 
his marriage. For a number of years he lived in 
Oregon, 111. He was a model of honesty and dili- 
gence. He was reared in a christian family in 
the methodist faith; gave his heart to God while 
young and trusted his spirit to His keeping. Had 
issue: (1) Frank Harlow, b. in Oregon, 111., May 
30, 1861, m. Jan. 21, 1891, Ida Elizabeth, daughter 
of Josiah and Ada (Davis) Fowler, who was b. 
Oct. 3, 1870, in Aurora, 111., and had issue: (a) 
Pearl, b. June 2, 1895 at White Water, Kan., grad. 
Snyder High School 1914; (b) Blanche Olive, b. 
April 14, 1897 at White Water, Kan., grad. Snyder 
High School 1914, and from Southwestern Normal 
School 1917; (c) Frank Harlow, b. June 22, 1912 
in Snyder, Okla. (2) Effi S.; (3) Clarissa Edith. 

VIII. Clarissa Anne, b. Aug. 2, 1835, d. Aug. 14, 1841. 
IX. Martha Jane, b. Dec. 6, 1837, m. Dec. 17, 1854, 
George Thomas, son of Thomas and Sarah (Blod- 
gett) Patrick, who was b. July 1, 1825, d. June 10, 
1896, had issue: (1) Charles Holbrook, b. Oct. 19, 
1855, m. Carrie Woodburn, and had (a) Helen B., 
b. Dec. 27, 1883; (2) Adah Maria, b. Dec. 13, 1856, 
m. James C. Woodburn and had issue: (a) Roy 
Morton, m. Blanche Jeanette Winteroud in Chica- 
go, 111., and had James Corydon, b. Nov. 1, 1917; 
(b) James Adelbert, m. in Chicago, 111., May 13, 
1916, Mildred, daughter of Otis G. Rinehart, and 
had Elizabeth Jane, b. Oct. 4, 1917; (c) Grace 
Esther, m. Ralph Clarence Winquist, and had 
James Corydon, b. July 1, 1917; (3) Thomas Bol- 
ton, b. May 10, 1859, d. April 22, 1864; (4) George 
Walter, b. Sept. 20, 1861, m. first, in 1885. Ella E. 



Ingraham of Wheaton, 111., who was b. 1865, d. 
Sept., 1889, had issue: (a) Florence Ella, b. 1886, 
m. in 1916, Dr. Thomas Lorbeer of Riverside, Cal., 
and had Alice Louise, b. March 1918; Mr. Patrick 
m. second, in 1892, Eda N. Ward, who was b. in 
1866, and had issue: (b) George, b. Feb., 1894, and 
grad. from Rockford High School in 1914; (c) 
Charles, b. 1895, grad. Rockford High School in 
1914; (d) Floyd, b. 1898; (e) Florian, b. 1898 
twins; (f) Martha, b. Jan. 1, 1900; (g) Francis, 
b. July 10, 1901; (5) Henry Winter, b. July 11, 
1866, m. Maud Sybyl and lives in Rockford, 111., 
had two children; (6) Eva Blanche, b. Aug. 4, 1869, 
d. Oct. 22, 1882; (7) Lillian Gertrude, b. March 4, 
1874, m. Rev. M. M. Black, a M. E. minister and 
had issue: (a) Charles Harleigh, b. July 12, 1907, 
died; (b) Warren Columbus, b. July 12, 1909; 
(8) Harry Fiske, b. Nov. 13, 1875, m. Susie E. 
Corwin, and had issue: (a) Harleigh Clayton, b. 
July 17, 1900, d. April 12, 1904. 

X. Maria Anne, b. Nov. 17, 1839 in Ulyses, N. Y., d. 

Dec. 28, 1893 in Franklin Grove, 111., m. Feb. 6, 
1879, John B. Smith, who was b. Nov. 5, 1844, d. 
Aug. 29, 1910. When a child of five years she 
moved with her parents to Illinois where she 
passed the rest of her life. At eighteen she united 
with the M. E. Church where she was a faithful 
worker in both church and Sabbath school until 
prevented by the care of her aged pai-ents. She 
was teacher in the public schools for several years. 
Issue: (1) Arthur J., b. Oct. 6, 1881, m. Frances 
Vendy; (2) Elsie Clarissa, stilborn. 

XI. Mary Fletcher, b. July 27, 1841 in Ulyses, N. 
Y., m. June 27, 1866, Henry Charles Frederick, 
son of Henry Charles Frederick and Jane (Hil- 
ton) Helmershausen, who was born in Bristol, 
Lincoln County, Maine, d. May 5, 1916, in Frank- 
lin Grove, Illinois. She resides now 1919 with 
her daughter (Adella) in Chicago, 111. In 1844 
she moved to Illinois with her parents, attended 


Mt. Morris Seminary, taug'ht school in Ogle Coun- 
ty, 111., was assistant principal in High School 
in Polo, 111., and was later principal in the High 
School in Franklin Grove, 111., she graduated from 

C. L. S. C. in 1893, is a member of the M. iEi 
Church, W. C. T. U., W. F. M. S., C. L. S. C. and 

D. A. R. Five of her ancestors. Rev. Samuel 
Todd, Samuel Todd, Simon Bradstreet, Henry 
Bradstreet and William Moore, were soldiers in 
the Revolutionary War. Her poems have been 
gathered in a volume called "Aftermath," written 
since her children were reared. Issue: (1) Maud 
Minnie Adella, b. April 24, 1867, lives in Chicago, 
she too is a poetess, A. M., Dixon College, 1907, 
Ph. B., University of Chicago, 1914, unmarried; 
(2) Frank Daniel, b. Sept. 2, 1868, m. March 5, 
1896, Lillian Elizabeth Welch, of Chicago; (3) 
Homer Chase, b. Sept. 8, 1870, m. May 22, 1905, 
in Ogden, Utah, Nellie Kate, daughter of Henry 
Burr and Maria (Cary) Burritt, who was b. Feb. 
24, 1878 in Anamosa, Iowa; (4) Floyd Thayer, 
b. Feb. 11, 1872, m. June 15, 1900, Anna Elizabeth 
Hauflaire who graduated from Dixon College in 
1891, they have three children; (5) Alice Ada 
Dorothea, b. Sept. 14, 1874, graduated from Dixon 
Conservatory of Music in 1893, is a school and 
music teacher; (6) Charles Bryant Edwin, b. Aug. 
5. 1876, d. May 12. 1880, the result of bums sus- 
tained the day before; (7) Henry Warren Fred- 
erick, b. Aug. 9, 1878, graduated from DeKalb 
State Normal School in 1903, principal of Erie 
public schools 1903-05, Supt. Coal City schools 
1905-07, teacher in Chicago schools 1907-10, stu- 
dent in University of Chicago in 1910. 

XII. Richard M. J., b. Dec. 10, 1843, d. Dec. 10 1843. 


Darling Todd*, (Samuel', Samuels SamueP, SamueP, 
Christopher') born Sept. 27, 1804, in Middletown, Dela- 



ware County, N. Y., manned Sally Rogers, who was born 
May 24, 1811, in Shandaken, Ulster County, N. Y., died 
April 8, 1889. 

Children : 
*786. Margaret, b. Jan. 1, 1833. 

787. Clarissa, b. Feb. 26, 1844. 

788. Daniel, b. Jan. 21, 1847. 

789. Walter, b. May 29, 1856. 


Isaac Todd'^, (Samuel'', Samuel*, Samuel', SamueP, 
Christopher') born 1807 in Middletown, Delaware Coun- 
ty, N. Y., died June 23, 1880, married Fannie, daughter 
of Samuel S. and Hester (Robinson) Bouton, who was 
born Sept. 1, 1805, died July 19, 1878. They are buried 
in Clovesville, N. Y. 

He was the owner of 136 acres of land in Dry Brook, 
N. Y. and 160 acres in Clovesville, N. Y. 

Children : 

790. John. 

*791. Hiram. 

*792. Burr. 

793. Waita, m. Ford. 

794. Scudder. 

795. Orrin. 

796. Aaron. 

797. Henry. 


Eli Todd", (Jonah-', Abraham*, Jonah% Samuel-, 
Christopher') born Dec. 12, 1763, in New Milford, Conn., 
died Feb. 12, 1846. He was twice married, first, to Mercy, 
daughter of Capt. John and Mercy (Warner) Merwin, 
who was born Aug. 9, 1767, died Oct. 19, 1806. He mar- 
ried second, Aug., 1808, Rachel, daughter of Ezra Thomp- 
son, of Stamford, N. Y. 


Mr. Todd was Representative to the General Assem- 
bly from New Milford, Conn. 

"Capt. Eli Todd kept tavern and a store in Park 
Lane many years. About 1800, he was a prominent busi- 
ness man and was active in the public offices of the town. 
His store was at the site of the two old houses, north of 
Mr. Edwin Bostwick's house." 

From Orcutt's History of New Milford, Conn. 

His name was ninth on a list of the property owners 
of the town, and was assessed at $2,543. 

Children by Mercy Merwin: 
*798. Walker. 

*799. Sophia, b. Oct. 24, 1790. 
*800. Eli Merwin, b. Jan. 11, 1792. 

Children by Rachel Thompson : 
*801. George Thompson, b. Sept. 6, 1810. 
*802. Sarah Elizabeth, b. Aug. 18, 1813. 



Hannah Todd% (Jonah% Abraham*, Jonah^ SamueP, 
Christopher married Daniel Lines, had two sons and 
five daughters. 

Children : 
L Charlotte, m. Dea. Roberts, of New Milford, Conn. ; 
had four children. 
II. Mercy, m. Alanson Canfield, resided in New Mil- 
ford, Conn. 

III. Oliver, lived in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

IV. . 

V. . 

VI. . 

VII. . 



Hannah Todd% (Abraham^ Abraham*, Jonah^ Sam- 
uel, Christopher^) born May 26, 1759, died April 11, 


1846, married Nathaniel Reynolds, who was born Feb. 22, 
1754, died Sept. 21, 1843, he was a Lieutenant in the Rev- 
olutionary Army, where he served with distinction. He 
took part in the battles of White Plains, N.Y., and Ridge- 
field, Ct., afterwards he was captured while on guard 
duty, by a detachment of the British Light Horse Cavalry, 
commanded by Col. Simcoe. After two years and four 
months confinement, he was released, when he returned 
to the old homestead at Lewisboro, N. Y. 

Children : 
I. Deborah, b. July 17, 1779, d. May 21, 1844. 

II. Nathaniel, b. Aug. 17, 1782. 

III. Lydia, b. Aug. 28, 1784, d. Feb. 3, 1867. 

IV. Betsey, b. Sept. 1, 1786, d. June 12, 1830. 

V. Abraham, b. Oct. 11, 1788, d. Aug. 25, 1818. 

VI. Sarah, b. Sept. 15, 1790. 

VII. Hannah, b. Sept. 13, 1792, d. Nov. 9, 1856. 
VIII. Enoch, b. Sept. 16, 1794, d. 1876. 

IX. Alvah, b. Sept. 16, 1796, d. May 6, 1881. 
X. George, b. Dec. 12, 1798, d. 1884. 

XI. Maria, b. March 11, 1801, d. Jan. 3, 1846. 

XII. Benjamin, b. Aug. 19, 1803. 


Abraham Todd^ (Abraham^ Abrahams Jonah^ 
SamueP, Christopher') bora Feb. 23, 1762, died Dec. 10, 
1842, married Deborah Seeley, who was born Sept. 30, 
1776, died Nov. 24, 1855. 

Children : 
803. Alice, b. Oct. 3, 1786, d. May 21, 1808, m. Albert 
Baker, who was b. July 10, 1780, d. Jan. 27, 1871. 
*804. Abraham, b. Dec. 30, 1788. 
*805. Betsey, b. Feb. 7, 1791. 
*806. Mabel, b. July 30, 1794. 
*807. Jonah, b. Feb. 2, 1797. 
*808. Martin, b. Aug. 7, 1803. 



David Todd", (Abraham', Abraham^, Jonah^, Sam- 
uel^ Christopher') born July 29, 1776, died Sept. 5, 1834, 
married Dec. 24, 1793, Hamiah Sutherland, who was born 
Feb. 28, 1775, died Feb. 11, 1817. 

He settled in Peekskill, N. Y., where he owned and 
operated the farm which is now (1913) owned jointly by 
two of his descendants, Alpheus and Wilkie Todd. 

Children : 
*809. Tamma, b. July 19, 1794. 
*810. Orrin, b. Jan. 15, 1796. 
*811. Wright, b. Feb. 14, 1798. 
*812. Sarah, b. July 20, 1800. 
*813. Allen, b. Aug. 6, 1802. 

814. Lydia, b. June 25, 1804, d. April 20, 1889, unmar- 
ried, lived in Peekskill, N. Y. 
*815. John, b. Sept. 5, 1806. 
*816. Betsey, b. Sept. 25, 1808. 
*817. Alfred, b. Aug. 21, 1810. 



Fannie Todd", (Oliver"', Abraham*, Jonah\ Samuel-, 
Christopher') born Aug. 28, 1775, died Aug. 23, 1860, 
married Sept. 22, 1791, Dr. Gilbert Reynolds, who was 
born April 2, 1771, died June 17, 1807. 

Children : 
I. Oliver, b. Jan. 31, 1792. 

II. Nancy, b. Dec. 22, 1793, d. June 22, 1862. 

III. Ambrose, b. Jan. 25, 1796, d. Oct. 26, 1834. 

IV. Gilbert, b. Dec. 2, 1797, d. Aug. 18, 1831. 
V. Uel, b. Dec. 18, 1799, d. Sept. 19, 1874. 

VI. Orsa, b. Oct. 30, 1801, d. June 5, 1827. 
VII. Harvey, b. Jan. 31, 1804, d. 1867. 
VIII. Alfred, b. Feb. 13, 1807. 



Ira Todd", (Oliver', Abraham\ Jonah', Samuel-, 
Christopher') born July IS, 1777, died Feb. 16, 1844, 
married Feb. 10, 1801, Rebecca Gilbert. 

He was a farmer of South Salem, N. Y. His will 
divides his property between his two children. A copy 
may be seen in book 27 of wills, Surrogate Office, White 
Plains, N. Y. 

Children : 
*818. Stephen, b. Jan. 20, 1803. 
*819. Sallie Ann, b. March 6, 1809. 



Huldah Todd*', (01iver% Abraham*, Jonah^ Samuel^, 
Christopher') born July 12, 1779, married John Brady. 

Children : 
I. Huldah. 
II. Hiram. 
III. Julia Ann. 

Uel Todd", (Oliver", Abraham*, Jonah% SamueP, 
Christopher') born May 2, 1782, in South Salem, N. Y., 
died Feb. 27, 1852, married first, Laura, daughter of 
Enoch Mead who was a Colonel in Revolutionary Army. 
She was born Jan. 22, 1783, died July 26, 1814. He mar- 
ried second, widow Jane (Baker) Teed, relict of Samuel 
Teed, and daughter of Samuel Baker, of Somers, N. Y. 
He married third, Betsey (Baker) Purdy, widow and a 
sister of his second wife. 

In 1812, he moved with his family to the fai'm pre- 
viously owned by his father, in the town of Somers, N. 
Y., near White Hall Corners. This farm was willed to 
him by his father, as a part of his share of the estate, 
this farm, he owned some property in Greenboro, 



N. Y., where he at one time resided. He was buried in 
the Todd lot in the cemetery located near his farm. 

Children by Laura Mead : 

*820. Harvey Mead, b. June 2, 1803. 

*821. Oliver Uel, b. Oct. 5, 1805. 

*822. Rufus Linus, b. March 24, 1807. 

*823. Laura Jane, b. March 9, 1809. 

*824. Emmeline, b. Oct. 5, 1810. 

*825. Hancy, b. June 21, 1812. 

*826. Ira, b. July 13, 1814. 

Children by Jane (Baker) Teed: 
*827. Albert, b. July 29, 1815. 

828. Alma, b. Feb. 17, 1817, d. Sept. 15, 1840, m. Samuel 
McCord. They lived in Sing Sing, now Ossining, 
N. Y. 

829. Eli, b. Feb. 15, 1819, d. Aug. 23, 1839. 

830. Calista, b. March 25, 1822, d. Dec. 6, 1841. 

831. Warren, b. Jan. 11, 1824, d. April 14, 1846. 
*832. Helen, b. Nov. 8, 1825. 

*833. Jane Electa, b. May 10, 1828. 


Daniel Todd^ (DanieP, Daniels Daniels SamueP, 
Christopher') born Dec. 24, 1777, at Derby, Conn., died 
March 8, 1867, at Rodman, N. Y., married Sept. 1, 1801, 
Betsey Peck, who was born Nov. 13, 1786, died Feb. 16, 

"He was born in old Derby, Conn., and experienced 
religion sixty years ago, under the preaching of Rev. Mr. 
Van Nest. Soon after this he united with the M. E. 
Church in Cornwall, Conn. About two years and a half 
after this he came to Whitesville, N. Y., where he resided 
till called away to his reward. He came to these paiis 
while it was all a wilderness. He raised a large family 
of seven sons and six daughters, all of whom, except one, 
attained the age of maturity. Father Todd was an ex- 
emplary Christian, a kind parent, a devoted companion, 


and a useful citizen. He retained his sprightliness and 
vivacity until a week before he died, and his reason was 
unimpaired until within two or three hours before he left 
the shoies of mortality. A short time befoi-e he took his 
departure, he earnestly exhorted some of his children to 
seek the Lord, and meet him in heaven." 

*834. Mary, b. Sept. 29, 1803. 
835. Lyman, b. May 31, 1806, d. Feb. 5, 1829, death was 
caused by a fall in his fathers barn while getting 
hay to feed the ministers horse, he lived only a 
few hours after the fall. 
*836. William, b. Dec. 9, 1807. 
*837. John, b. June 22, 1810. 

838. Eliza, b. June 17, 1812, d. March 14, 1814. 

839. Betsey, b. Nov. 13, 1814, d. Oct. 12, 1835, m. Sept. 

17, 1834, William A. Nichols. 
*840. Enoch L., b. Dec. 14, 1816. 
*841. Daniel, b. Dec. 20, 1818. 
*842. David Mills, b. Dec. 18, 1820. 
*843. Marietta, b. March 20, 1823. 
*844. Julia Eliza, b. July 5, 1825. 
*845. Joseph, b. Aug. 27, 1827. 
*846. Melissa, b. June 22, 1829. 


Sybil Todd«, (Daniel-, Daniels DanieP, SamueP, 
Christopher') bom Feb. 24, 1782, in Derby, Conn., died 
Jan. 1882, married Elisha Ticknor. They lived in 
Sharon, Conn. At 93 years of age she was "as smart 
and spry as a girl." 

Children : 

I. Hiram, b. Dec. 22, 1804, m. but had no children. 
II. Eunice, b. Sept. 16, 1806, twin with the next, m. 
Oct. 15, 1832, Mills J. Pierce. They lived in Corn- 
wall, Conn. 


III. Lovisa, b. Sept. 16, 1806, m. Anson Williams, no 

IV. Almira, b. Sept. 22, 1808, d. 1865, m. Aaron Slade, 

had five children. 
V. Harriet, b. July 10, 1810, d. Sept. 14, 1819. 

VI. Noah, b. Oct. 14, 1812, d. Dec. 15, 1813. 

VII. Sybil Eliza, b. Nov. 15, 1815, unmarried. 

VIII. Ira S., b. Sept. 24, 1817, d. Aug. 16, 1878, had three 
IX. John S., b. March 15, 1820, d. July 22, 1866, had 
two children. 
X. Luther M., b. March 21, 1822, d. Dec. 2, 1835. 
XI. Elbert 0., b. May 6, 1825, d. March 20, 1861, he 

Jonathan Todd^, (DanieP, Daniel'', DanieP, SamueP, 
Christopher^) born in Derby, Conn., married first, Rhoda 
Ward, of Cornwall, Conn., married second, Anna Batter- 
son, of Warren, Conn. 

Children : 

847. Simeon. 

848. Rhoda, m. Lewis. 

849. Harriet, m. Clark. 

*850. Marvin S. 

851. Emmeline, m. Daniel Carpenter. 

*852. Cyrus A., b. Oct. 18, 1826. 

*853. Sylvanus, b. Aug. 18, 1828. 

854. Millie, m. David Parmalee. 


Marvin Todd% (Daniel% Daniel*, DanieP, SamueP, 
Christopher^ born 1789, in Derby, Conn., died Feb. 2, 
1838, in Watertown, N. Y., married first, March 31, 1813, 
Abigail Wright, in Lorain, N. Y., who was born Sept. 
12, 1792, died Dec. 12, 1835, in Watertown, N. Y. He 


married second, Sept. 17, 1837, Lucy Davis, who died 
April, 1839, in Watertown, N. Y. 

Children by Abigail Wright: 

*855. Abigail, b. June 2, 1815. 

*856. Leonard H., b. Aug. 12, 1818. 

*857. Lorenzo D., b. July 29, 1820. 

858. Charles D. L., b. Feb. 17, 1823, d. March 24, 1823. 

*859. Caroline C, b. July 2, 1824. 

*860. Amanda M., b. May 13, 1826. 

*861. Russell W., b. Dec. 6, 1828. 

*862. Emma E., b. Jan. 24, 1834. 


Carrington Todd', (DanieP, Daniel*, DanieP, Sam- 
uel, Christopher') born March 15, 1798, in Derby, Conn., 
died Sept. 20, 1874, in Cornwall, Conn., married first, 
April 4, 1818, Betsey, daughter of Joel Howe, who was 
born Jan. 19, 1794, in Canaan, Conn., died Jan. 11, 1831, 
in Cornwall, Conn. He married second, Oct. 31, 1832, 
Harriet, daughter of Allen Shepard, who was bom July 
23, 1794, in Newtown, Conn., died Sept. 23, 1853, in Corn- 
wall, Conn. Married third, April 8, 1857, Eunice (Har- 
ris) Piatt. 

Mr. Todd was a miller, cooper and farmer. 

Children by Betsey Howe: 
*863. Lewis H., b. Feb. 4, 1819. 
*864. Almon E., b. Nov. 20, 1820. 
*865. Ellen J., b. Jan. 24, 1825. 
866. Mai-y V., b. March 10, 1829, d. March 28, 1833. 

Child by Harriet Shepard : 
*867. Rebecca Ann, b. Aug. 20, 1837. 

Child by Eunice Harris : 
*868. Eunice H., b. April 7, 1862. 

Yale Todd", ( James', James*, James^ Samuel-, Chris- 
topher') married . 

Child ; 
). Eli. 



Ezra Lewis Todd^ ( James^ James*, James^ SamueP, 

Christopher') born , died , married 

,Amy Hull. 

Child : 
*870. Ezra Lewis, b. May 1, 1795. 


Solomon Todd«, (James^ James*, James', SamueP 
Christopher^ married . 

Child : 
*871. Harvey. 


William Todd*, (Yale=, James*, James^ SamueP, 
Christopher^ born Aug'. 30, 1784, married Harriet Doo- 

Children : 

*872. William, b. Sept. 15, 1809. 

*873. Justus Bellamy, b. June 11, 1812. 

*874. Harriet Desire, b. Sept. 30, 1814. 

*875. Sereno Brown, b. March 8, 1819. 

*876. James R., b. July 12, 1823. 

877. Sarah Cornelia, b. Aug. 4, 1828. 

878. Esther C, b. Sept. 5, 1833, d. March 20, 1847. 
*879. Henry B., b. Sept. 3, 1835. 


Charlotte Todd^ (Solomon=, James*, James', Sam- 
uel% Christopher') born in 1806, died April 28, 1897, 


married John Veber who was bom in 1802, died May 1, 
1895. They lived in Charlemont, Mass. 

Children : 
I. Lucius, b. 1827, d. Jan. 17, 1892. 

II. William. 

III. Eleanor. 

IV. Charles. 
V. Herbert. 

VI. George, killed in action in the civil war, a bullet 

went directly through his heart. 
VII. Ellas. 
VIII. Dora. 
IX. Sarah. 
X. Victoria. 
XI. Harriet. 


Lydia Todd% (Solomon^ James*, James^ SamueP 
Christopher^ married Timothy Knowlton. 

Children : 
I. Dexter, went to Ohio. 

II. Chauncey. 

III. Newton. 

IV. Martha. 
V. Eliza. 


Eli Todd^ (Solomon% James*, James% SamueP, 
Christopher^) born in 1795, died Oct. 8, 1885, married 
Mary R. Legate, who was born in 1796, died Nov. 25, 
1873, in Charlemont, Mass., where they are supposed to 
have lived. 


Children : 
*880. Adeline. 

*881. Addison E., b. July 22, 1821. 
*882. Mary 0. 

*883. Augustus Varum, b. Sept. 22, 1826. 
*884. Dexter Josiah, b. Sept. 22, 1828. 
*885. Lorenzo U., b. Nov. 16, 1832. 
*886. Electa L. 
*887. Edward E., b. May 23, 1840. 


Electa L. Todd", (Solomon\ James*, James^ SamueP, 
Christopher') married Daniel W. Blodgett. 

Children : 
I. Cora, b. April 9, 1859. 

II. Carl. 

III. Francis, b. April 12, 1876. 


Uriah Todd% (Solomon^ James*, James^ SamueP, 
Christopher') born May 11, 1808, died Aug. 10, 1896, 

married Mary Ann, daughter of and Susannah 

(Wheeler) Wardman, who was born 1811, died Dec. 19, 

Children : 

888. Warren Uriah, b. May 2, 1835, unmarried, was a 
carpenter. He lived in Zoar, Mass. 

889. Beda, b. May 29, 1836, d. Dec. 7, 1882. 

890. Mary, m. Volney D. Warner. No children. They 

lived in Greenfield, Mass. 

891. Chester E., b. Aug. 4, 1847, d. March 11, 1873. 


Solomon Todd", (Solomon^ James^, James^ SamueP, 
Christopher') born Aug. 31, 1811, died July 15, 1902, 


married about 1837, Harriet Mayhew Hawks, who was 
bom in Charlemont, Mass., Sept. 24, 1818, died May 17, 
1902. in Rowe, Mass. When he was about 21 years of 
ag-e he went to Westfiold, Mass., and served 5 years learn- 
ing the carpenters trade. Soon after he returned to 
Zoar, Slass., whei-e he Hved for some time after he was 
married. Later lie moved to Charlemont, Mass., where 
he lived until 1858, when he removed to Rowe, Mass., 
living there until his death. 

Children : 

892. Ellen, b. Oct. 1840, d. Dec. 6, 1840. 

893. Emily A., b. 1842, m. William B. Caswell, who d. 

during the winter of 1877-78, in Shelbunie Falls, 

894. Laura E., b. Oct. 24, 1844, in Charlemont, Mass., 
m. John H. Juliff, who d. April, 1911, no children; 
they lived in Bristol, Conn. 

895. Theresa M., b. in 1846, in Charlemont, Mass., m. 

in 1870, Eugene W. Wood, of Easthampton, Mass., 
where he died Oct., 1910; no children; she resides 
in Easthampton, Mass., now (1916). 

896. Sarah, b. July, 1848, d. July 3, 1850. 
*897. Hattie E., b. 1850. 

*898. Albert, b. Au^. 31, 1852, d. Oct. 5, 1852. 
*899. George M., b. Oct. 14, 1854. 
900. Ida M., b. Feb. 23, 1857, d. March 5, 1876. 
*901. Alton S., b. Oct. 6, 1860. 
*902. Walter E., b. April 5, 1863. 


Evelyn Todd% (Solomon'', James% James\ Samuel=, 
Christopher^ born Dec. 5, 1812, died Jan., 1904, married 
Mercy Rice. He was a shoemaker and a good one. He 
lived in Adams, Mass. 

Children : 

903. George. 

904. Frederick Solomon, m. and had four children, all 
of whom d. young. 

905. Eveline, m. Reuben Whipple. 


John Atwater*, (Benjamin^ Benjamin*, Benjamin', 
MichaeP, Christopher') born Feb. 16, 1779, died Sept. 
1, 1847, at Canajoharie, N. Y., married Nancy Alstyne. 

Children : 

906. John Cockburn, b. Sept. 9, 1811, d. March 22, 1812. 

907. Abraham J., b. Jan. 24, 1813, d. Dec. 3, 1883. 
*908. Elnathan Reynolds, b. Dec. 15, 1815. 

*909. Cornelius Rush, b. July 6, 1819. 


Elnathan Atwater', (Benjamin\ Benjamin*, Benja- 
min^ MichaeP, Christopher') born Aug. 23, 1793, died 
Feb., 1878, at Brownsville, N. Y., married April 15, 1815, 
Mary, daughter of Abraham Bliss, who was born May 23, 
1795, died Nov. 5, 1871. They lived in Brownsville, N. Y. 

Children : 

910. Hannah Eliza, b. March 20, 1818, d. July 15, 1871, 
m. Joseph McFee. 

911. Nancy, b. May 13, 1820, m. John McFee. 

912. Melinda, b. May 26, 1822, m. Henry Dittendorf. 

913. Mary, b. Dec. 25, 1823, d. Feb. 29, 1871. 

914. Emeline, b. Jan. 10, 1829, m. Heniy Dittendorf. 

915. Anna, b. Jan. 7, 1832. 
*916. John Bliss, b. Nov. 6, 1835. 

917. Sanford, b. April 8, 1839, d. Feb. 17, 1841. 

Gershom Todd^ (Benjamin\ Titus*, Benjamin^ 
MichaeP, Christopher') born Oct. 25, 1784, died Jan. 9, 
1866, married Feb. 8, 1809, Anna Peet, who was born 
May 27, 1786, died Jan. 28, 1843. 

Children : 
*918. Orrin Blair, b. May 29, 1811. 
919. Plyment Memory, b. Mar. 15, 1817, d. Sept. 3, 1845. 


920. Hervey Benjamin, b. Nov. 21, 1820, d. Aug., 1868, 
m. in 1868. 

921. Antoinette Lodemia, b. March 9, 1823, m. May 24, 

1846, Jonathan Mann, who died July, 1891. 

922. Celestia May, b. July 7, 1826, d. April 3, 1887, m. 
Mason Adkins. 

*923. Dwight Austin, b. Oct. 7, 1829. 

924. Cornelius Justin, b. Jan. 13, 1833, d. Sept. 3, 1833. 


Benjamin Todd^ (Benjamins Titus*, BenjaminS 
Michaels Christopher^ born Jan. 20, 1787, died Aug. 9, 
1814, married Jan. 4, 1814, Elmira North. They re- 
moved from Russell, Mass., first to Fly Creek, N. Y., 
thence to Cooperstown, N. Y., where he died. 

Child : 

925. Celestia B., b. Sept. 23, 1814, m. Peet, in 

Cooperstown, N. Y. 


Phebe ToddS (Benjamin', TitusS Benjamins Mi- 
chaels Christopher^ born April 14, 1796, died Nov. 11, 
1859, married Dec. 5, 1822, Thomas Russell. 

Child : 
I. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 4, 1823. 



Lucretia Todd", (Benjamins Titus*, Benjamins Mi- 
chaels Christopher^) born June 11, 1798, married Nov. 
7, 1819, E. Deaton, (Emory Dayton?). 

Children : 
I. Lurey, b. Aug. 5, 1820. 
II. Cynthia, b. June 24, 1823. 



Cynthia Todd«, (Benjamin^, TitusS Benjamin^ Mi- 
chael, Christopher^ born Dec. 6, 1800, died Sept. 11, 
1865, married June 7, 1824, Noble, son of Enoch Stiles. 
She married second, in 1852, William Van Note, of Breeds- 
ville, Ohio. In 1849, Enoch Stiles with his son Noble 
went to California, where the latter died the same year. 
They were 49ers. She died at Breedsville, Ohio. 

Children : 

I. Enoch N., graduated from Oberln College. 
II. Hervey Reuben, b. April 9, 1829. 
Ill Benjamin T. 
IV. Miller C, d. Aged 6 years. 
V. Royal P. 
VI. Celestia C, m. Homer Curtis. 
VII. Cynthia E., m. James Butterfield. 


Titus Bryant Todd«, (Titus^ TitusS Benjamin^ Mi- 
chael=, Christopher') born Aug. 24, 1805. He married 
and removed to Pittstown, N. Y. 
Child : 
926. Charles E., res. Pittstown, N. Y. 


David Todd% (Titus^ TitusS Benjamin^, MichaeP, 
Christopher') born March 17, 1807, died in 1880, mar- 
ried Dec. 1, 1831, Clarissa Bradford of Williamsburg, 
Mass., who was born Sept. 15, 1808, died in 1884. She 
was in the sixth generation in direct line from Governor 
Bradford of the Mayflower and Plymouth Colony. 

He was a Methodist Clergyman and as to his pas- 
torates, his son, Stephen Olin Todd says : "soon after he 
began preaching he was located at Winchendon, Mass.; 


thence to Haddam or Haddam Neck, Conn., about 1834, 
he went next to Hebron, Conn., in 1836, later he was at 
Londenderry and Wilmington, Vt., about 1848 to 1852; 
thence to Amherst, Mass., 1853; Feeding Hills, Mass., 
1854; and South Deerfield, Mass., 1855." Retiring he 
bought a place at South Deerfield where he lived until 
1863; thence he moved to Charlemont, Mass., where he 
lived until his death in 1880. His widow sold their place 
in Charlemont in 1883, and went to live with her daugh- 
ter Ruth, who then lived in St. Johnsbury Center, Vt., 
where she died four years later. 

He was chosen selectman in Charlemont, Mass., in 
the year 1869. His son says about this fact: "it is 
strange what little circumstances alter relations. The 
year my father was selectman, heavy rains gutted a large 
number of the town's roads, so badly that the tax rate 
had to be increased, thus the selectmen incurred the dis- 
pleasure of their townsmen and were not re-elected." 

He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal con- 
ference for about thirty years. 

*927. Millicent Ruth, b. Aug. 25, 1832. ~ 
*928. William Sheridan, b. Jan. 1, 1840. 
929. Stephen Olin, b. Oct. 12, 1845, in 1911 he was liv- 
ing at St. Johnsbury Center, Vt., with his sister 
Ruth. Unmarried. By profession he was an ar- 
tist. His artists life made him somewhat of a 
wanderer, having made three trips to Europe; 
having lived a year or more at Florence, Italy, 
and so-journed at Rome, Venice, Naples, Pompeii, 
Bologna, Verona, Milan, Turin and Genoa. His 
last two trips were to Paris. In the United States 
he has lived at Boston, New York, Albany, Wash- 
ington. He did some portrait painting at Spring- 
field and Worcester, Mass., and Hartford, Conn. 

William Todd% (Titus^ TitusS Benjamin^ Michael-, 
Christopher') born July 29, 1808, died Dec. 21, 1839, 


married Cynthia Gates, who was born April 20, 1811. 
They resided in Leyden, Mass. 

Children : 
*930. Mary D., b. June 1, 1835. 
*931. John A., b. Aug. 29, 1837. 


Asa Todd% (Titus\ TitusS Benjamin% Michael-, 
Christopher^) born April 16, 1810, died July 6, 1871, at 
South Deerfield, Mass., married June 22, 1835, Emeline 
White, who was born July 22, 1816, died in 1906. 

Asa Todd's father, Titus Todd, moved from North 
Haven, Conn., to Charlemont, Mass., about 1804, as can 
be verified by consulting deeds recorded in the Court 
House in Greenfield, Mass. 

Children : 
932. David Emery, b. Nov. 29, 1836, d. June 15, 1862, 
in a Confederate Prison located at Newbern, N. C. 
*933. Asa Emerson, b. Feb. 25, 1839. 
934. William Henry, b. May 23, 1841, d. July 16, 1864, 
while confined at the infamous Libby Prison where 
so many Union Soldiers were confined and died of 
starvation and pestilence. 
*935. Frances Emeline, b. April 18, 1843. 

936. Oscar Gould, b. Jan. 27, 1854, d. July 26, 1865. 

937. Mary Marilla, b. March 7, 1858, d. Dec. 5, 1865. 


Henry M. Todd% (Jesse, Jesse*, Benjamin', Michael% 
Christopher') born March 29, 1812, died Dec. 27, 1885, 
at Agawam, Mass., married April 29, 1841, Mary A. 
Miller. They lived at Agawam, Mass., where he owned 
and operated a large farm. 


938. Edson Hem-y, b. July 2, 1842, in Agawam, Mass., 
d. June 25, 1893 at Quincy, 111. 

*939. Andrew Jesse, b. Feb. 13, 1845. 



Charles Abbott Todd*^, (Chandler'', Jesse", Benjamin% 
Michael-', Christopher^ born Dec. 19, 1831, died May 10, 
1892, married Dec. 21, 1865, Grace Weymouth Jacka, who 
was born in 1843, died May 10, 1903. 

Mr. Todd was a veiy consientious man, honest and 
industrious, and was very highly respected in the com- 
munity in which he lived. He owned and operated a 
farm which his father had owned before him near Fre- 
donia, N. Y. 

Children : 
*940. Alice Laura, b. Feb. 9, 1867. 
*941. Ralph Mitchell, b. Oct. 31, 1874. 


Emily Lucretia Todd", (Asa% Gershom", Gershom', 
Michael^ Christopher') born May 8, 1783, died March 
26, 1815, at West Chesterfield, Mass., married in 1803, 
Moses Fisk, who was born Nov. 12, 1780, died Feb. 22, 

Children : 

I. Moses, b. Nov. 12, 1805, d. Dec. 1875. 
II. Emily, b. Nov. 29, 1807, d. May 3, 1854, m. Oct. 
1829, Austin Pease. 


Justus Todd", (Asa% Gershom*, Gershom', Michael-, 
Christopher') born June 24, 1785, died Feb. 27, 1862, 
at Ellington, N. Y., married first, April 8, 1807, Cyrene, 
daughter of Isaac and Mary (Studley) Damon, of Ches- 
terfield, Mass., who was bom Oct. 2, 1787, died June 30, 
1825. He married second, Mrs. Jemima (Hayden) Shaw, 
daughter of Caleb and Jemima (Damon) Hayden, she 
being a cousin to his first wife. She died in 1853, at 
Ellington, N. Y. 


Soon after his second marriage they removed to New 
York Sate, first to Cattaraugus County, thence a little 
later to Ellington, Chautauqua County, N. Y. He was a 
Universalist minister which did not please his father at 
all. It is supposed that this fact may have been partly 
the cause of his removal to New York State in 1831. 

Children by Cyrene Damon : 
942. Asa, b. March 23, 1808, d. Aug. 6, 1818. 
*943. Iru Studley, b. Oct. 23, 1809. 
*944. Electa, b. Nov. 9, 1812. 
*945. Lucy, b. March 17, 1815. 

946. Levi Solomon, b. July 11, 1816, d. Nov. 12, 1820. 

947. Rufus, b. Aug. 8, 1818, d. Jan. 27, 1819. 
*948. Laura, b. Sept. 29, 1819. 

949. Cyrene, b. Aug. 11, 1823, m. Frank Damon; no 
children, d. in New York State. 

Children by Jemima Hayden: 

950. Parthenia, d. young. 

951. Alonzo, b. Feb. 3, 1828, d. Nov. 11, 1851, of Typhoid 

952. Ellen, b. 1831, d. infant during the journey to New 

York State, the journey having been made by the 
way of the Erie Canal, and was buried somewhere 
on the way by the side of it. 

953. Mariett Abigail, b. Feb. 21, 1834, d. June 17, 1913, 

m. Kelley, no children. She was buried 

at Ellington, N. Y., by the side of or near her 


David Todd", (Asa^ Gershom^ Gershom^ MichaeP, 
Christopher^ born Aug. 22, 1787, died Sept. 19, 1871, 
married Mary Rowe. They lived for many years in West 
Chesterfield, Mass., near the home of his father. Later 
on they removed to Maryland, where they are supposed 
to have died. 

Children : 

954. Menerva, m. L. Richards. 


955. Mary, m. Chauncey Weston, she d. Jan. 5, 1889, 
at Laurel, Maryland. A newspaper clipping says 
that she was the last surviving member of the late 
David Todd's family. 


Mary Todd^ (Asa=, Gershom*, Gershom-\ Michael -\ 
Christopher^ born Oct. 15, 1789, died May 13, 1874, 
married about 1810, Lewis Higgins. They lived most 
of their married life at or near West Chesterfield, Mass. 

Children : 

L Jacob Gershom, b. Dec. 1, 1811, d. May 8, 1893, 
m. (1) Eliza A. Moore, (2) Dec. 21, 1853, Delia 
IL Almon Webster, b. June 1, 1813, d. July 14, 1905, 

m. June 5, 1844, Lucy Clapp. 
in. Mary Elzina, b. March 6, 1815, d. July 25, 1875, 

m. June 5, 1844, C. W. Langdon. 
IV. Lucy Ermina, b. Jan. 30, 1817, d. April 13, 1854, 
m. April 23, 1835, Madison Cudworth. 
V. Elijah, b. Aug. 6, 1819, d. Jan. 10, 1890, m. (1) 
Zilpha Collier, (2) Feb. 4, 1852, Almira Prentiss. 

VI. Deliverance, b. Aug. 6, 1819, d. April 14, 1878, m. 

in 1851, John Cady, twin with Elijah. 

VII. Catherine, b. Sept. 10, 1824, d. Sept. 3, 1899, m. 
July 21, 1849, Edward Westcot. 


Lyman Todd^ (Asa'', Gershom% Gershom-', Michael=, 
Christopher^) born Oct. 30, 1791, died Oct. 12, 1845, 
married Sarah, daughter of Roger Kinney, of Chester- 
field, Mass., she married second, May 8, 1853, Quartus 
son of Justus Rust, who was born in Chester, Mass. 

Lyman Todd operated the farm which his father had 
done before him and besides he used to haul freight and 



do other trucking. Once he moved a family from Hat- 
field, Mass., to Utica, N. Y. 
Children : 

*956. Abigail Lucretia, b. Sept. 19, 1815. 

*957. Horace Lyman, b. Sept. 8, 1818. 

*958. Asa A., b. Aug. 12, 1820. 
959. John, b. in 1823, d. in 1825; he was accidentally 
killed while playing with other children around a 
wagon body that was leaning against the barn, 
which in their play was overturned, pining the 
little fellow underneath. 

*960. Aurelia Frances, b. June 6, 1825. 
961. Delina, b. Dec. 19, 1827, d. Dec. 11, 1859, twin 
with the next. 

*962. Sarah Deliza, b. Dec. 19, 1827. 

963. John, b. May 1, 1829, d. Nov. 13, 1854, unmarried. 

964. Ellen, b. Dec. 23, 1831, d. May 5, 1846. 

965. Alice C, b. April 22, 1833, d. May 13, 1846. 

966. James Munroe, b. Jan. 18, 1837, d. about 1857. 
He went to New York State with his mother after 
her second marriage and died there. 

*967. Benjamin Franklin, b. about 1839. 



Esther Todd", (Asa=, Gershom*, Gershom^ MichaeP, 
Christopher^ born April 30, 1794, died July 16, 1818, 
married Aug. 25, 1813, Ezra, son of Cyrus and Sarah 
(Weeks) Stearns who was born Feb. 14, 1792, died Oct. 
20, 1814 in the service of the United States, during the 
war of 1812. 

Child : 
I. Ezra, b. Aug. 18, 1814, d. young. 



Obedience Todd^ (Asa^ Gershom", Gershom^ Mi- 
chaeP, Christopher^) born Sept. 26, 1796, died Aug. 25, 


1884, married Oct. 3, 1815, John Williams, of Ashfield, 
Mass. Her name is given in the History of Whately as 
Zobede Todd. 

Children : 
I. Son, b. and d. Feb. 28, 1817. 
II. Alonzo, b. Aug-. 23, 1818, m. Elvira Ward, had five 

III. Eliza Emma, b. May 1, 1820, m. Thomas P. Miller, 

had eight children. 

IV. Julia Ann, b. April 7, 1822, d. May 14, 1903, m. 

Aaron N. Remington, of Savoy, Mass., had three 
V. Mary Augusta, b. July 24, 1824, d. Jan. 28, 1850. 
VI. John, b. Aug. 7, 1826, d. Dec. 23, 1826. 
VII. Eunice Isabella, b. Sept. 3, 1828, m. Oct. 3, 1860, 
Lawrence Moore. 
VIII. John Hinckley, b. April 20, 1831, d. Feb. 26, 1903, 
m. Sept. 22, 1857, Fannie Hubbard, daughter of 
Oliver Williams, of Sunderland, Mass. 
IX. George Franklin, b. April 17, 1833, m. Nov. 19, 
1872, Emma Virginia Woodfire. 
X. Charles, b. and d. 1839. 


Bela Todd% (Caleb^ Gideon*, Gideon\ Michael^ 
Christopher^) born Nov. 3, 1785, at North Haven, Conn., 
married Lucy Hemmingway, who was born Dec. 14, 1791, 
at Ashburnham, Mass. 

Children : 
*968. Ora B., b. Dec. 20, 1808. 

969. Lewis, b. Nov. 19, 1810, at Fairfield, N. Y., d. y. 

970. Lucy E., b. June 13, 1812, at Chautauqua, Chautau- 
qua County, N. Y. 

*971. Elbridge Gary, b. July 20, 1814. 
*972. Cornelia E., b. April 25, 1816. 


*973. Lovina A., b. April 15, 1818. 

974. Matilda L., b. Feb. 11, 1820, at Stockton, N. Y., 
m. Thomas Montgomery. 

975. Hosea H., b. Nov. 7, 1821, m. and went west and 
never heard from since. 

*976. Caleb L., b. May 7, 1823. 

*977. Philinda E., b. March 7, 1825. 

*978. Electa R., b. Oct. 25, 1826. 

*979. Andrew Jackson, b. July 21, 1828. 

*980. Levi Goodsil, b. March 22, 1830. 

981. Herman, b. April 15, 1832, d. young. 

982. Edwin P., b. July 17, 1833, at Stockton, N. Y., d. 
at Santa Paula, Cal., m., no children. 

*983. Marquis De Lafayette, b. Feb. 13, 1837. 



Lovice Todd", (Calebs Gideon*, Gideon^, MichaeP, 
Christopher^) born in 1790, died March 27, 1840, mar- 
ried Judson Tyler. 

Children : 
L Franklin. 
IL Hannah. 
in. Gideon. 


Lewis C. Todd", (Caleb% Gideon*, Gideon^ MichaeP, 
Christopher^ born Feb. 17, 1794, died June 26, 1863, 
married May 3, 1818 in Chautauqua County, N. Y., Ellen 
Steadman who was born May 22, 1798, died Aug. 31, 

Children : 

984. Washington, b. March 16, 1819, d. Sept. 22, 1820. 
*985. Lewis C, b. July 20, 1824. 

986. Andrew, b. Dec. 12, 1827, d. July 27, 1828. 
*987. Catherine, b. May 16, 1831. 



Thomas Jefferson Todd", (Caleb', Gideon% Gideon\ 
Michael-, Christopher') born March 11, 1803, at Fairfield, 
Herkimer County, N. Y., died Aug. 10, 1880, at Platts- 
mouth, Neb., married May 12, 1830, Mary Smith at Kian- 
tone, Chautauqua County, N. Y. In the year 1832, they 
removed to Jamestown, N. Y. ; in 1836 they went to Geau- 
ga County, Ohio ; thence in 1839 to Carrol County, Ohio ; 
then in 1841 they went to De Wittville, N. Y., to the farm 
originally owned by Caleb Todd and which was bought 
by him from the Holland Land Company, and which farm 
is now owned by Chautauqua County and is occupied as 
a County Poor Farm. In 1844, they removed to Monroe 
County, Ohio ; thence in 1847 to Owen County, Ind., where 
he bought 80 acres of old growth timber land, which was 
cleared off by his sons Frederick P. and Ami B. Todd. 
While he was living in Indiana, he was generally engaged 
in erecting large hotels and mills for the manufacture 
of flour. He practiced medicine three years while resid- 
ing in Monroe County, Ohio. In the year 1857, he moved 
with two ox teams across the States to Nebraska, having 
been fifty-five days in making the journey, landing on 
the East bank of the Missouri River, May 25, 1857, soon 
crossing over to the west bank in the territory of Nebras- 
ka. Otoe Indians were still living there but were re- 
moved by the government the same year. He took up 160 
acres of land west of Plattsmouth, Neb., where he and 
family lived in a sod house in the bluff' for the first year. 
About the year 1876, he sold this farm and moved into 
Plattsmouth, where he died four years later. 
Children : 
988. Mary E., b. July 8, 1831, at Carrol, N. Y., d. Dec. 
18, 1877, m. Feb. 24, 1847, Samuel Twiss in Mon- 
roe County, Ohio. They had seven children. 
*989. Edwin R., b. Oct. 10, 1833. 
990. Emeline P., b. Oct. 13, 1834, in Huron County, 
Ohio, m. Oct. 1858, George W. Mayfield ; they re- 
sided at Louisville, Neb. at one time. 
*991. Frederick P., b. June 24, 1837. 


992. Elizabeth, b. 1839, d. May 13, 1841. 

993. Ami B., b. April 9, 1842, m. first. May 16, 1871, 
Maggie Thomas who was b. Nov. 10, 1838, d. Feb. 
1, 1888, m. second, Mrs. Lydia B. Foster of Den- 
ver, Col. 


Caleb Todd% (Caleb% GideonS Gideon^ Michael, 
Christopher') born Dec. 13, 1807, at Fairfield, N. Y., 
died March 25, 1856, at Clayton, Genesee County, Mich., 
married first, at Westfield, N. Y., by Elder Chapman, 
March 17, 1833, Lucretia Wood, who was born April 10, 
1816, at Westfield, N. Y., died Oct. 5, 1840, at Chautauqua, 
N. Y. He married second, April 21, 1843, at Westfield, 
N. Y., also by Elder Chapman, Hannah A. Felt, who was 
born May 4, 1818, at Palmyra, N. Y., died Feb. 2, 1885, at 
Davison, Mich. 

Child by Lucretia Wood : 
*994. George Emmett, b. July 1, 1834. 

Child by Hannah A. Felt: 
*995. Vesta, b. March 6, 1844. 
*996. Florence E. L., b. Dec. 8, 1849. 


Polly p. Todd", (Justus Lyman'', Gideon% Gideon^ 
MichaeP, Christopher^ bom July 22, 1789, died Aug. 1, 
1880, married Caleb Humiston of North Haven, Conn. 
They removed to Great Barrington, Mass., thence to Hud- 
son, Ohio, where both died and were buried. She was a 
woman of strong intellect. 

Children : 

I. George Lyman, b. April 3, 1808, d. April 3, 1877. 
IL Jared Laurens, b. May 18, 1810, d. Oct. 18, 1896. 
IIL John Willis, b. Sept. 29, 1812, d. May 16, 1891. 


IV. Loyal Porter, b. March 18, 1814, d. July 25, 1814. 
V. Jane Elizabeth, b. Sept. 6, 1816, d. May 20, 1891. 
VI. Loyal Francis, b. Feb. 11, 1819, d. Aug. 24, 1890. 
VII. Ransom Franklin, b. July 29, 1821, d. April 4, 1889. 
VIII. Henry Dwight, b. April 12, 1824, he lived in Cleve- 
land, Ohio, in 1913, d. March 25, 1919. 
IX. Edwin Ray, b. May 6, 1827, d. March 24, 1913. 
X. Emily Susana, b. Aug. 1, 1830. 


Henry W. Todd', (Justus Lyman^ GideonS Gideon^ 
MichaeP, Christopher^ died at Mt. Carmel, Conn., mar- 
ried Mary Gaylord. He was a very prosperous farmer. 

Child : 
997. Loyal B., m. Emma Lines. No children. 


Loyal Francis Todd\ (Justus Lyman% Gideon*, Gid- 
eon', MichaeP, Christopher^) bom Nov. 1, 1798, died 
Sept. 11, 1870, married first, Oct. 31, 1824, Easter, daugh- 
ter of Eben and Easter (Thompson) Ives, who was born 
Jan. 2, 1803, died July 14, 1835. He married second, 
March 28, 1836, Sinai (Dickerman) Tuttle, widow of 
Orrin Tuttle of Wallingford, Conn., and daughter of 
Jonathan and Merab (Rice) Dickerman. 

Children by Easter Ives: 
*998. Elizabeth Penfield, b. Sept. 3, 1825. 
999. Lyman Ives, b. April 11, 1828, d. March 9, 1904, 
m. Caroline Brown ; he went to Chicago, 111., when 
a young man and built up a large manufacturing 
business. No children. 
*1000. Mary A., b. March 7, 1831. 
*1001. Caroline J., b. Aug. 12, 1833. 
1002. Henry S., b. May 3, 1835, d. Nov. 3, 1896, unmar- 


Children by Sinai Dickerman : 
*1003. Emily Frances, b. Dec. 30, 1837. 

1004. Marie Antoinette, b. Dec. 12, 1845, m. March 26, 

1891, Edward Atwater Smith, who died Oct. 1, 
1895, no children. She resides in North Haven, 
Conn., in 1913. 


Manning Samuel Todd", (Samuel Beach^ Gideon*, 
Gideon^ MichaeP, Christopher') born March 28, 1797, 
died Dec. 3, 1877, married March 10, 1825, Maria Pickert. 
He served six weeks during 1814, in the war of 1812. 
They lived at Fairfield, N. Y. 

Children : 

1005. Adeline Maria, b. May 30, 1826, d. July 24, 1887, 
m. March 10, 1846 Alonzo G. Smith. They resided 
at Fairfield, N. Y. No children. 

1006. Charles Theodore, b. May 28, 1829, m. Nov. 14, 

1865, Margaret Davis. By occupation, he was a 
mason. They lived in Fairfield, N. Y. He was 
living in 1911. No children. 
*1007. Lucina Pickert, b. Dec. 17, 1831. 

1008. Frances Elizabeth, b. May 18, 1833, d. April 25, 

1834, at Fairfield, N. Y. 

1009. Louisa, b. March 29, 1835, d. Jan. 7, 1839. 

1010. James Henry, b. April 1, 1838, d. in 1906; in 1861 
he enlisted in the 34th New York State Volun- 
teer Militia and served two years when he was 
honourably discharged. He lived at Kansas City, 
Mo., where he followed the masons trade. Un- 

*1011. Eugene Manning, b. Jan. 11, 1840. 
*1012. John Pierpont, b. May 5, 1845. 


Lyman S. Todd", (Samuel Beach', Gideon*, Gideon^ 
Michael, Christopher') born Nov. 7, 1802, married Sept. 


26, 1830, Sarah Damaris, daughter of Benjamin and Sally 
(Todd) Baldwin, of Brandford, Conn. For the ancestry 
of Sally (Todd) Baldwin, see No. 225. They lived at 
Little Falls, N. Y. 

Children : 

1013. S. Fannie, m. Henry Link, of Little Falls, N. Y. 

1014. Luzern S., d. Aug. 6, 1865, at New Orleans, La. 
. He was a Lieutenant in the United States Army. 


Hermon S. Todd^ (Samuel Beach', Gideon*, Gideon^ 
Michael', Christopher") born Feb. 5, 1804, died July 3, 
1873, married Jan. 4, 1832, Susan A. Carpenter who was 
of Norway, N. Y. At one time they lived at Russia, 
Herkimer County, N. Y. 

Children : 
*1015. Hamilton H., b. Aug. 24, 1833. 
*1016. Morris M., b. Oct. 6, 1836. 
1017. Jane Ann, b. Jan. 23, 1839, d. Feb. 12, 1839. 



Lucinda C. Todd", (Samuel Beach', Gideon*, Gideon^ 
Michaels Christophers born Feb. 14, 1811, died July 3, 
1873, married Nov. 4, 1830, Amos Foster who was of 
Fort Plain, N. Y., who was bom April 11, 1804, died 
Jan. 31, 1874. 

Children : 
I. Sarah Emmeline, b. Nov. 19, 1831, m. Oct. 2, 1849, 
Chauncey Wagner; they resided at Fort Plain, N. 
II. Maiy Ann, b. Oct. 13, 1833, m. Jan. 8, 1861, James 

III. Helen Eugenia, b. March 29, 1841, m. Jan. 8, 1861, 
Peter P. Wagner, also of Fort Plain, N. Y. 


IV. Hermon A., b. Aug. 25, 1843, d. May 2, 1871. 
V. Edwin, b. Dec. 29, 1847 ; he resides at Fort Plain, 
N. Y. 

VI. Chauncey Clark, b. Feb. 17, 1852, m. Feb. 9, 1876, 

Alice Huntley; Res. Syracuse, N. Y. 

VII. Ida Jennie, b. Aug. 27, 1855; Res. Fort Plain, N. Y. 


Betsey Todd', (Melicu^ GideonS Gideon^ MichaeP, 
Christopher') born in 1800, married Jesse Robinson. 

Children : 
I. Caroline Lorinda. 

II. Jane. 

III. Margaret, d. infant. 

IV. Feronda Baxter. 
V. Hermon. 

VI. Dwight. 

VII. Willard. 
VIII. Margaret. 



Mary Ann Todd°, (Melicu^ GideonS Gideon^ Mi- 
chaeP, Christopher') married Merritt Barnes. 

Child : 
I. Matilda, m. Justus Fitch. 


Beri Moraldus Todd^ (Melicu^ Gideon^, Gideon^ 
MichaeP, Christopher') born April 4, 1808, died Sept. 5, 
1876, married Caroline S., daughter of Joshua Barnes 
who was born Dec. 26, 1808. They lived at North Haven, 


Children : 
1018. Caroline Elizabeth, d. in 1910; she was at one 

time librarian at the Young Men's Institute at 

New Haven, Conn. 
*1019. Wallace Beri, b. May 8, 1833. 

1020. Jeannette Amelia, b. July 2, 1840, in North Haven, 

Conn., m. Frederic Talbot, of Providence, R. I., 
where they now (1917) reside. No children. 

1021. Mary Lavinia, b. March 11, 1842, d. June 18, 18—. 


Polly E. Todd^ (Melicu\ Gideon', CTideon% MichaeP, 
Christopher^ died Sept. 22, 1879, married Jonathan Hez- 
ekiah, son of Jonathan and Mary (Yale) Dayton. He 
was a great-grandson of Michael Todd by the Dayton line. 

Children : 
I. Eliza Ray, m. Lewis C. Green, of Meriden, Conn. 
II. Ellen C, m. Maltby Fowler, of Northford, Conn. 

III. Grace, m. De Grasse Fowler. 

IV. Angeline, m. Hubbard. 

V. Ambrose. 

Roxa Ann Todd^ (Amos', CharlesS Gideon^ Mi- 
chael, Christopher') born March 12, 1795, married April 
21, 1813, Chester Boies, of Blanford, Mass., who was born 
Oct. 2, 1789, died Aug. 5, 1856; he was a farmer and 
lived at Homer, N. Y., then Oxford, Medina and Lyme, 

Children : 
I. William Phelps, b. Aug. 8, 1815. 
II. Ann Maria, b. Nov. 1, 1816, d. Oct. 5, 1826. 


III. Caroline Eliza, b. June 6, 1818, d. Oct. 19, 1848, 
m. Ten Eyck Wells, who was a physician at one 
time at Litchfield, Conn. They had one son born 
in 1844, d. in 1845. 

IV. Samuel, b. Feb. 2, 1820. 

V. Joseph Strong, b. Feb. 8, 1824. 
VI. Mary Campbell, b. March 23, 1826, m. Benjamin L. 
Bullard, of Wadsworth, Ohio. 

VII. Chester Leroy, b. May 5, 1828. 

VIII. Amos Todd, b. June 5, 1832. 

IX. Charlotte Maria, b. Dec. 25, 1834, d. Feb. 17, 1863, 
m. Charles Ozias Scott, who was a physician at 
Barnesville, Ohio. 
X. Harriet Lucretia, b. Nov. 17, 1836, m. Oct. 4, 1865, 
Elbridge Gerry, son of Cyrus and Lydia Hart; he 
was a physician at Medina, Ohio. No children. 


Lavina Williams Todd% (Amos-', CharlesS Gideon% 
MichaeP, Christopher^) born June 7, 1810, married in 
1831, Hiram, son of Solomon and Nancy (Haven) Stew- 
art, of Milan, Ohio, who was born March 28, 1808. He 
was a farmer at Bloomingville and Milan, Ohio. 

Children : 

I. Nancy Lurana, b. July 26, 1833, in New York, N. Y., 
d. April 6, 1852, at Bloomingville, Ohio. 
II. Mary Campbell, b. Nov. 15, 1836, m. May 2, 1867, 
Bernard Augustus Storch, who was b. at Rudol- 
stadt, Germany. He was a physician. 

III. Martin Van Buren, b. Aug. 15, 1838, m. Sept. 20, 

1861, Lucy Ann Hall, who was b. in 1839. He was 
a farmer at Milan, Ohio. 

IV. Ellen Todd, b. July 21, 1841, m. May 2, 1867, John 

Albro Bradley, a merchant at Medina, Ohio. He 
was b. Feb. 10, 1842. 


V. Charles Adams, b. June 23, 1848, m. Feb. 24, 1870, 
Josephine Newell, who was b. in 1850, he was a 
physician at Wakeman, Ohio. 
VI. Milton Sheldon, b. June 10, 1850. 



Julia Ann Jones Todd% (Amos-', Charles^ Gideon% 
Michael^ Christopher^) born Sept. 1, 1816, married 
Heniy John Benson, of Painesville, then Waldoboro, Ohio. 
He later married Amanda Webb. 

Children : 
I. Henry Clay, m. Julia Harriet Stewart; he was a 
farmer at Upper Alton, 111. 

II. Eleanor Todd, m. Hon. James Augustus Bates, of 

Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

III. Henrietta Maria, m. Alphonso M. Griswold, of Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 

IV. Alvarado Todd, m. Jeannie M. Wright; they lived 

at St. Louis, Mo. 
V. George Washington, he lived at St. Louis, Mo. 

VI. Rose. 

VII. John ; he was a farmer at Rolla, Mo. 

VIII. Charles; he was a machinist at Providence, R. I. 



Lydia Mahala Todd% (Amos^ Charles*, Gideon', 
Michael-, Christopher^ born July 15, 1824, married June 
23, 1824, William Thompson, son of Abel and Matilda 
West, who was bom June 15, 1815, at Washington, Mass. 
He was a merchant at Sandusky, Ohio. 

Children : 
I. Mary Campbell, b. March 5, 1847, d. Jan. 27, 1852, 
II. William Gilbert, b. June 26, 1850. 


III. King David, b. June 7, 1853. 

IV. Jeannie Matilda, b. Nov. 30, 1855. 
V. Carrie Antoinette, b. Oct. 28, 1859. 

VI. George Campbell, b. Sept. 12, 1861. 


William G. Todd% (Dan-', Charles*, Gideon^ Michael-, 
Christopher^ born July 27, 1797, died July 26, 1855, 
married Oct. 18, 1818 . 

Children : 

1022. Jane. 

1023. Lucretia. 

1024. Lydia. 

1025. Miles. 

1026. Judson. 

1027. Sophia. 



Philley Todd«, (Dan% CharlesS Gideon% Michael% 
Christopher') born Oct. 30, 1800, died Sept. 8, 1820, mar- 
ried Oct. 20, 1818, Curtis Ingraham. She was called 
Sophia by her relative, Charles Todd, of Wilton, Wis. 

I. Phila, m. Hall, had one child, a daughter. 


Charles Todd«, (Dan=, CharlesS Gideon^ Michael^ 
Christopher') born April 8, 1802, died March 26, 1838, 
married first, Nov. 18, 1827, Sophia Polley. He married 
second, in 1834, or 1835, Maria Williams. 

Children by Sophia Polley : 

1028. Almeda M., d. Jan. 1845. 

1029. Hannah, d. May 1843. 


Children by Maria Williams: 
*1030. George, b. Jan. 5, 1836. 
*1031. Charles, b. Sept. 30, 1837. 

Amos Todd", (Dan-', Charles*, Gideon% Michael-, 
Christopher^ born Oct. 2, 1804, married Nov. 14, 1824, 
Harriet, daughter of Ebenezer arid Sallie (Whitaker) 
Pratt, who was born Aug. 15, 1805. He was a farmer 
and lived in Wisconsin. 

Children : 
*1032. Sarah A., b. March 11, 1825. 
*1033. Hiram Jerome, b. Nov. 14, 1828. 
*1034. Peninah E., b. Nov. 16, 1830. 
1035. Mandema, b. Oct. 3, 1833, m. David Austin. In 
1911, they were living in Geneva, Ohio. 
*1036. Lucretia, b. Dec. 27, 1836. 
*1037. Alna Almeda, b. March 6, 1839. 

1038. Vilna Medora, b. April 26, 1841, m. Lewis Premo, 

she lives at Merrimack, Wis., no children. 

1039. Mary M., b. Feb. 2, 1845, d. Sept. 17, 1847. 


Hari-y Todd", (Dan', Charles*, Gideon% MichaeP, 
Christopher^) born Feb. 12, 1807, married first, Jan. 7, 
1830, Elvira Williams. He married second, Clara Wea- 

Child by Elvira Williams : 
*1040. Dewitt C. 

Child by Clara Weaver: 
1041. Gilmore. 



Sarah Ann Todd", (Dan% Charles*, Gideon^ Michael% 
Christopher^) bom Aug. 9, 1813, married Levi Hopkins 
of Homer, N. Y. 


Children : 
I. Merit. 
II. Melvin. 

III. Dan Todd. 

IV. Dolphus. 
V. Sarah. 


Sylvester Hultz Todd% (Dan% Charles*, Gideon^ 
Michael-, Christopher') born Jan. 11, 1815, died March 
18, 1888, married at Homer, N. Y., Aug. 10, 1836, Claris- 
sa D. Stephens, who was born May 24, 1818, died Jan. 
22, 1909, at Batavia, 111., where she was buried in the 
West Side Cemetery. They went to 111. in 1837, where 
they bought a farm in Kane County. She was a kindly 
disposed woman, of a very bright mind, being a great 
reader, and the author of many beautiful poems of merit. 
In religious matters she was a "Free Thinker" at an 
early day, being a member of the Universalist Church 
of St. Charles, (111.?). 

Children : 

1042. Clara Maria, b. May 20, 1839, m. Edwin Black- 
man; no children; reside at 1510 Dearborn Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

1043. Ellen Olivia, b. April 13, 1841, d. Aug. 28, 1853. 
*1044. Harriet D., b. June 8, 1846. 

1045. Bernice Delilah, b. June 28, 1848, d. Aug. 21, 
*1046. Ettie E., b. Sept. 1, 1855. 


Miles Goodyear Todd% (Dan^ Charles*, Gideon% 
Michael^ Christopher') born Aug. 14, 1821, at Homer, 
N. Y., died March 19, 1888, married first, in 1847, Mar- 
garet Williams ; second, Sept. 12, 1862, Helen Mae Parker, 
who was bom July 9, 1836, died June 28, 1906. He 


attended an Eastern College, and about 1840, he moved 
with his family to Geneva, 111. He was ordained a uni- 
versal clerg-yman and became one of Wisconsin's pioneer 
ministers, tilling different pastorates until the time of his 
death. He was a private in the 28th regiment Wisconsin 
Volunteer Militia during the civil war. 

Children by Margaret Williams: 

1047. George Lewellyn, b. Oct. 2, 1848, unmarried; in 

1911 he lived at Merrimack, Wis. 

1048. Amos Willard, b. Dec. 20, 1850, unmarried ; he too 
lived at Mei'rimack, Wis. 

Children by Helen M. Parker: 

*1049. William Elmer, b. Aug. 14, 1853. 

1050. Dan Charles, b. June 27, 1856, m. July 1880, Em- 
ma Crosby who was b. in 1854. He is a pros- 
perous farmer and lived in 1911, at Merrimack, 

1051. Sarah Evelyn, b. April 28, 1858, m. Sept. 14, 1887, 
Judge L. H. Mead, who was b. Sept. 26, 1853. 
No children. She attended the public schools of 
Wisconsin ; later she graduated from a course of 
instrumental and vocal music at Chicago, 111. 

*1052. Miles Edwin, b. April 6, 1862. 
*1053. Myrtie Annetta, b. Sept. 3, 1870. 


Rufus Hoadley Todd*', (Linus"', Seth*, Eleazer=*, 
MichaeP, Christopher') born Jan. 5, 1819, died July 1892, 
married Eliza L., daughter of John and Esther (Johnson) 
Bennett, who was born Feb. 27, 1823, died June 29, 1896. 
In 1835 they moved to Ohio and bought a farm at Strons- 
ville, Cuyahoga County, 0. 

Children : 
*1054. William Luzerne, b. Nov. 20, 1850. 
*1055. Charles Herbert, b. March 7, 1861. 




Uri Todd', (Medad'', Abner*, Ithamar", MichaeP, 
Christopher') born Oct. 6, 1800, died July 25, 1860, mar- 
ried Sarah P. who was born in 1804, died Nov. 

25, 1856. 


1056. Louisa E., b. 1833, d. Sept. 20, 1854. 

1057. Edward Agustus, b. 1836, d. July 4, 1845. 



Louisa Todd*, (Medad'^, Abner* Ithamar^, MichaeP, 
Christopher') married April 1822, Elam, son of Elam 
and Sarah (Hitchcock) Ives, who was born Jan. 7, 1802, 
died Feb. 10, 1864. 

Children : 
L Augusta, m. Charles Longdon. Had three children. 
II. Mary Cooper, m. Henry Steele. No children. 

III. Emily, unmarried. 

IV. John Sebastian Back, m. twice. Had four child- 

Sidney Smith Todd», (Josiah=, Abner*, Ithamar^ 
MichaeP, Christopher') born Jan. 3, 1809, died Oct. 30, 
1888, married Dec. 29, 1839, Abbie, daughter of Silas 
and Deborah (Hurd) Hamilton, of Rockaway, Morris 
County, N. J. She was a lineal descendant of Sir An- 
drew Hamilton who was at one time the Colonial Gover- 
nor of New Jersey. 

Children : 
*1058. Mary Adelaide, b. Sept. 22, 1841. 
1059. Cornelia Augusta, b. July 2, 1843, d. Feb. 9, 1911, 


1060. Hai-lan Page, b. Feb. 27, 1845, d. Aug. 14, 1845. 

1061. Helen Elizabeth, b. Sept. 10, 1846, d. May 8, 1865, 
m. Nov. 15, 1864, Stephen D. Thompson. 

1062. Edwin Eugene, b. April 12, 1848, unmarried. He 
is a farmer at Ludlowville, N. Y. 


Henrietta Todd^ (Josiah% Abner*, Ithamar% Mi- 
chael-', Christopher born Sept. 6, 1810, married Oct. 
12, 1830, Walter G., son of Jabez Bradley, of Hamden, 
Conn., who was born Nov. 16, 1808. 

Children : 
I. Jabez, b. Sept. 5, 1832, d. Aug. 24, 1867, unmarried. 

II. Dan, b. June 21, 1834, m. Emma, daughter of Calvin 

King, who was born April 20, 1841. He was a 
farmer and lived near King Ferry, N. Y. 

III. Antoinette, b. Nov. 20, 1836, d. July 1, 1872, m. 
May 14, 1863, Walter B., son of George A. Shep- 
pard. He was a farmer. 

IV. Victoria, b. June 9, 1836, unmarried. 

V. Samuel Carlyle, b. Feb. 28, 1842, m. April 1, 1864, 
Julia Gertrude, tenth child of Dr. Wyans and Julia 
Ann (Loomis) Bush, of Branchport, Yates County, 
N. Y. He enlisted in the Union Army as private ; 
later he was promoted to First Lieutenant. He 
lives at King Ferry, N. Y. 
VI. Cornelia Esther, b. Feb. 6, 1851, m. Sept. 27, 1870, 
Charles E., son of Ezra C. and Caroline A. (Walt- 
ron) Slocum, of King Ferry, N. Y. 


Carlista Todd^, (Josiah% Abner*, Ithamar^, Michael^ 
Christopher^) born March 6, 1812, married Feb. 27, 1830, 
Timothy, son of Samuel and Mary (Dibble) Lawrence, 
who was born March 19, 1800, died Jan. 29, 1882. 


Children : 

I. Josiah, lives near Norwalk, Ohio. 
II. Delia L., b. July 9, 1843, m. Feb. 14, 1866, Edwin T. 
Curtis, who was a teacher at Calumet, Mich. 



Sophia Todd'', (Josiah% AbnerS Ithamar% Michael-, 
Christopher^) born Feb. 5, 1814, died March 15, 1891, 
married Feb. 20, 1834, Isaac, son of Honteta and Eve 
Bowers. He was a farmer at Lansing, N. Y. 

Children : 

I. Harriet Jane, b. Feb. 8, 1835, m. May 23, 1855, 
Warren, son of David Crocker, of Lansing, N. Y. 
He manufactured Wegman's pianos. They lived 
at Auburn, N. Y. 

II. Ezbon Lyon, b. Nov. 8, 1837, m. Dec. 2, 1868, Nancy, 
daughter of John and Sarah Blakely, of Kortright, 
Delaware County, N. Y. He was a farmer at 
Skaneateles, N. Y. 

III. Mary Ella, b. Jan. 19, 1855, m. Feb. 20, 1884, Rev. 
William H., son of William Tracy, of New York 
City. He was pastor of Sec. Ref . Church, at Phil- 
adelphia, Penn. 



Mary Tuttle Todd% (Josiah^ Abner*, Ithamar^ 
Michael-, Christopher^) born March 14, 1816, married 
June 25, 1843, Abel, son of Benjamin Fletcher. 

I, Dana, b. Feb. 1846, m. Sept. 1876, Lue, daughter 
of Theron Shaw, 



Harriet Newell Todd", (Josiah=, Abnei-^, Ithamar^ 
Michael^, Christopher') born Feb. 3, 1818, died Nov. 13, 
1902, married June 25, 1848, David, son of David and 
Margaret (Stuart) Wood, who died Jan. 29, 1883. He 
was an invalid for many years previous to his death. 
They lived at Venice, N. Y. 

Children : 
I. Luman Edwards, b. March 31, 1849, d. June 7, 
1911, m. Sept. 20, 1876, Carrie E., daughter of 
William R. and Sarah Maria (Chase) Cannon. 

II. Weltha Ermina, b. Feb. 14, 1853, d. Feb. 22, 1860. 

III. Mary Eva, b. June 1, 1855, m. Jan. 12, 1882, George 

H., son of James and Caroline Hough. He was 
a merchant and lived at Winona, Wis. 


Serene Edwards Todd", (Josiah^ Abner% Ithamar^ 
MichaeP, Christopher born June 3, 1820, married first, 
June 26, 1844, Rhoda, daughter of Benoni and Hulda 
Peck. He married second, March 19, 1888, Dorcas 
Amanda Peterson, who was living at Newark, N. J., in 

He was an editor and writer on agricultural subjects, 
and became an authority of some note on matters rela- 
ting to agriculture. 

Children by Rhoda Peck : 
*1063. Naomi Myrtilla, b. June 11, 1848. 
*1064. Sereno Edwards, b. Oct. 10, 1852. 
*1065. David Peck, b. March 19, 1854. 

Children by Dorcas Amanda Peterson : 
1066. Theodore R. I., b. Dec. 24, 1888, d. Jan. 19, 1906. 
*1067. Victor Hugo, b. Sept. 25, 1891. 




Lucretia Ingersoll Todd^ (Josiah% Abner% Ithamar^ 
Michael^, Christopher') bora Sept. 30, 1823, married 
Nov. 18, 1847, Isaac L. Smith, who died on his 68th birth- 
day. He was a farmer and lived at Lansing, N. Y. 

Children : 
I. Charles Edwards, b. April 16, 1850, m. Dec. 3, 
1874, Vine, daughter of John Hedden ; had issue : 
(a) Leona. He lived at Ithaca, N. Y., in 1911. 
II. Mary. 


Josiah Todd% (Josiah^ AbnerS Ithamar^ MichaeP, 
Christopher') born March 14, 1826 at Lake Ridge, N. Y., 
and died there Jan. 17, 1892, married Jan. 29, 1852, Amy 
E., daughter of Benoni and Hulda Peck, who died Jan. 
24; 1892. He owned and operated the same farm which 
his father did before him. It was in Lake Ridge, N. Y. 

He and his brother Sereno, married sisters. 

Children : 

1068. Jay Willard, b. July 8, 1854, d. Jan. 18, 1892, m. 

Nov. 23, 1886 Alida H., daughter of Culver H. 
and Hannah Blue. They had no children. 

1069. Hattie Eva, b. Sept. 24, 1856, unmarried. She 
lives at Ludlowville, N. Y., with her cousin Edwin 
E. Todd. 

*1070. Josiah Delbert, b. Oct. 19, 1858. 


Orrin Todd', (Simeon^, JoelS Ithamar^ MichaeP 
Christopher') married Miranda Sperry. 

Child : 
*1071. Julia. 



Polly Todd', (Simeon', Joel*, Ithamar^ MichaeP, 
Christopher^) married Roswell Todd. For her descen- 
dants see number 619. 


Lois Todd*, (Simeon', JoeP, Ithamar^ Michael^ 
Christopher^) married Butler Sackett. 

Children : 
I. Ann Eliza, m. William Gorham who went to Cal- 
ifornia during the gold craze and d. there. 

II. Hobart, m. Harriet . Issue: (1) Carson, 

m. but no children. 
III. Trowbridge, d. at about 25 years of age, unmarried. 



Angeline Todd^ (Simeon', JoeP, Ithamar\ MichaeP, 
Christopher') born May, 1804, died March 11, 1896, mar- 
ried Jonathan, son of Jonathan and Merab (Rice) Dick- 
erman, who was bom April 16, 1801, died Oct. 20, 1871. 
He was a farmer and lived at Mt. Carmel, Conn. 

An obituary says of Mrs. Dickerman. "She was a 
woman of strong and refined personality. The upheaval 
of religious thought which took place in New England 
during her years of keenest receptivity stirred profoundly 
a nature singularly thoughtful and devout. Her strong 
faith and reliance upon divine mercy remained unclouded 
through all the weariness and helplessness of her declin- 
ing years." 

Children : 
I. Caroline Augusta, b. Sept. 30, 1826, m. Oct. 17, 
1849, Charles Manning, son of Manning and Beda 


(Barnes) Tuttle, who was b. May 6, 1823; they 
lived at North Haven, Conn. Issue: (1) Frank 
W. Tuttle, b. May 3, 1851, m. Oct. 17, 1879, Flora, 
daughter of James S. Whiting; he was a farmer 
and lived at North Haven, Conn. (2) Florence 
A. Tuttle, b. Feb. 11, 1854, m. Sept. 14, 1881, Ben- 
jamin N., son of Ephraim and Mary (Clark) Bald- 
win, who was b. May 3, 1853; (3) Angeline May 
Tuttle, b. Dec. 27, 1857; (4) May Edith Tuttle, 
b. Oct. 14, 1865; (5) Charles Edward Tuttle, b, 
Dec. 2, 1868, d. Feb. 7, 1869. 

II. Jairus Winslow, b. Oct. 29, 1830, m. Nov. 24. 3851, 

Laura A. Wilson, of Collinsville, Conn. They lived 
at Delevan. Minn. No children. 

III. John Herbert, b. May 9, 1836, m. Dec. 31, 1863, 

Augusta, daughter of Eleazer and Eliza (Johnson) 
Gorham, who was b. Oct. 20, 1835. Issue: (1) 
Augusta Elizabeth, b. Jan. 16, 1866, m. May 16, 
1888, Homer, son of Henry and Delia (Frances) 
Tuttle, who was b. Aug. 12, 1859; (2) Caroline 
Eliza, b. Jan. 12, 1868; (3) John Herbert, b. Mar. 
9, 1870. 

IV. Mary Elizabeth, b. Feb. 2, 1838, d. April 4, 1865. 
V. George Edward, b. Sept. 18, 1842, m. (1) Dec. 

20, 1870, Sarah, daughter of John Dudley, who d. 
April 10, 1872; m. (2) Harriet, daughter of Wales 
and Julia (Morgan) Buckingham, who was b. Jan. 
23, 1845 ; they lived in Wallingford, Conn. Issue : 
(1) Angeline, b. April 3, 1872, d. April 6, 1872; (2) 
Winslow Buckingham, b. Nov. 16, 1878; (3) Harry 
Edward, b. Feb. 2, 1884; (4) Morgan, b. Feb. 22, 


Lewis Todd^, (Simeon'*, Joel*, Ithamar'', MichaeP, 
Christopher^) born Nov. 6, 1807, died Feb. 29, 1884, mar- 
ried Martha, daughter of Horace and Polly (Jones) Brad- 


Children : 

*1072. Cornelia Bradley, b. Jan. 8, 1851. 

*1073. Horace Bradley, b. Nov. 4, 1832. 
1074. Amasa Bradley, b. Sept. 17, 1844, m. Aug. 1882, 
Mary H. Wilson, of Fall River, Mass. No chil- 


William Manning Todd«, (Simeon\ Joel*, Ithamar^ 
Michael-, Christopher') married first, Harriet Louns- 
bury; second, Luian Stevens. 

The Todd homestead in Mount Carmel, Conn., owned 
by Simeon Todd was later owned by his son William 
Manning Todd, then sold to Harry Todd (not of the same 
family) and then owned by his son Loyal Todd. Later 
it was sold by Loyal Todd to Edwin Payne (father of 
Miles Payne later of Cheshire) and by him sold to Mes- 
sina Clark of New Haven, then to Forrest Smith, and 
then to General Phelps Montgomery who took down the 
old house and built another on the same site. 

All these changes took place during the lifetime of 
John H. Dickerman, in whose boyhood the place was the 
homestead of his mother (Angeline Todd) and her brother 
William Todd, whose sons "Richie" and Kirtland were 
the schoolmates of their Dickerman cousins on the ad- 
joining farm where the house was built by Obed Todd 
and later also sold to General Phelps Montgomery, the 
two farms forming a large estate. 

Children by Harriet Lounsbury: 
*1075. Orrin Kirtland, b. Dec. 6, 1833. 

1076. Richardson W., m. Amaranda Benham. No chil- 
dren. They lived in Mount Carmel, Conn. 

Child by Luian Stevens: 

1077. Oakley M., d. 1878, was buried in Mount Carmel, 




Mary Todd% (RueP, Job*, Ithamar^ MichaeP, Chris- 
topher') born 1798, at East Wallingford, Vt., died 1842, 
at West Dryden, N. Y., married Abner Emery, who was 
from New Hampshire, he was born April 27, 1796, died 
Sept. 30, 1881, at Evansville, Wis. 
Children : 
I. Stephen, b. Aug. 14, 1815, m. Ann Butts. 
II. Lucinda, b. Aug. 16, 1818, at West Dryden, N. Y., 
d. Jan. 27, 1906, at Waterman, 111., m. Aug. 3, 
1837, William Colton, who was b. Oct. 4, 1811, d. 
Aug. 23, 1905, at Watertown, 111. 

III. Lucretia, b. Jan. 29, 1821, at West Dryden, N. Y., 

she was living in 1912, m. 1848, at Sugar Grove, 
III., Leonard Benjamin, who was b. Feb. 2, 1812, 
d. May 23, 1895, at Sugar Grove, 111. 

IV. Frederic Abner, b. July 23, 1824, d. 1908, at Evans- 

ville, 111., m. at West Diyden, N. Y., Lucinda Sharp, 
who was b. there in 1823, d. at Evansville, 111. 
V. Benjamin Franklin, b. Feb. 27, 1827, at West Dry- 
den, N. Y., d. May 21, 1899, at Evansville, 111., m. 
Mary Sharp, who was b. 1826, and was living in 

VI. Mary Ann, b. July 23, 1829, at West Dryden, N. 
Y., m. Spencer Benedict. 

VII. Hiram Daniel, b. April 11, 1831, m. Jane Earl, who 
was living in 1912. 
VIII. Sarah Maria, b. March 4, 1833, at West Dryden, 
N. Y., where also she d., m. Fred Pratt. 

IX. Eleazer, b. March 24, 1837, at West Dryden, N. Y., 
m. Kate Whitlock. Both were living in 1912. 
X. Mary Ann. 

Eleazer Todd«, (RueP, Job*, Ithamar^ MichaeP, 
Christopher') born 1800, at Mt. Holly, Vt., married Sally, 


daughter of Capt. Daniel and Hannah (Bates) Emery, 
who was born in 1801. She was a sister of Abner Emery 
who married Mr. Todd's sister Mary. They both died 
at West Dryden, N. Y. 

Children : 
*1078. Betsey. 

*1079. Harriet Cooke, b. July 22, 1822. 
*1080. Maria. 
*1081. Almina. 
*1082. Ann. 
*1083. Jane. 
*1084. Ruel, b. Aug. 6, 1818. 


Lucinda Todd^ (Ruel\ Job*, Ithamar\ MichaeP, 
Christopher^ born 1801, at East Wallingford, Vt., died 
1876, at Aurora, 111., married Ezekiel Mighill, who was 
born 1798, at East Wallingford, Vt., died 1878, at Aurora, 

Children : 
I. Lewis, d. at Waterman, 111., m. Amanda . 

II. Silas, d. at Jericho, (111.?) 1906, m. at the same 

town, Delany Calkins who was living in 1912. 

III. Mary, b. in New York State, m. at Jericho, (111.?), 
John Ellis who was b. in Wales. 

IV. Albert, d. at Aurora, 111., m. Ellen Curry who was 

living in 1912. 
V. Ruel, d. at Morris, 111., m. Sarah Whitaker who was 
also living in 1912. 
VI. Franklin, b. 1838, at Jericho, (111.?), d. 1907, at 
Aurora, 111., m. 1861, Viola Snell who was b. 1845, 
and was living in 1912. 


Lydia Todd^ (RueP, Jobs IthamarS Michael^ Chris- 
topher') born March 6, 1805, died April 16, 1877, mar- 


ried Alvah Pierce who was born Dec. 3, 1789, died July 
6, 1866. 

Children ; 

I. Montraville, b. 1822, m. and had issue: (1) Edna; 
(2) Lilly; (3) Juliette; (4) Clarence; (5) a son 

II. Marcellus, b. 1827, d. 1881, m. and had issue: (1) 

Alvah; (2) Frances. 

III. Lorinda, b. 1827, d. 1890, m. and had issue: (1) 
Alvah; (2) William; (3) Olive Steams. 

IV. Nathan, b. Oct. 14, 1829, d. May 14, 1883, m. and 

had issue: (1) Charles; (2) Jeannie; (3) Emma; 
(4) Louis; (5) Lorenzo; (6) Bessie E. 
V. Daughter, b. and d. 1832. 

VI. Levi, b. 1834, d. 1873. No children. 

VII. Lorenzo, b. 1836, d. 1867, m. and had issue: (1) 
Marcellus; (2) Mary. 

VIII. Juliette, b. 1840, d. 1877, unmarried. 
IX. Henry H., b. 1847, d. 1880, m. and had isuue: (1) 
Louis; (2) Mary. 



Chloe Todd^ (Ruel% Jobs IthamarS MichaeP, Chris- 
topherO bom Nov. 25, 1808, at Mt. Holly, Vt., died 1896, 
at the same town ; married Jan. 1830, Fitch Holden who 
was bom July 1807, at Mt. Holly, Vt., died Sept. 1864, 
at the same town. 

Children : 
I. Highland, b. Jan. 1831, at Mt. Holly, Vt., he was 
living in 1912, m. Laura Dickinson who was b. 
Jan. 1833, at Mt. Holly, Vt., d. July 1909 at the 
same town. 
II. Oteline, b. Nov., 1833, at Mt. Holly, Vt., d. May, 
1879, at the same town, m. Jan., 1849, Merritt 
Hammond, who was also b. at Mt. Holly, Vt. 


III. Mary Jane, b. July, 1836, was living at Chicago, 111., 
in 1912, m. March 1868, Abram Browkaw, who 
was b. Jan. 1818, d. Sept. 1900 at Chicago, 111. 

IV. Lovina, b. Nov. 1838, at Mt. Holly, Vt., d. Sept. 

1900, at Ludlow, Vt., m. Lowell Adams, who was 
b. 1838, at Ludlow, Vt., d. 1911, at the same town. 
V. Reed, b. June 1840, at Mt. Holly, Vt., m. Jan. 1859, 
in Illinois, Ellen Bixby, who was b. 1842; both 
were living in 1912. 

VI. Wilbur, b. Dec. 1841, at Mt. Holly, Vt., where he 

d. Sept. 1899, m. Jan. 1861, Ellen Covey, who was 
b. 1842 ; was living in 1912. 

VII. Lizzie, b. 1846, at Mt. Holly, Vt.; was living in 
1912, m. June, 1867, at Mt. Holly, Vt., Gage Mead, 
who was b. 1841, at Mt. Holly, Vt., where he also 


Ruel Todd% (Ruel\ Jobs Ithamar-, Michael-, Chris- 
topher born in 1813, at Mt. Holly, Vt., died Sept. 3, 
1893, married in 1828 or 1829, at Wallingford, Vt., Bet- 
sey Bishop, who died Feb., 1888. 

Mr. Todd was a farmer in his early life, also at the 
time of his death. For several years during middle life 
he owned and operated a blacksmith shop and had connec- 
ted with it another shop where he built wagons and 
sleighs, besides doing the iron and wood work, he made 
the cushions and did the upholstering as well, turning out 
the carriages and sleighs complete and ready for use. 
He was very fond of nice horses, having raised and 
trained many after his seventieth birthday. 

Children : 

1085. George, d. young. 
*1086. Orrin, b. July 25, 1831. 
*1087. Horace. 
*1088. Charles Ruel. 

1089. Lucinda M. 
*1090. Joel. 



Levi Todd", (Ruel-', Job*, Ithamar% Michael-, Christo- 
pher>) born Aug. 29, 1815, in East Wallingford, Vt., died 
April 10, 1891, in Aurora, 111., married in Shewsbury, Vt., 
Jan. 24, 1836, Rachel Walker, daughter of Jonathan and 
Hannah (Walker) Gibson, who was born June 6, 1818, 
in Shewsbury, Vt., died Jan. 13, 1874. He married sec- 
ond, in Rutland, Vt., Nov., 1874, Maria Murrow, who died 
March 13, 1885. 

With the exception of one year (1839) he lived on 
the old home farm in East Wallingford, Vt., until 1854, 
when he with his wife and seven children moved to Ill- 
inois, where he bought one hunder and sixty acres of land 
in Sugar Grove, Kane County. During the summer of 
that year, he built a house. He carried on general agri- 
cultural pursuits until 1869 in which he moved to Aurora, 
III, which was about nine miles east of his farm in Sugar 
Grove. For the next four years, he was engaged in sell- 
ing agricultural machinery. From 1873 to the time of 
his death, he lived a retired life in Aurora, 111., in the 
enjoyment of a well earned rest. He was very prosper- 
ous in his business ventures in the west, his reliability in 
business affairs never being questioned. In all his deal- 
ings he was scrupulously honest and straightforward 
and displayed an aptitude for successful management. 
His word was considered as valuable as any bond solem- 
nized by signature and seal. 

Children : 
1091. Olivia Maria, b. Jan. 9, 1837, in East Wallingford, 
Vt., d. June 18, 1910, in Aurora, 111., m. July 10, 
1864, in Sugar Grove, 111., Fred Otis White, while 
he was on a furlough from the front. He was 
b. Sept. 30, 1839, in Wrentham, Mass., d. May 
30, 1892, in Aurora, 111. No children. Mr. 
White enlisted in August 1861, in Company A., 
36th Cavalry Regiment of Illinois Volunteers. 
He served through the war. At the close of the 
war, he engaged in the lumber business and he 
and his wife made their home in Aurora, 111., 


becoming prominent workers in the affairs of the 
city. He held many important positions. After 
his death in 1892, his wife, with her brothers 
continued the lumber business. For several 
years, Mrs. White taught school, in which work 
she took much interest, and was very successful 
In 1893 she built a beautiful residence, the plans 
of which she and her husband had drawn pre- 
vious to his death. It is an ornament to the city 
and stands as a monument for the good done by 
them in the city of Aurora. 

*1092. Lucius Merrill, b. April 6, 1839. 

*1093. Eleazer, b. May 20, 1841. 

1094. Laura Rozilla, b. July 4, 1844, in East Walling- 
ford, Vt., d. July 19, 1858, in Sugar Grove, 111. 

1095. Emma Jane, b. Feb. 4, 1847, in East Wallingford, 
Vt., she was a teacher in the Aurora schools for 
many years, beginning in the First Primary 
she became Principle of the Primary Grades and 
Training Teacher in the Normal Department. 
She is joint author with Prof. W. B. Powell, 
A. M., of the Normal Course in Reading which 
has been widely used in the schools. In 1917 she 
was living in Aurora, 111. 

*1096. George Henry, b. June 14, 1851. 
1097. Mary Abigail, b. May 11, 1853. She graduated 
from the West Aurora High School in 1871 and 
was a student at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, 
N. Y. In 1872 she began teaching in the Pri- 
mary Grades of the West Aurora Schools teach- 
ing in these grades until 1884, when she became 
Assistant teacher in the West Aurora High School 
and supei-visor of drawing of all the schools until 
1914 when she resigned her position. In Sept. 
1916 she resumed teaching in the High School 
which position she held for that school year only. 
She was very much interested in her chosen line 
of work and very successful. In 1917 she was 
living in Aurora, 111. 


1098. Elmer Ellsworth, b. Oct. 12, 1860, at Sugar Grove, 
111., m. Dec. 25, 1882, Rhoda Ann Bird, who was 
b. at Richelle, 111., Oct. 26, 1859. No children. 



Louisa Emmeline Todd'', (Ruel^ Job*, Ithamar^, 
MichaeP, Christopher') born May 10, 1818, died Jan. 21, 
1863, married 1836, Levi Harrington Stewart. 

Children : 
L Elias, b. Jan. 16, 1837, d. Feb. 10, 1899, m. 1860, 

Charlotte Smith. 
II. Henrietta, b. July 15, 1838, d. Jan. 27, 1911, m. 
1857, Elisha R. Allen. 

III. Marietta, b. Oct. 5, 1840, d. Dec. 23, 1911, m. Jan. 
9, 1861, David N. Empey. 

IV. Martin V. B., b. Jan. 21, 1842, m. 1868, Sarah 

V. Ottaline, b. Feb. 10, 1844, m. 1864, J. Quince Ash- 

VI. Sarah Rich, b. July 10, 1846, d. 1885, m. first, in 

1863, Hiram Bruce, m. second, in 1879, Stephen 

VII. Helen Marion, b. Aug. 5, 1849, m. first, March 30, 
1870, Stephen R. Miller, and had issue: (1) Mar- 
garet L. Miller, b. July 6, 1872, m. Aug. 10, 1891, 
Perry C. Colvin and had H. Pauline Colvin, b. 
Sept. 2, 1892; (2) E. Maude Miller, b. Feb. 3, 1874, 
m. Feb. 4, 1895, Charles A. Hawkins and had (a) 
A. Collins Hawkins, b. June 4, 1896; (b) C. Stan- 
ley Hawkins, b. March 23, 1898. She m. second, 
Oct. 26, 1881, Henry P. Hawkins. 

VIII. Roderick, b. Sept. 7, 1857, m. April 1870, Melissa 
IX. Effie, b. Dec. 1, 1854, d. March 18, 1894, m. first, 
1876, Bradford Aldrich; m. second, 1883, 0. J. 




Henry Todd", (John", John-', JohnS John% John^ 
Christopher^) born Jan. 13, 1793, died Oct. 26, 1862, 
married Dec. 14, 1814, Elizabeth, daughter of Jonathan 
Mills, who was a Revolutionary war soldier. She was 
born Dec. 10, 1798, died March 6, 1862. 

Mr. Todd served in the war of 1812, the length of 
service being unknown to the writer. After the war, 
the Government gave the soldiers either a pension or a 
farm and he took the farm which was located just out- 
side of Killawog, Broome County, N. Y. So far as can 
be learned he passed the i-emaining years of his life in 
Killawog and probably on this same farm. In connection 
with the operation of his farm, he was a cattle dealer. 

He fell dead on the streets of New York City while 
there on a visit. 

Children : 
*1099. Eliza Canfield, b. Oct. 9, 1815. 
*1100. John, b. May 18, 1817. 
*1101. Jonathan Mills, b. March 10, 1819. 
*1102. William Henry, b. Jan. 16, 1821. 
*1103. James Harvey, b. Aug. 1, 1825. 

1104. George Washington, b. May 28, 1832. 

1105. Charles Heard, b. Jan. 28, 1835, d. July 30, 1858. 


Harvey Todd% (John^ John^ John*, John^ John^ 
Christopher') born March 13, 1801, at Stamford, Conn., 
died Oct. 16, 1866, at Adrian, Mich., married in Norwalk, 
Conn., July 6, 1825, Maria Nash, who was born April 21, 
1803, in Norwalk, Conn., died Sept. 21, 1870, at Adrian, 

Children : 

1106. Hannah Maria, b. at Stamford, Conn., d. Oct. 28, 

1865, at Adrian, Mich. Unmarried. 


*1107. Barbara Ann, b. Feb. 11, 1831. 
1108. John Harvey, b. May 21, 1836, d. June 18, 1837, 
in Mich. 
*1109. Lydia Jane, b. June 2, 1838. 
*1110. Almira Halsey, b. Nov. 9, 1839. 

1111. Harvey Hubbard, b. May 17, 1842, d. 1863. 

1112. William Abner, b. Aug. 21, 1844, at Adrian, Mich., 
m. at Chicago, 111., May 14, 1878, Mamie M. Stitt. 

*1113. Mary Isabelle, b. Dec. 5, 1846. 


Gabriel Hubbard Todd', (John^ John=, John*, John^ 
John-, Christopher 1) born in 1805, at Stamford, Conn., 
died Oct. 31, 1892, at Adrian, Mich., married in 1827, 
Mary P. Ii-eland, who was bora in 1807, died Nov. 10, 

Early in life, Mr. Todd learned the blacksmiths trade 
which he followed in New York City until 1833, when 
he removed to Adrian, Mich., making the journey by 
way of the Erie Canal to Buffalo. At Buffalo, he char- 
tered a schooner to carry his family and household goods 
to Toledo, Ohio. The journey from Toledo, 0., to Adrian, 
Mich., occupied five days. 

Arriving at Adrian, Mich., which at that time con- 
sisted of only a few log houses, he opened a blacksmith 
shop at once, which was the first in that region. After 
working three years at his trade at Adrian, he removed to 
Rome Township, Mich., where he cleared a section of 
land. He helped to organize a Methodist Society; gave 
land for a school house and also for a cemetery. Here 
most of his active years were spent in honest toil. He 
established and merited the reputation of being an honest, 
conscientious and upright man, a kind neighbor, a good 
citizen and a consistent Christian. During eight years 
of this time, he kept a tavern, but it was one from which 
no drunkard ever reeled, because, it was kept without a 
bar or a drop of liquor. The most numerous of all his 
guests during this time were the pioneer Methodist min- 
isters, who were none the less welcome, and entertain- 
ment for them was free. 


In 1859, he returned to Adrian, Mich., to spend the 
remaining thirty years of his life in retirement, in the 
enjoyment of a quiet home and a beautiful old age. 

Mr. Todd's religious faith was Methodist. In poli- 
tics he was a Republican until the Prohibition party was 
organized, with which he very soon became affiliated, 
and gave it his enthusiastic support, as did four of his 

Children : 

*1114. Elizabeth, b. 1828. 

*1115. John Henry, b. 1830. 

*1116. Rachel Ann, b. 1832. 

*1117. Jacob Willet, b. 1833. 

*1118. Oscar, b. 1836, d. 1907. 

1119. George Henry, b. 1836, d. 1838. 

^^ 1120. George Harvey, b. 1840. 

*1121. Charles D., b. 1842. 

*1122. Elbert S., b. Feb. 9, 1845. 

1123. Helen Amanda, b. 1848, d. 1861. 


Darius Webb Todd", (Elnathan^, John% John*, John^ 
John=, Christopher^ born April 11, 1806, died Sept. 29, 
1879, at Norfolk, Va., married July 14, 1829, at Norwalk, 
Conn., Margaret Comstock, who died Nov. 8, 1840. 

Children : 

1124. Sarah E., b. Jan. 19, 1830. 

*1125. Hanford Comstock, b. Feb. 17, 1832. 

1126. John W., b. April 5, 1834. 
*1127. Darius Webb, b. May 24, 1836. 

1128. Theodore, b. March 22, 1838. 
*1129. Margaret C, b. Aug. 1, 1840. 


William Alonzo Todd", (Elnathan*', John^ John*, 
John% John^ Christopher^) born Sept. 16, 1807, died 
Nov. 11, 1864, at East Townsend, Ohio, where he was 


buried. He married first, April 1, 1832, Abigail Hait, 
who was born Jan. 21, 1809, at Bedford, N. Y., died Oct. 
29, 1837. Married second, May 9, 1839, Angeline Delia 
Mead, who was born Feb. 24, 1810, died Sept. 29, 1850. 
Mr. Todd lived in East Townsend, Ohio. 

Children by Abigail Hait : 
1130. Ann Augusta, b. Nov. 11, 1833, at Bedford, N. 
Y., d. Jan. 17, 1906, at East Townsend, O., and 
was buried by her fathers side. 
*1131. Caroline Matilda, b. Nov. 19, 1835. 

Children by Angeline D. Mead : 
*1132. Emma Delia, b. May 16, 1840. 
*1133. Jane Amanda, b. Jan. 24, 1842. 


John Todd', (Elnathan", John**, John*, John^, John^ 
Christopher') born Oct. 5, 1810, married July 3, 1832, 
Jane Merritt, who was born Jan. 1, 1812. 

Children : 
*1134. Mortimer Montgomery, b. July 30, 1836. 
1135. Emily A., b. May 8, 1838, d. Feb. 6, 1841. 

Elnathan Todd% (Elnathan", John", John*, John% 
Johns Christopher') born Oct. 15, 1812, died Feb. 19, 
1897, married Oct. 29, 1855, Henrietta C, daughter of 
Samuel Crane, whose family and ancestors had controlled 
large grants of land in Bedford, N. Y., descendants of 
John Crane who came from England in early colonial 
times. She was often urged to try to secure her sup- 
posed rights in the Jennings estate of England. She was 
born April 13, 1825, died Feb. 7, 1895. 

Mr. Todd was born in Pound Ridge, which is a short 
distance north of Long Ridge, both communities being 
included in the town of Stamford, Conn. He finally set- 
tled in Long Ridge. He and his cousin, Frederick Scho- 


field, owned the only store for miles around. They also, 
established a shoe business there, and when it had ex- 
panded to large proportions, they sold the factory which 
they had occupied, to Seth Smith Cook and Charles H. 
Lounsbury. Their business prospered and thrived for a 
number of years. Distance from the railroad caused 
them to move to Stamford, having sold the business at 
Long Ridge, to John E. Todd, son of Elnathan, one of the 

Children : 
*1136. John Everett, b. June 19, 1857. 
*1137. Harriet A., b. March 22, 1861. 


Samuel Mills Todd", (Washington", John% John*. 
John\ John=, Christopher') born Feb. 21, 1801, died Feb. 
7, 1884, married Dec. 28, 1825, Sarah Ann Finch, who 
was born May 5, 1810, died March 12, 1891. 

Children : 

1138. Louisa, b. April 6, 1827, d. Feb. 4, 1908, m. Sept. 
20, 1845, William Holoway. 

1139. Susan, b. Oct. 13, 1828, d. July 21, 1911, m. Sept. 
20, 1848, George Weeks. 

1140. Washington, b. Oct. 21, 1830, d. Nov. 20, 1890. 

1141. Charlotte Eliza, b. April 27, 1833, d. Sept. 28, 

*1142. George W.. b. April 8, 1836. 

1143. Mary Olivia, b. Jan. 29, 1841, d. Oct. 15, 1891. 

1144. Elbert Lewis, b. Dec. 29, 1849, m. (1) Ella Peck, 
who d. Feb. 2, 1882; m. (2) May 21, 1891, Anna 
Wahlquist. They reside in Cornwall-on-Hudson, 
N. Y. 


Eliza Todd% (Washington^ John', JohnS John^ 


John^ Christopher^) married first, Lxjunsbury; 

second, John Call Patchen. 

Children by John C. Patchen : 

I. John Seymour, b. 1837, m. Gertrude and 

had issue: (1) Gertrude, b. 1885; (2) Grace, b. 

II. Andrew, b. 1835, m. Elizabeth had issue: 

(1) Nellie, b. 1860, and m. Albert Leach, had 
issue: (a) Albert L. 


Charlotte Todd", (Washington*, John^ John*, John^ 
John=, Christopher') married Amaziah Brown. 

Children : 
I. Mary Jane. 
II. George. 



Jemima Hoyt Todd', (Washington^ John'', John'' 
John^ John=, Christopher^ married Charles Miller. 

Children : 
I. Sarah. 
II. Elizabeth, m. Edwin Adams. 

Deborah Ann Todd% (Washington^, John'' John* 
John^ John^ Christopher') married James Stevens. 

Children : 

I. Mary Eliza, m. Rogers. 

II. Annie McKune. 



Phebe Webb Todd', (Washin^on', John=, John*, 
John', John^ Christopher^ born in Long Ridge, of Stam- 
ford, Conn., married Charles Matterson, son of James 
and Cynthia (Matterson) Lockwood. 

Children : 
I. William Penn, b. Dec. 5, 1835, in Stamford, Conn. 
II. Charles Alvah, b. Sept. 3, 1837, in Stamford, Conn., 
m. Maiy E. Potts, and had issue: (1) Annie; (2) 
Hattie; (3) Fred. 

III. Edward Alonzo, b. June 14, 1845. 

IV. Annie Elizabeth, b. Nov. 4, 1848, in Stamford, 



George Todd', (Washington^, John% John*, JohnS 
John% Christopher') born in 1811, died in 1850, while 
in California. Married in 1837, Susan Reynolds, who 
was born in 1818, died in 1872. 

Children : 

1145. Isadore, b. 1837, d. 1838. 

1146. Josephine, b. 1839, d. 1839. 
*1147. George A., b. 1840. 

*1148. Emeline Cooley, b. Dec. 7, 1842. 

1149. James K. Polk, b. 1844, d. 1845, twin with next. 

1150. John Dallas, b. 1844, d. 1845. 
*1151. Ocelia I., b. 1846. 



Mary M. Todd% (Washington*, John% John*, John^ 
John^ Christopher') married Solomon Smith. 


I. Eliza Jane, m. William Waring; they reside in 
Springdale, Conn. 



Sarah Elizabeth Todd', (Jonathan*, Timothy', Tim- 
othys Jonathan', John-', Christopher') born Jan. 29, 1822, 
married March 16, 1848, David F. Parker. 

Children : 

I. Alice Warner, b. July 14, 1849, m. Feb. 8, 1877, 
George W. Klinefelter. 

II. Anne Jemima, b. Aug. 26, 1851, d. March 17, 1856. 

III. Edward Hollister, b. Oct. 27, 1853, d. Aug. 17, 1854. 

IV. Benjamin Francis, b. Dec. 1, 1856, m. Jan. 30, 1884, 

Rebecca L. Trout. Issue: (1) Mabel Irene, b. 
Dec. 19, 1884. 


Martha Collins ToddS (JohnS Timothy\ Timothy*, 
Jonathan*, John^ Christopher') born April 1, 1831, mar- 
ried March 11, 1857, Rev. Charles Jenkins Hill, who 
graduated from Williams College, and Andover Theologi- 
cal Seminary. He was a congregational clergyman and 
held pastorates at Nashua, N. H., Whiteall and Glovers- 
ville, N. Y., Ansonia, Middletown and Stonington, Conn. 

Children : 

I. Annie Williams, b. March 23, 1858, m. 


II. John Todd, b. April 16, 1863, m. Grace . 

III. Miriam, b. Oct. 23, 1867. 

John Edwards Todd', (John'', Timothy% Timothys 
Jonathan^, John^ Christopher') bom Dec. 6, 1833, died 


Aug. 7, 1907, in Riverside, Cal.. married Dec. 6, 1860, 
Elizabeth Harriet, daughter of Edward and Sarah Jane 
(Hutchinson) Thomas, of Augusta, Ga., who was born 
Nov. 1, 1835. Grad. Yale, 1855; Congregational Clergy- 
man; ordained pastor of the Central Church, of Boston, 
Mass., Feb. 2, 1860; dismissed April 28, 1869; he was 
later chosen pastor of the Church of the Redeemer 
(Chapel St. Church) New Haven. Conn., Sept. 15, 1869. 
D.D. Yale, 1879. Author of "John Todd, The Story of 
his Life," and several fugitive stories. Compiler of the 
greater part of this genealogy. 

Children : 

1152. Virginia, b. Dec. 2, 1861, d. June 27, 1904. 

1153. Ethel, b. Dec. 5, 1864, m. Dudley Duyckiuck; she 
resides in Riverside, Cal. 

1154. Violet Alexandra, b. Feb. 21, 1873; resides in 
Riverside, Cal. 


Lucy Brace Todd', (John% Timothy^, Timothy*, Jon- 
athans John-, Christopher^) born Dec. 21, 1839, died 
June 15, 1878, in Montclair, N. J., married Dec. 18, 1862, 
Albert M. Bigelow, of New York City. He married 
second, May Wheelock, of New York City, and had issue : 
(1) Constance; (2) Wheelock. 

Children : 

L Paul, b. Sept. 25, 1863, m. Pauline . 

II. John Albert, b. May 11, 1868. 

III. Lucy Fay, b. Dec. 18, 1869, m. Crocker. 


Anna Danforth Todd', (John", TimothyS Timothy*, 
Jonathans John=, Christopher^ born Nov. 2, 1841, mar- 
ried March 11, 1867, Frank Kittredge Paddock, of Pitts- 


field, Mass. He was a physician. She resides in Dalton, 

Children : 
I. Mary, b. Jan. 26, 1868. d. April 13, 1868. 

II. Rose, b. July 21, 1869, m. Fred G. Crane, of Dalton, 

Mass. He was a paper manufacturer. 

III. Alice, b. July 26, 1871, m. Charles Hibbard, of 
Pittsfield, Mass. He was a lawyer. 

IV. Mary Todd, b. Feb. 10, 1874, d. Feb. 9, 1879. 

V. Frank Eugene, b. April 26, 1876, drowned in Pon- 
tusic Lake, Pittsfield. Mass. 
VI. Brace Whitman, b. Aug. 14, 1878, m. Elizabeth, 
daughter of W. R. Plunkett, of Pittsfield. Physi- 


James Smith Todd', (John% Timothy% Timothy*, 
Jonathan\ John=, Christopher') born July 12, 1848, died 
May 17, 1871, married May 5, 1869, Jeannette Burton, of 
Gloversville, N. Y. He was a merchant. 

1155. Mabel, b. May 10, 1871. 



Eliza Matilda Todd% (Timothy Marther«, John% 
Timothys Jonathans JohnS Christopher') born Oct. 7, 
1831, died Nov. 1, 1864, married Oct. 7, 1857, George 
Brainard Todd. For descendants see No. 1296. 

Harriet Swain Todd% (Timothy MartherS John', 
Timothys Jonathans JohnS Christopher') born Sept. 8, 


1837, married Jan. 11, 1872, John Conklin, of Onondaga 
Castle, N. Y. 

Children : 
I. Elizabeth Todd, b. Dec. 29, 1873. 
II. Florence May, b. April 12, 1876. 
III. William Roscoe, b. Jan. 2, 1878. 


William Elliott Todd', (Timothy Marther«, John', 
Timothy', Jonathan', John-, Christopher') born Aug. 14, 
1842, married May 9, 1866, Julia Rosaline June, who died 
Feb. 8, 1869. 

Children : 

1156. Millie Rosaline, b. July 22, 1867. 

1157. Charles June, b. Feb. 1, 1869, d. Feb. 17, 1869. 



Mary Stone Todd', (Timothy Marther*, John-\ Tim- 
othy\ Jonathan\ John-, Christopher') born Dec. 9, 1844, 
married June 18, 1879, Henry Ferine Todd, of Spencer- 
port, N. Y. For descendants see No. 1297. 



Sophia Helen Todd', (John Elliott^ John\ Timothy*, 
Jonathan^ John-, Christopher') born Jan. 8, 1830, mar- 
ried Jan. 22, 1856, George William Taft, who was bom 
Feb. 16, 1832. They lived in Mohawk, Herkimer County, 
N. Y. 

Children : 

I. William E., b. Oct. 20, 1860. 
II. George W., b. Feb. 8, 1866. 



Luther Todd', (Caleb", Hezekiah\ Calebs SamueP, 
Samuel= Christopher') bom in 1791, died Dec. 27, 1869, 
married Clarissa Smith, who was bom in 1809, died April 
17, 1889. His brothers were displeased with his mar- 
riage and would not associate with him. The reason for 
their displeasure is not known to the writer further than 

Children : 

1158. Marcia A., b. 1830, d. Oct. 26, 1845. 

1159. Nancy, m. Orrin Rowley, had issue: (1) Warren 

Rowley, who lived in Los Angeles. Cal. 

1160. Amanda, m. (1) Bela Rose: had issue: William; 

(2) Emerson Griswold; all are supposed to be 

1161. Esther A., b. 1840, d. June 28, 1864, m. Joseph 

1162. Henry A., d. while serving in the civil war, aged 

1163. Caleb, b. April 5, 1888. 


Hannah Todd". (HozekiahS Hezekiah'', Caleb\ Sam- 
ueP, Samuel-, Christopher^ born April 13, 1784, died 
Nov. 22, 1824, married in 1802, Freeman, son of Timothy 
and Delight (Norton) Upson, who was born June 16, 

Children : 

I. Nancy, b. Feb. 21, 1803, d. June 6, 1873, m. Joel 
Moss of Cheshire, Conn. 
IL Hezekiah Todd, b. March 21, 1805, d. Dec. 23, 1831, 

m. Sarah Mansfield : had issue : Elizabeth. 
in. Julius, b. Feb. 15, 1807, d. Aug. 29, 1851, m. Mabel 
Andrews of East Haven, Conn. ; had issue ; ( 1 ) 
Eliza A. T.; (2) Emma; (3) Mary J.; (4) Sarah 
C; (5) Edward J.; (6) Betsey W. 


IV. Bennett, b. Feb. 1, 1809, d. March 26, 1859, m. 
Ursula Hotchkiss; had issue: (1) Edward C. ; (2) 
V. Fidelia D., b. July 6, 1811, d. March 23, 1848, m. 
Lucius Odell. They lived in Waterbury, Conn. 
VI. Emma, b. June 12, 1813, d. Jan. 19, 1833. 
VII. Willis, b. Oct. 2, 1815, d. Sept. 6, 1819. 
VIII. Julia, b. Nov. 19, 1817, m. Joseph Rogers; had 
issue: (1) Prof. Joseph A. who lived in New 
Haven, Conn. 
IX. Willis, b. April 6, 1820, m. (1) Hannah Wakeley, 
had issue: (1) Sarah E. ; (2) Edgar W.. He m. 
(2) JuHa A. Daniels, had issue: (1) Willis D. 
X. Lucina, b. May 2, 1822, d. Feb. 22, 1867, m. May 
16, 1844, Benjamin A. Linsley. 

Jerry Todd% (Hezekiah% Hezekiah'', Caleb*, SamueP, 
Samuel-, Christopher^ born Dec. 3, 1785, died Aug. 27, 
1858, married in 1806, Rebecca Tuttle, of East Haven, 

Children : 
*1164. Daniel, b. July 31, 1807. 
1165. Amy, b. April 10, 1809, d. Nov. 1831, m. Sherman 
B. Chipman of Waterbury, Conn. 
*1166. Hezekiah, b. Aug. 9, 1821. 



Lydia Todd', (Hezekiah*, Hezekiah^, Caleb*, Samuel-, 
SamueP, Christopher') born Dec. 7, 1789, died Aug. 1860, 
in Wisconsin, married Jan. 29, 1809, Joseph, son of 
Ebenezer and Olive (Grannis) Holt, who was born in 
1788, in Waterbury, Conn., died in 1823. 


Children : 
I. Lucius, b. Aug. 21, 1809, m. March 22, 1835, Eliza 
Thorp. They lived in Fredonia, Ozaukee County, 
Wis. Issue: (1) William; (2) Hezekiah; (3) 
II. Mercy, b. March 12, 1813, m. Timothy N., son of 
Timothy and Delight (Norton) Upson. They 
lived in Greenbush, Wis. ; had issue : ( 1 ) Helen ; 
(2) Hezekiah; (3) Emma J.; (4) Isreal. 

III. Lauren, b. 1814, d. 1816. 

IV. Lauren C, b. May 13, 1816, m. March 8, 1838, 

Emma, daughter of Christopher Derbyshire; had 
issue: (1) Christopher D., b. Dec. 9, 1838; (2) 
Charles F., b. April 21, 1840; (3) Joseph C, b. 
Aug. 3, 1842; (4) Louisa A., b. Sept. 28, 1845. 
They lived in Pleasant Prairie, Wis. 


Street Todd', (Hezekiah", HezekiahS Caleb*, Samuel', 
Samuel^ Christopher^) born Aug. 27, 1792, died Oct. 25, 
1860, married Feb. 16, 1815, Ruth W., daughter of 
Thomas and Abigail (Hickox) Welton. 

"Street Todd was for a long time a butcher, his 
'slaughter' being in two or three different places. He 
was succeeded by his son Ransom S. Todd." 

From History of Waterbury, Conn., by Joseph An- 
derson, D.D. 

Children : 
*1167. Ransom S., b. Jan. 18, 1816. 
*1168. Janette, b. Aug. 17, 1817. 
*1169. Robert Clark, b. April 21, 1820. 
*1170. Edwin, b. Jan. 30, 1823. 
*1171. James, b. Oct. 18, 1825. 

1172. William S., b. Jan. 19, 1828, d. Dec. 12, 1833; 
twin with the next. 

1173. Willis H., b. Jan. 19, 1828, d. Nov. 9, 1871, unmar- 

*1174. Franklin, b. Nov. 24, 1832. 


ai75. Eveline, b. July 29, 1834. 

1176. Jane, b. Aug-. 9, 1836, m. Amasa Doolittle of Ches- 
hire ; both are deceased. 

1177. WilHam S., b. May 20, 1838, m. Nov. 28, 1862, 

Emogene Miller. No children. He is now 
(1913) living. 


Lucina Todd', (Hezekiah"', Hezekiah\ Caleb*, Sam- 
ueP, SamueP, Christopher') born March 7, 1796, married 
May 2, 1822, Samuel J. Holmes, of Waterbuiy, Conn. 

Children : 
I. Isreal, b. Aug. 10, 1823. 
H. Samuel, b. Nov. 30, 1824. 
in. William B., b. Dec. 16, 1826, d. May 2, 1828. 
IV. Sarah, b. July 6, 1829, m. J. W. Hough, of Homer, 
N. Y. 
V. William B., b. July 25, 1831. 
VI. Hannah Ardelia, b. Nov. 8, 1834, d. May 18, 1835. 



Polly Ann Todd', (Hezekiah% Hezekiah% Caleb*, 
SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher') born May 12, 1800, mar- 
ried Dec. 20, 1824, Timothy, son of Daniel and Anna 
(Clark) Porter, of Waterbury, Conn., who was bom Jan. 
30, 1792. He had married first, Clara, daughter of Eben- 
ezer Frisbie, who died Nov. 18, 1821. 


I. Timothy Hopkins, b. Feb. 16, 1826, graduated Yale, 
II. Nathan, b. Dec. 9, 1828. 
III. Thomas, b. Feb. 7, 1831. 


IV. David Giistavus, b. March 8, 1833, graduated Yale, 
V. Samuel M., b. May 17, 1835. 


Bethiah Todd^ (Bethuel% Hezekiah'', Caleb\ Sam- 
uel-', Samuel-, Christopher') born Aug. 1783, died Aug. 
1838, married March 10, 1814, Reuben, son of Daniel 
and Hannah (Sutliff) Bartholomew, who was born March 
10, 1784, in Plymouth, Conn., died Sept. 25, 1868. He 
was a fanner in Plymouth, Conn., in early life until 1812, 
when he removed to New York State, and in 1818 he 
settled in Chautauqua County, N. Y. 
I. Noah, b. Jan. 27, 1815, lived in Argos, Ind. 

II. Miles, b. Nov. 20, 1818, d. Nov. 2, 1838. 

III. George, b. Dec. 16, 1821, lived in Pomfret, N. Y. 

IV. Caroline, b. April 13, 1824, d. April 27, 1859, un- 

V. Alfred, b. Jan. 20, 1825, d. March 25, 1826. 
VI. Eunice, d. young. 


Russell Todd^ (Bethuel^, Hezekiah=, Calebs Samuel% 
Samuel-, Christopher') married Sarah Clark. 
Children : 

1178. Bennett, b. 1820, m. widow Ives, of Cheshire, 
Conn. No children. 

1179. Rosaline, m. Edward Scott, they lived in Water- 
bury, Conn. 



Phebe Todd', (Bethuel% HezekiahS Caleb*, SamueP, 
Samuel-, Christopher') married Martin, son of Timothy 
and Mary (Johnson) Upson. They lived' in Woodtick, 


Children : 
I. Mary, b. Aug. 26, 1824, m. Upson Higgins. 

II. Anna Violetta, b. Feb. 11, 1826, m. Alcott. 

III. Julina, b. April 11, 1828, m. Linus Kirk, of Whit- 

neyville, Conn. 

IV. Clarissa Cordelia, b. April 11, 1830. 
V. Lucy Angeline, b. May 19, 1832. 

VI. Frederick Martin, b. March 3, 1835. 
VII. Salome, b. Jan. 22, 1839. 


Miles Todd^ (BethueP, Hezekiah^ Calebs SamueP, 
SamueP, Christopher^) married Laura Hotchkiss. They 
lived in Waterbury, Conn. 

Children : 
1180. Miles Nelson, m. April 16, 1854, Mary, daughter 
of Jesse and Myra (Tuttle) Brooks, who was b. 
June 27, 1826, had issue: Charles M., b. Jan. 1, 
1855, d. young. 
*1181. Sarah, b. April 5, 1835. 


Sarah Todd% (Moses% Hezekiah=, Caleb*, SamueP, 
SamueP, Christopher^) born Feb. 23, 1795, in Conn., died 
Oct. 1, 1885, in Ohio, married Abijah Pardee, of East 
Haven, Conn. They settled in Ohio. 

Children : 

I. Adelia, who is the only one living in 1914. 
II. . 

III. . 

IV. . 




Isaac Todd", (Hoses'^, Hezekiah^ Caleb*, SamueP, 
Samuel-', Christopher') born Dec. 18, 1808, possibly in 
Newtown, Conn., died July 17, 1890, in Wakeman, Ohio, 
married June 13, 1830, Fanny Booth, who was bom Oct. 
26, 1805, died Sept. 28, 1887, in Wakeman, Ohio. 

The following sketch is taken from a History of 
Huron County, Ohio. 

"In the year 1827 Isaac Todd, then a young man of 
18 came into the township and the year following bought 
the farm where he now lives. There was no improve- 
ment east of him at that time. In 1830 he married 
Fanny Booth. Mr. Todd seems to have had a hard strug- 
gle of it in the Wakeman woods. For some time after 
his marriage he was destitute of boots or shoes and in 
attending church his wife would wear her everyday shoes 
carrying her Sunday best until near the church, when 
she would take them off for her husband to wear and 
put on her best ones. Afterwards, when he became able 
to own a yoke of oxen, they rode to church on a sled the 
year round." 

The above incidents prove very conclusively their 
devotion to their church. He built his first log house in 
the midst of an almost boundless forest through which 
there was no road or path save that indicated by glazed 
trees. When a road was built some years later, he se- 
lected his farm ; it ran nearly a half mile from his house. 
When he chose the location for his farm he ventured on 
the undertaking with $18 capital. With this small be- 
ginning in the wilderness he cleared the heavily timbered 
land until his farm eventually included some 240 acres 
of very fertile and productive soil, all of which is now 
available for cultivation save a few acres preserved for 
a "sugar bush". For a number of years their sugar sup- 
ply was obtained from this source, and their meat supply 
he obtained wild hogs, deer and wild turkeys and other 
game which abounded in that region. The woods also 
abounded in vast quantities of beech and other nuts on 
which the wild hogs especially, became very fat. 


The above description of the career of Isaac Todd 
would go to show or at least reflect the consequences of 
his fathers unfortunate business ventures, even though 
the disaster followed in the wake of events over which he 
had no control. However, the after life of both Isaac 
Todd and his father would go to show that they were very 
liberally supplied with initiative and perseverance, hav- 
ing settled in the midst of an almost boundless forest, 
and which he proposed to help to subdue, and in fact 
doing his full share. 

Children : 
1182. Sarah D., b. April 16, 1831, d. March 29, 1900, 
in Wakeman, Ohio, Grad. from Obeiiin College, 
in 1855 ; taught school for a number of years. 
*1183. Seth Henry, b. Nov. 22, 1833. 
*1184. Mary A., b. Jan. 9, 1836. 
1185. Charles M., b. Feb. 13, 1840, d. at Columbia, Tenn., 
on march to the battle of Pittsburg Landing, 
Tenn. He enlisted in the 41st Ohio Volunteer 
*1186. Millard I., b. Nov. 29, 1847. 


Kneeland Todd^ (Moses", Hezekiah=, Caleb*, Sara- 
ueP, Samuel% Christopher^) born Dec. 18, 1808, in New- 
town, Conn., died April 24, 1883, married April 24, 1836, 
Julia Booth, a sister of his brother Isaac's wife. She 
was bom July 22, 1808, died March 11, 1895. 

Mr. Todd was one of the early pioneers of Wakeman, 
Ohio, where he arrived in 1833. He shared the priva- 
tions of early pioneer life with his twin brother for three 
years, when he returned to Conn, and there married Julia 
Booth, of Woodbuiy, Conn. It is a singular coincident 
that his marriage and death, also the death of his son 
Albert, took place in the same month and the same day 
of the month. Soon after their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. 
Todd returned to Ohio and settled in Wakeman. In 1845 
they removed from Wakeman to Florence, Ohio, where 
he died. 


He was a man of sound judgment and good princi- 
ples, kind and affectionate as a husband and father and 
a good neighbor. He aimed to live uprightly, was honest 
and just in his dealings. In his pursuit of agriculture 
and horticulture he was always thorough and practical, 
which combined with perseverance and industry brought 
him success and competence, though for fifty years he 
was physically weak. 

Politically, morally, and religiously, his guiding star 
was the RIGHT, and he rejoiced in every good work. 
In the old anti-slavery movement he was a radical and 
a pioneer. In 1835 he professed Christianity and was 
one of the original members of the Congregational 
Church in Wakeman, Ohio. 

Removing to Florence he united with the Presby- 
terian Church there, in which he held the office of deacon 
for several years, till the time of his death. 

He lived for his family, his fellow men, and his God. 
His example and good deeds still live and are worthy 
of imitation. 

Children : 
*1187. Woodard Hezekiah, b. May 28, 1837. 

1188. Albert Bennett, b. March 19, 1840, d. Nov. 24, 

1861, in Washington, D. C, while in the service 
during the civil war. 

1189. Lewis Upson, b. Aug. 19, 1843. After his fathers 
. death he with his brother Woodard carried on 

the farm. In his declining years he has passed 
the winters in Florida and the summers in Ver- 
million, 0. He m. first, Oct. 16, 1876, Cornelia L. 
Sherry (Durand), who was b. June 19, 1845, d. 
Nov. 9, 1888; second, Sept. 23, 1890, Alice L. 
Rumsey (Pelton), who was b. Oct. 23, 1853. 


Zerah Todd% (01iver% Hezekiah\ Caleb*, SamueP, 
Samuel-, Christopher^) born Dec. 26, 1785, died March 
23, 1861, married Lowly Thorpe, of North Haven, Conn., 


who died Jan. 18, 1859. They lived at North Haven, 

Children : 
*1190. Joel Edwin, b. Feb. 21, 1821. 
*1191. Bennett, b. Aug. 14, 1822. 
*1192. Samuel, b. Sept. 4, 1824. 



Deborah Todd', (01iver% Hezekiah', Caleb*, SamueP, 
SamueP, Christopher^ born July 28, 1791, died July 28, 
1855, married first, May 28, 1817, Thomas Eaton, who 
died Dec. 6, 1824. She married second, John Pardee. 

Children by Thomas Eaton : 
I. Harvey Thomas, b. June 28, 1818, m. Nov. 22, 
1841, Caroline Fowler Brooks. 
n. Beda Eliza, b. Nov. 21, 1821, d. April 3, 1874, m. 
Dec. 9, 1855, Garrett Andrews, who was b. 1798. 

Children by John Pardee: 
HI. John Henry, b. Sept. 26, 1826, d. May 28, 1827. 
IV. Henry John, b. June 28, 1829, m. Oct. 23, 1856, 

Lydia Louisa Blakeslee. 
V. Emily Louisa, b. Jan. 5, 1832, d. Sept. 13, 1859, 
m. Sept. 5, 1847, Willis Hervey Bradley, who was 
b. Sept. 25, 1822, d. Nov. 13, 1859. Issue: (1) 
Charles William, b. Oct. 6, 1848, m. Nov. 17, 1875, 
Lizzie Lunecia Lines; (2) Marion Louisa, b. June 
16, 1851, m. Oct. 10, 1872, Thomas McCabe. 
VI. Angeline Betsey, b. June 2, 1834, m. Oct. 6, 1857, 

Romanta S. Lindsley. 
VII. Willis Hervey. 


Roswell Todd', (Oliver^, Hezekiah', Caleb*, SamueP, 
SamueP, Christopher^) born Sept. 22, 1794, died June 23, 


1873, at North Haven, Conn., married Polly, daughter 
of Simeon and Mehitable (Perkins) Todd. For her Todd 
ancestry see No. 504. 

Children : 
*1193. Charlotte. 
*1194. Burton W. 


Maria Todd', (Oliver*, Hezekiah^ Calebs SamueP, 
SamueP, Christopher') born Feb. 24, 1797, died April 
28, 1860, married April 7, 1824, Zerah Pierpont, son of 
Jesse and Esther (Pierpont) Tuttle, who was born Oct. 
2, 1800. He married second, Oct. 28, 1861, Maiy Cook, 
of New Haven, Conn. 

Children : 
I. Newton, b. April 13, 1825, m. (1) Nov. 24, 1849, 
Lucinda Susannah Mix, of North Haven, Conn., 
who d. May 14, 1854, at Salt Creek, Kan. Issue : 
(1) Clara Melinda, b. Aug. 13, 1849, d. June 23, 
1854. He m. (2) April 7, 1855, Emily Amelia, 
daughter of Amos P. Stone, at Salt Lake City, 
Utah; res. Woods Crop, East Bountiful, Davis 
County, Utah. Issue: (2) Emily Lucinda, b. Oct. 
1, 1856, m. David B. Delle. Issue: (a) Eunice 
Emily Delle, b. July 15, 1880; (b) Vincy Bishop 
Delle, b. Dec. 10, 1881; (3) Rachel Amelia, b. 
Oct. 27, 1858, m. David Riggs, had issue: (a) 
Rachel Ann, b. June 10, 1878; (b) Sylvia, b. July 
17, 1880; (4) Newton Zerah, b. Dec. 1, 1860; (5) 
Clara Minerva, b. Feb. 12, 1865; (6) Wilford, b. 
March 17, 1867; (7) Frances, b. Aug. 5, 1869; 
(8) Franklin Oliver, b. Nov. 10, 1871; (9) Jesse 
Pease, b. Dec. 11, 1874; (10) Horace, b. Aug. 22, 
II. Eunice, b. Jan. 19, 1827, d. April 15, 1879, m. Sept. 
21, 1851, Bayard A. Pierpont. No children; res. 
North Haven, Conn. 


III. Eliza Maria, b. March 21, 1829, d. April 18, 1853, 
m. April 15, 1849, Sylvester B. Allis, of Hunting- 
ton, Conn. No children. 
IV. Caroline, b. Nov. 27, 1831, m. Dec. 15, 1862, George 
B. Maginnis. Issue: (1) Carrie Eliza, b. Sept. 
11, 1863; (2) Jennie Louisa, b. March 5, 1865. 



Emily Todd', (Oliver'', Hezekiah% Caleb^, SamueP, 
SamueP, Christopher^ born Feb. 15, 1805, manned Oct. 
21, 1832, Harvey, son of Isaac Clark and Eunice (Blakes- 
lee) Stiles, who was bom May 21, 1809, died Jan. 9, 
1863. He held various town offices and was representa- 
tive to the State Legislature. 

Children : 
I. William Harvey, b. Aug. 20, 1833. 

II. Emily Amanda, b. Nov. 17, 1836, d. Dec. 1836. 

III. George Wallace, b. Aug. 1, 1838. 

IV. Edward, b. April 1841, d. Dec. 17, 1850. 
V. Ellen Amanda, b. Nov. 26, 1844. 


Orrin Todd', ( JoeP, Hezekiah^, Caleb'', SamueP, Sam- 
ueP, Christopher^ born Feb. 26, 1800, died Dec. 8, 1889, 
married Oct. 30, 1823, Aurelia, daughter of Jesse and 
Patience (Todd) Clinton, who was born July 14, 1803, 
died May 4, 1892. She was from Wallingford, Conn. 
They lived in North Haven, Conn. For ancestry of 
Patience (Todd) Clinton, see No. 213. 

Children : 
*1195. Francis Hayden, b. Aug. 8, 1827. 
1196. Angeline, b. Aug. 9, 1830, m. Samuel Hale; lived 
in Cal. 


1197. Henry Dennis, b. Sept. 2, 1832, m. Feb. 28, 1868, 
Grace Ann, dau. of Barnard and Sarah (Bishop) 
Hartley, who was b. March 5, 1833; they lived 
in North Haven, Conn. No children. 
*1198. Mary Aurelia, b. Nov. 25, 1836. 

George Todd', (Joel*', Hezekiah% Caleb*, SamueP, 
Samuel^, Christopher") born in North Haven, Conn., Sept. 
25, 1810, died in Wakeman, Ohio, April 6, 1853, married 
Aug. 28, 1834, Betsey, daughter of Phillaman and Mehit- 
abel (Sacket) Piei-pont, died Jan. 2, 1894, in Wakeman, 

Mr. Todd with his wife moved to Ohio, leaving North 
Haven, Conn., Oct. 26, 1837. He went by the way of 
Albany, Buffalo and Lake Erie, and landed at Huron, 
Ohio, Nov. 11, 1837. The following winter they spent 
with Moses Todd, who was his uncle, and who lived in 
Vermillion, Ohio. On April 30, 1838, they settled on a 
farm in Wakeman, Huron County, 0., at a point two and 
one half miles east by south of Wakeman village and 
which in later years was known as "Todd's Corners." 
Children : 
1199. Merritt Edwin, b. May 17, 1836, d. April 24, 1837. 
*1200. Edgar Merritt, b. Dec. 14, 1838. 
*1201. Edwin Dennis, b. Dec. 20, 1841. 
*1202. Ellen Georgiana, b. Nov. 3, 1848. 


Albert Todd', (Charles', Jonah', Stephens Samuel^ 
Samuel^ Christopher^) born 1783, died July 24, 1843, 
married Hannah, daughter of John and Ruth (Culver) 
Foote, who was born Feb. 19, 1784, died April 27, 1846. 
They lived in Branford, Conn., Northford Society. 

Children : 
1203. Lydia Ives, b. 1805, d. Nov. 13, 1809. 
*1204. Charles, b. Jan. 4, 1812. 
*1205. Alfred, b. March 22, 1814. 
*1206. Ambrose, b. Feb. 21, 1816. ' 



Eunice Todd", (Thaddeus% Jonah\ Stephens Sam- 
uel', Samuel-, Christopher^ born June 1, 1786, died 
March 1, 1831, married in 1809, Justus Brockett, who was 
born Dec. 23, 1788. They lived in Mt. Carmel, Conn. 
Their grandson, Ernest R. Brockett is now, (1916) living 
in the house built by his great-grandfather Thaddeus 

Children : 
I. Daughter, b. 1810, d. same year. 

II. Jane, b. Sept. 11, 1811, d. 1899. 

III. Elam, b. 1813, d. 1817. 

IV. Justus Franklin, b. 1816. 
V. Elam Enos, b. 1818. 

VI. Nancy Emily, b. 1820. 
VII. Hannah P., b. 1822. 
VIII. Thomas, b. 1824. 
IX. Sarah, b. 1827, twin with next. 

X. Samuel Todd, b. 1827. 
XI. Eunice, b. 1829. 


Polly Todd', (Thaddeus% Jonah'-, Stephens SamueP, 
SamueP, Christopher married Ira Perkins. 


I. Aletta, m. Hotchkiss, and lived in Walling- 

ford, Conn. 

Wyllis Todd% (ThelusS Jonah', Stephen*, Samuels 
Samuels Christopher^) born Aug. 7, 1798, died April 4, 
1849, married April 19, 1824, Maria, daughter of Capt. 


David M. and Elizabeth D. (Hall) Cook, who was born 
June 23, 1805. 

Children : 

1207. Daughter, m. Reuben N. Augur, of Northford, 

1208. Daughter, m. Reuben N. Augur, of Northford, 

1209. Daughter, m. Philo Williams, of Northford, Conn. 


Thelus Todd% (Thelus«, Jonah', Stephen^ SamueP, 
Samuel-, Christopher^ born Sept. 19, 1802, married first, 
Antoinette Harrison, who was born 1809, died March 9, 
1848, married second, Cornelia Augur, who was bom 
1824, died June 1, 1861. He lived in Northford, Conn. 

Children by Antoinette Harrison: 
1210. Apollos Edward, b. Nov. 15, 1831, d. April 4, 1834. 
*r211. Milo Apollos, b. Jan. 11, 1834. 
*1212. Venelia Harrison, b. Aug. 7, 1836. 
*1213. Matilda Irene, b. Oct. 10, 1838. 
1214. Miranda Jeannette, b. Aug. 26, 1841, d. unmar- 
*1215. Delia Augusta, b. July 4, 1843. 

1216. Bertha Sirena, b. Oct. 10, 1845, m. Maltby Fowler, 
of Northford, Conn. No children. 

Child by Cornelia Augur: 

1217. Maria Aletha, b. Dec. 2, 1850, unmarried, resides 
now (1913) at old homestead in Northford, Conn. 


Mary Todd', (Thelus% Jonah^ Stephen*, Samuel'^, 
SamueP, Christopher') born Feb. 18, 1805, married Owen, 
son of Benjamin and Lydia (Cook) Hall, who was bom 
March 2, 1803. 


Children : 

I. Benjamin, b. Oct. 30, 1830, d. Nov. 5, 1915, m. 
first, in East Haven, Conn., Nov. — , 1857, Martha, 
daughter of Jonah Hansel and Charlotte (Tal- 
madge) Todd, who was b. Dec. 29, 1829. For her 
ancestry see No. 1230. He m. second, April 11, 
1866, Clarissa C. Porter, who d. March 15, 1903. 

II. Gloson, b. Jan. 20, 1836, d. Jan. 14, 1914, m. Nov. 

28, 1860, Caroline L. Treadway, of New Haven, 
Conn., she d. May 6, 1899. They had issue: (1) 
Emily Alida, b. Nov. 28, 1863, m. May 21, 1884, 
Frederick D. Shumway. of Westville, Conn. ; (2) 
Arthur Lyman, b. May 12, 1867, m. Jan. 20, 1893, 
Elizabeth Hunniker, of Bridgeton, N. J., who d. 
Dec, 1905. They had issue: (a) Ralph Treadway, 
b. Oct. 22, 1893; (b) Lewis Gloson, b. May 20, 
1895, m. March 19, 1916, Esther J. Moorr of Gar- 
field, Kan., and had issue: Elizabeth May, b. April 
1, 1817, Louise Winifred, b. June 18, 1918, Arthur 
Lewis, b. July 20, 1919; (c) Edna May, b. Oct. 

5, 1897, m. May 24, 1916, Milton K. Blose of Roan- 
oke, Va., and had issue: Lily Elizabeth, b. Oct. 13, 
1917; Kenneth Milton, b. Nov. 25, 1919; (d) Helen 
Louise, b. Nov. 14, 1901; (3) Willis Elbert, b. 
March 21, 1873, m. June 29, 1893, Nellie Louise 
Lee, from whom he was divorced, no issue. Later 
he m. second, Emma A. Falvey of Mulberiy, Kan. 

III. Mary, b. April 12, 1838, d. March 13, 1912, m. Jan. 

27, 1867. Ransom Baldwin, who was b. May 29, 
1836. d. Dec. 25, 1897. They had issue: (1) Flora 
Clindora, b. Nov. 21, 1867, d. Oct. 23, 1901. ; (2) 
Ransom Leland, b. Jan. 29, 1870, m. first, Abbie 
Natalie Keeney, who was b. June 11, 1890, d. Aug. 
13, 1913, and had issue: (a) Flora Elonoe, b. Jan. 
8, 1910; (b) Ransom Leland, b. April 14, 1911; 
m. second, Maiy Alice Lamb and had issue : Irwin 
Lamb, b. Nov. 11, 1917; (3) Alice Alena, b. Jan. 

6, 1872, m. Charles E. Morgan, who was b. June 
30, 1873, and had issue: (a) Mary Alice, b. Aug. 
23, 1909; (b) Esther Louise, b. March 10, 1912; 


(4) Henry Harrison, b. Sept. 7, 1874, d. Oct. 16, 
IV. Elbert, b. March 12, 1841, d. April 25, 1915, m. 
April 10, 1865, Lydia Adella Bartholomew, and 
had issue: (1) Adeline Elizabeth, b. Oct. 21, 1867, 
m. June 22, 1906, William L. Julian and had issue : 
(a) Charlotte Adella, b. July 6, 1907, d. May 14, 
1913; (2) Lydia Bartholomew, b. Nov. 29, 1872, 
m. Dec. 17, 1903, George L. Ellsworth, of West 
Hartford, Conn., and had issue: (a) Lewis B., 
b. Sept. 8, 1904, d. 1904; (b) Lydia Adella, b. 
Dec. 20, 1906; (c) Lois Caroline, b. May 14, 1911; 
(d) Wilson Brace, b. Oct. 30, 1915; (e) Elbert 
Thelus, b. Oct. 14, 1917; (3) Adella Valliant, b. 
Jan. 21, 1885, m. June 5, 1907, Walling A. Norton, 
and had issue: (a) William Marvin, b. May 30, 
1908, d. 1908; (b) Walling Alcott, b. April 30, 
1916; (c) Jasper, (adopted) b. April 6, 1908. 


Ambrose Seymour Todd", (Ambrose% Jonah% Ste- 
phens Samuels SamueP, Christopher^) born Dec. 6, 1798, 
died Jan. 22, 1861, married Oct. 3, 1821, Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Gen. Andrew Hull, of Cheshire, (Conn. ?) . He was 
ordained deacon of the Episcopal Church July 15, 1820; 
priest June 20, 1823 ; he was rector of St. James Church 
at Stamford, Conn., for thirty-eight years. 

"With more than ordinary ability in the pulpit, he 
showed great tact and wisdom in his pastoral oversight 
of his charge. Few men have secured more universal 
esteem. Few pastors have won so much regard and con- 
fidence at the same time from both their own and other 

From Huntington's History of Stamford. 

In 1844, Columbia College confered upon him the 
degree of Doctor of Divinity. 

Children : 
1218. Elizabeth M. M., b. Feb. 23, 1824, m. Robert Ogil- 
by, of Rockford, 111. 


1219. Ambrose Charles, b. Oct. 6. 1827. 

1220. Andrew Hull, b. Aug. 16, 1829, unmarried, he was 
a farmer and lived in Creston, 111. 

1221. Edward Munson, b. Feb. 19, 1832, d. April 19, 

= 1222. Charles Jarvis, b. Nov. 24, 1833. 


Charles Jarvis Todd^ (Ambrose^ Jonah% Stephen*, 
SamueP, Samuel% Christopher') born June 26, 1800, died 
May 3, 1859, at Polo, Ogle County, 111. He was an Epis- 
copal Clergyman. 

*1223. Harriet. 


Charles Harrison Todd', (Jonah^ Jonah% Stephen*, 
SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^ born Feb. 1, 1793, died 
Nov. 23, 1853, married Sept. 7, 1815,' Polly Curtiss. 

Children : 

1224. Mary, m. William Sanford, of East Haven, Conn. 

1225. Burritt, killed in battle at Fort Wagner. 


Jonah Hansel Todd^ (Jonah^, Jonah% Stephen*, 
Samuel', SamueP, Christopher^ born Aug. 23, 1797, mar- 
ried Aug. 23, 1820, Charlotte E. Talmadge, who was bom 
March 16, 1799. They lived in East Haven, Conn., where 
he acquired considerable property. 

Children : 
1226. Birdsey Talmadge, b. April 19, 1821, d. Jan. 13, 
*1227. Henry Hobart, b. Jan. 23, 1823. 
*1228. Jane Eliza, b. Dec. 5, 1824. 
*1229. Edward, b. Sept. 18, 1826. 


^1230. Martha, b. Dec. 29, 1829. 

^1231. Charles Perrin, b. Dec. 30, 1831. 

1232. Betsey Juliana, b. Dec. 29, 1833, d. Nov. 18, 1855. 

1233. Ambrose Ely, b. March 26, 1838, d. Aug. 3, 1858. 



Mary Juliana Todd', (Jonah«, Jonah', Stephen^, 
Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher^) born Nov. 17, 1801, 
married May, 1823, Chauncey Barnes. 

Child : 
I. Daughter, m. Lyman Baldwin, of Thomaston, 


Bennajah Todd", (Jonah'', Jonah"', Stephen*, SamueP, 
Samuel^', Christopher') born Oct. 17, 1803, married June 
4, 1827, Harriet, daughter of John and Hulda (Fowler) 
Foote, who was born Sept. 14, 1805. 

Children : 
*1234. Antoinette. 
*1235. John L. 
1236. Eliza, m. . Issue: Frances, d. young. 


Esther Lowly Todd', (Jonah«, Jonah^ Stephen*, 
SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') born Oct. 26, 1816, died 
April 18, 1861, married 1837, Levi N. Peck. 

Children : 
L Birdsey DeWitt, b. Jan. 14, 1845, d. Sept. 7, 1849. 

II. Edward, b. Aug. 27, 1847, d. Sept. 11, 1849. 

III. Esther Lavinia, b. Aug. 16, 1842, d. Oct. 11, 1849. 



Lovisa Todd', (Ely'', Jonah^ Stephen*, SamueP, 
SamueP, Christopher^) born Oct. 11, 1797, died Nov. 23, 
1865, married Feb. 19, 1817, Amos Peck, of Hamden, 
Conn., who died April 26, 1866. 

Children : 

I. Lovisa Jennet, b. Dec. 24, 1818, m. 1838, Bazel Mun- 
son, issue: (1) Francis B., b. April 14, 1839, m. 
Feb. 11, 1863, Emily Nichols; (2) Jerome C, b. 
Nov. 5, 1845, m. Nov. 3, 1864, Sarah J. Doolittle; 
(3) Sarah J., b. April 26, 1851, d. Sept. 16, 1853. 

II. Amos Bennet, b. Feb. 1, 1820, d. Nov. 19, 1858, m. 

first, Mary Dickerman, no children ; second, Eliza- 
beth Penfield Todd, issue: (1) Mary Elizabeth, b. 
Nov. 17, 1849, m. April 1, 1869, Frank Bishop 

III. John Burton, b. Feb. 18, 1825, m. April 2, 1846, 

Adeline A Bradley. Issue: (1) Leander Burton, 
b. May 26, 1848, m. Dec. 12, 1872, Mary Clark; 
(2) Adelaide, b. Sept. 12, 1854. 

Leonard Todd% (Ely^ Jonah% Stephen*, SamueP, 
SamueP, Christopher^) born Nov. 8, 1800, died April 6, 
1876, married Dec. 24, 1821, Julia, daughter of Elam 
and Lowly (Dickerman) Bradley, who was born Nov. 21, 
1802, died Oct. 11, 1899. 

Leonard Todd received a country school education 
and when 21 years of age he married Julia Bradley, of 
Hamden, Conn., in Grace Episcopal Church, in Hamden, 
the first couple to be married in the new church, the same 
is standing and is still used for worship. 

Leonard Todd was a good illustration of New Eng- 
land thrift. By hard work and rigid economy he not 
only got a good living off from one of those stony New 

ii40 l:ODD FAMILY 

England farms, but he amassed quite a fortune for those 
days. It was not necessary to teach thrift to Leonard 
Todd in the last century, for he together with his frugal 
wife had already learned that lesson and learned it well. 
It would be well if we who live in this 20th century would 
practice it more as did they. Like so many of those 
saintly men and women of those times, while frugal and 
careful and thrifty, Leonard Todd was not miserly or 
penurious as can be testified to by the fact that he was 
always very generous to the church, also to individuals 
when occasion required and to worthy causes. 

Mr. Todd was a very strong churchman, and was 
deeply devoted and strongly attached to the Episcopal 
Church, the church of his ancestors. In that faith he 
lived and died, strong in his convictions in the same and 
a sincere christian. 

On Dec. 24, 1871, Leonard and Julia (Bradley) Todd 
celebrated their Golden Wedding. 

In 1919, their descendants erected a beautiful bronze 
tablet in Christ Church, Bethany, Conn., in their mem- 
ory, as follows : 


(At the left side) Leonard Todd, born November 8, 
1800. Died April 6, 1876. A Communicant of This 
Parish for 59 years. (At the right side) Julia Bradley 
Todd, His wife. Born November 21, 1800. Died Octo- 
ber 11, 1899. A Communicant of the Church for 81 
years, and of this parish for 78 years. (Below) Loyal 
and Devoted Servants of Christ and of His Church, 
Steadfast in the Faith Once Delivered to the Saints, 
Honoring the Lord with Their Substance in Their Liberal 
Gifts to His Work, Ever Showing Forth His Praise in 
Godly, Righteous and Sober Living, They Rest from 
Their Labors and Their Works Do follow Them. Faith- 
ful unto Death, They Shall receive from Their Lord a 
Crown of life. Vouchsafe to These Thy Servants, Lord, 
Light, Refreshment and Rest in Paradise. Erected in 
Loving Memory by Their Descendants, A. D. 1919, 




Children : 
1237. Grace, b. April 1, 1823, d. June 5, 1898, m. Oct. 
31, 1875, Rev. F. B. Woodward, who was b. Feb. 
3. 1800, d. April 29, 1888. No children. He was 
an Episcopal Clergyman. They lived in Water- 
town, Conn. 

*1238. Emily, b. June 1, 1825. 

*1239. Margaret, b. March 16, 1828. 

*1240. Celia, b. July 23, 1830. 

*1241. Street Bradley, b. Aug. 9, 1832. 

*1242. Dwight Ely, b. Sept. 11, 1834. 

*1243. Jasper Bryan, b. Sept. 9, 1842. 



Mary Ann Todd', (Ely^ Jonah-', Stephens Samuel, 
Samuel-, Christopher') born Oct. 11, 1814, died July 4, 
1854, married Dec. 24, 1834, Jesse Allen Doolittle. 

Children : 

I. Sylvia Maria, b. Oct. 14, 1835, m. May 6, 1852, 
David A. Lounsbury. Issue: (1) Marietta, b. May 

II. Jesse Burton, b. April 16, 1838, d. Nov. 27, 1867, 

m. July 4, 1857, Sarah Johnson. 

III. Lewis Ely, b. May 17, 1840, m. Nov. 25, 1865, Jane 


IV. Henry Allen, b. May 18, 1845, d. Aug. 27, 1865, m. 

April 1865, Emma Doolittle. 
V. Leonard Wales, b. March 3, 1847, m. Sept. 1869, 
Immogene Speriy. 


Lucy Todd^ (Chauncey", Jonah^ Stephen*, SamueP, 
SamueP, Christopher') born Oct. 30, 1813, died Oct. 31, 


1891, married June 8, 1835, Norris Gilbert, who was born 
Sept. 9, 1811, died Aug. 12, 1877. She lived on a farm 
near Morris, N. Y., after her mari'iage, until the death 
of her husband in 1877, and for a time after that with 
her son Frederick ; later she went to live with her second 
son, Mahlon, in St. Paul. It is said that as an infant 
she was unusually small, and she was always slight and 
frail looking, but she lived far beyond the span of life 
of the nine brothers and sisters who had preceded her 
to the other world, and after all died as the result of a 
fall from a window, at the age of seventy-eight. 

Children : 
I. Hobart Henry, b. Aug. 26, 1842, d. Nov. 16, 1844. 

II. Frederick, b. Feb. 3, 1845, m. Jan. 1874, Jane A. S. 

Crocheron, who was b. Feb. 9, 1840, d. Oct. 4, 
1887. Issue: (1) William Mahlon, b. April 4, 
1875, ra. Dec. 25, 1901, Frances Brayton, had (a) 
Mahlon Brayton, b. Oct. 27, 1902; (b) Julius, b. 
March 31, 1906; m. second, April 29, 1891, Sophia 
D. Leavitt. Issue: (2) Fredrika Mary, b. Nov. 
16, 1892, m. June 3, 1914, William W. Stancell. 
Issue: (a) Fredrika Gilbert, b. Dec. 11, 1916; (b) 
William Wiley, b. May 1, 1918. 

III. Mahlon Norris, b. March 23, 1848, d. March 2, 

1900, m. May 20, 1880, Fannie P. Carvill, who d. 
June 10, 1900. Issue: (1) Frances Carvill, b. Oct. 
16, 1885, m. June 16, 1908, Robert Mercer Cheney. 
Issue: (a) Frances Carvill, b. Sept. 15, 1909; (2) 
Lucy Pierpont, b. Aug. 31, 1890, m. Nov. 12, 1913, 
William Nalle. Issue: (a) Lillian, b. April 26, 
1915; (b) Gilbert, b. Nov. 16, 1917. He became 
an Episcopal minister, having charges in Montana 
and later in St. Paul. He became bishop co-ad- 
jutor of Minnesota in 1886. His daughters reside 
in St. Paul, Minn. 

Jared Todd^ (Chauncey% Jonah=, Stephen*, SamueP, 
Samuel=, Christopher^ born Dec. 3, 1814, died May 20, 


1862, married Jan. 29, 1838, Mary Ann Seely, who was 
born July 9, 1816, died Feb. 27, 1893. 
He was a farmer near Morris, N. Y. 

Children : 
*1244. Henry Hotchkiss, b. Oct. 31, 1839. 
*1245. Mary Helen, b. July 20, 1845. 
*1246. Susan Ann, b. May 13, 1850. 


Albert Todd", (Chauncey^ Jonah% Stephen*, Sarauel^ 
SamueP, Christopher') born Aug. 25, 1816, died May 20, 
1854, married July 30, 1839, Abigail Maria Andrews, 
who was born May 23, 1818, died May 14, 1871. 

In early life he went to Woonsocket, R. I., his mothers 
brother, Edward Hotchkiss, living near that town. There 
he pursued his calling of a printer. He married the 
daughter of a farmer living not far from Woonsocket, 
and lived in the old farm house until his death. 

Children : 
*1247. Javan Nelson, b. Jan. 7, 1841. 
*1248. David Chauncey, b. Dec. 6, 1842. 
1249. Sarah Ames, b. May 5, 1847, d. May 3, 1857. 


Juliana Todd^ (Chauncey", Jonah^, Stephen*, Sam- 
ueP, SamueP, Christopher') born April 12, 1818, died 
Oct. 27, 1880, married Nov. 15, 1837, Charles E. Jacobs, 
who died April 20, 1871. He was a wagon maker. 

She lived in New Berlin, N. Y., until the death of 
her husband, and later with her son Hobart, until her 
death in New York City. 

Children : 

I. George Albert, b. April 13, 1839, d. Sept. 13, 1863, 
of disease contracted while in the Union Army. 


II. Mary Frances, b. Feb. 13, 1842, d. Oct. 13, 1843. 

III. Helen Lucy, b. Aug. 4, 1844, d. June 26, 1845. 

IV. Ellen Juliana, b. Feb. 13, 1849, d. June 17, 1872, 

m. June 27, 1871, Edgar J. Arnold, of Greene, 
N. Y. He was a lawyer. They lived in New 
Berlin, N. Y. 
V. Hobart Benjamin, b. Feb. 10, 1852. He is an ar- 
tist and resides in Greenwich, Conn., m. Sept. 18, 
1883, Mary Davis Brower. Issue: (1) Juliana 
Louise, b. Oct. 20, 1886, m. June 12, 1918, Eugene 
J. Fitzgerald; (2) Anna Austin, b. Dec. 2, 1889, m. 
Nov. 25, 1918, S. H. Wainwright Jr. Issue: (a) 
Samuel H., 3rd, b. July 31, 1919. 


Charles Todd', (Chauncey*, Jonah^ Stephen^, Sam- 
ueP, Samuel-, Christopher^) born June 3, 1820, died Feb. 
25, 1891, married Oct. 13, 1844, Hannah Hall Miller, who 
was born Jan. 30, 1819, died April 22, 1885. 

He lived the greater part of his life on a farm, first 
near New Berlin and afterwards near Sherburne, N. Y. 

*1250. Ruth Maria, b. Oct. 12, 1846. 

1251. George, b. Oct. 21, 1854, d. Oct. 16, 1862. 

1252. Charles Herbert, b. Oct. 15, 1858, m. Oct. 8, 1887, 
Ellen Kenyon Daboll ; he is in business in Edmes- 
ton, N. Y. No children. 


Edward Todd", (Chauncey^, Jonah^ Stephen*, Sam- 
ueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born Aug. 1, 1822, died Dec. 
19, 1890, married Sept. 19, 1854, Lucy Rebecca Swain, 
who died July 30, 1882. 

Mr. Todd lived nearly all his life in or near New 
Berlin, N. Y., engaged at his trade as a cabinet maker, 
when his health would permit. 


Children : 
1253. James Prescott, b. May 28, 1857, d. Jan. 13, 1862. 
*1254. Sarah Eliza, b. Jan. 10, 1864. 


Ambrose Todd', (Chauncey% Jonah ■•, Stephen*, Sam- 
uel, Samuel-, Christopher^) born Dec. 12, 1825, died Dec. 
4. 1880, married July 4, 1850, Mary Booth, who died 
Dec. 16, 1896. She was English, coming from a village 
near Leeds, distant but a few miles from Pontefract, 
Yorkshire, the home of William Todd, our first known 

He went in early life to Woonsocket, R. I., and en- 
gaged in his trade of wheelwright. There he married 
and lived until 1855 when he emigrated to Kansas, set- 
tling on a farm near Manhattan. He lived in Kansas 
the remainder of his life, engaged at his trade for a con- 
siderable portion of the time, but taking up the fruit and 
nursery business in his later years. For several years he 
was superintendent of the Mechanical Department in the 
Kansas State Agricultural College. 

Children : 

1255. Albert, b. Oct. 21, 1854, d. April 27, 1913, m. 
Jan. 17, 1899, Helen Gordon Pettes. No children. 
He was a Colonel in the U. S. A. in the later part 
of his life. He d. soon after having been retired. 

1256. Irving, b. Feb. 1, 1860, m. July 2, 1902, Annie J. 
Hooley. He was an Episcopal Minister and was 
in 1912, a teacher in Howe, Ind. 


Russell Todd', (Chauncey^ Jonahs Stephen*, Sam- 
uel', SamueP, Christopher^ bom Jan. 5, 1830, died Feb. 
25, 1907, married Sept. 10, 1875, Cora A. Brown. 

He was ordained to the deaconate by Bishop 
DeLancey in 1860 and to the priesthood the following 
year by the same bishop. His various charges have been : 


Morris (assistant) Westmoreland, Clark's Mills, Augusta, 
Oriskany Falls and general missionary work in Chenango 
County, all in New York ; Caro, Michigan ; again in New 
York at Whitney's Point; then in Missouri, at Lebanon 
and Marshfield, Cape Girarfeau and Canton. At the 
close of his labors at the latter place, his health had failed 
so much that he retired from the active ministry, return- 
ing to Lebanon to live. There he remained until 1904 
when, with his family, he removed to Lansing, Michigan, 
where he died. 

Children : 
*1257. Agnes Goodrich, b. Dec. 19, 1876. 

1258. Russell Hobart, b. Dec. 24, 1878, d. Jan. 9, 1893. 
*1259. Edward Robertson, b. Sept. 21, 1880. 
*1260. Mary Louise, b. March 31, 1884. 

1261. Cora Whittingham, b. Jan. 10, 1887, m. Feb. 15, 

1919, John Simeon Cleavinger. 

1262. Virginia Anna McCoun, b. Feb. 10, 1892, d. July 
21, 1903. 


Chauncey Todd', (Chauncey", Jonah^ Stephen\ Sam- 
uel, Samuel-', Christopher^) born April 24, 1835, died 
Jan. 6, 1887, married first, Feb. 16, 1858, Isabel Fletcher 
Begg, who was born Nov. 2, 1835, died Feb. 26, 1867, 
married second, Feb. 13, 1868, Jane Dodge, who was bom 
Dec. 16, 1833, died May 10, 1919. 

He lived all his life in New Berlin, N. Y., engaged 
at his trade of cabinet maker. 

Children by Isabel F. Begg: 
*1263. Mary Elizabeth, b. April 26, 1860. 
*1264. William Henry, b. April 28, 1863. 

1265. George Ambrose, b. Oct. 25, 1865, d. June 14, 

Children by Jane Dodge: 

1266. Grace, b. July 6, 1870, m. March 23, 1904, George 
E. Sharts. 


1267. Louis Chauncey, b. Jan. 9, 1872, m. Jan. 20, 1893, 
Nellie Wilbur, they reside in New Berlin, N. Y., 
where he is in business. 

'1268. Jay Morris, b. July 9, 1876. 


Erastus Todd', (Caleb*, Caleb\ Stephens Samuel\ 
SamueP, Christopher') born May 11, 1791, died Oct. 10, 
1843, married April 20, 1813, Polly Rice, who was born 
Aug. 22, 1792, died June 23, 1827. 

Children : 

*1269. Laura, b. March 4, 1814. 

1270. Caroline, b. Sept. 28, 1815, m. July 28, 1834, Col- 
lins Cutler, of Magnolia, Iowa, who was b. May 
12, 1809, d. May 10, 1855. 

1271. Harriet, b. Sept. 5, 1817, d. July 28, 1862, m. Oct. 

16, 1840, Ferdinand Sprague, who was b. Nov. 
7, 1817. 

1272. Willard, b. Jan. 9, 1820, m. April 26, 1849, Em- 
meline Deyer, who was b. May 7, 1827, d. Sept. 
10, 1870, they lived in Hillsboro, 111. 

1273. Edward, b. Nov. 25, 1821, m. Sept. 18, 1843, Jane 

Parnell, who was b. Sept. 19, 1825, they lived in 
Sioux City, Iowa. 


Oliver R. Todd% (Calebs Calebs Stephen*, SamueP, 
Samuels Christopher') born Feb. 24, 1794, died April 1, 
1854, married April 16, 1823, Hannah Wheeler, who was 
born May 19, 1806. 

Children : 
*1274. Lydia, b. April 2, 1824. 
*1275. Jane, b. March 23, 1826. 

1276. Cordelia, b. May 8, 1829, d. June 24, 1863. 

1277. Laura A., b. Oct. 13, 1831, d. Dec. 3, 1851. 
*1278. Cornelia, b. Oct. 13, 1834. 


1279. Norman, b. July 30, 1837, d. June 29, 1864. 
*1280. Caleb William, b. July 5, 1840. 
*1281. Esther W., b. Nov. 21, 1842. 

1282. Harriet M., b. July 13, 1845, m. Dec. 1847, Peter 
Moore, they lived in Perry, Penn. 

1283. Oliver R., b. March 19, 1848, d. Jan. 19. 1849. 

1284. Alfred, b. Sept. 16, 1850, d. April 30, 1851, 

1285. Fanny, b. April 19, 1852. 


Alfred Todd% (Caleb% Caleb% Stephen*, SamueP, 
Samuel=, Christopher^) born Dec. 28, 1799, probably in 
Marcellus, N. Y., died April 17, 1877, married Feb. 19, 
1828, Mary Ann, daughter of Oliver and Esther (Sayles) 
Hovey, who w^as born Jan. 15, 1809, in Marcellus, N. Y., 
died May 25, 1888. 

Mr. Todd lived in Marcellus, N. Y., until 1835, seven 
years after his marriage, when he moved to Michigan and 
purchased a farm near the village of Nottawa, St. Joseph 
County, as a pioneer. Shortly before moving to Michi- 
gan, he had bought eighty acres of land in the primeval 
forest, almost the entire State being then practically a 
wilderness with many Indians still to be found every- 
where, but mostly of a peaceful nature. The State at 
that time was veiy sparsely settled, and the nearest rail- 
road station was about sixty miles away, so that the 
products of the farm had to be drawn with horses that 
distance to market. Perhaps the most striking of the 
traits of Mr. Todd was his unusual high conception re- 
garding absolute honesty and justice. His views and 
practice of honesty were so universally known and re- 
garded that it was a matter of public comment, and his 
children thought proper accordingly to have inscribed on 
his tomb, "He was an honest man." 

Mrs. Todd was one who combined a rare intellect 
and accomplishments with much executive ability, being 
also a poetess and a leader in the intellectual circle 
of the County. Both Mr. and Mrs. Todd were Presby- 
terians, and imbibed the rigid discipline of that church 


and times including the strictest views respecting tem- 
perance, which were thoroughly inculated and have been 
adhered to by all of their children. 

Children : 

1286. Daniel James, b. Feb. 1, 1829, d. Aug. 25, 1829. 

1287. William Hei-vey, b. June 19, 1830, d. Jan. 27, 1863, 
at Murfreesborough, in the civil war. 

1288. Charles Edwin, b. April 13, 1832, d. Dec. 30, 1856. 
*1289. Lucy Jane, b. April 14, 1834. 

*1290. Mary Augusta, b. April 9, 1836. 

*1291. James Alfred, b. Jan. 1, 1838. 

*1292. Almcda Esther, b. Aug. 11, 1842. 

1293. Ann Cornelia, b. Sept. 15, 1844, d. Sept. 12, 1877. 

*1294. Oliver Hovey, b. April 24, 1847. 

*1295. Albert May, b. June 3, 1850. 


Caleb Todd', (Caleb% Caleb-', Stephens SamueP, 
SamueP, Christopher') born April 1, 1805, died Jan. 20, 
1875, married Sept. 21, 1832, Sarah Ferine, who was 
born May 17, 1803, died April 12, 1876. They lived in 
Splencerport, N. Y. 

Children : 
*1296. George Brainard, b. April 30, 1834. 
*1297. Heniy Ferine, b. Nov. 22, 1839. 



Lydia Todd', (Caleb«, Caleb% Stephens Samuel', 
Samuel-, Christopher^ born July 2, 1807, died April 13, 
1873, married Nov. 13, 1833, John Stoyell, who died July 
5, 1863. 

Children : 
I. Frances, b. Sept. 1, 1834, m. Oct. 25, 1855, Joseph 
E. Alley, of Moravia, N. Y. Issue: (1) Fhebe, 
b. Jan. 22, 1857, d. Jan. 5, 1859; (2) Stoyell S., 


b. Jan. 9, 1859, m. Lida R. Brown; (3) May, b. 
Sept. 7, 1861, m. Aaron C. Whitman ; (4) Edgar, 
b. Feb. 24, 1864, m. Elizabeth Newkirk; (5) 
Louisa, b. Aug. 2, 1868, m. John J. Young. 
II. Mahala B., b. Aug. 4, 1836, m. March 24, 1862, 
Morris K. Alley, of Moravia, N. Y., who d. Feb. 26, 
1902. Issue: (1) Julia, b. Feb. 22, 1863, m. Clin- 
ton G. Vosburg; (2) Florence, b. Sept. 18, 1865, 
m. John C. Collier; (3) James, b. July 14, 1868, 
d. May 29, 1889; (4) Son, d. young; (5) Henry, b. 
Nov. 11, 1872. 

III. William T., b. March 13, 1838, d. July 6, 1902, m. 

Aug. 20, 1862, Frances E. Wright, they lived in 
Moravia, N. Y. Issue: (1) Lena Almeda, b. Oct. 
5, 1869, d. March 17, 1874; (2) Grove, b. June 
17, 1875; (3) Lydia, b. March 3, 1877. 

IV. John, b. July 25, 1842, m. May 1, 1872, Hattle 

Dougherty; they lived in Kansas. Issue: (1) 
John Cady, b. May 30, 1873; (2) Guy Bradley; 
(3) Hilda Elma. 
V. Smith, b. May 25, 1848, m. Sept. 14, 1882, Helen 
Louise Osborn. Issue: (1) Marion, b. July 2, 
1885. He lives now (1914) in Port Byron, N. Y. 


George Nelson Todd% (Caleb", Caleb^ Stephens 
Samuel'% SamueP, Christopher^ born April 3, 1810, died 
April 1, 1887, married Aug. 25, 1842, Mary E., daughter 
of Edward Elliott, of Clinton, N. Y., who was born Oct. 
3, 1814, died Sept. 24, 1874. They lived in Oswego, N. 
Y. He was a clergyman. 

Children : 
*1298. Edward Elliott, b. July 14, 1844. 
*1299. Adelaide Stoyell, b. Sept. 18, 1847. 
1300. Herman Adelbert, b. June 5, 1850; he lived at 
Susquehanna Depot, Penn. 



Lemuel Todd', (Jehiel«, Stephen', Stephen*, Samuel', 
Samuel", Christopher^) born Jan. 19, 1782, died June 23, 
1851, married March 1, 1804, Sarah, daughter of Gillis 
and Sarah (Wright) Frink, who was born Aug. 28, 1781, 
in Springfield, Mass., died March 16, 1876. Both died 
and were buried in Toddsville, N. Y. 

On his gravestone is the following inscription, which 
is said to be strictly true: 

"No eulogy is needed on this stone. 

Where'er his name, there were his virtues known." 

Children : 
*1301. Harriet, b. March 18, 1805. 
*1302. Eliza, b. Jan. 1, 1807. 

1303. Emmeline, b. Sept. 11, 1808, d. Aug. 24, 1852. 
*1304. Phidelia, b. Oct. 16, 1810. 
*1305. Zerah, b. March 13, 1813. 
*1306. Mary, b. May 26, 1815. 
*1307. Augusta M., b. Dec. 6, 1817. 

1308. Luzerne, b. Feb. 29, 1820, d. 1821. 
*1309. Luzerne, b. Dec. 21, 1821. 
*1310. Samuel S., b. Oct. 15, 1824. 

1311. Lemuel F., b. Oct. 15, 1824, in Hartwick. N. Y., 
d. in Jasonville, Ind. 


Ira Todd^ (Jehiel", Stephen\ Stephen*, SamueP, 
Samuel^, Christopher^) born Aug. 1, 1783, died Sept. 28, 
1869, married first, Nov. 1806, Sally Hinman, who was 
born Feb. 3, 1787, died Feb. 5, 1840. He married second. 
May 1, 1840, Catherine Almy, who was bom March 24, 
1781, died March 29, 1854. 

Mr. Todd owned and operated a grist-mill and saw- 
mill combined, in Northampton, Mass., around 1820, on 
the site where this kind of business has been located for 
many years, and has long been known in the community 
as the "lower mills." The grist-mill and grain business 
is even now (1916) carried on at the old stand under 


different ownership. This business he sold and went 
west living at one time in Little Rock, Ark. 

Children by Sally Hinman : 
*1312. Horatio Nelson, b. Feb. 16, 1808. 

1313. Joshua Curtis, b. Oct. 13, 1809, d. Nov. 8, 1809. 
*1314. Elvira, b. March 8, 1811. 
*1315. Albert, b. March 4, 1814. 
*1316. George, b. Feb. 3, 1815. 
*1317. Charles, b. May 1, 1817. 
*1318. Sarah Ann, b. Feb. 17, 1819. 
*1319. Walter Street, b. Jan. 31, 1821. 
*1320. Ira, b. Sept. 15, 1822. 
*1321. Andrew Hinman, b. June 21, 1824. 
*1322. Washington, b. Feb. 2, 1830. 

Caleb Todd', (Jehiel«, Stephen% Stephen*, SamueP, 
Samuel^ Christopher') born March 16, 1785, in Walling- 
ford. Conn., died May 21, 1871, in Hinsdale, N. H., mar- 
ried first, Jan. 26, 1809, Hepsibali Miller, who was bom 
Aug. 12, 1787, in West Springfield, Mass., died Dec. 29, 
1826. He married second, July 10, 1828, Abigail Pren- 
tice, daughter of Seth and Abigail (Gay) Hooker, who 
was born Aug. 28, 1792, in Hinsdale, N. H., died Nov. 
26, 1879, in Worcester, Mass. 

He was a manufacturer of woolen goods in Hinsdale, 
N. H. ; a Justice of the Peace ; representative to the State 
Legislature from his district. 

Children by Hepsibah Miller: 
*1323. Henry Day, b. Nov. 8, 1809. 
*1324. Maryett, b. Jan. 17, 1812. 
*1325. John Douglass, b. March 11, 1814. 
1326. Martha Elizabeth, b. March 5, 1816, d. Oct. 5, 
*1327. Jehiel, b. Nov. 4, 1818. 

Children by Abigail P. Hooker : 
*1328. Lodema Hepsibah, b. Oct. 25, 1828. 

1329. James Caleb, b. March 17, 1831, d. June 27, 1834. 
*1330. Louisa Ann, b. Nov. 2, 1834. 



Asahel Todd", (Jehiel^ Stephen-', Stephen\ SamueP, 
Samuel-, Christopher^ born Feb. 5, 1787, died Jan. 12, 
1871, married first, May 3, 1812, Maiy Ann Fitch, who 

was born in 1794, died May 13, . Married second, 

July 20, 1814, Philane Long, who was boi'n March 7, 

He was a physician and lived in Pultneyville, N. Y. 

Child by Mary Ann Fitch : 
*1331. Maiy Ann, b. March 24, 1813. 

Children by Philane Long: 
*1332. Albert S., b. May 10, 1815. 
*1333. Rexaville, b. April 2, 1817. 
*1334. Angeline, b. March 5, 1819. 

1335. Libanus M., b. March 13, 1821, d. May 4, 1847. 
*1336. Asahel, b. March 26, 1827. 
1337. Augusta P., b. Nov. 30, 1829, d. July 25, 1855, 
m. Oct. 12, 1852, T. Scott Ledyard, who was b. 
in 1827. 
*1338. Eliza P., b. March 2, 1833. 
*1339. William H., b. Aug. 23, 1835. 

Zerah Todd^ (Jehiel«, Stephen', Stephen*, SamueP, 
Samuel-, Christopher^ born Jan. 29, 1789, died Feb. 3, 
1853, married in Ellesburg, Jefferson County, N. Y., Dec. 
24, 1815, Almira McKee, who was born April 25, 1797, 
in Frankfort, Herkimer County, N. Y. 
Children : 
1340. Laura Lodema, b. Sept. 26, 1816, d. May 4, 1904, 
m. Sept. 6, 1835, Cornelius Van Curen. Issue: 

three sons, one daughter. She m. (2) 

Higgins and had children, 
*1341. Zerah Abiah, b. May 15, 1819. 
*1342. Emily Ardelia, b. June 8, 1821. 
1343. Julia D., b. Sept. 19, 1823, m. Aug. 13, 1868, St. 
John B. Sanborn, who was b. March 16, 1819. 
No children. 


*1344. Joseph Franklin, b. Oct. 29, 1826. 

*1345. Horace William, b. Oct. 15, 1828. 

*1346. Maria Irene, b. June 8, 1831. 

*1347. Marquis DeLafayette, b. April 1, 1834. 

*1348. Mary Elizabeth, b. June 17, 1838. 

Bethel Todd^ (JehielS Stephen^ Stephen\ SamueP, 
Samuel^, Christopher^ bom Jan. 19, 1792, died March 
6, 1864, married May 23, 1822, Elizabeth Maria Hull, 
who was born Jan. 19, 1801, died Dec. 6, 1876. 

Children : 
*1349. Edwin Hull, b. April 5, 1823. 
*1350. John Street, b. Feb. 23, 1825. 
1351. Elizabeth Maria, b. May 19, 1827, d. March 20, 
*1352. James Bethel, b. March 25, 1830. 
*1353. Mary Elizabeth, b. Aug. 9, 1832. 
*1354. Sarah Maria, b. Jan. 5, 1835. 
*1355. Ann Louisa, b. Sept. 26, 1837. 
*1356. Martha Helen, b. June 6, 1840. 
*1357. Harriet Larissa, b. Feb. 13, 1843. 

Sally Todd', (Jehiel«, Stephen^ Stephen*, SamueP, 
SamueP, Christopher') bom Nov. 14, 1793, died Jan. 18, 
1874, married in 1815, Ephraim Carr, who was born May 
17, 1787, died July 31, 1855. 

They lived in Toddsville, N. Y., where some of their 
descendants are living at the present time. 

Children : 
I. Daniel D., b. Sept. 23, 1816, d. Oct. 27, 1866. 

II. Delavan D., b. Aug. 22, 1818. 

III. Laura E., b. July 23, 1820. 


IV. Asaph H., b. Aug. 6, 1822. 
V. Ceylon W., b. Oct. 3, 1824. 
VI. Sarah T., b. Sept. 27, 1826. 
VII. Chester H., b. Aug. 3, 1828. 
VIII. Ann Eliza, b. April 3, 1830, d. April 13, 1830. 
IX. Edwin L., b. April 28, 1832. 

X. Theodore P., b. May 10, 1834, d. Sept. 13, 1836. 
XI. Theodore P., b. Aug. 10, 1836. 


Mary Todd', (Jehiel**, Stephen^ Stephen*, Samuel^, 
SamueP, Christopher') born Feb. 26, 1796, died Jan. 17, 
1866, married Nov. 11, 1819, Edward B. Crandall, who 
was born May 27, 1790, died Oct. 30, 1863. 

Children : 
I. Mary Annah, b. Dec. 8, 1820. 

II. Son, b. Jan. 26, 1822, d. same day. 

III. Sarah Maria, b. Jan. 28, 1823. 

IV. Emily Elvira, b. Sept. 15, 1824. 

V. Hannah Street, b. March 8, 1827, d. Jan. 3, 1850. 

VI. Edward William, b. Nov. 16, 1828. 

VII. Henry Clay, b. March 22, 1831, d. July 10, 1844. 
VIII. Bethel, b. May 28, 1835, d. May 31, 1835. 



Ann P. Todd', (Stephen% Stephen^ Stephen*, Sam- 
uelf, SamueP, Christopher') born April 17, 1807, in Sal- 
isbury, N. Y., died Nov. 20, 1879, in Little Falls, N. Y., 
married Oct. 5, 1831, in Salisbury, N. Y., Hon. Arphaxad, 
son of Thaddeus and Lois (Griswold) Loomis, who was 
bom April 9, 1798, in Winchester, Conn., died Sept. 15, 


At the age of three years his parents removed from 
Winchester, Conn., to Salisbury, N. Y. His father was 
a farmer in moderate circumstances, and Arphaxad's boy- 
hood days were spent in assisting his father upon the 
farm. At the age of 15 he was "hired out" by his father 
to teach a district school in the town of Norway, eight 
miles from his home, for a term of three months, at $6 
a month "and board around," walking home Saturday 
nights and back again Monday mornings. By teaching 
winters and attending Fairfield Academy summers, he 
educated himself. He began reading law in 1818 at 
Johnstown, then at Watertown, then at Carthage, and 
finally ended his course at Sacketts Hai'bor, and was ad- 
mitted as an attorney of the Supreme Court in Jan., 1822. 
In 1825 he finally decided to locate in Little Falls, N. Y., 
where he entered upon the practice of his chosen profes- 
sion. In 1827 he received the appointment of Surrogate 
(County Judge) of the county, which office he held until 
1837. In 1835 he was appointed first judge of Herkimer 
County and held the ofiice until 1840. In 1836 he was 
elected a member of the 25th Congress. The reason he 
was not returned to the next Congress is, that Herkimer 
County was not entitled to the member, having had the 
representative in Congress since 1824, the 26th being 
conceded to Lewis County. He was a member of the New 
York Assembly in 1841-2 and again in 1853. He was 
highly honored by his colleagues. 

In addition to his accomplishments in his profession 
and in public life, he had rare tastes for the beautiful in 
art, a marked mechanical skill and inventive turn of mind, 
which gave him much occupation at several periods of 
life, and beyond and above these, he acquired unusual 
attainments in literary and scholarly studies. 

It was in December 1818, that he discovered a de- 
ficiency in his hearing, which grew gradually so that 
finally his extreme deafness caused him to retire practi- 
cally from public life in 1857. 

I. Elizabeth, b. July 16, 1832, d. Dec. 15, 1852. 


II. Waldo Todd, b. Jan. 1, 1834, Grad. Brown Univer- 

sity 1855. Lawyer. Little Falls, N. Y. 

III. Mary b. April 16, 1836, d. Aug. 29, 1867. 

IV. Addie, b. March 5, 1838. 

V. Thaddeus, b. April 28, 1840, d. Nov. 9, 1841. 
VI. Louisa, b. Feb. 11, 1843, m. Dec. 30, 1868, David 
Hamlin, son of Harry and Sarah Montague (Ham- 
lin) Burrell, who was b. March 17, 1841, in Salis- 
bury, N. Y. They lived in Little Falls, N. Y. 
Issue: (1) Arphaxad Loomis, b. July 14, 1870, d. 
1871; (2) Loomis, b. July 31, 1872; (3) David 
H., b. Jan. 15, 1874, m. April 1892, Cornelia C. 
Polhemus, their children are Anne P., and Louise 
G.; (4) Anne Louise, b. May 17, 1876, d. 1907; 
(5) Mary Elizabeth, b. May 14, 1882. 
VII. Sidney A., b. Dec. 19, 1845, Grad. Union College 
VIII. Anna, b. Oct. 27, 1847, d. Nov. 27, 1851. 


Sherlock Todd^ (Bethel^, Stephen-', Stephen*, Sam- 
ueP, Samuel=, Christopher') born in 1796, married Zillah 
Gilbei-t, of Easton, Conn. 

Children : 
1358. Burton, d. young and unmarried. 
*1359. Seth. 

1360. John, m. Harriet Brown. 


Edward Todd% (BetheP, Stephen% Stephen*, Sam- 
ueP, Samuel-, Christopher') born in 1797, married Caro- 
line Fanton. He was a teacher. Removed to Highland, 
111., thence to Mt. Carmel, 111., where he died. 

Children : 

1361. Charles. 

1362. Bethel. 


Polly Maria Todd^ (Oliver", Samuel^ Christopher*, 
Samuel', Samuel^ Christopher^) born May 12, 1799, mar- 
ried April 23, 1820, John M. Beach, who was born Dec. 
10, 1794, died April 4, 1843. They lived in Plymouth, 

Children : 
I. Oliver Todd, b. Oct. 3, 1821, m. Nov. 1, 1841, Mary 
Baldwin. Issue: (1) Catherine, b. April 19, 1843; 
(2) Frances Louisa, b. Dec. 21, 1844; (3) John 
Marshall, b. May 12, 1846; (4) Alexander; (5) 
Jennie; (6) Mary. 
II. Abigail, b. Sept. 16, 1823, m. Oct. 20, 1842, Truman 
D. Ives, who was b. Dec. 25, 1814. Issue: (1) 
Henry, b. Nov. 15, 1850. They lived in Plymouth, 


Joel Todd', (01iver^ Samuel=, Christopher*, SamueP, 
Samuel^, Christopher^) born May 12, 1799, died May 1, 
1851, married Sept. 23, 1826, Austria Griggs, who was 
born July 9, 1807, died Aug. 9, 1847. They lived in 
Marietta, Ohio. 

Children : 
*1363. Tertius Samuel, b. March 20, 1828. 

1364. Mary Pierpont, b. Feb. 19, 1830, ra. March, 1850, 
John L. Shaw, who was b. June 6, 1809. They 
lived in Marits, Morrow County, Ohio. 

1365. Frances Louisa, b. May 23, 1832, d. Jan. 28, 1843. 

1366. Charlotte Elizabeth, b. April 16, 1836, d. May 26, 

1367. Emma Jane, b. July 9, 1838, m. June 1857, Nathan 
T. Case, who was b. in 1827, they lived in Des 
Moines, Iowa. 

1368. Benjamin Sharock, b. Jan. 28, 1840, d. Aug. 23, 



1369. Adeline Maria, b. April 16, 1843, d. same day. 

1370. Le Grand Berks, b. May 23, 1844, d. Oct. 10, 

1864, in Carleton, Miss., while seiving his coun- 
try in the war of the rebellion. 

1371. Cornelia Austria, b. Jan. 28, 1846, d. in 1863 ;^he 
lived in Gallon, Crawford County, Ohio. 


Hiram Todd", (01iver% SamueK', Christophers Sam- 
ueP, Samuel-, Christopher') born Aug. 5, 1808, married 
Carrie E. Wright, who was born in 1834. He was a 
physician. They lived in Columbus, Ohio. 

Children : 

1372. Lizzie. 

1373. Willie. 

1374. Florence. 



Elizabeth Charlotte Todd% (Olivers SamueP, Chris- 
topher^, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^ born Sept. 1, 
1810, married James, son of deacon (Col.) James and 
Lavina (Wilton) Brown, who was born July 2, 1815. 
He lived the later pai't of his life in Waterbury, Conn. 
He was a Representative and a Senator. 

Children : 

I. Frances Augusta, b. April 1, 1836, d. Jan. 19, 1837. 
II. Sarah Josephine, b. Sept. 30, 1839. 
III. Rosa Elizabeth, b. Nov. 25, 1849, m. Feb. 9, 1869, 
Richard Sell Griswold, of Lyme, Conn. 


Oliver Augustus Garrett ToddS (Oliver", SamueP, 
Christophers SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') born Oct. 
1, 1812, married first, June 26, 1834, Mary Ann Pierpont, 


who was born Aug. 23, 1815, died March 27, 1865. He 
married second, Oct. 8, 1868, Josephine Gray Sturgiss, of 
Wilton, Conn., who was born April 3, 1840. He was a 
lawyer and at one time was the Judge of Probate. They 
live^ in Danbury, Conn. 

Children by Mary Ann Pierpont : 

1375. Miranda Louisa, b. June 7, 1835. 

1376. Henry Augustus, b. March 8, 1837. 

1377. Marion Braidfoot, b. Dec. 3, 1838. 

1378. Frances Adelaide, b. Sept. 23, 1840, m. James 
Norton, of New York City. 

1379. Katherine Pierpont, b. Nov. 12, 1842, d. young. 

1380. Caroline Elizabeth, b. Sept. 3, 1844, d. young. 

1381. Hiram Wallace, b. March 12, 1846, d. young. 

1382. Alfred Pierpont, b. April 12, 1852. 

Children by Josephine Gray Sturgiss : 

1383. Samuel Sturgiss, b. Dec. 17, 1869. 

1384. Josephine Gray, b. March 18, 1873. 


Samuel Todd% (Josiah", Dan% Christopher*, SamueP, 
SamueP, Christopher^ born Aug. 22, 1817, in North 
Haven, Conn., died Dec. 1898, in South Manchester, Conn., 
married first, Jan. 7, 1851, Emily, daughter of Harvey 
and Nancy (Johnson) Rich, of Owego, N. Y., who was 
born Dec. 10, 1825, died Dec. 26, 1868, in Newark Valley, 
N. Y. He married second, Jennie Button, who lives in 
South Manchester, Conn. 

Samuel Todd went to Newark Valley, N. Y., with 
his father in 1834, and a year later, when the tannery, 
which was to have given employment to Samuels father, 
Josiah Todd, went into bankruptcy, Samuel, who was then 
about eighteen years of age, and very ambitious, took the 
brunt of the struggle to stem the tide of misfortune 
and hardships. In the winters he taught school, while 
in the summers and autumns, he worked at clearing off 
the big hemlocks, some of which were monsters, some 
of them being about 100 feet tall and four feet in diam- 


eter at the stump. After the huge trees were cut, they 
were rolled into large piles and burned. People of the 
present day would consider this method a very wasteful 
way to prepare land for agricultural purposes. In the 
spring time, they devoted their time to the manufacture 
of maple sugar and syrup. Samuel was the leading spirit 
in all this work. At last a comfortable home was pro- 
vided for the family. 

Not long after the family arrived at Newark Valley, 
N. Y., Samuel, with other members of the family, united 
with the Congregational Church. The society, learning 
that Samuel was a flute player, invited him to play in the 
church choir, which he did for several years, and at a 
later date became its leader. He taught a Sunday school 
class, and later became superintendent. When he was 
about twenty years of age, the church society offered to 
give him a college and theological education on condition 
that he become a missionary of the American Board of 
Foreign Missions. 

In 1865, he was chosen deacon, and held the office 
until his return to North Haven, Conn., where he united 
with the church in his native town. 

The church society at Newark Valley, N. Y., had, 
for some years previous to the arrival of the Todd family, 
settled a Presbyterian minister. Congregational minis- 
ters were not as numerous in New York State in those 
days as they are now. The town was settled mostly by 
people from Massachusetts and Connecticut and the 
church was organized strictly on Congregational princi- 
ples. Rev. Marcus Ford, continued to preach as a settled 
pastor of this society, from his first settlement at the age 
of 22 until he was 70 years of age, when his health failed 
him. Mr. Todd, being one of the leading members of 
the church, thought it a wise thing to secure a congrega- 
tional minister. The church at that time was connected 
with the Presbytery through the influence of Mr. Ford, 
who was a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminaiy, 
therefore, a Presbyterian "dyed in the wool." The church 
had been so long under Presbyterian influence (nearly 
fifty years) that many of the members were half inclined 


that way, and were quite indifferent as to the Congrega- 
tional plan. Through the tact and influence of Mr. Todd, 
a Congregational minister was secured with little opposi- 
tion and has so remained to the present time with satis- 
factory results. 

While Mr. Todd was superintendent, many new 
books were added to the Sunday school library, new sing- 
ing books suitable for Sunday school use were obtained, 
and a good cabinet organ was purchased. 

In those days, there was occasionally organized, in- 
dependent companies of militia. Mr. Todd became a 
member of such a company of riflemen, passing from one 
grade to another until he received a Captains commission 
which he held about five years, at the end of which ser- 
vice, he was exempt from further military duty, accord- 
ing to a State law. 

He was always very active in temperance work. 
When he was about twelve years of age, he became a 
member of the Total Abstinence Society in North Haven, 
Conn. After moving to Newark Valley, N. Y., he con- 
tinued to do all he could to forward the temperance cause. 
He was instrumental in obtaining a charter for organ- 
izing a division of the order of the Sons of Temperance, 
and was chosen its first Worthy Patriarch. This divi- 
sion became very large and prosperous, and continued 
so for many years. He was secretary of the Union Total 
Abstinence Society for several years, holding the office 
until his return to North Haven, Conn. 

He was often chosen as delegate to the meetings of 
the Presbytery, and later, to the Congregational Associa- 
tion conventions, and to the State Sabbath School con- 

Through the influence of W. S. Lincoln a near neigh- 
bor, and later a member of Congress, at the time of the 
civil war, Mr. Todd was appointed as one of the watch- 
men in the Quartermasters department then stationed at 
Hagerstown, Maryland. Soon afterwards, he was trans- 
fered to Washington, D. C, where he held an office in the 
department from November 1863 to April 1864. He was 
present at the inaugural address of Abraham Lincoln's 


second term, only a few weeks before his assassination, 
and at the reception day ceremonies, he shook the hand 
of the distinguished man whose wife was Maiy Todd, a 
descendant of Robert Todd who settled in Pennsylvania. 

While he was living in Washington, his first wife, 
Emily Rich, began to show alarming symptoms of con- 
sumption, which dread disease eventually was the cause 
of her death two years later. 

Afterwards, while visiting relatives in his native 
town of North Haven, Conn., he met Miss Jennie Button, 
who later became his second wife. In the latter part of 
his life he returned to North Haven, Conn., to live. 

Children by Jennie Button : 

1385. Jennie, m. Oct. 15, 1913, James Caleb Bidwell. 

1386. Clarence, unmarried, lives in South Manchester, 


Frederick Handel Todd', (Josiah", DanS Christo- 
pher", Samuel', SamueP, Christopher') born Feb. 26, 
1819, in North Haven, Conn., died March 18, 1868, mar- 
ried Sept. 17, 1850, Phebe Elizabeth, daughter of Wil- 
liams and Maria (Benjamin) Slosson, who was born 
March 9, 1830, in Newark Valley, where also she was 
married at her fathers house. 

His father removed with his family to Newark Val- 
ley, when he was about thirteen years of age, and being 
in poor circumstances could give his son only the advan- 
tages of a common school education. Upon arriving at 
the age of manhood Mr. Todd became a tanner (which 
was his fathers occupation in life), which business he 
followed for a number of years; he also opened and 
carried on a store for the sale of general merchandise 
at Newark Valley, N. Y. 

In 1858, Mr. Todd made a purchase of lumber lands 
in northern Michigan, and seven years later, or there- 
abouts, began operations in cleai'ing, lumbering, etc., in 
that State. He was drowned in the Muskegon River 


while attempting to cross the boom or shute, letting out 
the logs, the current being very rapid. He was a stanch 
member of the Republican party, and represented the 
town of Newark Valley in the board of supervisors for 
two or three terms. In his death his wife lost a dutiful 
husband; his children, a loving father; his friends and 
business associates, an honest man. 

His Children were born in Newark Valley, except 
Frank H. the youngest, who was born in Big Rapids, 


1387. William Slosson, b. Jan. 26, 1852, d. Jan. 29, 1852. 

1388. Cora, b. Aug. 6, 1854, d. Aug. 20, 1854. Twin. 

1389. Dora, b. Aug. 6, 1854, d. Sept. 3, 1854. 
*1390. Frederick Louis, b. March 10, 1856. 

1391. George Leon, b. March 21, 1858, d. Nov. 25, 1860. 
*1392. Frank Hayden, b. Feb. 26, 1866. 


Mary Josephine Todd', (Josiah", Dan=, Christophers 
Samuels Samuel*, Christopher') born Feb. 6, 1833, in 
North Haven, Conn., married May 23, 1861, Charles Gros- 
venor Osgood, who was born March 22, 1820, in Cincin- 
natus, Cortland County, N. Y., died March 25, 1908. His 
parents at one time lived in Pomfret, Conn. She lives 
in Wellsboro, Penn. 

Children : 
I. Harry Winthrop, b. Feb. 23, 1862, unmarried. 

II. Mary Helen, b. Oct. 24, 1863, m. Sept. 20, 1894, Dr. 
Clarence Webb. Issue: (1) Charles Grosvenor 
Webb, b. March 23, 1899; (2) Josephine Wallace 
Webb, b. April 27, 1906. 

III. Charles Grosvenor, b. May 4, 1871, Grad. Yale, 
1894. He taught at Yale University for two or 
three years after his graduation, when he was 
called to Princeton University as English Precep- 


tor; returned to Yale, where he again taught for 
a few years, when he was recalled to Princeton 
having been promoted to a full professorship, re- 
ceived the degree of Ph. D. from Yale in 1899. 
He m. Jan. 29, 1910, Isabella Sheldon Owen, of 
Princeton, N. J., who was b. Jan. 8, 1873. Issue: 
(1) Charles Grosvenor Osgood, b. Feb. 1, 1912, 
d. next day. 



Theresa Adelaide Todd', (Josiah«, Dan^ Christo- 
pher^, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') bom Dec. 4, 1838, 
married Feb. 14, 1860, Mandelbert Newton Chapman, 
who was born July 5, 1837, died Feb. 11, 1868. He was 
a farmer and lived in Newark Valley, N. Y. 

Child : 
I. Fannie Josephine, b. Oct. 28, 1862, in Newark Val- 
ley, N. Y., m. first, Butts, m. second, 

Edward R. Buson, they lived in Lane, Franklin 
County, Kan. 


Temperance Todd", (Elam^ Edmund\ Christophers 
Samuels Samuel-, Christopher') born Feb. 2, 1790, mar- 
ried Oct. 25, 1810, Lauren, son of Asaph and Damaris 
■ (Todd) Merriam, of Meriden, Conn., who was bom about 
1787, died April 1867. For ancestry of Damaris Todd 
see No. 312. 

Children : 
I. Asaph, b. July 15, 1811. 

II. Nelson, b. Sept. 21, 1813. 

III. Hannah, b. Dec. 28, 1815, m. Oct. 10, 1833, Albert 

Foster of Meriden, Conn., who was b. Nov. 7, 1804, 
d. May 8, 1850. 


IV. Mary Ann, b. March 22, 1818, d. Nov. 6, 1891, m. 

May 31, 1837, Joseph Sprout. 
V. Juliette, b. June 22, 1820, m. April 25, 1839, Bur- 
dett Cannon. 
VI. Lawrence Todd, b. June 2, 1822. 


Silas Todd', (Elam", Edmund', Christopher*, Sam- 
uel\ SamueP, Christopher^) born Nov. 26, 1798, in 
Plymouth. Conn., married Nov. 30. 1825. Betsey Filley, 
who was boiTi Aug. 13, 1800, in East Granby, Conn. 

Mr. Todd was married in Low^ille, N. Y., and soon 
after moved to Mina, Chautauqua County, N. Y., where 
he bought land which was covered with heavy timber. 
He cleared a spot large enough for his house and a 
garden. The house he built of logs, and here the first 
three children were born. About 1832, he hired out to 
a man in Sherman, N. Y., to manage an ashery. As the 
work was very exacting, he soon gave it up, and started 
for Illinois, where he bought a nice prairie fai-m. After 
having bought the farm, he went back to New York to 
get his family and household goods and again started for 
Illinois and their new home, the journey being made with 
a team. This was about 1843. He believed in education, 
and they both were very anxious to have their children 
receive a good one, and helped them all within their 

Children : 
*1393. James Doeg, b. Nov. 22, 1826. 
*1394. Esther Elvira, b. Dec. 17, 1828. 
*1395. Adelia Eliza, b. Jan. 30, 1832. 
*1396. Edward Payson, b. July 24, 1837. 
*1397. Mary Elizabeth, b. Aug. 22, 1839. 


Edmund Todd', (Aden", Edmund^ Christopher*, 
SamueP, Samuel^, Christopher') married and lived in 
Meriden, Conn. 


Children : 

1398. Sarah Ann, m. Burnham. Issue: had 

two or three sons who were manufacturers of 
brick and had a kiln near New Britian, Conn. 
Afterwards they went west. Residence un- 

1399. Ellen, m. (1) Henry Bangs, and lived in Meriden, 
Conn., had two daughters. Trouble seems to 
have come into his family and a divorce, and later 
she m. (2) George Page. 

1400. Edmund, he enlisted in the army during the civil 

war, and d. in the service ; cause unknown to my 


Erastus Todd', (Aden", Edmund\ Christopher*, 
SamuoP, SamueP, Christopher^ born in 1807, died June 
30, 1890, in Lake Grove, Long Island, N. Y., married 
Lucia, daughter of Daniel and Keziah (Norton) Lane, 
who was born Nov. 12, 1802, died May 7, 1864; she was 
born in Plymouth, Conn. After their marriage, they 
moved first to Delaware County, N. Y., probably at about 
the same time that his father went there, later they moved 
to Liberty, Sullivan County, N. Y., thence they returned 
to Connecticut. 

Children : 
*1401. Dimis Emeline, b. Feb. 11, 1832. 
*1402. Olive Ellen, b. Nov. 19, 1834. 
*1403. Erastus W., b. Sept. 5, 1839. 
*1404. Luther Buckley, b. Aug. 8, 1843. 
*1405. Elizabeth Eveline, b. Dec. 11, 1845. 



Alathea Lawrence Todd% (SamueP, Eliel\ SamueP, 
Samuel\ Samuel^, Christopher') born July 5, 1811, in 


Enosburg, Vt., died Oct. 30, 1890, in Berkshire, Vt., of 
heart disease, married Dec. 3, 1840, Heman, son of Asa 
Sykes, of East Berkshire, Vt. 

Children : 
I. Preston Eugene, b. Dec. 26, 1843, m. Feb. 28, 1873, 
Alzina Albertine, daughter of Terrance Courtney, 
of Broome, Province of Quebec, Canada. 

II. Mary Alathea, b. Dec. 17, 1847, in East Berkshire, 

III. Hannah Caroline, b. Sept. 7, 1850, in East Berk- 
shire, Vt., m. Matthew Peterson, in Donaldson, 
Kittson County, Minn. She is now (1917) living 
in Berkshire, Vt. 



Caroline Woods Todd', (SamueP, ElieP, Samuel*, 
Samuel', SamueP, Christopher born March 2, 1814, in 
Enosburg, Vt., died Sept. 25, 1888, in Berkshire, Vt., of 
dysentery, married Nov. 24, 1844, Ashbel, son of Asa 
Sykes, of East Berkshire, Vt. 

Children : 

I. Fannie Alathea, b. Sept. 28, 1845, in East Berk- 
shire, Vt., d. April 1889, in Enosburg, Vt. of pneu- 
monia, m. Oct. 10, 1886, Charles, son of Harden 
Allen, of Enosburg, Vt. 
II. Alfred Samuel, b. Aug. 16, 1847, in East Berkshire, 

Vt., m. Abbey Sampson, of East Berkshire, Vt. 
III. Ellen Parmelia, b. July 4, 1850, in East Berkshire, 
Vt., m. Jan. 2, 1884, Naman Gibson, who lived in 


Samuel Bryan Todd', (Samuel*, ElieP, Samuel*, 
Samuel% Samuel^, Christopher^) born March 2, 1814, in 


Enosburg, Vt., died May 30, 1870, in Cat Creek, Ga., 
married Martha Knight, who died in 1916, at their home 
in Ga. They lived for a number of years in Tampa, 
Florida, where their children were born, and where he 
was a physician. Along about 1868, he went to visit his 
married daughter in southern Georgia, whei'e he was 
so pleased and favorably impressed with the advantages 
of the region that he bought a farm in Cat Creek and 
moved there immediately. 

Children : 
*1406. Martha Ann Gertrude, b. Oct. 24, 1850. 

1407. Samuel Adams, b. April 15, 1852. 
*1408. Fannie Alathea, b. Jan. 17, 1854. 
*1409. Charles Carrol, b. July 29, 1857. 

1410. Mary Elizabeth, b. Oct. 14, 1860. 
*1411. Edward Livingston, b. June 29, 1864. 

1412. John Hiram Lawrence, b. Sept. 16, 1866, unmar- 
*1413. Lola Blanche, b. Nov. 19, 1868. 


Hiram Lawrence Todd', (Samuel'', ElieP, Samuel*, 
Samuel^ Samuel^ Christopher^) born Oct. 6, 1818, in 
Enosburg, Vt., died March 8, 1884, in Saratoga, N. Y., 
from the effects of a fall on the ice. He married Amanda, 
daughter of Elias Babcock, of West Berkshire, Vt., who 
died March 8, 1889. He was a talented physician and 
practiced his profession at Fair Haven, Vt., and later 
at Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

Child : 
*1414. Vernon Lawrence, b. Jan. 8, 1846. 


Eliel Stafford Todd^ (Samuel% Eliel^ Samuel*, Sam- 
uel^, Samuels Christopher^) born July 11, 1820, in Enos- 
burg, Vt., died Feb. 5, 1886, in Boston, Mass., and was 
there buried, also two of his children. He married in 


1852, in Boston, Rebecca Noj'es Paul, who was born June 
10, 1829, in Newburyport, Mass., died Nov. 3, 1907, in 
Boston and was buried by her husbands side. 

He went to Boston before he was of legal age, having 
bought his time from his father. He was engaged, for 
some years, as a salesman in gentlemens furnishings, but 
owing to ill health incurred by being forced, as a boy to 
do farm work beyond his strength, he was obliged to 
take up some outdoor occupation, therefore, he bought 
and sold goods of all kinds, loaned and invested money 
and acquired, for his times, a modest competency. Ow- 
ing to over strict religious training in his early youth, 
he was not a professed Christian, but in all his life, he 
wronged no one intentionally, either directly or indirect- 
ly, and died at peace with all the world. Those who knew 
him intimately say his word was as good as his bond. 

Children : 

*1415. Charles Sanford, b. July 19, 1853. 

1416. Frederick Everett, b. Feb. 20, 1857, m. in 1890, 
Mary E. Falvey. They reside at 327 Blue Hill 
Ave., Boston, Mass. No children. 

1417. George H., d. June 23, 1862. 

1418. Hiram L., d. Sept. 13, 1866. 

1419. Althea Marih, b. Nov. 12, 1867, in Boston, Mass., 

unmarried. She resides in China now (1918) 
where she has been a missionaiy since 1895. 



Fannie Skinner Todd', (Samuel", Eliel\ Samuel*, 
Samuel', SamueP, Christopher') born April 16, 1823, in 
Enosburg, Vt, died Dec. 28, 1900, in Bridgeton, N. J., 
married May 14, 1845, William C, son of Capt. William 
Felton, of Franklin, Vt., who died Aug. 9, 1866, in Sara- 
toga, N. Y., to which town he had moved the preceding 


Children : 
I. Albert Devitt, b. Feb. 9, 1848, in Franklin, Vt., 
d. in 1880, in Saratoga, N. Y., married June 13, 
1872, Ida M. May, in Saratoga, N. Y., and while 
there he was a physician. Issue: (1) Nina May, 
b. June 14, 1875, in Syracuse, N. Y. She is now 
(1917) living with her mother in Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y. 
II. Bryan Lawrence, b. May 29, 1859, in Franklin, Vt., 
married Nov. 29, 1882, Henrietta Van Lier, in 
Bridgeton, N. J. He is now (1917) living in 
Berkeley, Cal. Issue: (1) William C, b. June 13, 
1886, d. Dec. 8, 1889, in Bridgeton, N. J.; (2) 
Flora Willetta, b. March 8, 1893, in Bridgeton, N. 
J., m. Aug. 9, 1913, George F. Hagarty, of Vallejo, 
Cal., and had Esther Carol Hagarty, b. Dec. 11, 
1914; (3) Albert Vernon, b. May 10, 1897, in 
Bridgeton, N. J. 


Albert Woods Todd^ (Samuel% ElieP, Samuel*, Sam- 
ueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born June 12, 1827, in Enos- 
burg, Vt., died during the winter of 1884-85, married 
June 12, 1852, Aurilla Crandall, daughter of James Dun- 

Children : 

1420. Fannie Caroline, b. Sept. 1, 1853, in Enosburg, 
Vt., d. Oct. 14, 1875, in Derby Center, Vt., of 

1421. Nelhe Elmira, b. July 10, 1856, in Jay, Vt., d. 
Jan. 9, 1860, in Jay, Vt. 

1422. Lillian Ardell, b. Aug. 22, 1858, in Jay, Vt. 

1423. Elmer Ellsworth, b. Oct. 22, 1863, in East Berk- 
shire, Vt., d. Oct. 22, 1875, in Derby Center, Vt., 
of Scarletina. 

1424. Levina Stone, b. Nov. 26, 1865, in Troy, Vt. 

1425. Hiram Lawrence, b. Dec. 9, 1869, in Troy, Vt. 

1426. Diantha Ursula, b. Sept. 14, 1871, in Derby, Vt. 



John Todd', (Lyman% Samuel^ SamueP, SamueP, 
Samuel-, Christopher') he was probably born in Middle- 
town, Delaware County, N. Y., as he lived in the old 
homestead. He married. 

Child : 
1427. Earl, lived in Dry Brook, Ulster County, N. Y. 



Julia Todd', (Lyman^ SamueP, Samuel*, SamueP, 
SamueP, Christopher') born Oct. 11, 1814, married Eber 
Merwin, who was born April 30, 1812, died Oct. 10, 1862. 

Children : 
I. Eber Smith, b. Nov. 11, 1833. 
II. Mary, b. March 15, 1836, in Delaware County, N. 
Y.,m. May 29, 1855, Chester William, son of Hiram 
and Anna M. (Marks) Cooke, who was b. Dec. 14, 
1830, in New Haven County, Conn. Issue: (1) 
Julia Anna, b. Oct. 9, 1856, in Ulster County 
N. Y., m. Oct. 25, 1882, Charles P. Skinner, who 
was b. in 1844, d. in 1908, they lived in Manteno, 
111., and had Hilda, Hazel and a son who d. an 
infant; (2) Marcus Eber, b. April 6, 1856, he was 
twice m., first. May 25, 1878, Winnie Barry in 
Iroquois County, 111., by whom he had a dau., 
second, Feb. 22, 1900, Edith Flyn in New York, 
N. Y.; (3) Urban Hiram, b. Aug. 22, 1860, in 
Kankakee County, 111., m. March 1900, Mrs. Mary 
Hegeman, in Doland, South Dakota; (4) Nelson 
Samuel, b. March 26, 1864, in Kankakee County, 
111., m. March 17, 1903, Minnie Bangs, in Redfield, 
South Dakota; (5) Harriet Jane, b. in Kankakee 
County, 111., m. Feb. 8, 1899, Samuel W., son of 
Thomas and Elizabeth (Hamilton) Parker, who 
was b. Aug. 31, 1873, in Manteno, 111.; (6) Maude 
Clair, b. Oct. 20, 1874, in Kankakee County, 111., 


m. Feb. 26, 1908, Glenn Palmer, son of Rev. Samuel 
J. and Delia A. (Hazard) Beach, who was b. June 
3, 1880 in Redfield, S. D. 

III. Samuel, b. April 23, 1838, d. 1862. 

IV. Tersah, b. Aug. 23, 1840. 
V. Deborah, b. Aug. 23, 1842. 

VI. Lucy Elizabeth, b. Oct. 4, 1846. 
VII. Olivia Tirzah, b. Aug. 24, 1849. 
VIII. Lydia Jane, b. April, 1856. 


Olivia Todd% (Lyman% SamueK% Samuel*, SamueP, 
Samuel-, Christopher^) married George. 

I. Amasa, lived in Arkville, Delaware County, N. Y., 
Margaretville and Dry Brook, N. Y. 


Jane Todd% (SamueP, SamueP, Samuel*, SamueP, 
Samuel-, Christopher^ married Alfred Akerley. 

I. William. 


Dyer Todd% (Burr% SamueP', SamueP, SamueP, 
SamueP, Christopher^ bom Jan. 14, 1821, died Dec. 1, 
1879, he was twice married, first, Lucy Anne Seager, 
second, Electa, daughter of Walter and Esther (Allaben) 
Stratton, who was born Oct. 25, 1818, and married first, 
Samuel Mullineux. 

They lived in Hardenburgh, Ulster County, N. Y. 



Child by Lucy A. Seager: 
*1428. Hiram Burr, b. July 26, 1848. 
Children by Electa Stratton: 

1429. Stratton B., b. June 19, 1862. 

1430. Emily A., b. Oct. 4, 1864. 


Margaret Todd% (Darling% Samuel-', SamueP, Sam- 
ueP, Samuel'-, Christopher^) born Jan. 1, 1833, died in 
1891, in Wallingford, Conn., married March 18, 1856, 
Hiram D wight, son of Hiram and Anna M. (Marks) 
Cooke, who was born Dec. 18, 1832. They moved from 
New York State to Wallingford, Conn., in 1857. 

Children : 
I. Thankful Estella, b. May 10, 1857, m. Oct. 7, 1874, 
George A. Cannon, in Wallingford, Conn. Issue: 
(1) Neva Estella, b. Aug. 19, 1876. 
II. Waldo Daniel b. Dec. 31, 1861, m. Hattie M. Carter, 
of Wallingford, Conn. Issue: (1) Howard, b. 
1885; (2) Raymond, b. July 1887; (3) Bertha, b. 


Hiram Todd', (Isaac^ SamueP, Samuel*, SamueP, 
SamueP, Christopher^) living in 1907, in Arkville, Dela- 
ware County, N. Y. He died about 1912. 

*1431. John B. 

Burr Todd', (Isaac'', SamueP, Samuel*, SamueP, 
SamueP, Christopher^ married Susan, daughter of 
Robert and Caroline (Griffin) Stone, who was bom Dec. 
5, 1835. 


Children : 
*1432. Carrie, b. July 27, 1858. 
1433. Lillian, b. Feb. 21, 1872, ni. Charles V. Spriggs, 
they reside in Arkville, N. Y. 
*1434. Augustus H., b. April 11, 1863. 


Walker Todd", (Eli", Jonah'', Abraham*, Jonah', 
Samuel-, Christopher') died in 1840, married Sally Ann 
Smith, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. She married second, 

March 15, 1881, Lassiter. He graduated from 

Yale in 1810; was a lawyer and senator to state legisla- 
ture. He lived in Carmel, N. Y. 

Children : 
*1435. William Merwin. 

1436. Israel. 
*1437. Mary. 
*1438. Henry B. 

1439. Charles A., lived in New York, N. Y. 
*1440. Sophie. 
*1441. Alexander, lived in Cal. 

1442. Sarah Ann., unmarried. 



Sophia Todd", (Eli", Jonah"', Abrahams Jonah% Sam- 
uel=, Christopher') born Oct. 24, 1790, died Oct. 29, 1882, 
married Sherman, son of Isaac Hartwell, of Bridgeport, 
Conn., who was born Dec. 2, 1790, died Jan. 16, 1876. 
He was president of one of the Bridgeport banks. 

Children : 
I. Mary Elizabeth, b. Sept. 29, 1818, m. Simeon B. 
Chittenden, had three children. 
II. Rachael Thompson, b. Sept. 6, 1822, m. Timothy P. 
Chapman. Issue: (1) Hartwell; (2) Timothy; 
(3) John. 


III. Eli Merwin, b. Aug. 21, 1827, d. Oct. 12, 1829. 

IV. Sidney, b. Sept. 12, 1832, d. Sept. 18, 1833. 

V. Sophia Todd, b. 1830, m. Aug. 22, 1850, John N. 
Bonesteel. He was a merchant. 
VI. CorneKa Boardman, b. Sept. 2, 1834, m. April 25, 
1855, Robert Hubbard. Issue: (1) Sherman, b. 
March 6, 1861; (2) Sophia Todd, b. 1864; (3) 


Eli Merwin Todd', (Eli", Jonah% Abraham*, Jonah^, 
Samuel^, Christopher') born Jan. 11, 1792, died Nov. 12, 
1845, married Sept. 5, 1815, Mary Ann, daughter of Ira 
and Elizabeth (Belden) Scott, of Waterford, N. Y., 
who was born July 5, 1796, died Feb. 9, 1878. They re- 
moved from New Milford, Conn., to Waterford, Saratoga 
County, N. Y. 

Children : 
*1443. Elizabeth, b. July 2, 1816. 

1444. Eli Sherman, b. March 12, 1818, d. Aug. 25, 1818. 

1445. Sophia, b. July 5, 1819, d. Dec. 9, 1824. 

1446. William Ira.'b. Oct. 25, 1822, d. May 17, 1823. 
*1447. Joshua Mandeville, b. Dec. 8, 1824. 

*1448. Sophia Rachael, b. Nov. 12, 1828. 
*1449. George Merwin, b. Jan. 1, 1836. 


George Thompson Todd", (Eli", Jonah% Abraham*, 
Jonah\ Samuel^ Christopher^ born Sept. 6, 1810, in 
New Milford, Conn., died Feb. 10, 1897, in Aberdeen, 
South Dak.." married first, June 27, 1844, Mary A. Winch- 
ell, who was born Feb. 8, 1817, died Dec. 29, 1850. He 
married second, Coi'olie Chamberlain, who was bom April 
28, 1824. She is now (1914) living in Minneapolis. 

Mr. Todd was reared at New Milford, Conn. ; took 
a college course at Yale University, then a course at Yale 
Law School. Shortly before completing the latter, he 


decided to change from the study of the law to the study 
for the ministry; accordingly, he left the Law School, 
entered the Andover Theological Seminary, and after a 
partial course there, he went to the Princeton Theological 
Seminary and graduated from there in 1834; ordained 
by the Presbytery of Bedford, in 1838. From 1838, to 
1855, he held Pi'esbyterian pastorates in New York State ; 
Gilead Church at Carmel, N. Y., from 1835-44; Bals- 
ton Spa, 1845-47; Smithfield Church, City, 1847-55. 
After a ministiy in the Presbji;erian Churches of nearly 
twenty years, severe illness left him with permanently 
impaired health and he retired from the active ministry, 
but later learned to use copies of the Scriptures prepared 
for the blind. He lived on a small farm near Fond Du 
Lac, Wis., from 1891 to 1893, thence he removed to Aber- 
deen, South Dak., where he lived till his death in 1893. 

Children by Mary Winchell: 
*1450. Mary Elizabeth, b. April 22, 1845. 
1451. Julia Wickes, b. Jan. 30, 1849, d. Oct. 23, 1874, 

unmarried, she taught school in Fond Du Lac, 

*1452. George Winchell, b. July 22, 1849. 

Children by Corolie Chamberlain : 
*1453. Charlotte Rachel, b. Sept. 13, 1855. 
*1454. Calvin Chamberlain, b. Dec. 14, 1856. 
1455. Eli Hartwell, b. Oct. 21, 1858, he is unmarried 
and lives in Janesville, Wis., where he is engaged 
in the painting business. 

Sarah Elizabeth Todd% (Eli'', Jonah ■■, Abraham*, 
Jonah\ Samuel-, Christopher') born Aug. 18, 1813, mar- 
ried Virgil Dryden Bonesteal. He was a lawyer. They 
lived in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Children : 
I. Thompson, d. young. 
II. Philip, d. young. 



Abraham Todd', (Abraham% Abraham^, Abrahams 
Jonah', Samuel-, Christopher') born Dec. 30, 1788, died 
Feb. 23, 1847, married April 7, 1814, Maria Wescot, 
who was born March 4, 1797, died Aug. 29, 1865. He 
was a farmer. They lived in Lewisboro, N. Y. 

Children : 

1456. Delia, b. Feb. 25, 1815, d. Oct. 25, 1890, unmarried. 

1457. Ann E., b. Sept. 1, 1817. 
*1458. Abraham H., b. June 17, 1819. 
*1459. Electa M., b. April 17, 1821. 

1460. David C, b. June 26, 1824, d. April 8, 1870. 
*1461. Charles, b. Oct. 28, 1826. 
*1462. Clark, b. Dec. 29, 1827. 
1463. Martin, b. April 6, 1831, m. Clarissa Brown, who 
d. Jan. 1906. No children, he lives now (1913) 
in Purdys Station, N. Y. 
*1464. Elbert, b. June 20, 1834. 
*1465. Mary Jane, b. Nov. 24, 1836. 
1466. Rufus, b. Sept. 4, 1841, d. Oct. 3, 1863, unmarried. 


Betsey Todd', (Abrahams Abraham-', Abraham^ 
Jonahs Samuel-, Christopher') born Feb. 7, 1791, died 
May 25, 1852, married Aug. 28, 1806, Levi Bailey, who 
was born Dec. 6, 1786, died Jan. 16, 1864. 

Children : 
I. Jane, b. Sept. 1, 1808, d. Aug. 15, 1888. 

II. Sally, b. Nov. 8, 1810, d. Dec. 23, 1849. 

III. Abraham Todd, b. Aug. 4, 1812, d. Aug. 12, 1863. 

IV. Albert, b. May 31, 1814, d. Jan. 18, 1855. 

V. Debby A., b. Feb. 26, 1817, d. Jan. 16, 1818. 

VI. George F., b. Oct. 29, 1818. 

VII. Hackaliah, b. April 28, 1821. 


Mabel Todd', (Abraham", Abrahams Abraham*, 
Jonah', Samuel-', Christopher') born July 30, 1794, died 
Dec. 1, 1848, married Oct. 28, 1813, Alan, son of Aaron 
and Sarah (Mead) Mead, who was bom July 18, 1788, 
died July 30, 18—. 

Children : 
I. Emmeline, b. Aug. 19, 1815. 

II. Benjamin, b. Jan. 29, 1818. 

III. Lucinda, b. Dec. 2, 1820, d. July 14, 1891. 

IV. Hiram, b. Dec. 19, 1822. 
V. George, b. Sept. 18, 1827. 

VI. Amos, b. Aug. 10, 1832, d. Nov. 4, 1887. 
VII. Jane, b. Aug. 20, 1834. 

Jonah Todd', (Abraham", Abraham% Abraham*, 
Jonahs SamueP, Christopher') born Feb. 2, 1797, died 
March 15, 1878, married Sept. 21, 1815, Lucinda, only 
daughter of Joseph and Mollie L. Nash, of South Salem, 
N. Y., who was born Feb. 17, 1799, died May 3, 1887. 
He was a farmer. They lived in Lewisboro, N. Y. 

Children : 
*1467. Joseph N., b. May 3, 1816. 
*1468. Leonard B., b. Sept. 14, 1818. 
*1469. Cyrus Lawrence, b. April 1, 1821. 

1470. Molly, b. Sept. 14, 1823, d. March 13, 1834. 
*1471. Deborah A., b. July 15, 1828. 

Martin Todd", (Abraham", Abraham"', Abraham*, 
Jonah', Samuels Christopher') born Aug. 7, 1803, died 
Aug. 11, 1885, married Sept. 5, 1837, Sallie Lawrence, 
who was born Nov. 3, 1805, died Aug. 8, 1872. He was 
a farmer. They lived in Lewisboro, N. Y. 


Children : 
*1472. Wilbur, b. May 28, 1839. 
*1473. Julia, b. Jan. 10, 1841. 
1474. George, b. April 13, 1843, unmarried, he lives on 
the Todd Homestead. 
*1475. Cornelia, b. July 28, 1845. 


Tamma Todd', (David% Abraham^ Abrahams 
Jonahs Samuels Christopher') born July 19, 1794, died 
March 13, 1877, married Feb. 1832, Isaac Denike, who 
was born Nov. 23, 1800, died May 24, 1883. They lived 
in Peekskill, N. Y. 

Children : 

I. Mary Elizabeth, b. Nov. 19, 1833, d. Dec. 20, 1873. 
II. Abby Jane, b. Jan. 15, 183-7, m. Jacob Strang, who 
d. in 1901 ; she resides in Ypsilanti, Mich. 


Orrin ToddS (David", Abrahams Abrahams Jonah^, 
Samuels Christopher') born Jan. 15, 1796, died April 2, 
1856, married Caroline Denike, who was born July 25, 
1799, died May 8, 1840. 

Children : 
*1476. Ira, b. Oct. 7, 1825. 

1477. Sarah Ann, b. April 23, 1830. 
*1478. Lucinda, b. Sept. 14, 1834. 

1479. Emily, b. April 22, 1837. 


Wright ToddS (David", Abraham', Abraham*, 
Jonahs Samuels Christopher') bom Feb. 14, 1798, died 
April 12, 1875, married in 1819, Betsey Denike, who died 
Jan. 17, 1876. Her father came to this countiy with the 


British Army during the Revolutionary war. He desert- 
ed and was afterwards a gardener on Long Island. 

Mr. Todd was a man of considerable native ability, 
inheriting the characteristics of a long line of worthy 
ancestors. He spent his long life at farming and besides 
he always took an active interest in public affairs. In 
1826, he moved to Greece, Genesee County, N. Y., having 
purchased there a farm of eighty acres. 

Children : 

*1480. David, b. April 15, 1820. 

*1481. John, b. Jan. 23, 1822. 

1482. Sylvester, d. young. 

*1483. Albert, b. Nov. 20, 1827. 

1484. Jackson, d. young. 

1485. Mary Ann, d. young. 
*1486. Orrin W., b. Dec. 12, 1841. 

Sarah Todd", (David", Abraham"', Abraham^ Jonah\ 
Samuel-, Christopher') bom July 20, 1800, married first, 
David Knapp, second, Peter Hadden. 

Children by David Knapp : 
I. Silas. 
II. Alfred. 

III. Wright. 

IV. A daughter. 

Children by Peter Hadden : 
V. Sarah Ann. 
VI. Euphrates. 

Allen Todd% (David", Abraham^ Abraham^ Jonah% 
Samuel-, Christopher') born Aug. 6, 1802, in Peekskill, 
N. Y., died in Rochester, N. Y., married first, 


18 — , Field, a niece of Cyrus Field. He mar- 
ried second, 18 — , Eurania Davis. 

He moved to South Greece, N. Y., now called Elm- 
wood, thence in later life he retired and moved to Roches- 
ter, N. Y., where he died. He was a very prosperous 
farmer and a most excellent man, having been a devoted 

Children by Field: 

*1487. Morris. 
1488. Nelson d. a bachelor. 

Children by Eurania Davis : 
*1489. Allen D., b. Jan. 2, 1840. 
*1490. Eurania G., b. May 1, 1843. 

John Todd', (David^ Abraham^ Abraham*, Jonah^ 
Samuel-, Christopher') born Sept. 5, 1806, in Peekskill, 
N. Y., died in 1884, married Eliza Agor. He moved to 
IMiddleport, N. Y., in the early thirties and bought land 
of the Holland Land Purchase from which he developed 
a good farm. 

Children : 
*1491. William Agor, b. March 28, 1833. 
*1492. Kelsey, b. Feb. 11, 1835. 


Betsey Todd', (David*, Abi"aham% Abraham^ Jonah^, 
Samuel-, Christopher') born Sept. 25, 1808, married 
Phillip Travis. They lived in Peekskill, N. Y. 

Children : 
I. Cyrus. 
II. Eugene. 

III. Wright. 

IV. Althea. 



Alfred Todd", (David% Abraham', Abraham*, Jonah\ 
Samuel-, Christopher') born Aug. 21, 1810, at the old 
homestead, died Jan. 8, 1903, married Mary Buckbee, 
who was born March 29, 1809. They lived near Peek- 
skill, N. Y. 

Children : 

*1493. Elizabeth Ann, b. Jan. 25, 1836. 

1494. Almina, b. Nov. 9, 1838. 

*1495. Hannah, b. Aug. 27, 1841. 

*1496. David, b. June 16, 1843. 

*1497. William, b. Feb. 8, 1845. 

1498. Ira, b. Aug. 27, 1847, d. Sept. 8, 1885, unmarried. 

1499. Cornelia, b. Feb. 3, 1852, d. Sept. 29, 1855. 


Stephen Todd", (Ira% Oliver^, Abrahams Jonah\ 
Samuel-, Christopher') born Jan. 20, 1803, died Feb. 12, 
1875, married Dec. 28, 1825, Eliza Ann Baker. He was 
a farmer. They lived in Sing Sing, now Ossining, N. Y. 

Children : 
*1500. Albert, b. Nov. 20, 1826. 
1501. Jane E., b. June 27, 1829, she lived in Ossining, 
N. Y. 
*1502. Gilbert M., b. Nov. 7, 1833. 



Sallie Ann Todd", (Ira% Oliver'', Abrahams Jonah', 
Samuels Christopher') born March 6, 1809, died May 
20, 1884, married Nov. 9, 1830, J. Gilbert Mead. They 
lived in Lewisboro, N. Y. 

Children : 
I. Elbert A., b. Jan. 21, 1834, m. Sept. 27, 1860, Mary 
Eliza Studwell. He was a farmer in Salem, N. Y. 


II. Solomon T., b. April 23, 1836, m. July 18, 1861, 
Sarah E. Quick, who d. in 1896. He was a far- 
mer in Salem, N. Y. 


Harvey Mead Todd% (Uel% Oliver', Abrahams 
Jonahs Samuel-, Christopher^) born June 2, 1803, in 
Lewisboro, N. Y., died Dec. 21, 1881, married Feb. 11, 
1827, Esther Warren, daughter of William and Catherine 
(Green) Nelson, who was born Nov. 8, 1808, died May 
1, 1883. 

He left school for the farm at a very early age and 
remained actively engaged in farming till his death. His 
farm was on the old turnpike i^oad, two and a half miles 
from Somers (N. Y.) village, known as the Micah Purdy 
farm, which he bought from his father Uel Todd. His 
house was built upon a high elevation of ground some 
distance west of the highway. It is a handsome struc- 
ture, and occupies a sightly location from whence a fine 
view is obtained of the Plum Brook Valley, the undulat- 
ing farm lands of eastern Somers, and the distant hills 
of south-western Connecticut. Surrounding the house 
is an ample lawn, and the cultivated fields of a rich and 
extensive farm. 

Harvey M. Todd was a plain, unostentatious man, 
upi-ight and straightforward in every transaction. He 
won, by his steady industry, a large fortune, and obtained 
for himself an enviable place in the community in which 
he lived. He was a director of the Farmers and Drovers 
Bank at Somers, N. Y. 

Children : 
*1503. William Nelson, b. March 11, 1828. 

1504. Augustus E., b. May 18, 1830, d. Nov. 26, 1830. 

1505. Edgar A., b. Nov. 6, 1833, d. May 6, 1836. 
*1506. Laura Josephine, b. Oct. 1, 1845. 

Oliver Uel ToddS (UelS Oliver^, Abrahams JonahS 
Samuel-, Christopher') born Oct. 5, 1805, in South Salem, 


N. Y., died Oct. 5, 1880, married Dec. 10, 1832, Hester 
Jane Green, who was born Sept. 12, 1809, died Feb. 18, 

At the age of seven, he moved to Somers, N. Y., 
with the other members of the family, and settled upon 
the farm which afterwards became his own and home 
for life. Educational advantages at the time were ex- 
tremely limited, and the youthful Oliver made the most 
of the few winter months of tuition available at the dis- 
trict school, and acquired a fair education, but his life 
work was to be more manual than mental, and his edu- 
cation was most thoroughly practical, installed by the 
hardy experiences of the old days of farming. 

Close application and untiring industiy, naturally 
resulted in developing a model farm, comprising about 
two hundred and fifty acres, with a good house and other 
farm buildings. At the age of twenty-seven he married 
Miss Hester Jane, daughter of Isaac Green of Somers, 
N. Y., who brought to the home he had prepared, an ex- 
perience in the duties pertaining to a farmers life, and 
a genial and happy disposition, well calculated to enhance 

Conveniently situated upon the direct turnpike road, 
the immense droves of cattle and sheep, slowly wended 
their way toward the city markets, found on the Todd 
farm ample accommodation, and for many years it be- 
came a noted hostelry. 

The following items taken from his account-book 
for the year of 1849, show something of the character 
of his business in those days. 

To 11,000 head of cattle @ 8^^ per head per night, 

To 16,000 head of sheep @ 1^ per head per night, 

Drivers board and lodging, (Cattle), $110. 

Drivers board and lodging, (sheep), $80. 

Besides, he wintered forty head of cattle of his own. 
A full half century of activity resulted in the accumula- 
tion of an ample competence. The last decade of his life 
was rendered inactive by an insidious nerve disease, 


which though incapacitating him for any physical exer- 
tion, left his mind unclouded to the end. He died on his 
seventy-fifth birthday, and was buried in the family ceme- 
tery, located but a few rods north of his house. 
Child : 
1507. Mary Ophelia, b. Nov. 19, 1833, d. Oct. 8, 1887, 
m. Oct. 21, 1857, James T. Green, who was b. 
April 27, 1833, she was the only child of Oliver 
Uel Todd, and after her fathers death, she went 
to live in the old home where she resided until 
her death. Having d. without issue, her estate 
was divided between her many cousins, descen- 
dants of her thirteen uncles and aunts. She, too, 
was buried in the Todd Cemetery near the farm. 


Rufus Linus Todd% (UeP, Oliver-', Abraham% Jonah% 
SamueP, Christopher^) born March 24, 1807, died July 
22, 1856, married first, Adaline Speaight, who was bom 
Nov. 15, 1809, died May 13, 1848, married second, Mary 
Helen, daughter of Gen. Aaron and Mary (Watson) 

He was a merchant in New York City. About 1850 
he retired and bought a farm in Ossining, N. Y. 

Children by Adaline Speaight : 
*1508. Rufus L., b. Feb. 6, 1834. 
*1509. Richard Speaight, b. June 2, 1838. 

1510. Uel, b. May 6, 1833, d. May 19, 1836. 

1511. Laura, b. Nov. 3, 1834, d. March 19, 1835. 
Children by Mary H. Ward : 

1512. Charles Watson, b. Aug. 7, 1852, lives in Ossining, 
N. Y., unmarried. 

*1513. Edwin Linus, b. Sept. 30, 1856. 
1514. Mary, d. young (?). 

Laura Jane Todd^ (Uel", Oliver^ Abraham*, Jonah^, 
SamueP, Christopher^) born March 9, 1809, died Jan. 31, 


1887, married Feb. 15, 1826, Lyman Bailey, who was 
born April 29. 1803, died Jan. 2, 1882. He was a farmer 
and drover. They lived in Carmel, N. Y., thence they 
moved to Napierville, 111. 

Children : 

I. Sarah Jane, b. Dec. 2, 1826, d. Jan. 23, 1850, m. 
April 29, 1846, Samuel B. Morse, who d. in 1885. 
Issue: (1) Anna, b. Aug. 7, 1849, d. Feb. 19, 1850. 

II. Gilbert Uel, b. March 15, 1828. 

III. Laura Mead, b. Nov. 23, 1829, d. May 30, 1878. 

IV. Julia, b. Oct. 3, 1831, d. Sept. 1898. 
V. Calista, b. July 14, 1833. 

VI. Chauncey, b. Aug. 17, 1834. 


Emmeline Todd% (UeP, Oliver-', Abraham^ Jonah% 
Samuel-, Christopher') born Oct. 5, 1810, died July 6, 
1849, married Philander Frost, who was interested in the 
circus business. He was also a mail contractor in New 
York City. 

Children : 

I. Rockwell. 

II. Laura. 

III. George. 

Hester Todd", (Uel", Oliver', Abraham*, Jonah', 
Samuel-, Christopher') born June 21, 1812, died March 
23, 1867, married Oct. 17, 1838, Richard Speaight Brooks, 
who was born Aug. 26, 1817, died April 16, 1863. He 
served in the war of the rebellion. At one time he was 
a leather merchant in New York City. The family were 
buried in the Todd cemetery near the Uel Todd farm 
near White Hall Corners, N. Y. 


Children : 
I. Hester S., b. March 26, 1845, d. Jan. 25, 1853. 
II. Adeline Todd, b. Sept. 9, 1846, d. April 28, 1867. 

III. Frances Augusta, b. Aug. 7, 1848, d. Dec. 9, 1856. 

IV. Laura Todd, b. Jan. 26, 1851, d. Nov. 16, 1882. 
V. Helen Estelle, b. May 31, 1853. 


Ira Todd', (UeP, Oliver", Abraham*, Jonahs Samuel^, 
Christopher^ born July 13, 1814, died May 3, 1860, mar- 
ried first, Sarah Brown, second, Emma Ashwell. He was 
a hat and fur merchant in New York City. 

1515. Ida Waterman, m. Robert L. Woods, Jr. They 
live at 428 Brown St., New York, N. Y. 


Albert Todd', (Uel% 01iver^ Abraham*, JonahS 
Samuel-', Christopher^) born July 29, 1815, died Feb. 4, 
1845, married July 16, 1839, Catherine King, who was 
born Dec. 18, 1820. He was a merchant in New York 

Children : 
*1516. Emma, b. Dec. 3, 1840. 
1517. Albert Uel, b. Aug. 27, 1843, he was a dry goods 
commission merchant, an importer and exporter 
of chemicals and minerals; owns and operates 
Maganese mines at Pembroke, Nova Scotia. He 
never married. Resides in New York, N. Y. 

Helen Todd', (Uel% Oliver^, Abraham*, Jonah^ Sam- 
uel% Christopher born Nov. 8, 1825, married Jan. 15, 


1851, Niles Mills, who was born April 11, 1822, died Nov. 
24, 1874. She lives in Oakland, Calif. 

Children : 

I. Edward Carleton, b. Feb. 5, 1852. He is a machin- 
ist. Lives in San Francisco, Calif. 
II. George Todd, b. Oct. 23, 1854. Auditor of V. & 
T., & C. & C. Railroads. Lives in Carson, Nev. 

III. Easton, b. April 17, 1857, he is a fanner, lives in 

San Luis, Calif. 

IV. Albert Uel, b. Oct. 10, 1858; he too is a farmer, 

lives in San Luis, Calif. 


Jane Electa Todd', (UeP, Oliver"', Abraham^ Jonah^ 
SamueP, Christopher') born May 10, 1828, died June 3, 
1859, married John Newberry Reynolds, who was bom 
March 15, 1825, died Dec. 3, 1905. He was a dealer 
in real estate. They lived in New York, N. Y. 

Children : 
I. Warren Uel, b. Oct. 9, 1849, d. Feb. 1905 ; he was 
a physician; lived in New York, N. Y. 

II. Charles Newberry, b. June 17, 1851; he lives at 

583 Averill, St., Rochester, N. Y. 

III. Virginia Ann, b. Oct. 4, 1853, m. Will Sprague 

Green who d. in 1914; they had issue: (1) Ed- 
ward R., who was living at 57 Middlesex Road, 
Rochester, N. Y. 



Mary Todd% (Daniel", DanieP, Daniel*, DanieP, 
Samuel-, Christopher^ born Sept. 29, 1803, in East Rod- 
man, N. Y., married Dec. 28, 1826, William Burton. They 



removed to Plymouth, Wis., about 1843, where she passed 
her remaining days and died there at an advanced age. 

Children : 

I. Isaac N., b. Oct. 26, 1827. 

II. Martha, b. Sept. 1829. 

III. Electa, b. July, 1831. 

IV. William, b. Jan. 2, 1833. 

V. Julia, b. Dec. 16, 1835, d. June 1836. 

VI. Eliza, b. Aug. 1, 1838. 

VII. George. 
VIII. Henry. 

William Todd% (DanieP, Daniel^ Daniel*, DanieP, 
Samuel-, Christopher^) bom Dec. 9, 1807, in East Rod- 
man, N. Y., died March 2, 1882, in Spring Arbor, Mich., 
married in the same town, Sept. 6, 1835, Mariette, daugh- 
ter of Squire and Hannah French, the ceremony being 
performed by Rev. Mr. Crane of the M. E. Church. 

Children : 

*1518. Lewis Richard, b. June 28, 1836. 

*1519. Harriet M., b. Aug. 16, 1839. 
1520. Charles W., b. Sept. 1, 1842, in Spring Arbor, 
Mich., married May 20, 1866, Harriet Skutt, in 
Spring Arbor, Mich. He is a veteran of the civil 
war having served three years and three months 
in Company D., 1st Michigan Infantry. He lives 
in Grand Rapids, Mich. No children. 

*1521. Rufina V., b. Sept. 11, 1845. 

John Todd% (Daniel, DanieP, Daniel*, DanieP, 
SamueP, Christopher^) born June 22, 1810, in East Rod- 
man, N. Y., died Dec. 25, 1887, in Jackson, Mich., mar- 
ried April 20, 1835, Nancy Morris Merwin, who was born 
Aug. 26, 1814, died Nov. 15, 1891. They were buried 
in Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson Mich. 


Children : 
*1522. Betsey Sylinda, b. July 17, 1836. 

1523. Morris E., b. Nov. 29, 1838, d. Aug. 29, 1866. 
He was a school teacher. 

1524. Noah Merwin, b. July 6, 1841, d. May 30, 1842. 

1525. Maiy Rosetta, b. May 2, 1843, she is now (1913) 

living on an 80 acre farm just outside the city 
of Jackson, Mich., she was a school teacher, un- 

1526. Julia N., b. June 12, 1846, d. Oct. 12, 1847. 
*1527. Alonzo M., b. March 7, 1851. 

*1528. Ornaldo Sylvester, b. Feb. 21, 1853. 
*1529. Flora C, b. Sept. 6, 1855. 


Enoch L. Todd', (Daniel, DanieP, Daniel, DanieP, 
SamueP, Christopher^) born Dec. 14, 1816, in East Rod- 
man, N. Y., died Jan. 8, 1889, at his home near Rodman 
village, N. Y., and was buried in Rodman, N. Y. He 
married first, in Rodman, Emmeline Jeannette Smith, 
who died Oct. 23, 1859. Mamed second, Jan. 28, 1862, 
Mrs. Eliza Rogers Oatman. 

Children by Emmeline J. Smith : 
*1530. Frances Pamela, b. Jan. 9, 1843. 
*1531. Lewis Elwin, b. March 13, 1846. 
*1532. Ella Jeannette, b. Feb. 29, 1852. 

Child by Mrs. Eliza Rogers Oatman : 
1533. May L., b. July 13, 1865, at the farm near Rodman, 
N. Y. 


Daniel Todd', (Daniel", Daniel', Daniel*, DanieP, 
Samuel-, Christopher^) born Dec. 20, 1818, in East Rod- 
man, N. Y., died June 19, 1907, in the same town. He 
married in Rutland, N. Y., June 30, 1845, Betsey Jane 
Scidmore, who died April 11, 1907. 


*1534. Alonzo E., b. Jan. 17, 1847. 


David Mills Todd% (DanieP, DanieP, Daniels Dan- 
ieP, Samuels Christopher^ born Dec. 18, 1820, in East 
Rodman, N. Y., died Nov. 20, 1910, married Jan. 12, 
1848, Phebe Strong, daughter of Deodatus and Phebe 
(Strong) Babbitt, who was born Jan. 5, 1825, died Sept. 
14, 1901. He was a farmer and lived all his life and 
died upon the old homestead. 

He took an active interest in town affairs and be- 
came one of its leading and influential men. He held the 
office of Justice of the Peace for many years. 

1535. Emma Lovina, b. May 9, 1851, d. May 3, 1874. 
*1536. Edward Monroe, b. Oct. 11, 1852. 
1537. Arthur Gilford, b. April 13, 1854 ; he lives on the 
old homestead in Rodman, N. Y. 
*1538. Eunice Adelaide, b. Jan. 1, 1856. 
*1539. Herman Strong, b. March 9, 1860. 


Mariette Todd', (DanieP, DanieP, Daniel*, DanieP, 
SamueP, Christopher^) born March 20, 1823, in East 
Rodman, N. Y., died May 23, 1887, in Colorado. She 

married first, James Barnard, second, Hedges, 

third, Taylor. 

Children : 

I. Ellen, b. March 9, 1844. 
II. Emmogene, b. Feb. 20, 1846. 
III. L. Fay, b. Dec. 1, 1848. 
rV. Julia. 
V. Emma. 
VI. Clark. 
VII. Cora. 



Julia Eliza Todd', (Daniel", DanieP, Daniel*, DanieP, 
SamueP, Christopher') born July 5, 1825, in East Rod- 
man. N. Y., died Nov. 30, 1898, in Jackson, Mich. She 
married in Rodman, N. Y., Jan. 1, 1846, Andrew Jackson 
Smith, who was born May 3, 1825, died May 15, 1852. 

Children : 

I. Milo Ezra, b. April 21, 1848, in Rodman, N. Y., 
d. Nov. 20, 1903, in Mason, Wash. 

II. Florence Amelia, b. June 30, 1850, in Rodman, N. 
Y., m. Jan. 19, 1871, George Smith Dewey, they 
live in Jackson, Mich. Issue: (1) Claude C, b. 
Nov. 17, 1873; (2) Ada I., b. March 22, 1876; (3) 
Merritt 0., b. Aug. 23, 1878; (4) Glen, b. April 
30, 1887, twin with next; (5) Genevieve, b. April 
30, 1887. 

III. Alice Melissa, b. Oct. 13, 1852, in Rodman, N. Y., 
there she died July 13, 1865. 

Joseph Todd% (Daniel", DanieP, Daniel*, DanieP, 
SamueP, Christopher^ born Aug. 27, 1827, in East Rod- 
man, N. Y., died July 3, 1864, while aboard a transport 
ship on the James River, of Typhoid Fever contracted 
in service in the civil war and was buried at Fortress 
Monroe, Va. He married at Oswego, N. Y., Sept. 24, 
1851, Giffy Lewis, who is now (1913) living with her 
grand-daughter, Mrs. Hardy Esterdalph, of Whitehall, 

Children : 
1540. Byron Montrose, d. Aug., 1854. 
*1541. Stella Janette. 
*1542. Nettie Frances. 



Melissa Todd', (DanieF, Daniel', Daniel*, DanieP, 
Samuel-, Christopher^) born June 22, 1829, died June 
21, 1897, married April 24, 1848, Hiram Scidmore, who 
was born Nov. 5, 1817, died April 13, 1893. 

Children : 
I. Ashley T., b. Oct. 25, 1849, m. Dec. 25, 1869, Nara 
Parham, who was b. May 8, 1852, died July 23, 
1906, and had issue: (1) Arthur D., b. Oct. 29, 
1870, m. July 19, 1911, Mary E. Oatman, who was 
b. July 24, 1876; (2) Libbie E., b. July 19, 1876, 
m. Nov. 16, 1898, Andrew McMillan, who was b. 
July 22, 1874, and had issue: (a) Victor A., b. 
July 21, 1899; (b) Ethel M., b. May 24, 1905. 
They lived in Pinckney, N. Y. 
II. Elsie E., b. March 23, 1852; she lived in East 
Rodman, N. Y. 

III. Warren J., b. Aug 7, 1864, d. Sept. 7, 1865. 

IV. Eva A., b. Nov. 23, 1865; she lived in Pinckney, 

N. Y. 


Marvin S. Todd", (Jonathan", DanieP, DanieP, Dan- 
ieP, SamueP, Christopher^) married Fanny . 

Children : 

1543. Dwight. 

1544. Marvin. 

*1545. Clara, b. Feb. 26, 1840. 

1546. Carrie, deceased. 

1547. Mary, d. Sept., 1918, in Litchfield, Conn., m. 



Cyrus A. Todd% (Jonathan", DanieP, DanieP, Dan- 
ieP, SamueP, Christopher^ bom Oct. 18, 1826, he was 


twice married, first, April 2, 1857, Julia G. Marsh, who 
was bom July 14, 1835, died Nov. 5, 1857; second, Aug. 
11, 1862, Mary Jane Erwin, who was born Dec. 13, 1838. 
They lived in New Milford, Conn. 

Children : 

1548. Arthur C, b. March 28, 1864; he lives in New 
Milford, Conn., where he is in the insurance and 
real estate business. 

1549. Mary Bertha, b. Dec. 24, 1869. 

1550. Charles Ackly, d. young. 


Sylvanus Todd% (Jonathan^ DanieP, DanieP, Dan- 
iel, SamueP, Christopher^ born Aug. 18, 1828, in New 
Milford, Conn., died Sept. 20, 1891, married in 1848, 
Lucy A., daughter of Solomon and Emeline (Davis) 
Moulthroup, who was born Jan. 13, 1826, in Litchfield, 
Conn., died March 27, 1914, in the home of her daughter, 
Mrs. Stoughton, in Bethlehem, Conn. 

Children : 

1551. George M., b. April 16, 1849, d. May 10, 1873, of 
Spinal Meningetis, never married. 

1552. Martha E., b. Oct. 9, 1850, m. Jan. 13, 1874, Frank 

Stoughton. They adopted a boy, William Stough- 
ton, who m. and had Herman F., b. June 27, 
1899: (2) Bernice J. M., b. Oct. 3, 1900. 

1553. Mary E., b. Nov. 24, 1852, d. May 30, 1866, of 
Spinal Meningetis, and was buried in Warren, 



Abigail Todd", (Mai'vin'', DanieP, DanieP, DanieP, 
SamueP, Christopher') born June 2, 1815, in Watertown, 
N. Y., died Oct. 20, 1852, in Louisville, Ky., married May 
3, 1836, Rev. Sidney Dyer. 


Children : 
I. AugTJsta, b. 1838, in New York City, m. George W. 

Penn., both are deceased. 
II. Amanda S., b. 1841, m. James Britts. Issue: 
Mattie Dyer Britts, who is a writer of some note 
at the present time. 

III. Alice, b. 1846, in Louisville, Ky., d. there in 1850. 

IV. Sidney Marvin, b. Sept. 1851, in Louisville, Ky., 

he lives in Indianapolis, Ind. 


Leonard Hitchcock Todd", (Marvin^ Daniel-', Daniel*, 
DanieP, SamueP, Christopher^) born Aug. 12, 1818, in 
Lowville, N. Y., died Oct. 31, 1861, in Rockford, 111., 
married first, Oct. 1, 1840, Betsey A. Hunt, who died 
June 28, 1841. He married second, March 9, 1846, Laura 
A. Matheson, who died June 26, 1848. Married third, 
June 18, 1849, Augusta A. Ruger, who married, second, 
Gilbert Woodruff, of Rockford, 111. 

Children : 

1554. Lena M., b. March 1851, unmarried, lives in Rock- 
ford, 111. 

1555. Frances Abbie, b. Oct. 10, 1855, unmarried, lives 

in Rockford, 111. 

1556. Charles S., b. Oct. 1852, d. July 6, 1861, of Diph- 

1557. Caroline, b. in Rockford, 111., d. young. 


Lorenzo D. Todd', (Marvin", DanieP, DanieP, Dan- 
ieP, SamueP, Christopher^) born July 29, 1820, in Low- 
ville, N. Y., died April 8, 1895, in Elyria, Ohio, where 
he was buried, married, Nov. 9, 1845, in Watertown, N. 
Y., by Rev. Isaac Brayton, Harriet S. daughter of David 
W. Mills, who was born Sept. 13, 1826, in Watertown, 
N. Y., died May 25, 1900, in Elyria, Ohio, where she too 
was buried. 


Mr. Todd was a shoemaker by trade and worked at 
the business most of the time, though farming at inter- 
vals. He and family moved to Elyria, Ohio, about 1850, 
and lived there most of the time thereafter, excepting 
only when he went to Rockford, 111., where he engaged 
in the shoe business with his brother, Leonard H. Todd. 
Five years before his death he contracted the disease 
called Shingles, leaving him with a terrible pain in his 
side, from which he suffered the remainder of his days. 

Children : 

*1558. Marvin Mills, b. April 8, 1847. 
*1559. Harriet Julia, b. Nov. 9, 1848. 
1560. Alice Caroline, b. July 10, 1854, d. June 28, 1861, 
of diphtheria. 


Caroline C. Todd", (Marvin", Daniel^ Daniel*, Dan- 
ieP, Samuel-, Christopher') born July 2, 1824, in Martins- 
burgh, N. Y., died Sept. 3, 1907, married Sept. 18, 1850, 
Myron H. Cunningham, who was bom Sept. 20, 1823, in 
Lancaster, Erie County, N. Y., he is now (1912) living 
in Elyria, Ohio. They celebrated their golden wedding 
anniversary Sept. 18, 1900. They lived on a farm 
most of their lives. He is still (1912) very active for a 
person of his age, being in his ninetieth year. 

Children : 

I. Frank L, b. Aug. 4, 1851, m. Nov. 13, 1873, Louise 
Rutson, they had seven children, all born in Texas, 
where they now (1912) reside. He resides in 
Jackson, Mich. They were (1) Florence Bertha; 
(2) Clifford M.yron ; (3) Annie Bell; (4) Carrie 
Louise; (5) William; (6) Charles; (7) Harry. 
IL Dorah H., b. Aug. 23, 1854, m. Oct. 10, 1877, 
Charles R. Fowler. They live in Elyria, Ohio. 


III. Mary S., b. Oct. 2, 1856, m. Jan. 4, 1882, William 

H. Fisher. They live now (1912) in Columbus, 
Ohio. Issue: (1) Lewis William, b. Dec, 1882, 
is married and lives in Columbus, Ohio; (2) Ruth 
Louise, b. Feb. 1890, is married and lives in Colum- 
bus, Ohio. 

IV. Stella I., b. Feb. 13, 1860, m. Jan. 1, 1883, Arthur 

J. King, of Elyria, 0., they reside in Kansas City, 
Mo. Issue: (1) Bessie, b. Aug. 24, 1885, d. young; 
(2) Helen Louise, b. March 31, 1887; (3) Nina 
Todd, b. Aug. 28, 1890; (4) Myron Arthur, b. 
Aug. 23, 1892. 
V. Emma T., b. June 10, 1864, d. Jan. 21, 1881. 
VI. Grace Abbie, b. June 2, 1868, she is unmarried and 
lives with her father in Elyria, 0. 



Amanda M. Todd", (Marvin^ DanieP, Daniel, Dan- 
ieP, SamueP, Christopher^) bom May 25, 1826, at Sandy 
Creek, N. Y., married Oct. 2, 1845, John A. Pendergast. 
They lived most of their lives in Elyria, Ohio. 

Children : 
I. Augustus, b. March 19, 1848, m. Dec. 7, 1871, Cath- 
erine Christie. They reside in Elgin, 111. 

II. Edwin R., b. July 17, 1854, m. Frances U. Day. 

III. Lydia, b. Sept. 23, 1856, m. May 13, 1879, John E. 



Russell W. Todd', (Marvin% DanieP, Daniels DanieP, 
Samuel-, Christopher') bom Dec. 6, 1828, at Sandy Creek, 
N. Y., died Jan. 11, 1898, in Elyria, Ohio, married in 
Ridgeville, Ohio, June 18, 1860, Elizabeth Waltz, who 
was born June 19, 1841, in Nasby, Northamptonshire, 


Mr. Todd lived all his married life in Elyria, Ohio, 
where he worked at his trade of painter. Mrs. Todd is 
now (1912) living in Elyria, Ohio. 

Children : 
*1561. Caroline E., b. July 24, 1865. 
*1562. Lorenzo Russell, b. Aug. 20, 1869. 
*1563. Frank Leonard, b. April 8, 1873. 



Emma Emillia Todd", (Marvin", Daniel'', Daniel"*, 
Daniel', Samuel-, Christopher^) born Jan. 24, 1834, mar- 
ried, Dec. 28, 1852, Oi-\'ille, son of Orville and Betsey 
(Stanley) Hungerford, who died about 1902. He com- 
piled a chart of Mrs. Todd's bj-anch of the Todd family 
which was well done. He was a man of considerable 
means. She is now living in Watertown, N. Y. 


L Grace Covert, b. Nov. 28, 1853, m. Sept. 21, 1882, 
in Watertown, N. Y., George H. Seiple. Issue: 
(1) Bessie Stanley, b. Aug. 26, 1883, in Lyons, 
N. Y.; (2) Annie Marguerite, b. Dec. 21, 1888, d. 
Jan. 1, 1889. 


Lewis Howe Todd', (Carrington", Daniel", Daniel', 
DanieP, Samuel^, Christopher') born Feb. 4, 1819, died 
Feb. 17, 1907, in Wauconda, 111., married Dec. 4, 1844, 
Elvira Morse, born Jan. 29, 1824, in Pomfret, Vt., died 
Sept. 5, 1905. They lived in Wauconda, 111. 

Children : 
1564. Ellen C, b. Jan. 17, 1846, d. Nov. 3, 1846. 
*1565. Laura E., b. Dec. 18, 1847, twin with next. 

1566. Lewis C, b. Dec. 18, 1847, d. Jan. 18, 1848. 

1567. Ella Kate, b. April 14, 1852, d. Feb. 21, 1854. 


1568. Jessie E., b. Feb. 28, 1858, m. Jan. 2, 1876, Henry 
Golden, who is a merchant. They live in Wau- 
conda, 111. 

Almon E. Todd', (Carrington^ DanieP, Daniel*, 
DanieP, SamueP, Christopher^) born Nov. 20, 1820, died 
June 8, 1852, married March 24, 1844, Lydia J., daughter 
of James Ford, who was born Aug. 31, 1825, in Cornwall, 
Conn., died March 15, 1903. 

Mr. Todd was accidently killed while at his work in 
a saw-mil], where his coat became caught on a horizontal 
shaft and wound him tightly to it, where he whirled for 
an hour or more before he was discovered. The accident 
happened in Litchfield, Conn. 

Children : 

*1569. John Edward, b. March 24, 1845. 

1570. Ellen Elizabeth, b. March 24, 1846, d. Feb. 2, 1853. 
*1571. Cynthia Jane, b. Sept. 31, 1847. 
*1572. Abigail Hannah, b. Dec. 31, 1849. 

1573. James Carrington, b. Feb. 27, 1850, d. Dec. 3, 
*1574. Almon H., b. Sept. 18, 1851. 


Ellen Jerusha Todd", (Carrington'', Daniel% Daniel*, 
DanieP, Samuel-, Christopher^) born Jan. 24, 1825, in 

Cornwall, Conn., died 19 — , married April 8, 

1846, Luther Miner, Jr., who was born June 22, 1818, 
died Feb. 21, 1875. 


L Harriet Elizabeth, b. July 9, 1848, m. Jan. 13, 1869, 
Wilbur F. Harrison, who was b. in 1845, d. April 
13, 1890. She lives now (1914) in Madison, Conn. 


II. John Luther, b. Nov. 30, 1849, m. Sept. 2, 1875, 

Sarah A. Higley, who was b. June 8, 1845, d. Dec. 
17, 1905. Issue: (1) Lorin Luther, b. Jan. 20, 

III. Almon Lewis, b. Nov. 1, 1854, m. May 15, 1878, 
Katherine L. Whitney, who was b. April 22, 1856, 
d. April 22, 1901. Issue: (1) Grace Elizabeth b. 
March 8, 1879, m. Dec. 22, 1896, Levi Van Dorn 
Lippincott, who was b. April 9, 1871. Issue: (a) 
Whitney Van Dorn, b. April 2, 1899; (b) Almon 
Miner b. Dec. 5, 1904; (2) William Whitney, b. 
Nov. 6, 1880, m. July 19, 1905, Lena Gertrude 
Parmalee, who was b. July 10, 1886, d. July 31, 
1906. Issue: (a) Doris Catherine, b. July 30, 
1906; (3) Mary Ellen, b. Aug. 13, 1883; (4) Kath- 
erine Ruth, b. June 6, 1887; (5) Eniestine, b. 
Aug. 18, 1892; (6) Dorothy Swift, b. March 16, 

IV. Ellen Rebecca, b. May 21, 1859, m. Feb. 13, 1884, 

Frank C. Dowd. Issue: (1) Marion Louise, b. 
March 9, 1885; (2) Rachel, b. Sept. 12, 1886; (3) 
George, d. May 18, 1888; (4) John Douglass, b. 
Sept. 16, 1890; (5) Frances Miner, b. July 3, 1895; 
(6) Frank Harrison, b. Aug. 15, 1897. They re- 
side in Madison, Conn. 



Rebecca Ann Todd', (Carrington", Daniel-', Daniels 
Daniel^ Samuel-, Christopher^ born Aug. 20, 1837, died 
Dec. 28, 1902, mamed first, Nov. 10, 1856, Edward 
White, who died Dec. 16, 1858, married second, Feb. 21, 
1862, George C. Harrison. 

Children by George C. Harrison: 
I. Cynthia R., b. Jan. 7, 1863. 
II. Harriet Eleanor, b. Jan. 18, 1864, m. July 22, 1890, 
Mark Haliday. 


III. George Edward, b. June 17, 1865, m. Dec. 28, 1888, 
Flora B. Moore. 

IV. Charlotte Abigail, b. Sept. 3, 1866. 

V. Katie Jane, b. Aug. 4, 1868, m. Aug. 16, 1890, 
Henry D. Whitney. 
VI. John R. Carrington, b. Nov. 1, 1869, d. Dec. 16, 

VII. Ruth Frances, b. Oct. 31, 1871, d. May 2, 1887. 
VIII. Gertrude C., b. July 5, 1873. 
IX. Annie E., b. Jan. 25, 1875. 
X. Mary N., b. Nov. 29, 1876, d. March 2, 1878. 
XI. Mabel F., b. Nov. 14, 1878. 
XII. John R., b. Nov. 4, 1882. 



Eunice H. Todd% (Carrington% Daniel^ Daniel, 
DanieP, SamueP, Christopher^) born April 7, 1862, in 
Cornwall, Conn., married, Oct. 26, 1881, Trustan Bene- 

Children : 
I. Florence A., b. Nov. 15, 1882. 
II. Silas J., b. June 13, 1886. 
III. Chauncey Lester, b. Jyne 28, 1902. 


Ezra Lewis Todd% (Ezra Lewis^, James=, JamesS 
James^, SamueP, Christopher^) born May 1, 1795, died 
Feb. 1, 1871, married, Martha, daughter of William and 
Martha (Brockett) Royce, who was born April 11, 1796, 
died Sept. 17, 1863. 

He was a cobbler besides which he had a farm to 
work on. It is said that he was in the habit of promising 
to have shoes i-epaired sooner than he was able to finish 
them and that when they were called for and unfinished 


he would offer to deliver them. He always was saying 
on such occasions that he must hurry home, but on one 
such errand he was asked to stay a while to visit as they 
had not seen him for some time. He said he must return 
at once, but he kept visiting on and on and it is claimed 
that he stayed two full days. 

Children : 
*1575. Lucretia, b. Dec. 25, 1823. 

*1576. Mary Ann, b. Dec. 18, 1825, twin with the next. 
*1577. Martha, b. Dec. 18, 1825. 
*1578. Henry, b. July 28, 1828. 
*1579. Selina Minerva, b. Dec. 27, 1832. 


Harvey Todd", (Solomon'', James\ James*, James^, 
Samuel^ Christopher^) married, . 

Children : 

1580. Grace, m. Samuel Pierpont. 

1581. Samuel, married and had children. 


William Todd^ (William^, Yale^ James*, James^ 
Samuel-', Christopher^) born Sept. 15, 1809, died May 10, 
1885, maiTied first, Sept. 15, 1835, Frances Adeline Gill, 
who was born July 13, 1814, died Aug. 31, 1840. He 
married second, Oct. 20, 1841, Juline Amanda Barnes, 
who was born June 7, 1821, died March 25, 1854. He 
married third, Nov. 27, 1855, widow Louisa Minei-va 
Marks, who was born Jan. 20, 1823. 

Children by Juline A. Barnes: 

1582. Frances Adelia, b. Oct. 25, 1847, m. April 5, 1871, 
Joseph Franklin Scutt, who was b. Jan. 1, 1847, 
in Southbury, Conn., d. June 6, 1883, in North 
Haven, Conn. He was a milk dealer. 

1583. William Franklin, b. April 20, 1850, d. Oct. 4, 

*1584. William Seymour, b. June 27, 1853, 


Child by Louisa M. Marks : 
1585. Louisa Juline, b. March 23, 1857, d. Oct. 20, 1858. 


Justus Bellamy Todd^ (William% Yale', James*, 
James^ Samuel-, Christopher^) born June 11, 1812, died 
May 8, 1856, married, Aug. 30, 1844, Martha Langdon, 
of Buffalo, N. Y., who was born Feb. 20, 1820, in Quebec, 
Canada. He was a merchant. 

Children : 
*1586. William, b. June 30, 1845. 
*1587. Charles Henry, b. Sept. 6, 1847. 



Harriet Desire Todd^ (William^ Yale^ James*, 
James^ Samuel-, Christopher^ born Sept. 30, 1814, mar- 
ried, Feb. 16, 1843, Lauren, son of Eli and Thankful A. 
(Perkins) Tuttle, who was of Hamden, Conn., and was 
born April 2, 1815, died March 14, 1864, in Meriden, 
Conn., in which town they lived. 

Children : 
I. Sarah Cornelia, b. May 12, 1844, m. May 12, 1862, 
William H. McKensie, of Wallingford, Conn. 
Issue: (1) Hattie Elizabeth, b. March 22, 1872, 
d. Jan. 15, 1876; (2) William Lauren, b. Jan. 10, 
II. Hattie Elizabeth, b. Oct. 7, 1847, m. Feb. 9, 1870, 
Seymour E. Hotchkiss. She lives in Wallingford, 


Sereno Brown Todd% (William^, Yale'^, James*, 
James% SamueP, Christopher^ born March 8, 1819, died 
Dec. 9, 1902, married first, Nov. 25, 1846, Eunitia O. 


Clinton of North Haven, Conn., who was born Oct. 23, 
1824, died Sept. 20, 1848. He married second, Jan. 14, 
1851, Delia M. Clinton, who was born Sept. 15, 1829, 
died July 20, 1855. Married third, Jan. 18, 1857, Letitia 
N. Willey, who was born Feb. 24, 1835, in Tolland, Conn. 

Children by Letitia N. Willey : 
*158S. Minnie E., b. Oct. 20, 1857. 
*1589. George B., b. Nov. 3, 1865. 


James R. Todd", (William", Yale% James*, James^ 
Samuel-, Christopher') born July 12, 1823, married first, 
June 16, 1852, Luci*etia G. Willey, who was born Feb. 4, 
1832, in Tolland, Conn., died March 26, 1874. He mar- 
ried second. May 1, 1878, Harriet M. Willey, who was 
born April 28, 1828, also in Tolland, Conn. 

Children by Lucretia G. Willey: 
*1590. Frank E., b. June 15, 1853. 
*1591. James E., b. Oct. 7, 1857. 

Henry B. Todd', (William", Yale=, James*, James^ 
Samuel-, Christopher') born Sept. 3, 1835, married 
Louisa A. daughter of Merritt and Mary (Cook) Tuttle, 
who was born Aug. 6, 1837. They lived in Wallingford, 
Conn., where he was a dealer in lumber. 

Children : 
*1592. William I., b. Oct. 27, 1857. 

1593. Burton H., b. Sept. 17, 1859, d. April 13, 1879. 

1594. Esther L., b. July 15, 1861, d. Aug. 25, 1861. 

1595. Mary L., b. March 25, 1864. 

1596. Clara A., b. March 25, 1879. 


Adeline Todd^ (Eli", Solomon^ James*, James^ 
SamueP, Christopher') married Henry Livermore, 


I. Charles. 


Addison Eli Todd", (Eli^ Solomon^ JamesS James% 
SamueP, Christopher^) born July 22, 1821, in Charle- 
mont, Mass., died Sept. 14, 1878, married, March 22, 
1860, Isabella Ball, who was born Feb. 13, 1833, in Green- 
field, Mass., in which town they were married. 

Mr. Todd lived the first twenty-one years of his life 
in Charlemont, Mass., assisting his father with the work 
on the farm. Attaining his majority, he started for the 
west. Arriving in Michigan, he found employment in 
the saw mills of Lenawa County for several years. Re- 
turning to Massachusetts, he purchased a piece of timber 
land and began manufacturing "shook," or dressed staves 
which were shipped to the West Indies, to be used for 
barreling sugar. In 1854, he, with his brother. Dexter, 
journeyed to Minnesota, and was employed for a time 
in building and operating a large saw mill at St. Anthony, 
which was the first mill to be built on Rum River. In 
those days, wooden pins were used to hold the frame of 
buildings together. Each man on the job was requested 
to make a pin. As Mr. Todd's was the best specimen 
offered, he was given the task of making enough for the 
mill then in process of construction. 

In the spring of 1855, Mr. Todd returned to Min- 
nesota, this time making the journey on horseback. 
Passing through Rochester, where the settlers were just 
beginning to build, he arrived the next day on the bank 
of Zumbro River. There being no bridge, he and his 
horse were obliged to swim across. This being accom- 
plished, he proceeded to spread his money and papers on 
the grass to dry. Journeying on he soon after came to 
Elba, Winona County, Minn., which seemed to be situated 
in a well watered and wooded valley, and looked some- 
thing like home to him, his old home in the east. Near 
here he took up his claim of 160 acres in sections 6 and 
7, where he made his hom.e until the time of his death, 
where his family lived for forty years. 


In 1858, he built a saw mill, which for many years, 
prepared the lumber for the houses of his neighbors. 
Improvements were made on the farm from time to 
time, and by various purchases, the area was increased 
to 350 acres in the home farm and 40 acres more in 
another lot, it being well stocked, and free of debt. 

In politics, Mr. Todd was Democrat, which did not, 
however, prevent him from supporting the Federal Gov- 
ernment during the civil war. One time he advanced a 
thousand dollars to the town for bounties to volunteers, 
which was subsequently returned to him. He was chair- 
man of the board of Supervisors during the war, and 
again in 1871. He was active in the support of the 
schools and held various school offices. 

Children : 
*1597. Oliver Smith, b. Aug. 14, 1861. 
*1598. Mary Adeline, b. Aug. 14, 1864. 
*1599. Charles Addison, b. Nov. 8, 1866. 
*1600. Kate Belle, b. Feb. 20, 1871. 
*1601. Addie Emma, b. May 25, 1878. 



Mary 0. Todd% (Eli^ Solomon^ James*, James% 
Samuel-, Christopher^ born in Charlemont, Mass., died 
Oct. 4, 1869, married, Dec. 17, 1846, David son of Peter 
and Amy (Reed) Holbrook, both having been born in 
New Hampshire, David, having been born in Swansea, 
N. H. Mr. Holbrook was a descendant of an Englishman, 
who was beheaded after the war for the kingdom of 
Scotland, for having espoused the cause of that country, 
his four sons having been banished for their part in the 
affair. They emigrated to America. 

Children : 

I. Edward T., b. Oct. 2, 1847, d. April 7, 1878, m. 
Jan. 11, 1878, Susan W. Drullard, in California. 
II. Frank, b. Nov. 10, 1850. 


III. Fred M., b. Dec. 2, 1854, d. June 5, 1863. 

IV. Peter E., b. Sept. 27, 1858. 
V. Jane E., b. March 25, 1864. 

Augustus Varnum Todd% (Eli% Solomon% James% 
Ja^les^ SamueP, Christopher^) born Sept. 22, 1826, in 
Charlemont, Mass., died April 7, 1882, married Mercy 
Hawkes, who was born Oct. 4, 1831, died Sept. 14, 1889. 

Children : 
*1602. Flora Annette, b. April 5, 1854. 

1603. Mary Adeline, b. Dec. 8, 1855, d. infant. 
*1604. Lizzie Jane, b. Aug. 6, 1858. 
*1605. Mary Adeline, b. Sept. 4, 1860. 
*1606. Ellen Direxia, b. Sept. 4, 1862. 
*1607. Eunice Arabelle, b. Aug. 4, 1869. 
1608. Evelyn Augustus, b. April 18, 1870, m. Helen 
Gates. No children. They live in Jamestown, 
N. Y. 


Dexter Josiah Todd% (Eli% Solomons James*, 
JamesS SamueP, Christopher^) born Sept. 22, 1828, in 
Charlemont, Mass., died March 24, 1886, of Pneumonia 
at his home in Fairwater, Minn., married in 1858, Eliza- 
beth Jane, daughter of Zenas and Julia (Smith) Elmer, 
who was born July 17, 1835, in Ashfield, Mass., died April 
5, 1909, in the old home in Fairwater, Miim. 

He left the old home in Charlemont, Mass., when 
he was about twenty-two years of age. For the next four 
years he worked in the woods, most of the time getting 
out "shook." In the spring of 1854, he with his brother 
Addison removed to Minnesota and was employed in 
constructing a dam and mill on Rum River. The follow- 
ing winter was spent in the "pinery" on the same stream 
and in the spring he removed to Elba, Minn., and there 
he took up 160 acres of land in section eight, which he 


at once began to improve. In the summei* of 1856, he 
built the first frame house in Whitewater Valley, Minn. 

In 1858, he went back to Massachusetts and at that 
time married Miss Elmer, soon after which event, they 
returned to Minnesota and settled down on his faiTn in 
Elba, which he continued to improve and enlarge until 
he eventually owned 253 acres of land located in sections 
five, eight and nine, in what is now Fairwater, Minn. 

The house was enlarged and remodeled in the sum- 
mer of 1883. 

In politics, Mr. Todd was a staunch democrat; but 
he never took an active part in public affairs. 

Children : 
*1609. Jennie Alberta, b. May 23, 1860. 

1610. Edward Elmer, b. March 29, 1862, d. Dec. 11, 

1904, in Bo, West Africa, m. Nov. 28, 1893, in 
Greenfield, Mass., Delia N. Bass, who was born 
in that town. 

At the time of his fathers last sickness, he was 
called home from California, to manage the fairm, 
which he continued to do for three or four years 
after his father's death. In the Autumn of 1890, 
he again left the old home in Fairwater, to enter 
Western College in Toledo, Iowa, to prepare for 
the ministiy. Thence, he went to the Moody 
Institute in Chicago, 111. From this school, he 
was appointed pastor of the United Brethren 
Church at Gray Eagle, Minn., in 1894. He mar- 
ried just before entering this field, where he re- 
mained until 1899, when he went to West Africa 
as a missionary. In 1903, he returned to Amer- 
ica for a needed rest, but after a few months 
reci'eation, he with his wife once more went back 
to his work in Africa, where he contracted Afri- 
can fever from which disease he never recovered. 

A very full account of his life and work may be 
found in Woman's Evangelist, Feb. 1905, pub- 
lished in Dayton, Ohio. No children. 

1611. Cora Francelia, b. Sept. 24, 1865, unmarried. 
*1612. Hattie May, b. Feb. 14, 1867. 


*1613. Roy Merton, b. Sept. 7, 1869. 
1614. Ida Belle, b. June 4, 1874, d. May 1, 1915, m. 
Sept. 16, 1908, Claude Vernon Ellis, who was b. 
Doc. 13, 1874, in Fairwater, Minn. He was a 
farmer and removed to a ranch in Mabton, Wash. 
No children. 

Lorenzo U. Todd', (Eli°, Solomon% James% James^ 
Samuel^ Christopher^ born Nov. 16, 1832, died Feb. 
7. 1906, married in Elgin, Minn., March 3, 1859, Nellie, 
daughter of Hiram and Adassa (Wilson) Preston, of New 
York, who was born Aug. 31, 1836, she having moved 
to Minnesota a year or two prior to her marriage. Her 
older sister accompanied her to Minnesota but later she 
removed to Walla Walla, Wash. Mrs. Todd died March 
14, 1906. 

"He had a little better educational advantages than 
his elder brothers (Addison and Dexter J.) having fin- 
ished his studies at an academy. He engaged in teach- 
ing for a short time, one term being in the west after 
his removal thither. He came to Elba (Minn.) in April 
1855, with his elder brother Addison and made claim to 
one quarter section of Government land in section eight, 
on which his home has ever been. Additions have en- 
larged his farm to 264 acres ; it is finely improved, with 
good buildings, etc., and its proprietor diversifies his in- 
terests by raising stock as well as grain. His premises 
are admirably adapted for stock raising, the North branch 
of the Whitewater furnishing an abundance of living 
water and its valley a wealth of pasturage. 

"In religion, Mr. Todd was a Universalist ; in politics 
he has always been a democrat; was elected Justice of 
the Peace in 1857, being the first in the township; he 
was town treasurer in 1859-61 ; overseer of the poor in 
early days; member town board in 1875, and chairman 
of that body and Justice in 1883." 

The later years of his life were passed quietly in 
hiF5 old home, his younger son assuming control and oper- 


ating the farm under his fathers directions. In disposi- 
tion and character, his equal would be hard to find, and 
his love for home found him constantly there, where 
a wai-m welcome was extended to his friends and acquain- 

Children : 
*1615. Herbei-t P., b. March 14, 1860. 
*1616. Adelia E., b. Oct. 5, 1861. 
*1617. Frances L., b. Jan. 8, 1864. 

1618. Lena E., b. April 8, 1866, m. July 7, 1885, Edwin 

Churchill of Elba, Minn. They did not have any 
children, but in later years, they adopted a girl, 
Viz., Verna. 

1619. Electa E., b. Jan. 7, 1869, d. May 13, 1889; un- 

•n620. Lorenzo U., b. Nov. 26, 1870. 


Electa L. Todd", (Eli", Solomon-', James*, James^ 
Samuel-, Christopher') married Daniel Blodgett. 

Children : 
L Cora, b. April 9, 1859. 
n. Earl ; twin with the next. 
in. Carl. 


Edward E. Todd", (Eli«, Solomon-', JamesS James^ 
SamueP, Christopher') born May 23, 1840, married, Aug. 
15, 1869, Mary E., daughter of Josiah H. and Elizabeth 
W. (Russell) Taintor, who was born Oct. 12, 1839. 

He has devoted much of his life to dealing in lumber 
and timber land, mostly in or near Franklin County, 
Mass. He lives now (1913) in Greenfield, Mass. 


Children : 
*1621. Rena, b. Aug. 15, 1870. 

1622. Ernest, b. July 14, 1873, m. Jan. 1, 1901, Emma 

Packard. No children. He lived in Greenfield, 
Mass., where he was a market gardener. 

1623. Effie, b. June 15, 1874; she is a nurse. 
*1624. Mary Ella, b. Jan. 15, 1877. 

1625. Allie, b. April 5, 1879, d. Oct. 10, 1882. 



Hattie E. Todd', (Solomon", Solomon^, James*, 
James^ SamueP, Christopher^) born in 1850, in Charle- 
mont, Mass., married Oct. 14, 1868, Lyman C. son of 
Jude S. and Cynthia (Blakeslee) Tuttle, who was born 
May 13, 1846, and died about 1902. She is living now 
(1913) with her daughter in Whitingham, Vt., R. F. D. 
No. 1. 

Children : 
I. Lyman R., b. June 30, 1869. 
IL Hattie B., b. Sept. 30, 1870. 
IIL George. 
IV. John. 

George M. Todd', (Solomon% Solomon', James^ 
James', Samuel-, Christopher^ born Oct. 14, 1854, died 
Nov. 27, 1886, having been killed by the cars, married, 
Sept., 1882, Hattie Hawkes, who died about 1890. They 
lived in Zoar, Mass., where he is buried. 

Child : 
1626. Pearl, b. July 1, 1883, m. James Warden; they 
moved to Nebraska. 


Alton S. Todd', (Solomon^, Solomon^, James*, James^, 
SamuoP, Christopher^) born Oct. 6, 1860, married, April 


19, 1881, Ada A. Johnson. He is a conductor on the 
Boston & Maine railroad, and lives now (1919) in Green- 
field, Mass. 

Child : 
*1627. Rena E., b. Dec. 12, 1882. 


Walter E. Todd", (Solomon", Solomon', James*, 
James', Samuel-, Christopher') born April 5, 1863, mar- 
ried, April 1896, Grace Meekins. They live novi^ (1913) 
in Dumfries, Va. 

Child : 
1628. Earl, b. Oct. 1898. 


Elnathan Reynolds Atwater", (JohnS Benjamin^ 
Benjamin*, Benjamin', Michael-, Christopher') born Dec. 
15, 1815, died Nov. 29, 1899, married, April 15, 1858, 
Rosa Patience, daughter of John Parsons and Julia (Law- 
rence) Smith, who was born Nov. 19, 1835, died July 
12, 1896. He was a lawyer and clerg^-man. At one time 
he was the editor of the Christian Intelligencer. They 
lived in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Children : 

1629. Julia Lawrence. 

1630. Rosa Reynolds. 

1631. Maria Louisa. 

1632. Anna Grant, m. May 15, 1897, Lewis Reynolds 
Knapp, of Round Hill, Conn. 

1633. Eva, b. Jan. 12, 1868, d. Jan. 26, 1868. 

1634. Clara Parsons, m. Nov. 14, 1894, James TuiTier 

1635. John Parsons, b. in 1872, d. Dec. 20, 1897. 

1636. Lillian. 


Cornelius Rush Atwater', (Johll^ Benjamin^ Ben- 
.jamin^ Benjamin^ Michael-, Christophei'O born July 6, 
1819, died Feb. 12, 1887, married Mary Malvina Hull, 
of Tribes Hill, N. Y. They had several children. 

Children : 

1637. Maurice Hull. 

1638. Louise. 

1639. Cornelius Rush, and others. 


John Bliss Atwater', (Elnathan", Benjamin^ Ben- 
jamin^ Benjamin^ Michael-, Christopher') born Nov. 6, 

1835, married, Nov. 5, 1886, Sabrina, daughter of John 
and Maria (Lintner) Dillenbeck, who was bom May 24, 

1836, died April 24, 1903. He was a farmer in Fulton, 
N. Y. 

Children : 

1640. Ida Angelia, b. Dec. 5, 1858, m. Dec. 19, 1877, 
Eugene Wallace Parker, of Brownsville, N. Y., 
where they now (1916) reside. Issue: (1) Grace 
Bell, b. July 30, 1880, m. Nov. 12, 1901, Edward 
B. Everleigh; (2) Lola Louise, b. Nov. 5, 1884; 
(3) Nina Adelia, b. April 18, 1887; (4) George 
Henry, b. Dec. 30, 1888; (5) Rose Wallace, b. 
Sept. 30, 1891. 

1641. George Elnathan, b. Dec. 15, 1861, m. Jan. 1, 
1889, Sarah Frances, daughter of Albert and 
Mary E. (Messier) Norris, who was b. Jan. 9, 
1870. He is an inspector of transfers in Chicago, 
111., they had issue: Helen Frances, b. Jan. 28, 

1642. Fenton D., b. June 17, 1867, d. Oct. 4, 1876. 

1643. John C, b. Oct. 15, 1875, m. July 11, 1900, Vola, 

daughter of George F., and Lozane M. (Salis- 
bury) Hills. Issue: Marguerite, b. May 4, 1905; 
they live in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
1G44. William R., b. Oct. 10, 1881, unmarried. 



Orrin Blair Todd% (Gershom^ Ben.iamin% Titus*, 
Beniamin'', Michael", Christopher') born May 29, 1811, 
died Feb. 1889, married, March 1, 1845, Eliza Mann, 
who died March 21, 1866. 

*1645. Alwin Ethelston, b. Aug. 14, 1846. 


Dwight Austin Todd". (Gershom^, Ben.iamin\ Titus*, 
Bcn,iamin\ Michael=, Christopher') born Oct. 7, 1829, 
married Feb. 19. 1861, Margaret U. R. Baldwin, who was 
born Jan. 11, 1839. 

Children : 

1646. William Henry, b. April 12, 1862, m. May 14, 

1884, Lillian J. Norton ; they lived at one time in 
Winsted, Conn. 

1647. Mary Agnes, b. Feb. 29, 1864, d. Dec. 30, 1864. 

1648. Mason Frank, b. Oct. 14, 1865. 

1649. Austin Clifford, b. Sept. 10, 1868, d. Sept. 21, 


1650. Burton Baldwin, b. Feb. 3, 1870, d. April 2, 1879. 

1651. Robert Johnston, b. Nov. 20, 1872, d. Dec. 25, 




Millicent Ruth Todd". (David^ Titus\ Titus*, Ben- 
.iamin\ MichaeP, Christopher') born Aug. 25, 1832, mar- 
ried, Jan. 14, 1851, Rev. L. C. Dickinson, who was chap- 
lain of the 9th Vermont Volunteer Militia from 1862 to 
1865. He died and she lives now (1911) with her brother 
Stephen 0. Todd, in Saint Johnsbury Center, Vt. 

Children : 
I. Clara Ida. b. Sept. 15, 1852. m. George Kelley; 
they live in Lynn, Mass. 


II. Charles H., b. Aug. 26, 1854, d. May 25, 1860. 

III. David Chandler, b. March 20, 1858, d. Dec. 5, 1888. 

IV. Mary, b. Jan. 23, 1861, d. March 3, 1901, m. Amos 


William Sheridan Todd^ (David% Titus', Titus*, 
Benjamin\ Michael', Christopher^) born Jan. 1, 1840, 
died Feb. 19, 1893, in Ridgefield, Conn., married. May 
6, 1873, Mary J. Conklin, who was born Oct. 6, 1841, 
She is now (1911) living with her eldest son in Green- 
wich, Conn. 

He attended the public schools in the various towns 
to which his father was called, he being a Methodist 
minister. When twenty years of age he entered Wes- 
leyan University graduating in the class of '64. He then 
took up teaching becoming the classical teacher in the 
Peter Parley School in Ridgefield, Conn. Later he de- 
cided to take up the practice of medicine. In order to 
do this he went to Essex, Conn., where he became princi- 
pal of Hill's Academy, where he could obtain the valued 
advice of a prominent physician in the town, teaching 
and studying at the same time. From there he entered 
the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York, N. 
Y. After graduating, the young doctor started the prac- 
tice of medicine in Ridgefield, Conn., but finding the 
fruits of his labor insufficient, he accepted a position as 
teacher in the then high classed preparatory school, High 
Ridge Institute in Ridgefield. He also continued to prac- 
tice his profession as best he could. 

In 1876, he married Mary Jane Conklin, of Essex, 
Conn., an acquaintance made during his college days, 
having just previously given up the school work to devote 
all his time to his profession. He took an active interest 
in the aflfairs and welfare of the town, serving for a num- 
ber of years on the school board; was one of the pro- 
moters of the Ridgefield Savings Bank, the Ridgefield 
Press Company, and the town Library. He served sev- 
eral terms as a representative to the state legislature, 


having been appointed a member of several important 
committees. He was away up in the Masonic orders, 
having taken the thirty-second degree; a member of the 
Ridgefield Chib; the Fairfield County Society of physi- 
cians: the Twilight Club, of New York, N. Y. ; the Acad- 
emy of Medicine of New York; the Hospital Staff of 
the Danbury and Bridgeport hospitals ; lectured at clinics 
in several New York hospitals. He was a member of 
the first Congregational Church of Ridgefield, Conn. He 
was respected and highly esteemed by his fellow towns- 
men and all who knew him. He died of Pneumonia in 

Children : 
*1652. Walter Bradford, b. Jan. 4, 1880. 
*1653. Arthur Stanley, b. July 15, 1881. 


Mary D. Todd', (William^ Titus-', TitusS Benjamin^ 
Michael-, Christopher') born June 1, 1835, died June 7, 
1868, married, Nov. 29, 1855, John F. Bridges, of South 
Deerfield, Mass., who was born April 11, 1826, died Sept. 
9, 1900. 

Children : 

I. Daughter, b. Dec. 25 1859, d. June 7, 1860. 

II. Child, b. July 7, 1864, d. July 9, 1864. 

III. William R., b. March 8, 1866 ; he is a farmer and 
lives in Colei'ain, Mass. 


John A. Todd", (WilliamS Titus'', TitusS Benjamin\ 
Michael-, Christopher^) born Aug. 29, 1837, died about 
1885. He married and removed to Chatsworth, Livings- 
ton County, 111. 

Children : 
1654. Daughter, d. when about 18 years of age. 


1655. Daughter, d. young of diphtheria. 

1656. Son, d. young of diphtheria. 

1657. Daughter, she lived at one time in Chicago, 111. 


Asa Emerson Todd", (Asa'', Titus% TitusS Benjamin^ 
Michael-, Christopher^) born Feb. 25, 1839, died Nov. 2, 
1898, in Springfield, Mass., married, Dec. 31, 1868, Anna 
Elizabeth Eaton, of South Deerfield, Mass., who was born 
March 4, 1839. 

He lived in South Deerfield, Mass., prior to 1860, and 
enlisted from there in the 10th Massachusetts Infantry, 
serving through the last three and a half years of the 
civil war. From 1872, till his death he lived in Spring- 
field, Mass., where his widow still lived in 1920. 

Children : 
*1658. Robert Emerson, b. July 22, 1871. 
*1659. James Lewis, b. Aug. 18, 1873. 



Frances Emeline Todd% (Asa% Titus^ Titus*, Ben- 
jamin^ MichaeP, Christopher^ born April 18, 1843, mar- 
ried, Dec. 15, 1866, John Henry Armstrong. She is liv- 
ing now (1913) with her son in Springfield, Mass. 

Children : 
I. Oscar Emery, b. Aug. 30, 1868. 

II. Charles William, b. April 18, 1870, d. July 1873. 

III. William Henry, b. May 23, 1872; he is a dentist 
in Springfield, Mass. 

IV. Inez Emeline, b. April 14, 1874, d. May 2, 1909, 

m. Britton. 

V. Elizabeth Ethel, b. Sept. 10, 1880. 

Andrew Jesse Todd^ (Henry M.^, Jesse^ 
Benjamin^ MichaeP, Christopher') born Feb. 13, 1845, 


married, May 3, 1876, Mary Elizabeth Cooper, who was 
born in 1849. He is a farmer and lives in Agawam, 

Children : 

1660. Mabel Martha, b. Jan. 22, 1881, m. Sept. 20, 1905, 
Harry S. Kelsey. 

1661. Edna Josephine, b. Feb. 26, 1884, m. Aug 4, 1908, 

Henry Merrill. 

1662. Gladys Cooper, b. March 15, 1894. 


Alice Laura Todd', (Charles Abbott% Chandler^ 
Jesse*, Benjamin-', Michael-, Christopher^) born Feb. 9, 
1867, married Sept. 25, 1889, Harry S. Clark. They 
live in Fredonia, N. Y. 

Children : 

I. Sidney Erastus, b. Oct. 31, 1890, grad. Mass. Insti- 
tute of Technology, Boston, Mass., in 1915. 
II. Isabel Louise, b. Dec. 4, 1894; she is attending 
Normal School in Fredonia, N. Y., preparing to 
be a teacher. 


Ralph Mitchell Todd', (Charles Abbott", Chandler-', 
Jesse', Benjamin-, Michael-, Christopher^ born Oct. 31, 
1874, married, April 26, 1911, May Smith. The birthday 
of Mr. Todd, his son and nephew happens to be the same 
day viz: Oct. 31, Mr. Todd and his sister still own the 
farm which their parents and grand parents owned be- 
fore them. He lived in Fredonia, N. Y., where he was 
killed in Feb., 1920, when an electric car collided with 
his automobile, his wife and child were badly hurt but 

Child : 
1663. Charles Holmes, b. Oct. 31, 1912. 



Iru Studley Todd', (Justus*^, Asa'', Gershom*, Ger- 
shom% Michael', Christopher^) born Oct. 23, 1809, died 
Feb. 4, 1882, at his home in Roberts Meadow, Northamp- 
ton, Mass., of pneumonia, married March 24, 1836, Juli- 
anna, daughter of John and Rosina (Knapp) Root, who 
was born Sept. 20, 1814, died April 6, 1893. She was 
a descendant of Thomas Root, who was one of the first 
settlers of Northampton, Mass., and was one of the "pil- 
lars" of the church when it was first organized in that 

He passed his childhood days in West Chesterfield, 
Mass., where he was born. When he was about twenty- 
one years of age, he hired out to Mr. Moody who owned 
and operated a large farm and tannery located in Roberts 
Meadow which is a part of Northampton, Mass. The 
first two years or so of his married life, he passed in 
West Farms, also a pai't of Northampton, Mass., after 
which, he returned to Roberts Meadow and purchased 
the place where his wife was born, buying out the other 
heirs. He was very shrewd in his business ventures, 
and became a very successful farmer. Besides operating 
the farm, he had charge of all the roads in the western 
half of the town. At another time, he had the charge 
of some of the construction work on the first reservoir 
built by the town. 

It is told that when he started out in life at the 
age of twenty-one, he had just three cents in his pocket, 
and all he was worth at the time of his death, he had 
accumulated from his own efforts and with his good wifes 
assistance, besides having brought up a family of eight 

Children : 
*1664. Juliette, b. June 20, 1836. 
*1665. Ira Gardner, b. Oct. 2, 1837. 
1666. Irene Bishop, b. Dec. 13, 1839, m. May 10, 1862, 
Luther A., son of Joseph Martin, who was b. 
May 11, 1837, d. May 8, 1913. She is living now 
(1920) in Florence, Mass. 



-5^ ^ 




IRU S. TODD, NO. 943 



1667. Caroline, b. Dec. 20, 1841, d. Jan. 23, 1843. 

^1668. Carrie, b. June 29, 1844. 

■^669. Jolin Root, b. Oct. 3, 1847. 

*1670. Rosa Knapp, b. April 3, 1851. 

^671. Josephine B., b. Feb. 12, 1853. 


Electa Todd", (Justus", Asa", GershomS Gershom% 
Michael-, Christopher^) born Nov. 9, 1812, married about 
1833, Samuel Carley. They lived many years in and 
near Pittsfield, Mass. 

Children : 

I. Samuel. 

II. Eugene. 



Lucy Todd', (Justus% Asa'', GershomS Gershom% 
Michael-, Christopher^ born March 17, 1815, died Dec. 
24, 1888, married first, Elihu Dwight, son of John and 
Rosina (Knapp) Root, who was a brother to Iru S. Todd's 
wife. He was a peculiar soil of a man and did strange 
things, one of which was to enlist in the army and the 
last heard of him was in 1841, when he expected to go 
to Florida. What became of him is unknown. She mar- 
ried second, Charles Strong, of Northampton, Mass. 

Child by Elihu D. Root : 
I. Leonidas, b. March 10, 1834; he went west when 
young, and has never been heard from since. 

Children by Charles Strong : 
II. Lucy, b. Oct. — , 1844, m. Richard Haughton, who 
d. in 1911; she has one son. Perry, with whom 
she lives in Northampton, Mass. 


III. Andrew, b. March 13, 1846, d. Feb. 14, 1909, he 
m. Luna Graves. Issue: (1) Harry, who m. 
Eleanor, daughter of Harry R. Eddy, see No. 962 ; 
(2) Alice; (3) Albert G., who lives in Northamp- 
ton, Mass.; (4) Ida. 

IV. Emily, b. May 28, 1850, d. Dec. 24, 1915, m. Charles 

Bolter, deceased. No children. 


Laura Todd', (Justus", Asa% Gershom^, Gershom', 
Michael-, Christopher') born Sept. 29, 1819, went to New 
York State with her father and there married Collins 

Children : 
I. Emeline. 

II. Parthenia. 

III. Heman. 

IV. Celia. 
V. Helen. 



Abigail Lucretia Todd% (Lyman**, Asa^ Gershom*, 
Gershom^ Michael', Christopher') born Sept. 19, 1815, 
died July 5, 1845, married about 1834, Job Cudworth. 
They lived in or near West Chesterfield, Mass. 

Children : 
I. Armina, b. July 14, 1837. 
II. Marshall, b. 1839, d. Sept. 23, 1845. 

III. Son. , 

IV. Daughter. 



Horace Lyman Todd", (Lyman", Asa% Gershom*, 
Gershom^ MichaeP, Christopher') born Sept. 8, 1818, 
died March 10, 1906, married first, in April, 1844, Lucetta 
Estes, who died six months later without issue. He mai-- 
ried second, Nov. 5, 1849, Melinda Stetson, who died Jan. 
13, 1906. 

Children : 

1672. Ella McClellan, b. Oct. 31, 1850, d. June 1853, 
of Scarlet Fever. 

1673. Mary Stetson, b. Sept. 30, 1852, d. June, 1853, also 
of Scarlet Fever. 

*1674. Jennie Estella, b. Oct. 12, 1856. 
*1675. Elmina Ellen, b. March 4, 1864. 

Asa A. Todd', (Lyman% Asa% Gershom*, Gershom^ 
Michael-, Christopher') born Aug. 12, 1820, died Jan. 23, 
1895, married first, Nov. 27, 1845, Maiy Cudworth, who 
was born Feb. 20, 1826, died Aug. 28, 1846, without 
issue. He married second, June 2, 1847, Ellen Julia, 
daughter of Charles and Susannah (Keith) Cudworth, 
who was born March 7, 1829, died Jan. 10, 1907. 

He owned and operated the fann on which his father 
and grand-father lived before him. He was a very suc- 
cessful farmer, enlarging the place by the purchase of 
adjoining farms, until eventually contained what was 
originally four farms. 

Children by Ellen Julia Cudworth: 
*1676. Ellen Isabelle, b. April 11, 1850. 

1677. Mary, b. Nov. 21, 1851, d. Feb. 12, 1852. 

1678. Esther Sophia, b. Feb. 25, 1854. 
*1679. Lyman, b. Sept. 12, 1856. 

1680. Monroe, b. March 18, 1862, m. first. May 17, 1893, 
Lettie L. Middlebrook, from whom he was divorc- 
ed. He married second, Mary (Pease) Todd, 
widow of his brother Lyman Todd. No issue. 


He learned the masons trade at which he worked 
for several years. Later he returned to the old 
homestead and is now operating the farm in West 
Chesterfield, Mass. 
*1681. Flora Edith, b. July 4, 1864. 
1682. Asa A., b. July 10, 1870, d. Sept. 4, 1870. 


Aurelia Frances Todd', (Lyman", Asa'', Gershom^, 
Gershom^ Michael', Christopher^) born June 6, 1825, 
died Aug. 27, 1918, married, Feb. 3, 1847, Joseph, son 
of Charles and Susannah (Keith) Cudworth, who was 
born July 14, 1833, in Chesterfield, Mass., died Aug. 16, 
1901, at his home in Worthington, Mass. In early life 
he was a mechanic but later when his health began to 
fail him he bought a farm in Worthington, Mass., and 
spent his remaining years there. 

Children : 
L Mary, b. April 16, 1848, m. April 24, 1870, Alvin 
M., son of Ezekiel and Mary (Moore) Locke, who 
was b. in Wendell, Mass., Dec. 12, 1844. For a 
number of years he was interested in the bakery 
business of the Smith Carr Baking Company of 
Northampton, Mass., their bakery being just off 
Main St., opposite the City Hall. They had issue: 

(1) Etta M., b. Nov. 29, 1870, m. Oct. 12, 1898, 
George F. Harlow, had issue: (a) Wesley, b. 
March 11, 1905 ; (b) Mary Moore, b. May 19, 1911 ; 

(2) Minnie A., b. Aug. 13, 1872, d. Aug. 5, 1874; 

(3) Josephine, b. Oct. 8, 1873, m. June 21, 1899, 
Fred Carlisle, had issue: (a) Herman Locke, b. 
April 25, 1900; (b) Stewart, b. Nov. 1901, d. 
young; (c) Alvin Locke, d. young; (d) Hollis, b. 
June 21, 1906; (4) Walter M., b. Nov. 1, 1881, 
m. Jan. 8, 1910, Marion Hawley, had issue: (a) 
Gerald Hawley, b. Feb. 27, 1911; (5) Owen A., 
b. Oct. 12, 1884, m. Sept. 4, 1909, Louise Young, 


had issue: (a) Andrew Young, b. Sept. 21, 1911; 

(6) Alice Lillian, b. Aug. 9, 1887, d. July 3, 1888; 

(7) Eleanor, b. July 3, 1890, has a position in 
Forbes (public) Library, Northampton, Mass. 

II. Alice Aug-usta, b. March 20, 1850, m. Isaac Steele, 
of Cummington, Mass., had issue: (1) George W., 
b. 1872; (2) Frank Dewey, who lives in Worthing- 
ton, Mass. 

III. Charles Munroe, b. July 2, 1860, m. April 15, 1883, 
Mary Isabelle Tower, who was b. in Cummington, 
Mass. He owns and operates the farm which his 
father did before him. Had issue: (1) Joseph 
Harold, b. Jan. 1885, d. March 1888, during the 
famous blizzard; (2) Maiy Eva, b. May 27, 1886, 
m. Fred H. Fairman, had issue: (a) Ernest; (b) 
Alice; (3) Alice Rosamond, b. April 12, 1893; (4) 
Samuel Stillman, b. Nov. 17, 1896, m. Helen Kelso, 
of Chester, Mass.; (5) Charles Lyman, b. May 22, 
1898; (6) Robert Lee, b. Dec. 4, 1902; (7) Wilmer 
Tower, b. Nov. 19, 1906. 


Sarah Deliza Todd", (Lyman«, Asa^ Gershom*, 
Gershom-, MichaeP, Christopher^) born Dec. 19, 1827, 
died in 1913, married, July 3, 1849, Samuel E. Eddy, who 
was born in 1823, died March 7, 1909. He was a veteran 
of the civil war, and had the remarkable experience of 
having been pierced through the chest with a bayonet 
which nearly protruded on the opposite side, having 
passed very close to the heart, which ordeal he survived 
nearly half a century. The wound was received in per- 
forming an act of heroism. He went to the rescue of 
his Capt. who was in a hand to hand conflict with a 
squad of rebels who were overpowering him when Mr. 
Eddy arrived on the scene and in the fight which ensued 
ho was bayoneted. For this brave act, he received a medal, 
which he prized very highly in his declining years. 


Children : 
I. Henry L. ; he lives in West Chesterfield, Mass., 
where he is a dealer in stoves. 

II. Alice, who d. in 1909. 

III. Harry Rivers, b. March 10, 1867, he m. and had 
several children, of whom, one daughter, (Elea- 
nor) m. Harry Strong, who is a grand-son of Lucy 
Todd, No. 945. Mr. Eddy lives in Florence, Mass., 
where he is employed by the Florence Manufac- 
turing Company, manufacturers of "Prophylactic" 
tooth brushes. 


Benjamin Franklin Todd% (Lyman% Asa\ Gershom% 
Gcrshom^ Michael-, Christopher^) born about 1839, died 
Nov. 11, 1871, married Francelia Baker, of Readsboro, 
Vt., who was born Dec. 7, 1844, died May 25, 1887. 

Children : 

1683. Judson Frank, b. Jan. 10, 1867, m. May 20, 1891, 

Frances A. Paine, of North Adams, Mass. No 
children. He lives now (1909) in Fitchburg, 
Mass., where he was in the provision business. 

1684. Arthur D., m. Jennie Dix, of Readsboro, Vt. ; they 
live now (1909) in East Bridgewater, Mass. 


Ora B. Todd% (Bela% Caleb=, GideonS Gideon^ Mi- 
chaeP, Christopher^) born Dec. 20, 1808, in Salisbury, 
N. Y., died Feb. 9, 1889, in San Jacinto, Cal., married Oct. 
1832, Lorinda, daughter of Luke and Lucia Wolcott, who 
was born Oct. 27, 1810, died Oct. 19, 1885, in Santa Paula, 

They removed from Panama, Chautauqua County, 
N. Y., to Santa Paula, Calif., in March 1884, whence they 
seem to have moved to Santa Jacinto, where he died. 

Mr. Todd was a good reader of music, which he 
taught some in the old fashioned way; a fine violinist 


and a most excellent player on that very unmusical in- 
strument called fife. He was an enthusiastic member of 
the military band in Stockton, N. Y., which was a great 
help during the civil war and political campaigns. He 
enlisted for service in the civil war, but was refused be- 
cause of age and physical inability to serve. 

Children : 

*1685. Chestil Ora, b. July 12, 1833. 
1686. Sallie Marietta, b. July 5, 1834, in Stockton, N. 
Y., d. Jan. 11, 1905, in Standish, Lassen County, 
Cal., m. about 1851, Otis W. Johnson, of Stockton, 
N. Y., who d. Sept., 1904, in Standish, Cal.; he 
owned a cattle ranch; was a fine player of the 
violin and clarinet and composed music. She 
too, was musically inclined. No children. 

*1687. Florilla Lorinda, b. July 17, 1836. 
1688. Martillus Hermon, b. Jan. 3, 1839, in Stockton, 
N. Y., d. May 25, 1864 ; he enlisted first with the 
three months men in 1861 and when this time 
had expired he re-enlisted for three years as a 
private, passing through the different grades and 
at the time of his death he was Capt. of company 
A., Ill Pennsylvania Volunteers; he was killed in 
action at Dallas, Georgia (in Sherman's Cam- 
paign) while leading his men, May 25, 1864; he 
was buried in Marietta and Atlanta National 
Cemetery; unmarried. 

He was wounded severely, sustaining a shattered 
knee at the battle of Antietam, and as soon as 
he was able, he was granted a furlough, and 
went home on crutches, with a limb out of shape 
badly but cheerful and full of hope. Arriving 
there he would lay on the lounge, his mother 
would massage and press gently on the crooked 
limb, which slowly began to yield to her skillful 
and faithful treatment. One day while perform- 
ing this duty, she suddenly said "Martillus, if I 
save and straighten your limb, what will you 
do, go back?" His prompt reply was, "yes 


mother, I shall go back." His mother was loyal 
to her countiy, though her answer belied her 
words said, " I do not know about that Martillus, 
perhaps I better not straighten your limb." But 
her mothers heart compelled her to work faith- 
fully until he was able to rejoin his regiment, 
and some months afterwards was killed instantly, 
in action, one bullet going through his heart, 
another cutting the great artery of the neck. 
Great was the consternation when the sad news 
reached his people at home, and filled them with 
anxiety as to the safety of his brother, Hollis, 
who was still at the front. 

*1689. Hollis Devillo, b. Oct. 16, 1843. 

*1690. Theodore Charles, b. Sept. 10, 1845. 

*1691. Delphine Electa, b. March 25, 1849. 


Elbridge Gerry Todd% (Bela«, Calebs GideonS Gid- 
eons Michaels Christopher^) born July 20, 1815, in Chau- 
tauqua, N. Y., died May 9, 1890, in Stockton, N. Y., 
married June 17, 1832, Sarah, daughter of Abel and Mary 
(Bourlsbey) Irwin, who was from Nunda, N. Y. 

He was a traveling salesman for the Risley Brothers, 
who were large growers of seeds. In 1863 he returned 
home from the south, where he had lost his health. He 
was a competent judge of timber land and water powers. 

Children : 
*1692. Helen Mae, b. June 14, 1840. 

1693. Mary Electa, b. Sept. 17, 1847, in Mt. Morris, 

N. Y. ; she is a professional nurse and lives in 
Jamestown, N. Y., unmarried. 

1694. Son, b. July 9, 1850, d. Aug. 10, 1852. 
*1695. Sarah Ophelia, b. Oct. 7, 1853. 



Cornelia E. ToddS (BelaS Calebs GideonS GideonS 


Michael^, Christopher') born April 25, 1816, in Stockton, 
N. Y., married Daniel Meacham. 

Children : 
I. Herbert ; he went south where he was the last time 
he was heard from. 
II. Lucy, d. young. 

III. Jay, d. young. 

IV. Fay, d. young. 



Lovina A. Todd', (Bela", Caleb", Gideon^ Gideon^ 
Michael-, Christopher') born April 15, 1818, in Stockton, 
N. Y., died March 1, 1895, married June 3, 1838, Daniel 

Children : 

I. Lafayette B., b. Aug. 21, 1838, m. in 1860, Harriet 
Ercanbrack. Issue: (1) Archer D., b. Jan. 10, 
1861, m. April, 1885, his cousin, Elizabeth M., 
daughter of Levi Goodsil, and Lydia (Jones) Todd, 
who was b. March 28, 1858, d. Feb. 21, 1886, he m. 
second, in 1892. Bird Irish. Issue: (1) Heila, b. 
Jan. 6, 1895: (2) Meda, b. April 4, 1898. For 
the ancestry of Elizabeth M. Todd, see number 

II. Deloss J., b. June 22, 1841, m. in 1870. Henrietta 

August Stockwell, who d. May 25, 1886, he m. 
second. Jan. 1, 1900, Clora Youlding. They ad- 
opted Belle Eigenbroadt, who was a grand-daugh- 
ter of Elbridge Gerry Todd, who was b. in 1875, 
m. Sept. 10, 1903, Edwin Douglass Lines. Issue: 
(1) Augusta Jessie Lines, b. Nov. 1, 1904; (2) 
Stephen Van Rensalear Lines, b. July 4, 1907. 

III. Lovina, b. Jan. 17, 1846, d. Sept. 10, 1899, unmar- 



IV. Philinda, b. in 1846, d. March 1, 1911, m. Jan. 17, 
1867, William Clapp. Issue: (1) Lafayette, b. 
Nov. 16, 1872, m. Aug. 27, 1902, Ethel Wilder. 
Issue: Daughter, b. June 6, 1906; (2) Lida Belle, 
b. Nov. 16, 1872; she was a twin with Lafayette, 
m. June 1894, Edgar L. Steadman; (3) Ethelyn, 
b. Dec. 18, 1881, unmarried. 


Caleb L. Todd", (BelaS Caleb\ GideonS Gideon^ 
Michael^, Christopher^) born May 7, 1823, in Stockton, 
N. Y., died May 8, 1903, in Cassadaga, N. Y., married 
first. May 21, 1846, Vesta C. Putnam, who was born 
July 19, 1827, died Feb. 16, 1881. He married second, 
Oct. 20, 1881, Caroline Peck. 

He owned a farm in operating which he was quite 
successful through honest toil and economy. He was a 
great admirer of good horses and knew well how to train 
and drive them. He was a light complexioned man, with 
a light or "sandy" beard and blue eyes. He was thor- 
oughly honest and conscientious in all his dealings with 
his fellowmen. Straight of build and active. 

Children by Vesta C. Putnam : 
*1696. Lydia E., b. March 4, 1847. 
*1697. Homer F., b. Sept. 5, 1849. 
*1698. Florence A., b. May 22, 1854. 
1699. Lucina E., b. July 21, 1858, m. Sept. 11, 1878, 
Fred M. Vail, who was b. July 29, 1857. 
*1700. Carrie M., b. Nov. 27, 1862. 



Philinda E. Todd^ (Bela^ Caleb^ Gideon*, Gideon^ 
MichaeP, Christopher^) bom March 7, 1825, died April 
7, 1904, in Conneaut, Ohio, married first, Dec. 2, 1849, 
Cyrenus M. Payne, who died in Jan., 1860. She married 
second, Oct., 1864, George Tweedy. 


Children by Cyrenus M. Payne : 
I. Belle C, b. March 18, 1851 ; she lives in Conneaut, 

II. Cassius C, b. Sept. 3, 1854; he is a very successful 

farmer and lives in Conneaut, Ohio ; he is m. and 
has one son. 


Electa R. Todd', (Bela«, Caleb", Gideon^ Gideon', 
Michael^, Christopher') born Oct. 25, 1826, in Stockton, 
N. Y.. died May 23, 1883, in California. She married 
Alvin Wesley Alvord, who was born Oct. 20, 1822, died 
Sept. 19, 1888. 

Children : 
I. Julius B., b. Nov. 10, 1849 ; he lives in Cedarville, 
II. Augusta Albina, b. Aug. 30, 1851, d. April 20, 1901. 

III. Jessie May, b. May 10, 1856. 


Andrew Jackson Todd", (Bela% Caleb', Gideon-*, 
Gideon% MichaeP, Christopher') born July 21, 1828, mar- 
ried Eliza Johnson. He moved to Nebraska, in 1857, 
at the time his brother did. A few years after his mar- 
riage he died and later his widow married second, Henry 

Children : 

1701. Eva. 

1702. Densil. 


Levi Goodsil Todd^ (Bela^ Caleb', GideonS Gideon^ 

Michael^ Christopher') born March 22, 1830, in Stock- 


ton, N. Y., died Feb. 24, 1906, in Union, Neb., married 
Feb. 22, 1855, in Burlington, Iowa, Lydia Jones, who 
died Aug. 17, 1908. 

Mr. Todd too, went to Nebraska at the same time 
that his brothers did. He lived the rest of his life on 
or near the place where he first settled. He was once 
a candidate for Governor of Nebraska on the Greenback 

Children : 

*1703. Albina Philinda, b. Feb. 27, 1856. 
1704. Elizabeth Matilda, b. March 28, 1858, d. Feb. 21, 
1886, m. Archer D., son of Lafayette B. and Har- 
riet (Ercanbrack) Eigenbroadt, who was a grand- 
son of Lovina A. Todd. See No. 973. 
*1705. Lewis Caleb, b. May 20, 1860. 

1706. Albert, b. Feb. 23, 1862, d. March 6, 1864. 
*1707. Harry G., b. Feb. 9, 1864. 

1708. Jessie B., b. March 6, 1868, unmarried; lives in 

Union, Neb. 

1709. John P., b. Jan. 18, 1870; he is married and lives 

in Okotoks, Canada ; they have no children. 
*1710. Levi Goodsil, b. May 10, 1873. 

Marquis De Lafayette Todd", (Bela% Caleb\ Gideon*, 
Gideons MichaeP, Christopher^) born Feb. 13, 1837, in 
Stockton, N. Y., died June 30, 1908, in Santa Paula, Cal., 
married first, in 1866, Mary Jane Beckwith, who died 
in 1869. He married second, in 1871, Dora Emma 
Ricker, who was born Jan., 1852, in Boston, Mass. She 
is living now (1912) in Santa Paula, Cal. 

When he was seventeen years of age, he went to 
Nebraska, where he spent five years in trying to culti- 
vate an unbroken prairie, at the end of which time, he 
returned to his father's home. In 1859, he started off 
again, this time his objective being California. He made 
the journey with an ox team, and settled in Sutter County, 
California. In 1869, he moved to Ventura County, Call- 


fornia, again moving by team, and to the time of his 
death, he lived on the place which he purchased at that 
time near Santa Paula. 

He was a staunch republican believing in the funda- 
mental principles of the party. All his life he was an 
earnest, loyal and patriotic citizen, the highest type of 
all that is good and great in man. 

At different times he held public offices and was for 
one term a member of the State Legislature. He was 
a member of the Odd Fellows and Masonic Orders. 

Child by Mary J. Beckwith : 

1711. Mary Alice, b. in 1867, m. John J. McGregor. 

No children. 

Children by Dora E. Ricker: 

1712. Lulu, b. 1871, d. 1873. 

1713. John, b. 1873, d. 1873. 
*1714. Ida, b. 1874. 

*1715. Jessie L., b. 1875. 

*1716. Edna P. 
1717. Marquis De Lafayette, b. 1881, in Santa Paula, 
Cal., where he now (1912) resides. Married in 
1912, Bertie Yarbrough, who was b. in Bolivar, 

*1718. Beatrice B., b. 1882. 

*1719. Ernestine R., b. 1883. 


Lewis C. Todd', (Lewis C", Caleb-', Gideon', Gideon% 
Michael-, Christopher') born July 30, 1824, in Ellery, 
Chautauqua County, N. Y., d. Mar. 18, 1890, in Garretts- 
ville, 0., where he married first, Feb. 11, 1845, Mary P. 
Cook, who was born Nov. 1, 1828, died Oct. 24, 1861. He 
married second, Electa Jane Young, who lived in Geauge 
County, Ohio, she was born Nov. 27, 1834, died March 18, 
1890, in Garrettsville, Ohio. 

Children by Mary P. Cook: 
*1720. Clarence Lewis, b. Feb. 23, 1849. 
*1721. Mary Ellen, b. Sept. 3, 1855. 


Children by Electa Jane Young: 
1722. Melvin Brain, b. Sept. 11, 1866, m. Jeanette Gary. 
No children. He is a physician and lives in 
Ashtabula, Ohio. 
*1723. Jennie Lind, b. Nov. 20, 1872. 



Catherine Todd% (Lewis C.^ Calebs GideonS Gid- 
eons MichaeP, Christopher^) bom May 16, 1831, in 
Ellery, N. Y., married, Aug. 9, 1853, John Chapman, at 
Chardon, Geauge County, Ohio. 

Children : 

I. Frank, b. Aug. 7, 1854, m. Dec. 24, 1874, Ollie 

Gates. Issue: (1) John, b. Jan. 22, 1877; (2) 

Gail, b. Feb. 14, 1879; (3) May, b. 1881; (4) Carl, 

b. March 30, 1883; (5) Byron, b. June 25, 1885. 

II. Cora, b. Jan. 19, 1861, d. April 23, 1878. 

Edwin R. Todd', (Thomas Jefferson% Caleb=, Gideon*, 
Gideon^ Michael, Christopher^ born Oct. 10, 1833, in 
Jamestown, N. Y., died Feb. 16, 1910, in Plattsmouth, 
Neb., married, Sept. 8, 1861, Mary E. Thomas, who was 
born Nov. 1, 1844, in Grant County, Ind., died Dec. 5, 
1912, in Plattsmouth, Neb. She was a sister of ex-Sena- 
tor Samuel L. Thomas, who is now (1910) living in Long 
Beach, Cal. 

Mr. Todd was a very well known and highly esteemed 
citizen of the community in which he lived. He had 
lived in Plattsmouth, Neb., since 1857, when he first 
arrived in that region and took up a block of land 
in the west part of the town and there he passed his 
remaining years and where he was living at the time of 
his death. He was a most estimable man and had a 
great number of friends throughout that section. 


His early days were spent under the home roof where 
the most Christian surroundings existed and where was 
inculcated into him, that Christian spirit which so char- 
acterized him in after life. The house in which he was 
born still stands in Jamestown, N. Y. His father was 
a minister of the Christian or Campbellite faith and the 
young son adopted this faith as his own at an early 
age. After spending his boyhood with his parents in 
New York, he went west to the state of Indiana, where 
he resided for a brief time before going to Plattsmouth. 
At the age of twenty-five he had left Indiana for good 
and had cast his fortune with the new prairie territory 
of Nebraska. Here he laid the foundation to his future 
success and here he reared his family, six children lived 
to maturity and two others died young. 

In politics, Mr. Todd was a Republican and had taken 
a deep interest in the politics of the country. He was 
one of the original Republicans who stood for the policies 
of the party from it's formation in the fifties and to the 
end he had adhered closely to those principles. He had 
been many times honoi-ed by his party with seats in con- 
ventions and was generally recognized as a wheel-horse 
of the organization. 

Children : 
*1724. Alonzo E., b. April 4, 1863. 

1725. Ella E., b. April 24, 1865, d. May 8, 1867. 
*1726. Thomas Edwin, b. March 12, 1867. 
*1727. Alvin L., b. March 22, 1871. 
*1728. George W., b. Feb. 22, 1873. 
*1729. Timothy Jefferson, b. March 5, 1879. 

1730. Nicholas E., b. Jan. 19, 1881, d. 1907, m. 1905, 
Bertha Adamson. No children. 
*1731. Russel Sharpe, b. May 19, 1883. 


Frederick P. Todd% (Thomas Jefferson'', Caleb-', 
Gideon*, Gideon', Michael^ Christopher^ born June 24, 
1837, in Thompson, Geauge County, Ohio, married, May 


30, 1865, Mary A., daughter of George B. Ford, who was 
born Oct. 13, 1844. 

In early life he went to Nebraska with his parents 
in the year 1857, where he remained until 1860, when 
he went to De Wittville, N. Y., where he attended school 
during the winter of 1860-61, then he attended the spring 
and fall terms at the Westfield (N. Y.) Academy in the 
year of 1861. In the winter of 1861-62, he taught school 
on Chautauqua Hill. In the spring of 1862 he returned 
to Plattsmouth, Neb., where he studied law with Hon. 
T. M. Marquette the following summer. The next winter 
he taught school in Mills County, Iowa, and the summer 
of 1863, he was employed in the office of the County 
Treasurer of Cass County, Iowa. Thence in the fall he 
went to Jamestown, N. Y., and obtained work in A. M. 
Harrington's Dry Goods stoi'e where he remained until 
1866, when in June he returned to Plattsmouth, Neb., and 
during the following winter he taught school in the Stock- 
ing District in Cass County, Neb. From 1867 to 1874 
he lived in Plattsmouth and Nebraska City, Neb., engag- 
ed in Merchantile and Sewing Machine business. In the 
fall of 1874, he returned to Jamestown, N. Y., where he 
has since resided having been engaged in the Dry Good's 
business until about Jan. 1, 1880, when he became inter- 
ested in the Insurance and Real Estate business. From 
1880-84, he was Clerk of the town of Ellicott, Jamestown, 
then being a village and a part of that town. About 
1885, he was elected secretary of the Chautauqua First 
Equitable Building Society and conducted the business 
until it was closed up and merged into the Union Trust 
Company in 1893, of which he was the organizer and 
the first secretary. When first elected secretary, the re- 
sources of the Society were about $8,000, in 1893, they 
had increased to the amount of $475,000. 

*1732. George B., b. Oct. 24, 1867. 

George Emmett Todd^ (Caleb% Caleb% GideonS 
Gideon^ MichaeP, Christopher^) born July 1, 1834, in 


Chautauqua, N. Y., died Sept. 5, 1908, in Clayton, Mich., 
married Dec, 1854, Elizabeth Morrish, who was born 
Oct. 30, 18o(), in Davenshire, England. He was a carpen- 

Children : 
*1733. Anna, b. Oct. 16. 1856. 
*1734. Cora, b. Aug. 16, 1866. 
*1735. Frank, b. March 31, 1868. 
1736. Burt, b. July 8, 1871, m. Estella Stranhan. No 
*1737. Delburt, b. Aug. 16, 1873. 
1738. Myrtie, b. Sept. 6, 1877, in Clayton, Mich.; she 
is unmarried and lives in Flint, Mich. 
n739. Fred, b. March 29, 1879. 



Vesta E. Todd', (Caleb", Caleb-', GideonS Gideon--, 
Michael-, Christopher") born March 6, 1844, in Chau- 
tauqua, N. Y., married. May 4, , Napoleon B. Miller, 

who was born Dec. 12, 1835. 

Child : 
I. Bertha P., b. Sept. 26, 1868, m. Henry Pryor. 
Issue: (1) L. Alberta Miller, b. April 22, 1903, 
in Flushing, Mich. 


Florence E. L. Todd", (Caleb", Caleb', Gideon*, Gid- 
eon', Michael-, Christopher') born Dec. 8, 1849, in Port- 
land, N. Y., married in Clayton, Mich., Albert E. Hurd, 
who was born May 18, 1842, in Cussewago, Crawford 
County, Penn. They live now (1911) in Davison, Mich. 

Children : 
I. Winifred, b. Jan. 15, 1869, in Clayton, Mich., m. 
Sept. 20, 1890, John P. H. Bradshaw, in Davison, 


Mich., by Rev. Mr. Kennedy, who was b. Nov. 11, 
1869, in Richfield, Mich., d. July 18, 1909, en route 
from Colorado Springs, Col. Issue: (1) Gladys 
E., b. Dec. 20, 1891; (2) Beatrice E., b. Aug. 7, 
1893; (3) Harold J., b. Nov. 5, 1896. 
II. Albert E., b. April 21, 1880, in Davison, Mich., m. 
Feb. 8, 1904, in Fremont, Mich. 

III. Leroy J., b. Feb. 15, 1884, in Davison, Mich. 

IV. Harold, b. March 4, 1886, d. Dec. 25, 1888. 
V. Claude E., b. July 23, 1889. 

VI. Florence M., b. Aug. 3, 1892. 


Elizabeth Penfield Todd% (Loyal Francis*, Justus 
Lyman-', Gideon*, Gideon', Michael-, Christopher^ bom 
Sept. 3, 1825, married, Sept., 1846, Amos Bennett Peck, 
of Mt Carmel, Conn. 

I. Mary, b. Nov. 17, 1848, m. Frank Cook, of Cleve- 
land, Ohio, where she now (1913) resides; they 
had issue: (1) Grace, m. Harry Kurz; they live 
in New Yoik City, both being on the faculty of 
Columbia University; (2) Olive, m. Mr. Whiting, 
formerly of Boston, Mass., now of Cleveland, Ohio, 
where he is connected with the school of "Arts and 


Mary A. Todd% (Loyal F.", Justus L.=, Gideon*, 
Gideon^ Michael=, Christopher^) born March 7, 1831, 
died Aug. 18, 1911, married Lorenzo Armstrong, of New 
Haven, Conn. 

I. Easter; she now (1913) resides in Boston, Mass. 



Caroline J. Todd', (Loyal F.", Justus L.\ Gideon^ 
Gideon', MichaeP, Christopher^ born Aug. 12, 1833, 
married Oct. 9, 1856, Boardman Leavenworth, who died 
some years later. She is now (1913) living in Chicago, 

Children : 

I. Loyal Francis, b. March 19, 1859; he is in the 
wholesale grocery business; married and had two 
II. Easter Ives, b. Feb. 18, 1863; she lives with her 
mother in Chicago, 111. 



Emily Frances Todd', (Loyal F.^ Justus L.=, Gideon*, 
Gideon^ Michael^, Christopher^ born Dec. 30, 1837, died 
June 19, 1870, in Chicago, 111., married, April, 1863, 
Judson, son of Bela and Lois (Munson) Bassett, of North 
Haven, Conn., who was born Oct. 14, 1838, died Dec. 16, 

I. Alena, b. Feb. 13, 1864, married, Oct. 7, 1887, Dr. 
Andrew W., son of William and Jane (Aiken) 
Lyons ; they lived in Bridgeport, Conn. ; he died 
some years later. No children. 



Lucina Pickert Todd', (Manning S.^, Samuel B.-', 
Gideon*, Gideon', MichaeP, Christopher^) born Dec. 17, 
1831, married Oct. 3, 1859, Anson W. Phillips. 



I. Inez Eugenia, b. Aug. 24, 1860, m. Dec. 24, 1885, 
John Byron Harter. Issue: (1) Hazel Adeline, 
b. July 14, 1887, m. June 28, 1911, Lloyd Cristman. 


Eugene Manning Todd% (Manning S.% Samuel B.% 
Gideon*, Gideon% MichaeP, Christopher^ born Jan. 11, 
1840, died Nov. 23, 1912, married, Dec. 28, 1865, Kittie 
Blanche Tucker. 

Children : 
1740. Eugenia Maria, b. Oct. 9, 1866, d. Sept. 5, 1867. 
*1741. Charles Manning, b. May 8, 1868. 
*1742. Edwin Hunter, b. June 4, 1870. 

1743. Ethelyn Ilione, b. Feb. 5, 1873, m. Oct. 25, 1912, 
Peter Hart ; they live in Dayton, Ohio. 


John Pierpont Todd", (Manning S.^ Samuel B.-"', 
Gideon*, Gideon', Michael'-', Christopher') born May 5, 
1845, married, Jan. 27, 1869, Margaret Butler Harrison. 
They live in Fairfield, N. Y., whei'e he is a mason and 
where he woi'ked at his trade. 


1744. Hobert Harrison, b. Aug. 7, 1870; he is married 

and lives in Fairfield, N. Y. No children. 


Hamilton H. Todd", (Hermon S.% Samuel B.=, Gid- 
eon*, Gideon', MichaeP, Christopher^) born Aug. 24, 
1833, died Nov. 16, 1862, married, Sept. 11, 1855, Laura 
A. Parkhurst, of Middleville, Herkimer County, N. Y., 
where they lived. 

Children : 

1745. Adrian H., b. July 29, 1857. 

1746. Mary A., b. Dec. 21, 1860. 



Morris M. Todd", (Hermon S.", Samuel B.-', Gideon*, 
Gideon^ Michael-, Christopher') born Oct. 6, 1836, died 
Feb. 24, 1862, married, Feb. 1858, Adeline Evans, of 
Middleville, N. Y., where they afterwards lived. 

Child : 
1747. Ida G., b. April 11, 1859, m. Sept. 19, 1877, Thad- 
deus Hildreth, of Herkimer, N. Y. 


Wallace Beri Todd", (Beri M.«, Melicu', Gideon', 
Gideon^ Michael-, Christopher^ born May 8, 1833, in 
Bristol, Conn., died Feb., 1914, in Ridgely, Maryland, 
ag-ed about eighty. Mari-ied Emma Green. 

He was of a sanguine temperament, a bright, sunny 
disposition, and with good health, he appeared a much 
younger man. Optimistic in his views, he anticipated 
with undaunted energy and courage, a very happy old 
age in his new home and its surroundings. 

At an early age, he took a trip nearly around the 
world, visiting many important places. On his return, 
he went into the mining district of California, where he 
mined for gold for two years, at the end of which time 
he returned to his old home, and later engaged in the 
manufacture of inks and perfumery, with the late A. W. 
Harrison, of Philadelphia, Penn., while in connection with 
this business, they conducted a retail store in New York 

At the breaking out of the civil war, he enlisted in 
the 82nd regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Militia, later 
on he became its quartermaster with the rank of Lieuten- 
ant. Mrs. Todd was with him in the forward movement 
of the ai-my from Frederick City, Marjiand, to Warring- 
ton, Virginia, and spent the winter of 1863-64, in camp 
with him on the Rappahannock river, near Brandy Sta- 
tion. Va., where he was promoted to the office of commis- 
sary of subsistence of the Reserve Artillery of the army 
of the Potomac, with the rank of Captain. 


At the close of the war he returned to Philadelphia, 
where he resumed his old business at which he continued 
until the year 1901. 

He was an active member of G. A. R., Meade Post 
No. 1, of Philadelphia, Penn. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, was 
also a member of the same post. At the death of General 
Grant, he was appointed on a committee of twelve, to 
arrange for the funeral and burial services. This com- 
mittee also served as honorary pall-bearers, walking on 
either side of the casket when it was taken to the tomb 
on Riverside Drive, New York, N. Y. 

Seeking a new home for the benefit of his two grand- 
sons in an agricultural district, Mr. Todd after traveling 
through Florida and not finding what just suited his 
ideas for a business life for them, at last settled upon 
Ridgely, Md., with the benefits of the fine new place for 
them to locate, which also pleased the parents of the boys, 
they soon removed thither. 

Children : 
*1748. Florence Eveleen, b. Nov. 18, 1865. 
1749. Milton Edward, d. in 1900, in Newberry, South 


George Todd', (Charles", Dan^ Charles', Gideon^ 
MichaeP, Christopher') born Jan. 5, 1836, died May 15, 
1908, married June 17, 1858, Harriet, daughter of Gary 
and Emeline (Main) Terrell, who was born Jan. 20, 1837, 
in Cortland, N. Y., died Dec. 18, 1911, in Alden, Iowa. 

After their marriage they made their home in the 
same house where Mr. Todd had been born twenty-three 
years before and there in the same home the three oldest 
children were born. For eleven years they resided at 
Homer, N. Y., and then in the spring of 1869, they moved 
to Iowa and settled on the farm west of the town (Alden) 
where the two youngest children were born and it was 
while living there that the son Ernest died. In the 
spring of 1892, Mr. and Mrs. Todd decided to quit farm- 


ing and accordingly moved to Alden, which remained 
their home until the time of their deaths. 

Children : 
*1750. George K., b. June 1, 1859. 

1751. Ella A., b. April 16, 1861. 
*1752. Lena Bell, b. May 23, 1865. 

1753. Ernest Gary, b. Sept. 4, 1870, d. April 15, 1895. 
*1754. Lucy Grace, b. April 13, 1877. 


Charles Todd% (Charles^ Dan\ CharlesS Gideon", 
Michael=, Christopher') born Sept. 30, 1837, married Dec. 
23, 1858, Sarah E. Beck, who died Aug. 31, 1903. He 
is living now (1911) in Wilton, Wis. 

Children : 
*1755. Celeste M., b. Oct. 9, 1859. 
1756. William E., b. March 21, 1860. 


Sarah Todd", ( Amos'', Dan% CharlesS Gideon', Mi- 
chael-, Christopher') born March 11, 1826, died leaving 
two sons, who were living in California when last heard 
from. She married Milo Coates. 

Children : 
L Miles. 
IL Charles. 


Hiram Jerome Todd', (Amos", Dan% Charles', Gid- 
eon% Michael-, Christopher') born Nov. 14, 1828, died 
April 29, 1901, married Oct. 26, 1852, Charlotte Coates, 
who was born Sept. 24, 1834, died June 12, 1909, while 
she was visiting her son in Painesville, Ohio. He died 


at the old home in Merrimack, Wis., where they had lived 
for fifty years. 

Children : 
1757. Alverado, b. Dec. 20, 1854, d. July 31, 1867. 
*1758. May M., b. April 26, 1860. 
*1759. Warren Amos, b. Nov. 2, 1865. 


Peninah Todd", (Amos'^, Dan'', Charles% Gideon^ 
Michael-, Christopher') born Nov. 16, 1830, in Homer, 
N. Y., died July 16, 1918, married Jan. 10, 1852, Milton 
Pratt. She lived in Deep River, Conn. 

Children : 
I. Augusta C, b. May 10, 1855, m. May 22, 1879, 
George Marion ; they had issue : Charles H., w^ho 
m. and had Virginia, and lived in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
II. Emma E., b. Aug. 5, 1858, m. Jan. 3, 1884, Joseph 
Pratt and had issue: Walter Todd, who m. and 
and had a daughter and lived in Waterbury, Conn. 

III. Howard, b. Dec. 28, 1864, d. March 14, 1865. 

IV. Arthur M., b. Feb. 17, 1868, m. April 23, 1893, 

Mary A., daughter of John Mather and Martha 
(Gordon) Chadwick, who was born in Lyme, 
Conn., Sept. 9, 1868; they had issue: (1) Mildred 
A., b. April 11, 1895; (2) Anna E., b. July 27, 
1898; (3) Esther C, b. July 31, 1900. In 1919, 
Mr. Pratt M^as living in Deep River, Conn., where 
he was a practicing physician. 



Lucretia Todd^ (Amos% Dan% Charles% Gideon^ 
Michael-, Christopher') born Dec. 27, 1836, married 
James Coates. They lived in Geneva, Ohio. 


Child : 
I. Adah, who m. Finley. Issue: (1) Miles. 


Alna Almeda Todd", (Amos", Dan-', Charles', Gideon-', 
Michael-, ChristophevO born March 6, 1839, died Dec. 
26, 1907, married Leander Bailey. 

Child : 
I. Chester, who lived in Geneva, Ohio. 


Dewitt C. Todd', (Harry% Dan\ Charles^ Gideon% 
Michael-, Christopher') born Dec. 12, 1831, in Homer, 
N. Y., married in early life, who died without issue. 
He married second, Dec. 12, 1869, Rosette Salisbury. 
He lived in Cortland, N. Y. 

Children : 

1760. Mabel S., b. May 30, 1871, m. Oct. 27, 1897, 
William H. Lee. No children. 

1761. Harry E., b. April 6, 1876, unmarried and lived 
in Cortland, N. Y. 



Harriet D. Todd', (Sylvester H.'\ Dan', CharlesS 
Gideon-, Michael-, Christopher') born June 8, 1846, mar- 
ried first, Sherman; second, Chai^les Thompson; 

third, Winchell; fourth, Whitehead. She 

was living in 1911 in Batavia, 111. 

Children : 

I. . 

II. . 




Ettie E. Todd', (Sylvester H.«, Dan=, CharlesS Gid- 
eon', Michael-, Christopher') born Sept. 1, 1855, married 
May 10. 1881, James E. West, at Afton, Iowa, by Rev. 
Mr. Plastcad. In 1911, she resided at 501, 21st Street, 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Children : 

I. . 

II. . 

III. . 

IV. . 

V. . 


William Elmer Todd', (Miles G.% Dan% CharlesS 
Gideon', MichaeP, Christopher') born Aug. 14, 1853, died 
Nov. 11, 1899, married Feb. 22, 1880, Alice I. Copeland, 
who was born Nov. 20, 1852. 

He was a graduate of the Wisconsin State University 
and was admitted to the bar in 1881. He removed to 
Albert, Minnesota, where he was County Attorney for 
several terms and was for several years a member of 
the Republican State Central Committee for the State of 
Minnesota. Mr. Todd was one of the able men of the 
State and ranked high in the standard of his profession. 

He was engaged in the examination of a witness 
in an important case in the United States Court, when 
the summons came that resulted in his death. 

Children : 

1762. Katherine Evelyn, b. June 21, 1882, d. Aug. 13, 


1763. Liela Copeland, b. July 9, 1888, m. Lawrence Paul- 
son. Issue: Son, b. Aug. 9, 1911. In 1919, she 
lived in Albert Lea, Minn, 



Miles Edwin Todd", (Miles G.", DaiV, Charles\ Gid- 
eon', Michael-, Christopher') born April 6, 1862, died 
Feb. 5, 1909, married Cora Sletton. 

Children : 
17(i4. Helen Mae, b. July 19, 1895. 

1765. Liela Myrtie, b. July 23, 1899. 

1766. Miles Henry, b. Feb. 13, 1903. 



Myrtie Annetta Todd', (Miles G.", Dan^ Charles', 
Gideon^ Michael-, Christopher') born Sept. 3, 1870, mar- 
ried June 22, 1892, Frank Eugene Chrisler, who was 
born June 28, 1868. 

Children : 
I. Elmer Todd, b. June 23, 1894. 
II. Helen Mead, b. June 28, 1896. 


William Luzerne Todd", (Ruf'us H.", Linus", Seth', 
Eleazer^ Michael-, Christopher') born Nov. 5, 1850, died 
Aug. 24, 1887, married June 19, 1877, Mary Flickinger. 
He was a music teacher in Willoughby College. 


1767. Roy, b. Dec. 12, 1880, d. April 29, 1888. 


Charles Herbert Todd% (Rufus H.«, Linus', SethS 
Eleazer^ Michael-, Christopher') born March 7, 1861, 
married Dec. 31, 1889, Flora M. Hoadley. They reside 
in Brunswick, Ohio. 

Children : 

1768. Elmer Rufus, b. Jan. 1, 1894. 

1769. Beulah Irene, b. July 14, 1899. 



Mary Adelaide Todd', (Sidney S.«, Josiah=, Abner*, 
Ithamar^ Michael-, Christopher') bom Sept. 22, 1841, 
died Oct. 4, 1905, married Howell, son of Howell Young. 
Child : 

I. Helen Ada, b. Jan. 21, 1861, m. Feb. 14, 1880, Frank 
A., son of Hiram Holden. Issue: (1) Florence 
Edith, b. Feb. 9, 1881; (2) Amy Albertine, b. Sept. 
14, 1884. 



Naomi Myrtilla Todd", (Sereno E.% Josiah^ AbnerS 
Ithamar^, Michael-, Christopher') born June 11, 1848, 
married Oct. 1, 1874, Charles W. Compton, of Newark, 

Child : 
I. Ruth, b. Dec. 14, 1881, d. infant. 

Sereno Edwards Todd', (Sereno E.", Josiah% Abner^, 
Ithanlar^ Michael-, Christopher') born Oct. 10, 1852, 
married Lillian Marguerite, daughter of Archibald and 
Lily McKee, of Lexington, Ky. He was an architect. 
Child : 
1770. Fanny Aileen, b. Jan. 15, 1885. 


David Peck Todd", (Sereno E.«, Josiah'% Abner*, 
Ithamar', Michael-, Christopher') born March 19, 1854, 
married March 5, 1880, Mabel, only child of Eben Jenks 
and Mary Alden (Wilder) Loomis, who was born Nov. 
10, 1856, in Cambridge, Mass. 

He is a graduate of Amherst College and a descend- 
ant of the celebrated divine, Jonathan Edwards. After 


graduation he was appointed to a position at the Naval 
Observatory, Washington, D. C. He was afterwards 
appointed Prof, of Astronomy and Director of the Ob- 
sei-vatory at Amherst, Mass., and also Prof, of Astronomy 
and Higher Mathematics at Smith College, Northami> 
ton, Mass. He received the degree of Ph. D. and has 
been placed in charge of eight scientific expeditions, in- 
cluding, among others, those relating to the transit of 
Venus, the study of Mars, and eclipses of the sun. 

Prof. Todd being made chief of numerous astro- 
nomical expeditions, Mrs. Todd began to accompany her 
husband to many and unusual parts of the world. Spend- 
ing several months in Europe in 1885, they went in 1887, 
to Japan, Prof. Todd conducting thither a scientific ex- 
pedition to observe the eclipse of Aug. 19th. Several 
other expeditions intervening, they returned again to the 
flowery kingdom in 1896, sailing there in the schooner 
yatch Coronet, and making observations of the eclipse 
of Aug. 29th, from the extreme northern part of the em- 
pire, bordering on the Sea of Okhotsk, among the hairy 
Ainus, aborigines of Japan. Mrs. Todd, on this occasion, 
reached a point farther north in the Japanese possessions 
than any foreign woman had ever attained. And here 
she made special study, ethnological and otherwise, of 
the Ainu. In 1900, Prof. Todd was once more in charge 
of an eclipse expedition; she accompanying him to Bar- 
bary in northern Africa, making headquarters at the 
rarely visited city of Tripoli, where a wonderful view 
of the sun's corona (May 28th) was observed through 
the cloudless desert air. Here she made a study of des- 
ert life, women in the harems and Roman remains. In 
1901, Prof. Todd conducted an exj^edition to a small island 
(Singkep) off the east coast of Sumatra, v/here the long- 
est eclipse ever observed occurred on May 18th. On 
this occasion a complete circuit of the world was made, 
going via Atlantic and Mediterranean and returning by 
the Pacific, visiting on the way, Borneo, Siam, the Phil- 
ippines, China, Japan, and the Hawaiian Islands. In 
1905, Tripoli was once more the scene of an eclipse when 
both took an active part in its operations. In 1907, 


Prof. Todd conducted an expedition (taking with him the 
great 18-inch Amherst equatorial telescope) to the ele- 
vated pampa of Chili, for the purpose of studying Mars 
at opposition, in that exceptional steady air ; and on this 
occasion Mrs. Todd made a special study, in addition 
to the main purpose of the expedition, of the remains 
of old Inca civilization, especially in Peru and at high 
regions among the Andes. 

Each are the authors of numerous publications on 
astronomical subjects, and write articles relating to as- 
tronomy for various magazines. 

Mrs. Todd gives drawing room talks, and for private 
Schools, Clubs and Colleges, on popular astronomy, 
travel and literary subjects, some fifty to eighty each 
season. She founded the Amherst Chapter, Daughters 
of the American Revolution, and founded also the Am- 
herst Historical Society, of which she is President. 

Child : 

1771. Millicent, b. Feb. 4, 1880. 


Victor Hugo Todd^ (Sereno E.^ Josiah", Abner*, 
Ithamar^ Michael^, Christopher^) born Sept. 25, 1891, 
married Dec. 25, 1912, Emily Adele Reinmann, of East 
Orange, N. J. He is a consulting electrical engineer, 
specializing on illumination, motor drives, meters and 
protective relays as applied to industrial concerns, in 
Orange, N. J. 


1772. Clarissa Millicent, b. April 2, 1914. 

Josiah Delbert Todd% (Josiah% JosiahS Abner*, 
Ithamar-, Michael', Christopher^) born Oct. 19, 1858, 
married first, May 29, 1889, Jennie M., daughter of George 
J. and Sarah J. Morrison, who was born Dec. 15, 1858, 
died Dec. 27, 1904; married second, Mrs. Jessie (Howell) 


Mr. Todd owns and operates a farm in Five Corners, 
Cayug-a County, N. Y., only a few miles from the place 
where he was bom and brought up. The old homestead 
has passed out of the possession of the Todd family. 

Child by Jennie M. Morrison: 
1773. Florence Amy, b. July 24, 1893; she is a Grad. 
of the Academy at Union Springs, N. Y., where 
she was preparing to be a school teacher. 



Julia Todd', (Orrin^ Simeon=, Joel^, Ithamar^, Mi- 
chael-, Christopher^) married Sherman. 

I. Julia, m. . 



Cornelia Bradley Todd^ (Lewis% Simeon% JoelS 
Ithamar', Michael-, Christopher^) born Jan. 8, 1831, 
married Sept. 2, 1850, George W., son of Isaac and Cyn- 
thia (Bradley) Dudley, who was born Oct. 24, 1827. 

Children : 
I. Wilbur Sterling, b. March 30, 1857, m. Dec. 30, 

1880, Susan P. Hathaway of Meriden, Conn. 
II. George Horace, b. May 10, 1868. 


Horace Bradley Todd', (Lewis^, Simeon'', Joel*, 
Ithamar^ MichaeP, Christopher') born Nov. 4, 1832, 
died Jan. 29, 1870, married April 17, 1862, Mary L. Har- 

1774. Martha Louisa, b. Dec. 25. 1864. 



Orrin Kirtland Todd", (William", Simeon'', Joel*, 
Ithamai-', Michael-, Christopher') born Dec. 6, 1833, died 
March 14, 1879, married Ellen Jane, daughter of Elhan- 
an and Ellen (Kelly) Dewey, who was born June 23, 
1840, died Oct. 23, 1908. 

Mr. Todd was born under the friendly shelter of the 
ancestral roof at the middle-eastern slope of Mount Car- 
mel not many miles from New Haven, Conn. Several 
generations of the family had succeeded to the same spot 
of ground, and three had used the same dwelling with 
its broad doors, easy ascending staircases and immense 
fire-places, its fine breadth of exterior and its great and 
hospitable rooms. This manor was maintained by a 
large acreage of well-tilled, rich and productive lands 
covering an extensive scope of both the mountain-side 
and of the deep loamed valley below, and had yielded 
ample incomes to all so fortunate as to be within the 
chaimed circle of this potent colonial patronymic. 

Kirtland, as he was called, inherited the genius of 
his people for both agriculture and skill in mechanics. 
He also had some apitude for business, but more than all 
else was he a patriot and in a quiet detemiined manner 
always stood for the Constitution and the Flag ; and these 
convictions he gave liberally to his six sons and three 
daughters. His father's intense spiritual insight, for 
William Manning was a great christian and a cultured 
gentleman of unlimited hospitalities, which was also Kirt- 
land's pre-natal legacy from out a splendid well-lived and 
nobly adorned past to this active new group of boys and 
girls as will be seen from the following records which 
have been modestly and loyally verified. 

Orrin Kirtland Todd was early in his married life 
associated socially and in mechanics at Quinipiac — then 
an important industrial village with its own church and 
school on the confines of Wallingford, North Haven and 
Hamden — with J. N. Pierpont, afterwards member of the 
Legislature, Robert Wallace, David Stevens and William 
D. Hall. These men launched out from there and each 


A constitutionalist and veteran 
of the Civil War. 


A great American Mother. 


Planter, stockman, churchman and cavalii 


made his individual mark in the use of his initiative, two 
of them becoming world-famous. 

Mr. Todd's war record was with Company B., of the 
Twenty-seventh Regiment, Connecticut Volunteers and he 
was honorably discharged at the expiration of his term 
of service. The war hardships so debilitated and under- 
mined his powers of endurance, however, that he lived 
to be but 46 years of age, passing away March 14, 1879, 
after an illness of only four days, and a company of life- 
long friends from among whom Roswell Q. Morse, Jona- 
than Neugent, Dennis M. Morris and Elijah D. Russell — 
all well-known citizens of Wallingford and of certain and 
peculiar prominence — sorrowfully and lovingly observed 
the final honors at his burial. His pathway had not been 
strewn with roses but he is believed to have done the best 
he could and he held the friendship of the multitude. 
Several farms had yielded luxuriantly to his management, 
his handiwoi'k enriched the output of four of the great 
manufacturing plants of the state, yet he had spent all 
his life, excepting his war-days, in his native county, 
three of whose noted towns — Wallingford, Hamden and 
Cheshire — cornered in the front yard of his home. 

His faithful wife, Ellen Jane Dewey Todd, a tire- 
less, ambitious, noble-hearted and accomplished christian 
woman of Cymbri-Celtic, (Welsh-Irish) extraction stood 
loyally by him in every trying hour and with him was 
glad in his successes. She was totally absorbed in a 
supreme regai'd for her husband and his children, all 
of whom she had born to him, to whose welfare she un- 
ceasingly gave all the thoughts of her heart. She sur- 
vived him 29 years and to her invincible energy is due 
much of the personal effect which flowed out of the col- 
lective life of this family of Todds. Her contribution 
has been a high value, and her passing away October 23, 
1908, was profoundly mourned. From very early in life 
she was an earnest member of the Congregational Church, 
and her pastor officiated at her interment. 

Children : 
*1775. Harriet Ellen, b. April 19, 1860. 


*1776. William Elhanan Manning, b. Sept. 13, 1864. 

1777. Martin Bele, was a loyal, loving-hearted man, m. 
a charming and competent wife, established a 
good home, became ill and gradually wore him- 
self into a strange decline and despondency. He 
disappeared in 1899 and has never been heard 
from since. He was the largest man of the 
family. Ambitious, humorous, talented. All 
possible search was made for him but without 
avail. Like his father he had hosts of friends 
who, for many years, could not give him up and 
who still lament his strange vanishing. 

1778. Robert Burton, was drowned at 12 years of age, 
in Community Lake, Wallingford, Conn. 

*1779. Clifford Kirtland. 

*1780. Whitney Alfred, b. in 1874. 

*1781. Frances Adelaide. 
1782. Cornelia (Nellie) Irene, m. Dec. 20, 1896, Edward, 
son of William Tompkins of Ashland, N. Y., Rev. 
John J. Blair, pastor of the Congregational Church 
of Wallingford, Conn., officiating. She had equal 
opportunity with Frances Adelaide, in the matter 
of education and cultivation in music. Most of her 
life has been spent in Conn. These two younger 
sisters have been together in not only their early 
domestic years, but because of an extreme fond- 
ness each has always felt for the other have tried 
to be as much associated as possible in every 
way. Consequently they live but a few doors 
from each other still, and move together in much 
the same community and social circles. Each 
are brunettes and their lively wit and cordial 
manner has given them a universal acquaintance 
in the old home town. 
Edward Tompkins was an active member of Co. 
K., 2nd Regiment C. N. G., and was discharged 
a Sergeant. He is said to have been a most ex- 
cellent shot at the target practice on the rifle 
range and as unusually good in drill work. He 
has followed the silver industry most of his life 

Dr. Todd's Post- War Pulpit His southern University Head- 

A Delightfully Modern Temple of quarters. House of Seven 

25 rooms in actual service. Gables, 20 ample rooms. 







in which he is regarded as an adept in several 
branches, skillful and rapid. There are no chil- 
dren consequently both were free to do their war 
bit, which Nellie at the present time (1919) is 
still continuing. Both are active members in the 
M. E. Church and are desei-vedly popular in all 
the social grooves in which they move. They 
have been prospered and own their home. Nellie 
and Frances are still practically inseparables. 
Each is member of the same chapter of the Order 
of the Eastern Star and are active in everything 
that will advance community progress. They 
are each skilled in the use of the key board and 
have pleasant voices, Nellie singing in church 
choirs for many years. As up-to-date women 
they feel a most delightful, conscious responsi- 
bility in all affairs of the public interest, both 
local and National, and have proved themselves 
true daughters of their fathers's in all matters 
constitutional and in a free expression of patri- 
otic opinion. 
*1783. Allison De Witt, b. June, 1879. 



Betsey Todd', (Eleazer", RueP, Job*, Ithamar', Mi- 
chael-, Christopher^) married David Johnson. 
Children : 

I. Paulina, m. Murray; they live in Madison, 

S. Dakota. 
II. David, lived in Auburn, N. Y. 

III. William, lived in Chicago, 111. 

IV. Sarah, d. young. 


Harriet Cooke Todd% (Eleazer^ Ruel-', Job*, Itha- 
mar\ Michael-', Christopher') born July 22, 1822, in Dry- 


den, N. Y., died April 6, 1911, married Dec. 6, 1840, in 
Libertyville, N. Y., John Bowers, of Lansing, N. Y., who 
was born July 7, 1813, in Homer, N. Y. 
Children : 

I. Sarah Louverna, b. Dec. 23, 1841, in Peruville, N. 

II. Mary Jane, b. May 28, 1844, in Summer Hill, Cay- 

uga County, N. Y., m. Feb. 4, 1864, Henry S. 

III. John Seymour, b. May 21, 1845, in Summer Hill, 

N. Y., d. Aug. 6, 1909, in Elgin, 111., m. Dec. 2, 
1869, Jane Hammer. 

IV. Dennis M., b. March 24, 1847, in Dryden, N. Y., 

m. 1888, Bertha Webster. 
V. Susan Minerva, b. June 28, 1849, in Auburn, N. 
Y., m. Sept. 24, 1872, Lewis E. Rhynder. 
VL Ida, b. Sept. 27, 1855, d. Feb. 1, 1863. 
VII. Charles Willard, b. Jan. 15, 1859, m. Dec. 14, 1892, 
Carrie J. McDonald. 
VIII. Hattie, b. April 28, 1861, d. Feb. 1, 1863. 
IX. Myrtie, b. Sept. 12, 1863, m. Jan. 25, 1888, Everett 
D. Kellogg. 

Maria Todd% (Eleazer«, Ruel^ Job*, Ithamar% Mi- 
chaeP, Christopher married in Dryden, N. Y., Seymour 

Children : 
I. Adelbert, lived in East Aurora, N. Y. 

II. George, lived in Ithaca, N. Y. 

III. Charles, lived in Poi'tland, Oregon. 


Almina Todd% (Eleazer% RueP, Job*, Ithamar^ Mi- 
chael-, Christopher^) married in Dryden, N. Y., Horace 


Children : 
I. Charles. 

II. Flora. 

III. Ruel. 

IV. Sherwood, lived in Mohall, N. Dakota. 



Ann Todd', (Eleazer", RueP, Jobs IthamarS Mi- 
chael-, Christopher^) married in Dryden, N. Y., Dennis 

Children : 

I. Martha, m. Brown. Issue: (1) Arthur, 

who lived in Pittsburg, Penn. ; (2) Ward, who also 
lived in Pittsburg, Penn. 

II. Charles, m. Lottie , had one daughter, who 

d. at two or three years of age. 



Jane Todd", (Eleazer«, RuelS Jobs IthamarS Mi- 
chael-, Christopher') born in Dryden, N. Y., died Feb. 
1908, married in 1853, Harry Slover, who died in 1910, 
in Bath, N. Y. 

Children : 
I. Ruel, b. Sept. 19, 1854, in Dryden, N. Y. 
II. Hattie, b. Sept. 10, 1856, in Hanover, 'ill. ; she lived 
in Elgin, 111. 


Ruel Todd", (EleazerS Ruel=, Jobs IthamarS Mi- 
chaels Christopher') bom Aug. 6, 1818, in Dryden, N. 
Y., died Jan. 16, 1885, in Dundee, 111., married in 1842, 


in Dryden, N. Y., Gertrude Brokaw, who was born in 
Ovid, N. Y., died June 30, 1877, in Dundee, 111. 

Children : 
*1784. Almina, b. Nov. 24, 1844. 
*1785. Charles, b. Aug. 14, 1848. 


Orrin Todd", (Ruel% Ruel% Jobs IthamarS Michael^ 
Christopher') born July 25, 1831, died Nov. 24, 1864, 
in Pittsford, Vt., married in Wallingford, Vt., in 1851, 
Nancy Baker Moore, who was born Sept. 2, 1834, in Mil- 
ford, Mass., died May 17, 1903, in Cuttingsville, Vt. 

Children : 

1786. Ida C, b. May 15, 1854, in Wallingford, Vt, m. 
Oct. 9, 1877, in Cuttingsville, Vt., Oscar Albertus 
Adams; has a shoe store in Granville, N. Y., 
where she is now (1912) living. He was born 
Aug. 29, 1852, in Plymouth, Vt. 

1787. George Orrin, b. Oct. 12, 1862, d. July 24, 1864. 


Horace Todd% (RuelS RueP, Job*, IthamarS Mi- 
chaeP, Christopher') married Salome Fish. 

Child : 

*1788. Ruel Elmer. 


Charles Ruel Todd", (RuelS RuelS Job', Ithamar^ 
Michael-, Christopher') married Charlotte White. 

*1789. Agnes B. 

Joel ToddS (RueP, Ruel% Job*, IthamarS MichaeP, 
Christopher') born June 24, 1843, married first, Addie 


Knight; second, Weltha Cooper. He is now (1913) liv- 
ing in Rutland, Vt. 

Child by Addie Knight: 
*1790. Nettie. 

Children by Weltha Cooper: 

1791. Jeriy, d. young. 

1792. Harry, he is now (1920) living at 2136 Clinton 
Ave., New York, N. Y. 


Lucius Merrill Todd", (Levi% Ruel^ Job*, Ithamar^ 
Michael-, Christopher^) born April 6, 1839, in Mt. Holly, 
Vt., died July 14, 1899, in Aurora, 111., married in Sugar 
Grove, 111., July 10, 1864, Mary Ann Bruce, who was 
born Aug. 2, 1838, in Ithaca, N. Y., died Feb. 29, 1892, 
in Aurora, 111. 

He was engaged in fanning for several years, when 
in 1870, he became associated with his brother-in-law, 
F. 0. White, in the lumber business under the firm name 
of White & Todd. He continued in this business until his 

*1793. Edward Sherman, b. Sept. 13, 1864. 
1794. Fred Levi, b. March, 1867, d. young. 


Eleazer Todd', (Levi% Ruel% Job', Ithamar^ Mi- 
chael-, Christopher') born May 20, 1841, in East Wall- 
ingford, Vt., died April 19, 1903, married in Aurora, 111., 
Feb. 16, 1866, Emma S. Mayo, who was born July 16, 
1841, in Boston, Mass. 

For several years, Mr. Todd was engaged in farming 
operations. In 1890, he left the farm and engaged in 
the grocery business in Aurora, 111. He remained in this 
business until his death. 


He was a veteran of the civil war, enlisting in Aug- 
ust, 1861, in Company A., 36th Cavalry Regiment, Ill- 
inois Volunteers, being in the same company and regi- 
ment as was his brother-in-law, Fred 0. White. He was 
in the battle of Pea Ridge in March, 1862, in the siege 
of Corinth and took part in the battles of Inka and 
Corinth. After a time he was promoted and served his 
company as Corporal and Sergeant. Sometime during the 
war the two Cavalry Companies of the 36th Illinois were 
transfered to the 15th Illinois Cavalry and Company A. 
became Company I. Later there came another transfer 
and Company I. of the 15th Illinois Cavalry became Com- 
pany M. 10th Illinois Cavalry. 

Children : 
*1795. Idella May, b. Aug. 11, 1869. 
1796. Nellie Gertrude, b. May 10, 1871 ; she is a school 
teacher in the public schools in Chicago, III. 
*1797. Bert C, b. May 10, 1871. 


George Henry Todd', (Levis Ruel', Jobs IthamarS 
Michael-, Christopher^) born June 14, 1851, in East Wall- 
ingford, Vt., married in Rochelle, 111., Sept. 13, 1877, 
Lucy Brown Prescott, who was born in Burlington, Mass. 

Mr. Todd graduated from the West Aurora High 
School in 1871. After his graduation he was engaged 
in the dry goods business until 1895, when he disposed 
of it, and became interested in the low lands of the Mis- 
sissippi Valley. He was the leader of a Company that 
had huge levees erected so that many acres of inundated 
land were redeemed. Completing this work he became 
a member of the firm of White & Todd, of which firm 
he was still a member in 1917. 

Children : 
*1798. Bertha May, b. Jan. 29, 1879. 
*1799. Fred Arthur, b. Sept. 29, 1881. 
1800. Ethel Marion, b. March 18, 1889 ; she is a graduate 
of Beloit College located in Beloit, Wis. 




Eliza Canfield Todd^ (Henry', John% John-', JohnS 
John^ John-, Christopher^) born Oct. 9, 1815, died Dec. 
4, 1861. married Dec. 29, 1836, James Howland, who died 
Sept., 1879. 

Children : 
I. Mary, d. young. 

II. Ransom, d. young. 

III. James Henry, resides in Sterling, 111. 

IV. Eliza Todd, m. W. P. Utley; they live in Sterling, 



John Todd**, (Henry^ John", John', John^, John^, 
John-, Christopher^ born May 18, 1817, died Dec. 6, 
1844, married June, 1837, Lucy B. Gai'dner, who married 
second, Jesse Rogers, of Alden, Iowa. She died Oct. 24, 

Children : 

1801. Henry W., resides in Denver, Col. 

1802. Chauncey D., resides in Somerville, N. J. 


Jonathan Mills Todd^ (Henry', John", John^ Johi\\ 
John% John-', Christopher') born March 10, 1819, died 
March 28, 1885, married Oct. 5, 1841, Mary M. Stedman, 
who died March 22, 1885. 

Children : 

1803. John, deceased. 

1804. Amzi Stedman, d. March 14, 1900. 


1805. Mary, m. E. M. Jennings. 

1806. Ida H.; she lived at the Windsor-Clifton Hotel, 
Chicago, 111. 


William Henry Todd^ (Henry% John«, John=, John*, 
John^ John-, Christopher^) born Jan. 16, 1821, died April 
21, 1850, married Oct. 4, 1848, Sarah C. Reed, who mar- 
ried second, Yarrington, and lived in Boston, 

Child : 
1807. William Henry, deceased. 


James Harvey Todd*, (Henry% John", John', John*, 
John', John=, Christopher^) born Aug. 1, 1825, died Sept. 
16, 1899, married Jan. 4, 1865, Charlotte T., daughter 
of Otis and Abigail L. (Perkins) Little, who was born 
Aug. 21, 1839, in Castine, Me., died June 5, 1915, in Dix- 
on, 111. 

Mr. Todd worked in New York City and Troy, N. Y., 
for some time at the tailors trade. He moved to Illinois 
in 1855, and settled in Dixon, where he kept a clothing 
store and was in the same building for over thirty years. 
His health was never good, so he led a rather quiet life. 

Children : 
*1808. Henry Otis, b. July 13, 1866. 

1809. Anna, b. May 11, 1869; she has contributed much 

data relating to her branch of the family, resides 
in Dixon, 111. She m. Oct. 21, 1916, Robert W. 

1810. Emma Howell, b. May 7, 1873, m. Oct. 23, 1901, 

Charles A. Johnson ; twin with next. 
*1811. Elmer Ely, b. May 7, 1873. 
1812. Elizabeth Anderson, b. Dec. 17, 1876, m. April 
20, 1907, George H. Cariisle. 



George Washington Todd% (Henry", John", John\ 
Johns Johns John=, Christopher^) born May 28, 1832, 
died June, 1913, married Oct. 19, 1852, Frances M. Yar- 
rington, who died March 1913. 

Children : 

1813. Charles A., resides in Dixon, 111. 

1814. Frederick L., resides in Syracuse, N. Y., where 
he is with Dey Brothers and Co., Dry Goods mer- 
chants. He is m. but has no childi-en. 

Barbara Ann ToddS (Harvey", John", John\ JohnS 
Johns Johns Christopher') born Feb. 11, 1831, died April 
5, 1870, married March 13, 1849, Edward Seldon Town- 
send, at Adrian, Mich. 

Children : 

I. James Edward, b. March 10, 1850, d. Oct., 1900, 
m. Etta Bailey. Issue: (1) Emily; (2) Jesse. 
II. John H., d. aged 13 months. 



Lydia Jane ToddS (HarveyS JohnS JohnS John^, 
Johns Johns Christopher') born June 2, 1838, married 
Sept. 24, 1867, Walter B. Fuller, at Adrian, Mich., where 
she now (1915) resides, he died Oct. 23, 1905, in Denver, 
Col. He was a veteran of the civil war. 

Children : 

I. George Porter, b. Aug. 21, 1868, d. July 19, 1906, in 
Denver, Col., m. Luella L. Sheets, who continued 
to reside in Denver, Col. Issue: (1) Haryle J., 
b. Dec. 31, 1897, Hartford. Conn.; (2) George 
W., b. Sept. 6, 1902, in Pueblo, Col. 


II. Frederick W., b. Dec. 24, 1871, in Palmyra, Mich., 

d. Aug. 16, 1908, in Adrian, Mich., m. Nora J. 
Love, who afterwards lived in Milan, Mich. Issue : 

(1) Gladys Naomi, b. Dec. 31, 1900, in Adrian, 


Almira Halsey Todd', (Harvey", John", John% John^, 
John% John-, Christopher^) born Nov. 9, 1839, died Feb. 
12, 1874, in Adrian, Mich., married May 21, 1862, John 
Americus Townsend, in Adrian, Mich. 

Children : 

I. William H., b. Aug. 29, 1863, in Rossville, 111., d. 
in Nov., 1908, in Adrian, Mich., m. Mattie Ander- 
son. Issue: (1) Clarence, who m. Issue: (a) 
Jane Almira, b. June 29, 1913, in Cass City, Mich. ; 

(2) Leslie. 

II. Louis Elbert, b. Feb. 23, 1868, in Adrian, Mich., 
d. Sept. 24, 1869. 

III. Charles Harvey, b. Sept. 21, 1869, in Adrian, Mich., 

m. Nellie . Issue: Ruth Townsend; they 

lived in Toledo, Ohio. 

IV. John Milton, b. April 12, 1872, in Adrian, Mich., 

m. Belle Losee. Issue: Howard. 
V. Allie Isabelle, b. Nov. 12, 1873, in Adrian, Mich., 
m. Frank Knight. Issue: (1) Howard; (2) Dor- 
othea. They lived in Nashville, Tenn. 



Mary Isabelle Todd^ (Harvey', John", John=, John*, 
John^, John=, Christopher^) born Dec. 5, 1846, married 
Nov. 7, 1871, Stephen Fuller, in Adrian, Mich., who was 
a brother of Walter B. Fuller, who married Mary Todd's 
sister, Lydia. 



I. James S., b. Oct. 31, 1877, in Palmyra, Mich., m. 
April 15, 1902, Hithe Alverton. Issue: Earl S. 
Fuller, b. June 6, 1905. They lived in Palmyra, 


Elizabeth Todd^ (Gabriel H.', John", John\ John*, 
John^ John% Christopher^) born in 1828, married in 1849, 
Thomas B. Palmer, who died in 1856 ; she married second, 
in 1861, William L. Beecher, who died in 1878. 

Children by Thomas B. Palmer: 
I. Lilburn P., b. in 1850, m. in 1872, Helen Mockridge. 
Issue: (1) A son, d. young; (2) Edwinna, b. in 
1886, d. in 1890. 
II. Mary E., b. in 1852, resides in Adrian, Mich. 


John Henry Todd^ (Gabriel H.% John", John=, John*, 
John'', John% Christopher^) born in 1830, died in 1913, 
married first, in 1852, Susan M. Hoxter, second, in 1903, 
Catherine Gill. 

Children by Susan M. Hoxter: 
*1815. Maiy, b. 1853. 
*1816. Ida, b. 1855. 
*1817. Heman H., b. 1858. 
*1818. Charles, b. 1877. 



Rachel Ann Todd*', (Gabriel H.^ John", John^ John", 
John^ John-, Christopher^) born in 1852, died in 1912, 
married in 1856, Porter L. Sword. 


Child : 

I. Charles D., b. in 1859, m. in 1882, Frances Duns- 
ford. Issue: (1) Bessie, b. in 1884. 


Jacob ^^'illett ToddS (Gabriel H.% John", John% 
John\ John', John-, Christopher') born in 1833, married 
in 1857, Harriet Lawrence. 

Child : 
1819. Frank D., b. 1861, d. 1880. 


Oscar Todd', (Gabriel H.', John"', John", John*, John^ 
John-, Christopher^ born in 1836, died in 1907, married 
in 1866, Julia Burch. They lived in California. 

Children : 
*1820. Lillian Mae, b. March 7, 1868. 
*1821. Alice Edna, b. Aug. 17, 1869. 
*1822. Mary Ethel, b. July 18, 1876. 


George Harvey Todd% (Gabriel H.", John", John^ 
John% John', John'-, Christopher') born in Rome, N. Y., 
Sept. 23, 1839, died in 1896, married in Adrian, Mich., 
June 19, 1861, by Rev. Edwin H. Brockway, of the M. E. 
Church, Susan Maria, daughter of Ransom and Sally Ann 
(Wade) Todd, who was born in Adrian, Mich., April 18, 
1840. After their marriage they lived in Rome, Mich., 
until Oct., 1862, when they moved back to their old home 
town, Adrian, Mich., where they lived until Aug. 20, 1864, 
when he enlisted in the Union Army and she returned to 
Rome, Mich., to stay while he was absent. In April, 
1867, they moved to Burlingame, Kan., where they lived 
only till the following Sept., when they went to Pleasant 
Hill, Mo. ; thence in March, 1870, they moved to Butler, 
Mo., where they were living in 1875. 

ELBERT S. TODD, No. 1122 


Children : 
*1823. Elbert Ransom, b. March 15, 1862. 
*1824. Henry Hubbard, b. June 15, 1867. 
1825. Llewellyn Everett, b. Oct. 24, 1871, in Butler, Mo., 
where he d. Sept. 22, 1872, and was buried there. 
*1826. Rose Amanda, b. Nov. 5, 1873. 
*1827. Elizabeth Rachel, b. 1876. 
*1828. Fred Palmer, b. 1879. 
*1829. Charles Delno, b. 1882. 


Charles D.", (Gabriel H.% John", John'', John*, John% 
John-, Christopher') born in 1842, married in 1862, Mary- 

Children : 

1830. Eva, b. 1866. 

1831. Mary Gabrielle, b. 1869, m. in 1891, Harry R. 


Elbert S. Todd% (Gabriel H.% John«, John=, John*, 
John=, John-, Christopher^ born Feb. 9, 1845, in Rome 
Center, Mich., married: (1) June 11, 1867, Emma N. 
Shaw, who was born in 1848, in New York; (2) April 
20, 1898, Emma Grubitz. 

Children by Emma N. Shaw: 
*1832. Fred Foster, b. Sept. 12, 1868. 
*1833. Daisy Grace, b. Jan. 5, 1872. 
*1834. Walter H., b. Dec. 10, 1874. 

Hanford Comstock Todd^ (Darius W.", Elnathan'', 
John^ John*, John^ John=, Christopher^ born Feb. 17, 
1832, died Aug. 1, 1870, and was buried in Mt. Hope, 
West Chester County, N. Y., married Feb. 17, 1857, 
Mercy Anne Marclay, who was born Nov. 29, 1836, died 
Oct. 27, 1909. 


Children : 

1835. Mary Osborn, b. June 9, 1858, m. April 20, 1913, 

George Holiday. They reside in Rhinebeck, 
N. Y. 

1836. Martin Barclay, b. Nov. 20, 1859. 
*1837. William Hanford, b. June 9, 1861. 
*1838. George Sullivan Carter, b. Oct. 22, 1862. 
*1839. Robert Bently, b. Aug. 10, 1864. 

*1840. Anne Margaret Comstock, b. Nov. 25, 1865. 
1841. Howard Tillotson, b. July 18, 1868, m. Nov. 9, 

1899, Margaret Johnstone. They reside in Irv- 

ington-on-Hudson, N. Y. 
*1842. Hanford Comstock, b. Dec. 14, 1869. 


Darius Webb ToddS (Darius W.', Elnathan^ John", 
John*, John', John-, Christopher^ born May 24, 1836, 
married April 8, 1868, Annie Gill, at Portsmouth, Va., 
where they afterwards lived. 

Children : 
*1843. Ida Agnes, b. May 21, 1869. 
*1844. Annie Esther, b. Jan. 14, 1871. 
*1845. James George, b. Oct. 19, 1874. 



Margaret C. ToddS (Darius W.% Elnathan«, John^ 
John*, John-, John% Christopher^) born Aug. 1, 1840, 
died May 21, 1899, married Oct. 2, 1867, William Pad- 
dock Coffin, who was bom Sept. 10, 1832. 
Children : 

I. Charles Carlton, b. Oct. 29, 1868, d. March 30, 1883. 
n. Louise, b. Jan. 31, 1872, d. Dec. 14, 1891. 
in. Helen, b. Jan. 19, 1876, m. June 20, 1908, . 

Ober; they reside in Dillon, Montana. No chil- 
IV. Mark Todd, b. June 1, 1879, unmarried; lives in 
Mankato, Minn. 



Caroline Matilda Todd% (William A.^ Elnathan*, 
John'', John*, John% John=, Christopher^) born Nov. 19, 
1835, married May 16, 1856, Hobart Bush, of Port Ches- 
ter, N. Y., who is a descendant of one of the oldest 
families of Rye, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Bush moved to 
Townsend, 0., six years later they moved to Wisconsin, 
living first in Rosendale and later in Ripon. In 1906, 
they returned to Port Chester, N. Y., that he might live 
near his old home. 

Children : 

I. George Henry, b. June 22, 1860; he is a dentist 
in Ripon, Wis. 
II. Eliza Davenport, b. Dec. 2, 1862; graduate of St. 
Luke Training School for Nurses, Chicago, 111., 

III. Emma Augusta, b. June 2, 1868, d. Feb. 13, 1869. 

IV. Walter Lawrence, b. Aug. 14, 1870. 



Emma Delia Todd% (William A.', Elnathan«, John^ 
John*, John', John'-, Christopher') born May 16, 1840, 
married July 20, 1858, Alfred Giddings Phillips, who 
died April 16, 1911, in Santa Cruz, Cal., to which town 
they had moved in 1905. 

Children : 

I. William Alfred, b. Aug. 10, 1860 ; graduated from 
Western Reserve University in 1888, with the de- 
gree of M. D. ; president of the Nevada State 
Medical Society in 1900; he was twice m., first, 
Grace Maxwell, who d. in 1906, second, Ella V. 


II. Percy Todd, b. June 14, 1868, m. May 29, 1890, 
Ruth Liles; he too, graduated from the Western 
Reserve University receiving the degree of M. D., 
President of the Nevada State Medical Society, 
1896; Pres., Nevada State Board Medical Exam- 
iners, 1899-1901 ; Pres., Santa Cruz, Cal., Board of 
Education since 1909. Issue: (1) Alfred Liles, 
b. June 10, 1891, who received the degree of A. B., 
Leland Stanford Jr. University 1913; student at 
Western Reserve University. 



Jane Amanda Todd^ (William A.\ Elnathan", John-', 
Johns Johns John=, Christopher^) born Jan. 24, 1842, 
married Oct. 4, 1876, Brainard W. Salisbury. 


I. Stella Willard, b. 1878; graduated from Oberlin 
College, 1900, m. Sept. 6, 1905, Harry R. Mason. 
Issue: (1) Warren Salisbury, b. Oct. 21, 1906. 


Mortimer M. ToddS (JohnS Elnathan", John=, John*, 
John% John-', Christopher') born July 30, 1836, married 
Dec. 20, 1860, Helen M., daughter of Rev. Henry and 
Mary (Lockwood) Benedict, whose brother is Com. E. 
C. Benedict, of Indian Harbor, Greenwich, Conn. Mr. 
Todd was cashier of the First National Bank of Port 
Chester, N. Y. 

*1846. Mary Jane, b. May 29, 1864. 


John Everett ToddS (Elnathan^ Elnathan«, John=, 
Johns Johns JohnS Christopher') born June 19, 1857, 


in Long: Ridge, Stamford, Conn., died Jan. 11, 1908, mar- 
ried Oct. 19, 1887, Sally Gardner. 

Mr. Todd bought and managed the shoe manufactur- 
ing business in Long Ridge, which he purchased of his 
father and partner, for a short time, when he too, went 
to Stamford. This removal was a severe loss to the 

Child : 
1847. Ruth Gardiner, b. Oct. 13, 1888, in Long Ridgo, 
Stamford, Conn., m. June, 1912, Thomas P. 
Thompson; they reside at 245 South St., Stam- 
ford, Conn. 


Harriet A. Todd^ (Elnathan", Elnathan^ John% 
John*, John"', John=, Christopher^) born March 22, 1861, 
married Dec. 27, 1893, Sullivan Moulton Pine, who is 
descended from a member of the family, who received 
a grant of land on "Pearsall's Hill" on Long Island. A 
part of this land was exchanged for land on King Sti'eet, 
Port Chester, N. Y., about 1744, which is now owned 
and occupied by the above mentioned descendant. The 
original settlers in this country of the Pine family was 
James and Samuel who came to this country in their 
own vessels. The name Moulton came by way of Mr. 
Pine's mother, who was a descendant of that family, they 
being among the early settlers of Massachusetts. 

Mrs. Pine has been deeply interested in the comple- 
tion of a Todd Genealogy and it was due to her efforts 
that the writer was enabled to get the data concerning 
her branch of the family. 

Children : 

I. James, b. Dec. 6, 1894. 

II. Mildred, b. Oct. 14, 1896, m. June 21, 1919, Henry 
L. Martin, Jr., of Midway, Ky. Issue: (1) Mil- 
dred Pine, b. May 10, 1920. 



George W. Todd^ (Samuel M.% Washington^, John=, 
Johns Johns John-, Christopher^ born April 8, 1836, 
married March 19, 1857, Lucretia Swable, who was born 
Sept. 12, 1835. They reside in Neligh, Neb. 

Child : 

1848. Wilford H., b. Dec. 4, 1857, d. June 2, 1909. 


George A. Todd*, (George^ Washington'^, JohnS 
Johns Johns JohnS Christopher^) born in 1840, married 
in 1860, Emily Jones. 


1849. George Amos, b. 1863, m. Clara Washburn. 



Emeline Cooley ToddS (George^, Washington^, John", 
Johns Johns JohnS Christopher^) born Dec. 7, 1842, in 
Long Ridge, Stamford, Conn., married Sept. 10, 1861, 
in Cross River, N. Y., Edson Lawrence, who was bom 
May 22, 1840, in Cross River, N. Y. 

Children : 

I. Arthur Todd, b. June 6, 1862, m. Sept. 30, 1891, 
Hester Elizabeth Wade, who was b. Feb. 13, 1869, 
in Islington, London, England. Issue: (1) Albert 
Edson, b. Feb. 4, 1893; (2) Florence Emeline, 
b. July 4, 1894; (3) Howard Wade, b. Aug. 11, 
1898; (4) Arthur Todd, b. June 12, 1901; (5) 
Leroy, b. Sept. 8, 1905. 
II. Thomas Edson, b. July 5, 1870, m. June 6, 1894, 
Clara Fisher Robbins, who was b. Jan. 25, 1876. 
Issue: (1) Edson Robbins, b. Nov. 9, 1895. 


III. Robert, b. May 27, 1872, m. Nov. 28, 1894, Minnie 
Kirber, who was b. July 16, 1874. Issue: (1) 
Lloyd Robert, b. Nov. 18, 1897. 

IV. Lillie Hull, b. March 5, 1875, m. May 12, 1894, 

Patrick Thomas Keegan, who was b. Feb. 18, 1873. 
Issue: (1) Thomas, b. Dec. 23, 1895; (2) Joseph 
Lawrence, b. Jan. 23, 1897; (3) Mary Alice, b. 
July 22, 1898; (4) Francis, b. July 21, 1900; (5) 
Lillian, b. July 4, 1903; (6) Ruth, b. July 10, 1909. 
V. Alice Marietta, b. July 3, 1877, m. March 22, 1893, 
Edward Francis Daley, who was b. March 22, 1870. 
Issue: (1) Ellen Lawrence, b. Nov. 13, 1894; (2) 
Alice Louise, b. Dec. 24, 1905; (3) twin with last. 
VI. Leslie Leonard, b. Dec. 30, 1885, m. June 10, 1905, 
Fannie Gladys Dickerson, who was b. Jan. 11, 
1887. Issue: (1) Leslie Leonard, b. Aug. 5, 1906; 
(2) Mildred Gladys, b. Nov. 2, 1909. 


Ocelia I. Todd*, (George', Washington'^, John', John^, 
John^ John=, Christopher^) born in 1846, married in 
1870, Heniy Clay Keeler, who was born in 1844, died in 

Child : 
I. Susan T., b. 1874, m. Albert W. Nichols, who was 
b. 1874. Issue: (1) Edith, b. 1899; (2) Ralph, b. 
1900, d. 1901; (3) Albert, b. 1902; (4) Maurice, 
b. 1906; (5) Ocelia, b. 1910. 


Daniel Todd«, (Jerry', Hezekiah% Hezekiah-', Calebs 
Samuel", Samuel-, Christopher') born July 31, 1807, died 
Dec. 29, 1871, married Jan. 3, 1830, Nancy Mansfield, of 
Oxford, Conn. 


Children : 

1850. Emily, b. Oct. 21, 1831, d. 1841. 

1851. Henry, b. June 27, 1833, d. May 20, 1837. 
*1852. George, b. Dec. 15, 1835. 

*1853. Henry, b. Feb. 14, 1837. 
n854. Amy, b. Jan. 16, 1842. 
1855. Emily, b. March 17, 1843, d. Jan. 14, 18-53. 


Hezekiah Todd% (Jerry", Hezekiah*^, Hezekiah'', 
Caleb', Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher') born Aug. 9, 
1821. died in 1897, married in 1841, Lucy Hotchkiss, of 
Wolcott, Conn. In 1865, they moved to Dennis, Cape 
May County, N. J. 

He was a mechanic. For about twelve years before 
he moved to New Jersey, he was Superintendent of the 
Wolcott Paper Manufacturing Company. 

Children : 
*1856. Lester H., b. 1843. 
'^1857. Sherman C, b. 1846. 
*1858. Chester Jerry, b. 1853. 

1859. Eunice Rebecca. 
*1860. John Eugene, b. Jan. 1, 1859. 

1861. Lucy L., b. 186^^ m. Barton; they reside 

in Kansas City, Mo. 


Ransom S. Todd*, ' Street % Hezekiah"*, Hezekiah", 
Caleb\ SamueP, SamueP, ChiistopherO born Jan. 18, 
1816, died June 21, 1857, n.arried Oct. 18, 1849, Cornelia 
E. Sperry, of Bethany, Conn., who married second. Col. 
Stephen H. Paine of Waterbvry, Conn., who was at one 
time in the hotel business witi' Mr. Todd. 

Children : 

1862. Edson R., b. Aug. 21, 1850. 

1863. Edgar A., b. Aug. 21, 1850, q infant. 



Janette Todd», (Street", Hezekiah«, Hezekiah^ Caleb*, 
SamueF, Samuel', Christopher^ born Aug. 17, 1817, died 
May 9, 1836, married Harry Thomas. 
Child : 
I. Ann, m. Minor Baldwin; had children. 


Robert Clark Todd% (Street", Hezekiah*, Hezekiah=, 
Calebs Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher^) born April 21, 
1820, died June 11, 1865, married April 2, 1843, Louisa 
Barnes, of Cheshire, Conn. They lived in Wolcott, Conn. 

Children : 
1864. Ellen Elizabeth, b. April 2, 1844, d. June 11, 1865. 
*1865. John Robert Street, b. March 7, 1846. 

1866. Emily Janette, b. Feb. 26, 1848. d. Oct. 14, 1856. 

1867. James Augustine, b. Oct. 29, 1851, was twice mar- 
ried, first, Oct. 29, 1874, Luella M. Upson, second, 
June 11, 1884, Hannah Leek Holley, of New York 

*1868. Edwin Adelbert, b. Jan. 21, 1854. 


Edwin Todd^ (Street", Hezekiah«, Hezekiah^, Caleb*, 
Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher^) born Jan. 30, 1823, died 
Oct. 30, 1868, he was twice married, first, Oct. 27, 1847, 
Salina Hall, who died June 27, 1865, second, Sept. 13, 
1865, Lucinda C. Barnes. 

Children by Salina Hall : 
*1869. William E., b. Aug. 29, 1848. 
1870. Andrew, b. Jan. 6, 1851, d. an infant. 

James Todd\ (Street", Hezekiah", Hezekiah"', Caleb*, 
Samuel^ Samuel^, Christopher^) born Oct. 18, 1825, mar- 


ried May 29, 1853,; Esther Hall, a sister of his brother 
Edwins wife. They lived in Cheshire, Conn. 

Children : 

1871. Lina E., b. May 5, 1856. 

1872. Hattie L., b. Sept. 17, 1858. 

1873. James I., b. July 4, 1861, d. Sept. 6. 1862. 

1874. Lucy P., b. May 14, 1864, d. Jan. 8, 1873. 

1875. Ednah J., b. June 10, 1867, she is unmarried and 

resides in Cheshire, Conn. 


Franklin Todd% (Street", Hezekiah", Hezekiah\ 
Caleb', Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher') born Nov. 24, 
1832, died Dec. 13, 1903, married Nov. 10, 1856, Adeline 
Thomas, who was born April 5, 1839, died Nov. 30, 1903. 
They had only one child a daughter, but they legally 
adopted a boy. They lived in Ohio. 

Children : 

*1876. Georgianna, b. Dec. 16, 1857. 

*1877. Frederick Holcomb, b. Sept. 21, 1863. 



Eveline Todd*. (Street", Hezekiah'', Hezekiah\ Caleb*, 
Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher') born July 29, 1834, 
married May 25, 1859, Nelson Morris, who died Jan. 1, 

I. Nellie Jane, b. April 19, 1860, unmarried. 



Sarah Salome Todd^ (Miles% Bethuel^ Hezekiah', 
Caleb*, SamueP, Samuel^ Christopher') born April 5, 


1835, in Waterbury, Conn., where she lived all her life 
and died there, Oct. 27, 1870, married July 2, 1854, John 
Henry Clark, who was born June 27, 1835, in Torrington, 
Conn., died Jan. 12, 1908, in Waterbury, Conn. 


I. Seth Henry, b. April 14, 1858; he is Assistant 
Superintendent of the Boston and Albany Rail- 
road, he m. at West Stockbridge, Mass., Sept. 12, 
1882, Lena Barbara Eysel, of New York. Issue: 

(1) John Paulus, b. June 16, 1885, who is now 
(1919) Lieutenant Quartermaster of the "Rain- 
bow Division," Army of Occupation on the Rhine ; 

(2) Frederick Todd, b. April 15, 1893, d. June 2, 
1893; (3) Eunice Helna, b. April 24, 1898, lives 
at home. They reside in Springfield, Mass. 


Seth Henry Todd*, (Isaac', Moses'', Hezekiah^ Caleb*, 
Samuel^ Samuel-, Christopher') born Nov. 23, 1833, in 
Wakeman, Ohio, died May 2, 1914, in Wakeman, 0., 
married March 18, 1860, Martha Elizabeth, daughter of 
Cyrus and Mary Ann (Burrill) Strong, who was born 
Aug., 1836. 

He was a farmer and stock raiser all his life. He 
attended Oberlin College; was a lecturer at Farmer's 
Institutes; was president of the Wakeman Bank from 
the time of its foundation in 1892, until his death. 

The following is Mr. Todd's obituary: 

Seth Henry Todd was a pioneer child, born Nov. 
22, 1833, in the early days of the settlement of the West- 
ern Reserve. He lived his entire life, in Wakeman, Ohio, 
with the exception of eighteen months, which was spent 
near Topeka, Kansas, at the time of the border troubles. 

He obtained his education in the schools of Wakeman 
Township and Oberlin College. He was for a short time 
a successful teacher. 

He was the second child in a family of five children 
of Isaac and Fanny (Booth) Todd, who were charter 


members of the Second Congregational Church, of Wake- 
man, also members of the First Congregational Church. 
This early environment may in a measure account for his 
sterling integrity of character. His children's and grand- 
children's earliest recollections of him are his stories 
woven about those early days. 

Mr. Todd joined the church in 1850, but felt he had 
experienced a change of heart at the early age of 11 years. 
All his years were so closely associated with his church 
that it seemed a part of his life, and in a letter written 
two weeks before his death, he spoke of the last Com- 
munion Sabbath, when twenty-five young people were 
taken into the church, as the happiest day in his life, 
and that his faith in God was renewed. 

He served the church in the capacity of trustee 
for half a century, being elected to this position in 1864, 
and for more than a quarter of a century he was super- 
intendent of the Sabbath-school. At the time of his 
death he was deacon. He gave of all he had, money, time 
and energy in the erecting of the present Congregational 
Church edifice, being chairman of the building committee 
at that time. 

Mr. Todd was a progressive, scientific farmer. He 
was a member of the Grange and at their meetings re- 
ceived and gave incentive to the betterment of agricul- 
tural and stock interests. This activity has given him 
■ prominence among stock men. 

He gained a wide acquaintance with men in his public 
and institute work, having lectured in every county in 
Ohio and in Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania 
and Maryland. In this work his good cheer and comrad- 
ship won him many friends who mourn his loss. 

As President of the Wakeman Bank Co., since its 
organization he has earnestly tried to merit the confidence 
placed in him. 

In temperance reform he was active and used his 
influence to overthrow the evil. 

Mr. Todd was a man of years who had never grown 
old in spirit, he was fond of children and young people, 
ajid interested himself in all lines of work for the ad- 
vancement and greater good of the communities interests. 


He was an inspiration to those in his home, and 
all with whom he came in contact, to live a complete well 
rounded life. 

Mr. Todd had so often expressed the desire to leave 
this life without extended illness, when he ceased to be 
active, and as he expressed it, useless. God was very 
g-ood to him and on May 2, 1914, at the noon hour, after 
only three short hours of pain, and being administered 
to, he turned himself on his side and quietly breathed 
his life away. It did not seem like death, but that he 
liad been taken. 

To err is human, to love divine, and through his 
great love for mankind and the influence of eighty years 
God gave him may he still live in our midst. 

This veteran farmer and swine breeder died sud- 
denly of heart trouble, at his home near Wakeman, Huron 
County, Ohio, aged 81 years. For a quarter of a century 
previous to about a decade ago Mr. Todd was foremost 
among Ohio swine breeders and exhibitors, having de- 
veloped the Todd Improved Chester White. Increasing 
years did not extinguish his interest in the breed which 
he did so much to develope, for he continued to raise 
hogs to the very last. He was also a sheep breeder and 
exhibitor of note. As a farmer's institute lecturer for 
many years, he interested and helped hundreds of Ohio 
farmers to grow better hogs and to put the business on a 
better basis. For a great many years he was a regular 
and valued contributor to the Ohio farmer. Mr. Todd 
is survived by Mrs. Todd, four daughters and two sons, 
one daughter having died many years ago. One of the 
sons. Charles, now owns the farm settled by his gi-and- 
father Todd. His other son, Albert, owns the first farm 
purchased by his father, the latter having bought a 
smaller one in his later years, which he managed and 
worked every day up to May 2, 1914. 

Children : 
M878. Elva Lorena, b. Feb. 21, 1861. 
1879. Jennie Delight, b. July 18, 1864, d. July 15. 1895, 
in Chicago, 111., m. Aug. 18, 1892, Rev. George 
B. Laird. They lived in Chicago, 111. 


*1880. Charles Henry, b. April 13, 1866. 
*1881. Albert Strong, b. April 11, 1868. 
*1882. Sarah Harriet, b. Dec. 8, 1871. 
1883. Mable Elizabeth, b. Jan. 23, 1875, in Wakeman, 

O. ; graduated from Oberlin College in 1898; she 

is a teacher of music in Akron, O. 
*1884. Mai-y Grace, b. Dec. 23, 1876. 



Mary A. Todd", (Isaac', Moses', Hezekiah', Calebs 
Samuel\ Samuel-, Christopher') born Jan. 9, 1836, in 
Wakeman, 0., died Feb. 11, 1910, at her home in Grass 

Lake, Mich., married March 18, 1860, Harrison. 

They lived in Grass Lake, Mich., where he was a farmer. 

Children : 
L Ivy. 
II. Fanny. 

III. Elizabeth, m. Bunker. They live in Win- 

netka. 111. 


Millard I. Todd% (Isaac", Moses", Hezekiah', Calebs 
Samuel', Samuel^, Christopher') born Nov. 29, 1847, in 
Wakeman, O., married in 1876, Anna E. Washbuni. 

He graduated from Oberlin College in 1873, taught 
school for several terms, was a lecturer on the farmer's 
institute force of Ohio. He owns and operates a farm 
in Wakeman, 0. 

Children : 
*1885. Sumner E. 
1886. Louis U. ; graduated from Wakeman, High School, 
also from Oberlin College; taught four years in 
Graded schools and Yankton College: then ho 
qualified himself for his chosen profession by 
taking a course in law at the Harvard Law 
School, from which he graduated. 



Woodward Hezekiah Todd**, (Kneeland% Moses", 
Hezekiah'', Caleb*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^ born 
May 28, 1837, died Jan. 18, 1900, married May 17, 1877, 
Sophia C. Kline, who was born March 4, 1855, died Dec. 
25, 1905. 

Mr. Todd was born in Wakeman, 0., and died at 
his home in Florence, Erie County, 0. 

Below is Mr. Todd's obituary : 

At the age of eight years he moved with his parents 
to the home he occupied. This farm has been his resi- 
dence over 54 years. In his younger days, he was a 
student in Oberlin College, and about that time he taught 
school during the winter months. He was a great fancier 
of poultry and pet stock, and began to gather fine speci- 
mens in 1868. His first exhibition was at the State Fair 
held in Toledo, Ohio, and there he won nearly all the 
prizes for which he tried. His next exhibit was at the 
Erie County Fair, at Sandusky, O., and nearly all the 
premiums he showed for went his way. He took his 
collection to the first great poultry show in northern O., 
at Cleveland and met in competition, the largest breeders 
and fanciers in the United States. While he carried off 
many prizes, together with the sweepstakes, he was not 
satisfied, and at that show he began to strengthen his 
collection by buying the first pair of Toulouse geese ever 
in Ohio, for which he paid $35. He also made many 
other valuable additions. I well remember what he said 
about the time, that certain fanciers in Illinois were re- 
ceiving 100 letters a day and said, "I believe I can do the 
same," and he did do even better than that. 

In the '70's he was called to Indianapolis, Ind., to 
a great show for the west, and to deliver an address 
before the fanciers of Indiana, both of which he did. Just 
after this, there was to be another poultry show at 
Buffalo, N. Y. This was open to the world, and he laid 
his plans to win and carry the banner that had always 
been kept in the east, back to the west with him, and 
as an illustration of his ability as a judge of fancy poultry, 
I will give one little incident. At the Indianapolis show, 


out of that vast collection, he selected and bought one 
bird of the Light Brahma variety, and this one he took 
with his collection, which had by this time grown to be 
almost a show of itself, to the Buffalo show. This bird 
won first prize of §15, and sold it to a man in Canada for 
$100, in gold. He came with many prizes from this show 
and truly bringing the banner with him for after this, 
his sales were as great east as west. He imported seven 
ducks and two geese from England, the charges on this 
lot being $95, but he often said the mention of this im- 
portation in different poultry and other papers paid him 
well for his expense and trouble. He made an exhibition 
of his poultry at the Centennial Exposition held at Phila- 
delphia in 1876, and won the prize for the best collection, 
of $100, given by the State of Pennsylvania, also many 
medals and prizes from the association. His shipments 
extended to every state and territory of the United States, 
Canada and South America. The improvements in poul- 
try that have taken place all over this broad land for 
the last thirty years from the old common fowl to the 
fine Braham's, Plymouth Rocks and many other kinds 
of both land and water fowls, can be traced lai'gely to the 
skilful management of this one of the earliest pioneers 
in the business. He partly discontinued the business 
about 1880 and took up fancy cattle with which he was 
successful. He took quite a part in literary work and 
many of his writings have found their way into the 
various publications and periodicals. He, with the aid of 
others, stalled and edited the "Poultry Nation," a live 
poultry paper of the '70's. He assisted in making the 
American Standard of Excellence, a book which, if not, 
should be in every poultry fanciers home. He was a 
life member of the American Poultry Association, also 
a member of many poultry and other societies. 

Previous to his first sickness which was more than 
two years before he died, he was called to many places 
to deliver addresses at horticultural and institute meet- 
ings. He was a strong temperance man and in that cause 
was never idle. He was ever ready to assist the poor 
and unfortunate and no one was turned away from his 


home that came asking for rest and refreshment. His 
reUgious views can readily be found in the following 
lines which he wrote on the death of his mother. "At 
the dawn of day, mother closed her eyes in death foi'ever 
to the scenes of this life but awoke to behold the dawn 
of a fairer morning in the sweet life of the Great Beyond." 
The funeral services were conducted by Rev. J. F. 
Lewis, at the old home and the remains were laid to 
rest in the family lot in Maple Grove Cemetery, Vermil- 
lion, Ohio. 

Children : 
*1887. Otto Kneeland, b. Feb. 26, 1878. 
*1888. Albert Bennett, b. April 15, 1881. 


Joel Edwin Todd*, (Zerah', 01iver% Hezekiah=, 
Calebs SamueP, Samuel^ Christopher^) born Feb. 21, 
1821, died Feb. 28, 1872, married Sept. 26, 1849, Amanda 
Fitzallen Clark, who was born June 26, 1827, in Amster- 
dam, N. Y., died Dec. 15, 1913. 

*1889. Florence Louisa, b. Sept. 20, 1854. 


Bennett ToddS (Zerah", Olivers HezekiahS Caleb*, 
Samuel', Samuel-', Christopher born Aug. 14, 1822, died 
Sept., 1897, married Dec. 26, 1847, Martha Ann Doolittle, 
of Wallingford, Conn., who was born June 5, 1826, died 
May 19, 1911. 

Child : 
*1890. Oliver Sherman, b. Oct. 2, 1853. 


Samuel ToddS (Zerah^ Oliver", HezekiahS Caleb*, 
Samuel', SamueP, Christopher^) bom Sept. 4, 1824, died 
Aug. 2, 1900, he was twice married, first, Nov., 1847, 


Parmalee J., daughter of Russell and Sarah (Terrel) 
Chatfield, of Bethany, Conn. He married second, April 
21, 1861, Mary E., daughter of Anson and Eliza (Peck) 
Hubbell, of Newtown, Conn., who was born Sept. 4, 1841, 
and is now (1914) living. 

Child by Parmalee J. Chatfield : 

1891. Creighton C, b. Dec. 19, 1848, in Hamden, Conn., 
m. Dec. 20, 1896, Sarah A., daughter of Charles 
and Mary (Coon) Dicks, who was b. Aug. 5, 
1858 ; they reside at Mount Carmel, Conn. 



Charlotte Todd\ (Rosweir, Oliver", Hezekiah^ 
Calebs Samuel', Samuel", Christopher') was twice mar- 
ried, first, Hiram Smith, second, John Allen. 

Child by Hiram Smith: 
I. A son, d. infant. 
Child by John Allen : 
II. A daughter, d. infant. 


Burton W. ToddS (Roswell', Olivers HezekiahS 
Caleb*, Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher') married Hannah 
Wilson, and went to Chicago, 111. 

Children : 

1892. Arthur. 

1893. Herbert W., lived in Minnesota. 

1894. Ornn W. 

1895. Belle, m. Dr. Anderson. 



Francis Hayden Todd*, (Orrin% Joel", HezekiahS 
Caleb*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') born Aug. 8, 


1827, died Oct. 9, 1899, married Jan. 1, 1855, Elizabeth 
Gill, who was born Aug. 11, 1834, died April 8, 1920. 

The following biographical sketch was taken from 
"North Haven Annals," by Sheldon B. Thorpe. 

"He has always followed the profession of his father, 
grandfather and quite likely his more distant ancestors. 
Although he has managed his farm and dairy business 
with the most scrupulous attention, he has found time 
and opportunity to sei've his townsmen in many ways. 
With a single exception (Andrew F. Austin) he can count 
more years of public service than any other citizen. He 
was elected Grand Juror in 1864, and has filled that del- 
icate responsibility continually since, with honor to him- 
self and credit to the peace of the community. Also, 
since 1875, he has served as town treasurer. The duties 
of a selectman are perfectly familiar to him, and in 1883 
he was made a member of the General Assembly. Pa- 
triotism, temperance and religion have always found in 
him an ardent supporter." 

He lived in North Haven, Conn. 

Children : 

1898. George Henry, b. Oct. 31, 1861, he was twice m. 
first, Jennie Magunnis, second, Jane Jacobs. He 
is a brick manufacturer. Resides at 38 Mountain 
St., Hartford, Conn., in 1919. No children. 
*1899. John Hayden, b. Nov. 14, 1866. 

1900. William Handel, b. March 5, 1871, m. Cora A. 
Forbes, in Manchester, Conn. They reside now 
(1919) in North Haven, Conn., where he owns 
and operates the farm long known as the "Joel 
Todd farm." He makes a speciality of market 
gardening ; he was town assessor for four years ; 
is the financial agent for the church in North 
Haven. No children. 



Mary Aurelia Todd% (Orrin% Joel% Hezekiah% 


Calebs SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born Nov. 25, 
1836, married Nov. 28, 1886, Eli Brockett. 

I. A son. 


Edgar Merritt ToddS (George^ JoelS Hezekiah=, 
Calebs SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born Dec. 14, 
1838, died July 27, 1907, at the old homestead in Wake- 
man, 0., married March 3, 1870, Julia, daughter of Edwin 
and Emeline Augusta (Hervey) Hanford. 

He was a veteran of the civil war, having enlisted 
and served in the body of men which were mobilized 
as the result of President Lincoln's first call for volun- 
teers and later became known as the hundred day men. 
He was a volunteer from Ohio. 

He was a farmer and lived all his life in Wakeman, 

They did not have any children of their own but 
adopted one boy. 

Child : 
*1901. Clyde Lorenzo, b. March 25, 1881. 


Edwin Dennis Todd*, (George", Joel", Hezekiah^, 
Calebs SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^) born Dec. 20, 
1841, in Wakeman, 0., married Nov. 25, 1869, Amelia 
Arabella, daughter of Hiram and Sarah (Knowls) Bates, 
who died Jan. 18, 1903. 

The early part of his life was spent on part of the 
old homestead, but later moved into Wakeman village 
where he is now (1920) living. 

They did not have children of their own, but adopted 
two, a boy and a girl. 

Children: (adopted) 
*1902. George Ammonds, b. July 21, 1876. 
*1903. Amie Templeton, b. Aug. 7, 1880. 


Ellen Georgiana Todd', (George^ Joel% Hezekiah-', 
Caleb*, SaniueP, Samuel-, Christopher') born Nov. 3, 
1848, at the old homestead in Wakeman, O., married Rev. 
Edward Buncombe Irvine, who died Dec. 15, 1906. She 
is living now (1920) in Wakeman, 0. 
Children : 

I. George Todd, b. Oct. 25, 1876, m. June 18, 1919, 
Mrs. Millie Gibson Mahon, a daughter of one of 
the early residents of Boonville, Mo. He is at 
the head of the department of mathematics in 
Kemper Military School in Boonville, Mo., and also 
a director in the corporation which conducts the 
II. Pierpont Edwards, b. Sept. 12, 1882 ; he is a chemi- 
cal engineer and at the present time (1920) is 
General Superintendent of construction for the St. 
Louis Coke and Chemical Company, who are erect- 
ing a large plant at Granite City, 111. The plant 
consists of a blast furnace and eighty of "Roberts" 
flueless by-product coke ovens. This oven is the 
latest development in by-product coke ovens and 
cokes coal which formerly had been considered not 
suitable for cooking purposes. 
III. Silva Grace, b. Nov. 13, 1884, d. Jan. 24, 1890. 


Charles Todd^ (Albert% Charles% Jonah=, Stephen^ 
SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher') born Jan. 4, 1812, he 
was twice married, first, Dec. 24, 1883, Louisa A., daugh- 
ter of Ira and Lodema (Williams) Munson, who was 
born June 4, 1814, died June 9, 1856. They lived in 
North Brandford, Conn. He married second, . 

Children by Louisa A. Munson: 
*1904. Albert, b. Dec. 26, 1835. 
*1905. Sarah Jane, b. April 28, 1840. 


Child by second marriage: 

1906. Gertrude, m. Henderson; they reside in 

Muscatine, Iowa; they have children. 


Alfred Todd^ (Albert', CharlesS Jonah=, Stephens 
SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born March 22, 1814, 
married June 18, 1837, Hannah V. Harrison, who was 
bom June 12, 1819. They lived in New Haven, Conn. 


1907. Amelia E., b. June 18, 1838, was twice m. first, 
July 11, 1861, Grove Camp, second, Nov. 11, 1885, 
Royal Thomas Smith, who d. Feb. 20, 1893. 
No children. She lives in New Haven, Conn. 

*1908. Alson B., b. Jan. 5, 1840. 
*1909. Theron A., b. Sept. 28, 1841. 

1910. Lydia Antoinette, b. Feb. 21, 1843, m. Nov. 10, 

1862, Joel F. Gilbert. No children. 

1911. Francis H., b. Jan. 29, 1848, d. June 17, 1868, 
of hydrophobia, caused by the bite of a passing 
dog, m. Sept. 11, 1867, Lettie Terry. No children. 

*1912. Augusta A., b. Dec. 13, 1850. 
1913. Edward A., b. July 17, 1856, m. Oct. 11, 1876, 
Ida M., daughter of Henry N. Oviatt. 


Ambrose ToddS (Albert^ CharlesS Jonah=, Stephen*, 
SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born Feb. 21, 1816, mar- 
ried May 20, 1838, Jane Rebecca, daughter of Billious 
and Sarah (Munson) Cook, who was born March 6, 1819, 
died June 9, 1883. He was a farmer and lived in New 
Haven, Conn. 
*1914. Hubert W., b. April 24, 1839. 

1915. Sarah Jane, b. Nov. 11, 1843, d. March, 1849. 
*1916. Emily C, b. Sept. 21, 1850. 

1917. Henry Ambrose, b. 1853, d. July 9, 1857. 



Milo ApoUos ToddS (Thelus^ Thelus% Jonah% 
Stephen*, Samuel^ Samuel-, Christopher') born Jan. 11, 
1834, died Nov. 20, 1907, married Feb. 16, 1865, Conielia 
Maria Cook, who was born Jan. 20, 1845, in East Walling- 
ford, Conn. She lived in Hartford, Conn., in 1913. 

Children : 

1918. Lillie Antoinette, b. March 23, 1865, m. William 

Clifton, son of Henry Hobart Todd. For Mr. 
Todd's ancestry, see No. 1926. 

1919. Clara Maria, b. May 7, 1867, d. Dec. 2, 1876. 

1920. Alice Clarilla, b. Sept. 29, 1876, m. Oct. 14, 1903, 
Richard Louis Peard, of Hartford, Conn., where 
they now (1913) reside. No children. 


Venelia Harrison Todd% (Thelus% Thelus", Jonah-', 
Stephen*, Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher born Aug. 7, 
1836, married William G. Case, of Bloomfield, Conn. 

Children : 
I. George, twin with next. 
II. Child, d. young. 

III. Venelia, m. Mack, of Windsor, Conn. No 



Matilda Irene Todd% (Thelus', Thelus^ Jonah% 
Stephens Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher^ born Oct. 10, 
1838, married Edwin Doolittle, of Brandford, Conn., 
where she now (1913) resides. 

Children : 
I. Child, d. young. 
II. Child, d. young. 



Delia Augusta Todd% (Thelus', Thelus% Jonah% 
Stephens SamueP, Samuel^ Christopher') born July 4, 
1843, married Walter Morris, of Brandford, Conn. 

Child : 

I. Bertha, m. Fred Hart; they reside in Guilford, 


Ambrose Charles Todd«, (Ambrose S.', Ambrose^, 
Jonah% Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') born 
Oct. 6, 1827, died June 7, 1872, married Catherine Pitt. 

Children : 

1921. Ambrose C. 

1922. William A. 

1923. Catherine. 


Charles Jarvis Todd', (Ambrose S.s Ambrose', 
Jonah=, Stephens SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') born 
Nov. 24, 1833, married Emily M., daughter of William 
Lorenzo and Anna Maria (Scofield) Holly, who was born 
in Stamford, Conn., Dec. 15, 1829, died in New Haven, 
Conn., Sept. 9, 1894. 

Mr. Todd served through the civil war as Paymaster 
in the Navy, on U. S. S. Shockokow, North Atlantic 
Squadron, William B. Cushing of the ram Albermarle 
fame was Captain. At one time, Mr. Todd was engaged 
in the dry goods business in Stamford, Conn. Moved 
to New Haven, Conn., in 1884. Later he was in the 
wholesale tea business with M. Johnson & Co., at 86 Front 
Street, New York, N. Y. In his youth he entered Trinity 
College, at Hartford, Conn., but did not graduate. 


Children : 

1924. Henry Hull, b. Sept. 2, 1856, m. June 27, 1897, 
Jennie M. Reed in Morenci, Mich. No children. 
Mr. Todd is a corset manufacturer in New Haven, 
Conn., where he resides. 

1925. Robert Willis, b. Oct. 9, 1873, d. Oct. 18, 1873. 



Harriet Todd^ (Charles J.% Ambrose*, Jonah\ 
Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) married Lieu- 
tenant Colonel Nathan R. Sturdevant. 

Child : 
I. Anna Seymour, b. 1864, d. July 16, 1881, in Grand 
Detour, 111. 


Henry Hobart ToddS (Jonah H.', Jonah", Jonah% 
Stephen*, Samuel', SamueP, Christopher') born Jan. 23, 

1823, married and lived in New York City. 

*1926. William Clifton, m. Lillie Antoinette, daughter of 
Milo A., and Cornelia M. (Cook) Todd. For her 
ancestry see No. 1918. 


Jane Eliza Todd% (Jonah H.^ Jonah% Jonah% 
Stephen*, Samuel*, Samuel", Christopher') born Dec. 5, 

1824, died May 3, 1847, married Nov. 5, 1843, William 

Children : 
I. Alice, m. Arthur Mead, of Greenwich, (Conn.?). 

II. Jane, m. Breckenridge, of Middletown, 




Edward Todd^ (Jonah H.% Jonah", Jonah', Stephens 
Samuels Samuel-, Christopher^ born Sept. 18, 1826, 
married Jan. 29, 1853, I.ydia Alden Giddings, who was 
born July 1, 1831. They lived in New York City, where 
he was a manufacturer of pens under the firm name of 
Edward Todd & Company. 

Children : 

*1927. Charlotte Lydia, b. April 17, 1854. 

*1928. Edward, b. Aug. 1, 1856. 

1929. Ambrose Ely, b. July 7, 1858, d. Aug. 4, 1860. 

1930. Alden Giddings, b. July 12, 1861, d. Oct. 11, 1861. 

1931. Ambrose Giddings, b. April 24, 1863. 

1932. Edith May, b. Jan. 5, 1867, d. 1879. 

1933. Helen Wright, b. Oct. 17, 1870. 
*1934. Jennie Alden, b. May 7, 1873. 


Martha ToddS (Jonah H.', Jonah"', Jonah', Stephens 
SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^ born Dec. 29, 1829, died 
July 18, 1861, married in East Haven, Conn., Nov., 1857, 
Benjamin, son of Orrin and Mary (Todd) Hall, who was 
born Oct. 30, 1830, died Nov. 5, 1915. For the ancestry 
of Mary (Todd) Hall see No. 646. 

Children : 

I. Jane Elizabeth, b. Dec. 23, 1858, d. April 23, 1892, 
m. Jan. 6, 1886, Alson Bartholomew, and had 
issue: (1) Jane Hall, who m. Oct. 9, 1912, Chaun- 
cey Munson and had issue: (a) Ira Bennet, b. 
Sept. 21, 1915; (b) Eunice Abbie, b. Jan. 21, 1918; 
(c) Ralph Brainard, b. Sept. 3, 1919. 
n. Martha Todd, b. April 7, 1861, m. Sept. 30, 1891, 
Henry Calvin Wooding and resides in or near Wal- 
lingford. Conn. They had issue: (1) Martha 
Elizabeth, b. Sept. 6, 1892; (2) Ruby Philenia, b. 


Nov. 6, 1894, m. June 22, 1918, Andrew Nathan 
Schwab, and had issue : (a) Philenia Hall, b. Oct. 
5, 1919. 


Charles Perrin ToddS (Jonah H.', Jonah% JonahS 
Stephen*, Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher') born Dec. 30, 
1831, married Augusta Griswold. They lived in Fair 
Haven, Conn. 

Children : 

1935. Hobart, d. in Mexico, unmarried. 

1936. Charles Griswold, lived at 64 St. James Place, 
Brooklyn, N. Y., he never married. 

1937. Charlotte, lived at 63 Livingston St., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 



Antoinette Todd*, (Bennajah', Jonah^, Jonah', 
Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher') married Lo- 
renzo Harrison. 

Children : 
L Urban, d. unmarried. 

n. Ella, m. Barnes. No children. 

in. Louise, unmarried. 


John L. Todd*, (Benna.iah% Jonah", Jonah^, Stephen*, 
Samuel'*, Samuel-, Christopher'). He was a veteran of 
the civil war; was a good musician. 

Children : 

1938. Ambrose, d. young. 

1939. Charles. 

1940. Warren. 



1941. Antoinette. 

1942. Harriet, m. S. S. Bouton, resides in Margaretville, 
N. Y. 

1943. Bertha. 

1944. Lydia. 

1945. Ida. 


Emily Todd*, (Leonard', Ely% Jonah', Stephens 
Samuels SamueP, Christopher') born June 1, 1825, died 
Aug. 3, 1880, married Dec. 25, 1846, Isaac, son of Enos 
Perkins, who died Aug. 3, 1880. He lived in Bethany, 

Children : 

I. Julia Ella, b. March 5, 1848, d. April 15, 1855. 
II. Eliza Emily, b. July 28, 1849, m. Jan. 31, 1868, 
Otis B. Beecher. Had nine children. 

III. Frances May, b. May 30, 1852, d. May 1, 1855. 

IV. Adna Todd, b. May 21, 1856. 



Margaret Todd", (Leonard', Ely", Jonahs Stephens 
Samuels Samuels Christopher^ born March 16, 1828, 
died March 15, 1886, married Sept. 4, 1854, Chauncey 
ToUes, son of Lysias Beecher. He was of Bethany, Conn. 

Children : 
I. Irving Chauncey Tolles, b. March 27, 1856. 

II. Lucy, b. May 22, 1859. 

III. Lysias, b. Sept. 15, 1860. 

IV. Mary, b. Feb. 5, 1862. 

V. Angelia, b. Oct. 13, 1865. 
VI. Hesper, b. May 11, 1871. 




Celia Todd', (Leonard", Ely", Jonah"', Stephens Sam- 
ueP, Samuel^ Christopher') born July 23, 1830, died 
Sept. 1, 1909, married Feb. 8, 1853, Wales Caleb, son of 
Enos and Harriet (Doolittle) Dickerman, who was bom 
June 12, 1831. They lived in that part of Mt. Carmel, 
Conn., which is called West Woods. For the ancestry of 
the grandmother of Wales Caleb Dickerman (Mary Todd) 
see No. 234. 

Children : 
I. Frances Harriet, b. March 6, 1854, m. Floyd Davis 
of New Haven, Conn. 
H. Katherine Julia, b. May 2, 1857, was twice m. : (1) 

John H. Tuttle; (2) David K. Andrews. 
HI. Frederick Wales, b. March 6, 1859, m. Emeline 

IV. Elizabeth Celia, b. Feb. 22, 1862, m. Frederick A. 

V. Burton Street, b. June 12, 1864, d. Feb. 24, 1888. 

VI. Edward Todd, b. April 19, 1866. 

VII. Alta May, b. March 5, 1868. 
VIII. Bennett Jasper, b. May 15, 1871. 

IX. Starr Bradley, b. March 9, 1873, d. Jan. 23, 1875. 


Street Bradley Todd% (Leonard', Ely% JonahS 
Stephen^, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^ born Aug. 9, 
1832, died March 12, 1906, married Feb. 7, 1857, Sarah 
Ann, daughter of Spencer and Rhoda (Hotchkiss) Hotch- 
kiss. They lived in Bethany, Conn. 

Children : 
*1946. Addie Maria, b. Aug. 4, 1858. 
1947. Ella Sarah, b. Sept. 11, 1866, d. Nov. 23, 1919, m. 
Jan., 1896, John Crofut, of Middlebury, Conn. 
They live in Naugatuck, Conn. 



Dwight Ely Todd^ (Leonard", ElyS Jonah^ Stephen*, 
Samuel\ Samuel^, Christopher') born Sept. 11, 1834, died 
Jan. 3, 1901, married Dec. 24, 1877, Catherine Emily, 
daughter of Enos Sperry, who had married first, Henry 
Bishop. She died Feb. 24, 1920, in Woodbridge, Conn., 
and will be sorely missed because she was a good woman 
and full of good wishes. They lived in Woodbridge, 

Dwight Ely Todd like his father was a successful 
farmer. His father and he carried on farming together 
on the old fanrx in Bethany, Conn., very successfully. As 
regards business judgement and ability, it may be safe 
to say that there have not been anyone of the Leonard 
Todd line who had surpassed him. When he died he 
had accumulated a goodly fortune. It was due to hard 
work, to thrift and frugality to a considerable extent, 
but also due to his excellent judgement in placing money 
where it yeilded large returns. Like his father and 
mother he was a strong churchman. He very liberally 
endowed Christ Church, Bethany, and always gave gen- 
erously to the church in other ways because he fiiTnly 
believed in it. 

Children : 
*1948. Leonard Enos, b. May 10, 1880. 

1949. Julia Rosetta, b. June 24, 1886; graduated from 

Smith College, Northampton, Mass., class of 1911. 
She has been connected with St. Margarets 
Diocesan School for Girls in Waterbury, Conn. 


Jasper Bryan Todd*, (Leonard', Ely", Jonahs 
Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^ born Sept. 9, 
1842, died Jan. 16, 1917, married April 15, 1891, in Cal., 
Mary Aiken Moody. They lived in Bethany, Conn. 

Child : 

1950. Mary Elinore, b. March 7, 1892. 



Henry Hotchkiss Todd«, (Jared", Chauncey^ Jonah% 
Stephen^, Samuel', Samuel^ Christopher^) born Oct. 31, 
1839, died May 10, 1905, married Sept. 26, 1864, Ellen 
Cruttenden, who was born in 1838. 

Mr. Todd went to Wisconsin about 1870, engaging 
in business in Chippewa Falls, where he died. His wid- 
ow lived with her daughter in Spokane, Wash., in 1919. 

Children : 
1951. George Silas, b. Aug. 2, 1871, m. Nov. 10, 1897, 
Mary Isabell Goodsill. He is a dentist and lives 
in Lake City, Minn. 
*1952. Nellie Gertrude, b. Feb. 20, 1882. 



Mary Helen Todd% (Jared% Chauncey", Jonah^ 
Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel-', Christopher^) born July 20, 
1845, died Jan. 17, 1896, married July 7, 1868, James 
Munroe Sprague, who died Oct. 8, 1893. He was prin- 
cipal of a school in Afton, N. Y. Mrs. Sprague has 
lived in or near New Berlin, N. Y. all her life. 

Children : 

I. Jared Asa, b. May 20, 1873, m. Jan. 15, 1896, 

Gracia B. Austin. Issue: (1) Mary Elizabeth, b. 

Jan. 25, 1897, m. Dec. 5, 1917, Wilbert Layng; 

(2) Helen Seely, b. April 27, 1907. 

n. Henry Dewayne, b. Feb. 26, 1877, d. July 19, 1881. 

III. Mary Winifred, b. Dec. 1, 1881, m. Dec. 14, 1908, 

George Holland Sabine, and had issue: (1) George 
Burr, b. March 18, 1910; (2) Mary Josephine, b. 
April 6, 1911. 

IV. Frances Ellen, b. April 14, 1884, m. Sept. 22, 1913, 

John Ottwell Henschel, and had issue: (1) Jane 
Sprague, b. April 6, 1916; (2) Ruth Frances, b. 
May 21, 1918. 


Susan Ann Todd*, (Jared^ Chauncey% Jonah', 
Stephens Samuel-', SamueP, Christopher^ born May 13, 
1850, near Morris, N. Y., died April 11, 1919, married 
July 7, 1881, Alfred D. Sprague. They spend their sum- 
mers at their home in New Berlin, N. Y. In the winter 
season, they go to their cottage in Southern Pines, N. C. 

Child : 
I. Helen Ruth, b. Jan. 28, 1884, d. July 26, 1901. 


Javan Nelson Todd'% (Albert', Chauncey^ Jonah ■•, 
Stephens Samuel', Samuels Christopher^) born Jan. 7, 

1841, died Aug. 31, 1900, married Oct. 17, 1864, Helen 
Sutton Osborn, who was born Oct. 17, 1841, died Aug. 
12, 1892. 

Mr. Todd lived his adult years mainly in Providence, 
R. I., residing only for a time in the later years of his 
life in Georgia. 

Child : 
*1953. William Osborn, b. Aug. 4, 1865. 


David Chauncey ToddS (Alberts Chauncey^, JonahS 
Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born Dec. 6, 

1842, married April 10, 1871, Amy Josephine Whitford, 
who was bora Aug. 19, 1851. 

Mr. Todd has lived all his life on the home farm 
near Woonsocket, R. I., and in 1906, he was still living in 
the house in which he was born. 

1954. Albert Ezra, b. Oct. 29, 1872, m. Aug. 10, 1904, 
Mae B. Terril. They live on a place near his 
father. They adopted Lillian G., b. Oct. 17, 1907. 




Ruth Maria Todd^ (Charles% Chauncey% Jonah% 
Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel^ Christopher') bom Oct. 12, 
1846, married Sept. 21, 1871, Adalbert Harrington, who 
was born Sept. 16, 1846, died March 22, 1902. They 
lived in Sherburne, N. Y. He was a farmer. 

Children : 
I. George Todd, b. March 4, 1873. 
II. Emily Adelaide, b. July 13, 1875. 
III. James Alexander, b. June 4, 1879, m. Feb. 2, 1905, 
Fannie Maude Cutler, and had issue: (1) Helen 
Ruth, b. April 10, 1909; (2) Louis Adelbert, b. 
Aug. 24, 1911, d. March 24, 1912; (3) Hubert 
Alexander, b. July 26, 1914; (4) Howard Cutler, 
b. Sept. 19, 1917. 



Sarah Eliza Todd^ (Edward^ Chauncey", Jonah=, 
Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') born Jan. 10, 
1864, married April 20, 1897, James Monroe Sprague, 
who died Oct. 8, 1903. He had previously married her 
cousin Mary Helen, daughter of Jared Todd, see No. 1245. 

Child : 
I. Robert Todd, b. Sept. 21, 1901. 



Agnes Goodrich Todd^ (Russell', Chauncey% Jonah^ 
Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') born Dec. 19, 
1876, married June 28, 1901, Henry Nies. They lived 
in St. Louis, Mo, 


Children : 

I. Henry Todd, b. March 30, 1902. 
II. Frederick Hobart, b. Aug. 25, 1903. 

III. Harriet McCoun, b. Oct. 4, 1905. 

IV. Agnes Gertrude, b. Aug. 29, 1907. 
V. Russell, b. Nov. 13, 1908. 

VI. Elizabeth, b. March 7, 1913. 


Edward Robertson Todd^ (RusselP, Chauncey% 
Jonahs Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher') born 
Sept. 21, 1880, married Sept. 17, 1913, Bettie Lyle Ford. 

Children : 

1955. Edward Robertson, b. Dec. 11, 1914, d. Dec. 19, 


1956. Mary Lyle, b. March 23, 1916. 

1957. Ruth Elizabeth, b. March 29, 1918, d. April 25, 

1957a. Russell Charles, b. Feb. 17, 1920. 



Mary Louise Todd', (Russell% ChaunceyS Jonah=, 
Stephen*, Samuels Samuel-, Christopher^ born March 
31, 1884, married Jan. 9, 1915, Leslie Howard Belknap. 
He graduated from the Massachusetts Agricultural Col- 
lege in 1909 ; he is a civil engineer. 

Children : 

I. Mary Todd, b. April 7, 1918. 
II. Howard M., b. Aug. 30, 1919. 



Mary Elizabeth ToddS (ChaunceyS Chauncey*, 
Jonahs Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') bom 


April 26, 1860, married Sept. 26, 1888, Frank J. Tuttle. 
They lived on a farm near Norwich, N. Y. 

I. Louise Isabel, b. Oct. 20, 1890, m. Aug. 18, 1914, 
Harold L. Keeler, and had issue: (1) Eleanor 
Louise, b. Feb. 25, 1915; (2) Mary Harriet, b. Feb. 
12, 1918; (3) Harold L., b. Oct 4, 1919. 


William Henry Todd^ (Chauncey% ChaunceyS 
Jonah', Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') born 
April 28, 1863, married first, June 12, 1889, May Haw- 
kins, who died Dec. 25, 1903, second, Dec. 30, 1907, Eliza 
Holmes. He is a farmer and lives near New Berlin, 
N. Y. 

Children : 

1958. Chauncey Reuben, b. Nov. 13, 1891, m. Dec. 22, 

1917, May Tansy. 

1959. Frank Russell, b. Feb. 26, 1893, m. March 5, 1915, 
lone Doolittle. 

*1960. Helen Elizabeth, b. June 25, 1895. 


Jay Morris Todd', (Chauncey^ Chauncey^ Jonah^ 
Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher' ) born July 9, 
1876, married June 27, 1900, Pearl Ames. They reside 
in New Berlin, N. Y., where he is in business. 

Child : 
1961. Francis Russell, b. May 28, 1906. 



Laura Todd^ (Erastus^ Caleb«, Caleb'', Stephen*, 
SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') born March 4, 1814, in 


Owego, N. Y., died Jan. 28, 1883, in Hannibal, N. Y., 
married Sept. 8, 1835, Edwin Johnson, of Hannibal, N. 
Y., who was born Dec. 8, 1812. 

Children : 
I. Helen, b. Sept. 8, 1836, d. June 4, 1845. 
II. Henry Augustus, b. Jan. 12, 1840, d. Oct. 1, 1912, 
in Douglass, Neb., m. Jan. 11, 1866, Addie Kendall, 
of Augusta, Mich. 
III. Frances Harriet, b. June 25, 1842, d. Oct. 20, 1907, 
m. July 13, 1865, D. W. Beadel, of Depauville, 
N. Y. Issue: (1) Harriet Todd, m. A. H. Pond, 
and lives in Syracuse, N. Y. ; (2) William Edward ; 
(3) Charles Ward; (4) Robert C, deceased; (5) 
Henry C, lives in Syracuse, N. Y. 



Lydia Todd^ (Oliver R.^ Caleb% Caleb', Stephens 
Samuel', Samuel^ Christopher^ born April 2, 1824, mar- 
ried May 8, 1842, William Nicholson, who was born Oct. 
15, 1806, died Aug. 3, 1866. They lived in Riceville, 

Children : 
I. Adeline Clamenya, lives in Lawrence, Ohio. 

II. Perthenia Cordelia, lived in Spring Creek, Penn. 

III. Garaphelia Ethelinda, lived in Spring Creek, Penn. 

IV. Alphonzo, lived in Riceville, Penn. 

V. Hannah Matilda, lived in Lawrence, Ohio. 

VI. Horace Greeley. 

VII. Aaron Hull. 



Jane Todd«, (Oliver R.% Caleb«, Caleb=, Stephen*, 
SamueP, Samuel^, Christopher^) born March 23, 1826, 


died Aug. 28, 1855, married Dec, 1847, Eli M. Farring- 
ton. They lived in Riceville, Penn. 

Child : 
I. Joseph. 



Cornelia Todd^ (Oliver R.", Caleb^ Caleb-', Stephen', 
Samuel-', Samuel-', Christopher^) born Oct. 13, 1834, was 
twice married first, May, 1857, Daniel Cook, who died 
July 4, 1867, second, in 1869, Charles E. Boss of Iowa 
City, Iowa. 

Children by Daniel Cook: 
I. Alpha. 
II. Orville. 

III. Ira. 

Child by Charles E. Boss: 

IV. Edda. 


Caleb William Todd", (Oliver R.% Caleb% Calebs 
Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^) born July 5, 
1840, married Sept. 11, 1871, Henrietta Shaffer, who was 
born Nov. 21, 1842, died July 4, 1873. They lived in 
Riceville, Penn. 

1962. Clara. 



Esther W. ToddS (Oliver R.\ Caleb«, Caleb', Ste- 
phen*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^ boi'n Nov. 21, 


1842, died July 4, 1873, married Nov. 9, 1865, Asher 
Langworthy, who was born Nov. 17, 1842. 

Children : 

I. Ona M. 

II. Walter R. 

III. Frank. 



Lucy Jane Todd«, (Alfred', Caleb% Caleb\ Stephens 
SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^) bom April 14, 1834, died 
Feb. 21, 1878, married Aug. 12, 1859, Alfred N. Poyneer, 
who was born July 29, 1839, in Salisbury, Conn., died 
Aug. 28, 1897. He was a farmer. 

Children : 
I. Gertrude Almeda, b. March 21, 1863, m. Nov. 24, 
1887, William Briggs, who was b. March 14, 1865, 
in Wyoming, Iowa. 
II. Lucy May, b. Feb. 16, 1865, m. June 18, 1890, 
J. P. Hendricks in Marietta, 0., who was b. Oct. 
21, 1858, d. Dec. 1, 1910. 



Mary Augusta ToddS (Alfreds Calebs Calebs Ste- 
phen*, SamueP, Samuels Christopher^ born April 9, 
1836, died Jan. 4, 1908, married Nov. 7, 1860, Peter E. 
Schriber, of Strugis, Mich., who was born May 30, 1821, 
in Catskill, N. Y. He was a tobacco dealer. 

Children : 

I. Bishop Hovey, b. March 8, 1863, m. Jan. 21, 1891, 
Bertha May Darsey. Issue: (1) Ruth, b. Dec. 17, 
1891; (2) Paul, b. Oct. 10, 1896. 
II. Mary Eliza, b. June 3, 1864, d. June 19, 1864. 



James Alfred Todd^ (Alfi-ed% Caleb«, Caleb', Ste- 
phen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') born Jan. 1, 1838, 
in Marcellus, Anondaga County, N. Y., married Sept. 17, 
1863, Marien W., daughter of Rev. Gabriel and Sarah 
Burdick (Grey) Smith, who was born July 12, 1841, in 
New York City. 

Mr. Todd, when less than year old was taken by his 
parents in Sept., 1838, to Nottawa Township, St. Joseph 
County, Mich., where he attended the county school and 
then two winters in High School in Sturgis, Mich. 

He has been a farmer most of his life, and at the 
pi-esent time (1913) has a ranch near Williston, Noilh 

He inherited from his mother, a college bred woman, 
a fondness for history and literature, and the ability to 
write and converse with interest. His father was a man 
of sterling integrity, universally admired for his honesty 
and justice. Both pai'ents were great Bible students and 
brought up their family in strict religious observance. 
He is a Deacon in the Congregational Church in Williston, 
N. Dak. 

He has been a Prohibitionist the greater part of his 
life and neither he nor any of his children drink or smoke. 

He enlisted in Company A., 11th Michigan Volunteer 
Infantry, Aug. 24, 1861, and was mustered out of service, 
Feb. 24, 1863, at Murfreesboro, Tenn. He has always 
been loyal to the G. A. R. and for over thirty years was 
secretary of the 11th Michigan Infantry, which held re- 
unions annually in Southern Michigan. He still retains 
an erect, soldierly carriage though growing slower in step. 

Mrs. Todd's father was a M. E. minister and was 
born in Polksville, N. Y., six miles east of Seneca Lake, 
N. Y., April 5, 1805. He was of Dutch, English and 
Scotch descent, and a descendant of the Wickes of 
Scotland. Mrs. Todd's mother, Sarah Burdick Grey 
was born Jan. 13, 1813, in New York City. She traced 
her ancestry back to Lady Jane Grey, the "nine day 
Queen" of England. She inherited a great desire for 
reading and became a thorough student. She fii'st at- 


tended school in Reynoldsville, N. Y., and later a district 
school in Michigan. She was a student at the High 
School in Sturgis, Mich., for two or three winters, and 
later completed a four year Chautauqua Course, while 
her children were growing up. She began teaching when 
she was but fifteen years old and continued at it off and 
on until three years after her marriage, her work being 
highly spoken of. She was a great worker in the W. C. 
T. U. and in the Presbyterian Church. Also a Good 

A severe attack of Pneumonia and chronic Bronchitis 
left her an invalid and for the last half dozen years she 
has been confined to the house very largely. 

Children : 

1963. Petrea Eugenia, b. Nov. 11. 1866, d. Dec. 26, 1870. 

1964. Raymond Smith, b. July 10, 1869, in Sherman 
Township. St. Joseph County, Mich. He grad- 
uated from the High School in Burr Oak, Mich., 
in 1887. He is a machinist. Unmarried. 

*1965. Hubert Grey, b. Sept. 1, 1872. 

*1966. Dwight Imnah, b. Dec. 19, 1877. 
1967. Marien Almeda, b. May 16, 1880, in Burr Oak, 
Mich., where she graduated from the High School 
in 1898, and from Hillsdale College in 1902, with 
degrees of Batchelor of Philosophy and Batchelor 
of Pedagogy- ; taught in the Burr Oak High School 
as assistant Principal, 1902-05, being instructor 
in History and English; taught in the High 
School in Quincy, Mich., as Principal, teaching 
English and Latin, 1905-07. She moved to Wil- 
liston, N. Dak., July 1909, where she taught the 
fourth grade in the city schools, 1909-13, with the 
exception of 1910. 



Almeda Esther Todd% (Alfred^ Caleb% Caleb^ 
Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^ born Aug. 11, 


1842, died Jan. 7, 1874, married April 21, 1864, Edmond 
S. Amidon, of Sturgis, Mich., who was born Jan. 5, 1840. 


I. Florence Almeda, b. April 4, 1868, m. Dr. Oscar 
Richardson and had issue: (1) Dorothy Amidon. 
II. Alfred Todd, b. April 18, 1870. 
III. Edmond Tracy, b. Jan. 3, 1874. 


Oliver Hovey ToddS (Alfred", Caleb% Caleb', Ste- 
phen*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher') born April 24, 
1847, married Nov. 24, 1874, Julia Elizabeth, daughter 
of Henry Kitchell and Maria (Mathews) Farrand, who 
was born Jan. 28, 1847. 

Children : 
*1968. Victor Hugo, b. Dec. 12, 1876. 
*1969. Alfred, b. Dec. 24, 1878. 
*1970. Oliver Julian, b. Nov. 1, 1880. 
*1971. Laurence, b. Dec. 15, 1882. 

1972. Walter, b. Dec. 25, 1883, in Nottawa, Mich.; he 

was a student at the Kalamazoo, Mich. College, 
and the University of Michigan, engineering de- 
partment. He was in 1913, located in Lillovet, 
B. C. 

1973. Vera Farrand, b. April 30, 1885, in Nottawa, 
Mich. ; graduated from the Literary Dept. of the 
University of Michigan, June 20, 1912, she is 
now (1913) Principal of High School at Maple- 
ton, Ore. 

1974. Donna Josephine, b. March 10, 1887, in Nottawa, 
Mich., was a student at University of Michigan, 
the University of Oregon, the University of Cali- 
fornia, and is now (1913) taking a course of 
Home Economics at Santa Barbara, California. 


Albert May Todd% (Alfred^ Caleb", Calebs Stephen*, 
gajnuep, Samuel=^, Christopher') born June 3, 1850, in 


Nottawa, Mich., married Jan. 23, 1878, Augusta Mar- 
garet, daughter of John and Mary (Engle) Allman, who 
was born Sept. 20, 1855. 

Mr. Todd was born on a farm near the village of 
Nottawa, St. Joseph County, Mich., the youngest of ten 
children, all of whom were supported upon forty-five 
acres of cleared land, which was the total area that 
was practical for tillage on his father's eighty acre 
farm. Their lives were necessarily plain, but extremely 
happy. For the first few years after he entered school, 
he walked one and one-half miles to the "red school house" 
and afterwards a little school house was built upon their 
own farm, which he attended for a number of years, work- 
ing upon the farm when not in school. Afterwards, he 
studied at the High School at Sturgis, seven miles distant, 
where he graduated. Meantime when eighteen years old 
he engaged with his next older brother, Oliver, in an 
experiment in the growing and distillation of peppermint, 
which started with a very few acres only at first, but as 
it appeared that the crude methods thus far employed 
in the business were susceptible of material improvement, 
and his brother desiring that he should assume his 
(Oliver's) interest in the business, Mr. Todd set to work 
at once, to invent new appliances, and to perfect improved 
processes. He thus was able to make the business suc- 
cessful, and has continued it to the present time, the 
business having constantly grown until the A. M. Todd 
Company, of which he is the president, operates and con- 
trols an area of approximately 10,000 acres devoted 
largely to the growing of peppermint, spearmint and 
other aromatic and medicinal plants, and to the extraction 
of volatile oils, alkaloids, etc., which these plants contain. 
This company has become the most extensive essential 
oil producers of the world. 

His father was, in politics, a republican, and Mr. 
Todd's first vote was cast with that party both from 
environment and principle, but soon after it became ap- 
parent that certain interests had taken possession of the 
machineiy of the party for private gain, and the prohi- 
bition party then being in process of formation and its 



principles being in accord with his ideas, he joined the 
ranks of the party, and voted its ticket for about twenty- 
years. During much of this time he studied the question 
of public ownership of public utilities and the issue of 
the nation's m^oney directly by the government. These 
principles which others endorsed with him were included 
in the platform of the prohibition party. But in 1896, 
the pa)-ty rejected them, and Mr. Todd, feeling that social 
justice could not be secu)'ed by prohibition alone, left 
the prohibition party and united with other citizens in 
organizing the national party which included all of these 
principles in its platform. Having been nominated by 
this party as its candidate for Congress, and being en- 
dorsed by three other parties advocating similar princi- 
ples, he was elected as the Representative of the Third 
District of Michigan to Congress. During his term of 
service in the House of Representatives, he took special 
interest in the affairs of the railroads and of other public 
utilities which by their nature are necessary to the lives 
and happiness of all the people, the operation of which 
he looked upon as one of the most natural and necessary 
functions of government. 

His interest in public ownership increasing, he ar- 
ranged to make a thorough study of its operations in 
foreign countries, and accordingly sailed in May, 1912, 
visiting thirteen countries of Europe, returning in Aug- 
ust, 1913, being more than ever impressed with the fact 
that public ownership is the only way to secure economic 
justice and political purity. During his trip, he had the 
honor and pleasure of being entertained by men high in 
the councils of foreign governments who extended every 
liossible facility for investigation, the opportunities for 
which he gladly made use of, so that in addition to secur- 
ing a vast array of original and official data, he was able 
to personally take over one thousand photographs showing 
the railroads, telephone, parcel post, gas works, electric 
plants, water works, schools, hospitals, banks, theaters, 
etc., etc., all under public ownership, either national or 
municipal. The results of these investigations he has 
already placed in part before the American people. 


Soon after his return from Europe the Public Owner- 
ship League of America was organized largely through 
his initiative. He became its president and has since 
been repeatedly re-elected to this office, the last election, 
prior to the writing of this sketch, having been held in 
November, 1919. The general office of this League is in 
Chicago, but during the years 1918-19, Mr. Todd main- 
tained the president's office in Washington, D. C, where 
special attention was given to aiding the government in 
working out the railroad and other national utility prob- 
lems in the interest of democracy. 

He is a member of twenty-six various other scientific, 
commercial and political associations, a list of which may 
be found in the issue of "Who's Who" for 1919. 

Mr. Todd early acquired a love of literature and the 
fine arts, and now possesses a large and rare art museum 
and library of books in all branches of literature, history, 
political economy, the fine arts, as well as first editions 
of ancient classics, rare books from the presses of the 
world's greatest printers, and wonderful hand-painted 
bird books, etc. Twenty-five rooms in his home and 
office building are filled with the museum and library. 

His permanent home address is Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Children : 

*1975. William Alfred, b. May 20, 1879. 

*1976. Albert John, b. April 24, 1881. 
1977. Ethel May, b. July 12, 1885, m. June 8, 1910, 
Edwin Le Grand, son of Edwin and Elizabeth 
(Cowlan) Woodhams. Mr. and Mrs. Woodhams 
are both members of the A. M. Todd Company, 
Mr. Woodhams being the assistant secretary of 
the company and manager of its 2,100 acre mint 
plantation at Mentha, Mich., (near Kalamazoo) 
where they reside. Mr. Woodhams is a graduate 
of the University of Michigan. Mrs. Woodhams 
was graduated from Kalamazoo College and the 
University of Chicago. Before her marriage she 
twice accompanied her parents on their trips to 
the Old World. She shares interest with her 
father in art, literature and economics. 












1978. Paul Harold, b. Sept. 10, 1887, he graduated from 
the University of Michigan in 1909, with the de- 
gree of Bachelor of Science. While there he was 
a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. After 
his graduation he accepted the position of secre- 
tary of the A. M. Todd Company. He spent the 
winter of 1911-12, abroad, traveling over a large 
part of Europe. He has since renewed his ac- 
quaintance with a portion of the country seen 
in his former trip, as he spent a year and a half 
in France as a Lieutenant in the American Ex- 
peditionary Forces in the Great War. He sailed 
for France on Christmas Day, 1917, and upon 
his arrival there attended the Field Artillery 
School at Saumur, France, and later at the Trac- 
tor Artillery School at St. Maur. His qualifica- 
tions were such that he was retained as Acting 
Adjutant to the Major in charge of the Training 
Center for Tractor Artillery at Libourne, where 
he was engaged in instructional work and in 
authority as Judge Advocate in military trials 
when the war closed. Later he was transfered 
to the Staff and thence to the 41st Coast Artillery. 
He arrived in America, January 25, 1919, and 
was demobilized at Camp Dix, February 27, 1919. 
He has since renewed his active connection with 
A. M. Todd Company. 

^1979. Allman, b. March 16, 1889. 


George Brainard Todd% (Caleb", Caleb", Caleb'-, 
Stephen', Samuel', Samuel-', Christopher') born April 30, 
1834, in Marcellus, Onondaga County, N. Y., died Sept. 
20, 1874, in Pensacola, Fla., he was twice married, first, 
Oct. 7, 1857, Eliza M., daughter of Timothy M. and Eliza- 
beth Ann (Swain) Todd, who was born Oct. 7, 1831, 
died Nov. 1, 1864. For her ancestry, see No. 577. He 
married second, April 7, 1866, Ella S. Latsch, who was 
born March 6, 1839. 


Mr. Todd graduated from the Onondaga Valley 
Academy and the Albany Medical School, and was there- 
after duly licensed as a physician. In 1861, he was com- 
missioned in the 12th N. Y. Vol. Militia, as Assistant 
Surgeon. Later he was commissioned in the same capac- 
ity in the U. S. Navy and served through the war. Short- 
ly after the war, he was again commissioned in the Navy, 
and died of yellow fever while attending the sick, during 
an epidemic at Pensacola Navy Yard, in 1874. He was 
then Acting Past Assistant Surgeon. For some years 
he practiced medicine while a civilian, in Onondaga 
County, N. Y., but the greater pail of his professional 
life was devoted to the service. 

The following was taken from the Baltimore Sun: 
"Died in Pensacola, Fla., acting Surgeon, George 
Brainard Todd, M. D. He was born in Marcellus, Onon- 
daga County, N. Y., and graduated at the University 
of New York, at Albany. He also received collegiate 
diplomas from other schools of medicine, the last from 
the University of Maryland, in which State he resumed 
practice after the termination of the war of the rebellion. 
In the early part of these troubles, he volunteered as an 
assistant surgeon in the army, and was associated with 
the accomplished Surgeon and Medical Director, Tripler, 
from whom he received most gratifying notice of pro- 
fessional services and manly worth. His self possession 
in danger, his devotion to duty, and his patience in the 
surgery of resection, with the desire to save limbs to 
the wounded, comm.anded the enconiums of his superiors, 
and the gratitude of the unfortunate. Doctor Todd was 
in many sharp engagements in the field, and in the Navy, 
during the closing years of the civil war, in practical iron- 
clad service. He not only gave his full professional abili- 
ties to each branch of our defense, with the pure patriot- 
ism of duty, but he combined those with the Samaritan 
tenderness of the true Physician, and when the cloud of 
war hovered over the seizure of the Virginius, he again 
offered in sacrifice, domestic happiness and pecuniary 
profit, and volunteered, without reserve, for duty. An 
ornament to his God-like profession, he has fallen in 


the path of duty, and in the hearts of those who knew 
him best, there will be deep grief, that so bright an ex- 
ample of manhood has been withdrawn from earth. His 
character was warmly appreciated and beloved by the 
humblest in oflicial place. The lowest in intellect, and 
the most obtuse in perception, recognized him as an hon- 
est, faithful man in the discharge of duty and the obliga- 
tions of friendship. But "Tis not all of death to die," 
and in this is our comfort and our hope." 

Children : 
1980. George Swain, b. Aug. 3, 1858, d. March 1, 1905, 
m. Oct. 4, 1899, Blanche Goldman. No children. 
*1981. Fred Ferine, b. May 9, 1860. 
*1982. Florence E., b. April 17, 1863. 


Henry Ferine Todd% (Caleb% Caleb^ Caleb% Ste- 
phen*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^) born Nov. 22, 
1839, died June 14, 1911, married June 18, 1879, Mary 
Stone, daughter of Timothy Maither and Elizabeth Ann 
(Swain) Todd, who was born Dec. 9, 1844. She is now 
(1913) living in Rochester, N. Y. For her ancestry see 
No. 582. 

Mr. Todd was born in Marcellus, Onondaga County, 
N. Y., where his father was a farmer at one time. When 
he was about ten years of age, the family moved to 
Dewitt, Onondaga County, N. Y. He attended the Acad- 
emy at Moravia, N. Y. In July, 1861, at the outbreak of 
the civil war, he enlisted at Syracuse, N. Y., and became 
a member of Company B., 3rd New York Cavalry, and 
saw much hard service until early in 1862, when he was 
discharged for physical disability. He survived the very 
severe illness incurred in the service, however, and after 
the war moved with his parents to Spencerport, Monroe 
County, N. Y., where they purchased a farm. There he 
lived until 1908, when he retired and moved to Rochester, 
N. Y. 

At the time of her marriage, Mrs. Todd was a teacher 
of music in a private academy in Haddonfield, Fenn. 


Her home was in Fayetteville, N. Y. She was born in 
ManKus, Onondaga County, N. Y., her father owning 
and operating "Todd's Mill" at that place. 


1983. Harry Swain, b. July 11, 1880, unmarried in 1913, 
he resides with his mother in Rochester, N. Y. ; 
he attended the Spencerport Union School, and 
the Brockport State Normal School; graduated 
from the University of Rochester, and the Buffalo 
Law School. He received the degree of A. M. 
Yale University, specializing in Constitutional 
Law and History. Admitted to the New York 
Bar in the summer of 1908, and at the present 
time (1914) is practicing law at Rochester, N. Y. 


Edward Elliott Todd^ (George N.^ Caleb^ Caleb', 
Stephen*, Samuel', SamueP, Christopher^) born July 14, 
1844, married July 5, 1866, Emma A., daughter of Rev. 
Isaac Foster. They lived in Homell, N. Y. 

Children : 

1984. Mary Elliott, b. March 24, 1867. 

1985. George Foster, b. Dec. 8, 1868. 

1986. Edward Herman, b. Feb. 21, 1872. 

1987. Louisa Augusta, b. June, 1874. 


Adelaide Stoyell Todd% (George N.', Caleb% Caleb^ 
Stephen*, Samuel \ Samuel-, Christopher^) born Sept. 18, 
1847, married June 21, 1868, Morris N. Holley. They 
lived in Owego, N. Y. 

Children : 

L Ethel May, b. March 19, 1873, d. July 15, 1873. 
n. William Todd, b. June 6, 1881, d. Sept. 3, 1881. 


III. George Morris, b. July, 1886, m. July 3, 1911, Edith 
Elizabeth Bell, they live at 19 Forsyth St., Detroit, 


Harriet Todd^ (Lemuel", Jehiel^ Stephen-', Stephens 
SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') born March 18, 1805, 
in Noi'thampton, Mass., she was twice married, first, Feb. 
27, 1823, Anson Richardson, who was born June 22, 1797, 
in Conn., died April 26, 1834, in Hartwick, Otsego County, 
N. Y. Married second, June 29, 1839, Homer C. Buck, 
who was born March 23, 1807. 

Children by Anson Richardson: 
I. Jane Maria, b. 1824, d. 1829. 
II. Dewitt Clinton, b. 1825, d. 1828. 

III. Hiram Hale, b. 1827, d. 1828. 

IV. Sarah S., b. Nov. 21, 1829. 
V. Maiy E., b. Dec. 7, 1831. 

Child by Homer C. Buck: 
VI. Charlotte A., b. June 29, 1840. 



Eliza Todd**, (Lemuel', JehieP, Stephen-', Stephen*, 
Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher^) born Jan. 1, 1807, died 
April 24, 1888, was twice married, first, Sept. 14, 1826, 
Hiram W. Hale, who was born Oct. 22, 1799, in Burling- 
ton, N. Y., died Jan. 20, 1829, she married second, March 
7, 1838, William Mallory, who was born June 10, 1813, 
he died April 24, 1888, the veiy same day as did his wife. 

Children : 

I. Emily, b. Dec. 10, 1838, d. Nov. 1, 1868, m. Jan. 
25, 1865, Thomas J. Glenn, who was born Oct. 
28, 1838. Issue: (1) Emily May, b. April 16, 
1866, m. William P. Toon. Issue: (a) Emily 
Worth; (b) A child. 


II. Hiram Delos, b. July 3, 1840, m. May 24, 1864, 
Sophie Shipman Nash, who was b. Oct. 9, 1839. 
Issue: (1) Fred Nash, b. April 14, 1869. 
III. Ophelia, b. Nov. 12, 1843, m. Dec. 5, 1866, Sands 
Shumway, who was b. April 13, 1846, d. July 20, 
1892. Issue : ( 1 ) Floyd Mallory, b. Sept. 13, 1867 ; 
(2) Emily Grace, b. Aug. 6, 1869, m. Dec. 21, 
1887, Daniel Luce. Issue: (a) John Wentworth, 
b. Aug. 12, 1889; (b) Dorothy Marie, b. Aug. 4, 
1891; (c) Daniel, b. Jan. 17, 1893; (d) Mildred 
Emily, b. Oct. 15, 1895; (3) Allan Wager, b. March 
24, 1871; (4) Lillian Todd, b. May 13, 1873; (5) 
Paul, b. April 27, 1875, m. Sept. 22, 1897, Mary 
Estella Turner, who was b. Nov. 17, 1874. Issue: 
(a) Marie Estella, b. Nov. 12, 1898; (6) Lansing 
Todd Sands, b. Feb. 23, 1890. 



Phidelia Todd^ (Lemuel', JehieP, Stephen', Ste- 
phens Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher^ born Oct. 16, 1810, 
in Hartwick, N. Y., died Sept. 26, 1850, married Oct. 
11, 1829, John T. Wilson, who was born June 2, 1803, 
in Johnstown, N. Y., died April 17, 1890. 

Children : 
I. Lemuel T., b. Aug. 10, 1830, d. Sept. 5, 1830. 

II. George, b. Sept. 21, 1831. 

III. Andrew J., b. Nov. 8, 1833. 

IV. Helen L., b. Nov. 30, 1834. 
V. Edgar C, b. Nov. 3, 1835. 

VI. Sarah, b. Nov. 2, 1840, d. July 29, 1841. 

VII. James K., b. Nov. 7, 1844, d. Feb. 8, 1846. 


Zerah ToddS (Lemuel', JehieP, Stephen^ Stephens 
SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born March 13, 1813, 


in Hai-twick, N. Y., died July 30, 1880, in Corning, N, 
Y., married March 20, 1834, Martha, daughter of Ben- 
jamin W. and Lois (Tillotson) Carr, who was born April 
8, 1811, in Toddsville, N. Y., died June 22, 1887, in Corn- 
ing, N. Y. 

Mr. Todd was a paper manufacturer in Toddsville, 
N. Y., until 1849, when his mill burned with no insurance. 
The ruins were still there in 1914, when the editor visited 
Toddsville to attend the Todd-Carr family reunion. Soon 
after the fire, he moved his family to Corning, N. Y. 
During 1850-51, he was conductor on the Corning and 
Bloseburg Railroad. He owned and managed a grocery 
store in Corning, N. Y., from 1851, until the time of his 
death. He was cashier of the George Washington Bank, 
from 1862-1874 ; was Vestryman of Christ Church from 
1860, until his death ; and was at one time, Trustee of the 
village of Corning, N. Y. 

1988. Martha H., b. March 23, 1835, d. May 5, 1869. 
*1989. Frances DeEtta, b. Nov. 4, 1838. 
1990. Ellen A., b. June 8, 1844, d. June 22, 1850. 



Mary Todd% (Lemuel', JehieP, Stephen% Stephen*, 
SamueP, SamueP, Chxnstopher^) born May 26, 1815, in 
Hartwick, N. Y., married June 15, 1835, James E. Lans- 
ing, who was born March 24, 1807, in Schodack, Rens- 
selaer County, N. Y. Their children were all born in 
Decatur, Otsego County, N. Y. 

Children : 

L Robert C, b. April 20, 1836. 
n. Sarah E., b. Oct. 18, 1837. 
in. John, b. July 13, 1840. 
IV. Melville E., b. May 9, 1845. 
V. Lemuel E., b. July 24, 1850. 
VI. William S., b. Jan. 14, 1854. 
VII. Zerah L., b. June 23, 1857. 



Augusta M. Todd^ (Lemuel', JehieP, Stephen-', 
Stephen^, Samuel^ SamueP, Christopher') born Dec. 6, 
1817, in Hartwick, N. Y., died Dec. 26, 1885, married 
March 10, 1837, James E. Almy, who was born March 
17, 1813, died July 17, 1871. 

Children : 

I. Gertrude A., b. Dec. 13, 1837, d. April 21, 1883, m. 
Whiting T. Weeks, who was living in 1900. 

II. William W., b. Sept. 23, 1842, d. March 15, 1844. 

III. Julia A., b. May 2, 1842, was m. three times, first, 
Clarence Wheeler, issue : (1) Clarence M. ; married 
second, Daniel Parks, issue: (2) Lillian A.; mar- 
ried third, D. Colyer, who was living in 1900. 

IV. James E., b. July 14, 1848, m. Nov. 9, 1873, Ellen 

Amelia, daughter of Samuel Street and Sabrina 
(Temple) Todd, for whose ancestry see No. 1998. 
No children. 


Luzerne Todd', (Lemuel", Jehiel^ Stephen^ Stephen*, 
SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^) born Dec. 21, 1821, in 
Hartwick, N. Y., died March 16, 1910, married Jan. 30, 
1845, Mary Ann Pepper, who was born Feb. 27, 1824, 
in Pultneyville, Wayne County, N. Y., died Dec. 16, 1898. 

Children : 
*1991. Herbert Luzerne, b. March 30, 1846. 

1992. Glen Erskine, b. June 23, 1848, d. Aug. 30, 1850. 
*1993. Emma Louisa, b. Dec. 27, 1851. 
*1994. William Dwight, b. Nov. 21, 1854. 
*1995. Mary Belle, b. Nov. 8, 1856. 


Samuel Street ToddS (Lemuel', JehieP, Stephen^, 
Stephens SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born Oct. 15, 


1824, married Jan. 1, 1845, Sabrina Temple, who was 
born May 11, 1824, died Sept. 21, 1899. He was born 
in Toddsville, N. Y., lived all his life and still lives there at 
the advanced age of 94 years. In July, 1914, the editor 
visited him, the occasion being a Todd-Carr family re- 
union, he was more active than some men of 65 to 75 
years of age. For many years he has been interested 
in his ancestry and has contributed much valuable in- 
formation concerning his branch of the family. 

Children : 
*1996. Alice Ann, b. Nov. 8, 1845. 
*1997. Martha Emily, b. March 3, 1847. 

1998. Ellen Amelia, b. April 26, 1849, m. Nov. 9, 1873, 
her cousin James E. Ahny; for his ancestry see 
No. 1307. No children. 

1999. Floi-ence M., b. April 13, 1852 ; she is unmarried 

and lives with her father in Toddsville, N. Y. 

2000. Frederick Samuel, b. Feb. 2, 1856, m. April 6, 

1896, Etta Loudon, who was born Feb. 20, 1869 ; 
in 1914, they lived in Oneonta, N. Y. No chil- 

2001. Glen Barnard, b. Dec. 15, 1859, m. July 3, 1881, 
Jennie Goodrich, who was b. Feb. 11, 1864. No 


Horatio Nelson Todd^ (Ira", Jehiel^ Stephen^ Ste- 
phen*, SamueP, Samuel=, Christopher^) born Feb. 16, 
1808, in Hartwick, N. Y., died Aug. 6, 1879, in Wenona, 
111., married Sept. 11, 1835, Jane Bennett, who was born 
Oct. 20, 1811, died Sept. 11, 1897, in Milwaukee, Wis. 

Mr. Todd went to Toddsville, Otsego County, N. Y., 
with his brothers, Andrew and Ira, where they operated 
a flouring and paper mill. Horatio and Andrew carried 
on the business until 1855, when they were forced into 
bankruptcy, soon after this, he moved to Wenona, 111., 
where he with his brothers, Andrew, Walter and Ira 
formed a partnership and operated a store. They con- 


tinued in this venture for some years and did a thriving 

Children : 

2002. Jane Elizabeth, b. Sept. 25, 1837, d. Nov. 8, 1840. 

2003. George Sylvanus, b. Nov. 21, 1841, in Toddsville, 

N. Y. ; he was in business for some time, but 
in 1868, he entered the ministry of the Episcopal 
Church, and in 1913, he was still attending to 
his duties as well as he could, as his eyes were 
troubling him. In 1913, he was living at 33 
Bowdoin St., Boston, Mass. 
*2004. Elizabeth Bennett, b. July 21, 1844. 
2005. Jane Elvira, b. Sept. 24, 1848, d. Oct. 21, 1861. 



Elvira Todd*, (Ira", Jehiel", Stephen', Stephens Sam- 
ueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born March 8, 1811, in Hart- 
wick, N. Y., married July 22, 1835, James Constable Duff, 
who was born April 4, 1809. 

Children : 

I. James Todd, b. April 25, 1836, d. Nov. 11, 1856. 
II. Helen Elvira, b. June 11, 1840, m. Nov. 2, 1869, 

William W. Sargarus of Philadelphia, Penn. 
III. Sarah Jane, b. April 15, 1849, m. Sept. 6, 1871, 
Edwin S. Thompson. They lived in Booneville, 
N. Y. 


Albert Todd«, (Ira% JehieP, Stephens Stephen*, 
SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^) born March 4, 1813, in 
Hartwick, N. Y., he was twice married, first, Oct. 27, 
1842, Jane Maria Wilson, who was born Feb. 11, 1819, 
died Feb. 9, 1848. He married second, Aug. 10, 1854, 
Mary Caroline Johnson, who was born June 23, 1830. 
He graduated from Yale, 1836. He was a lawyer. 


Mr. Todd and all of his brothers settled in the middle 
west, four including himself went to live in St. Louis, 
Mo., where he practiced his profession, and became an 
authority in real estate transfers, there being much con- 
fusion over titles on account of the actions of the differ- 
ent governments (French, Spanish, American) in the 
matter of land grants. He was also prominent in local 
politics. He was one of the board that framed the City 
Charter, which has been only the last year, supei-seded by 
one more equal to the growth of the City. 

*2006. Elizabeth Helen, b. Dec. 4, 1843. 


George Todd', (Ira', Jehiel**, Stephen-', Stephen*, 
SamueP, Samuel=, Christopher' ) born Feb. 3, 1815, in 
Hartwick, N. Y., died in 1906, married Jan. 6, 1842, 
Alice Orne, daughter of Samuel and Abigail (Low) Davis, 
who was born June 7, 1818, in Weare, N. H. She was 
a sister of his brother Washington Todd's wife, Mary 
Low Davis. Her mother, Abigail Low was a cousin of 
Hon. Seth Low, Ex-Mayor of New York City. 

Mr. Todd went to St. Louis, Mo., to establish the 
business of flour milling, in 1835. Two of his brothers, 
Charles and Washington, came later and were associated 
with him. They were the pioneers in that thriving busi- 
ness, and the firm became known over all the great 
country tributary to St. Louis. On this venture to St. 
Louis, he left New York City by boat for New Orleans, 
thence up the Mississippi to his destination. He took 
with him, a good supply of mill materials, including burr 
stones, then used exclusively in the best mills. Later 
he imported these direct from France, also the silk bolting 
cloths. On his way up the Mississippi, the boat he was 
on was caught, with others, in the ice a little above the 
confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. He made 
his way to St. Louis on horseback on the Illinois side, 
crossing the river at St. Louis in an open yawl through 


floating ice. The pioneers were a sturdy stock. He lived 
to see his 91st year, was seldom sick, had no bad habits, 
was in every way abstemious and a healthy liver. Of 
such was the nobility of our land. Fortunate are those 
of such wholesome and useful ancestry. 

Both Mr. and Mrs. Todd were members of large 
families, he being one in a family of eleven, she being 
in a family of twelve, there being six sisters and five half 

Children : 
2007. Charles Alonzo, b. March 24, 1844, graduated with 
the degree of A. B. from Washington University, 
of St. Louis, Mo., in 1866, also as M. D. from 
Columbia University, of New York City, in 1869, 
and a little later received of Washington Univer- 
sity, the degree of A. M. Immediately after 
graduation in New York, he went to Vienna, 
Austria, which was then the greatest medical 
center of the world. He remained there two years, 
then returned to St. Louis, and immediately start- 
ed upon his professional career; became Profes- 
sor of Anatomy in the Missouri Medical College, 
at St. Louis, Mo., which was the first medical col- 
lege to be established west of the Mississippi 
River. It is now incorporated in the Medical 
Dept. of Washington University. On account of 
his health, he was obliged to give up his practice 
and teaching. He secured the passage of an or- 
dinance opening entrance into their hospital prac- 
tice as internes, only through competitive exam- 
inations, a much needed reform, also, through the 
legislature, secured a statute legalizing the dis- 
section of human bodies. Up to that time, such 
necessary study was effective contrary to law. 
He was active in putting their Humane Society 
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals on an 
active basis, which it has ever since maintained, 
and many other activities in which he was deeply 


2008. Abby Rebecca, b. Nov. 9, 1846. 
*2009. Mary Harding, b. Feb. 3, 1853. 
2010. Eliot, b. May 9, 1855, in Litchfield, Conn., d. near 
Tallahassee, Fla. He never m. 


Charles ToddS (Ira", JehieP, Stephen\ Stephen*, 
SamueP, Samuel^, Christopher') born May 1, 1817, in 
Northampton, Mass., married Dec. 1, 1850, Eliza A. Leon- 
ard, who was born in 1827, died June 6, 1852, in Lasalle, 

Charles Todd was associated with his brothers, 
George and Washington, in the flour milling industry in 
St. Louis, Mo., which had been his immigrant ancestor, 
Christopher Todd's calling at New Haven, Conn., nearly 
two centuries before. 

*2011. Fannie E., b. Nov. 16, 1851. 



Sarah Ann Todd^ (Ira% Jehiel", Stephen% Stephen*, 
Samuel^ SamueP, Christopher') born Feb. 17, 1819, in 
Hartford, Conn., died April, 1849, in St. Louis, Mo., 
married Nov. 9, 1845, George DeBaum. 

Child : 
I. Albert, b. 1847. 


Walter Street Todd^ (Ira", JehieP, Stephen% Ste- 
phen*, Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher') born Jan. 31, 
1821, in Hartford, Conn., died June 22, 1891, in Lawley, 
Fla., married July 9, 1843, Emily Magee, who was born 
Sept. 6, 1820, in Decatur, N. Y., died June 22, 1899, in 
Lawley, Fla. 


Walter S. Todd went into partnership with three 
of his brothers, Horatio N., Andrew and Ira, and together 
operated a general store in Wenona, 111. Also, he and his 
brother Ira owned and managed a wholesale grocery stoi'e 
in Lasalle, 111., also a flouring mill. This latter business 
seems to have greatly interested the different members 
of this family, as all or nearly all, at one time or another 
became owners or part owners of milling property. 

Children : 
*2012. Charles Ferdinand, b. July 25, 1844. 

2013. Mary Elvira, b. Jan. 8, 1849. For her descend- 
ants see No. 2030. 

2014. James Duff, b. Aug. 26, 1853; he is unmarried 
and lives in California. 

*2015. Guy Crandall, b. Jan. 4, 1857. 


Ira Todd% (Ira-, Jehiel«, Stephen\ Stephens SamueP, 
Samuel-, Christopher^ born Sept. 15, 1822, in Hartford, 
Conn., died Jan., 1899, married Sept. 26, 1848, Mary 
Washburn Cushman, who was born July 19, 1825, in 
Asonet or Taunton, Mass., died Nov. 7, 1894. 

Ira Todd in association with his brothers Horatio 
N. and Andrew, owned and managed a flouring mill and 
a paper mill in Toddsville, N. Y. Somewhat later he be- 
came associated with three of his brothers, Horatio N., 
Walter S. and Andrew owning and managing a general 
store in Wenona, 111., still later, he and Walter were in 
company in a wholesale grocery business in Lasalle, 111., 
where they also had a flouring mill. 

Children : 
*2016. George Ira, b. Dec. 9, 1849. 
2017. William Hercules, b. July 28, 1851, d. July 22, 

*2018. Harry Washington, b. July 9, 1856. 


Andrew Hinman Todd^ (Ira', Jehiel", Stephen^ 
Stephens SamueP, Samuel^, Christopher^) born June 21, 


1824, in Hartford, Conn., married June, 1847, Jeanette 
AJmy, who was born April 17, 1827. 

He was associated with his brothers, Horatio N. 
and Ira, they becoming owners and managers of the paper 
mill and flouring mill in Toddsville, N. Y. While living 
in Toddsville, he built a house not very far from their 
mill property and in which his relative, Samuel S. Todd, 
was living in 1918. Later he was in partnership with 
his brothers, Horatio, Walter and Ira, in a general store 
business in Wenona, 111. 

Children : 

2019. Henry Albert, b. April 17, 1850, d. Nov., 1867. 

2020. Flora DeEtta, b. Nov. 7, 1851. 


Washington Todd^ (Ira', Jehiel«, Stephens Stephen*, 
SamueP, Samuel^, Christopher') born Feb. 2, 1830, in 
Hartford, Conn., died in St. Louis, Mo., married Oct. 3, 
1865, Mary Low, daughter of Samuel and Abigail (Low) 
Davis, who was born Sept. 30, 1832, in Charlestown, 
Mass., died in Castile, N. Y., whose mother was a cousin 
of the late Seth Low, of New York. 

Children : 
2021. Daughter, d. infant. 
*2022. William Grayson, b. Sept. 23, 1867. 
2023. Henry Stanley, b. June 7, 1871 ; he is m. and in 
1919 was living in Washington, D. C, where he 
was in the service of the United States Army as 
Captain, office of the General Staff, Military In- 
teligence Branch. No children. 


Henry Day Todd% (Caleb% Jehiel«, Stephen', Ste- 
phen*, Samuel\ Samuel% Christopher') born Nov. 8, 1809. 
in Cooperstown, N. Y., he was three times married, first, 
Feb. 8, 1832, Thankful Evans, who was born Feb. 14, 
1813, in Hindsdale, N. H., died Dec. 15, 1832, he married 


second, May 13, 1839, Lois Weeks, who was bom Jan. 13, 
1816, in Clarendon, Vt., died Nov. 1, 1856, he married 
third. May 9, 1857, Tasile Croteau, who was born April 
17, 1831, in Montreal, Canada. 

Child by Thankful Evans: 
*2024. Isabella T., b. Dec. 15, 1832. 

Child by Lois Weeks: 
*2025. Sabra Amelia, b. Oct. 13, 1843. 

Children by Tasile Croteau: 
2026. Hattie Lois, b. May 1, 1858; is unmarried and 
lived at 59 Monument Ave., Charlestown, Mass. 
*2027. Henry Caleb, b. Aug. 13, 1859. 
*2028. Emma Louise, b. July 4, 1862. 
*2029. Thomas Eugene, b. July 2, 1864. 


Maryett Todd^ (Caleb', Jehiel^ Stephen^ Stephen*, 
SamueP, Samuel^, Christopher^ bom Jan. 17, 1812, mar- 
ried June 17, 1834, Edwin George Ripley, who was born 
July 14, 1812, died Aug. 26, 1862. 

Children : 

I. Harriet M., b. 1835. 
n. Lucy Elizabeth, b. June 28, 1839, d. Sept. 29, 1840. 
IIL James Edwin, b. March 16, 1841, d. Aug. 19, 1842. 
IV. Charles Henry, b. April 8, 1843, d. Aug. 11, 1843. 
V. Mary, b. June 30, 1847. 


John Douglass Todd^ (Caleb% JehieP, Stephen^ 
Stephen', Samuel-', SamueP, Christopher') born March 
11, 1814, died July 14, 1874, married Dec. 6, 1837, Mary 
Newhall, who was bom Sept. 3, 1812. 


Children : 
*2030. Edward Augustus, b. Feb. 13, 1840. 
2031. Abbie Newhall, b. Feb. 6, 1847, d. Aug. 20, 1849. 
*2032. Mary Abbie, b. Aug. 24, 1850. 


Jehiel Todd«, (Caleb', JehieP, Stephen^, Stephens 
Samuels SamueP, Christopher^) born Nov. 4, 1818, in 
Hinsdale, N. H., he was twice married, first, Oct. 7, 1840, 
Melissa Hildreth, who was born Feb. 4, 1818, in Chester- 
field, N. H., died May 28, 1843, in Hinsdale, N. H. He 
married second, Jan. 1, 1845, Susan Elizabeth, daughter 
of Zackariah and Lydia (Fairbanks) Whitman, who was 
born Oct. 20, 1818, in Stowe, Mass. 

He was a manufacturer of coffee, spices and cream 
a tartar. His factory was at 171 Union Street, Worces- 
ter, Mass. 

Child by Melissa Hildreth: 

2033. Martha Elizabeth, b. Sept. 5, 1841, in Boston, 
Mass., m. Jan. 22, 1863, Rufus Livermore, who 
was born Nov. 1, 1839. No children. 

Mr. Livermore graduated from Williams College, 
studied law in Albany, N. Y., and was admitted 
to the bar there. He was studying the Massa- 
chusetts code of laws when the civil war broke 
out, when he immediately enlisted in the ever 
memorable 6th Massachusetts regiment. He was 
with the regiment on the noted April 19th, when 
passing through Baltimore for the protection of 

Children by Susan E. Whitman : 

2034. Francis, b. June 29, 1847, d. Aug. 7, 1847. 

2035. Jane Miller, b. Oct. 11, 1849, d. March 14, 1850. 

2036. Mary Jane, b. Dec. 19, 1850, in Somerville, Mass., 

m. May 17, 1877, Joseph A. Long, of Northboro, 
Mass., who was b. June 18, 1839. They lived in 
Worcester, Mass. 


*2037. Alice Street, b. July 23, 1853. 

2038. Samuel Lawrence, b. June 21, 1855, d. July 11, 

2039. Susie Whitman, b. Aug. 21, 1858, d. May 25, 1859. 

Lodema Hepsibah Todd% (Caleb', Jehiel*, Stephen", 
Stephen^ SamueP, Samuel-', Christopher^) born Oct. 25, 
1828, in Hinsdale, N. H., died April 19, 1891, married 
Dec. 31, 1856, William Ketcham, who was born May 24, 
1819, died Sept. 14, 1879. Their children were all bom 
in Richland City, Wis., where also they both died. He 
represented his district in the State Legislature several 

Children : 
I. Charles Bates, b. Feb. 8, 1858. 
H. William Jagger, b. March 21, 1859. 
in. Abigail Rebecca, b. April 5, 1863, d. April 10, 1863. 
IV. Maggie Louise, b. Jan. 8, 1865, d. Aug. 8, 1879. 


Louisa Ann Todd«, (Caleb', JehieP, Stephen', Ste- 
phen', Samuel\ Samuel-, Christopher^) born Nov. 2, 1834, 
in Hinsdale, N. H., died April 8, 1870, in Worcester, 
Mass., married April 8, 1863, Seth Richards, of Worces- 
ter, Mass., who was born Nov. 21, 1828. He was an 
instructor of music, also a singer and had a fine voice. 

I. Cora Louise, b. Sept. 6, 1865, m. Nov. 7, 1888, 
George M. Bassett. 



Mary Ann Todd», (Asahel', JehieP; Stephen", Ste- 
phen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born March 24, 
1813, married William S. Parkhill, who was born in 1810, 
died 1849. 


Children : 

I. Robert F., b. 1834, d. 1864. 
II. Rexaville, b. 1838. 

III. Eugene, b. 1840. 

IV. Mary E., b. 1850. 


Albert S. Todd% (Asahel", JehieP, Stephen% Stephen\ 
Samuel^, Samuel-, Christopher^) born May 10, 1815, died 
Nov. 13, 1878, in Pultneyville, N. Y., he was married 
twice, first, March 28, 1840, Almira G. Campbell, who 
was born in 1814, died 1844. He mariied second, Nov. 
1, 1848, Delia A. Vosburgh, who was born 1829. 

Children : 

2040. Albert V., b. Aug. 9, 1849, d. March 20, 1873. 

2041. Mary A., b. Oct. 31, 1851, unmarried. 



Rexaville Todd», (AsaheP, JehieP, Stephen^, Ste- 
phen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born April 2, 
1817, died Dec. 19, 1842, married Jan. 8, 1841, Delos 
M. Wood, who was born in 1813, died in 1857. 

I. Walter J., b. 1842. 



Angeline Todd', (Asahel', Jehiel'', Stephen% Stephen*, 
SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') born March 5, 1819, died 
April 13, 1844, married Jan. 8, 1841, Hiron W. Allen, 
who was bom in 1817. 

I. Angeline T., b. 1843. 


Asahel Todd^ (AsaheP, JehieP, Stephen", Stephen*, 
Samuel% Samuel-, Christopher^) born March 26, 1827, 
married Dec. 4, 1849, Sarah Maria, daughter of John 
and Cordeha (Phelps) McLoud, who was born in 1832, 
in Austerlitz, Columbia County, N. Y. They lived in 
Rochester, N. Y. 

Children : 

2042. Charles Francis, b. July 25, 1851. 
*2043. George Walter, b. Feb. 29, 1860. 
*2044. Libanus McLoud, b. July 14, 1862. 

2045. Ellen Laura, b. March 14, 1871. 



Eliza P. Todd% (AsaheP, Jehiel^ Stephen^ Stephen*, 
Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher^) bora March 2, 1833, 
married March 24, 1856, Ledyard S. Cuyler, who was 
bom in 1827. 

L Julia T., b. Oct. 30, 1864, d. Oct. 30, 1869. 

William H. Todd', (Asahel", JehieP, Stephen', Ste- 
phen*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^) born Aug. 23, 
1835, in Middlefield Center, Otsego County, N. Y., died 
Feb. 15, 1875, married March 6, 1861, Harriet L. Sweet- 
ing, who was born Nov. 15, 1837, in Marion, N. Y. 

Children : 
2046. Augusta P., b. Feb. 5, 1862. 
*2047. Frederick Sweeting, b. June 29, 1865. - 
2048. Arthur William, b. Dec. 13, 1869, d. July 8, 1909, 
in Rochester, N. Y. 



Zerah Abiah Todd% (Zerah', JehieP, Stephen'', Ste- 
phen*, Samuel-, Samuel-, Christopher') born May 15, 
1821, in Ellisburgh, X. Y., married Feb. 28, 1841, Eliza 
Jane Silliman, who was born April 12, 1817, in Oneonta, 
N. Y. 

Children : 
*2049. Luzerne A., b. Feb. 3, 1842. 
2050. Imogene L., b. Oct. 8, 1844, m. Feb. 28, 1882, Ste- 
phen C. Slocum, whe was b. Feb. 21, 1847. No 
*2051. DeEtta J., b. Aug. 10, 1848. 
2052. Alice Adelaide, b. March 5, 1850, d. May 3, 1853. 
*2053. Lewellyn E., b. April 25, 1854. 
2054. Adelaide, b. June 15, 1857. 
*2055. George F., b. July 3, 1860. 


Emily Ardelia Todd% (Zerah^ Jehiel^ Stephen^ 
Stephen*, Sarauel\ Samuel-, Christopher') born June 8, 
1821, married Oct. 15, 1840, Horace Alvey Richards, who 
was bom Aug. 4, 1817. 

Children : 
I. Lewellyn B., b. June 9, 1845. 
II. Albert Zerah, b. Aug. 11, 1848. 
III. Sylvia Ardelia, b. April 2, 1851, d. Aug. 22, 1851. 
IV. Charles Ferdinand, b. Aug. 13, 1853. 
V. Carrie Elisteen, b. Nov. 11, 1857. 


Joseph Franklin Todd% (Zerah% Jehie^, Stephen^, 
Stephens SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher') born Oct. 29, 
1826, died March 2, 1874, in Traverse City, Mich., mar- 
ried May 29, 1866, Lois L. Eastman, who was bom Sept. 
10, 1834. 


Children : 

2056. Frank, b. Aug. 18, 1868. 

2057. Charles, b. Nov. 6, 1869. 


Horace William Todd^ (Zerah% JehieP, Stephen^ 
Stephen*, Samuel^ Samuel-, Christopher^) born Oct. 15, 
1828, died Feb. 25, 1912, he was thrice married, first, 
Aug. 16, 1855, Louisa R. Palmer, who was born June 27, 
1832, died July 18, 1868, married second, Aug. 10, 1869, 
Janette R. Havens, who was born Sept. 9, 1835, died 
Aug. 22, 1892, married third, Oct. 10, 1895, Martha 
Carley, who died May 17, 1910. 

Children by Louise R. Palmer: 

2058. Minnie P., b. Feb. 21, 1858. 
*2059. Myra Louisa, b. Sept. 2, 1863. 

2060. Freddie A., b. April 9, 1867, d. Aug. 9, 1867. 

Child by Janette R. Havens: 
*2061. Arthur H., b. July 5, 1870. 



Maria Irene Todd^ (Zerah', Jehiel% Stephen^ Ste- 
phen% SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) bora June 8, 
1831, in Toddsville, N. Y., married at Oriskany Falls, N. 
Y., Oct. 14, 1851, Samuel Curtiss, who was born Dec. 
15, 1824, died Oct. 31, 1870. He was in government em- 
ploy as master mechanic, building piers in Oswego, N. 
Y. harbor. One day the government inspector appeared 
during a heavy wind and wished to examine the piers 
which were being constructed. So three men started out 
in a small boat, to see what effect the waves had upon 
the piers under the light-house. The wind was blowing 
a perfect gale at the time and the boat became unman- 
ageable and drifted into the breakers between the piers, 
capsized and Samuel Curtiss was drowned. 


Children : 
I. Ada Rosetta, b. Feb. 6, 1854, d. March 12, 1912. 
II. Julia Almira, b. March 16, 1856, d. 1898. 
III. William Marvin, b. April 24, 1858. 

Marquis DeLafayette Todd% (Zerah", Jehiel^ Ste- 
phen"', Stephens Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher^ born 
April 1, 1834, in Toddsville, N. Y., married Dec. 3, 1868, 
at Oriskany Falls, N. Y., Lizzie J. Holmes, who was 
born July 18, 1837, at Sandy Creek, Oswego County, 
N. Y. 

2062. Juna May, b. March 14, 1873. 



Mary Elizabeth Todd% (Zei'ah", JehieP, Stephen', 
Stephen*, Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher^ born June 17, 
1838, in Milford, Otsego County, N. Y., died June 30, 
1871, in Utica, N. Y., married Oct. 8, 1867, in Oswego, N. 
Y., James H. Brand, who was born March 24, 1831. 
Child : 
I. Byron S., b. June 26, 1871, d. Aug. 24, 1871. 


Edwin Hull ToddS (Bethel', Jehiel% Stephens Ste- 
phen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born April 5, 
1823, died Aug. 29, 1874, married June 23, 1857, Irene 
E. West, who was born Jan. 28, 1826, died Feb. 10, 1910. 

*2063. Bethel, b. April 28, 1858. 

John Street Todd% (BetheP, JehielS Stephen', Ste- 
phen*, Samuels Samuels Christopher^ born Feb. 23, 


1825, married Dec. 28, 1853, Helen Eliza daughter of 
Thomas Fish, of Williamson, N. Y., who was bom May 
10, 1835. 

Children : 

2064. Franklin Bethel, b. Feb. 7, 1855, d. Nov. 1912; 
lived in Canal Dover, 0., unmarried. 

2065. William Fish, b. Oct. 30, 1858, m. Mary Pierson. 

No children; they live in Pontiac, Mich. 

2066. Everett Street, b. Oct. 7, 1865, m. Emma Hubert; 
he was interested in the manufacture of carriages 
and lived in Elkhart, Ind. 


James Bethel Todd^ (Bethel', Jehiel«, Stephen\ 
Stephen'', Samuel*, Samuel-, Christopher^ born March 
25, 1830, died Nov. 25, 1898, in Detroit, Mich., married 
June 10, 1860, Louisa M. Howard, who was born Nov. 
22, 1840, at Amherst Island, Canada. 

Children : 

2067. James Howard, b. May 26, 1869, in Pultneyville. 

N. Y. 

2068. Percival. 


Maiy Elizabeth Todd», (Bethel", Jehiel^ Stephen^, 
Stephens SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born Aug. 9, 
1832, married Oct. 12, 1852, Jacob Haven Powers, who 
was born in Rochester, Vt., June 15, 1830, died Sept. 17, 
1899. She lived at 4 Regent Circle, Brookline, Mass. 

Children : 
I. Mina, b. July 14, 1855, d. Aug. 12, 1899. 
n. Leland Todd, b. Jan. 28, 1857, m. and had issue: 
(1) Leland Hoyt, b. Nov. 29, 1896, d. 1897; (2) 
Hiram Merrill, b. Aug. 14, 1899. 
III. Lois Van Ness, b. July 25, 1871, d. Oct. 31, 1873. 



Sarah Maria ToddS (Bethel', JehieP, Stephen-', 
Stephen\ SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^ born Jan. 5, 
1835, died May 13, 1912, married Feb., 1870, Wheelock 
Higgins Phelps. 

I. Hattie Elizabeth, b. Dec, 1870, m. Harrison Spauld- 
ing and had six childi'en. They lived in Warwa- 
tosa. Wis. 
II. Martha Helen, b. May, 1872, d. 1888. 



Ann Louisa Todd^ (Bethel', Jehiel^ Stephen^ Ste- 
phen*, Samuel*, Samuel-', Christopher') born Sept. 26, 
1837, married Dec. 5, 1856, George Brown Maines, who 
was born June 19, 1834. In 1914, she lived in Flint, 

Children : 

I. Charles Todd, b. July 18, 1858, m. and had issue: 
(1) George Humphreys, who is m. and lived in 
Poughkeepsie, N.Y., in 1914; (2) Harry Elbridge, 
who lived with his father in 1914. He is a Real 
Estate agent and lived in Flint, Mich., in 1914. 
II. Marion Lovisa, b. Sept. 3, 1879; in 1914, she was 
unmarried and lived in Flint, Mich. 


Martha Helen Todd^ (BetheP, JehieP, Stephen^, 
Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher') bom June 6, 
1840, married Dec. 29, 1860, James Washington Benton, 
who was born in Homes, Mich., Oct. 23, 1837. 


Children : 
I. Charles Lorenzo, b. May 5, 1862, d. about 1892, m. 
and had issue: (1) Leland T., who lives in Roches- 
ter, N. Y. 

II. Hattie Louisa, b. Dec. 13, 1864, d. 1870. 

III. Elizabeth Maria, m. Busden. Issue: (1) 

Louise; (2) George; (3) Carol. They lived at 
69 Charlotte St., Canandaigua, N. Y. 

IV. Mary Helena, m. Tiflfany. Issue: (1) 

Everett; (2) Pauline; (3) Gardiner. They live 
in Rochester, N. Y. 


Harriet Larissa Todd*, (BetheP, JehielS Stephen^ 
Stephen*, Samuel% Samuel-, Christopher^ bora Feb. 13, 
1843, died 1893, married Sept. 25, 1873, George Sanders 
Mott, who was born Jan. 8, 1841. 

Children : 

I. Mina Louisa, b. Aug. 4, 1874, m. Kartz, had 

issue: (1) Chester Mott, b. July 11, 1899; (2) 
Carol, b. Jan. 12, 1910. They lived at 729 Stowell 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 


Seth Todd^ (Sherlock', Bethel^, Stephen% Stephen*, 
SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born died- 

married Oct. 1, 1845, Deborah, daughter of Bradley Burr, 
of Redding, Conn., who was born Dec. 26, 1826. 

Children : 
*2069. Henry B., b. Dec. 29, 1846. 
2070. Charles Burr, b. Jan. 9, 1849; he is the author 
of several books, among them being The History 
of the Burr Family in America, History of Red- 
ding, Conn., Life of Joel Barlow, and others. He 
resides in Titusville, N. J. 


2071. Ada J., b. June 6, 1853; she graduated from Fort 
Edward Seminaiy, 1873; Claversack, 1876. 

2072. Jennie S., b. June 24, 1860, twin with the next. 

2073. Hattie E., b. June 24, 1860. 


Tertius Samuel Todd*, (Joel% Oliver", Samuel', 
Christopher*, Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher') bom 
March 20, 1828, died Aug. 23, 1854, married Jan., 1854, 
Emma Cadwell, who was born Nov. 5, 1838, died Feb. 
22, 1869. They lived at one time in Plymouth, Conn., 
thence they moved to Marits, Ohio. 

2074. Mary Cadwell, b. Sept. 15, 1854 ; she lived in Ply- 
mouth and Clinton, whether in Conn, or Ohio, is 
unknown to the writer. 


Frederick Louis ToddS (Frederick H.', Josiah% Dan', 
Christopher*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher') bom 
March 10, 1856, died 1880, married Elizabeth Miller of 
Chillicothe, Ohio. At one time he was a telegraph opera- 
tor in Towanda, Penn. 

2075. A boy, d. young. 


Frank Hayden Todd*, (Frederick H.', Josiah^ Dan^ 
Christopher*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher') born Feb. 
26, 1866, died Oct., 1894, married June 15, 1887, Alice 
May, daughter of Abraham Perry and Frances Amelia 
(Childs) Minturn, who lived in Binghamton, N. Y. 

Children : 
*2076. Fred Hayden, b. June 26, 1888. 


2077. Leonard Minturn, b. Jan. 3, 1890; in 1919, he 
was unmarried; lived in Binghamton, N. Y., 
where he worked and made a home for his mother 
and also her mother. 


James Doeg Todd% (Silas', ElamS Edmund^ Chris- 
topher*, SamueP, Samuel=, Christopher^) born Nov. 22, 
1826, died June 15, 1912, married Oct. 2, 1855, Susan 
Sophia Webster, who was born Dec. 10, 1830, in York, 
Canada. He was a Congregational minister. He lived 
in Granite Falls, Minn., thence he moved with his son 
to Hagerstown, Md., where he died. 

Children : 
*2078. Cornelia Ennina, b. Dec. 8, 1856. 
*2079. James Marcus, b. Oct. 12, 1858. 
*2080. William Edward, b. April 26, 1861. 
2081. David Ripley, b. May 13, 1866, unmarried. 
*2082. John Reynard, b. Oct. 27, 1867. 
*2083. Susan Elizabeth, b. Sept. 4, 1871. 
2084. Mary Frances, b. June 8, 1875; she m. Veeder 
G. Treat, who had previously m. her next older 
sister Susan. 


Esther Elvira Todd^ (Silas', Elam% Edmund', 
Christopher*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^ bom Dec. 
17, 1828, in Mina, Chautauqua County, X. Y., married 
Feb. 17, 1846, Joseph Alonzo Funk, whose father was a 
Capt. in the Indian war, was born Nov. 6, 1826, died 
Jan. 23, 1910. 

Mrs. Funk taught school about two years when she 
married. The school house in which she taught, was 
built of logs, the same as all the dwelling houses. The 
floor was what they called a punchon floor, that is, logs 
split and when laid were smoothed off. One desk made 


of the same material, with holes bored and sticks inserted 
to hold it in place. The seats also were of the same 
material. Sawed lumber, when used, had to be bought 
in Chicago, 111., and hauled with teams to Kansas, which 
would be quite a distance to haul with horses and with 
the roads they must have had in those days. 

They went to Kansas and bought a farm not veiy 
far from Independence where they lived for some time. 
Later, when his health became rather poor, they sold out 
and bought a small place near the town of Independ- 
ence, Kan. 

Children : 

I. Celesta Ovelia, b. March 4, 1847, m. Feb. 17, , 

Dr. J. H. Hutchinson, who died July 10, 1912. 
Issue: (1) A daughter. 
II. Edgar Melam, b. April 8, 1849, m. Aug. 20, 1873, 
Seraphena Majmard. Issue: (1) A son; (2) A 

III. Adrian Alonzo, b. April 19, 1852, d. 1855. 

IV. Sereno Albert, b. Dec. 18, 1853, d. Sept., 1854. 
V. Ildo Alfonzo, b. June 13, 1856, d. July 17, 1902, 

in San Francisco, Cal., m. April 8, 1885, Mary 
J. Tulley. 

VI. Carrie Maria, b. April 4, 1858, m. July 17, 1876, 

Harrison P. Wiltze; she is taking care of her 
mother in her old age, had issue: 2 sons and 2 

VII. Katherine Esther, b. July 6, 1862, m. Sept. 6, 1882, 
Thomas Calk, who died Nov. 5, 1909. Issue: 2 


Adelia Eliza Todd% (Silas", Elam% Edmund\ Chris- 
topher*, Samuel \ Samuel-, Christopher^ born Jan. 30, 
1832, died May 10, 1873, married . 

Children : 
I. A son. 
II. A son. 


III. A daughtei'. 

IV. A daughter. 

V. Infant, d. young. 
VI. Infant, d. young. 


Edward Payson Todd% (Silas', Elam", Edmund'*, 
Christopher', Samuel', Samuel^, Christopher') born July 
24, 1834, in Mina, Chautauqua Countj% N. Y., married 
Feb. 2, 1858, Jane M. Lemon, who was born Oct. 7, 1838, 
in Canada, near Niagara Falls, died July 19, 1912, in 
Independence, Iowa, where he now (1914) lives. 

He was reared on a farm and had veiy little oppor- 
tunity to obtain an education. In Aug., 1862, he enlisted 
in the 96th Illinois Infantry, in which he served his time 
of enlistment and returned home to family and friends 
without being wounded ; he was in fourteen heavy battles 
and many skirmishes. On his return home, he began 
farming again. In the spring of 1874, he sold his farm 
in Illinois, and went to Kansas where he bought another 
near the town of Independence. In 1896, he retired from 
active business life on the farm, and since then has lived 
quietly in Independence, Kan. 

Children : 
*2085. Frank Elmer, b. Dec. 12, 1858. 

2086. Jennie M., b. Dec. 16, 1862, d. Oct. 19, 1871. 

2087. Howard E., b. June 11, 1866, d. Feb. 3, 1890. 
*2088. Herbert Walter, b. June 19, 1869. 

2089. Wilbur B., b. July 29, 1873, d. Oct. 19, 1874. 

2090. Elsie A., b. Sept. 12, 1878, m. Nov. 25, 1902, 

Frank E. Stoops ; they live in Independence, Kan. 
No children. 



Mary Elizabeth Todd% (Silas', Elam^ Edmund', 
Christopher% SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^) bom Aug. 


22, 1839, married John M. Lavake. She lives in Spring 
Green, Sauk County, Wis. 

I. Addie, m. and has two children. 

II. Oscar, m. and has two children. 

III. Warren, m. and has four children. 

IV. Homer, m. and has two children. 
V. Clarence, unmarried. 



Dimis Emeline Todd% (Erastus", Aden", Edmund^ 
Christopher*, Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher^) born Feb. 
11, 1832, married about 1852, William Wallace L'Hom- 
medieu. They lived in Lake Grove, Suffolk County, N. Y. 

Children : 

I. Delos Gager, b. Sept. 20, 1857, m. Estelle Jeffrey, 
who was b. May 29, 1861. Issue: (1) Raymond 
D.; (2) Perrin. 
II. William Albert, b. May 26, 1865, m. Susie Duryea, 
who was b. May 9, 1870, they lived in Stamford, 
Conn. Issue: (1) Albert Whitman, b. April 29, 
1893; (2) Anella, b. March 6, 1895. 



Olive Ellen Todd% (Erastus', Aden% Edmund-', Chris- 
tophei'% Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher') born Nov. 19, 
1834, married in 1855, Darius, son of John and Loly 
(Tuttle) Humiston, who was born in 1833, died Aug. 8, 

Children : 

I. Glenwood Carlisle, b. in Southington, Conn., March 
30, 1859, d. July 4, 1868. 
II. Emma Genevieve, b. Sept. 12, 1860, in Wolcott, 
Conn., m. George Leavenworth. Issue: (1) Bert- 
rand Humiston, b. Feb. 24, 1884. 


III. Warren Todd, b. June 21, 1862, in Wolcott, Conn., 
m. Dec. 25, 1888, Isabel Munson, who was b. May 
1862. Issue: (1) Glenwood Warren, b. Oct. 2, 
1889; (2) Ralph Carhsle, b. June, 1891; (3) 
Clyde Myron, b. Sept., 1892; (4) Ellsworth Mun- 
son, b. July, 1894; (5) Joseph Harold, b. Aug., 


Erastus W. Todd% (Erastus", AdenS Edmund^, 
Christopher*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') bom Sept. 
5, 1839, died Jan. 1, 1890, married Ann Jeannette, daugh- 
ter of Lauren and Mehetabel (Neal) Blakeslee, of South- 
ington. Conn., who was born Nov. 3, 1841, died Aug. 20, 

Children : 
*2091. Eva Adeline, b. Oct. 3, 1862. 
*2092. Erwin Wallace, b. Aug. 19, 1864. 

2093. Jennie Laura, b. Dec. 18, 1866, in Meriden, Conn. ; 

she lived in Brookfield Center, Conn. 

2094. Frances Mirian, b. March 15, 1871, in Scranton. 

2095. Ethel Winona, b. Nov. 17, 1874, m. Aug. 31, 1898, 
Harold Allison Wright, of Manchester, (Conn.?) 

2096. Henry Leon, b. March 1, 1878, in Scranton. 


Luther Buckley Todd', (Erastus", Aden% Edmund^ 
Christopher*, Samuel', SamueP, Christopher') born Aug. 
8, 1843, died in 1905, married Sept. 6, 1870, Caroline 
Maria Palmer, who was born Feb. 15, 1854. They lived 
in Newtown, Conn. 

Children : 

2097. Lewis Irving, b. Feb. 6, 1872, m. June 4, 1895, 

Ellen Lockhead, who was b. Jan. 1, 1872. They 
lived in Bridgeport, Conn. 

2098. Florence Emeline, b. Dec. 22, 1887. 




Elizabeth Eveline ToddS (Erastus", Aden% Edmund^ 
Christopher*, SamueP, Samuel-', Christopher^ born Dec. 
11, 1845, in Liberty, Sullivan County, N. Y., married Jan. 
1, 1863, Elisha Root, son of Capt. Cromwell and Lovina 
(Moore) Newell, who was born April 2, 1830. He served 
his community officially and otherwise in its various 
affairs and was at one time one of the editors of the 
Southington Phoenix. 

Children : 

I. Charles Munde, b. Oct. 24, 1863, in Southington, 
Conn.; in 1916, he was not m. and was living in 
Philadelphia, Penn. 

II. Eva Lovina, b. Feb. 14, 1865, in Southington, Conn., 

m. June 29, 1898, Henry Alonzo, son of Alonzo 
and Samantha (Kentfield) Bosworth, deceased. 
She resides in Plantsville, Conn., with her mother. 



Martha Ann Gertrude Todd% (Samuel B.\ Samue]% 
Eliel% Samuel*, SamueP, Samuel", Christopher^) born 
Oct. 24, 1850, died May 25, 1890, married Dec. 25, 1866, 
David Edmondson, of Brooks County, Georgia. He was 
a prosperous farmer. 

Children : 

I. Martha Ann Ginevra, b. March 14, 1868, d. Sept. 
10, 1890, m. Oct. 2, 1888, E. J. Griffin, who d. 
Nov. 28, 1909. Issue: (1) Anna Maude, b. Sept. 
8, 1890, d. June 5, 1893. 
II. John Jackson, b. Dec. 6, 1870, unmarried. 

III. Marie Virginia, b. Nov. 18, 1872, m. L. H. Cook, 

M. D. ; they had four children. 

IV. Lizzie Belle, b. Oct. 3, 1874, d. in 1908, m. John 

L. Everett; they lived in Milltown, Ga. ; they had 
four children. 


V. James Lee, b. March 12, 1876, d. Sept. 10, 1907; 
he m. and had one child. 

VI. Fannie Todd, b. Dec. 21, 1878; she is m. and lives 
in Blountstown, Fla., and has five children. 

VII. Carrie Cleveland, b. May 19, 1880, d. May 11, 1904, 
m. Oct. 3, 1898, Cleveland G. Beatty. No children. 
VIII. Florence Eunice, b. Nov. 17, 1883, m. John R. Bos- 
tick, who is a prosperous farmer and lives in 
Hahira, Ga. They have two sons and two daugh- 

IX. Beulah May, b. Aug. 4, 1886, m. Luther J. Cooper, 
who is a progressive farmer. They live in Bar- 
rett, Ga., and have two sons and a daughter. 



Fannie Alathea Todd% (Samuel B.\ Samuel*, Eliel', 
Samuels Samuels Samuel-, Christopher^) born Jan. 17, 
1854, died Nov. 2, 1911, married David S. Money, who 
died Feb. 13, 1911. He was a noted educator and lived 
some time in Virginia ; moved to Knoxville, Tenn., where 
they lived about twenty years, thence they moved to At- 
lanta, Ga., where they passed their remaining days. 

Children : 

I. Owen S., m. and has six children; lives in Knox- 
ville, Tenn. 
II. Sancho A., m. and has four children and lives in 
Knoxville, Tenn. 

III. Caleb J., m. and has two children ; he is a minister 
and lives in Knoxville, Tenn. 

IV. Georgia Virginia, m. W. Alvin Watson and has 

seven children; they live in Knoxville, Tenn. 
V. Bertha Althea, m. an officer in the United States 

VI. Edward L., he is a mail clerk and lives in Atlanta, 

VII. Mattie May, she is an expert oculist and lives in 

Atlanta, Ga. 



Charles Carrol Todd% (Samuel B.', SamueP, Eliel-', 
Samuel% Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher') born July 29, 
1857, died Jan. 10, 1902, married Dec. 25, 1889, at Plant 
City, Fla. 

Children : 

2099. Flossie Delle, b. June 2, 1891. 

2100. Marie Lou, b. Nov. 25, 1894. 

2101. Frederick E., b. Feb. 12, 1897, d. April 30, 1916. 

2102. Charles Carrol, b. Jan. 10, 1902. 


Edward Livingston Todd% (Samuel B.', SamueP, 
ElieP, Samuel*, Samuel*, Samuel-, Christopher^ born 
Sept. 16, 1866, was twice married, first, Jan. 1, 1890, 
Emma Hall, who died Oct. 4, 1898, second, Nov. 18, 1899, 
Minnie Ola Chastaine. 

Mr. Todd lived in Georgia, where he farmed until 
Dec, 1894, when he moved to Plant City, Fla.; he was 
ordained to the work of the Gospel Ministry, Sunday, 
July 3, 1896, and has been a pastor of churches ever 
since, and at this time, (1918) he is serving five churches. 
In 1904, he moved to Georgia and is now (1918) living 
near Valdosta, Ga. 

Children by Emma Hall : 

2103. Peari Allene, b. Nov. 2, 1890, in Hahira, Ga., 
graduated from the Bessie Tift College, June, 
1913 ; took post graduate course in the Seminary 
in Louisville, Ky. 

2104. Jewell Ray, b. Aug. 15, 1894, in Hahira, Ga. ; 
graduated from Bessie Tift College, June, 1917; 
teaching at Metcalf, Ga. 

2105. Walter McD., b. Aug. 4, 1897, in Plant City, Fla.; 

graduated from Norman Institute, June, 1917; 
he enlisted in the U. S. Army, July 10, 1918. 


Children by Minnie Ola Chastaine: 

2106. Maria Ola, b. Aug. 13, 1901, d. Aug. 16, 1901. 

2107. Edward L., b. Oct. 17, 1906, d. Oct. 20. 1906. 

2108. Althea Virginia, b. March 14, 1911. 



Lola Blanche Todd^ (Samuel B.% SamueP, Eliel=, 
Samuel*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born Nov. 19, 
1868, died July 23, 1906, married March 10, 1892, John 
D. Miller, who died Nov. 25, 1906. She married second, 
May 24, 1898, Frank M. Branch, at Plant City, Fla., 
where she lived the last years of her life and where she 

Child by John D.Miller: 
I. Felton E. Todd, b. April 3, 1893, d. July 21, 1906. 


Vernon Lawrence Todd^ (Hiram L.^ SamueP, ElieP, 
Samuel*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^) born Jan. 8, 
1846, in Westford, Vt., died Oct. 14, 1890, married Sept. 
18, 1873, Anna Elizabeth Teftt, of Saratoga Springs, N. 
Y., and where she died. He was a successful merchant 
in Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

Children : 
2109. Olive, d. young. 
*2110. Hiram Charles, b. July 17, 1876. 

2111. Leonard, d. young. 

2112. Anna, d. young. 


Charles Sanford Todd«, (Eliel SJ, SamueP, ElieP, 
SamueP, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born July 19, 
1853, in Boston, Mass., died May 10, 1898, and was buried 
in the family lot in Boston, married in 1878, Eliza Ger- 


trude Neat, who was born in Boston, Mass., and is now 
(1918) living there. He was a bookkeeper. 

Children : 
*2113. Charles Irving, b. April 9, 1880. 
*2114. Pauline Louise, b. Dec. 16, 1882. 
2115. Marion, b. Dec. 16, 1882, d. May 1910, twin with 

the last. 
*2116. Ella N., b. May 1, 1884. 


Hiram Burr Todd% (Dyer% Burr% SamueF, Samuel, 
SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher') born July 26, 1848, mar- 
ried twice, first, Elizabeth D. Ganoung, who was born 
July 3, 1854, died Dec. 11, 1888, in New Berlin, N. Y.?, 
he married second, Nov. 29, 1889, Mrs. Alice M. Starr. 
Mr. Todd writes from South New Berlin, N. Y., 
March 8, 1908. "I remember great grandfather the old 
soldier. I can see how he looked as plain as if I had 
his photo to look at. He showed me four bullet wounds 
on his person, two on one arm and two on one limb 
below the knee. He said the Red Coats shot him. I was 
so impressed by the idea of the British shooting him I 
never will forget it. 

Children by Elizabeth A. Ganoung: 

2117. Merwin S., b. Sept. 27, 1877. 
*2118. Charlotte A., b. April 28, 1885. 

2119. Gerald D., b. April 28, 1885. 


John B. Todd", (Hiram', Isaac^, Samuel', Samuel*, 
Samuel', Samuel-', Christopher') bom April 29, 1866. mar- 
ried June 20, 1886, Jeanette A. Hubbard. 

Children : 
*2120. Hazel Orilla, b. Sept. 16, 1890. 
*2121. Scudder B., b. April 2, 1893. 
2122. Merwin L., b. March 11, 1896, m. Alice Ackerk- 

2122a. Glenn B., b. June 20, 1897. 
2122b. John B., b. Dec. 31, 1900. 



Carolyn Todd', (Burr^ Isaac^ Samuel% Samuel% 
SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^) born July 27, 1858, mar- 
ried first, Allen Doolittle, of Griffins Corners, N. Y., sec- 
ond, Worth. 

Child by Allen Doolittle: 
I. Roy C. 


Augustus H. Todd^, (Burr% Isaac% SamueP, Samuel*, 
SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^ born April 11, 1863, 
married Sarah, daughter of Nelson and Melissa Beardsley, 
of Kelley's Corners, Delaware County, N. Y. 

In Biographical Review, published in 1895, article 
of Augustus H. Todd, the leading men of Delaware Coun- 
ty, N. Y., there is a very ridiculous fable about Samuel 
Todd the Revolutionary war soldier. Samuel Todd, ac- 
cording to Clarissa, his daughter, lived in Litchfield 
County, Conn. In 1800, she was born there; in 1802, 
the family moved to Middletown, Delaware County, N. 
Y. ; there were six sons and four daughters from 22 down 
to 2 years ; three of them taught school. Now, as his wife, 
Maiy Dudley Todd had 10 children, she could not have 
been the "brave young wife" of the fable. And as her 
father, Capt. John E. Dudley owned the Dudley mansion 
in Wallingford, Conn., it is not likely Mary Dudley Todd 
was poor as the fable tells about. Mary Dudley Todd's 
mother was a Brockett and had property. The fables 
bride and groom had ten children when they moved to 
New York in 1802, Viz. : John, Samuel, Dudley, Lyman, 
Dyer, Burr, Mary, Lucinda, Sally and Clarissa, then in 
1804, Darling was born and in 1807, Isaac was born. 
All lived to grow up but Dyer, who died at the age of 22 

The above criticism is by Adella Helmershausen. 

Children : 

2123. Otis H. 

2124. Marea H. 



William Merwin Todd«, (Walker% Eli«, Jonah^ Abra- 
ham*, Jonah% Samuel-, Christopher^) married Mary . 


2125. James W.; lives in New York City. 



Mary Todd% (Walker", Eli% Jonah=, Abraham*, 
Jonah^ SamueP, Christopher^) was threee times married, 
first, George Wooley, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., second, 
Joseph Howard, third, Waring. 

Childi-en by George Wooley: 

I. Sarah, m. McArthur; they went to Turks 

Island to live. Had seven children. 

II. Walker, m. and lived in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; had two 


III. George, d. during the civil war. 

IV. Nellie, d. of consumption. 

Child by Joseph Howard : 
V. Alexander. 


Henry B. Todd% (Walker', Eli% Jonah=, Abraham*, 

Jonah^, SamueP, Christopher') married Louisa A. . 

Lived in New York City. 

Children : 

2126. Charies J., b. Oct. 27, 1857; lived in New York 

*2127. Jotham M. K., b. Sept. 17, 1859. 



Sophia Todd^ (Walker% Eli% Jonah^ Abrahams 
Jonahs SamueP, Christopher^) died March, 1879, married 
Jotham Merritt Knowlton. 

Children : 
I. Charles. 

II. James. 

III. Harry. 

IV. Hattie. 

V. Jotham, b. 1866, d. 1879. 


Alexander ToddS (Walker, Eli% JonahS Abrahams 
Jonahs Samuels Christopher') removed to California, 
where he married and had issue. 

Children : 

2128. A daughter, m. Vernon, who was a Col. 

of the G. A. R. and lived in Washington, D. C. 

2129. A daughter. 



Elizabeth ToddS (Eli M.S EliS JonahS Abrahams 
Jonahs SamueP, Christopher') born July 2, 1816, died 
in 1896, married Oct. 20, 1835, James D. Halstead. 

Children : 
I. Augustus Merwin. 
II. James Mandeville. 

III. Lily. 


Joshua Mandeville ToddS (Ell M.S EliS JonahS 
Abrahams JonahS Samuels Christopher') born Dec. 8, 


1824, in Waterford, N. Y., died Aug. 25, 1912, married 
May 26, 1847, Eliza Pannalee, daughter of Robert and 
Elizabeth (Judson) Blake, who was born May 5, 1825, 
in Saratoga, N. Y., died Nov. 2, 1901. 

Children : 
2131. Eli Merwin, b. March 19, 1848, d. Sept. 16, 1878, 

in Texas, unmarried. 
*2131. Eliza Blake, b. July 30, 1849. 
*2132. George Mandeville, b. Feb. 6, 1853. 
*2133. Robert Blake, b. April 9, 1856. 
*2134. Sophia Porter, b. Dec. 23, 1858. 
*2135. Charlotte Elizabeth, b. Nov. 24, 1860. 
2136. Mary Ann, b. Sept. 23, 1864, m. Dec. 15, 1898, 
Richard B. Moriarty, who d. Nov. 26, 1905. 
*2137. Judson Scott, b. May 16, 1867. 



Sophia Rachel Todd^ (Eli M.\ Eli^ JonahS Abra- 
ham*, Jonahs SamueP, Christopher') born Nov. 12, 1828, 
died Nov. 11, 1858, married May 27, 1847, John K. 
Porter. They lived in Albany, N. Y., until her death. 

Children : 
I. Mary Ann, b. March 15, 1848, d. Jan. 15, 1858. 

II. Juliet Sophia, b. Aug. 14, 1849, d. Aug. 15, 1850. 

III. William Lawrence, b. Nov. 2, 1853, unmarried and 

lived in Waterford, N. Y. 


George Merwin Todd% (Eli M.% EliS Jonah=, Abra- 
hams Jonahs SamueP, Christopher^) born Jan. 1, 1836, 
died Nov. 3, 1901, he was twice married, first, May 15, 
1855, Elizabeth Barker, second, May 31, 1877, Kate 
Armel at Madison, Ind. She is now (1915) living in 
Sacramento, Cal. 


Children by Elizabeth Barker: 

2138. Sophia, b. Feb. 16, 1856. 

2139. Charles Albert, b. March 1, 1858, d. Aug. 10, 1859. 

2140. Mary Ann, b. June 10, 1860. 

2141. Lillie, b. Aug. 16, 1863, m. Kennedy. 

2142. George, b. Aug., 1869, d. 1872. 

2143. Franklin, b. 1873, d. 1873. 

Children by Kate Armel : 

2144. Kate A., b. May 20, 1878, m. in 1900, 


2145. Nellie R., b. April 16, 1880. 

2146. Merwin Armel, b. Nov. 23, 1881, m. Mabel Davis; 
they live in Beach Haven, N. J., where he is in 
the plumbing business. 

2147. Walter Scott, b. Jan. 16, 1884. 

2148. Clarence Demund, b. Sept. 19, 1887, m. May 18, 
1915, Marie Marrifield. 



Mary Elizabeth Todd^ (George T.% Eli«, Jonah% 
Abraham*, JonahS SamueP, Christopher ') born April 22, 
1845, married Aug. 21, 1865, John C. Whittelsey, who was 
born Feb. 17, 1832, died Jan., 1910. She lived in Fond 
du Lac, Wis. 

Children : 
I. Julia Corolie, b. Jan. 23, 1867, d. Nov. 23, 1868. 

II. Grace Elizabeth, b. Sept. 27, 1868, d. Aug. 8, 1870. 

III. Mary Elizabeth, b. April 13, 1880, d. May 21, 1892. 


George Winchell Todd«, (George T.% Eli«, Jonah', 
Abraham*, Jonah^ Samuel^ Christopher^) born July 22, 
1849, died Dec. 4, 1904, in Minneapolis, Minn., married 
Dec, 1876, Cynthia Soule, who was bom Jan. 4, 1849. 


Children : 
2149. Marie Annette, b. Oct. 12, 1877, in Neenah, Wis. ; 
took a college course at the University of Min- 
nesota; for a long time she has had a position 
in the Public Libraiy in Minneapolis, Minn. She 
is unmarried. 
*2150. Edith Cornelia, b. Oct. 20, 1879. 
*2151. Alice Corolie, b. Aug. 16, 1881. 



Charlotte Rachel Todd', (George T.', Eli'', Jonah% 
Abraham*, Jonah^ Samuel-, Christopher^ born Sept. 13, 

1855, married Sept. 25, 1889, Daniel P. Deane, who was 
born Nov. 23, 1842, died Oct. 21, 1913. At one time 
she taught school in Fond du Lac, Wis. and Minneapolis, 

Children : 
I. Elizabeth Dorothea, b. Jan. 20, 1891, d. young. 

II. George Brookes, b. Oct. 7, 1893. 

III. Margaret Louise Keep, b. Oct. 23, 1894. 


Calvin Chamberlain Todd^ (George T.', Eli", Jonah=, 
Abraham*, Jonah^ SamueP, Christopher ^ born Dec. 14, 

1856, married July 2, 1901, Katherine E. Case, who was 
born Sept. 29, 1866, and was a native of Aldenville, Penn. 
In 1883, she moved with her father's family to S. Dak. ; 
she took a two years course at Pratt's Arts Institute, in 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; taught school in S. Dak. 

He attended the Wisconsin State University, receiv- 
ing his diploma from there; later he went to the Mc- 
Cormick Theological Seminary, in Chicago, 111., and 
graduated. He was ordained as a Presbyterian Minister 
and has held pastorates in Hurley and Superior, Wis., 
and Aberdeen, S. Dak. For several years he has been 
Home Mission Field Worker, (Pastor-at-large), with his 
headquarters at Aberdeen, S. Dak. 


Child : 
2151a. George Benjamin, b. Aug. 28, 1902. 


Abraham H. Todd% (Abraham^ Abraham", Abra- 
ham^ Abraham\ Jonah^ SamueP, Christopher') born 
June 17, 1819, died March 14, 1894, married Jan. 9, 
1839, Mary A., daughter of Daniel and Susan (Rockwell) 
Horton, who was born July 27, 1814, in Putnam County, 
N. Y., died Nov. 1, 1887. They lived in Katonah, N. Y. 

Children : 
*2152. Ophelia Jane, b. May 4, 1841. 
*2153. George E., b. Sept. 8, 1844. 
*2154. Susie M., b. June 27, 1850. 
*2155. Horace H., b. Nov. 19, 1848. 
2156. Henry, b. Dec. 1, 1852, d. young. 



Electa M. Todd^ (Abraham% Abraham^, Abraham\ 
Abrahams Jonah% Samuel-', Christopher') boni April 17, 
1821, married Jackson Slocum, of Purdy's, N. Y. 

Children : 
I. Mary, d. in 1900, m. Leonard Ellis. 
II. Horace, m. Mary O'Brien, and had issue: (1) 
Edith, m. Thurson Cuyler, of Pui'dy's Station, N. 
Y., where she resides ; (2) Mortimer; (3) Irving. 


Charles Todd', (Abrahams Abraham", Abraham^, 
AbraliamS JonahS SamueP, Christopher') born Oct. 28, 
1826, in Goldens Bridge, N. Y., died April 8, 1870, in 
Ridgefield, Conn. He was twice married both wives 
being sisters, first, in Nov., 1850, Mary Ann, daughter 
of Lyman and Delilah (Wescott) Knapp, who was born 


Nov. 18, 1832, died May 24, 1861, second, in June, 1861, 
Eliza Jane Knapp, a sister to his first wife and who was 
bom Dec. 29, 1834, died April 10, 1910, at the old home 
in Ridgefield. 

During the first Mrs. Todd's last sickness, she had 
her younger sister come to take care of her and it was 
her dying request that Mr. Todd should immediately 
marry this sister after her decease, that she (her sister) 
might bring up the children. Accordingly, the marriage 
took place the next month after her decease. 

Children by Mary Ann Knapp: 
*2157. Estella, b. Jan. 24, 1853. 
2158. Charles Knapp, b. Sept. 22, 1855, he is unmarried; 
lives with his younger brother in the homestead 
at Ridgefield, Conn. 
*2159. Flora, b. Aug. 23, 1857. 

2160. Rufus, b. Sept. 25, 1859, he too, is unmarried and 
lives at the old place in Ridgefield, Conn. 

Child by Eliza Jane Knapp : 

2161. Marj' Ann, b. March 23, 1862, is unmarried; she 

keeps house for her two half brothers at the 
old place in Ridgefield, Conn. 


Clark Todd*, (Abraham^ Abraham", Abraham^, 
Abraham^, Jonah^ SamueP, Christopher born Dec. 29, 
1827, died May 22, 1906, at his home in White Plains, 
N. Y., married about 1855, Merrial Perkins, daughter of 
Nathan and Margaret (Dexter) Voris, the later name 
being a contraction of Van Voorhees, she was born Oct. 
14, 1832, died Nov. 14, 1905. 

Children : 
*2162. Charles Francis. 
*2163. Julia Frances. 

2164. Abraham Lincoln, d. young. 

2165. Hettlbelle, d. young. 



Elbei-t Todd\ (Abraham", Abraham^ Abraham^ 
Abraham*, Jonah\ Samuel-, Christopher^) born June 20, 
1834, he was married twice, first, Rhoda Washburn, sec- 
ond, Carrie Merritt. 

Child by Rhoda Washburn: 

2166. Ezra, a dentist; lived at 47 East 29th St., New 
York City. 

Children by Carrie Merritt: 

2167. A daughter. 

2168. A daughter. 



Mary Jane Todd', (Abraham', Abraham", Abraham'', 
Abraliam% Jonah', Samuel-, Christopher^ born Nov. 24, 
1836, died Dec. 19, 1904, married Oct. 19, 1859, Elbert 
S. N. Willson, who died Oct. 19, 1912. 

Children : 
I. Eliza A., b. Jan. 9, 1863, d. Feb. 12, 1902. 

II. Florence W., b. April 13, 1868, m. Gilbert B. Burr, 

and resides in Danbury, Conn. 

III. Lauretta B., b. April 3, 1871, m. Anderson. 


Joseph N. Todd*, (Jonah', Abraham", Abraham-', 
Abraham\ Jonah\ Samuel-, Christopher^) born May 3, 
1816, in South Salem, N. Y., died June 2, 1877, in Pres- 
cott. Wis., married Sarah Ann Reynolds, who died July 
12, 1902. He was a farmer. 

Children : 
*2169. Irving, b. July 23, 1841. 
*2170. William R., b. June 8, 1845. 
2171. Jonah, b. Sept. 18, 1847 ; he is a fanner and lives 
in Prescott, Wis., unmarried. 


*2172. Morris R., b. Sept. 6, 1850. 

2173. Harvey A., b. Oct. 29, 1857. 


Leonard Barton Todd^ (Jonah% Abraham% Abra- 
ham', Abraham*, Jonah\ Samuel-, Christopher^) born 
Sept. 14, 1818, died Feb. 6, 1880, at Cross River, N. Y., 
married Oct. 19, 1842, Loretta, daughter of Daniel and 
Susan R. Horton. He was a farmer. 

Children : 

2174. Daniel Horton, b. Oct. 8, 1849, m. Nov. 8, 1881, 
Flora Green, of Goldens Bridge, N. Y. No chil- 

2175 Helena L., b. Sept. 27, 1853, unmarried, and 

resides in Katonah, N. Y. 
*2176. Julia A., b. Jan. 25, 1856. 

2177. Emilia A., b. Aug. 16, 1859, m. Jan. 25, 1882, 
Albert L. Van Scoy, of Brewsters, N. Y. They 
lived in Carmel, N. Y., in 1912. No children. 

Cyrus Lawrence Todd% (Jonah', Abraham", Abra- 
ham', Abraham*, Jonah^ SamueP, Christopher^) born 
April 1, 1821, at Cross River, N. Y., died there March 
14, 1903, married Feb. 15, 1844, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Gideon and Betsey Reynolds, of Cross River, N. Y., and 
who was born Dec. 31, 1820, died March 30, 1894. He 
was a farmer. 

Children : 
*2178. Arthur C, b. May 22, 1849. 

2179. Amelia, b. Jan. 21, 1855; she resides at Seven 

Maples Farm, Cross River, N. Y. 

2180. Carrie, b. Feb. 8, 1860, d. Sept. 4, 1860. 



Deborah A. Todd', (Jonah^ Abraham', Abraham^ 
Abraham*, Jonah^ SamueP, Christopher born July 15, 


1828, died Nov. 22, 1876, married Nov. 28, 1848, George 
W., son of Daniel and Susan R. Horton, who died in 1905. 
Mrs. Horton and her brother Leonard B. Todd married 
a brother and sister. 


I. Theron J., b. May 21, 1853, he m. his double cousin, 
Julia A., daughter of Leonard B. and Loretta 
(Horton) Todd, who was b. Jan. 25, 1856. For 
their Children see No. 2176. 


Wilbur Todd", (Martin', Abraham", Abraham-', Abra- 
ham\ Jonah', Samuel-, Christopher') bom May 28, 1839, 
died March 3, 1910, married May 28, 1874, Emma F., 
daughter of David and Clara (Bouton) Newman, who 
was born March 12, 1852, died Dec. 7, 1885. He was 
a farmer at Goldens Bridge, N. Y. 


2181. Sarah, b. March 28, 1875. 
*2182. Clara, b. March 8, 1877. 
*2183. Alice, b. Aug. 1, 1879. 
*2184. Joseph, b. Jan. 23, 1881. 
*2185. Armenia, b. Jan. 8, 1883. 

2186. Estella, b. Dec. 31, 1884, d. July 31, 1885. 


Julia Todd", (Martin', Abraham^ Abraham^ Abra- 
ham% Jonah^ SamueP, Christopher') born Jan. 10, 1841, 
died April 15, 1915, married Edward B., son of Simeon 
Brady, who was born Aug. 5, 1833, in Goldens Bridge, 
N. Y., died Jan. 26, 1906. They lived in Goldens Bridge, 
N. Y, 

Children : 
I. Edward T., b. Nov. 21, 1860, d. Sept. 16, 1864. 


II. Arthur L., b. Dec. 15, 1862, d. July 18, 1910, m. 
July 24, 1906, Wynetta Davis. Issue: (1) George 
T., b. May 13, 1907. 

III. Mary, b. Nov. 27, 1864, d. April 22, 1868. 

IV. Julia, b. May 17, 1867, m. May 21, 1890, Edward 

S. Green, and had issue: (1) Clarence K, b. Oct. 
19, 1894. 
V. Cornelia, b. May 17, 1867, she was a twin with last. 

VI. Edward, b. Sept. 24, 1869, m. April 14, 1897, Flor- 

ence A. Quick, who d. Feb. 16, 1907. Issue: (1) 
Stebbins Q., b. Jan. 26, 1902. 

VII. Hortense, b. Aug. 28, 1871. 

VIII. Laura A., b. April 21, 1873, d. Sept. 25, 1882. 
IX. Simeon, b. Sept. 26, 1875, m. Jan. 16, 1901, Ella 
M. Merritt and had issue: (1) Simeon, b. May 7, 
1902: (2) Lucy M.. b. May 16, 1903. 
X. Martin T., b. Aug. 23, 1877, m. Feb. 26, 1907, 
Bertha Tierman and had issue: (1) Julia T., b. 
Nov. 22, 1907; (2) Hortense G., b. March 3, 1912. 
XI. Enoch, b. Oct. 3, 1880, d. June 3, 1892. 
XII. George H., b. Nov. 26, 1882. 


Cornelia Todd^ (Martin', Abraham^ Abraham', 
Abraham^, JonahS SamueP, Christopher^) born July 28, 
1845, married May 9, 1865, Aaron K. Silkman, who was 
born June 20, 1845. They lived at Goldens Bridge, N. Y. 


I. George, b. Sept. 4, 1866, m. Dec. 18, 1884, Berthenia 

II. Evelyn, b. Dec. 16, 1868, m. John S. Hunt and had 

issue: (1) Mildred, b. June 13, 1891 ; (2) Cornelia. 

III. Wright, b. Sept. 20, 1871. 

IV. Aaron, b. June 8, 1874. 

V. Martin Todd, b. Nov. 4, 1877. 



Ira Todd% ('Orrin% David^, Abraham', Abrahams 
Jonahs SamueP, Christopher^) born Oct. 7, 1825, died 
Jan. 10, 1899, married Dec. 21, 1847, Zilpha Manchester, 
who was born Oct. 11, 1829. He was a farmer and owned 
and operated one not very far from Rochester, N. Y. 
In his later years he retired and went to live in Rochester, 
N. Y., where he died. 

*2187. Jerome M., b. March 9, 1850. 
*2188. Marshall, b. April 12, 1852. 
*2189. Ella D., b. June 16, 1855. 
*2190. Frank 0., b. Aug. 2, 1858. 
*2191. Stanley, b. Aug. 23, 1862. 

2192. Lillian A., b. July 2, 1872, d. Aug. 22, 1872. 


Lucinda ToddS (OrrinS David^, Abraham', Abra- 
hamS Jonahs SamueP, Christopher^) bom Sept. 14, 1834, 
married Feb. 19, 1862, Moore. 

Children : 

I. Charles H., b. March 4, 1866. 
II. George Orrin, b. Nov. 25, 1868. 
III. Alice Caroline, b. Dec. 10, 1874, m. Oct. 4, 1911, 
George R. Buckley. 


David ToddS (Wrights DavidS Abrahams Abra- 
ham*, Jonahs Samuels Christopher^) born April 15, 1820, 
in Cortland, near Peekskill, N. Y., died March 22, 1899, 
married Dec. 8, 1844, Eliza Speer, who was born Aug. 
2, 1822, died May 11, 1882. He was a farmer. 

Children : 

2193. Mary Frances, b. Nov. 15, 1846, m. Nov. 9, 1899, 

George Truesdale, who was born Nov. 19, 1833. 
*2194. Sarah Elizabeth, b. March 26, 1859. 



John Todd*, (Wright', David'^, Abraham^, Abraham*, 
Jonah', Samuel-', Christopher^ born Jan. 23, 1822, at 
the old homestead in Peekskill, N. Y., married in 1864, 
Sophia Joiner, of Henrietta, N. Y. In 1826, he went 
with his parents to Greece, N. Y., where he received his 
education. He was a farmer, but during- his later years, 
he retired and went to Rochester, N. Y., to live. 

*2195. Sarah A., b. Feb. 2, 1849. 
*2196. Emma Jane, b. Oct. 26, 1850. 

2197. Alta, b. July 19, 1852. 
*2198. Carrie A., b. July 13, 1857. 

2199. Charles, b. March 27, 1860. 
*2200. George W., b. Oct. 

Albert Todd«, (Wright-, David«, Abraham^, Abra- 
ham*, Jonah^ SamueP, Christopher') born Nov. 20, 1827, 
in Greece, N. Y. ; who he married is unknown to the 
writer. He was a farmer and lived in Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Children : 

2201. A son. 

2202. A daughter. 


Orrin W. Todd% (Wright% David^ Abraham^ Abra- 
ham*, Jonah', Samuel-, Christopher') born Dec. 12, 1841, 
in Greece, N. Y. ; he married and had at least one child, 
a son. He was a farmer. 

Child : 

2203. A son. 

Morris ToddS (Allen', David% Abraham^, Abraham*, 
Jonah% Samuel-, Christopher') born in 1830, in Herkimer 


County, N. Y., died in 1902, in Quasqueton, Iowa, married 
about 1853, Clara F. Finlayson, who was born in 1836, 
in Onondaga County, N. Y. 

In his early life, Mr. Todd learned and worked at 
the shipwright trade. Removing to Michigan, he settled 
in Port Sanlac, St. Clair County, and engaged in the gen- 
eral merchandise business. It was while he was living 
here that he married Miss Finlayson. In 1854, he moved 
again, going to Iowa, and making the journey in a one- 
horse spring wagon and arrived at Quasqueton, June 2, 
1854. Having purchased some land he began farming, 
engaging in general agricultural pursuits and stock-rais- 
ing for many years. In fact, he was a prominent repre- 
sentative of that line of activity in Buchanan County, 
till the time of his death. He held the office of county 
supervisor for one term, having been elected on the Re- 
publican ticket, and was the first assessor of Libeiiy 

Children : 

*2204. Albert Nelson, b. April 19, 1854. 

*2205. Mary I. 

*2206. Carrie A. 

*2207. Emma Viola. 

*2208. Jessie V. 

*2209. Howard M. 

2210. Allen L., deceased. 

Allen D. Todd=, (Allen", David^ Abraham^, Abra- 
ham^, Jonah^, SamueP, Christopher^) born Jan. 2, 1840, 
in South Greece, N. Y., which is now called Elmwood, 
died May 19, 1913, in Rochester, N. Y., married twice, 
first, Julia Smith, second, Angeline Elliott. 

*2211. Edith. 


Eurania G. Todd*, (Allen", David^ Abraham^ Abra- 
ham'', Jonah', SamueP, Christopher') born May 1, 1843, 
in South Greece, N. Y., died May 2, 1904, in Rochester, 
N. Y., married in 1859, Luman A. Smith. 

Children : 
I. Dora M., b. in 1863, in South Greece, N. Y., m. in 
1889, Rev. F. W. Lockwood, who was a Baptist 
clergyman. They lived in Cambridge, Mass. No 
II. Estella, b. in Ogden, N. Y., in 1868 ; she is unmar- 
ried and in 1914, lived in Boston, Mass. 


William Agor Todd^ (John', David*', Abraham-', 
Abraham*, Jonah^, SamueP, Christopher') born March 
28, 1833, died Sept. 18, 1892, married April 30, 1856, 
Angeline R. Manchester, who was born Sept. 23, 1835. 
She was still living in 1913. 

Children : 

2212. Duane M., b. May 29, 1858, d. Oct. 29, 1865. 

2213. Alzina L., b. Sept. 27, 1867, m. Aug. 29, 1894, Rob- 
ert M., son of John G. and Margaret Sew ell 
Elliott, who was b. March 25, 1863, in England. 
In 1913, they lived in Willard, N. Y. They did 
not have children. 

2214. Leona E., b. Sept. 20, 1870; she was unmarried 
and lived in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. in 1913. 


Kelsey Todd*, (John% David^, Abraham^, Abraham*, 
Jonah% SamueP, Christopher') bom Feb. 11, 1835, in 
Royalton, Niagara County, N. Y., died July 20, 1897, mar- 
ried Mary Janette Sawyer. 


He was a farmer, owning and operating the same 
farm which his father bought of the Holland Land Pur- 

Children : 
*2215. Jennie L., b. Dec. 11, 1860. 

2216. Jessie E., b. April 2, 1863, d. Jan. 18, 1883. 

2217. Frank E., b. Oct. 6, 1871; he is engaged in the 
grain and produce business in Middleport, N. Y. 



Elizabeth Ann Todd^ (Alfred% David% Abraham', 
Abrahams Jonah\ Samuel% Christopher^ born Jan. 25, 
1836, married William F. Strang. 

Children : 

I. Fowler. 

II. Franklin. 



Hannah ToddS (Alfred', DavidS Abrahams Abra- 
ham*, Jonahs SamueP, Christopher^) born Aug. 27, 1841, 
at the old homestead near Peekskill, N. Y., married Henry 
B. Hunt. 

Children : 

I. Mary. ^ 

II. Harry Waldo. 


David ToddS (Alfreds David«, Abrahams Abrahams 
Jonahs Samuels Christopher^ born June 16, 1843, at the 
old homestead in Peekskill, N. Y., died May 31, 1896, 
married Dec. 15, 1871, Ellen Purdy, of Cortland, (near 
Peekskill,) N. Y. 


Mr. Todd was a farmer nearly all his active life 
living- at the old homestead, except for a time when he 
engaged in a tiucking business in New York City. In 
politics he was a Democrat. He was at one time a school 
trustee. He attended the public schools of his native 
town, until he entered the Peekskill Military Academy 
for a course. His farm was one that is now (1915) 
owned by his two sons, and has been owned by the family 
for about 125 years. It contains about two hundred 
acres, and in recent years it has been marred and dam- 
aged by the passage of the Catskill Aqueduct which passes 
diagonally across it. In some places it is 20 or 30 feet 
above the level of the surface, and in others it passes 
through a cut 40 or 50 feet deep. 

Children : 

2218. Alpheus, b. Oct. 20, 1874, at the old homestead 

where he still lives, (1915) and operates the farm 
in company with his brother. He attended the 
public schools and later for a time attended View- 
land Academy which was a school for boys near 
Peekskill, N. Y. 

2219. Wilke, b. Jan. 19, 1877; graduated from the 

Drumm Hill High School at Peekskill, N. Y. 
Later he was taking a course in civil engineering 
when his father died leaving he and his brother 
the farm on which they have since been associated 
under the name of A. and W. Todd. 

2220. Elsie, b. March 10, 1887 ; graduated from the Oak- 
dale High School in 1906 and from the Institute 
of Musical Art in New York City, in 1911. Later 
she continued to pursue the study of music taking 
piano instruction under the guidance of some of 
the best known teachers in New York City. 


William Todd«, (Alfred', David^ Abraham^ Abra- 
hams Jonahs Samuel^ Christopher^) bom Feb. 8, 1845, 
married Anne E., daughter of Charles Shields and Ann 


(McCall) Seabury, who was born Oct. 6, 1875. They 
reside near Peekskill, N. Y. 

Child : 

2221. Martha, b. March 27, 1907. 


Albert Todd^, (Stephen^ Ira", Oliver^, Abraham^, 
Jonah^ Samuel-", Christopher') bom Nov. 20, 1826, died 
in New York City April 5, 1887, married June 12, 1861, 
Maiy Hutchings Crane. 

Albert Todd graduated from Yale College in the class 
of 1850. For several years he corresponded for the New 
York Herald and other leading papers. He was a real 
estate dealer and lived in Tarrytown, N. Y. 

Children : 

2222. Rosalie, b. March 2, 1864, d. Nov. 11, 1864. 

2223. Caroline Evelyn, b. July 1, 1866 ; lived at 48 Grand 
St., White Plains, N. Y. 

2224. Arthur Cleveland, b. Dec. 5, 1869, at Ossining, 
N. Y. He is engaged in the real estate and con- 
tracting business at 92 Spring St., New York City 
and for several years resided at the City Club 
of New York, 55 W. 44th St., member of the 
sons of the American Revolution, Museum of Art, 
City Club of New York and of the 7th Regiment, 
National Guard, State of New York. 

2225. Albert Curtis, b. Aug. 9, 1871, d. Aug. 24, 1872. 

2226. Earnest Maurice, b. June 30, 1872, d. in Chicago, 
111., Nov. 11, 1905, m. Ida A. Minnis. 


Gilbert M. ToddS (Stephen', Ira«, 01iver^ Abraham*, 
Jonah% Samuel^ Christopher') boi'n in Salem, N. Y., 
Nov. 7, 1833, died Oct. 7, 1908, married Jan. 24, 1856, 
Eleanor F. Hull. 

For fifteen years he served as supervisor of the town 
of Ossining, New York. He also held several other posi- 
tions of trust in the town. 


Children : 

2227. Alice Baker, b. Oct. 15, 1856, twin with the next. 

2228. Charlotte Louise, b. Oct. 15, 1856; both of these 
twins live with their mother in Ossining, N. Y. 

2229. Theodore Clarence, b. Feb. 4, 1858, d. June 4, 


2230. Eleanor Hull, b. Oct. 13, 1859, d. March 9, 1862. 


William Nelson Todd», (Harvey M.", UeP, Oliver^ 
Abraham*, Jonah^ Samuel-, Christopher^) born March 
11, 1828, in Somers, N. Y., died Aug. 30, 1904, married 
Oct. 10, 1855, Jane Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel and 
Jane (Purdy) Wilson, who was born Oct. 22, 1826, died 
March 23, 1888. She was granddaughter of Samuel and 
Charity (Rogers) Wilson, and gi'eat-granddaughter of 
Samuel and Sarah (Newman) Wilson. Both her grand- 
father and great-grandfather Wilson served in Colonel 
Drake's regiment, in the Revolutionary War. 

Mr. Todd was a farmer and purchased of his father- 
in-laws heirs, the estate known as the Wilson farm and 
made his home there until 1880, when he purchased the 
Crane estate, which is located just North of Somers, N. 
Y., known as "Granite Hall," where he died in 1904. 
In connection with agricultural pursuits, he served as 
vice-president of the Farmei-s and Drovers National 
Bank, of Somers, N. Y., for a long time, and for many 
years he held various town offices. 

Children : 

2231. Charles Yates, b. July 17, 1856, d. May 1, 1857. 

2232. Isabelle Matilda, b. Dec. 17, 1857, d. May 12, 1879. 
*2233. Wilnettie, b. Nov. 26, 1859. 

2234. Wilson G., b. Nov. 2, 1861, d. Jan. 10, 1920; he 
never married, was a farmer and lived on the 
Wilson Farm in Somers, N. Y. 

2235. George E. D., b. Nov. 21, 1863; at one time he was 
a merchant in New York City, where he also lived. 
Now, (1920) he lives in Somers, N. Y. 

*2236. Eleanor Blanche, b. Feb. 11, 1866, 



Laura Josephine Todd% (Harvey M.\ UeP, Oliver^ 
Abrahams Jonah', Samuel-, Christopher^) born Oct. 1, 
1845, in Somers, N. Y., married Oct. 1, 1867, Willis R. 
Smith, who died Jan. 28, 1899. He was a farmer and 
lived in Somers, N. Y. She lived on a farm formerly 
owned by her father since 1880. 

Children : 
I. Infant. 
II. Harvey Mead Todd, b. March 29, 1879, d. May 18, 

III. Oliver Todd, b. July 14, 1884, d. in 1919, in Somers, 
N. Y. ; he lived in Hartford, Conn., and Somers, 
N. Y. 


Rufus L. ToddS (Rufus L.", Uel% Olivers Abrahams 
Jonahs Samuels Christopher') born Feb. 6, 1834, died 
Dec. 17, 1904, married Oct. 1, 1856, Mary Louisa, 
daughter of William H. and Rachel (Colt) Shannon. He 
was a merchant and lived in New York City. 

Child : 
*2237. Adaline Rachel. 


Richard Speaight ToddS (Rufus L.S UelS Olivers 
Abrahams JonahS Samuels Christopher') bom June 2, 
1838, in New York City, died April 26, 1913, married Dec. 
13, 1866, Maiy, daughter of Reynold Selden and Sarah 
Jane (Smith) Marvin, who was born Dec. 3, 1846, died 
June 6, 1915. He was a merchant and lived at 477 
Greene Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

When about 16 years of age, Mr. Todd engaged in 
business in the lirm of his uncle, Northrup, Taylor 
& Company, which firm later was changed to Hazen, Todd 




& Company, dry-goods merchants, their store being on 
Broadway. He continued in this line of business all of 
his active business life, the only interruption being during 
his service in the civil war. He had the misfortune to 
have had a very disastrous fire which destroyed the build- 
ing and contents. Fortunately, however, the loss was 
fully covered by insurance. A peculiar coincidence is re- 
lated concerning this fire. It is told that an insurance in- 
spector had gone very thoroughly over the premises the 
very day of the fire and just before leaving he said, "Mr. 
Todd if everybody kept their premises as carefully as you, 
the insurance companies would never have to worry about 
fires." This remark was made only a few minutes before 
the fire was discovered. Just how the fire started was 
never learned. After the fire, the firm of Hazen, Todd & 
Company continued in business some years longer and 
then dissolved the partnership. Later he managed the 
wholesale dry-goods business in New York of several 
Boston firms. 

For a number of years he was vestry-man of St. 
Thomas Church, Fifth Ave., New York City, of which he 
and Mrs. Todd were members for several years. 

Before the Civil War he was a member of Co. A., 7th 
Regiment, New York Militia, which was one of the first to 
be called to defend Washington, after Fort Sumpter was 
fired on. He served in this regiment seven years and was 
then honorably discharged. During his war service, he 
became very ill and was sent home incapacitated. 

He was a quiet, unostentatious man, devoted to his 
family and his business and never belonged to organiza- 
tions of any kind, not even the G. A. R. 

Children : 

2238. Mary Adaline, b. Oct. 31, 1876, m. May 10, 1900, 
George William Schoeneck, who was b. Oct. 6, 
1871, in Brooklyn, N. Y., she is now (1920) as- 
sociated with her sister conducting a private 
dormitory for Smith College students at 22 Bel- 
mont Ave., Northampton, Mass. 
*2239. Edith Marvin, b. March 13, 1883. 


Edwin Linus Todd«, (Rufus L.% Uel% Oliver', Abra- 
ham^ Jonah', SamueP, Christopher^ born Sept. 30, 1856, 
married June 6, 1883, Florence Craig Washburne. He 
was a merchant in Ossining, N. Y., where he has been 
for many years, senior warden of Trinity Church. 

Children : 

2240. Helen Ward. 

2241. Margaret Kip. 



Emma Todd^ (Albert% UeP, Oliver-', Abraham^ 
Jonah^ SamueP, Christopher^) born Dec. 3, 1840, married 
April 3, 1866, J. N. Herrick. 

Child : 
I. Albert Todd, b. Feb. 12, 1868. 


Lewis Richard Todd% (William", DanieP, Daniel % 
Daniel*, Daniel', Samuel-', Christopher') born June 28, 
1836, in Spring Arbor, Mich., married Feb. 22, 1870, 
Martha B., daughter of James and Rachel Taylor, who 
was born in Spring Arbor, Mich., and where she died 
Sept. 27, 1902. He resides in Spring Arbor, Mich. 

Children : 

2242. A daughter, d. young. 
*2243. Arthur L., b. July 10, 1876. 
*2244. S. Maude, b. Dec. 21, 1880. 



Harriet M. Todd\ (William", DanieP, Daniel\ Dan- 
iel*, DanieP, SamueP, Christopher^) bom Aug. 16, 1839, 


in Spring Arbor, Mich., and there she married Feb. 1, 
1860, George W. Chapel. In 1913, she lived in Parma, 

Children : 
I. Lizzie M., b. Sept. 25, 1860, m. Nov. 8, 1882, James 

E. Helmer and had issue: (1) Hattie D., b. Feb. 

8, 1887; (2) Marjorie M., b. Jan. 5, 1889, m. June 

30, 1910, Charlotte H. Chapel and had a child; 

(3) Chauncey J., b. May 5, 1893. 
II. Clarence R., b. Jan. 11, 1868, m. Dec. 14, 1892, 

Emma Hastings and had issue: (1) Ledah M., 

b. Aug. 4, 1894. 
III. Homer G., b. Sept 20, 1880, m. Nov. 25, 1902, Mrs. 

Cora Bryant and had issue: (1) Royal M., b. 

Nov., 1905; (2) Rollin M., b. July 23, 1907, d. Dec. 

25, 1907; (3) Doris M., b. May 10, 1909; (4) 

Child, b. Feb. 12, 1913. 



JRufina Veleda Todd*, (William', Daniel", Daniel\ 
Daniel*, DanieP, SamueP, Christopher^) born Sept. 11, 
1845, died Dec. 9, 1884, married at Grass Lake, Mich., 
Dec. 9, 1866, Edwin Hotchkiss, deceased. 

Children : 
I. William E., b. May 20, 1867. 
II. Charles M., b. Oct. 15, 1869, m. and had issue: 

(1) Una Belle. 
III. Susie Blanche, b. Sept. 16, 1871, m. May 18, 1891, 
William Livingston and had issue: (1) Child, d. 
infant; (2) Helen, b. 1897. 



Betsey Sylinda Todd^ (John^ Daniel^ Daniel-', Dan- 
iel*, DanieP, Samuel-, Christopher^) born July 17, 1836, 


in Rodman, N. Y., married July 4, 1852, Dr. Morgan D. 
Packard. She is now (1913) living at 529 Parsells Ave., 
Rochester, N. Y. 

Children : 
I. Dianna Nancy, b. May 18, 1853, d. Dec. 19, 1912, 
m. Caton Crandall and had issue: (1) Ella May, 
b. July 4, 1855, and m. Warren Standish ; she and 
her infant son died in 1881 and were buried in 
the same grave. 
II. Myrtie B. 


Alonzo Todd% (John', Daniel", DanieP, Daniel*, Dan- 
iel, SamueP, Christopher^ born March 7, 1851, married 
Helen Aldrich, who died when her son was about six 
months old. 

Child : 

2245. William Nolan ; he resides near Jackson, Mich., 

R. F. D. 9. 


Ornaldo Sylvester Todd^ (John", Daniel, DanieP, 
Daniel*, DanieP, SamueP, Christopher') born Feb. 21, 
1853, in North Leoni, Jackson County, Mich., married 
Sept. 30, 1877, Sarah Jane, daughter of Frederick A. 
and Hannah Maria (Newcomb) Horsman, who was born 
Dec. 6, 1854, in Boston, Mass., where her father was a 
dry goods merchant. 

For a short time he lived in Blackman Township, 
Mich., but about the time of his marriage he bought a 
farm in North Leoni, Mich., where he was still living in 

He has confined his efforts and activities to the man- 
agement of his farm and his domestic affairs. 

Children : 

2246. Grace A., b. Aug. 1, 1878; graduated from the 
Jackson, Mich. High School in 1897, and from 


the University of Mich., in 1905, with the degree 
A. B. She taught English and History in Bel- 
levue, Mich., for seven years and at the West 
High School in Akron, Ohio, for the six years 
prior to 1919 and still holds the position. 
*2247. Mabel I., b. Nov. 27, 1884. 
2248. Rubert, b. Nov. 5, 1890; he was not married in 
1919, and remains at home to assist in the man- 
agement of the farm. In the late "World War" 
he spent from May 1918, until March 1919, in the 
militaiy service of the United States Army. He 
was a musician in the 338th Infantry band ; went 
over seas, passing through England and France 
to Toule, where the signing of the armistice found 
him ready to do his duty. 


Flora C. Todd', (John", DanieP, Daniel', Daniel*, 
DanieP, Samuel-, Christopher') born Sept. 6, 1855, mar- 
ried Charles Mills, and now (1913) resides in Rodman, 
N. Y. Their children were all born in Dallas, Texas. 

Children : 

I. Grover, d. when 4 or 5 years of age. 
II. Deo, he was a mail carrier in Dallas, Tex. 
III. Leo, is in business in Dallas, Tex. 



Frances Pamela Todd^ (Enoch L.', DanieP, Daniel^ 
Daniel*, DanieP, Samuel-, Christopher') born Jan. 9, 
1843, in East Rodman, N. Y., died after a brief illness 
in New York City, Jan. 26, 1909, and was buried in the 
family burial lot in Brookside Cemetery, Watertown, N. 
Y. She married Jan. 28, 1862, John Fletcher Moffett, 
of Rodman, N. Y. After their marriage, they went to 


Watertown, N. Y., to live, where he was employed in the 
National Bank and Trust Company. Nearly all their 
subsequent life was passed there, and practically in the 
same house, which stood where the Asbury Methodist 
Church now stands, of which society they both were mem- 

Mrs. Moffett's beauty of character, as well as grace, 
endeared her to all who knew her. She was always active 
in charitable and philantrophic work of all kinds, yet 
notwithstanding all these activities, her home life was 
her chief and dearest care and her children "rise up and 
call her blessed." She was educated in the district school 
and in 1856, she attended the Black River Institute in 
Watertown, N. Y., in 1857, she went to the Belleville 
Academy in Belleville, N. Y., which she attended for two 

Children : 
I. Charles Todd, b. July 29, 1864. 

II. Jeannette Todd, b. Sept. 28, 1868. 

III. Grace Emily, b. April 13, 1872, m. Louis S. Lans- 
ing; in 1917, they lived in Watertown, N. Y. 

IV. Frances Smith, b. Oct. 4, 1873. 

V. John Hayman, b. July 17, 1875, d. Oct. 6, 1875. 
VI. Ella Bowman, b. March 20, 1877, d. Aug. 13, 1882. 
VII. Earle Mortimer, b. June 9, 1879. 


Lewis Elwin Todd% (Enoch L.% DanieP, Daniel% 
Daniel*, DanieF, SamueP, Christopher^) born March 13, 
1846, in East Rodman, N. Y., married in Rodman, N. Y., 
Jan. 24, 1869, Zerviah Evelina Buell, who was born Feb. 
3, 1846. 

He passed most of his life on a farm near Rodman, 
N. Y., but in his later life he moved to Watertown, N. 
Y., where he was living in 1913. 

Children : 
2249. Clara Edith, b. April 25, 1873, in Rodman, N. Y., 
died Nov. 6, 1907, in Wilmington, Del., m. in 


Watertown, N. Y., Aug. 31, 1905, Clarence B. 

Dempster, who d. Feb. 6, 1908, in Wilmington, 

Del. No children. 
*2250. Clarence Buell, b. June 2, 1875. 
2251. Homer Adelbert, b. Jan. 2, 1877, in Rodman, N. 

Y. ; in 1913, he lived in Watertown, N. Y., where 

he is a letter carrier. He is musically inclined. 
*2252. Ella May, b. Feb. 9, 1885. 


Ella Jeannette Todd^ (Enoch L.', Daniel", Daniel', 
DanieP, Daniel", Samuel-, Christopher born Feb. 29, 
1852, near Rodman, N. Y., married John Russell Pawling. 
They lived in Watertown, N. Y. 

Child : 
I. Nina, m. Charles E. Dewey, and had issue: (1) 
Evelyn; (2) Rodney. 


Alonzo E. Todd», (Daniel", Daniel", DanieF', Daniel', 
DanieP, Samuel-, Christopher^ bom Jan. 17, 1847, died 
Dec. 1903, married April, 1866, Mary J. Hadcock. 

Child : 
*2253. Ella, b. Sept., 1866. 


Edward Monroe Todd^ (David M.', Daniel", Daniel', 
Daniel*, DanieP, Samuel-, Christopher') born Oct. 11, 
1852, died May 7, 1915, in Watertown, N. Y., married 
Oct. 3, 1882, Fannie M. Shannon, who died April 30, 1891. 
He married second, Oct. 5, 1895, Emma Archer. 

He was born in East Rodman, N. Y., where he 
worked on a farm and also learned the carpenters trade. 
About 1886, he moved to Burr's Mills, N. Y., where he 


bought a saw, grist and cider mill, and besides he did 
carpenters work and general repairing of sleighs, car- 
riages and wagons. About 1903, he moved to Watertown, 
N. Y., and bought a house, and worked in carriage shops 
for about eight years when his health began to fail. He 
then worked around on light jobs as a pastime mostly, 
as he could not readily give up his active life all at once. 
He also at this time began to learn the printers trade 
with A. W. Miner of Watertown, N. Y. He played cornet 
in the band in his native village and was flute soloist in 
the church there. 

Children by Fannie M. Shannon: 
2254. Marvin L., b. Nov. 6, 1884; he is now (1920) 
the treasurer of the Wedgren Motor Company, 
which operates The National Automobile School 
at 44 Cortland Street, Rochester, N. Y. He is 
not married. 
*2255. Mary E., b. Feb. 3, 1887. 
2256. Larena, b. July 13, 1889 ; she lived in Rochester, 
N. Y. 



Eunice Adelaide Todd^ (David M.", Daniel", DanieP, 
Daniel'', DanieP, Samuel-, Christopher^) bom Jan. 1, 
1856, married Dec. 17, 1879, Frank J. Clements, who died 
May 2, 1891. In 1913, she was living at the homestead 
near Rodman, N. Y. with her brother Arthur G. Todd. 

Children : 
I. Kate E., b. July 16, 1889, d. Feb. 3, 1890. 
II. Mildred T., b. Dec. 20, 1890. 


Herman Strong Todd^ (David M.% Daniel^ DanieP, 
Daniel% Daniel*, Samuel-, Christopher^ born March 9, 
1860, died Oct. 2, 1920, married March 14, 1893, Louise 
Gray, who was born May 13, 1866. 


He was living in 1913, in East Rodman, N. Y., where 
he is a Justice of the Peace. 

Children : 

2257. Ellen G., b. Dec. 1, 1894. 

2258. Dorothy E., b. June 1, 1905. 



Stella Janette Todd«, (Joseph", DanieP, DanieP, Dan- 
iel, DanieP, Samuel-', Christopher') married Jan. 11, 
1877, Robert Bradley Webb. They reside in Crystal 
Falls, Mich. 

Children : 
I. Robert Bradley. 

II. Algernon Styvesant. 

III. Glenn Esseltyn. 

IV. Lewis Todd. 

V. Marguerette Hortense. 


Nellie Frances Todd% (Joseph", DanieP, DanieP, 
Daniels DanieP, Samuel-, Christopher^ married Sept. 
23, 1889, Thomas Byron Perkins. They lived in 1913, 
at Spring Lake, Mich., where he is in business. 

Child : 
I. Madge Ethel, m. Oct. 10, 1910, Hardy A. Esterdahl, 
who is a cashier in a bank in Whitehall, Mich. 
They had issue: (1) A daughter, b. Jan. 1913. 



Clara Todd^ (Marvin SJ, Jonathans Daniel^ Daniel*, 


DanieP, SamueP, Christopher^) born Feb. 26, 1840, mar- 
ried John Harris Marcy, who was born Oct. 25, 1837. 

I. Robert Adrian, b. Oct. 6, 1861, in Morris, Conn.; 
he graduated from the New York Medical College 
in 1882 ; he practices his profession in Litchfield, 
Conn.; he m. Martha, daughter of Alfred Morris 
and Laura (Wildman) Morgan. 


Marvin Mills Todd% (Lorenzo D.", MarvinS Daniel=, 
Daniels Daniel*, Samuel-, Christopher^ born April 8, 
1847, in Rodman, N. Y., died Aug. 5, 1916, in Elyria, 
Ohio, he was married twice, first, Dec. 20, 1871, Elouise 
Lord, of Elyria, 0., who was born Nov. 10, 1850, in Dan- 
bury, Conn., died Feb. 20, 1897, married second, July 4, 
1898, Mrs. Elizabeth Glover Lewis. 

He spent his boyhood days in Elyria, 0., and Rock- 
ford, 111. He learned the painters and decorators trade 
in Elgin, 111. He returned to Elyria, 0., where he mar- 
ried and lived until 1909. He is now (1912) living with 
his son Charles, of Cleveland, 0. He was very successful 
in a business way. 

Children : 

2259. Martha Lucretia, b. Sept. 22, 1872, d. Sept. 1, 

1893, of heart trouble. She never was well after 
her thirteenth year and an invalid until she was 
eighteen, when she went to work in a printing 
office. She soon began to decline and three years 
later died, which was a great blow to her parents. 
Her mother dying about three years later. 

2260. Leonard H., b. Nov. 7, 1875, d. March 7, 1876. 
*2261. Fred Herman, b. July 23, 1879. 

*2262. Charles 0., b. March 23, 1887. 



Harriet Julia ToddS (Lorenzo D.% Marvin% DanieP, 
Daniel*, DanieP, Samuel-, Christopher^) born Nov. 9, 


1848, in East Rodman, N. Y., married in Elyria, Ohio, 
Dec. 9, 1872, Samuel J. Butman, who was born in Flor- 
ence, Ohio, April 7, 1848, died Aug. 10, 1919. They lived 
on a farm near Elyria, 0., which is their post office 
address, R. F. D. No. 2. 
Children : 
I. Ralph L., b. Aug., 1881, d. Sept. 29, 1881. 
II. Harold O., b. April 7, 1891. He is living in Cal. 


Caroline Elizabeth Todd^ (Russell W.", Marvin% 
Daniel', Daniel, Daniel', Samuel-, Christopher*) born 
July 24, 1865, in Elyria, 0., where she married June 29, 
1892, Clarence Lyndon, also of Elyria, 0., where they 
now (1912) reside. 
Children : 
I. Rex Everett, b. May 27, 1894, m. Oct. 28, 1916, Ruby 
Wilson, issue: (1) Rodney Alan, b. July, 1919. 
II. Max Alan, b. Nov. 5, 1896, m. Elizabeth Hoffman, b. 
Aug. 1896, issue: (1) Evelyn, b. June, 1918. 


Lorenzo Russell Todd^ (Russell W.", Marvin^ Dan- 
ieP, Daniel, Daniel', Samuel-, ChristopherS)born Aug. 
20, 1869, in Elyria, Ohio, married June 1, 1892, Nellie M., 
daughter of Charles B. Spring, in Elyria, Ohio, and where 
they also lived. He is a railway mail clerk. 

Children : 
*2263. Arthur Russell, b. Jan. 18, 1894. 
*2264. Frank Edward, b. Sept. 17, 1895. 
*2265. Helen Elizabeth, b. Aug. 27, 1899. 

2266. Lorena Doris, b. July 1, 1903. 

2266a. Lorenzo Spring, b. Nov. 22, 1911. 

Frank Leonard Todd^ (Russell W.^ Marvin^, Dan- 
iel% Daniel*, Daniel', Samuel-, Christopher^ born April 


8, 1873, in Elyria, Ohio, married Nov., 1898, Minnie, 
daughter of Garrett Reublin, of Elyria, Ohio, who was 
born May 28, 1877. 

After having arrived at young manhood, Mr. Todd 
decided to take up mechanical engineering. Accordingly, 
he studied persistently after having done his days work 
and persevered until he finished the course. He is now 
working at his chosen trade. 

Child : 

2267. Florence, b. Nov. 22, 1899. Graduated from 
Elyria High School 1919. 

Laura E. Todd% (Lewis H.', Carrington", DanieP, 
Daniel, DanieP SamueP, Christopher\) born Dec. 18, 
1847, married July 22, 1866, Ai-thur Cook. 
Children : 
L Lewis A., b. July 7, 1867, d. May 24, 1869. 
IL Anna E., b. Jan. 10, 1869. 
in. J. W., b. April 21, 1871. 


John Edward Todd«, (Almon E.^ Carrington«, Dan- 
ieP, DanieP, DanieP, Samuel-, Christopher^) bom March 
24, 1845, married Nov. 7, 1870, Helen E. Janes who was 
born Dec. 10, 1851, in Canaan, Conn. After his fathers 
death, he went to live with his grand-father Todd, who 
brought him to manhood and gave him a fathers care. 
He died very suddenly, July 1917, having been found dead 
in his bed. At the time of his death, he was living in 
Bristol, Conn., with one of his married daughters. He 
was a mason by trade. 

Children : 

2268. Helen Edith, b. Sept. 10, 1871, d. April 9, 1893. 
*2269. Bertha Maria, b. March 12, 1873. 

2270. Minnie L., b. April 22, 1874, d. July 14, 1874. 
2270a. John Edward, b. July 23, 1875. 


2271. Almon Carrington, b. Sept. 8, 1876, m. Dec. 27, 

1900, Mrs. Hattie Benson. 
•=2272. Cynthia Abigail, b. Jan. 18, 1878. 

2273. Frederick W., b. Sept. 6, 1883. 

2274. Ina Janes, b. April 21, 1890, d. Feb. 29, 1891. 


Cynthia Jane Todd^ (Almon E.% Carrington% Dan- 
iel^ Daniel*, DanieP, SamueP, Christopher^) born Sept. 
21, 1847, died Feb. 13, 1904, married Nov. 11, 1866, 
Harvey Baldwin. 

Child : 

I. Cynthia Jane, b. Dec. 2, 1869, m. Oct. 22, 1890, 
William Arthur Armour and had issue: (1) Char- 
lotte Baldwin, b. July 12, 1892; (2) Bernice, b. 
Aug. 30, 1897, d. 1910. 


Abigail Hannah Todd', (Almon E.^ Carrington®, 
DanieP, Daniel*, DanieP, Samuel-, Christopher^ born 
Dec. 31, 1848, married Nov. 30, 1870, Frank H. Hotchkiss. 
In 1919 she lived at 24 Lyndale St., Springfield, Mass. 

Children : 
I. Eva Frances, b. Jan. 21, 1880, m. June 19, 1901, 
Edwin Tolles Porter and had issue: (1) Philip 
Hotchkiss, b. April 28, 1902; (2) Frances Adelaide, 
b. Dec. 25, 1903. 
II. May T., b. April 22, 1883, d. July 20, 1883. 
III. Harold DeWolf, b. April 22, 1886. 


Almon Henry Todd^ (Almon E.% Carrington", Dan- 
ieP, DanieP, Daniel', Samuel-, Christopher') born Sept. 


18, 1851, in Litchfield, Conn., married April 21, 1875, 
Elizabeth M. Baldwin, who was boni Sept. 20, 1855, in 
Cornwall, Conn. 

Children : 

2275. Lydia E., b. June 4, 1882, in Thomaston, Conn. 

2276. Alice May, b. Aug. 23, 1887, in Thomaston, Conn. 

2277. Harry Almon, b. July 3, 1893. 



Lucretia Todd^ (Ezra L.', Ezra L.^, James% JamesS 
James^, Samuel-, Christopher^ born Dec. 25, 1823, died 
July 10, 1866, married Romeo Upson. 

Children : 

I. William R. ; was twice married ; he was a locomotive 
engineer on the elevated railroad in New York 
II. Martha Ellen; who d. about 1912, unmarried. 


Maiy Amy Todd^ (Ezra L", Ezra L.", James'*, James*, 
James% Samuel-, Christopher^) born Dec. 18, 1825, in 
Wolcott, Conn., died Feb. 20, 1907, in Torrington, Conn., 
married in June, 1848, William Cooper, who was bom 
Sept. 12, 1824, in Birmingham, England, died April 20, 

Children : 

I. Charles Henry, b. March 4, 1849, in Waterbury, 
Conn., m. Ella J. Buckingham, who was b. Aug. 29, 
1855. Issue: (1) Arthur Bernard, b. Jan., 1876, 
m. Charlotte Pryor Curtis at Castleton-on-Hudson ; 

(2) Frank Henry, b. , m. June 10, , 

Mabel Skeeles Smith, and had issue: (a) Helen 
Smith, b. Dec. 19, 1908, in Seymour, Conn.; (b) 
Mildred, b. Jan. 20, 1915. 


II. Mary Alice, b. Feb. 5, 1853, d. Feb. 10, 1899, m. 

Dec. 10, 1873, Maj. Albert Brooker, and had issue: 
(1) Julia Edna, b. in 1876, m. Nov. 28, 1900, Aus- 
tin C. Thompson. 
III. Frederic William, b. Aug. 8, 1855, in Torrington, 
Conn., m. in Naugatuck, Conn., Ida Waite, who 
was b. Aug. 28, 1860, in Rockville, Conn. In 1919, 
they were living in Naugatuck, Conn. They had 
issue: (1) Amy Laura, b. July 20, 1887, in Water- 
buiy. Conn. 



Martha Todd% (Ezra L.", Ezra L.% James'', James*, 
JamesS Samuel-, Christopher^) born Dec. 18, 1825, mar- 
ried Nov. 26, 1848, Robert, son of Artemus and Alma 
(Frisbie) Hoadley, who was born March 25, 1826. They 
lived in Ansonia, Conn. He was a machinist and per- 
fected several inventions on which he took out patents. 

Children : 
I. Edgar, b. July 8, 1851, d. Aug., 1851. 
II. Frank Edgar, b. Oct. 27, 1852; in 1919, he was 
living at 125 South Cliff St., Ansonia, Conn. 

III. Kate Florence, b. Dec. 22, 1854; lived in Ansonia, 

Conn. ; unmarried. 

IV. Martha Annetta, b. Jan. 19, 1861, m. Bertis H. 

V. Alice Emma, b. July 8, 1863; she never married 
and lived in Ansonia, Conn. 


Henry Todd', (Ezra L.^ Ezra L.% James% James*, 
James^ Samuel-, Christopher^) bom July 28, 1828, in 
Wolcott, Conn., died July 8, 1897, in Bridgeport, Conn., 
married April, 1852, Almeda Newton, who was born in 
1826, in Woodbridge, Conn., died Dec. 12, 1901, in Bridge- 
port, Conn. 


Children : 
*2278. Wilmer Lewis, b. Sept. 1, 1853. 
*2279. Emerett Almeda, b. Feb. 17, 1857. 
2280. Elbert Henry, b. Sept. 25, 1861; he was twice 
m. first, July 3, 1893, Mary A. Sutherland, who 
was b. in New York City, d. May 12, 1916 ; second, 
March 12, 1918, Helen Lucretia Murdock. No 
children. He is a Methodist Clergyman. 


Selina Minerva Todd^ (Ezra hJ, Ezra L.^, James% 
James*, James% SamueP, Christopher^) born Dec. 27, 
1832, in Wolcott, Conn., died Feb. 17, 1911, married Nov., 
1853, Joseph Newton, who was born April, 1822, died 
June 29, 1901. 

Children : 
I. Jennie Augusta, b. Feb., 1855, m. John M. Baldwin, 
who was of Woodbridge, Conn., and had issue: 

(1) Lena May, b. Sept. 20, 1877, d. Aug. 17, 1878; 

(2) Harry Miles, b. Sept. 15, 1879, d. April 2, 
1908; (3) Edith A., b. March 18, 1883, m. May 
16, 1906, Arthur S. Butler; (4) Clarence Joseph, 
b. May 18, 1889 ; he is m. 

IL Joseph Erwin, b. Nov. 24, 1862, m. Nov. 26, 1891, 
Cora E. Davis, who was of Woodbridge, Conn., 
where they now (1915) reside; they had issue: 
(1) Albert D., b. April 7, 1898. 


William Seymour Todd^ (William% William% Yale% 
James*, James% SamueP, Christopher') bom June 27, 
1853, married Sept. 20, 1880, Mary Jane Bailey, of North 
Haven, Conn., and who was bom Nov. 29, 1854. He was 
an accountant and bookkeeper. 

2281. William Alexis, b. Dec. 30, 1882. 



William Todd^ (Justus B.', William", Yale% JamesS 
James^ SamueP, Christopher^ born June 30, 1845, mar- 
ried June 12, 1865, Delina Hollenbeck, of Lockport, N. Y., 
who was born Aug. 18, 1848. He was a miller and lived 
in Lockport, N. Y. 

Children : 
2282. Charles A., b. June 30, 1866, d. Oct. 14, 1872. 
*2283. Frank C, b. Sept. 22, 1874. 

2284. Frederick Bellamy, b. Dec. 23, 1879, d. Sept. 23, 


Charles Henry Todd% (Justus B.', William', Yale-', 
James\ James^ Samuel=, Christopher^) born Sept. 6, 
1847, died Dec. 30, 1908, married July 22, 1868, Marilla 
Augusta Willard, of Lockport, N. Y., who was bom Sept. 
3, 1849. He, too, was a miller and lived in Lockport, 
N. Y. He was shipping clerk at the Thompson Milling 
Company for over 25 years. Also, he was an Elder, 
Trustee and Treasurer of Calvary Presbyterian Church, 
in Lockport, N. Y. 

Children : 

2285. Helen Hortense, b. Sept. 24, 1869, d. March 21, 

1896, m. June 14, 1894, Chartes C. Campbell. 

2286. Harry Willard, b. Aug. 16, 1878, d. Nov. 24, 1894. 

2287. Roland Bellamy, b. Dec, 1890, d. July 24, 1898. 



Minnie E. Todd^ (Sereno B.", William% Yale^ 
James*, James^ Samuel-, Christopher^) boni Oct. 20, 
1857, married May 12, 1875, Henry L. Thorpe. 

I. Clifford B., b. Aug. 24, 1879. 



George B. Todd», (Sereno B.', William% Yale% 
James% James^ Samuel-, Christopher^ born Nov. 3, 
1865, married Sept. 1, 1896, Lillian W., daughter of Daniel 
Albert and Maiy Belcher (Hyde) Patten, who was born 
in North Haven, Conn. 

He is a brick manufacturer, besides which he owns 
and manages a fami with a herd of about thiiiy cows. 
He also does considerable teaming and trucking. They 
live in North Haven, Conn. 

Children : 

2288. Herbert Yale, b. Aug. 11, 1897. 

2289. Helen Wilbur, b. June 16, 1900. 

2290. Raymond Patten, b. Nov. 1, 1906. 


Frank E. Todd", (James R.', William^ YaleS JamesS 
James^, Samuel'-, Christopher^) bom June 15, 1853, mar- 
ried Oct. 12, 1876, Mary Hemming, of New Haven, Conn. 

He is a carpenter and has worked for or is associated 
with his brother as a builder and contractor in New 
Haven, Conn. 

Children : 
*2291. Harry H., b. Oct. 9, 1877. 

2292. Hattie E., b. Jan. 5, 1880; she has been twice 
m. ; no children ; she lived in New Britian, Conn. 

2293. Dorothy, b. Sept. 23, 1893. 


James E. Todd', (James R.', William% Yale=, James^ 
James^ SamueP, Christopher born Oct. 7, 1857. 

He is a builder and contractor in New Haven, Conn., 
and where he also lives. 

*2294. James W., b. April 28, 1878. 



William I. Todd«, (Henry B.^ William*, Yale-', JamesS 
James^ Samuel=, Christopher^) born Oct. 27, 1857, mar- 
ried Alice E. Rich. He was a Commercial Salesman and 
lived in Springfield, Mass. 


2295. Frederick H., b. Oct. 21, 1881. 


Oliver Smith Todd^ (Addison E.", Eli% Solomon% 
JamesS James^ Samuel-, Christopher^) born Aug. 14, 
1861, in Elba, Winona County, Minn., married Dec. 6, 
1906, Jane M., daughter of William and Mary Jane 
(Mckeown) Watts, who was born in Saratoga, Winona 
County, Minn., Sept. 11, 1878. The following spring they 
moved to Glenister, Province of Alberta, Canada, where 
he bought a farm which he has since operated. He has 
always been a farmer, except about ten years, when he 
was a herder in Wilma, North Dakota. The children 
were all born in Glenister, Alta., Canada. 

Children : 

2296. Mary Isabella, b. April 21, 1909. 

2297. Helen Pricilla, b. Dec. 12, 1910. 

2298. Clyde Addison, b. May 27, 1912. 

2299. Florence Margaret, b. June 13, 1914. 

2300. Beatrice, b. Dec. 21, 1916, d. same day. 

2301. Irene Oliva, b. Oct. 4, 1918. 


Mary Adeline Todd*, (Addison E.', Eli% Solomon^ 
James*, James', Samuel-, Christopher^ born Aug. 14, 
1864, married March 25, 1889, Anthony Alfred, son of 
William I. and Lucy A. Allen, of White Rock, South 
Dakota, who was born March 21, 1857, in Hartford, 


They lived on a farm in Fairmount, North Dakota, 
for about thirteen years, when they moved to the town 
which was abuot three miles distant from their farm. 
Mr. Allen has been a farmer all his life, except about 
seven years, when he was engaged in the livery and hard- 
ware business. He is now (1913) living in Inglewood, 
Cal., having retired from active business. 

Children : 

I. William Addison, b. Jan. 13, 1891 ; he was a student 
at the North Dakota Agricultural College at Fargo. 
In 1909, he moved with his parents to Inglewood, 
Cal., where he is employed in a groceiy store. 
II. Velma, b. April 23, 1897. 


Charles Addison Todd% (Addison E.', Eli% Solomon-', 
James*, James', Samuel", Christopher') born Nov. 8, 
1866, in Fairwater, Winona County, Minn., married Nov. 
5, 1892, Lillie M., daughter of Napoleon and Fianna Slote 
Hassig, of Whitewater, Minn., where she was born Aug. 
4, 1873. 

Now (1912) he is living on an orange farm or ranch 
near Lindsay, Cal. He has been a farmer in Fairwater, 
Minn., and Fairmount, North Dakota, until about 1907, 
when he sold out and moved to Sierra Madre, Cal. He 
is an ordained Elder in the Presbyterian Church. They 
lived in Lindsay, Cal. 

Children : 

2302. Hazel, b. Oct. 10, 1893, in Fairwater, Minn. 

2303. Arthur W., b. Aug. 23, 1895, d. Jan. 11, 1905. 

2304. Isabella D., b. Jan. 21, 1898, in Fairwater, Minn. 

2305. Ira, b. Sept. 1901, d. Oct. 6, 1903. 

2306. Alice E., b. May 23, 1904, in Fairmount, N. Dak. 

2307. Evan A., b. July 30, 1906, in Fairmount, N. Dak. 

2308. George H., b. June 2, 1908, in Fairmount, N. Dak. 

2309. Charles, b. Aug. 8, 1910, in Sierra Madre, Cal. 

2310. Winnefred F., b. Jan. 17, 1913. 

2311. James Gordon, b. Aug. 13, 1916. 



Kate Belle Todd% (Addison E.\ Eli^ Solomon-', 
James^ James', Samuel-, Christopher') born Feb. 20, 
1871, married in St. Charles, Minn., Nov. 19, 1892, Earl 
Harris, son of Chauncey H. and Betsey (Cook) Holdredge, 
who was born June 7, 1868. 

He was a farmer until about 1904, when he sold out 
and moved to Inglewood, Cal., where he went to teaming. 

Mrs. Holdredge taught school for some time before 
she was married. 

Children : 
I. Vera, b. July 27, 1894. 
II. Ruth, b. June 21, 1898. 



Addie Emma Todd^ (Addison E.^ Eli«, Solomon^ 
JamesS James^ SamueP, Christopher') born May 25, 
1878. married June 20, 1900, Edwin M., son of Homer 
A. Northrop, of Skaneateles, N. Y., and Lidia M. Newton, 
of Glens Falls, N. Y. The Northrop family moved to 
North Dakota, about 1883, having taken a homestead 
claim in Hope, N. Dak. In 1919, she was living at 5300 
8th Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Children : 
I. Elizabeth May, b. Aug. 4, 1901, d. Oct. 17, 1905. 

II. Gertrude Alberteen, b. July 24, 1903, d. Nov. 11, 


III. Emma Gladys, b. Nov. 8, 1905. 

IV. Mildred Thelma, b. Nov. 28, 1907. 
V. Bernice Adalaide, b. March 14, 1910. 

VI. Edna Myi-tle, b. Nov. 29, 1912. 

VII. Leonard Morice, b. May 18, 1916. 



Flora Annette ToddS (Augustus V.', Eli% Solomon', 
James*, James^ SamueP, Christopher^) bom April 5, 
1854, married Henry Sears. 

I. Bert, m. Maud Brighton. 

II. Arthur, m. Catherine Casselman. 

III. Nellie M., m. Lawrence Wallace. 

IV. Alice. 
V. Minnie. 

VI. Ada. 



Lizzie Jane Todd^ (Augustus V.\ Eli«, Solomon", 
JamesS James^ Samuel-, Christopher^) born Aug. 6, 
1858, died March 3, 1881, married George Wilcox. 

I. Edna May, d. March 3, 1881. 



Mary Adeline Todd^ (Augustus V.', Eli«, Solomon^ 
James% James^ SamueP, Christopher^) bom Sept. 4, 
1860, married first, John Hall, second, William Johnson. 

Children by John Hall: 
I. Mertie, m. Alfred Holmburg Majorie. 
II. Vernon, m. Beatrice Johnson Milton. 

. 1606 


Ellen Direxia Todd^ (Augustus V.% EliS Solomon", 
JamesS James^ SamueP, Christopher^) born Sept. 4, 


1862, married first, Ernest Meeusker, second, William 

Children : 
I. Grey, m. Cora McCIennehan. 
II. Harley. 



Eunice Arabelle Todd*, (Augustus V.% Eli% Solomon-', 
James^ James% Samuel-, Christopher^) born Aug. 4, 
1869, married Edwin Johnson. 

Children : 
I. Leslie. 
II. Bessie. 



Jennie Alberta Todd% (Dexter J.', Eli^ Solomon^, 
James*, James^ Samuel-, Christopher^) born May 23, 
1860, married in Fairwater, Minn., Jan. 20, 1892, Albert 
Daniel Bolen, who was born March 29, 1844, in Oswego, 
N. Y., died April 8, 1899. He was a farmer and lived in 
Elmyra, Minn. 

Children : 

I. Ruby Burnice, b. Jan. 1, 1893. 
II. Elmer Edwin, b. Jan. 11, 1897. 


Hattie May Todd% (Dexter J.', Eli% Solomon^, 
James*, James% Samuel-, Christopher^) born Feb. 14, 
1867, married in Fairwater, Minn., April 6, 1887, Wallace 
Adelbert Holdredge, who was born June 13, 1865, in 


Quincy, Minn. He was a farmer and lived in Dover, 

Children : 
I. Muriel Gladys, b. June 28, 1890, m. Sept. 27, 1911, 
Ralph Shei-man Keyes, who was born Nov. 29, 
1890, in Dover, Minn. He was a farmer. 
II. Harlie Howard, b. Sept. 20, 1900. 


Roy Mei-ton Todd^ (Dexter J.', Eli«, Solomon', 
James^, James^ SamueP, Christopher^) born Sept, 7, 
1869, in Fairwater, Minn., married Aug. 30, 1893, Lena 
Mae Putnam, who lived in Beaver, Minn. He owns and 
manages a farm in Altura, Minn. 

Children : 

2312. Elmer Putnam, b. Sept. 12, 1894. 

2313. Merle, b. Nov. 9, 1897. 

2314. Mildred Fleeta, b. Sept. 7, 1899. 

2315. Dorothy, b. Sept. 4, 1901. 

2316. Jennie Irene, b. Feb., 1903. 


Herbert P. Todd^ (Lorenzo U.% Eli«, Solomon', 
James*, James^ Samuel-, Christopher^) bora March 14, 
1860, married March 2, 1887, Mary Gilmore, of St. 
Charles, Minn. 

He has a large farm in Elba, Minn., where he and 
his sons are engaged in stock raising, having a herd of 
about forty head of registered Shorthorn cattle, including 
a bull that weighed about twenty-four hundred pounds. 
They also raise Poland China swine, of which they have 
forty head. Their farm is located about eleven miles 
west of the Mississippi River. On their farm is grown 
on the average, about 80 acres of oats and barley, 50 acres 
of corn, and about twenty acres of hay. The farm lands 
in that region are valued at from seventy-five dollars 
to a hundred dollars per acre, depending on the amount 
of rough land on the bluff sides. 


Children : 
*2317. Vivian E., b. Dec. 31, 1887. 
*2318. Lester U., b. March 1, 1890. 
2319. Maurice M., b. Oct. 3, 1891, m. July 14, 1915, 
Louise Munroe, of Winona, Minn. 
*2320. Clifton H., b. Aug. 23, 1894. 

2321. Ivah, b. April 3, 1897. 

2322. Gilmore, b. April 20, 1900. 

2323. Myra, b. Oct. 15, 1902. 



Adelia E. Todd^ (Lorenzo U.", Eli'^, Solomon'', James*, 
James-, Samuel-, Christopher') born Oct. 5, 1861, died 
May 9, 1891, married in 1888, John Sherwood. 

Child : 
I. Leon, b. Dec. 6, 1890. 


Frances L. Todd^ (Lorenzo U.', Eli", Solomon", 
JamesS James^ SamueP, Christopher') born Jan. 8, 1864, 
married William Gilmore, of Hope, N. Dak., and was 
formerly of St. Charles, Minn. 

Children : 

L Roscoe, b. Sept., 1889. 

IL Mildred, d. an infant. 
IIL Dean, b. March 17, 1893. 
IV. Magie, b. Jan., 1896. 

V. Nellie, b. Sept. 7, 1898. 
VI. Arva, b. July 7, 1901. 


Lorenzo U. Todd^ (Lorenzo \J.\ Eli% Solomon"', 
James", James\ SamueP, Christopher') born Nov. 26, 


1870, married Feb. 20, 1901, Emma Grimm, of St. Charles, 

Children : 

2324. Ethel, b. Dec. 10, 1901. 

2325. Clayton, b. Oct. 31, 1903. 

2326. Ellen, b. June 14, 1906. 

2327. Newell, b. Aug. 28, 1908. 



Rena Mabel ToddS (Edward E.^ Eli«, Solomon% 
James*, James% SamueP, Christopher^) born Aug. 15, 
1870, married J. D. Horton. They lived in Greenfield, 


I. Edwin. 



Mary Ella Todd\ (Edward E.', Eli«, Solomon^ 
James*, James% Samuel-, Christopher*) bom Jan. 15, 
1877, married Heniy Starr. 

Children : 
I. El-nest. 
II. Donald, d. infant. 



Rena E. Todd^ (Alton S.', Solomon% Solomon% 
James*, James', SamueP, Christopher') born Dec. 12, 
1882, married Oct. 7, 1908, J. D. Stevens. They lived 
in Greenfield Mass. 


Child : 
I. Joseph Alton, b. April 22, 1910. 


Alwin Ethelston Todd", (Orrin B.", Gershom", Ben- 
jamin'', Titus^, Benjamin', MichaeP, Christopher^) born 
Aug. 14, 1846, died Jan. 30, 1898, married July 14, 1875, 
Gertrude M. Peck, who was born in Genoa, N. Y., where 
her father held a pastorate for some years. 

He was a Congregational clergyman. In the early 
Nineties he was pastor of the church at Westhampton, 
Mass., from whence he went to Borea, Ky., where he died 
and also where his widow afterwards made her home. 

Children : 

2328. Ernest Whitman, b. July 4, 1876, d. Nov. 19, 1903. 

2329. Mabel Gertrude, b. July 6, 1878, d. Oct. 20, 1893. 
*2330. Ruth Keeler, b. Feb. 14, 1880. 

*2331. Ethel Eliza, b. Feb. 3, 1884. 

2332. Maiy Whittlesey, b. May 12, 1887, d. Oct. 9, 1901. 

2333. Alwin Dexter, b. May 31, 1889, d. Dec. 24, 1915, 
who has been a student at the Hartford Theologi- 
cal Seminary; unmarried. 

2334. Margaret, b. June 18, 1893. 


Walter Bradford Todd^ (William S.% David% Titus^ 
Titus*, Benjamin^ Michael, Christopher^) born Jan. 4, 
1880, in Ridgefield, Conn., married in 1903, Lucy M., 
daughter of Robert Jay Walsh. 

He attended the primary grades of the public schools 
in Ridgefield, Conn. In 1893, he became a student at 
Kings School in Stamford, Conn. In Nov., 1896, he se- 
cured a position in the Greenwich Trust Company, of 
Greenwich, Conn., and in 1906 he became its treasurer, 
which position he held for several years. In 1919, 
he was living at Fort Myers, Fla. 


Children : 

2335. Ruth Bradford, b. April 5, 1908. 

2336. Anna Walsh, b. Oct. 12, 1909. 

2337. Edith Isabelle, b. June 10, 1911. 


Arthur Stanley Todd^ (William S.^ DavidS Titus', 
Titus*, Benjamin', Michael-, Christopher^) born July 15, 
1881, in Ridgefield, Conn., married in Sept., 1910, Nellie 
H., daughter of James H. Hopkins, of Oxford, N. Y. 

He entered the public schools at Ridgefield, Conn., 
in 1889 ; in 1895, he entered the High School at Norwalk, 
Conn. In 1897, he secured a position as clerk of the New 
York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Company at New 
Haven, Conn. One year later he entered the employ of 
Bronson & Townsend Company, who were hardware 
dealers in New Haven, Conn. Thence he went to Green- 
wich, Conn., where he secured a position with the Weir 
Building Company, remaining with them about two years, 
when he left their employ and bought an intex'est in the 
Mead Stationery Company, and somewhat later he be- 
came sole owner. 

Children : 

2338. Arthur Stanley, b. June 23, 1911. 

2339. James Hopkins, b. May 24, 1916. 


Robert Emerson Todd^ (Asa E.% Asa^ Titus^ Titus*, 
Benjamin^ MichaeP, Christopher^) born July 22, 1871, 
married Sept. 1, 1903, Henrietta Ellen, daughter of Ed- 
ward Collins and Mary Welles Stone, of Hartford, Conn., 
who was born Sept. 28, 1874. 

Mr. Todd received his education in Springfield, Mass., 
and has been engaged in civic and social work all his 
life. After about nine years of social settlement work 
at Chicago Commons, Chicago, he was with the New York 
Bureau of Municipal Research, three years. For the last 


ten years he has devoted himself as a trained specialist 
to the subject of housing. This has included investiga- 
tions, reports, record systems etc., for city, state, and 
federal depaitments, chambers of commerce and philan- 
thropic funds. 

The cities thus studied number more than twenty; 
New York, Lawrence, Mass., Cincinnati, Detroit and 
other Michigan Cities, Des Moines, Chicago and other 
Illinois Cities, and Connecticut's five largest cities. 

The best of the reports that have been published are ; 
Lawrence, Des Moines, Michigan State Boai'd of Health, 
and the one written for the Chicago Municipal Tuber- 
culosis Sanatorium. 

Children : 

2340. Mary Welles, b. Oct. 1, 1904. 

2341. Robert Emerson, b. Dec. 10, 1906. 


James Lewis Todd^ (Asa E.", Asa% Titus% Titus*, 
Benjamin^ Michael-, Christopher^ born Aug. 18, 1873, 
married June 25, 1902, Ethel Deane, daughter of Abijah 
and Mary A. (Deane) Hastings, who was born Oct. 27, 
1875. They reside in Chicopee, Mass., where he is in the 
hardware business under the fimi name of Todd & Bald- 

Children : 

2342. Norman Hastings, b. March 7, 1910. 

2343. Herbert Eaton, b. Aug. 25, 1913. 



Juliette Todd% (Iru S.', Justus®, Asa% Gershom*, 
Gershom^ MichaeP, Christopher^) born June 20, 1836, 
in Northampton, Mass., married April 7, 1857, Henry G., 
son of Frederick and Ann (Pease) Rhood, who was bom 
May 2, 1839. He has been a farmer all his life and only 



gave up the management of the farm in the Autumn of 
1918, when he sold his place in Roberts Meadow, North- 
ampton, Mass., and both went to live in a part of the 
house owned by their daughter, Mrs. Loomis. 

Children : 

I. William Dwight, b. March 3, 1858, m. first, Cari-ie 
Demick, who died, had issue: Alice, m. W. W. 
Barnes, of Northampton, Mass., m. second, Mrs. 
Jennie Mcgowen, no children. They reside in 
Florence, Mass., where he is a machinst in the Nor- 
wood Engineering Companies plant. 

II. Susie Isabelle, b. Oct. 19, 1859, m. April 19, 1882, 

Frank D., son of James and (Abercrombie) 

Keyes, who is a florist in Florence, Mass., his son 
being associated with him. Issue: (1) Harold 
Francis, b. Sept. 6, 1884, m. Evelyn Canning of 
Northampton, Mass., and had issue: (a) Harold 
F. ; (b) James H. ; (c) Richard, twin with the 
next; (d) Robert; (2) Lena May, b. June 1, 1887, 
m. Ralph W. Bardwell and had issue: (a) Gladys 
M.; (b) Allan R.; (3) Bertha Isabelle, b. Jan. 25, 

III. Fannie L., b. Oct. 9, 1861, m. May 30, 1883, Clar- 

ence D., son of Francis Loomis, who owned and 
operated a farm near Haydenville, Mass., who d. 
March 15, 1915. Issue : (1) Ethel Juliette, b. May 
9, 1885, m. Lyman Dibble, of Easthampton, Mass. ; 
(2) Chartes Luther, b. Sept. 28, 1887; (3) Cecil 
Clarence, b. June 6, 1899 ; (4) Katherine Hillman, 
b. July 11, 1901; (5) Ruth Frances, b. Nov. 12, 

IV. Emma J., b. Aug. 23, 1864, m. Nov. 23, 1898, Joseph 

Novacek, who works for the Norwood Engineering 
Company, Florence, Mass. Issue: (1) Agnes 
Ninette, b. Feb. 5, 1900. 
V. Chartes H., b. Dec. 9, 1867, d. Jan. 7, 1903, m. 
Carrie Brewer, of Florence, Mass., where she now 
(1919) resides. No children. 


VI. Neva May, b. May 15, 1872, m. Oct. 11, 1893, 
Arthur Addis, who was b. Nov. 18, 1871, in North- 
ampton, Mass. He has charge of the machine shop 
of the Nonotuck Silk Mills in Leeds, Mass. Issue : 
(1) Wendell Arthur, b. Oct. 30, 1894, m. Dec. 25, 
1916, Dorothy A. Whitbeck; (2) Heniy, b. Sept. 1, 
1896, d. Nov. 8, 1900; (3) Merrill George, b. May 
29, 1904. 


Ira Gardner Todd^ (Iru S.^ Justus", Asa% Gershom*, 
Gershom", Michael-, Christopher^) born Oct. 2, 1837, in 
Northampton, Mass., died Aug. 22, 1894, in Bridgeport, 
Conn. He, his wife and daughter are buried in Spring 
Grove Cemetery, Florence, Mass., he married Dec. 4, 
1866, Esther Luella, daughter of Jeremiah and Laura P. 
(Ellis) Boyden, who was born July 22, 1849, died Sept. 
15, 1913, in Oak Bluffs, Mass. 

He was a machinist by trade and worked at it for 
several years in Floi'ence, Mass. In 1881, he went to 
Bridgeport, Conn., where he secured a position and was 
followed the next year by his family. He worked there 
at his trade for some years, until a few years before his 
death when he entered the employ of a lady who lived 
in New York City, who was interested in perfecting a 
sewing machine equiped with a rotary shuttle. He de- 
voted the last years of his life to this work, it seeming 
to be a congenial task, as he had had some experience 
in the principles of sewing machine construction, as he 
worked for the company in Florence, Mass., that man- 
ufactured what was called the "Florence" sewing ma- 

He was a veteran of the civil war, having enlisted in 
Company G., 37th regiment M. V. M. and served through 
the war, part of the time as a musician. 

Children : 
2344. Frank Merrill, b. Jan. 22, 1874, m. May 18, 1898, 
Emily, daughter of Joseph Henry and Jane Han- 


nah (Smith) Bladon, who was b. Sept. 12, 1878, 
in Scotland. He went to Bridgeport, Conn., with 
his parents in 1881 and there obtained his educa- 
tion in the public schools and a course in the busi- 
ness college, after which he secured a position in 
the jewelry store of Fairchild where he stayed 
some time. Leaving this position he took a course 
in Horology and Engraving, and also studied to 
be an Optician. For some time he worked in the 
jewehy store of his brother-in-law, John Reid, 
with whom, a little later, he foniied a partnership 
under the finn name of Reid & Todd. 
2345. Rena M., b. June 27, 1877, d. Apiil 6, 1888. 


Carrie Todd^ (Iru S.% JustusS Asa=, Ge^'shom^ 
Gershom^ MichaeP, Christopher^) born June 29, 1844, 
in Northampton, Mass., died Aug. 18, 1869, in North- 
ampton, Mass., and was buried in the cemetery in West 
Farms. Married Nov. 7, 1866, Edwin P., son of Osborne 
Bartlett, of West Farms, Northampton, Mass. 

I. Herbert Eugene, b. Nov. 5, 1868 ; he is m. and has 

John Root Todd^, (Iru S.% Justus^, Asa^ Gershom*, 
Gershom^ Michael-, Christopher^) bom Oct. 3, 1847, in 
Northampton, Mass., at the old homestead where he also 
died Aug. 30, 1891, married Oct. 17, 1871, Agnes Mary, 
daughter of George and Jane Eliza (Norton) Hammond, 
who was born Feb. 19, 1848, and in 1919, is living with 
her youngest daughter. 

He was born, lived all his life and died at the old 
homestead in Roberts Meadow, Northampton, Mass. The 
farm was bequeathed him by his father in 1882, on which 

JOHN R. TODD, NO. 1669 



he lived an honest and quiet farmers life. He was elected 
to the Common Council for his ward, but did not attend 
many meetings before he became disgusted with politics 
and politicians. 

Children : 
*2346. George Iru, b. Sept. 3, 1872. 
2347. Marion Hull, b. Dec. 27, 1874, m. Sept. 25, 1900, 

Frank B., son of Charles and (Pierce) 

Hosford, of Haydenville, Mass., where they now 
(1919) reside on his fathers farm. They have 
no children. 
*2348. Mabel Julianna, b. Oct. 12, 1878. 
2349. Ina Estella, b. April 19, 1882, m. April 21, 1913, 
John D. Lamb, who was born in St. Andrews, 
Scotland. In 1919, they were living in Spring- 
field, Mass., no children. 
*2350. Leslie Root, b. Sept. 11, 1891. 



Rosa Knapp Todd^ (Iru S.", Justus% Asa', GershomS 
Gershom^ MichaeP, Christopher') born April 3, 1851, 
at the old homestead in Northampton, Mass., died Sept. 
30, 1875, in West Farms, Northampton, Mass., married 
June 15, 1870, Edwin P. Bartlett, who had previously 
married her sister Carrie. 

Children : 
I. Ahce Eliza, b. Aug. 17, 1871, d. in 1896, soon after 
the birth of her daughter, m. Charles Harwood, 
of Windsor, Mass., had issue: (1) Gladys, b. in 
II. Caroline Maria, b. April 24, 1874, m. Arthur How- 
ard, who was a brother of her fathers third wife ; 
they are living now (1919) in Newport, R. I., no 



Josephine Bonapart Todd*, (Iru S.', Justus'', Asa"', 
Gershom% Gershom^ Michael^, Christopher') boiii Feb. 
12, 1853 at the old homestead in Robei-ts Meadow, North- 
ampton, Mass., married June 7, 1876, Wilham S., son of 
Joseph and Menerva (Pelton) Howard. 

He has worked most of his life in different depart- 
ments of the silk thread business, having held positions 
with the Nonotuck Silk Company, manufacturers of 
"Corticelli" spool silk, and with Belding Brothers, but 
they have lived the greater portion of their lives at their 
homestead in Leeds, Mass., where they now (1919) reside. 

Children : 

I. Pearl Evelyn, b. July 25, 1880, d. May 29, 1881. 
n. Edna Menerva, b. March 28, 1885, m. Dec. 2, 1909, 
Henry Leland Bowles. He is a self-made, and a 
prominent business man of Springfield, Mass. He 
is the owner of a system of lunch rooms in several 
cities, with headquarters in Springfield, having be- 
gun at the veiy bottom with but a single chair. 
Has been a member of the Governors Council. No 


Jennie Estella Todd*, (Horace L.', Lyman', Asa% 
GershomS Gershom^ Michael-, Christopher'), born Oct. 
12, 1856, married Oct. 3, 1877, Murray Cook. They lived 
in North Heath, Mass. 

Children : 
I. Mary Blendenah, b. Aug. 11, 1879. 
n. William Shirley, b. July 15, 1882, m. June 26, 1908, 

Olive Bolton, of Heath, Mass. 
in. Eva Melinda, b. Sept. 23, 1886, m. Sept. 10, 1905, 
Cyrus Merrifield, of Guilford, Vt. 


IV. Arthur Lovell, b. Sept. 28, 1888. 
V. Carlton Francis, b. June 9, 1890. 
VI. Alice Maude, b. April 22, 1894. 
VII. Catherine Jennie, b. June 20, 1897, d. March 


Elmina Ellen Todd^ (Horace L.% LymanS Asa^ 
Gershom\ Gershom% Michael-, Christopher') bom March 
4, 1864, married Nov. 28, 1888, Wilham Gray, who is a 
descendant of John and Priscilla Alden both having come 
to this country in the "Mayflower". He is a farmer and 
lived in Ashfield, Mass. 

Children : 
I. Lucy Alden, b. Oct. 4, 1889. 

II. Frank Lyman, b. Jan. 12, 1892. 
HI. Charles Cross, b. July 16, 1898. 



Ellen Isabelle Todd^ (Asa A.% Lyman«, Asa^ Ger- 
shom% Gershom% Michael-, Christopher') born April 11, 
1850, in Chesterfield, Mass., married June 21, 1867, 
Walter B. Trow. They lived in Providence, R. I. 

Children : 

I. Hattie Belle, b. Nov. 15, 1868, m. McLaughlin. 

II. George Walter, b. Aug. 10, 1872, d. June 9, 1873. 

III. Inez Cleora, b. June 24, 1879, m. Carville. 


Lyman Todd*, (Asa A.', Lyman^, Asa\ Gershora* 
Gershom*, Michael-, Christopher') born Sept. 10, 1856 in 
Chesterfield, Mass., died July 16, 1897, married Sept. 10, 
1882, Mary Pease, who later married her husbands 
brother, Monroe Todd. 


Children : 
2354. Vera Aymice, b. June 29, 1884, d. June 1902. 
*2352. Bertha Maiy, b. May 9, 1886. 

2353. Orman Lyman, b. Sept. 2, 1889, living in Spring- 

field, Mass., in 1919. 

2354. Elmer Leroy, b. March 27, 1892, m. April 14, 1917, 

Alta Viola, daughter of Albert and Ella (Fox) 
Creassy,who was born Oct. 13,1890 in Zoar,Mass. 
In 1919 he was managing the old Todd Home- 
stead at West Chestei-field, Mass., which has been 
in the Todd family for over a hundred years, he 
being the fifth generation to have tilled its soil. 
Besides its original area it now contains many 
additional acres. 

2355. Royce Edwin, b. April 9, 1895, m. Oct. 11, 1919, 

Isabella Marion, daughter of Wallace J. Converse. 
He enlisted at Ayer, Mass., Oct. 5, 1917 and in 
about two weeks was assigned to the 82nd 
Division which was stationed at that time at 
Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga., which division sailed 
for France, April 25, 1918. While stationed at 
Camp Gordon, he took the Officers Training 
Course and received a commission of Second 
Lieutenant in France, June 1, 1918. On July 18, 
1918 he was transfered to the 78th Division and 
was immediately transfered to the 42nd (Rain- 
bow) Division in which division he served until 
he was mustered out of service. May 28, 1919. 
He sei-\'ed on the fronts of the Toul Sector, 
Chateau Thierry, St. Mihiel and the Argonne For- 
est. He was in the Army of Occupation in Ger- 
many from Jan. 11, 1919 to April 15, 1919. In the 
St. Mihiel drive he received a slight flesh wound 
and was burned with mustard gas in the Argonne 
Forest drive. 



Flora Edith Todd«, (Asa A.', Lyman", Asa=, Ger- 


shomS Gershom', Michael-, Christopher') born July 4, 
1864, in West Chesterfield, Mass., died Aug. 15, 1897, 
married Nov. 17, 1886, William A. Trow. 

Child : 

I. Linnaeus Todd, b. July 9, 1892; he went to New 
York State to live. 


Chestil Ora Todd«, (Ora B.", Bela% Caleb", GideonS 
Gideon^ Michael-, Christopher') bom July 12, 1833, in 
Stockton, Chautauqua County, N. Y., married about 1854, 
Olive Westcott, of Panama, Chautauqua County, N. Y., 
who died Sept., 1909, in Busti, N. Y. 

He was a machinist. In 1912 he was making his 
home with his daughter, Mrs. Inez King, in Pittsburg, 

Children : 
*2356. Eva. 

2357. Demaris ; who d. June 1910, in Ann Arbor, Mich. 

2358. Lafayette 0., m. Elpha Knapp, of Panama, N. Y. 
In 1912 they were living at 2 Livingston Ave., 
Jamestown, N. Y. He was an optician. 

*2359. Inez. 
*2360. Ernest C. 



Florilla Lorinda Todd^ (Ora B.', Bela% Calebs 
Gideon*, Gideon% MichaeP, Christopher') born July 17, 
1836, in Stockton, N. Y., died May 4, 1906, in Centraha, 
Chautauqua County, N. Y. 

She was twice married, first, Darius Shaw, who was 
of Stockton, N. Y., second, about 1868, Noah Wait, of 
Napoli, Cattaraugus County, N. Y., who was born Dec. 
13, 1841. 

Mr. Wait was a civil war veteran and spent nine 
months in Libby and Andersonville prisons witnessing 


the unspeakable sufferings of his comrades. He was a 
prosperous, well to do farmer of Sinclairville, N. Y. 
Mrs. Wait had a fine soprano voice. 

Child by Darius Shaw : 
I. Martillus H., who d. when 2 years of age. 

Childby Noah Wait: 
II. Frank Ora, he is very musically inclined. 


Mollis DeviHo Todd% (Ora B.% Bela% Caleb', Gideon*, 
Gideon', Michael-'. Christopher') born Oct. 16, 1843, in 
Stockton, N. Y., married March 12, 1865, Laura Ann, 
daughter of Almond S. and Rhoda A. (Baker) Park, who 
was born July 15, 1847. 

He attended the Normal School at Fredonia, N. Y., 
and later he became a Methodist Episcopal Minister and 
held different pastorates for a number of years. 

He sei-ved in the civil war, having enlisted Aug. 12, 
1861, in the 49th regiment New York Volunteer Militia, 
seeing nearly four years of active service, having been 
discharged June 26, 1865. He was Fife Major. 

After serving in the Civil War, they started to buy 
a farm and pay for same by work. The first winter, his 
hand was cut off in a mill. His education was less than 
3rd grade. He lost the farm of course as he could not 
continue payments. He taught school by having his wife 
teach him at night the work for next day. He worked 
thru the State Normal School at Fredonia, N. Y. by Mrs. 
Todd's aid. Holds a penp.anent teacher's certificate in 
N. Y. After several years successful work as principal of 
graded schools, he entered the ministry, and for a number 
of years was either the chaimian or one of the members of 
the board to examine the candidates for admission to the 
Erie Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 

They had a family of 11 children. As a poor country 
preacher of course they could not educate their children, 
but by power of example, as well as by precept these chil- 
dren educated themselves. Of the boys living, one grad- 


uated from Hai-vard and is Prof, of Latin and Greek in 
Vancouver. (He was an honor man at Harvard). 

One graduated from Harvard and is Government 
translator in the Patent Oflice at Washington. One grad- 
uated from the Baltimore Medical College and is the Sur- 
geon of the Trafford division of the Westinghouse Co.. at 
Pittsburg. One graduated from Columbia and is Prof, 
of Manuel Training at Amsterdam, N. Y. One is a High 
School graduate and is in the Classified Service, P. 0. De- 
partment, at Pittsburg, Pa. One graduated from the Bal- 
timore Medical College and is a Major in the Regular 
Army. Of the girls one is a successful ministers wife, 
at Apollo, Pa. One is a farmei-s wife at Frewsburg, N. 

In 1917 he was living at "The Oaks," Galloways, Md. 
but in 1919 he had moved to Frewsburg, N. Y. 

Children : 

*2361. Florilla L., b. July 4, 1866. 

*2362. Carrie M., b. Aug. 25, 1867. 

*2363. Martillus L., b. July 31, 1869. 

*2364. Devillo 0., b. Feb. 2.5, 1872. 

2365. Julius H., b. Feb. 16, 1874, d. Jan. 10, 1895. 

2366. Marcia B., b. March 21, 1876, d. May 4, 1876. 
*2367. Leslie B., b. Sept. 10, 1877. 

2368. Vincent H., b. Aug. 22, 1879. 
*2369. Otis J., b. March 27, 1883. 
*2370. Holhs H., b. July 22, 188.5. 

2371. Merritt B., b. July 23, 1889, d. Aug. 2, 1897. 


Theodore Charles Todd% (Ora B.', Bela'', Caleb', 
Gideon^ Gideon', Michael-, Christopher') born Sept. 10, 
1845, in Stockton, N. Y. He was twice married, first, 
about 1868, Alice Jones, of Stockton, N. Y., second, Nov. 
17, 1911, Mrs. Josephine Waterman Putnam, who was 
also of Stockton, N. Y., and where they now (1912) 

In March 1884, he went to California to live accom- 


panying his parents and lived some of the time in Los 
Angeles, and in Standish, Lassen County. 

He, his wife and children were an exceptionally musi- 
cal family and their concert singing was much sought 

Children by Alice Jones : 

*2372. Fred Ora. 

2373. Minnie I., m. Gillman T. Daggett and lived in Los 

Angeles, Cal., she was very musically inclined and 
had a fine voice. 

2374. Myra Lorinda, m. Thompson and lived in 

Los Angeles, Cal., she too was very musical and 
had a good voice. 

*2375. Delphine. 

2376. Clarence Theodore ; graduated from the Polytech- 
nic High School in June 1911, and in the follow- 
ing Autumn commenced a college course at 
Denver, Colo. 



Delphine Electa Todd\ (Ora BJ, Bela% Calebs Gid- 
eon^, Gideon', Michael-, Christopher^) born March 25, 
1849, in Stockton, N. Y., married Oct. 3, 1866, George W. 
Thompson, who was bom May 20, 1841, in Newport, Her- 
kimer County, N. Y. 

They lived in Warren, Penn., in 1912, where he was a 
petroleum producer. 

Children : 

I. Addie Delphine; is a graduate of the Warren 
(Penn.) High School and in 1912, was living with 
her parents. 
IL Merle Alonzo, m. Nov. 25, 1896, Edith M., daughter 
of John Humphrey, of Warren, Penn. ; he was liv- 
ing in Chicago, 111., in 1912, where he was a dealer 
in guilt edge securities. 


III. Eva Mae, d. Oct. 12, 1905 ; although an invalid she 
had a fine contralto voice, and was also a good 


Helen Mae Todd^ (Elbridge G.% Bela% Caleb', 
Gideons Gideon", Michael-, Christopher') born June 14, 
1840, in Lakeville, N. Y., died April 3, 1890, in Howell, 
Mich., married Jan. 1, 1857, Lafayette Bernhart. 

Children : 
I. Sarah Ella, b. Oct. 3, 1857, d. March 24, 1882, m. 
April 2, 1880, Charles Armstrong. 
II. Millie Eleanor, b. Jan. 30, 1861, d. Sept. 4, 1865. 


Sarah Ophelia Todd^ (Elbridge G.', Bela^ Caleb% 
Gideons Gideon', Michael-, Christopher') born Oct. 7, 
1853, in Nunda, N. Y., married Sept. 4, 1872, Eugene 
Marsh Sherman. 

Children : 
I. Jessie Ophelia, b. Sept. 18, 1872, d. May 10, 1883. 
II. Bell Todd, b. June 29, 1875, m. Sept. 10, 1903, 
Edward Lines, and had issue: (1) Jessie Augusta, 
b. Nov. 10, 1904; (2) Stephen, b. July 4, 1907. 


Lydia E. ToddS (Calebs BelaS Calebs GideonS 
Gideons MichaeP, Christopher') born March 4, 1847, 
married Nov. 9, 1865, Francis Beebe, who was bom March 
12. 1843. 


Children : 
I. Earl H., b. May 22, 1872, d. Oct. 8, 1880. 

II. Perle E., b. May 18, 1880, was m. June 28, 1905. 

III. Vesta, b. May 22, 1882 ; she too, was m. June 28, 



Homer F. Todd«, (Caleb', Bela«, Caleb% GideonS 
Gideon', Michael-, Christopher') born Sept. 5, 1849, mar- 
ried Sept. 25, 1873, Josephine V. Dawley, who was born 
July 22, 1853. 

He was a farmer and lived in Lily Dale, N. Y. 

Children : 
*2377. Archie H., b. Aug-. 30, 1874. 
*2378. Stanton W., b. July 9, 1876. 
*2379. Edwin Lafayette, b. Sept. 30, 1879. 
*2380. Lena Delphine, b. Oct. 15, 1883. 
2381. Gerald L., b. Sept. 25, 1891. 



Florence M. Todd^ (Caleb% Bela% Caleb% GideonS 
Gideon=, Michael^, Christopher') born May 22, 1854, mar- 
ried Dec. 21, 1871, John E. Pierpont, who was born March 
23, 1854. 

Children : 
I. Florence M., b. July 3, 1877. 
II. Jessie M., b. Oct. 20, 1881. 


Carrie M. Todd^ (Caleb^ Bela«, Caleb^ Gideon*, 
Gideon^ Michael-, Christopher') bom Nov. 27, 1862, mar- 
ried July 8, 1880, Edgar L. Griswold, who was bom June 
8, 1858. 


Child : 
I. HariyM., b. June 4, 1884, m. Dec. 19, 1907, Bessie 
A. Reynolds. 



Albina Philinda Todd% (Levi G.", Bela^ Caleb% 
Gideon\ Gideon-, Michael-, Christopher') born Feb. 27, 
1856, died April 29, 1898, married Thomas. 

Children : 
I. George W., b. March 22, 1875, m. and had issue: 

(1) Karl E.. b. March 22, 1901; (2) George M., b. 
May 7, 1904. 

II. Susannah V., b. March 5, 1877, m. Kingsley 

and had issue: (1) Evelyn H., b. Oct. 13, 1904; 

(2) Edgar K.; (3) A son. 

III. Lizzie G., b. June 30, 1879, m. Coglizer and 

had issue: (1) Arthur; (2) Jack. 

IV. Victor L. R., b. March 27, 1883, married and had 

issue: (1) A son. 

V. Zillah, b. Jan. 6, 1886, m. Eastman and had 

issue: (1) Helen L. 
VI. Sylvia A., b. June 10, 1890. 


Lewis Caleb Todd^ (Caleb", Bela«, Caleb', Gideon', 
Gideon^ MichaeP, Christopher') born May 20, 1860, he 
has been married three times, first, Jan. 26, 1887, 
Florence F. Sheldon whose brother was the Governor of 
Nebraska, he married second, Feb. 19, 1890, Jennie E. 
Mark, who died in 1907, third. May 1, 1909, Alice J. 

He owns and manages a farm in Nehawka, Neb. 

Child by Florence F. Sheldon : 
2382. Florence C, b. Jan. 26, 1877. 


Children by Jennie E. Mark : 

2383. L. G., b. Nov. 15, 1890. 

2384. Ora Mark, b. Feb. 17, 1892. 

2385. Harold Ami, b. July 21, 1895. 

2386. Julia Estella, b. Jan. 21, 1897. 

2387. Jessie Benton, b. Aug. 3, 1899. 

2388. Mary Elizabeth, b. May 2, 1902. 

2389. Genevieve Lydia, b. Aug. 16, 1904. 

Harry G. Todd^ (Caleb', BelaS Caleb^ GideonS 
Gideon^ MichaeP, Christopher') born Feb. 9, 1864. He 
married and had issue : 

Children : 

2390. Edwin Vance, b. March 1, 1892. 

2391. Dwyer Brown, b. July 12, 1894. 

2392. Lydia Emmeline, b. Feb. 14, 1897. 

2393. Glen Roland, b. Nov. 22, 1898. 

2394. Helen Harriet, b. April 7, 1901. 

2395. Harry Orville, b. March 12, 1903. 

2396. Delbert William, b. May 24, 1905. 

2397. Lauren Brooks, b. Feb. 26, 1908. 

2398. Dorothy Elizabeth, b. Aug. 30, 1911. 

Levi Goodsil ToddS (Levi G.", Bela^ Caleb=, Gideon*, 
Gideon^ Michael-, Christopher') bom May 10, 1873; he 
is married and has issue : 

Children : 

2399. Alice Miriam, b. Jan. 13, 1904. 

2400. Melvin Russell, b. April 22, 1910. 



Ida Todd^ (Marquis De L.% Bela% Calebs Gideon*, 
Gideon% Michael-, Christopher',) bom in 1874, in Santa 


Paula, Cal. She has been twice married, first, in 1894, 
Bert Carle, from whom she was divorced in 1898, mar- 
ried second, in 1901, Herbert Youngling. In 1912, they 
were living in Los Angeles, Cal. 

Children by Bert Carle : 
I. Louise, b. 1895. 
n. Genevive, b. 1896. 

Children by Herbert Youngling : 
in. Edwin P., b. 1907. 
IV. Howard T., b. 1909. 
V. Dora Catherine, b. Nov. 29, 1911. 



Jessie L. Todd^ (Marquis De L.% Bela^ Caleb^ 
Gideons GideonS Michael -\ Christopher^) bom in 1875, in 
Santa Paula, Cal., married in 1901, Isaac P. Browne, who 
was bom in 1871, in Pike County, Mo. 

Child : 
I. Lafayette T., b. 1902, in Santa Paula, Cal. 


Edna P. Todd», (Marquis De L.% Bela«, Caleb^ 
Gideon*, Gideon% Michael^ Christopher^) born in Santa 
Paula, Cal., married in 1901, Charles N. Puckett, who was 
bom in 1872, in Brownsville, Tenn. 

Children : 
I. Beatrice T., b. 1902, in Santa Paula, Cal. 
II. Charles T., b. 1904, d. 1904. 



Beatrice B. Todd*, (Marquis De L.% Bela^ Caleb^ 
Gideon*, Gideon^ Michael=, Christopher') bom in 1882, 


married in 1908, Hubert C. Sharp, who was bom in 1882, 
in Santa Ana, Cal. They lived in Saticoy, Cal., in 1912. 

Children : 
I. James M., b. 1910. 
II. Dora Louise, b. Jan. 15, 1912. 
III. Margaret, b. Oct. 25, 1913. 


Ernestine R. Todd'«, (Marquis De L.\ Bela«, Caleb^ 
Gideon*, Gideon^ MichaeP, Christopher') born in 1883, 
married in 1909, Ray Comfort Joy, who was born in 1880, 
in Grand Junction, Iowa. In 1912 they lived in Santa 
Paula, Cal. 

Children : 
I. Fletcher L., b. 1910. 

II. Ernestine Isadora, b. Feb. 2, 1913, d. June 6, 1915. 

III. Alice Evilene, b. Nov. 17, 1916. 


Clarence Lewis Todd^ (Lewis C.^, Lewis C.^, Calebs, 
Gideon*, Gideon', MichaeP, Christopher') born Feb. 23, 
1849, in Nelson, Portage County, Ohio, died May 5, 1905, 
in Pittsburg, Penn., and was buried in Ashtabula, 0., 
married Emma Wiley. 

Children : 
*2401. James G., b. June 16, 1876. 

2402. Lena, b. Feb. 28, 1878. 

2403. Agnes. 

2404. Sarah. 


Mary Ellen Todd^ (Lewis C.^ Lewis C.=, Caleb=, 
Gideon*, Gideon^ MichaeP, Christopher^) bom Sept. 3, 


1855, in Nelson, Portage County, Ohio, married E. W. 

I. Frank, b. March 24, 1874. 

II. Turca, b. Sept. 29, 1876. 

III. Todd Lewis, b. May 10, 1884. 

IV. John, b. Jan. 23, 1886. 



Jennie Lind Todd^ (Lewis C.% Lewis C.% Calebs 
Gideon*, Gideon% MichaeP, Christopher^ born Nov. 20, 
1872, In Nelson, Portage County, Ohio, married Fred 
Trafford. They lived in Leavittsburg, Ohio. 

Child : 
I. A child. 


Alonzo E. Todd^ (Edwin R.", Thomas J.«, Caleb^ 
Gideon*, Gideon', Michael-, Christopher^) born April 4, 
1863, married Jan. 1, 1890, Mabel Buzzell. He is a far- 
mer near Plattsmouth, Neb. 

Children : 

2405. Eleanor, b. May, 1893. 

2406. Raymond, b. 1904. 

2407. Richard, b. 1906. 


Thomas Edwin Todd% (Edwin R.', Thomas J.«, 
Caleb", Gideon*, Gideon--, Michael-, Christopher^ bom 
March 12, 1867, married Lizzie Hoffman. 

He is a farmer. 

Children : 

2408. Lee Edwin, b. July 13, 1913. 

2409. Albert, b. Sept. 5, 1915. 



Alvin L. Todd^ (Edwin R.', Thomas J.\ Caleb-% Gid- 
eon% Gideon% Michael-, Christopher') born March 22, 
1871, married Dec. 19, 1894, Mrs. Phihnda A. Pellon. 

He owns and operates a farm near Plattsmoutli, Neb. 

Children : 

2410. Isabelle M., b. 1895, m. Emil J. Messinger. 

2411. Adelbei-t D., d. when 17 months of age. 

2412. Chester D., b. Feb. 26, 1905. 


George W. Todd% (Edwin R.", Thomas J.% Caleb% 
Gideon^ Gideon\ Michael-, Christopher') bom Feb. 22, 
1873, married in 1901, Rhena Jensen. 

He is a dentist in Omaha, Neb. 

Children : 

2413. Charlotte, b. 1903. 

2414. A son, d. young. 

2415. Virginia, b. 1910. 

2416. Harriet, b. 1911. 


Timothy Jefferson Todd^ (Edwin R.% Thomas J.^ 
Caleb'', Gideon*, Gideon% MichaeP, Christopher') born 
March 5, 1879, married in 1900, Minta Mauzey. 

He is a dentist in Waboo, Neb. 

Children : 

2417. A son. 

2418. HeniT, b. May 15, 1904. 


Russell Sharp Todd«, (Edwin R.% Thomas J.«, Caleb=, 
Gideon^, Gideon^ Michael=, Christopher') bom May 19, 
1883, married in 1907, Winona Smith. 

He is a farmer and lives near Plattsmouth, Neb. 



2419. Loyd, b. 1907. 

2420. Edith, b. 1909. 

2421. Fred, b. 1911. 

2422. Theodore, b. July 28, 1913. 

2423. Forest, b. March 25, 1915. 


George B. Todd% (Frederick P.', Thomas J.^ Caleb% 
Gideons Gideon% Michael^, Christopher^) born Oct. 24. 
1867 in Plattsmouth, Neb., went with his parents when 
they moved to Jamestown, N. Y., married Sept. 18, 1889, 
in Hampton, Va., M. Rosa Hart, who was born Dec. 4, 
1869. In 1920 they were Hving in Norfolk, Va., where he 
was a merchant dealing in all kinds of farm machinery, 
motor trucks, engines, electric light plants, water systems 

Children : 

2424. Allene Ford, b. Sept. 17, 1890, in Jamestown, N. 
Y., m. June, 1917, Cecil W. Tucker. 

2425. George B., b. March 27. 1892, d. Dec. 26, 1894. 

2426. Clarence Hart, b. July 14, 1893. 
*2427. Malcom Howard, b. May 9, 1898. 


Anna Todd^ (George E.% Calebs Calebs Gideon*, 
Gideons Michaels Christopher^) born Oct. 16, 1856, in 
Flushing, Mich., married in 1874, Napoleon Roger, who 
was bom in 1854. 
Children : 
I. Alice, b. Jan. 18, 1876, m. June 23, 1897. 
n. Estella, b. June 15, 1877, d. March 30, 1901. 
HI. Seva, b. Jul;>r 13, 1881, d. Feb. 7, 1911, m. Aug., 



Cora ToddS (George E.S Calebs Calebs GideonS 
Gideons MichaeP, Christopher^ born Aug. 16, 1866, in 


Claj-ton, Mich., died Dec. 3, 1904, married Feb. 18, 1888, 
Thomas Ottaway, who was bom in 1868, in Clayton, Mich. 

Children : 
I. Georgia, b. Dec. 1889, in Clayton, Mich. 

II. Ethel, b. 1891, d. 1891. 

III. Floyd, b. March 1893. 

IV. Burtran, b. June 1895. 


Frank Todd\ (George E.", Caleb«, Caleb', Gideon% 
Gideon% Michael^ Christopher') boni March 31, 1868, 
died Oct. 24, 1889, in Flushing, Mich., married in 1888, 
Mina Carmichael, who was born in Canada. He was a 

Child : 

2428. Guy, b. April 24, 1889, in Flushing, Mich. 


Delburt Todd^ (George E.', Caleb^ Caleb", Gideon', 
Gideon% Michael% Christopher') bom Aug. 16, 1873, in 
Clayton, Mich., married Sept., 1896, Libbie Harding, who 
was born April 24, 1877, in Clayton, Mich. He is a 

Children : 

2429. Cecil, b. March 24, 1897. 

2430. Owen, b. Oct. 24, 1900. 

2431. Leon, b. Nov. 24, 1907. 

2432. Devere, b. May 28, 1909. 


Fred Todd% (George E.', Caleb^ Calebs GideonS 
Gideon', Michael-, Christopher') born March 29, 1879, in 
Clayton, Mich., married Dec. 15, 1910, Mildred Cronk, 
who was bom July 1878, in Flushing, Mich. He, too, is a 


Children : 

2433. George Emmett, b. Aug. 2, 1912. 

2434. Walter Cronk, b. April 5, 1914. 

2435. Frederick James, b. June 19, 1916. 


Charles Manning ToddS (Eugene M.% Manning S.", 
Samuel B.=, Gideon*, Gideon^', Michael-, Christopher^) 
bom May 8, 1868; he is married and lived in Faiiiield, 
N. Y. 

Child : 

2436. Leon. 


Edwin Hunter ToddS (Eugene M.", Manning S.^, 
Samuel B.=, Gideon*, Gideon^ Michael-, Christopher^ 
bom June 4, 1870, married June 28, 1913, Charlotte 
Gladys Stevens. They lived in Dodgeville, N. Y. 

2437. Eugene Francis, b. March 1, 1914. 



Florence Eveleen Todd^ (Wallace B.', Beri M.", 
Melicu% Gideon*, Gideon^ MichaeP, Christopher^ bora 
Nov. 18, 1865, married in 1888, James Jefferson Lane, of 
Newberry, South Carolina. In 1917 they were living in 
Ridgely, Md. 

Children : 

I. James Jefferson, b. Nov. 18, 1899, in Philadelphia, 
IL Wallace Todd, b. Nov. 13, 1902, in Newberry, S. C. 



George K. Todd«, (George", CharlesS Dan\ Charles*, 
Gideon^ MichaeP, Christopher^) born June 1, 1859, in 
Homer, N. Y., married Dec. 24, 1893, May Waldo, who 
died Aug. 3, 1901. 

2438. George Waldo, b. Nov. 22, 1895. 



Lena Bell Todd^ (George', Charles% Dan% Charles*, 
Gideon\ MichaeP, Christopher^) bom May 23, 1865, 
married May 4, 1886, Frank Wheeler, who is a doctor. 
They lived in Iowa Falls, Iowa. 

I. Josephine, b. Oct. 27, 1895, m. Jan. 22, 1909, Frank 
C. Walker, they lived in Otley, Iowa. 



Lucy Grace Todd^ (George', Charles% DanS Charles*, 
Gideon^ Michael-, Christopher%) born April 13, 1877, 
married July 4, 1899, John N. Birdsall. They lived in 
Alden, Iowa. 

I. Josephine, b. March 14, 1911. 



Celeste M. Todd^ (Charles', Charles^, Dan', Charles*, 
Gideon^ Michael-, Christopher^) bom Oct. 9, 1859, she 
was twice married, first, Austin D. Premo, second, Imla 


Children by Austin D. Premo : 
I. Pearl Almeda, b. Feb. 21, 1890, m. June 28, 1911, 
and went to live in Chicago, 111. 
II. Arlie Devill, b. Nov. 6, 1892. 

Child by Imla Kellogg. 
III. Fern Celeste, b. Sept. 30, 1896. 



May M. Todd*, (Hiram J.", Amos", Dan% Charles*, 
Gideon\ Michael-, Christopher') born April 26, 1860, 
married S. F. Cramer. In 1911 they were living in 
Mernmack, Wis. 

Child : 
I. Earl L., who married and had issue: (1) Stella 


Warren Amos Todd«, (Hiram J.% Amos«, Dan', 
Charles*, Gideon^, Michael^ Christopher^) born Nov. 2, 
1865, married Minnie Drown. In 1911, they lived in 
Painesville, Ohio. 

Children : 

2439. Olive May, b. Jan. 15, 1894. 

2440. Marion, b. Aug. 17, 1896. 

2441. Harold James, b. June 27, 1905. 

2442. Lawrence, b. June 12, 1909. 



Harriet Ellen Todd«, (Orrin K.", William^ Simeon^ 
Joel*, Ithamar^ MichaeP, Chi'istopher') bom April 19, 
1860, married Nov. 16, 1888, Henry John Strauss, of 
Middletown, Conn., who was a successful business man in 
Wallingford, Conn., where their interests grew and they 


accumulated quite a property. The Rev. Mr. Reynolds, 
her pastor and friend of much of her girlhood, of the 
First Baptist Church officiated at the wedding. 

Mrs. Strauss received a thorough common-school 
education and became a shipper and later an inspector in 
the finished goods department, first at Hall and Elton's 
and afterwards at R. Wallace and Sons, where for years 
her services were retained. Her children were all bom 
in Wallingford, Ct., but were some years later, confirmed 
in the Protestant Episcopal Church of Hamden at Center- 

Children : 

I. Jane Caroline Todd, b. April 8, 1889, received a 
high school education and engaged as expert book- 
keeper for her father and brother. She is also 
a very successful teacher of the pianoforte, having 
graduated several large classes. Jane Caroline was 
married Sept. 16, 1920, at St. Paul's Episcopal 
Church in Bridgeport, Conn., to Mr. Granville J. 
Houle an estimable and popular young man of that 
city, and they resided in Stratford, Conn. This 
new family is ideal and their future most promis- 
n. Kate Clifford Todd, b. July 14, 1894, graduated 
from high school. She became an adept in the art 
of fine needlework and in many of the comfortable, 
practical ways is an accomplished young woman. 
She was married Sept. 25, 1919, at St. Paul's Epis- 
copal Chui'ch in Bridgeport, Conn., to Mr. James 
Nell, who is an automobile merchant. They have a 
beautiful home in that city. Kate is a regal beauty 
and a most attractive young matron. 
III. Henry John Todd, b. July 7, 1896, graduated from 
high school just prior to the beginning of the world- 
war, in which he served with the Motor-truck 
Branch and was honorably discharged as a ser- 
geant. He is now (1920) associated with his 
father in a garage business in Bridgeport, Conn., 
having a floor space for nearly 100 automobiles. 


William Elhanan Manning Todd^ (Orrin K/, William*, 
Simeon", JoeP, Ithamar', MichaeP, Christopher^) bom 
Sept. 13, 1864, married Dec. 25, 1890, Rose Jane Stover of 
Mount Etna, Iowa. 

William Elhanan Manning Todd had the usual ups 
and downs of a healthy Connecticut and eastern Ameri- 
can boy in matters temporal, but being of a practical, 
active and vigorous mental makeup which often left him 
high and dry upon the shores of things far future, where 
some swiftly rolling psychological tidal-wave would land 
him away thru the years of coming events, when, in the 
very nature of things, he would sometimes be compelled to 
"hold his bosses," "slow down the train," "change the 
course of his ship," "puncture a tire," or lock his aero- 
plane to a mountain top and "call a halt" for a time. And 
while waiting would plan the next move on the tressel- 
board of the yet unborn days. 

For a number of years the writer of this sketch has 
tried in vain to get bits of his stoiy, being able to secure 
but little, and even now must be content with articles of 
his life work which appeared at different times in the pe- 
)-iodicals and newspapers throughout the length and 
breadth of the United States, and from other authentic 
sources from which the following is eptomized : 

The Rev. William E. M. Todd, archaeologist and lit- 
terateur, is a typical New Englander, and altho spending 
much of his youth in Virginia was educated in Connecti- 
cut schools. 

Always an inveterate reader from his earliest days, 
besides his careful studies he devoured two whole libra- 
ries, one private and one public, a later invaluable asset 
in his chosen vocations. He was ordained in 1890, and 
has preached and lectured from over five hundred popular 
platforms and leading pulpits in twenty-nine of the states 
and the Dominion of Canada; addressed twenty State 
Assemblies ; four interdenominational gatherings and five 
National Conventions ; was member of and addressed fifty 


local and international councils; edited four periodicals, 
issued sixty publications, and over two hundred leading 
journals have published his work ; has addressed forty G. 
A. R. occasions, ten Independence Days, and has spoken 
in more than seventy-five places in his native state. 

He has lectured at a number of institutions of 
learning, occupied on special occasions more than seventy- 
five college town pulpits, held six public discussions and 
has been tendered over forty public receptions. Some of 
his best sermons are said to have been on "Power of 
Choice," Omaha First church, published at Omaha, Cres- 
ton and Brookfield ; "Blessings of Misfortune," published ; 
"Apples of Gold in Pictures of Silver"; "Unity of Re- 
ligion", published at Charleston ; "The Call of the Twen- 
tieth Century", published, and "His Sword is Dipped in 
Heaven", in memoriam of soldiers and sailors lost in the 
Spanish-American war, on request of the National Monu- 
ment Committee and published for them. This was a 
great occasion, the Mayor of the city presiding and the 
Blue and the Gray veterans present in full-dress uniform. 
His Alfredian address, commemorating the one thousandth 
anniversary of the death of England's great formative 
ruler. King Alfred, was published and widely commented 
on, and his pulpit theme on "The Sermon that Christ 
would Preach," while the pastor at Key West, Fla., was 
said to be "the greatest heard in that city in ten years." 

His studies in Arts, Science, Prophecy, Biography and 
Literature being unusual, continuous, arduous and suc- 
cessful, his archaeological researches being principally in 
Asiatic, Egyptian and American antiquities, his demon- 
strations have met with favor. Thrice he has been called 
to education work. He has been a careful disciple of the 
interpretation of the Bible in the beauty of Dr. David 
Swing, the constructiveness of Dr. Lyman Abbott, the opti- 
mism of Dr. R. S. Storrs, and the persistent aggressive- 
ness of the Fathers in the cause of applied Christianity, 
and from willingness to respond to every call he has been 
styled "a minister of the people." His pulpit talks on 
"Famous Men I Have Known, and the Theology They 


The pipe organ here shown was the first one brought around 
Cape Horn to the Northwest coast. Civic, Military and Fra- 
ternal Bodies worshiped with him here. 


Pari.^^h of 400 families 
An influential pulpit 


15 rooms, Bureaus of Music, 
Medicine, Labor and Law, 
Parish of .5,000 people. 


Taught Me," and on the Bible "as a Book of Science," "As 
the Word of God," "As a literary Work" and "As an In- 
spiration," at union and interdenominational meetings 
and from his own pulpit have been commended as most 
timely and helpful; his untiring interest in civil affairs 
has been appreciated by municipal, cormnonwealth and 
national officers, whose communications of hearty accord 
have been of great encouragement to his ministiy. His 
prayer at the conclusion of one of our great wars en- 
titled "Thanks For National Peace," was handsomely en- 
grossed and embossed, and sent to the President, the 
members of the cabinet and also to the Peace Commission 
and was most cordially acknowleged by each. And at 
another time he was given the personal thanks of the 
President and the Secretaiy of War for his Memorial ad- 
dress in defense of the army in the Philippines. 

Contemporaries have mentioned him as a man of un- 
usual scholarly attainments, holding degrees in Art, Law, 
Science, Theology and Music, with two others pending, he 
has been indefatigable in his labors in both school and 
church, as well as in the field of letters, college extension 
and post graduate work. Association with Learned and 
Biographical societies supplied inspiration for growing 
educational enthusiasm, so that even with increasing pul- 
pit endeavors and evangelistic calls, time was found under 
Divine guidance to help plant schools and to assume col- 
lege responsibilities, among which a few are mentioned ; 
lectured at Western School for ministers and at Brookfield 
College, helped to found Mendota College nearly forty 
years ago, had interest in the founding of the University 
of Omaha, and Lincoln Memorial University, all strong 
institutions and doing worthy work. A member of the 
Co-Educational Association of Virginia; lecturer for the 
Farmer's Educational and Co-operative Union of America 
(4,000,000 members) , and director of their Virginia State 
band of 40 pieces. But chiefly individually founding 
and establishing Central College in Virginia, a corpora- 
tion with preparatory schools, literary institute, School of 
Pedagogy, (Normal Training, with Departments of Agri- 
culture and Domestic Science) College of Arts and 


Sciences, School of Religion and Conservatory of Music, 
all standard, acknowledged and accredited in the govern- 
ment. In five years funds were secured, buildings con- 
structed and a student body of over 1400 enrolled — an 
unprecedented result — the assemblies at school and edu- 
cational affairs sometimes numbering from 1,000 to 6,000. 
These associated details resulting in many conversions 
and in much community improvement leads to the strong 
conviction that with proper liberty and Heaven-led initia- 
tive much and lasting good can be doubly productive. 

Dr. Todd was admitted to Holy Orders under an 
exhaustive examination by a foremost body of New Eng- 
land scholars, the clergy of the Rhode Island Association 
of Othordox Congregational Ministers, in the old white- 
domed Beneficent Church, Providence, and has observed 
an unswerving ministry, baptismal waters opening to his 
service for this sacrament from the Naragansett Bay of 
the Atlantic Ocean to the far western coast. He feels 
that the church is more moving and appealing than any 
other modern activity and that every sensible effort pos- 
sible should be prayerfully and persistently maintained to 
effectively bring to the public mind the lasting, enduring 
qualities of a livable Christianity. His whole heart is 
with the church in all her aggressive, pleasant ways to 
awaken a more or less lost race from the sin-slumbering 
of these swiftly flying days. 

Qualifications and work attaining degrees were 
graduate studies, and partly for theses on many themes, 
for numerous phases of activity in the churches and ack- 
nowledged standing in scholarship recognized at different 
times by eminent schoolmen, statesmen and clergymen of 
New England, the South and the West, from among whom 
the several notable signatories below are selected. There 
have been two calls to the legislature, he was twice ap- 
pointed postmaster and a Naval Chaplaincy was offered. 
He edited two national magazines and owned and edited 
an important southern journal with a wide circulation 
and was national correspondent for five standard re- 
ligious periodicals. He was member of the great Eccu- 
menical Council on Foreign Missions in New York City 


2 i j' 

Q- ^ TO 


in the spring of 1900, was vice-president of National 
Cyclopedia of America Biography, for years lecturer be- 
fore many patriotic bodies and an accredited delegate-at 
large to the Atlantic National Congress for a League of 
Nations, under the auspices of the League to enforce 
peace, held in New York, February 5-6, 1919. 


Virginia, Senator, Judge James G. Cannon, Col. on 
Gen. Barley's staff, former tutor in the University of 
Maryland and Div. Supt. of Public Instruction. Alabama, 
Chancelor and Judge W. W. Whiteside, Cumberland Uni- 
versity. Rhode Island, and Washington, D. C, Henry H. 
Tilley, LL.B., Brown University. Iowa and the Philip- 
pine Islands, Judge Warren H. Ickis, Tabor College A.B., 
University of Iowa LL.B. New York, Judge William 
Henry Harrison. Elder James Periy, Oklahoma and 
Ii'eland, and Agnes H. S. Ide, A. B., University of Michi- 

While pastor with the famous old New Lebanon pul- 
pit, older than the Federal Govei-nment, in eastern New 
York, his first book answering New Testament Critics 
came off the press. Received strong commendation and 
was given wide circulation. He cooperated with the 
mayor of Winchester, England, in the proper observance 
of the 1000th anniversaiy of the death of Alfred the 
Great, (in lieu of the late John Fiske, A.M., LL.B., the 
great American Historian, whose sudden death made va- 
cant his place on the program). The Albany Journal, 
The Berkshire Evangel, and The Connecticut Valley Con- 
gregationalist, et. al., publishing his historic address. 

His memorials have had national consideration. This 
is the church home of the well known Tilden family, the 
body of the great Governor, Samuel J. Tilden, lay in State 
here, and encircling the massive granite base of the monu- 
ment erected to his memory here, are the famous words of 
his memorable speech after the presidential election in 
1876, "I still believe the people." Seven clergymen have 
entered the ministiy from this pulpit. Men eminent in 
letters have ministered here. Chief magistrates of the 


nation have worshiped here. It is near the famous sum- 
mer resort "Montepoole" of the popular story "Queechy," 
and the location is called the "Switzerland of America," 
about which cluster many sacred and beautiful mem- 
ories of useful men and women on both sides of the 
ocean. While the Rev. Mr. Todd was pastor here, his 
son was born and was immediately presented, by the good 
ladies of the parish, with an expert nurse from the House 
of Mercy Hospital, at Pittsfield, Mass., and with a sum 
of money to more than pay for the term of her services. 
At his Christening in the old church his name included 
that of his father, his grandfather and his great-grand- 
father, also that of one of his father's predecessors in the 
New Lebanon pulpit, the eminent and beloved Rev. Dr. 
John Todd, so long a New England pastor, and appears on 
the church register as follows : John William Stover Todd, 
and he was rocked in the govenior Tilden cradle altho he 
didn't seem to like it very well. 

The venerable Pittsfield pastor, the Rev. Dr. John 
Todd, (See number 284), had been greatly beloved in the 
New Lebanon parish. He had often preached there on 
special occasions and, about the year 1860, had rededi- 
cated their recently remodeled church edifice — one of the 
most beautiful in America — and some of his great 
sentences were so well remembered as to be quoted verba- 
tim 40 years later when the same building had undergone 
further changes to meet the later needs, and words of 
tender regard were paid to the revered memory of their 
former friend and patron of this stanch and worthy, 
ancient and progressive household of the unyielding and 
all-pervading Faith of the Divine Christ. Deacon Nelson 
S. Gates, a stockholder of the Boston and Albany Rail- 
road, one of eastern New York's most prominent and be- 
loved citizens, a profound Christian and scholarly gentle- 
man, said on the above mentioned occasion : "The master 
spirit at the dedication was the Rev. John Todd, D.D., of 
Pittsfield, who preached the sermon. He was a master in 
Israel, a man of great spiritual power. His discourse 
interested and edified all who heard it. He brought to 
us wise council and noble inspiration, and when in his 

From Popular Biography of Connecticut 

Central College Group corpor- 
ation known as "The Seven 

Prof. Wm. E. M. Todd is in 
the front rank of the foremost 
men of the times — Hon. .J. H. 
Dickerman, Author of Colonial 
Historie and Legends of the 
Blue Hills— 1913. 

He is equally at home in the 
class room, the pulpit, on the 
lecture platform or on the stump. 
— States Attorney R. E. Wood- 
wine, Virginia, 1914. 


Founder, and for years president of Central College 


Courtesy oldest daily newspaper in Conn. 


own impressive manner he performed the solemn act of 
dedication, the heart of the congregation was stirred and 
all the people said 'Amen'." 

Towards the close of the recent war, a Connecticut 
magazine prepared the following article for its own 
press, and it is quoted here as bringing this life-glimpse 
almost strictly down to date : 


Brief Sketch of the Career of Former New Haven 
Resident Who Erected Among the Blue Ridge Moun- 
tains of Virginia A School House Modeled After the 
Structure that Stood so Long on the Green. 
To reproduce in a strange land the building that 
meant home in one's "Ain Countree" is nothing new. Im- 
migrants wearying for the sight of Loch Lomond or for 
a whif of smoke from a Kilkenny cot have done it before 
this ; under the hands of a man with the Heimweh on him 
even that uncompromising institution, the New England 
farm-house, has a way of taking on unaccustomed lines 
and something of an air of foreign graciousness. 

But to become so warmly attached to a public build- 
ing, to a structui'e that can have none of the intimate 
associations that make home unforgetable, as to reproduce 
it years afterwards, line for line, with all the loving at- 
tention to detail with which one would copy the home 
hearth-place, there is an O'Heniy twist of the unusual. 

The man who did this once lived in New Haven. He 
is Rev. Wm. E. M. Todd, whom many residents of this city 
will probably remember. The building he reproduced 
was the old State House that stood not many years ago on 
the Green. And the site he chose for it was a natural 
depression in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, "On 
the trail of the Lonesome Pine," where feuds and 
romances, faiiy-stones, (and at that time moonshine 
whiskey) and big apples flourished, as well as material 
for ballad makers, and in one instance, at least, nostalgic 
yearnings for the dignity and orderly grace of a New 
England town. 

During the middle eighties, the "People's Mission" 


stood on Union Street, nearly opposite the grimy, old 
Union Station. Here were welcomed the human derelicts 
that then made the street an unsavory spot, and though 
it was before the day of the "social settlement," there was 
constructive work done there that would compare favora- 
bly with the record of the more pretentious institutions of 

One of the workers at the Mission was a boy named 
Todd — William Todd. He was an enthusiastic young 
chap, somewhat of a mystic, preached as they use to 
preach in the olden days, with a vehemence and deadly 
earnestness such as the world now regards as out of tune 
with the times. But he had one quality which the genius 
preacher does not always possess — imagination. 

These were the days when the old state house still 
loomed up in the heart of the city, and the boy, who often 
on Sunday afternoons spoke to a crowd of four or five hun- 
dred people at the southern poitico, was fasinated by the 
long line of steps, the tall fluted columns and the whole 
aspect of a Greek Temple of the Golden Age set down in 
the trim expanse of a New England green. And when not 
long after he left New Haven, he carried with him a 
mental image of the old State House that was to stay with 
him for many years. 

At that time, Mr. Todd was preparing for the minis- 
try. From New Haven, he went to Virginia, and con- 
tinued his studies for several years, spending his summer 
vacations on Menhaden fishing steamers going out from 
Boothbay Harbor, Boston, New London, New York, 
Philadelphia, Baltimore, Norfolk, Cape Charles and a 
score of other ports ranging the ocean from oflf the Maine 
coast to the West Indies. In the meantime, he became a 
full-fledged marine engineer and was seeing sei-vice on the 
Job T. Wilson, the first vessel of that type ever launched, 
tlie Pauline Wilbur, the Starry Banner, the Bradley, the 
Goodale, the Daisy, the Isaac N. Vesey and the J. W. Haw- 
kins. The last named was a great ship and was well 
manned, having a double crew. One morning these alert 
fellows, having a chance, caught before breakfast 500,000 
menhaden. It took all day to load them. Later, it may 





A Main Building containing College of Pedagogy Music 
Hall. Armory and Rotunda. 


be recalled, this vessel was purchased by the Cuban Junta 
and placed under the command of the Cuban Patriot, Gen. 
Calixto Garcia, in the service of Cuba Libra. She was 
unusually large and swift for a vessel of this class and 
easily converted into a filabustera or blockade runner. 

Mr. Todd's career has been a versatile one. His sea 
going ventures including also time used "before the 
mast," first as an ordinary seaman, then as an able sea- 
man, afterward as steward and from that up to second 
officer on the great black sloop "Rainbow" of the Rappa- 
hannock, the "Lila Dale" of the lower Chesapeake, the 
rakish, buoyant daring cai-away pungy "Alice," Captain 
Cole, whose home was on the Patuxant river; the sailing 
merchantman "L. F. Hall" of Baltimore and the bold ocean 
rover and pineapple freighter, the old Staten Island 
"William McGee." This vessel went to the old Columbus 
port of San Salvador. 

After leaving the fishing harvesters, he was chief of 
a ship of nine engines in U. S. construction sei-vice. 
About this time, completing his studies, he was ordained 
to the ministry in 1890, and since then has sei'ved in the 
churches throughout the country as evangelist, pastor and 
builder or supei-\'ising architect. Not long after his or- 
dination, he was appointed postmaster of an important 
court-house town and port of entry, and did much "dry" 
campaigning in Alabama, Tennessee and Virginia, each 
state ultimately winning for prohibition by large majori- 
ties. Later he was at work in Iowa and Montana when 
they each voted "dry" by splendid margins. 

It was during this period that he erected the building 
so well modeled after our State House. He had 
planned to build a school for the illiterate whites of that 
section, and when the question of design for the building 
came up, a happy inspiration struck him — the old State 
House on the gi-een. This was a new departure for the 
Virginian mountain district, a gaunt wooden shack, four- 
square to the winds, was the type of school building to 
which the people were accustomed, but Mr. Todd per- 
sisted in his purpose to do the highest best, and finally 
won the men of the mountains over to his views and en- 


thusiasm arose so high and strong that they had the 
structure up in short order, after which new school- 
houses became quite the order of the day all over that part 
of the state. 

The corner stone of this noble building was laid with 
Masonic ceremonies amid great rejoicing. Several thou- 
sand people being in attendance, and music was furnished 
by excellent brass and string bands made up of young 
native mountaineers. This band later numbered 175 
players and attained a national reputation, being known 
far and near as a human pipe-organ. From time to time 
other buildings, seven in all, were erected and the rock, 
timber and lumber used in the construction of thena all 
was furnished from the Virginian quarries and forests of 
the surrounding country. A steam saw and planing 
mill was set up on the campus — a tract of 100 acres where 
it worked early and late for about two years. Also steam 
and water grist mills were soon established, stone-masons 
were recruited, journeymen carpenters secured and the 
work went steadily forward to a grand finish in a little 
more than 30 months. A sojourner in the district sends 
the following description of Central College, Literary In- 
stitute and School of Music, as this group of schools was 
then called. It was early chartered and incorporated. 

"Along the old Danville-Carroll Pike, not far from 
Carroll Court-house, where the Allen Clan, a few years 
ago shot up the court while in session, and near the head 
waters of the historic Dan river, is a natural bowl in the 
Blue Ridge Mountains, reaching from the famous Lover's 
Leap on the west, to the Bull Peak on the east. It is a 
mammoth depression, ten miles across the top and about a 
thousand feet deep, and through this runs the old pike. 
Its sides are covered with forests, small farms and or- 
chards, and cottages overflowing with children. Suddenly 
one comes upon the College with its band stand on the roof 
and usually "Old Glory" flying from the flagstaff above. It 
tells its own story, a strong people realized a need and 
a loyal son of Virginia and Connecticut lived and worked 
there with them. During the first five years he rode 
something like 14,000 miles on horseback in the interest 


of this establishment. Of the results of his work with 
the institution, Dr. Richard S. Martin, member of the 
Board of Visitors, President of the State Medical Asso- 
ciation and member of the Virginia House of Delegates, 
said at one of the Commencements : "In the lives of his 
students and in the hearts of our people, he has erected 
to himself a monument more enduring than either gold or 

The founder of this Central School and Armory — 
for it has its military academy — has often been invited 
into pulpits all along the east coast as well as throughout 
much of the interior, from the Pine Tree State in the far 
northeast to the most southern city of the nation, and mu- 
sicians under his instruction have been called for from 
Seattle, Wash., thru the middle West to Washington, D. C. 
and south to Macon, Ga. In Key West, Fla., he was presi- 
dent of the Ministerial Association, (40 churches). His 
church was a colony of more than 400 families. A fine 
pipe organ was installed and they had the most delightful 
choir in all the orange land. Two of his men were mem- 
bers of the Legislature, many were merchants and several 
owned fleets of sponge ships. While resident there, he 
was speaker at a great state convention. Memorial Day 
orator for the G. A. R. and for the Four Hundredth An- 
niversaiy of the birth of Wesley, before the only English 
Wesleyan Church in the United States, a body of some 500 
members, also located at Key West. 

His Alabama people made his work among them a 
constant delight. The Mayor of Piedmont, Judge E. D. 
McClellan, one of his Elders, always kept open house for 
him and his family. At Anniston he was clerk of the 
City Ministerial Association (40 churches) and Judge 
(Chancelor) W. W. Whiteside, statesman, churchman and 
jurist, a widely beloved man was clerk of his session. 
Here he officiated at times with seven of the leading pul- 
pits, gave a memorial to General Joseph Wheeler, was 
made a Royal Arch Mason and designed his ninth new 
church. Judge J. Marion Hare, of Fairview, Major E. S. 
Smith, at Argo, Esq. J. J. Freeman, of Mountainboro, 
Judge R. A. D. Dunlap and George Washington Whorton, 


at Gadsden were most valued friends who always worked 
with steady, sturdy faith and membership in the historic 
old church was multiplied by three. While here he was 
stated clerk of his Presbytery, elected Moderator and sent 
to the General Assembly. Gadsden was the first of the 
old iron towns in the heart of the "Old South", now a city 
of pretentious proportions and a county seat, on the fa- 
mous Coosa river; and was always most prompt to ring 
true to every call of its ancient chivalry for the protection 
and advancement of its people. The name of Gen'l Na- 
than Bedford Forrest, founder of the true Ku Klux Klan 
(there was a false one) the invisible empire, the invisible 
brotherhood of the fiery cross, was here held in reverential 
affection. Many Todds have lived here, some coming 
dii'ect from the old home across the sea. 

On Dr. Todd's retiring from this field where he was also 
chaplain of the city Fire Department, chaplain A. F. & A. 
M. and prelate for the Knights Templar, his church 
inviting the co-operation of these organizations, planned 
an elaborate farewell meeting which was attended by a full 
house. The Fire Department Band was present and dis- 
coursed appropriate selections. Piano solos and duets 
were rendered by members of the congregation and ad- 
dresses were given by Judge R. A. D. Dunlap, who spoke 
for the church. Judge James A. Bilbro, speaking on "Re- 
ligion and Fraternity" and the minister who talked for 
"Life's Idealisms and Realisms." Mrs. Todd gave a read- 
ing, the band played, the choir and congregation worship- 
ed with prayer and song and the whole audience united 
in tendering the pastor and his family a loving and af- 
fectionate farewell and in wishing them prosperity and 
success in all their future labors. The Rev. Todd was 
accepting a call to Omaha, Neb. 

To mention the towns and cities in which Mr. Todd 
has spoken would be to list practically all the communities 
of any considerable size in the country. In Massachusetts, 
he has addressed congregations in Springfield, Brockton, 
Edgartown, Taunton and Fall River; in Rhode Island, 
Providence, Bristol, Green, Lafayette and Woonsocket; 
in Connecticut nearly 100 places including, Danielson, 


Tylerville, Taftville, Burrville, Plainville, Unionville, 
New Haven, Wallingford, Middle Haddam, Chester, Cen- 
terbrook, Danbuiy, Norwich, Cheshire, Mt. Carmel and 
Torrington; in New York, Albany, New Lebanon, New 
York City and Brooklyn; in Mainland, Harve-de Grace, 
Salisbury and Baltimore ; More than seventy-five places in 
Virginia, including Charlottesville, Danville, Martinsville, 
Clarksville, Excelsoir Springs, Lynchburg, Newport 
News and Richmond; North Carolina at Greensboro, 
Danbuiy and Salisbury ; Georgia at Atlanta, Macon and 
Savanah; in Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma and so on 
over the list of states. His most famous pulpit in the 
South was the old Circular Church of Charleston, a well 
endowed parish and a notable organization dating from 
1678. His strong pulpit fai-thest north was First Church, 
London, Canada. Some of his interior pulpits have been 
at Zanesville, Cleveland, Chicago, many places in Iowa, 
Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska, including Kansas City, 
Omaha and Lincoln ; Hot Springs, S. D. ; Butte, Mont. ; 
Lewiston, Idaho ; Aberdeen, Wash. ; Portland, Ore. where 
he had twelve war platforms, three of which were pulpits. 
At the beginning of this century. Dr. Todd was in 
charge of an important parish on the western border of 
Connecticut and while here the membership increased, 
the church and grounds about it were improved and the 
congregation celebrated its 175th anniversary. The affair 
was given wide publicity at the time, and guests were 
present from Danbury, Pennsylvania, New York, Hart- 
ford and Boston. Plain, austere and puritanical in ex- 
ternal simplicity, but cozy and cordial within, and in sum- 
mer almost hidden by the foliage of surrounding trees, 
this church stands as a symbol of the faith which the fore- 
fathers of the congregation have followed on this same 
site for two centuries. The great French General 
Rochambeau once camped his aiTny for weeks beside it. 
It bears the distinction of being nearer to the New York 
line than any other in the state and numbers among its 
stanch supporters, educators, members of the town board, 
business men and members of the Legislature. 

Not long since the minister's work was again in the 
west and while located in Iowa — his wife's native state 


— his silver wedding was observed with the people of his 
parish and was the occasion of much unalloyed pleasure. 
A band of 40 pieces furnished most delightful music and 
the family were the grateful recipients of fifty silver gifts 
and fifty silver dollars, $25 and 25 gifts to each celebrant. 
It was Dec. 25th, and the church was filled with loving 
friends whose minds were alight with living memories 
of a personal past, sacred with tenderness and anxious 
kindness in the ways, cares and labors of growing family 
experiences in the home, in business and in society. The 
program and ceremonies were purely informal, after 
which dainty refreshments were sei-ved by three prairie 
nymphs, the Misses Neva Stockdale, Ruth M. Todd and 
Anne Tiedens, gowned in pink and blue who made every- 
body happy with their delightful and quaint liberalities 
and witty pleasantries. Back of the band on the wall was 
stretched a beautifully illuminated picture of Bethlehem, 
the Angel and the shepards, the wise men and the 
star, a great lithograph in oil 9 feet high and 27 feet 
long and suitable for both Christmas Eve and Christmas 
night. The band seemed in unusual good spirits and 
added much to the festivities of the occasion. 

Among the many delightful and deeply appreciated 
gifts was a tall candle stick, suggesting the Bible figure 
of the true light in the church. This gift by the pastor of 
the Refonned Church, the Rev. Mr. G. Zindler and his 
daughter, touched very closely the earnest Christian 
motive of the pastor and Mrs. Todd. And of the many 
messages of the fraternal regard from many sections of 
the country the one given below, by the stated clerk of the 
Presbytery of Waterloo breathes the kindly spirit of all 
the others. 

My garden blossoms best at Christmas time, 
Untouched by wintry winds or clinging snow. 
Because my flowers are loving Memories 
That never die but grow, and grow, and grow. 
And if, perchance, within that garden fair. 
You'll walk with me and all its fragrance share, 
For-get-me-nots of Heaven's serenest blue. 
You'll find are blooming there, my friend, for you. 

Church and Parsonage of 
a western Connecticut parish 
over 200 years old. Some of the 
noblest people of New England 
made this parish great. 

The Masonic insignia is that of the great French General Rau- 
chambeau who, during the war for independence, camped here with 
his army, for many weeks. The same insignia was worn by Laf- 
ayette, as well as by 54 of the 57 signers of the Declaration of In- 


Dr. Todd is a member of the American Academy, 
American Geographical Society, Archaeological Institu- 
tion of America, with classical schools at Rome, Athens 
and Jerusalem ; American Historical Association, Nation- 
al Geographic Society, Educational Association of Vir- 
ginia, Scout Commissioner, the National Municipal 
League, the League to enforce Peace, and one of the foun- 
ders of the National Masonic Research Society. He has 
often spoken in the interests of Patriotism, Education and 
Religion in some thirty of the great cities and college cen- 
ters of the country, and is also connected with the most 
significant movements of modern times in the church, the 
schools and with the masters of Political Science. He has 
been a hard student and has enjoyed the society of many 
of the most responsible leaders of inventive and socio- 
logical progress. His large stake is: he never forgets a 
friend, much less an enemy, and his work every where 
has been constructive. 

Congratulations came also from His Honor The Mayor, 
and Mrs. William Dreyer, His Honor the Ex-Mayor, attor- 
ney, and Mrs. D. Voogd, the Rev. and Mrs. Wm. H. Rob- 
erts. LL. D., stated clerk of the Presbyterian General As- 
sembly, and the Rev. Dr., and Mrs. Charles Herron, of 
Omaha Theological Seminary, who wrote: "WTien your 
band plays, the year of Jubilee has come, may it be a 
foretaste of the melody above." 

Butte, Montana, the largest, richest and at that time, 
was the wickedest mining town in the world. Its status 
since then has been very greatly advanced. The state 
has voted "dry" and its other great vice has been radically 
abated. While resident pastor here. Dr. Todd's address 
in defense of the "Verity of the New Testament Story of 
the Trials of Jesus", given before the Montana Coro- 
mandry of Knights Templar, of which order this minister 
is a member, was published in the city press and in 
bound form for circulation. 

His pulpit work on the far western coast has been re- 
garded as of unusual strength and by many has been 
warmly commended in both Oregon and Washington. 
Many distinguished guests attending his ministry, in- 


eluding the fraternities, commercial, military and other 
bodies. He did his war bit in a dozen different ways ; in 
the camps, at ship furnishings, army supplies, as engineer, 
band master, time keeper, paymaster, foreman, store- 
keeper, postmaster and chaplain. The recruiting officer 
came into his home soliciting his service on special lines. 
His family in the meantime each doing their utmost to 
help Uncle Sam win his most laudible designs against the 
secularized and fanatical scientists of the age who were 
unerringly sealing in their swagging, savagery, their own 
well deserved death warrant and ultimately that of their 
empire and their government. 

In the Appalachian mountains, from the Potomac to the 
Mississippi rivers dwell 3,000,000 people of the purest 
American blood. Five times their present numbers 
dux-ing the last 150 years have flooded from these giant 
hills into the throbbing life veins of the Nation and like 
a fierce artesian well have helped mightily to keep the 
great stream full and free. In the early sixties, when 
numbers were relatively much less, 80,000 enlisted in the 
Union service. It was given to such as these men to 
capture, single-handed, the largest bunch of the boldest 
Huns during the world-war, and our most notable public 
officials hasted to do them honor. Given the steady bene- 
fits of modern educational progress this remarkable 
people may enhance the mind, heart, life and initiative 
of our wonderful America, in the strongest application of 
its practical genius a hundred fold. The vast recesses 
of these mountains are mines of unrelenting spirit, com- 
mon culture of a flexible granite quality that can scarcely 
be found anywhere else in the world. It is up to institu- 
tions like the above to find and utilize this measureless 
value of America's psychological wealth. 

Professor Wm. E. Manning Todd was Trans-Missis- 
sippi Exposition City Preacher with Omaha First Church 
during the Spanish- American War; in Green Street 
Church, Chicago, during the worlds fair; with old Circular 
church Charleston, during the reunion of United Confed- 
erate Veterans — the Federal Gunboat Raleigh from which 
was fired the first shot at the Battle of Manilla Bay was 

"A Minister of The People" 


Member of Southern Jurisdiction 

Active in twenty-two Fraternities 

Prelate in his commandery. 


guest of honor on this occasion — and this speaker was also 
with the First Church, London, Canada, a cathedral city, 
during the mobilization of troops for service in the Trans- 
vaal. He occupied, 1917-18, fifteen war pulpits, founded 
the college group mentioned above, sent fifty students to 
post graduate studies, prepared fifty more for scientific 
agriculture, graduated a hundred public school teachers 
and had more than a thousand boys in Uncle Sam's recent 
armies. Men of his Highland Battery attained renown. 
Two of his churches doubled in membership and three 
others trebled. He established ten pulpits, found fifteen 
men for the ministry and an entire city was organized into 
a single church. He is the practical pioneer of modern 
church unity, and in the co-operation of state and de- 
nominational college work. 

His conservatory of music furnished musicians for the 
civic division of the 1912 Presidential Inaugural and for 
other great national functions. He designed and con- 
structed twenty-five fine church properties, all of them 
excellent and some of them ample, impressive and digni- 
fied architecturally; beautifully harmonious within, and 
wholly and inclusively practical. Substantial and eff'ec- 
tive expressions of the best and most inviting themes in 
the active Christian thought of today, and many have 
united with the churches he has served. These prodigious 
labors, together with an unusual scholastic record — for 
he always carried class honors — have earned for him five 
degrees and fellowship in five learned societies. His com- 
mission as Captain hangs on his library wall and his ap- 
pointment as chaplain in the great assembly room at the 
court-house. He has been moderator and stated clerk of 
presbytery, member of the General Assembly and parti- 
cipated in many difficult war activities, being connected, 
part of the time, with seven camps. He also helped fur- 
nish and supply 100 of the U. S. Merchant Marine. 

His archaeological researches have promoted a keen ad- 
vance for an intelligent concern in the work of the 
American Classical Schools at Rome, Athens and Jeru- 
salem and he has active investments in the restoration of 
Palestine, Syria, Arabia, Armenia and the ancient domin- 


ion of the Calaphs. His philosophy declares "An age is 
dying in the East and that a new world will rise there." 
His book answering "New Testament Critics" received 
strong commendation and was given a wide circulation. 
He had ten speaking points in the heart of the city of Port- 
land, Oregon, and his home was a rendezvous for both offi- 
cers and privates during the entire period of the war. He 
often led the war-time bands and his work was in all of 
the northwest states. He was also called east on a num- 
ber of special missions in the interest of both the church 
and the government. 

Dr. Todd's work on the northwest coast has lately again 
been cordially referred to personally and in the public 
press, for its patriotic and educational value, for besides 
his church and camp work he had three war bands, and 
his university classes were a fine enrollment. A high 
salaried position was offered him and a chair in a great 
school, but his whole interest is absorbed in the church. 
To this spiritual enterprise he is wholly devoted and to 
this purpose his life is dedicated. 

His pulpit in Greenfield, Indiana, is in a great building 
of twenty-five rooms fully equipped right down to the 
minute, and the character of his sermons has recently 
called again into his audiences the Vetei'ans of the Grand 
Army, the Woman's Relief Corp, the American Legion 
and the Knights Templar. These last named worshipped 
with him on Easter Sunday when his sei-mon addressed 
to them was entitled: "Why the World Failed and 
Christianity Won in both the First and in the Twentieth 
Centuries." This Easter sermon was given a generous 
circulation in the daily and weekly press. The Armistice 
Day will never be forgotten — 11th hour, 11th day, 11th 
month, 1918. He has recently added to his collection 
two great pictures : The Most Dramatic Moment in Four 
Centuries — General Allenby entering Jerusalem unarmed 
without firing a shot — ending forever misrule in the Holy 
City, Dec. 11, 1917. And the Reading of the Proclama- 
tion at David's Tower in four languages Christmas Day 
two years ago when General Allenby made to Christen- 
dom a present of recovered Jerusalem. These tremen- 


dous incidents made possible by the faith, sacrifice and 
work of the period, have started the music of the world 
to vibrating in a new way. And so we move ahead again 
toward the better excellence promised in God's book, into 
the morning ever dawning in the human conciousness. 

Mrs. Todd has always been interested in school and in 
woman's work, teaching seven years before marriage and 
later in Alabama and Virginia, where she was principal 
of Central Academy and matron of the young ladies' dor- 
mitoiy. She is active with the W. C. T. U., the W. R. 
C, with the Woman's Federations and the Order of the 
Eastern Star. But her chief interest has been Missions. 
Always devoted to the church she has had opportunity to 
address the women of Massachusetts, Connecticut, 
Florida, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Virginia, Mon- 
tana, where in the city of Butte she was auditor of the 
Federated Woman's Clubs, and in Oregon where under 
the new suffrage law she was made a judge of election in 
the city of Portland. Being so steadily busy, her chief 
relaxation has been a good garden — both flower and veg- 
etable — and an occasional good banquet. For twenty-five 
years this home has rarely ever been without a guest and 
fnuch of the time as many as from five to fifty people. 
For much of this period the family scarcely ever sat down 
to a meal by themselves. And the banquets so much en- 
joyed have sei-ved on many important civic, educational, 
church and community occasions from a hundred to 
twenty-five hundred people and the mendicant never gets 
by her door without his hand-out. Both the garden and 
the banquet, together with her school, church and home 
duties have been and are to her a source of inexhaustable 
comfort and pleasure. Always fond of young people, 
young company and good, hearty, lively merriment, she 
has kept herself young, and now at fifty-three seems little 
above forty. So the gift of immortality early shows 
itself in the lives of those to try to exemplify the Todd 
motto — "To live well, is to have lived enough" — that is, 
to try to do your best. 
Children : 

2443. Ruth Miriam, b. Jan. 29, 1894, she is a college 


graduate and was athletic editor her senior year, 
is a member of the largest athletic clubs in Amer- 
ica, has recently been elected as teacher of phy- 
sical culture and English in two splendid High 

Ruth began life in a beautiful little villa 
by the banks of the Blue River at Blue Springs, 
Neb. and her arrival was heralded by the gift of 
a home, and half a car-load of supplies of all kinds 
of provisions that came over the Burlington Rail- 
road — a bountiful and most generous considera- 
tion from her father's people throughout the state 
with whom he built three churches and for whom 
he was superintendent, editor and pastor-at-large. 

Owing to pastor Todd's responding to so many 
calls, Ruth's schooling was advanced by the abil- 
ities of many teachers. Her High School studies, 
however, were taken in Gadsden, Alabama and 
Omaha, Nebraska, and her A. B. degree work 
was done at Southern Presbyterian College in 
North Carolina, and with Richmond's Woman's 
College, Richmond, Virginia; receiving therefor 
a five-year teacher's certificate from the state 
Board of Education. This certificate was re- 
newed in 1920 for a six year period and she re- 
ceived in that same year a High School Life 
License with the State Board of Indiana. Ruth 
studied music all her school-life, having both pri- 
vate and public tutors, and has become proficient 
in piano, pipe-organ and band work. She also 
holds Iowa and Oregon State Teachers certificates, 
has had common and High School work in the 
four states and in the last named she was one of 
the most efficient and popular teachers residing 
at Portland, and was chosen to a High School po- 
sition paying $150 per month. She has always 
been an amiable and fun loving girl, fond of ath- 
letics, horse-back riding, autoing and the classics 
in drill and military movement, and with her 
native and acquired abilities in modern educa- 
tional activities she has become an allround and 
accomplished school woman. 

Is P 

5' r» >■ 

13 m 

^M^^^ ^i^«^^- 






■^ ^ '*5^Ufc^^%2^ 








Ruth has personally drilled and successfully- 
presented "monie a troup o' lassies to gie the 
'Highland Flinge' before classical and critical 
audiences in the South, Middle-west and on the 
West coast, and all the way across it struck a pop- 
ular chord everywhere. The "auld Scotch foke" 
say she even excells them in the "land o' the 
heather". Her lassies always make a hit and 
give their audiences more than anticipated 
pleasure. She has also presented many other 
forms of school and evening entertainment — and 
even now, Christmas time 1920, she is at work 
with 140 young people planning for the opening 
night for a new Gym and Atheneum soon to be 
dedicated in the city where she lives and is on the 
school Faculty. Her abilities on these lines are 
always in demand. She thoroughly appreciates 
the high moral value of physical culture and 
supervised athletics, and school patrons trust her 
fully. She has had some of the best audiences in 

Ruth has state authorized Diplomas from the 
departments of Home Economics, Domestic 
Science and Physical Culture in The Virginia 
School of Pedagogy and has taught these branches 
with gratifying success. She has been Assis- 
tant Principal and Principal; and standardized 
one of her western schools. And as a High School 
or College teacher of English and History, she is 

Socially she owns a wide circle of loyal friends 
in fifteen of the states, is a member of the Multno- 
mah Club — which has the largest athletic mem- 
bership of any in America and seems to live to 
serve and to be a joy to those about her. She 
was on the editorial staff at both her colleges, is 
active in church work and has often been a re- 
sourceful assistant in her father's active parish 
plans. She is beloved by all her students, and yet 
is one of the most careful of disciplinarians — this 
latter is not infrequently said to be a prominent 


Todd characteristic. Ruth's loftiest asset is: 
"that it pays to be courteous." 
2444. John William Stover, b. Aug. 8, 1901, he also has 
lived in a dozen of the states, but received his ear- 
lier school training in Alabama, Nebraska and 
Virginia. He had a diploma from the Normal 
Grade or School of Pedagogy, at Central Academy 
and from the High School of Aplington, Iowa two 
months before he was fifteen years of age. He 
was then employed for two years part of the time 
in Iowa at garage and band work, then later with 
the office force of a great commercial and banking 
company at Butte, Montana, where sometimes 
with a reliable revolver in his pocket he would be 
sent through a crowded street, more or less alive 
with alert and powerful crooks to get a suit case 
full of money, frequently gold, but it might be 
either silver or currency. He did not always go 
alone, neither always on foot. But in a throng- 
ing and wicked city as Butte then was, where 
holdups were of daily occurence — two outlaws 
sometimes alone robbing as many as fifty 
people — the trip was always fraught with more or 
less thrill and danger. This city is 6000 feet up 
in the air (altitude) in Winter mighty frosty — 
forty below zero — and in Summer mighty hot. 
Life here is rich and tense and the people are 
often either mighty good or mighty bad. He was 
next engaged as private secretary in the main 
office with a similar concern in Portland, Oregon, 
where a part of his duties was collecting heavy 
accounts. It is said that his fullest days work 
on that line was collecting from several local 
firms — some of whom did not want to pay with- 
out a few weeks dickering and the using of every 
known form of banking subterfuge — $250,000. 
But he got it and felt that he had won for his 
office. And so the thrall and enthusiasm for 
honest big business began to awaken and expand 
in his own will and purpose. His next venture 


Omaha High School, Southern 
Presbyterian college, Majoring 
in Music. Richmond's Woman's 
college, Bachelor of Arts. Vir- 
ginia Colleg'e of Pedagogy, Home 
Economies, Domestic Science, 
Athletics and Physical culture. 
Pipe-organist and pianist, also 
uses snare drum and ukelele. 
Holds Teacher's Life certificate. 

Cential College, Reed College, 
Jr. University of Washington. 
Regimental Orderly, and Ser- 
geant Bugler in three difl^erent 
world-war regiments. Chief- 
Musician and mem. of his Gen- 
eral's staff. Has played in ten 
great bands and uses twelve in- 
struments including ukelele and 


was as chief messenger with the U. S. Forrestry 
service, but feeling the need for larger earnings 
pressing him, he became one of Uncle Sam's steel 
ship outfitters at $125 a month, and entered 
Commercial High School for night study, major- 
ing in stenography and typewriting. For war 
work, for he was not yet seventeen altho large for 
his age, he enlisted in "The Multnomah Guard," 
Portland's city war regiment of 1800 business 
and professional men. These men were regularly 
and thoroughly drilled, fully equipped and worked 
much of the time night and day at R. R. bridges, 
ship j^ards and elsewhere when needed. He was 
a leading musician in the regimental band of 120 
pieces, before this he had been chief musician in 
Central Academy Militaiy band. At other times 
he has played with various other bands through- 
out the country from Macon, Ga., to Seattle, Wash. 
He was Regimental Bugler, with the rank of Ser- 
geant-in line, of the old Oregon Third Regiment, 
0. N. G. as orderly sergeant, for excellence as 
training instructor in S. A. T. C, and untiring 
devotion to every military duty he was given the 
full insignia of ex-service man, and is member of 
the Government vocational fraternity Chapter at 
his University. He was a Freshman at Reed Col- 
lege, Sophomore at University of Washington 
where he plays in the band and orchestra and is 
associate coxswain with the racing crews, which 
won the regatta this year, 1920, from the crews of 
the University of California. He is taking the new 
and strong advanced course in "Business Ad- 
ministration." He is fond of all school sports, 
hugely enjoys tennis, loves to sing with guitar 
and ukulele, a fine musician and can use nine 
instruments. He is much interested in the future 
of our country through the development and prog- 
ress of the west coast, where he is a Junior in the 
University of Washington at Seattle. He has 
been active in the church ever since the age of six 
years. 35 



Clifford Kirtland Todd«, (Orrin K.% William% 
Simeon', JoelS Ithamar^ MichaeP, Christopher^ married 
at Wallingford, Conn., Aug. 25, 1897, Elizabeth, daughter 
of Henry Lobb, the Rev. E. G. Richardson, pastor of the 
Methodist Church officiating. 

Clifford K. Todd had in his nature two qualities not 
possessed in so large a degree by any others of these boys. 
He was liberal in his opinion, but conservative in his ex- 
pression of them and as a consequence his quiet influ- 
ence has steadily grown. He is progressive in his life — 
was among the first to own an automobile — and up-to-date 
in his engagements. He has been at the head of a depart- 
ment with the world famous R. Wallace Sons Mfg. Com- 
pany for 30 years. This firm manufacture in all metals 
from tin to gold, and at present Mr. Todd has the great 
department of Nickel Silver flat ware. He has a pleasant, 
well located home and his personal fad is a collection of 
the original sources of the great religious foundations, 
as the Christian Bible, the Mohamedan Koran, the Pitti- 
kas of the Buddists, the Rig Vedas of the Brahmins, etc. 

He is keenly alive with broad and generous senti- 
ments, keeps posted on both local and world events and is 
a most thorough and ardent patriot. His high regard for 
New England and his home loving proclivities have kept 
him always near to his native heath, but this has been a 
gain to him in many respects, for the years of agreeable 
association with a continuously increasing circle of local 
acquaintance and friendship has doubtless realized for 
him the strong value of a steadily deepening affection, 
and a quiet growth of this strength into his own esteem 
for others, finds in this mutual confidence all that makes 
of living its true riches and intrinsic worth. He is one of 
the pillars of his age socially and industrially, and always 
has mixed with a great mass of men who have thought 
but little about it, but who trust him absolutely ; and in his 
line of active planning his judgement is seldom ques- 
tioned. With his family his religous connection is with 
the M. E. Church. 



A Trained Singer 



World wide in the Army 


He has been a member of Company K of Connecticut 
Second Regiment. 

Children : 

2445. Edna Mae, graduated from High School in 1919. 

2446. Helen Rosena, entered High School in 1919. 


Whitney Alfred Todd^ (Orrin K.', William", Simeon ■, 
Joel\ Ithamar', Michael-, Christopher^ born 1874, mar- 
ried Jan. 6, 1902, Zadelle Lucretia, daughter of Charles 
Billings Smith, at South Meriden, Conn. 

He had a fair education but went to work early. He 
was a powerfully built fellow, and not fully comprehending 
the throbbing impulse of his varied ambitions was some- 
what unusual in his activities to satisfy them. 

At the age of eighteen he enlisted in K Company, 2nd 
Regiment C. N. G. and served 8 years. Enlisted in L 
Company, 1st Connecticut U. S. Volunteers in 1898 and 
served during the Spanish-American War. Enlisted in 
the 43rd U. S. Volunteers in 1899 and served two years in 
the Philippine Islands. Was honorably discharged from 
this service at San Francisco in July 1901. Enlisted in the 
123rd Coast Artillery, U. S. Anny in 1904. TransfeiTed 
to 54th Company (Tori^edo School of Submarine Defense) 
for one year course, and was then transferred to the 95th 
Torpedo Company as instructor in submarine torpedo 
work. It will be noted that Whit., as he was familiarly 
called, took several leaps across parts of the world in the 
service of the Government. All this work was full 
fraught with daring and danger, but that thought seemed 
to seldom come to him. He strongly desired to work out 
his own destiny on these lines and his always fine demon- 
strations covered a broad basis of time, space and action, 
and his work was commended. On his final discharge he 
located at Yalesville, Conn. — the populous suburb of the 
busy and somewhat aristocratic manufacturing and resi- 
dence Borough of Wallingford. 

Whitney Alfred, always retained his unusual physical 
vigor and was also the fortunate possessor of marvelous 


powers of endurance which enabled him to outserve ahnost 
any other man in many of the difficult anny and war tasks 
assigned to him. His many sided activities seem to have 
given satisfaction for he was promoted to the rank of in- 
structor both while in the Philippines and in the Subma- 
rine School at home. These patriotic jobs were full of 
intense interest to him and he extolls them as well worthy 
his time and strength. All these experiences he regards 
as not without a large reflex value to himself, and as also 
a veritable and fairly complete asset in many ways for his 
plans for the rest of his life. 

Vocationally, he is connected with R. Wallace Son's 
cutlery department being responsible for quality of pro- 
duct and in charge of machines, tools and equipment, a 
position requiring experience of a peculiar kind, patience 
of very positive sort, alertness and speed of vision and 
action and special mental and mechanical abilities that are 
in constant demand. The work is important and the in- 
come commensurate. His careful attention to detail and 
ready accountability give satisfaction here, and his warm 
interest in home and community matters make him a jolly 
and sought for companion for any part of an unusual hour 
or two that needs a little spice injected into it. But he 
takes a deep and abiding interest in the welfare of his 
family and not much of his leisure finds him outside the 
threshold of his home except when they are with him. 
The family are active with the M. E. Church at Yalesville. 

Child : 
2447. Dorothy May, b. Sept. 13, 1902, she is now, 1920, 
a student at the Lyman High School, Wallingford. 



Frances Adelaide Todd^ (Orrin K.% William", Sim- 
eon% Joels Ithamar', MichaeP, Christopher^) manned 
Charles Elmer, son of John Treloar, who is an indepen- 
dent manufacturer of hardware at Yalesville, where they 

Mrs. Treloar spent all her years until 18 at school and 


had the special advantage of the State Normal at New 
Haven. She then spent a couple years in the home of her 
brother, the Rev. Wm. E. M. Todd, a former well known 
minister of New England, in Rhode Island and at Fall 
River, Mass. While at the latter place a large number of 
young people united with the church and among them she 
received the rite of Baptism and was admitted into the 
communion of Broadway — now Pilgrim — Congregational 
church of which her brother was then the installed pastor. 

Spending some three more years with her mother, she 
was then married at the home, her brother, then in the 
west, returning expressly to officiate at the wedding. 
Many people in all the walks of life, from Watertown, 
North Haven, Meriden and Wallingford were in attend- 

Fannie, as she is called by her intimates, was always 
of a most amiable nature, winning the esteem and affec- 
tion of a wide circle of those about her age in the three 
towns in which she had lived, Wallingford, Bristol, R. I. 
and Fall River, Mass., where she was a prime favorite 
with a lively group of literary and musical folk always 
attending her brother's church in that city. At home she 
was known as earnest, humble and accomplished in all 
that makes home life atti-active. Thus she has been able 
to create an ideal resting place for her family. 

Children : 
I. Donald Nelson Todd ; he made a fine record during 
the late world war in the manufacture of munitions 
at Bridgeport, Conn., where he had charge of a 
large shift of workers. His administration of this 
responsibility was well spoken of. 
II. Robert Carlton Todd. 
HI. Howard Alton Todd. 


Allison DeWitt Todd% (Orrin K.% William", Simeon', 
Joel*, Ithamar", Michael-, Christopher^ born June 1879, 
in Wallingford, Conn., married in New Haven, Ct., June 


30, 1913, Dorendo Helen, daughter of Charles Henry 
Beckett, of Middlefield, Conn. 

Allison DeWitt Todd was born about three months 
after the sudden death of his father. He has lived prac- 
tically all his life in Wallingford, Ct., except a brief period 
in the cities of Meriden and New Haven, Ct. His educa- 
tion included High School and much time spent in the 
study of music, mostly voice, although improving himself 
somewhat in the use of the pianoforte. He had fine op- 
portunities for the study and drill in vocal culture, and as 
a boy sang for several years in the vested choir of St. 
Paul's Protestant Episcopal Church in Wallingford. 
This choir had an enviable reputation in general church 
circles and served a most beneficient purpose in the parish 

After mature study under talented experts. Max 
Trueman, of New York City, and Prof. Enrico Batelli, of 
New Haven, Ct., he sang for contract periods in the Con- 
gregational Church, of Wallingford; Center Congrega- 
tional, of Meriden; Main St. Baptist, and St. Paul's 
Universalist, of that same city; First Baptist, of New 
Britain, and in the Central Presbyterian of Gadsden, 
Alabama, of which last named he also became a member, 
his older brother, the Rev. Wm. E. M. Todd, being pastor 
of that historic old body of worshipers, was humbly 
honored in officiating at his baptism and reception, the 
older, administrating for the youngest in this consecrated 
relation of such immortal significance. (In the Winter of 
1899-00 this minister was called upon to administer the 
same sacred rite for the oldest friend of his boyhood, Mrs. 
Calvin Benham, of Mt. Carmel, Conn., then in her 88th 
year. In her girlhood Mrs. Benham had been a beautiful 
singer and for many years had given her sweet voice to 
the service of the choir of Cheshire Congregational 
Church). Allison DeWitt's splendid tenor has been 
heard in many churches and on many occasions since, and 
he still contributes, as he finds the time, to the frequent 
and urgent calls made upon him. 

Much of his working days he has been connected with 
R. Wallace Son's, manufacturers of silverware, the largest 


tableware concern in the world. An immense percentage 
of the knives, forks and spoons used by our soldiers dur- 
ing the world-war were made by this well known and 
pioneer firm in many of these lines of goods, the practical 
demand for which steadily increases. Allison DeWitt is 
the only immediate descendant of Orrin Kirtland, who has 
been pi-esented with a gold watch on the attainment of his 
majority, which irregularity was most cordially agreed to 
as without question in commemoration of the unusual cir- 
cumstances attending his birth. In the Autumn of 1920 
he became a Mason, Member of Compass Lodge No. 9 of 
his native town. 

Mrs. Allison D. Todd was a school teacher, before her 
marriage, having taught one year in East Granby, Conn., 
and ten years in Yalesville, Ct., where their home is 
located. They are each active members of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church and are earnestly trying to make every 
effort count for the right as they use up the unfolding 
years. They are popular among a host of the younger 
families and their presence always brings an added joy 
into the social and community gatherings of their friends 
and neighbors. 

2448. Charles Kirtland, b. April 3, 1914. 


Almina Todd^ (Ruel% Eleazer% Ruel"', Jobs Itha- 
marS Michael-, Christopher^ born May 2, 1843, in 
Dryden, N. Y., died Dec. 14, 1911, in Elgin, 111., married 
in Dundee, 111., Jan. 1, 1860, George Giddings, who was 
born Aug. 15, 1830, in Essex, Mass. 

Children : 

I. Lillian, b. Dec. 26, 1864, married first, Oct. 14, 

1886, West Turner, from whom she was divorced 
in 1890, they had issue: (1) George, b. Aug. 11, 

1887, m. Feb. 3, 1906, Minnie Aldrich, from 


whom he was divorced and m. a second time and 
went to live in St. Louis, Mo. Lillian Giddings 
married second, William Egleston, who was b. Jan. 
27, 1859, and had issue: (2) Lillian, b. Aug. 5, 
IL Mary Esther, b. June 14, 1872, in Barrington, 111., 
m. Jan. 30, 1889, Andrew Spurling, and had issue: 
(1) Harry, b. May 25, 1890, who was in the Navy. 


Charles Todd^ (Rucl', Eleazer% RueP, Job', Itha- 
mar', Michael-, Christopher^) born Aug. 14, 1848, in Dry- 
den, N. Y., married in Dundee, 111., Elizabeth Burns, who 
was born July 9, 1849, in New York. In 1913 they were 
both living in Dundee, 111. 

*2448. Nettie, b. Dec. 30, 1869. 

2449. Loudel, b. Aug. 21, 1873, in Dundee, III., m. Dec. 
14, 1910, Edith Tuttle, in Chicago, 111. 


Ruel Elmer Todd\ (Horace", Ruel^ Ruel-', Jobs Itha- 
mar', Michael- Christopher^) died Jan. 9, 1913, married 
and had. 


2450. Horace. 



Agnes B. Todd', (Charles R.\ RueF% Ruel ■, JobS Itha- 
mar=', Michael-, Christopher') married George Bixby. 

I. Lucinda. 
II. Ermie. 




Nettie Todd^ (Joel", Ruel", Ruel', Job', Ithamar^ 
Michael-, Christopher^ married Myron Warren. 

Child : 
I. Marjorie. 


Edward Sherman Todd\ (Lucius M.', Levi'', Ruel", 
Job', Ithamar', Michael-, Christopher') born Sept. 13, 
1864, in Sugar Grove, 111., married Jan. 1, 1899, in Aurora, 
III., Jane Lallaway, who was born Feb. 22, 1864, in 
Shabbona Grove, 111. 

Children : 
*2451. Ralph Lallaway, b. Oct. 10, 1889. 
2452. Mary Bruce, b. Jan. 18, 1893; she attended St. 
Mary's College. 


Idella May Todd', (Eleazer", Levi", Ruel', Job% Itha- 
mar^ Michael-, Christopher') born Aug. 11, 1869, in 
Sugar Grove, 111., married in Geneva, III, Oct. 5, 1892, 
Arthur Lewis Gillette, who was born Sept. 27, 1857, in 
Sugar Grove, 111., died in Los Angeles, Cal., Dec. 4, 1905. 

I. Lewis Todd, b. May 20, 1902, in Aurora, 111. 


Bert C. Todd^ (Eleazer", Levi", Ruel', Job% Ithamar^ 
Michael, Christopher^ born May 20, 1871, in Sugar 
Grove, 111., married in Aurora, 111., April 11, 1900, Lydia 
Emmons Loucks, who was born July 26, 1872, in Bristol, 


Children : 

2453. Florence Mayo, b. Nov. 18, 1901, in Aurora, 111. 

2454. Helen Emmons, b. Aug. 2, 1904, in Aurora 111. 


Bertha May Todd% (George H.', Levi% Ruel--, Job^ 
Ithamar^ Michael-', Christopher^) born Jan. 29, 1879, in 
Rochelle, 111., married in Aurora, 111., Feb. 18, 1905, Os- 
bourne V. Willson, who was born Jan. 3, 1877, in Aurora, 

Child : 
I. Eleanor Todd, b. Jan. 24, 1906. 


Fred Arthur Todd^ (George H.", Levi", Ruel\ Job', 
Ithamar\ Michael-, Christopher') born Sept. 29, 1881, in 
Rochelle, 111., married in Aurora, 111., June 12, 1906, Helen 
Hill, who was born Aug. 15, 1882, in Milwaukee, Wis. 

Children : 

2455. Kathryn Hill, b. March 12, 1910. 

2456. A daughter, b. Jan. 5, 1914. 

2457. Ruth Constance, b. Feb. 24, 1916. 



Henry Otis Todd", (James H.", Henry", John*', John'', 
John*, John', John-, Christopher') born July 13, 1866, 
married April 20, 1892, Eva S. Southwell. 

Child : 

2458. James Derby, b. Sept. 12, 1894, m. Jan. 2, 1918, 
Zoe Fleming. 



Elmer Ely Todd'', (James H.*', Henry', John", John"', 
John\ John', John', Christopher') born May 7, 1873, mar- 
ried March 9, 1904, Relura P. Hunt. 

Children : 

2459. Charles Hunt, b. June 4, 1906. 

2460. Thomas, b. Dec. 22, 1908. 

2461. Lucy, b. March 29, 1915. 


Mary Todd^ (John H.^ Gabriel H.", John% John', 
John^ John', John- Christopher') born in 1853, married 
in 1873, Eugene Perkins. 

Children : 

I. Eva, b. 1875, m. in 1898, Howard Leach, and had 
issue: (1) Myrna, b. 1899; (2) Carlton, b. 1903. 
n. John E., b. 1878, m. in 1897, Maud Olyn. 


Ida Todd", (John H.^ Gabriel H.', John% John% 
John*, John', John-, Christopher') born in 1855, married 
in 1878, Edmund Childs. 

Children : 

L William H., b. 1881, m. in 1906, Anna Robinson, and 

had issue: (1) Edmund R., b. 1907. 
n. Lloyd H., b. 1886, m. in 1911, Florence Wyatt, and 
had issue: (1) Myrna, b. 1913. 


Herman H. Todd", (John H.«, Gabriel H.', John^ 
John'', John% John^, John-, Christopher') born in 1858, 


was married twice, first, in 1880, Rosalia Chatfield; 
second, in 1913, Mary Lossing Rathbun. 

Children : 

2462. Mary Eloise, b. 1883, d. 1884. 

2463. Mabel Evelyn, b. 1886. 

2464. Alice Louise, b. 1888. 


Charles Todd", (John H.% Gabriel H.', John", John^ 
John', John', John', Christopher') born in 1877, married 
in 1898, Bessie Henig. 

Child : 
2465. Harry, b. 1899. 



Lillian Mae Todd",(Oscar^ Gabriel H.", John", John'\ 
John*, John^ John=, Christopher') born March 7, 1868, 
married Nov. 28, 1887, Fred Lawrence Baker. They 
lived in Los Angeles, Cal. 

Children : 

I. Earlda Marguerite, b. Aug. 28, 1890, m. Jan. 9, 

1912, Walter J. Wallace, and had issue: (1) Fred 

Baker, b. Sept. 26, 1913; (2) Catherine, b. May 26, 


II. Marjorie Mae, b. Feb. 10, 1892, m. Jan. 11, 1912, 

Guy C. Boynton. 
III. Lawrence Todd, b. Aug. 21, 1896. 



Alice Edna Todd", (Oscar^ Gabriel H.', John", John', 
John*, John^ John^ Christopher') born Aug. 17, 1869, 
married Aug. 17, 1899, Warren C. Kennedy. 


Child : 
I. Ruth Alice, b. June 19, 1904. 



Maiy Ethel Todd", (Oscai-% Gabriel H.', John", John% 
John', John", John-, Christopher^) born July 18, 1876, 
married July 28, 1900, Allen C. Kennedy, who died June 
2, 1905. 

Child : 
I. Merle Ethlyn, b. Sept. 1, 1905. 


Elbert Ransom Todd", (George H.% Gabriel H.% 
John'"', John", John^, John, John-, Christopher') born in 
1862, died in 1915, married in 1903, Maud Gallager. 

Children : 

2466. George Emmet, b. 1904. 

2467. Charles Elbert, b. 1907. 


Henry Hubbard Todd", (George H.^ Gabriel H.^ 
John", John\ John^, John', John-, Christopher') born in 
1866, married in 1892, Carrie Belle Dixon. 

Children : 
*2468. Harold Leland, b. 1894. 
2469. Virginia Belle, b. 1912. 



Rose Amanda Todd", (George H.^, Gabriel H.', John", 
John% John*, John', John=, Christopher') born in 1873, 
married in 1900, Frank G. Welbon. 


I. George Todd, b. 1901, 

II. Frank G., b. 1903. 

III. Paul Arthur, b. 1911. 

IV. Ralph Howard, b. 1915. 


Elizabeth Rachel Todd% (George H.«, Gabriel H.^ 
John'', John", John*, John^ John-, Christopher') born in 
1876, married in 1908, Donald G. Bartlett. 

Child : 
I. Mary Elizabeth, b. 1911. 


Fred Palmer Todd", (George H.«, Gabriel H.% John", 
John'', John', John', John-\ Christopher') born in 1879, 
married in 1907, Mary A. Costello. Mr. Todd is Vice- 
President of the National Loan and Investment Company, 
of Detroit, Mich. 

Children : 

2470. Stayton George, b. 1909. 

2471. David Frederick, b. 1911. 

2472. John Beecher, b. Jan. 14, 1916. 
2373. Fred Palmer, b. Oct. 25, 1917. 

2474. Mary Lou, b. Mar. 15, 1920. 


Charles Delno Todd", (George H.^ Gabriel H.', John«, 
John', John*, John% John-', Christopher') born in 1882, 
married in 1908, Caroline E. Jackson. They lived in 
Detroit, Mich., in 1920. 

Children : 

2475. Charles Delno, b. 1913. 

2476. Jane, b. Sept. 20, 1918. 

Fred Foster Todd", (Elbert S.% Gabriel H.% John^ 
John^ Johns John% John^ Christopher') bom Sept. 12, 


1868 in Kieu Kiang, China, married Oct. 23, 1895, Fannie 
Pruitt who was born May 10, 1875, in Crisfield, Md. 

He is now (1919) a Surgeon Dentist in Crisfield, Md. 
where they reside. 
Children : 
2477. Elbert Nannon, b. Sept. 10, 1896, m. at Crisfield, 
Md., Apr. 11, 1920, Elizabeth Howard 
*2478. Grace Joyce, b. April 25, 1901. 
2479. Fred Foster, b. April 7, 1907. 


Daisy Grace Todd", (Elbert S.^ Gabriel H.', John", 
John', John^ John', John-\ Christopher') bom Jan. 5, 
1872, in San Francisco, Cal., married Oct. 5, 1892, Harry 
D. Pullman, in Washington, D. C. 
Children : 
I. Russell Duane, b. Aug. 25, 1893. 
H. Carel May, b. April 19, 1895. 
HI. Helen C, b. May 10, 1897. 
IV. Chester A., b. May 8, 1898. 

V. Beryl G., b. July 5, 1900. 
VI. Lauren D., b. Dec. 18, 1905. 


Walter H. Todd^ (Elbert S.% Gabriel H.^ John", 
John\ John^ John', John-, Christopher') bom Dec. 10, 
1874, in San Jose, Calif., married in Baltimore, Md., Oct. 
10, 1893, Annie Whitehead. 

Children : 

2480. Elberta Francis, b. Feb. 12, 1896. 

2481. Manon Louise, b. Aug. 4, 1898. 


William Hanford Todd", (Hanford C.', Danus W.", 
Elnathan", John\ John*, John", John^ Christopher') bom 
June 9, 1861, mai-ried July 2, 1891, Catherine French. 

He is a physician and resides in Dobb's Ferry, N. Y. 


Children : 

2482. Warwick Hanford, b. Sept. 11, 1892, graduated 
from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New 
York, N. Y. 

2483. Kenneth William, b. Nov. 14, 1894, attended Co- 
lumbia University, New York, City. 

2484. Katherine Beatrice, b. Aug. 10, 1898. 


George Sullivan Carter Todd", (Hanford C.^ Darius 
W.\ Elnathan", John% John*, John% John=, Christopher^ 
born Oct. 22, 1862, died May 22, 1897, and was buried in 
the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Tarrytown, N. Y., married 
Sarah E. Carter. 

Children : 

2485. Sarah Carter, b. March 22, 1891. 

2486. Ruth McCloud, b. Oct. 20, 1892. 


Robert Bentley Todd^ (Hanford C.^ Darius W.\ 
Elnathan", John% John% John\ John= Christopher^ bom 
Aug. 10, 1864, married Oct. 20, 1897, Mabel Augusta 
Lester. They lived in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Child : 

2487. Dorothy Lester, b. Dec. 5, 1898. 



Anne Margaret Comstock Todd^ (Hanford C.% Da- 
rius W.', Elnathan'"', John'', John% John% John=, Chris- 
topher') born Nov. 25, 1865, married July 26, 1893, Elbert 
Conklin, of Englewood, N. J., where they reside. 

Children : 

L Alice Eleanor, b. July 21, 1894. 
H. George Edgar, b. March 22, 1900. 
in. Helen Mercy, b. Oct. 31, 1901. 



Hanford Comstock Todd'', (Hanford C.«, Darius WJ, 
Elnathan", John\ John% John', John-', Christopher') born 
Dec. 14, 1869, at Dobbs Ferry, N. Y., married June 6, 
1894, Wilhemina Kunze, who was born Nov. 30, 1871, in 
New York City. They lived in Hastings-on-Hudson, 
N. Y., in 1915. 

Children : 

2488. Hanford Comstock, b. April 18, 1895, at Dobbs 
Ferry, N. Y., he attended the Pratt Institute in 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

2489. Marion Grahu, b. April 22, 1897, at Dobbs Feriy, 


Ida Agnes Todd^ (Darius W.«, Darius W.% Elnathan% 
John% John*, John^ John-, Christopher^ born May 21, 
1869, married April 11, 1894, Malvern Foster, in Ports- 
mouth, Va., who died Dec. 1, 1898. In 1915 she was 
living in Portsmouth, Va. 

I. Anna Todd, b. July 21, 1895. 


Annie Esther Todd% (Darius W.% Darius W.', 
Elnathan", John% John*, John^ John-, Christopher') born 
Jan. 14, 1871, married June 28, 1892, Theodore J. Wool, 
at Portsmouth, Va. 


I. Darius Todd, b. Oct. 22, 1893. 
II. Esther, b. June 19, 1895. 

III. Theodore J. Jr., b. July 26, 1897. 

IV. John Ellis, b. Oct. 28, 1905. 
V. Joseph Craig, b. Nov. 7, 1908. 



James George Todd^, (Darius W.^, Darius W.% Elna- 
than^ John% JohnS John^ John-, Christopher^) born Oct. 
19, 1874, married in Portsmouth, Va., February 10, 1904, 
Ethel B. Herbert. 


2490. James George, b. Jan. 26, 1912. 



Mary Jane Todd", (Mortimer M.«, John^ Elnathan^, 
John% John% John% John^ Christopher^ bom May 29, 
1864, she was twice married, first, April 22, 1869, Webster 
Clay Powell, Jr., who died Dec. 7, 1901 ; second, Sept. 13, 
1905, Dewitt C. Lockwood, who died in Oct. 1912. He was 
a descendant of one of the early settlers of Pound Ridge, 

Children by Webster C. Powell, Jr. : 
I. Mortimer Ackland, b. July 26, 1890, d. April 16, 
II. Helen Benedict, b. Oct. 19, 1894, d. May 8, 1895. 

III. Webster Clay, b. Oct. S4, 1897. 
Child by Dewitt C. Lockwood : 

IV. Clinton Benedict, b. May 23, 1907. 

George Todd", (DanieP, Jerry% Hezekiah", Hezekiah^, 
Calebs SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^ born Dec. 15, 
1835, married July 4, 1858, Ann Z. Lynch. 

Child : 

2491. Ellen Elizabeth, b. Aug. 27, 1859. 

Henry Todd", (DanieP, Jerry', Hezekiah«, Hezekiah^ 
Caleb*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) bom Feb. 14, 
1837, married Feb. 9, 1857, Emma Slade. 


Childi'en : 
2492. Arthur, b. Jan. 27, 1858, whereabouts unknown. 
*2493. Bertha, b. Aug. 4, 1859. 


Amy Todd", (Daniel^, Jerry", Hezekiah**, Hezekiah\ 
Calebs SamueP, Samuel=, Christopher') born Jan. 16, 
1842, died May 10, 1866, married George Sills, of Wolcott, 


I. George, b. Sept. 1861, d. May 14, 1866. 

II. Lester, b. 1862, d. May 13, 1866. 

III. William, m. Nellie Garth wait and had issue: (1) 
Amy; (2) Mildred; (3) Frederick; (4) Stella; 
(5) Howard; (6) Lester. 

IV. Edward, m. March 15, 1887, Mary Gale, and had 

issue: (1) George Lester, b. Jan. 5, 1889. 


Lester H. Todd", (Hezekiah*, Jeriy% Hezekiah**, 
Hezekiah% Caleb*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born 
in 1843, died in 1913, married in 1870, Sarah Holmes. 

He was a carpenter and builder and lived most of his 
life in Cape May County, N. J. 

Children : 

2494. Bertha. 

2495. Frank. 
*2496. James. 


Sherman C. Todd", (Hezekiah*, Jerry% Hezekiah'', 
Hezekiah=, Caleb*, Samuel% SamueP, Christopher') boi-n 
in 1846, married in 1871, Georgia Abi-ams. 


He has been a hotel keeper most of his life and now 
(1914) resides in Clermont, N. J. 


2497. Eunice, b. 1875. 


Chester Jerry Todd^, (Hezekiah^, Jerry^, Hezekiah*, 
Hezekiah^ Caleb*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) bom 
in 1853, died in 1914, married in 1874, Eliza Shaw. 

He was a carpenter and builder and lived in Cler- 
mont, N. J. 

Children : 

2498. Emma. 

2499. Lucy. 


John Eugene Todd", (Hezekiah^, Jerry^, Hezekiah^, 
Hezekiah^, Caleb*, Samuel% SamueP, Christopher^) born 
Jan. 1, 1859, married April 15, 1884, Mary Amy Jones. 
In 1914 he was living in Waterbury, Conn. 

Children : 

2500. Edith Amy, b. June 10, 1885. 

2501. John Eugene, b. Aug. 18, 1889, d. April 15, 1895. 

2502. Mabel Gertrude, b. Sept. 25, 1897. 

2503. Ellsworth Lester, b. Dec. 2, 1900. 


John Robert Street Todd% (Robert C.^ Street% Heze- 
kiah% Hezekiah-', Caleb*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^ 
born March 7, 1846, in Wolcott, Conn., married Nov. 19, 
1889, Edith Maria, daughter of Jerome Williams. Her 
maternal grandmother was a Ruth Todd. 

He is a farmer in Wolcott, Conn., in which town he 
has always lived. He has been town clerk of his native 


\ ^ 

EDWIN S. TODD, NO. 2507 


Children : 

2504. Ruth Irene, b. Nov. 10, 1890. 

2505. Oscar Barnum, b. Aug. 3, 1892. 


Edwin Adelbert Todd«, (Robert C.«, Street", Heze- 
kiah% Hezekiah^, Caleb*, Samuel^ Samuel-, Christopher^ 
born Jan. 21, 1854, in Wolcott, Conn., married March 5, 
1889, Jennie Hotchkiss, of Cheshire, Conn. 

In 1916 he was living in Wolcott, Conn., about five 
or six miles east of Waterbury and on the road from 
Waterbury to Cheshire, Conn., where he kept a little store. 

Child : 
2506. Louise Beecher, b. May 12, 1896. 


William E. Todd% (Edwin% Street', Hezekiah% Heze- 
kiahS Caleb*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^ born Aug. 
29, 1848, died May 19, 1871, married in 1868, Emeline 
E., daughter of Seth E. and Lucinda (Pond) Barnes, who 
was born in 1853, died in 1873. 

Children : 
2507. Edwin S., b. March 25, 1869, in Waterbury, Conn., 
m. Oct. 23, 1895, Layette Newell, of Marian, 
Conn., they have no children, he is Secretary and 
Treasurer of the Clai-k Brothers Bolt Company, 
of Milldale, Conn. He lived in Plantsville, Conn. 
*2508. Eva L., b. July 30, 1870. 



Georgiana Todd'-", (Franklin^ Street', Hezokiah^ 
Hezekiah-', Caleb*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher') born 
Dec. 16, 1857, married Feb. 21, 1880, Jackson Parker. 


Children : 

I. Adeline A., b. May 4, 1887, m. Oct. 18, 1905, Frank 
E. Watkins, and had issue: (1) Elvin Willis, b. 
Nov. 30, 1906. 
II. Franklin Dexter, b. June 6, 1894. 


Frederick Holcomb Todd", (Franklin^ Street^ 
Hezekiah", Hezekiah'', Calebs Samuel^, SamueP, Chris- 
topherO born Sept. 21, 1863, in York, Medina County, 
Ohio, married Dec. 24, 1883, Lulu May Parsons. 

He was the son of Francis and Eliza Holcomb and 
was legally adopted by Franklin Todd. 

Children : 

2509. Bert H., b. Sept. 26, 1885. 

2510. Willis C, b. Dec. 11, 1893; twin with the next. 

2511. William F., b. Dec. 11, 1893. 

2512. Emma, b. Sept. 7, 1901. 


Elva Lorena Todd", (Seth H.'*, Isaac', Moses^, 
Hezekiah', Caleb*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^) born 
Feb. 21, 1861, in Wakeman, Ohio, married Aug 28, 1881, 
James Mott Burhams, who was born Aug. 31, 1855, in 
Wakeman, 0. 

She attended Oberlin College. They are now (1916) 
living in Dunbar, Penn., where he is engaged in the under- 
taking business. 

Child : 

I. James Todd, b. June 26, 1885, in Wakeman, 0., m. 
June 11, 1910, Effie A. Bernhardt, of Uniontown, 
Penn., where she was b. March 29, 1885; they are 
now (1916) living in Van Nuyes, Cal., on a chicken 
ranch. They had issue: (1) Florence Todd, b. 
Jan. 4, 1913 ; (2) Ruth Louise, b. Feb. 24, 1916. 



Charles Heniy Todd^ (Seth H.^ Isaac', Moses*, 
Hezekiah\ Caleb'', Samuel-', Samuel-, Christopher^ born 
April 13, 1866, in Wakeman, 0., married Dec. 24, 1890, 
Mary Elizabeth Shelton, who was born Oct. 7, 1864, in 
Wakeman, 0. 

He graduated from the Michigan Agricultural Col- 
lege at Lansing, Mich. After his graduation, he went on- 
to a farm near Wakeman, 0. They had no children, but 
adopted a girl and boy. 

Adopted children: 

2513. Ethel Florence, b. Jan. 9, 1891; graduated from 
Oberlin, College in 1912. 

2514. John Fletcher, b. Jan. 16, 1906. 


Albert Strong Todd'', (Seth H.-', Isaac", Moses% 
Hezekiah^ Calebs SamueP, Samuel-, Christophei*^) born 
April 11, 1868, in Wakeman, 0., married Oct. 17, 1893, 
Clara Belle Rippon, who was born Feb. 4, 1874, in 
Wakeman, 0. 

Children : 

2515. Seth Leroy, b. Jan. 5, 1895, d. Feb. 25, 1899. 

2516. Lauriston Amos, b. April 19, 1897. 

2517. Alertra Grace, b. June 21, 1899. 

2518. Upson Marian, b. Aug. 21, 1901. 

2519. Oriel Mable, b. July 20, 1903. 

2520. Albert Curtis, b. Feb. 22, 1906 

2521. S. Herman, b. May 9, 1907. 

2522. Royce Charles, b. Sept. 22, 1909. 

2523. Clarie Gilbert, b. June 29, 1915. 


Sarah Harriet Todd% (Seth H.S Isaac", Moses«, 
Hezekiah'', Caleb*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^ bom 


Dec. 8, 1871, in Wakeman, 0., married Oct. 20, 1896, 
James K. Bartholomew, who was born Jan. 11, 1862, in 
Mottville, Mich., died Dec, 1920. He is a physician and 
they reside in Chicago, 111. 

Children : 
I. Maynard Todd, b. April 3, 1898. 

II. Martha Elizabeth, b. Aug. 18, 1899. 

III. Charles Scott, b. May 25, 1901. 

IV. Sara Grace, b. Dec. 3, 1905. 

V. Janis Kathryn, b. April 27, 1916. 


Maiy Grace Todd», (Seth H.», Isaac', 
Hezeldah% Caleb*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born 
Dec. 23, 1876, in Wakeman, 0., married Sept. 26, 1906, 
Edward Bruce Spiers, who was bom Nov. 4, 1871, died 
Oct. 18, 1914. 

She attended Oberlin College. After her marriage 
they went to live in Valdez, Alaska. She is now (1916) 
living with her mother in Wakeman, 0. 

Children : 

I. Wallace Bruce, b. Oct. 31, 1908. 
II. Katherine Elizabeth, b. April 18, 1912, d. July 8, 


Sumner E. Todd^ (Millard I.^ Isaac", Moses^ 
Hezekiah^, Caleb^, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^ mar- 
ried in Sept. 1905, Edna M. Hurst. 

He graduated from the Wakeman High School, then 
took the academy course at Oberlin College. He taught 
in the summer schools but later located on a farm near 
Wakeman, 0. 

Children : 

2524. Marden Anna. 

2525. Werner. 



Otto Kneeland Todd", (Woodward H.«, Kneeland', 
Moses'', Hezekiah"', Calebs SamueP, Samuel-, Chris- 
topher') born Feb. 26, 1878, married Jan. 6, 1913, Min- 
nie Louise Kraft, who was born May 14, 1886. In 1916 
they were living in Vermillion, 0. 

Children : 

2526. Julia Christine, b. Oct. 31, 1913. 

2527. Alice Lewis, b. April 9, 1915. 


Albei-t Bennett Todd'', (Woodward H.^ Kneeland% 
Moses", Hezekiah-', Calebs SamueP, Samuel-, Chris- 
topher') born April 15, 1881, married March 16, 1903, 
Cora Jane Greenhoe, who was born Jan. 23, 1881. They 
lived in or near Vermillion, Ohio. 

Children : 

2528. Nellie lone, b. March 2, 1905. 

2529. Lewis Kneeland, b. April 1, 1908. 



Florence Louisa Todd', (Joel E.'\ Zerah", Oliver", 
Hezekiah', Caleb', Samuel', Samuel^ Christopher') born 
Sept. 20, 1854, married George Goodyear, son of Colonel 
Merwin Blakeslee, of North Haven, Conn., who was bom 
May 26, 1850. 

Children : 

L Phillip, m. Frances Ricker, and had issue: (1) 

II. Donald, m. Mary Peterson, and had issue: (1) 


III. Lucy Lenore, unmarried. 



Oliver Sherman Todd", (Bennett^ Zerah% Oliver^, 
Hezekiah% Caleb*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^ born 
Oct. 2, 1853, married Aug. 15, 1880, Emma Louisa 
Brooker, who was born in 1860. 

They lived in 1915 in Clintonville, Conn., where he 
was a Rural Mail Carrier. He was bom in North Haven, 
Conn., where he attended the public schools and later 
attended the Butler Business College in New Haven, Conn., 
after which he secured a position with the United States 
Government as a Surveyor. For the greater part of his 
life he has been a farmer ; one year he was the postmaster 
at Clintonville, Ct., but since 1902 he has been a Rural 
Mail Carrier from that office. Mrs. Todd was bom in 
Burrville, Conn. 

Children : 

2530. Anna Elizabeth, b. Sept. 14, 1882, m. March 28, 
.1910, James Warren Mansfield, of Wallingford, 
Conn., where they were living in 1915. 

2531. Lina Florence, b. Jan. 19, 1885, m. Dec. 4, 1915, 

Edgar Fredericks Arthur, of Wallingford, Conn., 
in St. Johns Episcopal Church North Haven, Conn. 
They lived in Wallingford, Conn., until August 
1919 when they removed to Boston, Mass. She is 
musically inclined having taken violin lessons of 
a graduate of the Conservatory of Music of Berlin, 
Germany. In September 1908, she entered the 
Margaret Falmestock Training School of the Post 
Graduate Medical School and Hospital in New 
York City. This included a full course at the 
Sloane Maternity Hospital. She graduated in 
1911 and has since been engaged in private 
nursing and for some time made her home at the 
Club House of her Alumni Association at 4 West 
92nd Street, New York City. No children. 

2532. Ida Martha, b. June 5, 1888, m. May 24, 1911, 
Edward Albert Stevens, of Hamden, Conn., who 
died in May 1916 and was buried in the Whitney- 
ville (Conn.) Cemetery; she entered the Meriden 


Conn., High School but was obliged to give it up 
owing to poor health. Later she fitted herself to 
become a piano teacher. 
*2533. Mabel Louise, b. April 4, 1893. 


John Hayden Todd", (Francis H.", Orrin% Joel", 
Hezekiah\ Caleb\ Samuel\ SamueP, Christopher') bom 
Nov. 14, 1866. died Sept. 14, 1906, of typhoid fever, mar- 
ried Josephine Cheney. He was a stationaiy engineer and 

Children : 

2534. Dorothy, b. Nov. 6, 1892. 

2535. Royce Cheney, b. April 1897. 

2536. Susan, b. 1902. 


Clyde Lorenzo Todd'', (Edgar M.\ George', JoeP, 
Hezekiah', Calebs SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^ bom 
March 25, 1881, married Aug. 26, 1905, Edith May, 
daughter of Robert William and Cora (Arnold) Welch. 
He is a farmer. 

Children : 

2537. Lester Edgar, b. April 24, 1908. 

2538. Robert William, b. Oct. 12, 1914, d. April 25, 1918. 


George Ammonds Todd", (Edwin D.^ George', JoeP, 
Hezekiah', Caleb', Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher') born 
July 21, 1876, married Anna Barclay Hollis, of Petersburg, 
111. He is director of Manual Training in the Ottawa 
Township High School, at Ottawa, 111. 

Children : 

2539. Marguerite Georgiana, b. July 12, 1904. 

2540. Maynard Arthur, b. April 10, 1908. 

2541. George, b. June 10, 1910. 



Amie Templeton Todd", (Edwin D.^, George", Joel", 
Hezekiah% Caleb*, Samuel^ SamueP, Christopher') born 
Aug. 7, 1880, married April 14, 1902, Vernon James 

Children : 
I. Charles Lehn, b. Nov. 19,' 1902. 

II. Grace Amelia, b. Oct. 4, 1904. 

III. Elmer Edwin, b. Jan. 5, 1907. 

IV. Ethelyn Maril Theresa, b. June 18, 1908. 
V. Mary Ruth, b. Nov. 25, 1911. 

VI. Alice Oliva, born Mar. 14, 1917, died in infancy. 
VII. James Woodrow Pershing, b. May 2, 1919. 


Albert Todd^ (Charles', Albert', Charles", Jonah^ 
Stephens SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher') born Dec. 26, 
1835, died Aug. 11, 1915, married April 29, 1861, Orpha 
Smith, who was born Jan. 2, 1845. They lived in North 
Branford, Conn. 

Children : 
2542. Louis, b. Nov. 8, 1861, d. Oct. 4, 1880. 
*2543. Charles S., b. Oct. 4, 1867. 

2544. Louisa, b. April 29, 1874, m. Walter J. Ross ; they 
lived in Guilford, Conn. 



Sarah Jane Todd», (Charles', Albert', Charles", 
Jonahs Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') born 
April 28, 1840, married Jan. 3, 1858, John Henry Gates, 
who was born in 1836, died March 2, 1916. They lived in 
North Branford, Conn. 


Children : 
I. Charles, lived in Spokane, Wash. 
II. Sylvia, m. Edson C. Page; they lived in Northford, 

III. John H., lived in New Haven, Conn. 


Alson B. Todd", (Alfred% Albert', Charles", Jonah% 
Stephen*, Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher') born Jan. 5, 

1840, died Aug. 23, 1912, married Nov. 20, 1861, Sophro- 
nia Towner, who died Sept. 2, 1912. They lived in New 
Haven, Conn. 

Children : 
2545. Sereno Ives, b. Dec. 9, 1862, d. Aug. 21, 1865. 
*2546. Alfred Towner, b. Oct. 6, 1865. 

2547. Cornelia Emily, b. March 19, 1870, d. July 21, 

2548. Christopher, b. Sept. 16, 1874, d. July 30, 1875. 
*2549. Horace Irving, b. May 27, 1879. 


Theron A. Todd", (Alfred^ Albert^ Charles^ Jonah% 
Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel=, Christopher') born Sept. 28, 

1841, died Feb. 10, 1900, married Oct. 13, 1863, Hattie E. 

Mr. Todd attended the John Lovell School for boys, 
and also the Cheshire Academy and Boarding School in 
Winsted, Conn. He was a member of the firm of Alfred 
Todd & Son, pork packers and meat dealers, later he was 
with S. E. Merwin, packers. He was a member of the 
National Guard for seventeen years, of which organiza- 
tion he was elected Major. He was Master of the Hiram 
Lodge of Masons, also its treasurer at the time of his 
death, his funeral services being held under their auspices. 
He was always active in politics, holding i-esponsible 
offices, having been on the Board of Public Works, the 
Board of Finance and Town Agent. He was a member of 
St. Thomas Episcopal Church. 


Children : 
*2550. Edith Webster, b. Aug. 14, 1867. 
2551. Charles Webster, b. Nov. 25, 1869, d. July 13, 1870. 
*2552. Francis Harrison, b. July 29, 1874. 



Augusta A. Todd^ (Alfred^ Albert^ Charles% 
Jonah-', Stephens SamueP, Samuel=, Christopher^) born 
Dec. 13, 1850, married Oct. 12, 1869, Frederick A. Gilbert. 
They lived in New Haven, Conn. 


I. Florence Augusta, b. 1873. 
II. Harrison Ford, b. Oct. 18, 1887, d. Feb. 28, 1888. 


Hubert W. Todd^ (Ambrose^, Alberts Charles% 
Jonahs Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born 
April 24, 1839, married Jane Eliza Dibble. They lived in 
New Haven, Conn. 

2553. Jane Dibble. 



Emily C. ToddS (Ambroses Alberts CharlesS Jonahs 
Stephens SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) bom Sept. 21, 
1850, married Nov. 11, 1868, Hendrick H., son of Abijah 
M. and Zeruiah (Forbes) Monson, who was born May 5, 
1847, died Nov. 9, 1888. He was a clerk and lived in 
Fair Haven, Conn. 

Children : 

I. Ambrose Abijah, b. Sept. 3, 1869. 
II. Mary Jane, b. May 22, 1872. 
III. Henry Hallett, b. Feb. 3, 1880. 



William Clifton Todd", (Henry H.^ Jonah H.% Jonah% 
Jonah', Stephens Samuel', Samuel'-, Christopher^ mar- 
ried Lillie Antoinette, daughter of Milo A. and Cornelia 
M. (Cook) Todd. 

For ancestry of Lillie A. Todd see No. 1918. 

At one time they lived in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Children : 

2554. Marjorie Caroline, b. Jan. 29, 1888. 

2555. Lillian Beatrice, b. July 6, 1899. 



Charlotte Lydia Todd", (Edward% Jonah H.S Jonah", 
Jonah-', Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel^, Christopher^ born 
April 17, 1854, married Russell Root Cornell. Both were 
living in 1914 at 67 West 83rd Street, New York City. 

Children : 

I. Russell T. 

n. Samuel H. 


Edward Todd", (Edward% Jonah H.% Jonah^ Jonahs 
Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel^, Christophers) born Aug. 1, 
1856, married June 8, 1887, Bessie M. Tarbell, of Detroit, 

He succeeded his father in the manufacture of gold 
pens, the business having been established in 1856 and 
which is being continued very successfully by its present 
owner and on a larger scale than formerly. He also suc- 
ceeded his father to the trusteeships and directorships of 
several institutions, and as the vestryman of Holy Trinity 
Church, Brooklyn, N. Y. His business is located at 1 
West 34th Street, New York City. 



2556. Fannie Lydia, b. Aug. 10, 1890. 

2557. Edward Tarbell, b. Aug. 12, 1893. 

2558. George Avery, b. Aug. 12, 1893, d. Oct. 11, 1894. 



Jennie Alden Todd^, (Edward*, Jonah H.', Jonah'', 
Jonah-', Stephens SamueP, Samuel^ Christopher^) born 
May 7, 1873, married George Barker Seeley. They lived 
in Summit, N. J. 

Children : 
I. George Barker. 
II. Margaret. 



Addie Maria ToddS (Street B.^ Leonards Ely«, 
Jonah-', Stephens SamueP, Samuels Christopher^) born 
Aug. 4, 1858, married Feb. 11, 1888, Joseph C. Kelly, who 
was born in the north of Ireland. They lived at 53 Shel- 
ton Ave., New Haven, Conn. 

Children : 
I. Frank Joseph, b. April 16, 1889. 

II. George William, b. Nov. 11, 1890. 

III. Arthur James, b. Nov. 20, 1893. 


Leonard Enos ToddS (Dwight E.^, Leonards ElyS 
Jonahs Stephen*, SamueP, Samuels Christopher^) bom 
May 10, 1880, in Woodbridge, New Haven County, Conn., 
baptised Nov. 24, 1881, in Christ Church Parish, Bethany, 
Conn., married May 24, 1917, Grace Lavinia Ingraham, 
in Christ Church, Bethany, the same Parish Church where 
he had been baptised, confirmed and ordained. 


He received his early education in tlie district schools 
of Woodbridge. Prepared for college at Hopkins Gram- 
mar School, New Haven, Conn., from which he graduated 
in 1900. Graduated from Yale in 1906. Entered Berke- 
ley Divinity School, Middletown, Conn., in the Fall of 1906 
and graduated in 1909. Was ordained Deacon in the 
Episcopal Church by Bishop Brewster, June 2, 1909, in the 
Church of the Holy Trinity, Middletown, Conn. Was or- 
dained Priest in Christ Church, Bethany, Conn., by 
Bishop Brewster, of Conn., Sept. 19, 1910. From Aug. 
1, 1909 to Aug. 1, 1911 he was Curate in church of the 
ascension. Fall River, Mass. On Sept. 15, 1911 he took 
up the work in Oakville, Conn., at that time being a mis- 
sion under St. Johns Church, Waterbury, Conn. After 
having been there for a few years, the mission became an 
independent parish and he became its first Rector, it being 
named All Saints Church. Since 1911 he has resided in 
Oakville, Conn., and helped build up the Parish. 

Children : 

2559. Catherine Emma, b. Oct. 29, 1918. 

2560. Leonard Frederick, b. May 27, 1920. 


Nellie Gertrude Todd% (Henry H.*, Jared', Chaun- 
cey^, Jonahs Stephen*, Samuel^, Samuel-, Christopher^) 
born Feb. 20, 1882, in Chippewa Falls, Wis., married Sept. 
5, 1906, Lee Halbert, son of George L and Anna N. (Hal- 
bert) Brooks, who was born Jan. 2, 1879, in Bloomer, 
Wis. In 1920 they were living in Spokane, Wash., where 
he is the manager of the Spokane Trunk and Grip Com- 
pany, manufacturers of trunks and grips. They also 
conduct a store in Spokane for the sale of their products. 

I. George Irving, b. July 11, 1910. 



William Osborn Todd", (Javan N.*, Albert^ Chaun- 
cey**, Jonah% Stephen*, Samuel*, SamueP, Christopher^ 
born Aug. 4, 1865, married April 23, 1889, Lucy T., daugh- 
ter of Robert K. and Frances M. Atwood, who was born 
Sept. 9, 1868. They lived at 14 Princeton Ave., Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

2561. Robert L., b. May 29, 1890. 



Helen Elizabeth Todd% (William H.^ Chauncey^ 
Chauncey^ Jonah-', Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel=, Chris- 
topher') born June 25, 1895, married May 25, 1918, Les- 
lie Vidler. 

I. William James, b. Sept. 9, 1919. 


Hubert Grey Todd% (James A.», Alfred% Caleb^ 
Caleb', Stephen*, Samuel', SamueP, Christopher') born 
Sept. 1, 1872, in Sherman, Mich., married Jan. 16, 1907, 
Annie Lee, daughter of Frederick A. and Lee J. (Guice) 
Diclts, who was born Oct. 30, 1876, in Natchez, Miss., her 
father having been bom in Mississippi and her mother in 

He went with his parents in 1874, to Burr Oak, Mich., 
where he attended school and graduated from the High 
School there in 1888. He took a commercial course in 
1892. He began learning the printing business in March 
1888, when he secured a position with L. H. Mallery. He 
later worked in various printing offices in St. Joseph coun- 
ty and Kalamazoo, Mich., from 1888 to 1897, as oppor- 
tunity offered; in 1897 he secured a position with the 
United States Weather Bureau as printer, and a couple of 


years later he was promoted to the position of observer, 
continuing in that service until Oct. 1908, having been as- 
signed to the offices in Columbus and Cleveland, 0., 
Atlanta, Ga., Jacksonville, Fla., and New Orleans, La., 
resigning at the latter place, to go into the printing busi- 
ness for himself, which he has since continued. 

Mr. Todd was the president of the New Orleans 
union Epworth League for three years. 

Child : 

2562. Katherine Grey, b. June 2, 1909, in New Orleans, 


Dwight Imnah Todd% (James A.«, Alfred', Calebs 
Calebs Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^ bom 
Dec. 19, 1877, in Burr Oak, Mich., married June 24, 1903, 
Jessie Valentine, daughter of Henry Edmund and Eliza- 
beth C. Willard, who was born Feb. 14, 1897, in Fort 
Wayne, Ind. She attended the Angola Normal School, 
after which, she taught school several years in Fort 
Wayne, Ind., and neighboring towns. She studied vocal 
music in Chicago, 111., and Meadville, Penn. ; was later a 
soprano soloist. 

He graduated from the High School in Burr Oak, 
Mich., and later attended the Normal School in Angola, 
Ind. At one time he taught school and later for seven 
years he was a commercial salesman, traveling throughout 
the North Central States. 

Both are members of the Congregational Church. 
They acquired a homestead near Gladys, N. Dak., but in 
1913 their place of residence was Williston, N. Dak. 

Children : 

2563. Almeda Mavaurneen, b. Oct. 3, 1904, in Bothneau, 
N. Dak. 

2564. Petrea Eugenia, b. May 28, 1906, in Gladys, N. 

2565. Kenneth Edmund, b. Sept. 10, 1909, in Williston, 
N. D. 


2566. Norman Wendell, b. Oct. 27, 1911, in Williston, 
N. D. 


Victor Hugo Todd", (Oliver H.S Alfred', Caleb«, 
Caleb', Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel^, Christopher') born 
Dec. 12, 1876, in Burlingame, Kan., married Aug. 9, 1907, 
Zaida Wilkinson, of Battle Creek, Mich. 

He attended the schools in Kalamazoo, Mich., and 
later studied civil engineering. They lived in Anyox, B. C. 

Children : 

2567. Victor Hugo, b. Oct. 26, 1908. 

2568. Charles Henry, b. Nov. 30, 1909. 


Alfred Todd", (Oliver H.% Alfred', Caleb", Calebs 
Stephen*, Samuel, Samuel-, Christopher') bom Dec. 24, 
1878, in Colon, Mich., married Oct. 10, 1907, Myrtle Bid- 
dleman, of Thornberg, Iowa. 

He graduated from the University of Michigan, 
June 20, 1906, after which he practised law in Lamar, 
Colo., for about six years. They moved later to Portland, 

Children : 

2569. Oliver Elwyn, b. May 24, 1909. 

2570. Rebecca Biddleman, b. April 29, 1911. 

2571. Priscilla Fredericka, b. Jan. 6, 1913. 


Oliver Julian Todd', (Oliver H.% Alfred", Caleb*, 
Caleb', Stephen', Samuel % Samuel-, Christopher') born 
Nov. 1, 1880, in Colon, Mich., married May 15, 1910, 
Rheta Lorraine Kahn, of Almeda, Calif. 

He graduated from the University of Michigan, 
Engineering Dept., June 1908, in which depai-tment his 
distant kinsman, Prof. George W. Patterson is an instruc- 


tor. In 1913 he was assistant to the San Francisco, Calif., 
city engineer and has been located at Lake Eleanor, 
Hetchy-Hetchy Valley, Calif. 

2572. Robert Manson, b. May 10, 1917. 


Laurence Todd^ (Oliver H.», Alfred', Caleb«, Caleb-', 
Stephens SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^) born Dec. 15, 
1882, in Nottawa, Mich., married May 15, 1915, Constance 
Davis, daughter of Francis E. and Ada (Murdock) Keupp, 
who was born in Syracuse, N. Y. 

He graduated from the Literai-y Dept. of the Univer- 
sity of Michigan and at once took up journalism. At one 
time he was the city editor of the Kalamazoo Gazette; 
later he became a reporter for the San Francisco Bulletin 
and the Daily News. He is now (1913) located in Wash- 
ington, D. C, where he is a Senate reporter for the United 
Press Association. He has written many articles for va- 
rious magazines. 

Children : 

2573. David, b. March 29, 1916. 

2574. Alden, b. Jan. 12, 1918. 


William Alfred Todd", (Albert M.«, Alfred", Caleb«, 
Calebs Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') born 
May 20, 1879, married March 25, 1907, Edna Viola John- 
son, who was born April 30, 1891. 

Children : 

2575. Erma May, b. March 7, 1908. 

2576. Jaunita Margaret, b. Oct. 10, 1909. 

2577. Albert William, b. Sept. 19, 1912. 

Albert John Todd", (Albert M.«, Alfreds Calebs 
Calebs Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born 


April 21, 1881, married Oct. 14, 1911, Mary Elizabeth, 
daughter of Frederick M. and Edith (Gibson) Hodge, who 
was born July 1, 1890. Mrs. Todd is a graduate of Dana 
Hall, near Boston, Mass. 

He is now (1919) and for many years has been vice- 
president of the A. M. Todd Company being associated 
with his father and brothers in the manufacture of essen- 
tial oils. He has made two trips abroad, the first in 1905 
and the second in 1910, covering in his itinerary most of 
the countries of Europe, Northern Africa and Mexico. 

Mr. Todd is now (1919) Mayor of the city of Kala- 
mazoo, Mich., having been elected to that office by members 
of the City Commission upon his re-election for the second 
term to this governing body. He has also served on the 
Board of supervisors, and has helped to promote various 
patriotic and charitable organizations. He is also 
director in the Kalamazoo City Savings Bank and Home 
Savings Bank. 

Children : 

2578. Albert John, b. July 5, 1912. 

2579. Susanna, b. Jan. 16, 1914. 

2580. Mary Jane, b. June 23, 1915. 

2581. Winship Appleton, b. Sept. 11, 1918. 


Allman Todd", (Albert M.% Alfreds Caleb^ Caleb'', 
Stephen', Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher') born March 16, 
1889, married Jan. 1, 1916, Geraldine, daughter of Jay J. 
and Mattie (Hess) Raymond, of Wyoming, Ohio, who was 
born Dec. 23, 1895. 

He was graduated from the University of Michigan 
in 1910 with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. He was a 
member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. He is now (1919) 
assistant treasurer of the A. M. Todd Company and man- 
ager of its "Campania Farm" (1,500 acres) in Allegan 
County, Michigan, near which place he now resides. In 
addition to these duties he takes an active interest in 
public aff'airs, especially those which relate to social jus- 
tice and democracy. 


Children : 

2582. Allman (Jr.), b. April 16, 1918. 

2583. Barbara, b. Oct. 9, 1919. 


Fred Ferine Todd", (George B.^ Caleb", Caleb«, 
Caleb% Stephens SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher born 
May 9, 1860, married Nov. 12, 1890, Melle Stuart, who 
was born March 18, 1867. 

He is a dentist and practises his profession in Balti- 
more, Md. where he lived. 

Children : 

2584. Nellie Marie, b. Sept. 8, 1891. 

2585. Florence Elizabeth, b. Aug. 9, 1894. 

2586. Laura Evelyn, b. Dec. 2, 1896. 

2587. George Brainard, b. Aug. 21, 1900. 



Florence E. Todd", (George B.% Caleb', Caleb% Calebs 
Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher') born April 17, 
1863, married first, Jan. 31, 1895, Edward Briel; second, 
Aug. 19, 1903, John Hoffman. 

She has unusual musical ability, devoting much of 
her time as a teacher of music, both vocal and instru- 
mental and as organist in various churches in Baltimore, 

Child by Edward Briel : 
I. Brainard Todd, b. Aug. 31, 1896. 
Children by John Hoffman : 
II. Florence May, b. 1904. 
III. John Rogers, b. Sept. 1908. 


Frances DeEtta Todd", (Zerah", Lemuel', JehieP, 
Stephens Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher bom 


Nov. 4, 1838, in Toddsville, N. Y., married Sept. 17, 1861, 
George W., son of Hon. George W., and Hannah W. 
(Dichey) Patterson, who was born Feb. 25, 1826, in Les- 
ter, N. Y. He studied law in BufTalo, N. Y., for two years 
after he left college. In 1854 he moved to Corning, N. Y., 
where he was president of the George Washington Bank ; 
was for many years, president of the Board of Education, 
and also president of the Board of Water Commissioners. 
In 1876 they moved to Westfield, N. Y. Later he was the 
unsalaried engineer and superintendent of the Westfield 
Water Works, and since the formation of the Board of 
Water Commissioners, has been its president. For 
twenty-five years he was Vestiyman of the St. Peters 
Church and was president of the Patterson Memorial 
Libraiy. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1848, 
with the degree of A. B. ; A. M. Dartmouth 1851. 

Mrs. Patterson has been for many years the chairman 
of the New York State Charities Aid Association of 
Chautauqua County ; for 25 years she has been president 
of the Union Relief Association of Westfield, N. Y. ; was 
vice-president of the Chautauqua County Society for the 
Prevention of Cruelty to Children. She has been Regent 
of the Patterson Chapter Daughters of the American 
Revolution since its formation in 1898 ; was the librarian 
of the Patterson Memorial Library. 
Children : 
I. Catherine Louise, b. July 23, 1862, in Corning, N. 
Y., m. in Westfield, N. Y., Frank William, son of 
William B. and Sybil (Brandall) Crandall, who 
was b. April 30, 1861, in Westfield, N. Y. Mr. 
Crandall was the Cashier of the National Bank, of 
Westfield, N. Y. ; was superintendent and secretary 
of the Board of Water Commissioners; had held 
many town offices including several terms as presi- 
dent of the village ; was the treasurer of the Patter- 
son Library, and senior Warden and Treasurer of 
St. Peters church. Mrs. Crandall received the 
degree of A. B. from Vassar College in 1884. They 
had issue: (1) Francis William, b. Jan. 13, 1889; 
(2) George Patterson, b. June 21, 1891. 


II. George Washington, b. Feb. 1, 1864, in Corning, N. 

Y., m. in Adrian, Mich., July 2, 1890, Merib Susan, 
daughter of Josiah Rowley, who was born May 10, 
1865, in Adrian, Mich. He taught mathematics 
at the Institute of Technolog>% Boston, Mass., 
during the year 1887-88 ; was law student at Har- 
vard University, 1888-89 ; since 1889 he has been 
at the University of Michigan, at Ann Arbor, 
where he was the Junior Professor of Physics and 
Electricity; he is the author of several works on 
Physics and Electricity. He was the vestryman of 
St. Andrews Church, in Ann Arbor, Mich. ; was the 
president of the Patterson Memorial Library in 
Westfield, N. Y.; graduated from Yale in 1884; 
received the degrees of A. B. 1884 and A. M. 1891, 
Yale; S. B. 1887, Institute of Technology, Ph. D., 
Munich, Germany, 1899. Mrs. Patterson was co- 
translator with her husband, of Industrial Phol- 
ometiy, by A. Palez. Issue: (1) Gertrude, b. May 
30, 1891; (2) George W., b. Jan. 21, 1893, who 
graduated from Yale University in 1914, with the 
degree of A. B. ; (3) Robert Rowley, b. July 31, 

III. Hannah Whiting, b. March 5, 1866, in Corning, N. 

Y., m. in Westfield, N. Y., Oct. 28, 1891, Harry 
Ferris, son of Alexander Ducan and Elizabeth 
(Ostrom) Forbes, who was b. Oct. 1862, in Rock- 
ford, 111.; B. A. University of Michigan, 1884; was 
secretaiy and treasurer of the Rockford Malleable 
Iron Works, at Rockford. 111. Mrs. Forbes grad- 
uated from the School of Painting, Vassar College, 
1885 ; then a student at Cowles Art School, Boston, 
Mass., 1887-88. They had issue: (1) Alexander 
Duncan, b. April 10, 1894, d. Feb. 10, 1895; (2) 
Duncan Patterson, b. Aug. 26, 1896. 

IV. Frances Todd, b. May 8, 1868, in Corning, N. Y., 

m. in Westfield, N. Y., Jan. 2, 1895, William Harry, 
son of Howard S. and Elizabeth (Donald) Faust, of 
Napoleon, 0., who was b. Oct. 24, 1864, in Wihnot, 
O. ; he graduated from the United States Naval 


Academy, 1886. He was Ensign, U. S. Navy,. 1888, 
Lieut., (Junior Grade) 1896, Lieut., 1899; he re- 
tired on account of ill health brought on by his 
active service in 1899. He was a law student at 
the University of Michigan, 1900. Mrs. Faust was 
a member of the New York State Board of 
Womens' Managers at the Columbian Exposition, 
1892; A. B. Vassar, 1888. They had issue: (1) 
Howard Patterson, b. Dec. 10, 1896, in San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 


Herbert Luzerne Todd", (Luzerne^ Lemuel', Jehiel", 
Stephen', Stephen^ Samuel% Samuel^, Christopher^ born 
March 30, 1846, married Feb. 7, 1869, Mary C. Hardee. 
They lived in Cherrydale, Washington, D. C. 

Children : 

2588. Edward Luzerne, b. Sept. 1, 1869. 

2589. Glen Herbert, b. March 21, 1871. 

2590. Charles William, b. Aug. 19, 1873. 

2591. Mary Alice, b. Feb. 23, 1876, m. Payne, 

2592. Daisy, b. July 18, 1878, d. May 5, 1880. 

2593. Lillie Bell, b. April 21, 1881, m. Potterton. 

2594. Elsie, b. Nov. 16, 1883, m. Dye. 

2595. John Brady, b. April 29, 1886. 

2596. Ethel Irene, b. Aug. 14, 1889, m. Dye. 


Emma Louisa Todd% (Luzerne", Lemuel', Jehiel% 
Stephen^, Stephen^, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^ born 
Dec. 27, 1851, married Dec. 20, 1871, Elbert B. 
Seymour. They lived in Rochester, N. Y. 

Children : 
L Belle, b. Dec. 22, 1872, d. June 10, 1906. 

II. Kate, b. Oct. 6, 1874. 

III. Luella Todd, b. Oct. 15, 1881, m. Oct. 6, 1909, 




William Dwight Todd", (Luzerne\ Lemuel", Jehiel", 
Stepiien-, Stephens Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher') born 
Nov. 21, 1854, married twice, first, Dolly Tillotson, who 

died in 1909, second, . They lived in 

Warren, Penn. in 1919. 

Children : 

2597. Glen. 

2598. Grace 


m. Hugh Siggins. 

2599. Alfred. 

2600. Allan. 

2601. Myra. 

2602. George 



Mary Belle Todd", (Luzerne^ Lemuel', Jehiel^ Ste- 
phen'', Stephen^, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher^ born 

Nov. 8, 1856, married Dunning. They lived 

in Sayre, Penn. 

Children : 
I. Walter Todd, b. Jan. 1, 1895. 
II. William Arthur, b. Oct. 7, 1897. 


Alice Ann Todd", (Samuel S.% Lemuel', JehieP, 
Stephen'', Stephen', Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher') born 
Nov. 8, 1846, in Toddsville, N. Y., died Aug. 13, 1872, mar- 
ried June 16, 1866, Joel M. Denton, who was born June 4, 

Children : 

I. Minnie Bell, b. Jan. 7, 1867 ; was unmarried in 1900. 

II. D. Temple, b. Aug. 9, 1868, m. June 10, 1891, Mary 

Bell Westcott, v/ho was b. Aug. 4, 1871, and had 


issue: (1) Alice Emily, b. April 22, 1893; (2) W. 
Joel, b. Feb. 10, 1899, twin with the next; (3) Her- 
bert Westcott, b. Feb. 10, 1899. 



Martha Emily Todd", (Samuel S.\ Lemuel', Jehiel«, 
Stephen ■', Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') born 
March 3, 1847, in Toddsville, married Aug. 12, 1865, 
Henry R. Gaylord, who was born Oct. 27, 1845. In 1914 
she was still living in Toddsville, N. Y., not very far from 
where she was born. 

I. Maude, b. June 26, 1869; unmarried in 1914. 



Elizabeth Bennett Todd", (Horatio N.^ Ira^ JehieP, 
Stephen% Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born 
July 21, 1844, married Oct. 28, 1868, Capt. Murray W. 
Myers, who was born April 28, 1845. 

. I. Guy, b. Nov. 18, 1869. 



Elizabeth Helen Todd", (Albert^ Ira", JehieP, 
Stephen', Stephen*, Samuel^ Samuel-, Christopher^ born 
Dec. 4, 1843, married Nov. 5, 1868, John Henry Terry, 
who was born July 30, 1837. 

Children : 

I. Albert Todd, b. Dec. 19, 1870. He is a real estate 
dealer in St. Louis, Mo., and in 1920 lived at 823 
Chestnut St. 


II. Robert James, b. Jan. 24, 1872. 

III. John Wilson, b. Nov. 27, 1873. 

IV. A son. 


Maiy Harding Todd^, (George% Ira', JehieP, Ste- 
phen^ Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel'-, Christopher') born 
Feb. 3, 1853, married Willis, deceased. After- 
wards she made her home with her brother and sister in 
St. Louis, Mo. 

I. Daughter. 



Fanny E. Todd% (Charles^ Ira^ Jehiel«, Stephen'', 
Stephen'', SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') born Nov. 16, 
1851, married Jan. 28, 1875, Hinman C. Clark, who was 
born March 29, 1846, in Batavia, N. Y. They lived at 
4422 Morgan Street, St. Louis, Mo. 

Children : 
I. Charles. 

II. Hinman. 

III. Clara. 


Charles Ferdinand Todd% (Walter S.«, Ira% JehieP, 
Stephen-', Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') 
boz'n July 25, 1844, in Cooperstown, N. Y., married June 1, 
1871, Harriet Ophelia, daughter of Hon. Elnathan and 
Salome (Cushman) Hathaway, who was born in Assonet 
Village, Freetown, Mass. Her mother was a cousin of 
Charlotte Cushman, the actress. 

Soon after their marriage, they went to Chicago, 111., 
where he engaged in the wholesale produce business and 


which he continued for several years. Later he moved to 
Duluth, Minn., where he was a dealer in fancy butter. 
They lived in Chicago at the time of the great fire. 

Children : 
2603. Frank Buffington, b. Oct. 14, 1874, d. April 23, 
*2604. Olin H., b. 1878. 


Guy Crandall Todd% (Walter S.S Ira', Jehiel% Ste- 
phen^ Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born 
Jan. 4, 1857, deceased, married Sept. 27, 1882, Ida Noyes 
in Chicago, 111. 

Children : 

2605. Blanch, b. 1883 ; unmarried. 

2606. Emery Walter, b. July 9, 1885. 


George Ira Todd", (Ira^, Ira% JehieP, Stephen^ 
Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^ born Dec. 9, 
1849, in Cooperstown, N. Y., married in 1876, Clara L. 
Hemstreet, of Mendota, 111., who was born in 1854, in 
Lyons, N. Y. 

About 1895 his mind became deranged through over- 
work and worry and since that time he has been an inmate 
of the insane asylum in Bailonville, 111. He is not veiy 
closely confined and is allowed many privileges. 

Children : 

2607. Charles Albert, b. Oct. 1877, d. in 1907. 

2608. Mary Elizabeth, b. 1879 ; unmarried. 

2609. Helen Ruby, b. 1881, m. 1913, William Wally, of 

Morris, 111. 

2610. Flora Elvira, b. 1883, m. 1911, William Rushton, 

of Minooka, III.; they had issue: (1) William; 
(2) Albert; (3) Minnie. 



Harry Washington Todd", (Ira^ Ira', Jehiel", Ste- 
phen', Stephen^ Samuel', SamueP, Christopher') born 
July 9, 1856, in Vermillionville, 111., married Nov. 13, 1899, 
Neva L. Dinimitt, who was born April 5, 1876, in Kansas. 

They lived in Urbana, 111., vvhei'e he was an instructor 
in the Illinois Agricultural College. Both of their child- 
i-en were born in Lasalle, 111. He is now (1920) living in 
Davenport, Iowa. 

Children : 

2611. Isabel Washburn, b. Sept. 7, 1900. 

2612. George Eldred, b. June 26, 1902. 


William Grayson Todd", (Andrew H.^ Ira", JehieP, 
Stephen-', Stephen% SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') born 
Sept. 23, 1867, married June 1, 1892, Daisy Young, of St. 
Louis, Mo. 

In 1919 they were living in Los Angeles, Calif. 


2613. Arthur Stanley, b. July 15, 1893. 


Isabelle Thankful Todd^ (Henry D.\ Calebs JehieP, 
Stephen-', Stephens Samuel-, SamueF, Christopher') born 
Dec. 31, 1832, in South Hadley, Mass. ; was twice married, 

first, Hubbard ; second, June 27, 1855, John L. 

Reed, who was born June 1, 1827. In 1875, they lived in 
Areata, Humbolt Bay, Calif. 

Children by John L. Reed: 
I. Henry Oliver, b. May 6, 1856, d. May 8, 1856. 
II. Emma Isabelle, b. June 29, 1857. 



Sabra Amelia Todd% (Henry D.^ Caleb^ JehielS 
Stephen", Stephen*, Samuel=, Samuel-', Christopher') born 
Oct. 13, 1843, in Boston, Mass., married April 24, 1867, 
Samuel Taylor Kingsley, who was born July 27, 1841. 
In 1875, they lived in East Clarendon, Vt. 

Children : 
I. Caroline Lois, b. March 9, 1868. 
II. Amelia, b. Dec. 8, 1869. 


Henry Caleb Todd% (Henry D.«, Caleb% Jehiel*, 
Stephen% Stephen"*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') bom 
Aug. 13, 1859, in Charlestown, Mass., died Sept. 19, 1909, 
married July 2, 1884, Lizzie Agnes Chandler. 

Children : 

2614. Lillian Chase, b. April 12, 1886; gi-ad. Vassar, 

2615. Harriet Ripley, b. Aug. 8, 1888, m. Jan. 1, 1912, 
Sidney Carter, and had issue: (1) Lillian Chase 
Todd, b. Nov. 10, 1912. 

2616. Henry Day, b. Sept. 15, 1901. 



Emma Louise Todd", (Henry D.', Caleb^ JehieP, 
Stephen', Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher') bom 
July 4, 1862, in Charlestown, Mass., married Dec. 11, 
1889, Frederick Alonzo Parshley. 

Children : 
I, Marion, b. Aug. 3, 1891. 
II. Esther, b. Feb. 15, 1894. 
III. Louise, b. Nov. 18, 1895, d. Aug. 13, 1898. 



Thomas Eugene Todd", (Henry D.% Calebs JehieP, 
Stephen^ Stephens Samuel--, Samuel=, Christopher') born 
July 2, 1864, in Charlestown, Mass., married July 2, 1885, 
Cari'ie Douglas. 

Children : 

2617. Helen, b. Oct. 15, 1886. 

2618. Hattie Lois, b. Feb. 25, 1891. 


Edward Augustus Todd^ (John D.*, Caleb% Jehiel", 
Stephen'", Stephen*, Samuel% Samuel% Christopher') bom 
Feb. 13, 1840, in Chesterfield, N. H., married May 30, 
1872, Mary Elvira, daughter of Walter S. and Emily (Ma- 
gee) Todd, who was born Jan. 8, 1849. For her ancestry 
see number 2013. 

He was a physician and had a practice in Chicago, 111., 
but had to give it up on account of ill health and later went 
to live in Fort Meyers, Fla., where he was living in 1912. 

Child : 

2619. Arthur, b. Aug. 5, 1875, d. March 17, 1888, in 
Lawtey, Fla. 



Mary Abbie Todd^ (John D.^ Caleb', JehieP, Ste- 
phen"', Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') born 
Aug. 24, 1850, married May 10, 1881, Horace Farrington, 
who was boiTi Oct. 2, 1822, died Feb. 20, 1890. 

In 1912 she was living at 56 Bellevue St., West Rox- 
bury, Mass. 

Children : 
I. Robert Douglass, b. Dec. 22, 1883, m. Nov. 28, 1911, 
Edith Thayer Wood. 

II. Harold Phillips, b. Nov. 4, 1885. 

III. Elinor Miller, b. May 19, 1890. 



Alice Street Todd% ( Jehiel^ Caleb% JehieP, Stephen^, 
Stephen% Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher') born July 23, 
1853, married March 30, 1876, Charles W. Gilbert, of West 
Brookfield, Mass. He was the pi'oprietor of the Gilbert 
Loom Company. They lived in Worcester, Mass. 

Children : 
I. Alice Ruth, b. April 27, 1866. 
II. Louis Douglass, b. Sept. 5, 1878. 


George Walter Todd% (AsaheP, Asahel% JehieP, Ste- 
phen', Stephen^ Samuel\ Samuel=, Christopher^ born 
Feb. 29, 1860, married July 20, 1885, Grace Ledyard. 

Children : 

2620. Walter Ledyard, b. May 6, 1886, in Gettysburg, 
S. D. 

2621. Donald Scott, b. May 1, 1889, in Gettysburg, S. D. 

2622. George L., b. May 22, 1904, in Rochester, N. Y. 


Libanus McLoud Todd*", (Asahel^ Asahel', Jehiel°, 
Stephen^ Stephens SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher') born 
July 14, 1862, married Nora Agnes Conway. 

Libanus M. Todd is the President of The Todd Pro- 
tectograph Company, of Rochester, N. Y., and inventor of 
the famous machines which bear his name. Of the 
achievements and the development of the company which 
was organized by he and his brother, George W. Todd, he 
writes the following on their twentieth anniversary. 

Last week Charlie Tiefel and I took the car and drove 
to the old house on Gregory Street, where, twenty years 
ago, we built the first Protectograph. You may imagine 
that you have seen us right back where we started twenty 
years ago. Our hair is grayer and things have changed 
considerably during that time. 

Ninth generation 505 

I could not help but think over the many interesting 
things that have occurred in this business since that 
sunny June day, twenty years ago, when we sat under 
the trees and worked out the problems that came to 
us on this first machine. Walter Todd, a lad of thii'teen, 
was at that time building a boat, and having the usual 
good time that comes to boys of his age, and my own 
family had not yet begun to arrive. Little did we think in 
those days that in this brief period of time such an or- 
ganization would be built up to carry the name "Protecto- 
graph" into all parts of the civilized world. 

I can well remember the first year, during which 
time our output and sales totaled one hundred machines. 
During that and the period following there were many 
nights when I went to the expi'ess office with our day's 
output, three Protectographs in each hand, and shipped 
them out to our agents or customers. 

The next Fall when George W. Todd went to the 
Banker's Convention at Richmond, and returned with 
orders for some twenty odd machines from various banks, 
we felt that we had a real incentive for working out im- 
provements, and producing a larger number of machines. 
During the first year, we had worked out some ideas for 
improvements, but during the entire twenty years, the 
design and size of the machine has remained exactly as 
in the first ones manufactured. The first hundred 
machines were made for us under contract by another 
concern in Rochester, and we continued having our 
machines made by other parties for a considerable period. 

When, after nearly four years of work and study, 
we produced nearly ten thousand machines, our agent, Mr. 
William Russell, located in New York City, who was our 
largest distributor at that time, came to visit us and told 
us that while he felt we would undoubtedly sell more 
machines, we had, he believed, reached the peak. This, 
as I recall, was the first time in Protectograph history 
that a territoiy was reported "sold out". At that time 
less than ten thousand machines had been made and sold. 

Today, when our sales have climbed up to more than 
three-quarters of a million of the various devices which 


we manufacture, I feel that this check protecting 
business is still in its infancy. Mr. Russell lived 
to see his statement disproven, and to realize what a 
wonderful possibility there was in connection with the 

In 1905 we moved into our own factory on West Main 
Street, and there we manufactured Protectograph num- 
ber twenty-five thousand — the first in our own plant. 
The business continued to grow until in 1909, we com- 
pleted the Protectograph plant at 1155 University Ave- 
nue. As the business developed and our advance adver- 
tising began to educate the public to the merits of the 
Protectograph, the capacity of this plant was gradually 
overtaxed. Charlie and I had, of course, long since 
ceased to direct the manufacture and shipment of each in- 
dividual machine, having placed those matters in the 
hands of people well trained to handle them, while we 
were devoting ourselves to improvements in the line. 

With the advent of the Protectograph Check Writer 
in the fall of 1913, even our model factory, designed to 
take care of the Protectograph business indefinitely, was 
found to be inadequate, so the presnt plant was purchased, 
and we moved into it over night, at the same time keeping 
up production on the Protectograph Check Writers, so 
that the insistent demands of our customers might be met. 
Then in another year came the crowning glory of the Pro- 
tectograph System — Protod, and the Indemnity Bond. 

Now our twentieth year has begun, there is peace and 
prosperity in the world, the Protod baby has developed 
into a lusty youngster, and a majority of the Banks and 
business houses of this country are using the Protecto- 
graph System. 

This, however, is not the end. It is the beginning. 
As I look back over the twenty years, I realize that I 
little dreamed that our business would require a plant like 
the present one, with neai'ly one thousand people earning 
their livelihood in the factory and on the sales force, as a 
result of the development of the Protectograph. 

Mr. Charles G. Tiefel, who is one of the directors of 
the Todd Protectograph Company, tells something as to 
the actual beginnings of the Protectograph. He says. 


"One day in June 1899, Mr. Libanus M. Todd asked me to 
meet him to help him with some drawings of a check pro- 
tecting machine. Well do I remember that day of twenty 
years ago. We went out under the apple tree, and fixed 
up a table to make our drawings on. While thus at work, 
Mr. Todd reached over and took a big round inkwell that 
we had brought out to hold the papers down, as a paper 
weight, and laid it in the middle of a piece of drawing 
paper, then took his pencil and drew a circle around that 
old inkwell to show the shape of the dial of the new 

That, according to Mr. Tiefel, was the actual begin- 
ning of a business which has grown to be the largest in 
the check protection industry, a business which from the 
most humble of beginnings has attained a proud and hon- 
orable place among the ofiice appliance manufacturers of 
the United States, a business which, during the twentieth 
year of its existence will probably mount to nearly three 
millions of dollars. 

For two weeks Mr. Todd and Mr. Tiefel worked out 
there under the tree, making the drawings ; then with the 
design completed, and reduced to paper, Charles moved 
inside to the woodshed workshop in which he continued 
the work of the first protectograph, by actually building 
the machine under the direction of the inventor, Mr. 
Libanus M. Todd, himself. 

The first model protectograph was fashioned from 
wood and metal patterns and the machine itself was nickel 
plated all over and had a wooden base. Later on it was 
decided that the machine should have a "treatment" of 
black enamel, and the nickel finish was then abandoned, 
except for the trimmings. The first machines were not 
furnished with an ink supply roll and it was necessary to 
"pry" the bottom off and "paint" the ink on the roll when 
the original ink supply became exausted from continued 
use. "In those days we didn't think much about reinking 
the machine because we really thought the ink would last 
as long as the machine themselves," said Mr. Tiefel. 

Mr. T. J. Gildea, of Wisconsin, says as to the achieve- 
ments of George W., and Libanus M. Todd, "I can't but 


wonder at the growth, magnitude, and development of an 
enterprise that promised so little twenty short years ago. 
It seems almost miraculous, and yet there isn't a thing 
about it that has the suspicion of the supernatural. The 
credit for the success of the Todd industry must be given 
to the genius who conceived the idea of the protectograph, 
and with it revolutioned the principle of check protection 
the world over. I have reference to Mr. George W. Todd. 

That credit being properly placed, I am not unmind- 
ful of the fact that there is another genius who is entitled 
to an equal credit with his enterprising brother. I have 
reference this time to Libanus M. Todd, who not only de- 
veloped the protectograph, but gave us the world's great- 
est and best Check Writer, an instrument having many 
imitators, but no rival, no peer." 

George W. Todd and Libanus M. Todd are typically 
self-made and self-reliant men, architects of their own 
business plan and fortune, and eminently successful, due 
to a progressive spirit, and strict attention to business 
that has characterized them, and a reputation for honesty 
well and fairly won. 

George W. and Libanus M. Todd began their business 
career when young. Inexperienced, without assistance, 
with little or no encouragement, under disheartening con- 
ditions, with many hours of anxious study and with per- 
severance unusual and a determination to succeed, can 
now after twenty years share satisfied fruition ; and well 
they deserve it. They are looking forward to the future 
with optimism believing that the biggest success is still 
ahead of the protectograph, and as evidence of this con- 
fidence, they are celebrating the twentieth anniversary by 
enlarging several of the factory depai'tments, ordering 
more new equipment than the first shop contained from 
cellar to loft. 

Children : 

2623. Conway Libanus, b. July 16, 1900. 

2624. Elnora, b. Feb. 27, 1902 ; was accidently killed. 

2625. Margaret, b. Nov. 6, 1903. 

2626. Sarah Maria, b. Sept. 8, 1905. 


2627. Ellen Laura, b. March 16, 1907. 

2628. Asahel Richard, b. May 15, 1909. 


Frederick Sweeting Todd", (William H.", AsaheP, 
Jehiel", Stephen^, Stephen% Samuel^ Samuel^ Christo- 
pher') born June 29, 1865, in Williamson, Wayne County, 
N. Y., married in Rochester, N. Y., Sept. 6, 1903, Lydia 
Strong Kenyon. 

Children : 

2629. Harriet Kenyon, b. Aug. 18, 1904. 

2630. Frederick Sweeting, b. April 23, 1907. 

2631. Clarissa R., b. June 22, 1908. 

2632. William Rinoldo, b. Aug. 25, 1910. 


Luzerne A. Todd% (Zerah A.% Zerah', Jehiel'"', Ste- 
phen^ Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher') born 
Feb. 3, 1842, married Feb. 28, 1871, Marien Rogers, who 
was born July 8, 1843. 

He was a stock broker nearly all his life until about 
1910 when he retired from active business. In 1913, he 
was living at 236 West Brighton Avenue, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Children : 

2633. Floyd Rogers, b. July 16, 1874, in Richmondville, 
N. Y., m. June 28, 1900, Mildred Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Warren C. and Harriet E. (Duncan) Bray- 
ton. Her parents were both living in Syracuse, 
N. Y. in 1913. Mr. Todd passed the early years 
of his life in New York City, the home of his 
parents. Later they moved to Morrisville Sta- 
tion, N. Y., thence to Norwich, N. Y., and Oneida, 
N. Y. At the latter place he secured a high school 
education and then commenced the study of law. 
In Februaiy 1894 the family moved to Syracuse, 
N. Y., where he continued the study of law, and in 
October 1896, he was admitted to the bar. He 
practiced law in Syracuse, N. Y., from October 


1896 until October 1902, when he discontinued, 
and entered the manufacturing field, becoming 
associated with the Kemp & Burpee Manufactur- 
ing Company, of Syracuse, N. Y., in the capacity 
of Sales Manager. Later, he became Vice-Presi- 
dent of that Company and finally had to do with 
the sale of it's business to Deere & Company, the 
possession of which was transfered Jan. 1, 1911. 

The first of December, 1910, he moved to Mo- 
line, 111., and became Vice-President and General 
Manager of the Marseilles Company. The fol- 
lowing spring he was made a Director of the 
Deere Company, and a member of it's Executive 
Committee, being also named as a director in the 
following subsidiary Companies of Deere & Com- 

Deere & Webber Company, Minneapolis, Minn. 

John Dere Plow Company, Baltimore, Md. 

John Dere Plow Company, Indianapolis, Ind. 

John Dere Plow Company, Moline, 111. 

John Dere Plow Company, Portland, Ore. 

John Dere Plow Company, San Francisco, Cal. 

John Dere Plow Company, Syracuse, N. Y. 

John Dere Plow Company, Ltd., Welland, On- 
tario, Can. 

Dain Mfg. Company, Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Dain Mfg. Company, Ltd., Welland, Ont. Can. 

Davenport Wagon Co., Davenport, Iowa. 

Syracuse Chilled Plow Co., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Union Malleable Iron Co., East Moline, 111. 

Also he is a Director of the City Bank of Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 
2634. Mabel E., b. June 5, 1880. In 1919, she was living 
in Boston, Mass. 


DeEtta J. Todd^ (Zerah A.«, Zerah% Jehiel^ Stephen^ 
Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel^, Christopher born Aug. 10, 


1848, married first, Feb. 9, 1875, Clarence H. Lamb; 
second, Nov. 27, 1882, Stephen P. Gurney. They lived in 
Earlville, N. Y., where he was a lumber dealer. 

Children by Stephen P. Gurney : 
I. Grace E., b. Oct. 12, 1883; a school teacher. 
II. Maude V., b. Feb. 14, 1888; is a bookkeeper for her 


Lcwellyn E. Todd", (Zevah A.«, Zerah', Jehiel", Ste- 
phen', Stephen', Samuel', SamueP, Christopher ') born 
April 25, 1854, married March 20, 1879, Maiy Gaul. 

He is a merchant and resides in Camden, N. Y. 

Children : 

2635. Jay, b. June 2, 1880, he is a printer in Oswego, N. 

Y. ; is unmarried. 

2636. Fred, b. April 28, 1884, m. June 1909, Ethel Tea- 

*2637. Stewart, b. June 15, 1886. 
2638. Nettie May, b. April 12, 1890, m. Albert Norton. 
*2639. Mary A., b. April 22, 1892. 


George F. Todd'', (Zerah A.^ Zerah', Jehiel", Ste- 
phen"', Stephen', Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher') born 
July 3, 1860, married Feb. 15, 1893, Effie Knickerbocker, 
who died in Feb., 1905. He married second, Minnie Cole, 
who died in 1910; third, Jan. 2, 1912, Clara Hatch. 

In 1913, they were living in Morrisville, N. Y. 

Children by Effie Knickerbocker: 

2640. Clarence, b. Aug. 17, 1894, d. Sept. 1907. 

2641. Mildred, b. Aug. 20, 1898. 



Myra Louisa Todd', (Horace W.**, Zerah', Jehiel", 


Stephen', Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher') born 
Sept. 2, 1863, died in 1902, married Charles Laurent. 

Children : 
I. Ruth, b. Nov. 18, 1888. 
II. Earl, b. March 24, 1891, d. May 5, 1910. 

III. Fay, b. June 18, 1893. 

IV. Ross, b. March 4, 1897. 

V. Zoa, b. in 1901, and was adopted by a Mr. Daly of 
Oswego, N. Y. 


Arthur H. Todd", (Horace W.^ Zerah", JehieP, Ste- 
phen-', Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel-', Christopher') born 
July 5, 1870, married Sept. 5, 1894, Dora Metcalf. 

Children : 

2642. Ruel, b. July 31, 1895. 

2643. Tracy, b. Nov. 5, 1897. 


Bethel Todd", (Edwin H.% Bethel', Jchiel% Stephen'-, 
Stephen', Samuel^, Samuel-. Christopher') born April 28, 
1858, in Poultneyville, N. Y.", died March 13, 1912, in Buf- 
falo, N. Y., married March 15, 1882, Ella S. Cochran, of 
Onondaga, Mich. 

Ho went with his parents from Poultneyville, N. Y., 
to Port Dalhousie, Ont., Canada, where his father started 
in the hotel business. At the age of about 15, Mr. Todd 
obtained employment on a vessel plying on the great lakes, 
determined to be a sailor, which occupation he followed 
until his marriage. During the winter of 1881-82 he 
went to Onondaga, Mich., to visit his mothers relatives and 
while there he met Miss Cochran, who was soon to be his 
future wife. She being a farmer's daughter, seems to 
have exerted some influence upon him to attempt farming 
for a time, but the renumeration being to meager to suit 
him, he soon retui'ned to the lakes for the summer season, 
the winters he passed in St. Catherine's, Canada, which 


was the home of his mother, until after her death when he 
made Buffalo, N. Y., his headquarters for his remaining 
days, his death being caused by Pneumonia. 

Children : 
*2644. Glenn David, b. Aug. 14, 1883. 
*2645. R. V. Eddie, b. Aug. 21, 1886. 
*2646. Eva Ettie, b. Aug. 21, 1886. 

Henry B. Todd^ (Seth«, Sherlock', Bethel^ Stephen\ 
Stephen% SamueP, Samuel^ Christopher') born Dec. 29, 
1846, married Alice Wheeler, of Bethel, Conn. They 
lived at 47 Linsley Ave., Meriden, Conn. 

Children : 

2647. Louisa, b. Feb. 5, 1873. 

2648. Grace, b. Jan. 6, 1878. 

Fred Hayden Todd% (Frank H.«, Frederick H.', 
Josiah", Dan'", Christophers SamueP, SamueP, Christo- 
pherO born June 26, 1888, married Feb. 21, 1912, 
Alice Etheleen, daughter of Frank H. and Delia E. (Rid- 
dle) Cross. In 1919, they were living in Binghamton, N. 

Children : 
2G49. Frederic Hayden, b. Dec. 10, 1912. 
2650. Arthur Vincent, b. Sept. 12, 1914. 


Cornelia Ermina Todd", (James D.% Silas', Elam% 
Edmund', Christophers SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') 
born Dec. 8, 1856, married Clarence Wedge. 
Children : 
I. Percy, b. 1875, m. and lived in Albert Lea, Minn. 
II. Robert, b. 1877, m. and is in business with his older 


III. Jesse, b. 1876, unmarried ; he is a farmer and lived 
in Kelliher, Minn. 

TV. Margaret, b. 1878, m. Todd ; they lived 

in Albert Lea, Minn., where he was a nurseiyman. 
V. Evelyn, b. 1880 ; she too m. a Todd, brother to her 
older sisters husband; he was a farmer and lived 
in Crystal Springs, No. Dak. 
VI. Phillip, b. 1885 ; is m. and went to live in Spokane, 

VII. Ruth, b. 1890, m. Van DeGrift who was 

a farmer and lived in Albert Lea, Minn. 
VIII. Ralph, b. 1894, attended the college at Ames, Iowa. 
IX. Elizabeth, b. 1896. 


James Marcus Todd", (James D.", Silas% Elam", Ed- 
mund^ Christopher', Samuel*, SaniueP, Christopher^) 
born Oct. 12, 1858, in Mt. Hope, Joe Davis County, 111., 
married in June, 1887, Nora Abbott, who graduated from 
Mount Holyoke College, in South Hadley, Mass. 

He was a student at Beloit and later graduated from 
the Northwestern University Medical School in 1887. In 
1913 he was practicing his profession in New York City, 
with his office in the TeiTninal Building. 

Child : 
2651. Russell Webster, b. Jan., 1888, in Madison, Minn. ; 
he graduated from Princeton University and later 
the Columbia Law School. 


William Edward Todd", (James D.% Silas', Elam% 
Edmund', Christopher% Samuel^ Samuel-, Christopher^) 
born April 26, 1861, in Richmond County, Wis., married 
in Labette County, Kan., Nov. 24, 1890, Maude Augusta 
Roller, who was born Aug. 9, 1870, in Millersburg, Ind. 
Some of her ancestors lived in Stanton, Va. She attend- 
ed Western College, a college for women, in Oxford, 0. 


Mr. Todd graduated from the Northwestern Univer- 
sity Medical School in Chicago, 111., in 1890. He began 
the practice of his profession in Albert Lea, Minn. Later 
he moved to Hagerstown, Md., where he was living in 

Children : 

2652. Gertrude Elizabeth, b. April 30, 1892, in Madison, 


2653. James Roller, b. May 15, 1894, in Madison Minn. 

2654. Helen Augusta, b. Nov. 20, 1895, in Madison, Minn. 

2655. William Oscar, b. Dec. 5, 1898, in Albert Lea, 

2656. Florence Susan, b. Aug. 9, 1903, in Albert Lea, 

John Reynard Todd", (James D.», Silas", Elam", Ed- 
mund', Christopher*, Samuel'\ SamueP, Christopher') 
born Oct. 27, 1867, married Alice Bray. 

Children : 


2658. : 


Susan Elizabeth Todd% (James D.«, Silas', Elam°, 
Edmund', Christophers Samuel% SamueP, Christopher^ 

born Sept. 4, 1871 ; she died , married Veeder 

G. Treat, who later m. her younger sister. 

Children : 


Frank Elmer Todd«, (Edward P.S Silas', Elam«, 
Edmund', Christophers Samuel', Samuel", Christopher') 


born Dec. 12, 1858, at Apple River, 111., married Jan. 1, 
1881, Mary Julia, daughter of Dr. J. S. Coleman, who was 
born Sept. 7, 1860, in Marysville, Mo. Their children 
were all born in Cherryvale, Kan. They lived in Visalia, 
Tulare County, Calif. 

Children : 
2659. Harland Arthur, b. Dec. 12, 1882 ; he is a physician 

and surgeon. 
*2660. Oscar Vivian, b. Jan 10, 1885. 
2661. Lena Beatrice, b. April 1, 1888; a saleslady. 
*2662. Russell Lowell, b. July 12, 1890. 

2663. Frank Bartell, b. Aug. 3, 1899. 


Herbert Walter Todd", (Edward F.\ Silas% Elam«, 
Edmund', Christopher^, SamueP, Samuel", Christopher') 
born June 19, 1869, married in 1898, Gertrude H., daugh- 
ter of J. S. and Mary J. Hileman, of Edna, Kan. 

Mr. Todd graduated from the Commercial College at 
Valparaiso, Ind., and the Kansas Normal School. He 
taught in the schools for fourteen years, when he entered 
the business world for five years as a traveling salesman 
at the end of which time he entered the Methodist Episco- 
pal ministry in the Kansas Conference. In 1913, he was 
pastor of a church in Thayer, Kan. 

Children : 

2664. Hubert Hileman, b. 1899. 

2665. Lora Lemon, b. 1901. 

2666. Mary Marcel, b. 1905. 

2667. Arden Archer, b. 1909. 


Eva Adeline Todd», (Erastus W.^ Erastus', Aden«, 
Edmund% Christopher^ SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') 
born Oct. 3, 1862, in Meriden, Conn., married Aug. 30, 
1884, William Curtiss, son of Daniel and Ann (London) 


Dickens, of Ariel, Wayne County, Penn., an adopted son 
of Luther and Jennie (Ford) Burgess, of Sci-anton, Penn., 
and grandson of a nephew of Charles Dickens. He re- 
moved from Scranton, Penn., to Meriden, Conn., in 1888, 
and to Pendleton, Ore., in 1890 ; he was born Jan. 19, 1862. 

Children : 
I. William Erastus, b. June 3, 1885, d. June 23, 1885. 
II. Ethel Lillian, b. July 14, 1886, d. July 16, 1887. 

III. Hazel Winona, b. Jan. 17, 1888. 

IV. Eva Estelle, b. Dec. 16, 1892, d. Feb. 20, 1893. 


Erwin Wallace Todd% (Erastus W.% Erastus% Aden", 
Edmund-, Christopher^ Samuel-', SamueP, Christopher^ 
born Aug. 19, 1864, in Meriden, Conn., married Jessie Al- 
exandrina, daughter of David Murray and Mary (Nolan) 
Davis, who was born Dec. 21, 1868. 

2668. Erwin Murray, b. Oct. 2, 1894. 


Hiram Charles Todd^ (Vernon L.^ Hiram L.% Sam- 
uel", Eliel% Samuels Samuel', SamueP, Christopher^) 
born July 17, 1876, in Saratoga Springs, N. Y., married in 
Athens, Ga., Nov. 27, 1901, Susan Thomas, daughter of 
Edwin King and Mary Bryan (Thomas) Lumpkin, who 
was born May 20, 1881, at Athens, Ga. 

Hiram Charles Todd obtained his education in the 
Public Schools of Saratoga Springs, N. Y., and at Union 
College, Schenectady, N. Y., where he was graduated in 
the year 1897 with the degree of Ph. B. 

At the outbreak of the Spanish American War, he 
enlisted in Co. L., 2nd N. Y. Vol. Inf., and a little later was 
promoted to a 2nd Lieutenancy and assigned to Co. A. 
202nd N. Y. Vol. Inf., with which organization he served 
during the balance of the war, a large part of the time 
with the army of occupation in Cuba. After returning 


from the war, he entered the National Guard of the State 
of New York, in which he served continuously for about 
15 years, holding successive commissions as Lieutenant 
and Captain. 

During the World War he volunteered and served as 
Major, Judge Advocate with the 13th Division at Camp 
Lewis, Washington, D. C. 

Shoilly after his graduation from college he became a 
law student in the office of Hon. Edgar T. Brackett of 
Saratoga Springs, N. Y., and in September 1900, he was 
admitted to the Bar of the State of New York. Since 
that time he has been in active practice and has partici- 
pated as counsel in several important trials, the most cele- 
brated being the Impeachment of Governor Sulzer of the 
State of New York, where he was one of the counsel for 
the prosecution. He is at the present time, 1920, a mem- 
ber of the law firm of Messers. Brackett, Todd, Wheat & 
Wait, of Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

He is one of the trustees of Union College and a 
director of numerous business corporations operating in 
Northern New York. 

Mrs. Todd is a direct descendant of Joseph Henry 
Lumpkin the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of 
the State of Georgia. On her mothers side she is a de- 
scendant of Jonathan Bryan, who was a member of the 
Committee of Public Safety in the State of Georgia, and 
served in several other important capacities during the 
Revolutionary War. 

Children : 

2669. Mary Lumpkin, b. April 15, 1904. 

2670. Susan, b. Jan. 26, 1910. 

2671. Hiram Charles, b. Oct. 9, 1911. 


Charles Irving Todd^ (Charles S.«, Eliel S.% SamueP, 
ElieP, Samuels SamueP, SamueP, Christopher^) born 
April 9, 1880, in Boston, Mass., married April 11, 1906, 
Louise Elizabeth Rooney. 


He was a traveling salesman for wholesale leather 
concern in Boston, Mass. 

Children : 

2672. Charles Frederick, b. July 30, 1907. 

2673. Muriel Louise, b. March 4, 1909. 

2674. Everett Sanford, b. Sept. 18, 1911. 

2675. Marion Barbara, b. Jan. 30, 1913. 

2676. Ruth Mary, b. April 18, 1917. 


Pauline Louise Todd^ (Charles S.^ Eliel S.", Samuel", 
Eliel', Samuel*, Samuel'', Samuel-, Christopher') born Dec. 
16, 1882, in Boston, Mass., married in Somerville, Mass., 
Nov. 30, 1905, John Hunter, son of Willis Vining and 
Martha Ellen Totman, who was born June 20, 1880, in 
Clinton, Me. 

Children : 
L Geraldine Clarice, b. Sept. 4, 1908, in Winthrop, 
n. Carlton Willis, b. Feb. 10, 1915, in Winthrop, Mass. 


Ella Neat Todd", (Charles S.', Eliel S.", SamueF, 
Eliel% Samuel*, Samuel^ SamueP, Christopher') born 
May 1, 1884, in Boston, Mass., married June 12, 1907, 
George Herbert, son of George Washington and Nellie S. 

He is a physician in Springfield, Mass. 

Children : 
I. George Herbert, b. Sept. 30, 1908, in Hinsdale, N. H. 
n. Robert, b. April 21, 1918, in Springfield, Mass. 




Charlotte A. Todd% (Hiram B.^ Dyer% Burr«, Sam- 
uel', Samuel*, S'amuel', Samuel-, Christopher') born April 
24, 1881, married June 26, 1901, Louis H. Starr. 

Children : 
I. Ada Elizabeth, b. March 2, 1902, d. Dec. 28, 1902. 
II. Louise Alice, b. March 31, 1904. 



Hazel Orilla Todd", (John B.*, Hiram', Isaac^ 
Samuel'-, Samuel*, Samuel*, SamueP, Christopher') born 
Sept. 16, 1890, at Lyons Falls, N. Y., married at Oneonta, 
N. Y., Nov. 22, 1911, J. B. Amsden. In 1920 they lived 
in New Berlin, N. Y., where he owns and operates a farm. 

Children : 
I. John T., b. Sept. 8, 1914. 
II. Dorothy J., b. May 23, 1917. 


Scudder B. Todd^ (John B.^ Hiram% Isaac*, SamueP, 
Samuel*, Samuel% Samuel-, Christopher') born at Lyons 
Falls, N. Y., April 2, 1893, married at Old Forge, N. Y., 
Feb. 1916, Hazel White. 

2676a. Lucille J., b. Feb. 2, 1919. 


Otis H. Todd", (Augustus H.% Burr% Isaac^ Samuel=, 
Samuel", SamueP, Samuel-, Christopher') born April 4, 
1885, married in 1908, Louise Mungle. 

Children : 
2676b. Oscar H., b. Dec. 10, 1909. 
2676c. Robert William, b. March 19, 1914. 



Jotham M. K. Todd", (Henry B.\ Walker% Eli% 
Jonah% Abraham*, Jonah % Samuel-, Christopher^ born 

Sept. 17, 1859, died Nov. 1882, married Kate . 

They lived in New York City. 

Child : 
2677. Harry. 



Eliza Blake Todd", (Joshua M.% Eli M.% Eli^ Jonah% 
Abraham*, Jonah-", Samuel-, Christopher^ born July 30, 
1849, was twice married, first, June 23, 1868, Isaac J. Post ; 
second, William M. Post, who was a cousin to the father 
of the above mentioned Isaac J. Post. William Post was 
born in Feb. 1825, and in 1913 was living in Montrose, 

Children by Isaac Post : 

I. Albert Todd, b. Jan. 1, 1872, m. Edith Mulford, and 
had issue: (1) Son, d. infant; (2) Charlotte Wil- 
son, b. in Oct. 1903. 
II. Charles Joseph, b. June, 1874, m. Elizabeth Post, 
who was b. 1879, they had issue: (1) Charles J., b. 
in Sept., 1903; (2) Elizabeth Todd, b. in June, 


George Mandeville Todd% (Joshua M.^ Eli M.% Eli«, 
Jonah% Abraham*, Jonah", Samuel-, Christopher^ born 
Feb. 6, 1853, married Emma Burtchell. 

They live in Greensboro, N. C. 

Children : 

2678. Clifford, d. an infant. 

2679. Charlotte Emma, b. April 1, 1882. 

2680. Elizabeth Walton, b. Oct. 6, 1886. 

2681. Helen Burtchell. 



Robert Blake Todd'', (Joshua M.«, Eli M.% Eli% 

Jonah% Abraham*, Jonah% SamueP, Christopher^ born 

April 9, 1856, was twice married, first, Florence Hall, 

second, Gertrude Morris. They lived in Goldfield, Nev. 

Child by Florence Hall : 

2682. Florence, d. aged five. 

Children by Gertrude Morris : 
*2683. Edith Morris. 
*2684. Robert Morris. 

2685. Sophie Walton. 

2686. Margarite, d. Jan. 13, 1898. 



Sophia Poi-ter Todd% (Joshua M.«, Eli M.' Eli% 
Jonah'', Abraham*, Jonahs Samuel-, Christopher^ bom 
Dec. 29, 1858, married Oct. 10, 1883, John Douglass Wal- 
ton, who was born June 27, 1860, in New York City. 

They lived in Bellport, N. Y. 

I. William Douglass, b. July 16, 1890, in New York 



Charlotte Elizabeth Todd", (Joshua M.«, Eli M.^ Eli«, 
Jonahs Abraham*, Jonah^ SamueP, Christopher^) born 
Nov. 24, 1860, married Jan. 9, 1884, George Thompson 

Children : 
I. Elsie Charlotte, b. Nov. 17, 1886. 
n. Alice Demorest, b. Dec. 5, 1887, m. Jan. 3, 1910, 
Porter Clyde Shannon, and had issue: (1) Char- 
lotte Elizabeth, b. Feb 12, 1911. 
in. Janet McGregor, b. Nov. 14, 1894, d. June 19, 1904. 



Judson Scott Todd", (Joshua M.", Eli M.% Eli«, 
Jonah', Abraham', Jonah', Samuel=, Christopher^ born 
May 16, 1867, married May 14, 1908, Elizabeth Hall. 

They lived at 23 East 73rd Street, New York City. 

Children : 

2687. Judson Scott, b. May 26, 1909. 

2688. Merwin Scott, b. May 22, 1911. 



Edith Cornelia Todd^ (George W.«, George T.', Eli% 
Jonah'', Abraham^, Jonah', Samuel-, Christopher^ born 
Oct. 20, 1879, married Sept. 6, 1904, Harold Lewis Jones, 
at Hill City, So. Dak. 

She graduated from University of Minnesota. 

Children : 
I. Marian Margaret, b. March 26, 1906, in Hill City, 
So. Dak. 
n. Francis Boardman, b. June 12, 1907, in Minneapolis, 

ni. Alison Winchell, b. June 5, 1913, in San Bernardino, 



Alice Corolie Todd-', (George W.% George T.", Eli% 
Jonah'', Abraham^ Jonah', Samuel-, Christopher^) born 
Aug. 16, 1881, married March 6, 1907, Murray Mac- 

She attended the High School at Minneapolis, Minn., 
but did not graduate; later went to Los Angeles, Calif., 
and trained to be a graduate nurse. 

Child : 
I, Cameron Buccleuch, b. June 3, 1909. 



Orphelia Jane Todd", (Abraham H.\ Abraham', 
Abraham", Abraham', Abraham\ Jonah^, Samuel-, Chris- 
topherO born May 4, 1811, married Sept. 12, 1866, Alfred 
F. Avery. 

She was living in Katonah, N. Y., in 1913. 

Children : 
I. Myrtilla, b. Nov. 24, 1868; in 1919 was a teacher of 
Art in Wellesley College. 
II. Westervelt, b. Jan. 27, 1890, d. infant. 


George E. Todd", (Abraham H.^ Abraham", Abra- 
ham", Abraham'', Abraham', Jonah", Samuel-, Christo- 
pher') born Sept. 8, 1844, died July 17, 1909, married 
Nov. 19, 1874, Lennie U., daughter of Norman and Han- 
nah M. (Washburn) Merritt. 

Mr. Todd was a farmer and lived in Katonah, N. Y., 
and in 1913, his widow was still living there. 

Children : 

2689. Susan E., b. Nov. 29, 1876, d. in 1885. 

2690. Carolyn M., b. Oct. 19, 1882, m. June 23, 1910, 
Bruce K. Conover. 

2691. Georgiana, b. June 15, 1884, d. an infant. 

2692. George E., b. July 19, 1889, m. June 12, 1912, 
Hazel Van Ness. 

2693. Charles S., b. July 17, 1891. 

2694. Marion, b. May 13, 1894. 

2695. Eleanor, b. Nov. 5, 1895. 



Susan M. Todd^, (Abraham H.», Abraham', Abra- 
ham^ Abraham^ Abraham% Jonah% SamueP, Christo- 


pher') born June 27, 1850, married April 10, 1878, Samuel 
H. Everett. He was at one time engaged in the hotel 
business in New York City. 

Mrs. Everett was living at 490 Hancock St., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., in 1913. 

Children : 
I. Samuel H., b. April 20, 1879. 
II. Susan May, b. June 22, 1881, m. J. Willis Clark, of 
Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 

III. Charles E., b. Jan. 20, 1885, m. Florence Webster. 

IV. Edith E., b. Aug. 26, 1888. 


Horace H. Todd^ (Abraham H.^ Abraham^ Abra- 
ham^ Abraham", Abrahams Jonah\ Samuel^, Christo- 
pher') born Nov. 19, 1848, married Sept. 14, 1881, 
Adelaide W., daughter of Charles E. and Nancy (Ambler) 
Wickware, who was born in Bedford, N. Y. 

Mr. Todd was living near Goldens Bridge, N. Y., 
in 1919. 

Children : 

2696. Ella W., b. June 14, 1882, d. in 1886. 

2697. Abram Horace, b. Feb. 6, 1888 ; unmarried in 1919 

and lives with his parents. 

2698. Oliver Uel, b. Dec. 25, 1890; unmarried in 1919, 
and resides with his parents in Goldens Bridge, 
N. Y. 



Estella Todd-', (Charles^ Abraham", Abraham", Abra- 

ham\ Abraham*, Jonah^ Samuel-', Christopher') born 

Jan. 24, 1853, married Nov. 29, 1876, William Edmund 

Palmer, of Ridgebury, Conn. 


I. Charles Francis, b. Oct. 8, 1877. 



Flora Todd", (Charles*, Abraham', Abraham", Abra- 
ham-', Abraham^ Jonah% Samuel-, Christopher^) bora 
Aug. 23, 1857, married Oct. 22, 1885, Charles W. Knapp, 
of Goldens Bridge, N. Y. 

Children : 

I. Lester Todd, b. Jan. 10, 1893. 
II. Florence Edna, b. Feb. 4, 1894. 

III. Mary Antoinette, b. Nov. 28, 1896. 


Charles Francis Todd", (Clark', Abraham', Abra- 
ham", Abraham-', Abraham*, Jonah^ Samuel-, Christo- 
pherO married April 30, 1906, Viola Augusta Collyer. 
They were living in White Plains, N. Y. 

Children : 

2699. Cecelia Antoinette, b. April 17, 1907. 

2700. Merrial Estella, b. Aug. 5, 1908. 



Julia Frances Todd", (Clai-k*, Abraham', Abraham% 
Abraham'", Abraham-', Jonah', Samuel-, Christopher') 
married Oct. 5, 1892, J. Irving Carpenter. They were 
living in White Plains, N. Y., in 1918. 

Children : 
I. Walter Irving, d. an infant. 

II. Marguerite Louise. 

III. Charles Francis. 

Irving Todd", (Joseph N.*, Jonah', Abraham", Abra- 
ham', Abraham*, Jonah% Samuel-, Christopher^ born 


July 23, 1841, married July 13, 1865, Helen, daughter of 
Dr. John L. and Mary Lucas, who was born Oct. 9, 1836, 
in Branston, Northamptonshire, England, died April 13, 
1865, in Hastings, Dakota County, Minn. 


2701. Irving, b. Aug. 27, 1866, m. Sept. 15, 1906, Bertha 
C. Harnisch. He is interested in the telephone 
business in Hastings, Minn., and also publishes a 
newspaper called The Gazette in the same town. 
They had no children. 

2702. Louise, b. July 21, 1870, m. April 29, 1911, John 

H. Plum, who is a bookkeeper in a Savings Bank 
in Minneapolis, Minn. They have no children. 


William R. Todd", (Joseph N.^ Jonah\ Abraham*, 
Abraham^ Abrahams Jonahs Samuel-, Christopher^) 
born June 8, 1845, married Mary A., daughter of John 

Mr. Todd is the editor of a paper. 

Children : 

2703. John J. ; did live in South St. Paul, Minn. 

2704. Annie. 

2705. William. 


Morris R. Todd", (Joseph N.S JonahS Abrahams 
Abrahams Abrahams JonahS Samuels Christopher^) 
born Sept. 6, 1850, at Cross River, N. Y., died June 20, 

1900, married Grcenleaf. She was living in 

Preston, Minn. 

Children : 

2706. Maurice R., b. Feb. 21, 1884; lived in St. Paul, 

Minn., unmarried in 1912. 

2707. Damon G., b. May 22, 1893; lived in Preston, 

Minn., unmarried in 1912. 



Julia A. Todd", (Leonard B.*, Jonah% Abraham", 
Abraham', Abraliam', Jonahs Samuel-, Christopher') 
born Jan. 25, 1856, married Oct. 4, 1878, Theron J., son 
of George W. and Deborah A. (Todd) Horton, of Katonah, 
N. Y. For Mr. Hortons maternal ancestry see number 

Children : 
I. Alice F., b. Feb. 15, 1882. 

II. George L., b. Dec. 25, 1883, d. April 4, 1884. 

III. Walter Todd, b. Dec. 18, 1885. 

IV. Frederick Lawrence, b. May 7, 1890, d. Jan. 29, 

V. Loretta Ruth, b. July 25, 1892, d. Nov. 29, 1893. 
VI. Estelle Marion, b. Nov. 12, 1896. 


Arthur C. Todd', (Cyrus L.*, Jonah", Abraham", 
Abraham ', Abraham\ Jonah^, Samuel-, Christopher') 
born May 22, 1849, died March 30, 1898, married June 
4, 1873, Cornelia A. Masson, of New York City, who was 
born Sept. 11, 1852. 

Children : 
2708. Florence C, b. June 11, 1875, d. Aug. 1, 1875, in 

New York City. 
*2709. C. Milton, b. Oct. 22, 1877. 
2710. Henry Masson, b. April 29, 1886, in New York 


Clara Todd", (Wilbur**, Martin', Abraham", Abra- 
ham% Abraham% Jonah^ SamueP, Christopher') born 
March 8, 1877, married May 19, 1903, Herbert Strong. 

Children ; 






Alice Todd", (Wilbur*, Martin^ Abraham'', Abra- 
ham", Abraham% Jonah^ Samuel-, ChristophorO born 
Aug. 1, 1879, married March 24, 1904, Oliver Knapp. 

Children : 


Joseph Todd", (Wilbur^ Mai'tin', Abraham*', Abra- 
ham% Abraham', Jonah\ SamueP, Christopher') born 
Jan. 23, 1881, married Dec. 10, 1904, Harriet Isler. 

Children : 

2711. Louise Newman, b. Nov. 14, 1905. 

2712. Julia, b. Nov. 6, 1907. 

2713. Margeiy, b. May 24, 1909. 

2714. Alice, b. 1911. 



Armenia Todd ", (Wilbur% Martin% Abraham% Abra- 
ham-, Abrahams Jonah^, SamueP, Christopher') born 
Jan. 8, 1883, married Martin L. Carver, who is a Metho- 
dist Clergyman and was given a pastorate in Copake, 
N. Y. 

Child : 
I. Dewitt Clayton, b. April 7, 1912. 



Jerome M. Todd", (Ira**, Orrin', David", Abraham^ 
Abraham', Jonah', Samuel-, Christopher') born March 
9, 1850, married Dec. 8, 1875, Eliza J. Whitlock, who was 
bom June 29, 1856. 

Children : 

2715. Carrie, b. June 29, 1879. 

2716. Ira, b. Aug. 30, 1882, m. Oct. 16, 1912, Margaret 
Roach, who was born Oct. 29, 1894. 


Marshall Todd", (Ira^ Orrin', David", Abraham', 
Abraham', Jonah^ Samuel-', Christopher') born April 12, 
1852, married June 26, 1878, Mary J. Brown, who was 
born Aug. 12, 1852. 

A good part of his life, to about 1912, he was a farmer 
having owned a fann not so very far from Rochester, 
N. Y. About 1912, he retired from the farm and moved 
to Rochester, N. Y. He has been of great assistance to 
the editor with information regarding his branch of the 

Children : 

2717. Alice D., b. Feb. 20, 1882. 

2718. Orrin, b. Sept. 5, 1884, m. June 8, 1910, Lillian 
Ocumpaugh, who was b. April 13, 1887. 

Ella D. Todd", (Ira^ Orrin", David% Abraham'', Abra- 
ham', Jonah', Sanuicl- Christopher') born June 16, 1855, 
died Nov. 4,' 1887, married Oct. 9, 1879, George F. Cros- 
man, who was born July 14, 1851. 

Children : 
I. Clara M., b. Sept. 21, 1880, m. June 16, 1903, Mar- 
vin D. Crippen, who was b. Nov. 19, 1876, and had 
issue: (1) Crosman H., b. April 26, 1904; (2) 
Beatrice, b. Dec. 2, 1905. 


II. Beatrice, b. Sept. 31, 1885, d. May 7, 1910. 


Frank 0. Todd", (Ira% Orrin", David", Abraham-', 
Abrahams Jonahs Samuel-', Christopher^ born Aug. 2, 
1858, married June 5, 1884, Caroline Rowland, who was 
born March 30, 1859. 

They lived in West Henrietta, N. Y. 

Children : 
*2719. Rowland, b. June 12, 1887. 

2720. Ella A., b. Dec. 27, 1890. 


Stanley Todd'', (IraS Orrin', David", Abraham-', 
Abraham*, Jonah', Samuel-, Christopher^) born Aug. 23, 
1862, married Feb. 10, 1887, Laura McNall, who was born 
Aug. 23, 1866. 

Children : 

2721. E. Irene, b. Aug. 11, 1890, m. Oct. 9, 1913, Tracey 
Loughborough, who was born Jan. 17, 1891. 

2722. Harold, b. April 9, 1895. . 

2723. Dorothy, b. Oct. 9, 1902. 


Sarah Elizabeth Todd", (Davids Wrights David", 
Abrahams Abrahams Jonahs SamueP, Christopher^ 
born March 29, 1859, died April 25, 1904, married April 
15, 1881, Thomas P. Piyor, who was born July 9, 1856. 

Children : 

I. Dean T., b. Oct. 24, 1883, m. Sept. 13, 1911, Flora 

Adams, who was b. April 25, 1880, and had issue: 

(1) Clara Elizabeth, b. Jan. 4, 1913. 

II. Warrant C, b. Feb. 16, 1885, m. June 10, 1913, 

Chaiiotte Willingham, who was b. Aug. 30, 1885. 


III. Mary Frances, b. March 13, 1889. 

IV. Willard L., b. July 28, 1893. 


Sarah A. Todd^ (John^ Wright^ David% Abraham^ 
Abraham*, Jonah^, SamueP, Christopher^) born Feb. 2, 
1849, married Enos Stone, of Rochester, N. Y. 

Children : 

I. Bryant W., m. Feb. 29, 1901, Alice Lippencott, and 
had issue: (1) Richard Lippencott, b. Oct. 13, 
1905; (2) Winthrop Richmond, b. Jan. 13, 1908. 

II. Minnie Sophia, m. William Dean, and had issue: 

(1) Earl Stone, b. June 27, 1898; (2) Ruth Wilson, 
b. Nov. 11, 1899; (3) Guilford Enos, b. Dec. 31, 

III. Ralph Todd, m, June 6, 1904, Laura Leigh, and had 
issue: (1) Daniel James, b. Aug., 1905; (2) John 
Arthur, b. Feb. 2, 1909; (3) Enos George, b. April 
9, 1911. 

IV. Louise; was twice m. first, June 16, 1903, Harry 

Whitmore, and had issue: (1) Donald Stone, b. 
May 6, 1904 ; m. second, March 1, 1909, Edgar J. 
V. Harold. 
VI. Arthur. 



Emma Jane Todd% (John^ Wright', David% Abra- 
ham% Abraham*, Jonah', SamueP, Chiistopher^ born 
Oct. 26, 1850, married John Myron, son of Samuel Trues- 
dale, the latter having settled near Rochester, N. Y., in 
1823. He died July 11, 1911. 


Children : 
I. Walter, b. Aug. 2, 1876, m. Dec. 29, 1909, Mabel 
Westerman, of Safford, Ariz., and had issue: (1) 
James Myron, b. Oct. 16, 1910; (2) Mai-garet 
Emma, b. June 4, 1913. 
II. Carrie Sophia, b. Nov. 23, 1877; she lived at 339 
Magee Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 



Carrie A. Todd^ (John^ Wright", David^ Abraham^ 
Abraham", Jonah% SamueP, Christopher^ born July 13, 
1857, married Rev. W. H. Latourette, of Oakland, Calif., 
who died Nov. 14, 1911. 

Children : 
I. Carrie Piyor, d. in 1888. 

II. Ethel Addie, d. Jan. 18, 1911, m.- Harlow, 

and had issue: (1) Lyman; (2) Helen. 

III. Beulah Sophia, m. Walter. They lived in 

McMinnville, Ore. 

IV. Ruth, m. Walter, the two sisters having 

married brothers. They, too, lived in McMinn- 
ville, Ore. 
V. Lyman Todd, b. Nov. 25, 1894. 


George W. Todd% (John*, Wright", David", Abraham^ 
Abraham", Jonah^ SamueP, Christopher') married in 
1887, Nellie O'Bryan, of Safford, Ariz., where they after- 
wards lived. 

Children : 

2724. John, b. 1888, in Wilcox, Ariz., d. May 27, 1909, 

m. Emma Freeman. 

2725. George, who lived in Safford, Ariz. 

2726. Albert, who also lived in Safford, Ariz. 



Albert Nelson Todd", (Morris^ Allen", David^ Abra- 
ham', Abraham\ Jonah', Samuel-, Christopher^ born 
April 19, 1854, married in 1876, Julia E. daughter of 
James G. and Sarah J. Hovey, who died Sept. 18, 1916. 

Mr. Todd was born in Michigan, in 1854, and when 
only two months old his parents arrived in Buchanan 
County, Iowa. He resided with his parents on the farm, 
attending the common schools winters until he was 
twenty-one years old when he attended the Iowa State 
University and in 1876 graduated from the law depart- 
ment of that institution. After graduation and admis- 
sion to the bar in 1876, he married Julia E. Hovey. In 
1878 he and his wife moved to Kansas and while there 
he was city attorney of Rosedale for four years. Soon 
after reaching Kansas, he engaged in the practice of his 
profession in Stockton, but did not continue active in that 
field, turning his attention to the real-estate business, in 
which he contiimed for four years. He then moved to 
Hiawatha, Kansas, where he practiced law and was en- 
gaged in the real-estate business for six years. He next 
moved to Kansas City, Kansas, where he followed his 
profession for five years, and in 1896 he returned to Iowa, 
engaging in the practice of the law in Independence, 
where he later became city attomiey which office he held 
for four years and then he was elected Mayor which office 
he held for two years and since that time for the last 
four years, he was city attorney again. 

In his early life he was a Republican but for the last 
few years he has gone over to the Democratic party. 
However, he believes that the party should not be con- 
sidei-ed in the consideration of questions concerning which 
the interest of the people demand action, or in other 
words, he believes that party should not at all times be 
the paramount issue. 

He has held the office of president of the Buchanan 
County Fair Association. 

Mrs. Todd was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 1853, 
her father was born in Vermont, in 1825, and her mother 
was also a native of that state, born in 1829. 


2727. Christie A., b. in 1880, in Rooks County, Kan. ; is a 
graduate from the Iowa State Normal College 
at Cedar Falls, Iowa. In 1917, she was living 
in Greeley, Colo. 

Mary I. Todd% (Morris^ Allen^ David% Abraham^ 
Abraham'', Jonah% Samuel=, Christopher^ was born in 
Quasqueton, Buchanan County, Iowa, in 1856, married 
about 1877, M. M. Hopkins, who was a physician. Before 
her marriage she taught school for a few years. After 
their marriage they moved to the state of Washington 
and afterwards to Alaska. She died in Oregon in 1905. 
Children : 
I. Zilpah, m. Elbert Blackmar and they reside in Cal. 
II. Jessie, m. Hunt, and they reside in Alaska. 



Carrie A. Todd^ (Morris^ Allen% David*, Abraham^ 
Abraham*, Jonah=, Samuel', Christopher^) born in 1857, 
in Quasqueton, Buchanan County, Iowa, married in 1883, 
A. H. Cunningham, who was at that time in the office of 
the Oregon Short Line R. R. and moved to Portland, Ore- 
gon, where they were living in 1917. For some time 
before her marriage she taught school. 

Children : 
I. Belle. 

II. Todd. 

III. Jack. 



Emma Viola Todd', (Morris% Allen^ David", Abra- 
ham% Abraham*, Jonahs Samuel-, Christopher^) born 


in 1859, in Quasqueton, Iowa, married in 1882, C. M. 
Sliillinglaw, who at that time was a merchant in Rockley, 
Iowa. Afterwards they moved to Independence, Iowa, 
where he became cashier of the Commercial State Bank. 
His health failing, he purchased a farm about twelve 
miles from Independence, Iowa, and one mile from 
Rowley, where he lived until his death in 1901. 

She also was a teacher before her marriage. After 
her husbands death she remained on the farm for four 
or five years and then she moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 
for the purpose of educating her children in the State 
Teachers College located there. 
Children : 
I. William M., b. in 1884, in Rowley, la., m. in 1908, 
Gerti-ude Nemo. He resided with his parents 
until the death of his father in 1901, when he took 
charge of the interest of his father in a stock of 
merchandise in Brandon, la. After his marriage 
he moved to Las Vegas, San Miguel County, N. M., 
and engaged in the real-estate business and there 
he was living in 1917. They had issue; (1) Wil- 
liam M.; (2) Owen H.; (3) Dorothy E. 
II. Robert A., b. in 1885, in Rowley, la., d. in 1912, 
m. in 1907, Myrtle Page. He, too, resided with 
his parents until the death of his father when he 
assisted in the management of the farm and also 
in taking care of the merchandise stock of his 
father. No children. 

III. Ralph M., b. in 1887, in Rowley, la., he lived with 
his parents until he was of age when he went to 
Canada and located on land near Superb, Canada, 
where he was still living in 1917, at that time he 
was unmarried. 

IV. David L., b. in 1889, in Sioux Falls, So. Dak., he 

lived with his parents and was educated in the 
State Teachers College at Cedar Rapids, la., and 
also graduated from the State University of Iowa, 
having taken the law course in that college. In 
1917, he was living in Waterloo, la., where he is 
following his chosen profession. 

V. Jessie M. 

VI. Hazel D. 

VII. Marion M. 
VIII. Colin M. 



Jessie V. Todd% (Morris*, Allen", David", Abraham', 
Abrahams Jonah', Samuel-, Christopher^) born in 1862, 
in Quasqueton, la., married in 1888, H. T. Lynch. They 
reside in Independence, la., where he is largely interested 
in real-estate and also in the oil fields of Kansas and 

Mrs. Lynch taught school for some years before her 

Children : 
I. Harry C, is a civil engineer and lived in Indepen- 
dence, la., he graduated from Wis. State College. 

II. Percy L., in 1917 he was attending the State Teach- 

ers College in Greeley, Col. 

III. Frank T., resides in Dennison, la., where he is one 
of the instructors in the High School, he graduated 
from the college at Grinnell, la. 

IV. Claire R., graduated from the State University of 

la., at Iowa City, in 1918. 


Howard M. Todd', (Morris'*, Allen^ David", Abra- 
ham', Abrahams Jonah', Samuel-, Christopher^ born 
in 1865, in Quasqueton, la., married in 1888, Jessie D. 
Norton. He has always been a farmer and in 1917 was 
living on his farm located about one mile from Quasque- 
ton, la. 

Children : 
*2728. Harold L. 
2729. Earl H. 
*2730. Pearl E. 




John A. 


Arthur M. 


Paul D. 


Theodore H. 


Forest N. 


Ruth E. 


Maurice N. 


Edith Todd», (Allen D.«, Allen', David% Abrahams 
Abraham*, JonahS Samuel^, Christopher^ born in South 
Greece, N. Y., married a Dr. Lynd, of Buffalo, N. Y. 
After his death she went to live in New York City. 

I. Robert. 



Jennie L. Todd", (Kelsey^, John% David", Abraham', 
Abrahams Jonah% Samuel^, Christopher^ born Dec. 11, 
1860, m. D. L. Prisch. 

Children : 
I. Raymond Todd. 
II. Jessie Todd. 



Wilnettie Todd«, (William N.«, Harvey M.% Uel«, 
Olivers Abraham*, Jonahs SamueP, Christopher^) born 
Nov. 26, 1859, died Dec. 30, 1920, married Oct. 14, 1891, 
Arthur H. Eddy, of Windsor, Conn. 

Children : 
I. Eleanor Todd, b. April 11, 1896, m. Oct. 16, 1920, 
Frank Arthur William Miller, of San Francisco, 


II. Elizabeth White, b. Sept. 27, 1898. 
III. Alice Newton. 



Eleanor Blanche Todd", (William N.% Harvey M.", 
Uel", 01iver\ Abraham^, Jonah', Samuel-, Christopher") 
born Feb. 11, 1866, married Nov. 11, 1896, James, son of 
William D. and Anna B. (Turk) Marshall, who was born 
June 10, 1869. 

Both Mr. and Mrs. Marshall were born in Somers, N. 
Y., and in 1920 were living in South Orange, N. J. 

Children : 
I. Elizabeth Wilson, b. April 18, 1898. 

II. Boy, b. Oct. 15, 1900, d. Oct. 19, 1900. 

III. William Todd, b. Sept. 2, 1904, d. Jan. 1, 1905. 

IV. Eleanor, b. July 14, 1910. 


Adeline Rachel Todd», (Rufus L.«, Rufus L.% Uel% 
Oliver'', Abraham^, Jonah-', SamueP, Christopher") born 
Aug. 19, 1857, married Nov. 16, 1886, Cummings Hatfield, 
son of Cummings Hatfield and Mary Alice (Woodruff) 
Tucker, who was born June 12, 1857. In 1920 they lived 
at 131 Riverside Drive, New York City. 

I. Kenneth Todd, b. Dec. 16, 1887, graduated from 
Amherst College, Amherst, Mass., in 1910. He is 
now in the Real Estate business in New York. 
Served the State of New York in the Seventh Regi- 
ment, N. G. S. N. Y., commissioned Lieutenant at 
Plattsburg (N. Y.) , 1917. Served with the Ameri- 
can Expeditionary Forces in France, as Senior 
First Lieut, of Co. E. 307 U. S. Infantry. Was 
wounded at the battle of Fismes, he was taken to 


the Paris hospital where he received treatment for 
five weeks. Rejoined his regiment at the begin- 
ning of the drive through Argonne Forest. 


Edith Marvin Todd", (Richard S.*, Rufus L.% Uel«, 
Oliver'", Abraham"*, Jonah^, SamueP, Christopher^) born 
March 13, 1883, was twice married, first, March 16, 1909, 

Donald McHardy, son of Ferguson, who died 

July 5, 1915. Second, May 10, 1919, Dr. Elmer Ellsworth 
Thomas, who was in 1920 practicing his profession in 
Northampton, Mass. 

Child by Donald McHardy Ferguson : 
I. Donald McHardy, b. Feb. 20, 1914. 


Arthur L. Todd'', (Lewis R.^ William', Daniel", Dan- 
iel', Daniel, Daniel', Samuel-, Christopher') born July 10, 
1876, in Spring Arbor, Mich., married Sept. 16, 1903, in 
Tekonsha, Mich., Fronia B., daughter of Ithamar R. and 
Alice Granger. 

Mr. Todd graduated from the Spring Arbor Seminary 
in June 1893, and from the University of Michigan in 
June 1900. 

Child : 
2738. Dean Granger, b. Oct. 1, 1909. 



S. Maude Todd% (Lewis R.', William", DanieP, Dan- 
iel'', Daniel*, DanieP, Samuel-, Christopher^ born Dec. 21, 
1880, married in June, 1905, Richard Ashley Miller, of 
Chicago, 111. 


Child : 
[. Martha Janette, b. Feb. 23, 1908. 


Mabel I. Todd^ (Ornaldo S.«, John', Daniel% Daniel-', 
Daniel*, DanieP, Samuel-, Christopher') born Nov. 27, 
1884, married June 1904, William Kane, who was a 
mail carrier in Onondaga, Ingham county, Mich. He is 
now (1919) assistant chemist, in Cement City, Mich. 

Children : 
I. Marion Rosette, b. Jan. 22, 1906, in Onondaga, Mich. 
II. Morris, b. Sept. 16, 1908, in Onondaga, Mich. 
III. Harriet Augusta, b. Nov. 20, 1910, in Onondaga, 


Clarence Buell Todd", (Lewis E.^ Enoch L.^ Daniel^ 
Daniel\ Daniel*, Daniel', Samuel-, Christopher') born 
June 2, 1875, in Rodman, N. Y., married Dec. 12, 1897, 
Maud May Hayes, in Watertown, N. Y., where he now 
(1913) resides and is a postman there. 

Children : 

2739. Kenneth Buell, b. May 23, 1900, in Watertown, N. 

2740. Ella May, b. Jan. 28, 1910, also in Watertown, 

N. Y. 



Ella May Todd-', (Lewis E.', Enoch h.\ Daniel% Dan- 
iel', Daniel*, Daniel,' Samuel-, Christopher') born P'eb. 
9, 1885, in Rodman, N. Y., married April 7, 1907, Jesse D. 
Franklin, in Watertown, N. Y., but is now (1913) living 
in Syracuse, N. Y. 


Children : 
I. Clara Todd, b. April 8, 1905, in Watertown, N. Y. 
II. Herschel Jesse, b. Jan. 9, 1913, in Syracuse, N. Y. 


Ella Todd", (Alonzo E.», Daniel% DanicP, Daniel', 
Daniels DanieP, SamueP, Christopher^) born Sept. 1866, 
married Nov. 9, 1890, Herman L. Barney, of Henderson, 
N. Y., and who died Dec. 19, 1901. 

Children : 
I. Wellington H., b. Feb. 14, 1892. 
II. Laura J., b. June 6, 1895. 


Mary E. Todd", (Edward M.S David M.% Daniel", 
DanieP, Daniel*, Daniels Samuel-, Christopher born 
Feb. 3, 1887, married April 7, 1909, Fred A. Zuller. 

Children : 
I. Herbert, b. July 13, 1910. 
II. Fannie Eunice, b. April 2, 1915. 

III. Edward Charles, b. Dec. 6, 1918. 

IV. Margaret Lorena, b. Dec. 19, 1920. 



Ellen Gray ToddS (Hennan S.S David M.", DanieP, 
Daniels Daniels Daniels Samuels Christopher^) born 
Dec. 1, 1894, married Allen Clarke. 
I. Donald Leon, b. Dec. 2, 1917. 
II. Gordon Todd, b. Dec. 19, 1920. 



Fred Herman Todd", (Marvin M.', Lorenzo D.^ Mar- 
vin% Daniel=, Daniels DanieP, Samuel-, Christopher') 
born July 23, 1879, in Elyria, 0., married in 1904, Dorothy 
Maude Walters, of Medina, 0. 

He graduated from the Elyria High School, in 1897. 
Later he secured a position at Warner and Swaseys, in 
Cleveland, 0., where he learned the machinists trade. 
Since his marriage he has lived in Elyria, 0., where he 
works at his trade of machinist and tool-maker. 

Children : 

2741. Marvin Eugene, b. July 17, 1905. 

2742. Richard Allen, b. May 2, 1911. 


Charles Orville Todd% (Marvin M.S Lorenzo D.% 
Marvin*, DanieP, Daniel^, Daniels Samuels Christopher^) 
born March 23, 1887, in Elyria, 0., married in May 1908, 
Emily Yeager, of Cleveland, 0. 

He passed his boyhood days in Elyria, 0., where he 
passed through the grammar grades at school, and then 
took a course in the Elyria Business College. He has 
been very successful since he entered the business world. 
In 1912, he was living at 7113 Linwood Ave., Cleveland, 

Children : 

2743. Marie Elouise, b. June 29, 1909. 
2743a. Bruce Orville, b. Jan. 19, 1917. 


Arthur Russell ToddS (Lorenzo R.S Russell W.S 
MarvinS Daniels Daniels Daniels Samuels Christopher') 
born in Elyria, 0., Jan. 18, 1894, graduated from the 
Elyria High School, June, 1913. He enlisted in the World 
War, Oct. 1917. Left for Camp Pike, Ark. Nov. 11, 1917, 
where he attained the rank of Sergeant. In June 1918 he 


was transferred to Camp Zachary Taylor, where he re- 
mained until the Armistice was signed, acquiring the 
rank of Sergeant Major. He received an honorable dis- 
charge, Dec. 31, 1918. 


Frank Edward Todd^ (Lorenzo R.\ Russell W.^ 
Marvin", Daniel^ Daniel', DanicP. SamueP, Christopher^ 
bom in Elyria, 0., Sept. 17, 1895, married Feb. 13, 1920, 
Loraine Norris, who was born April 26, 1895, a graduate 
of the Ohio State University. 

He is a graduate of the Elyria High School, class of 
1914, also of the Ohio State University, class of 1920, re- 
ceiving A. B. S. degree. He enlisted in the World War at 
Philadelphia, Pa. in the Jefferson Medical Unit 38, July 
1917. Served in France as Entomologist of the Unit, 
from July 4, 1918 to May 1919. Received an honorable 
discharge in U. S. A. June 1919. 



Helen Elizabeth Todd", (Lorenzo R.^ Russell W.^ 
Marvin*, DanieP, Daniel*, Daniel' SamueP, Christopher^) 
born in Elyria, 0., Aug. 27, 1899, graduated from the 
Elyria High School, class of 1917, married July 13, 1919, 
Walter J. Ballinger, of Chicago, 111., who was born July 
19, 1896. 


Bertha Maria Todd", (John E.», Almon E.^ Carring- 
ton", Daniel'', Daniel*, DanieP, Samuel=, Christopher^ 
born March 12, 1873, married Dec. 25, 1895, Charles Sum- 
ner Bond. 


Children : 
I. Earle Sumner, b. Oct. 27, 1896. 
II. Helen Amy, b. Dec. 4, 1897. 
III. Charles Edward, b. Oct. 5, 1900. 



Cynthia Abigail Todd', (Edward E.\ Almon E.', 
Carrington**, Daniel-', Daniel', Daniel', Samuel-', Christo- 
pher') born Jan. 18, 1878, married Frank Horace Gar- 
rigus. They live now (1920) in Bristol, Conn. 

Children : 
I. Frederick Hubert, b. Sept. 4, 1907. 
II. Helen Maria, b. June 20, 1918. 


Wilmer Lewis Todd% (Henrys, Ezra L.', Ezra L.", 
James"', JamesS James^ Samuel'-', Christopher^ born 
Sept. 1, 1853, in Waterbury, Conn., married at Galveston, 
Texas, Sept. 2, 1875, Rose Adele Belden, who was born 
July 31, 1855, in Lavacca, Texas. 

Children : 
*2744. Alfred Lewis, b. May 13, 1876. 
*2745. Wilmer Lewis, b. Nov. 27, 1879. 
2746. Ethel, b. May 15, 1882, d. June 16, 1882. 
*2747. Bertha Adele, b. March 3, 1885. 
*2748. Rose Elinor, b. April 22, 1889. 



Emerett Almeda Todd^ (Henry% Ezra L.% Ezra L.», 
James-', JamesS James\ Samuel-, Christopher^ born Feb. 
17, 1857, in Waterbury, Conn., died May 25, 1915, in 
Bridgeport, Conn., married at the John Street M. E. 


Church, in New York City, Dec. 24, 1890, John J. Curley. 
They lived in Bridgeport, Conn., where their children 
were born. 

Children : 
I. Francis Henry, b. Sept. 18, 1892. 
II. Howard John, b. April 21, 1898. 

Frank C. Todd^ (William^ Justus B.', WilliamS 
Yale'', James*, James', SamueP, Christopher^ born Sept. 
22, 1874, married Maude Gerald, who was born in Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y. 

He is decorator and window trimmer in a department 
store in Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Children : 

2749. Twin. 

2750. Twin girls who d. when three days old. 

2751. Raymond, b. Jan. 1, 1906. 

2752. Russell, b. March 27, 1909. 


Harry H. Todd'', (Frank E.^ James R.', William«, 
Yale^ James^ James', Samuel-, Christopher') born Oct. 9, 
1877, in New Haven, Conn., married Nov. 14, 1896, Emily 
Boess, who was born Oct. 28, 1876, in New Haven, Conn. 

He is a carpenter and had a position with his uncle 
James E. Todd. 


2753. Hazel May, b. April 22, 1897. 


James W. Todd«, (James E.^ James R.% William% 
Yale'', James*, James^ SamueP, Christopher ^ born April 
28, 1878, married June 25, 1902, Eleanor Pierson Ailing, 
who was born Nov. 24, 1877. 

In 1915, he lived in New Haven, Conn., and was em- 
ployed in his fathers office. 



2754. Eliot Winslow, b. Nov. 29, 1904. 


Vivian E. Todd", (Herbert P.% Lorenzo U.', Eli", 
Solomon'', James*, James\ Samuel'-, Christopher') born 
Dec. 31, 1887, married Dec. 31, 1914, Jessie Adams, of 
Fond Du Lac, Wis. 


2755. Wayne, b. Feb. 2, 1916. 


Lester U. Todd% (Herbert P.^ Lorenzo U.', Eli", 
Solomon^ James% James-, Samuel^, Christopher') born 
March 1, 1890, married Aug. 12, 1915, May Jensen, of 
Carpenter, low^a. 

Children : 

2756. Darwin, b. Aug. 13, 1918. 
2756a. Loraine Ellen, b. Sept. 8, 1920. 


Clifton H. Todd% (Herbei-t P.% Lorenzo U.', Eli", 
Solomon*, James", James", Samuel-, Christopher') born 
Aug. 23, 1894, married June 6, 1916, Helen Rock, of Elba, 


2757. Evan, b. March 23, 1917. 



Ruth Keeler Todd^ (Alwin E.', Orrin B.^ Gershom«, 
Benjamin^ Titus", Benjamin', MichaeP, Christopher') 
born Feb. 14, 1880, married June 30, 1914, H. W. Codding- 


Children : 
I. Gertrude Elizabeth, b. June 7, 1915. 
II. Dorothy Lee, b. March 13, 1918. 



Ethel Eliza Todd», (Alwin E.^ Orrin B.", Gershom^ 
Benjamin', TitusS Benjamin^ MichaeP, Christopher') 
bom Feb. 3, 1884, married June 26, 1917, H. H. Clark. 

Child : 
I. Margaret Louise, b. Sept. 5, 1918. 


George Iru Todd", (John R.^ Iru S.^ Justus', Asa=, 
GershomS Gershom^ Michael-, Christopher') born Sept. 
3, 1872, married Oct. 27, 1903, Lillian Cynthia, daughter 
of Ezra Harwood and Eva Evelyn (Blanchard) Mason, 
who was born in Plainfield, Mass., July 15, 1878. 

He was born at the old homestead in Roberts Meadow, 
Northampton, Mass., which has been kept in the family 
since some time befoi-e 1800. He is the fourth generation 
to have owned the place and the fifth to have lived upon it. 
The original farm was bequeathed to his great-grand- 
father, John Root, by the latter's grandfather, Joseph Root, 
of Northampton, Mass., the deed of conveyance dated in 
1802 being in the possession of the subject of this sketch. 
Since then a small portion of the original farm has been 
sold off, but later other acres have been bought on so the 
farm is larger than in the beginning. 

In 1902, becoming somewhat dissatisfied with farm- 
ing he secured a position as a clerk in the Northampton 
post office, receiving his pei-manent appointment July 1, 
1903. Within the next ten months he decided to buy the 
old farm and took possession the following April, re- 
signing his position in the office. 




2758. Earl Mason, b. Aug. 29, 1904. 

2759. Merton Root, b. May 13, 1907. 


Mabel Juliana Todd'', (John R.'% Iru S.", Justus', Asa'% 
Gershom^ Gershoni", Michael-', Christopher') born Oct. 
12, 1878, at the old farm in Northampton, Mass., married 
July 6, 1905, Amos Mason Allen, who was born in April 
1865, in Shelburne, Mass. He is a carriage and automo- 
bile painter. In 1920 he was master painter for the Bos- 
ton and Maine R. R. Co., at their shop in East Deerfield, 
Mass. They lived in Greenfield, Mass. 

Children : 

I. Howard Amos, b. Sept. 19, 1906. 

n. Agnes Elizabeth, b. May 5, 1908. 
in. Ethel Irene, b. Aug. 7, 1909. 
IV. Ruth Evelyn, b. July 7, 1911, d. July 9, 1911. 

V. Mabel Arlene, b. Sept. 9, 1912. 
VI. Merrill Francis, b. Dec. 9, 1914. 
VII. Wayne Root, b. March 8, 1919. 


Leslie Root Todd', (John R.^ Iru S.% Justus", Asa% 
Gershom*, Gershom', Michael-, Christopher') born Sept. 
11, 1891, in Northampton, Mass., married in Oct. 1911, 
Frank McCarthy, of Amherst, Mass. In 1920 they were 
living in Greenfield, Mass., where they were employed at 
the Wiley and Russell tap and dye plant. 

Children : 
I. Shirley Elizabeth, b. Feb. 11, 1912. 
II. Thelma Olive, b. Feb. 17, 1913, d. Jan. 26, 1919 of 
Pneumonia which followed an attack of the influen- 
za during the prevailing epidemic that winter. 



Bertha Mary Todd", (Lyman*, Asa A.', Lyman*, Asa^ 
GershomS Gershom% Michael-, Christopher^) born May 
9, 1886, married Harold Clark. They were living in 
Springfield, Mass., in 1919. 

L Esther Rosalind, b. April 23, 1919. 


Elmer Leroy Todd% (Lyman% Asa A.^ Lyman", Asa% 
Gershom*, Gershom% Michael-, Christopher') born March 
27, 1892, married April 14, 1917, Alta Viola, daughter of 
Albert and Ella (Fox) Creassy. For his personal sketch 
see page 504. 

Child : 
2759a. Sherard Rilon, b. Feb. 13, 1921. 



Eva Todd», (Chestil 0.^ Ora B.% Bela^ Caleb^ Gid- 
eon*, Gideon^ MichaeP, Christopher') married Oi-ren B. 
Swezey. In 1912, they were living at 509 Thompson St., 
Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Children : 
I. Helen. 
II. Ralph. 



Inez Todd^ (Chestil 0.^ Ora B.% BelaS Caleb^ Gid- 
eon*, Gideon^ Michael^, Christopher') married Prof. 
Byron W. King, of Pittsburg, Penn., where he has a 


School of Oratory, Elocution and Dramatic Culture. He 
has been confored the degrees of A. M. and Ph. D. Mrs. 
King is one of the Faculty, being veiy successful as a dra- 
matic reader. 

Children : 

I. Olive, m. Lindsay; she is a pianist in 

her fathers school. 
II. Beatrice; gives Recital Drills and Readings. 
III. Byron. 


Ernest C. Todd'', (Chestil 0.^ Ora B.% Bela», Calebs 
Gideon*, Gideon^, MichaeP, Christopher') was twice mar- 
ried, first, Cook, of Panama, Chautauqua 

County, N. Y. Second, Tuno , of Pittsburg, 

Penn. He is an Undertaker and Funeral Director in Ann 
Arbor, Mich., where he lived in 1912, at 807 West Liberty 

Child by Cook: 

2760. Ernestine. 

Children by Tuno : 

2761. Frances. 

2762. Olive. 



Florilla L. Todd", (Mollis D.\ Ora B.% Bela», Caleb% 
Gideon*, Gideon-, Michael-, Christopher^ born July 4, 
1866, m. Nov. 12, 1890, Beatty Patterson, who was born 
Feb. 22, 1865. In 1920, they were living in Appollo, Pa. 

I. Marcia. 


Carrie M. Todd% (Hollis D.% Ora B.\ Bela^ Caleb', 
Gideon', Gideon', Michael", Christopher') born Aug. 25, 
1867, married Aug. 25, 1888, John W. Davis, who was 
born Nov. 14, 1863. 

In 1920 they lived in Frewsburg, N. Y. 

Children : 
I. Laura E., b. June 10, 1889. 
II. Eli H., b. Oct. 25, 1890. 

III. Hollis J., b. May 16, 1893. 

IV. Homer, b. Dec. 6, 1897. 

V. Marjorie, b. Feb. 4, 1905. 


Martillus L. Todd", (Hollis D.^ Ora B.\ Bela% 
Caleb'', Gideons Gideon', Michael-, Christopher^ born 
July 31, 1869, married Sept. 18, 1889, Mary E., daughter 
of Eli Clark and Isabelle Frew (White) Davis, who was 
born in Frewsburg, N. Y., April 7, 1872. 

Dr. Todd is an alumnus of Baltimore Medical College ; 
served as Resident Physician at the Maryland Lying In 
Hospital ; was appointed Associate Professor of Obstetrics 
at the Baltimore Medical College; Assistant Surgeon at 
the Presbyterian Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital ; Visiting 
Surgeon at St. Vincents Orphan Asylum ; appointed Asso- 
ciate Professor of Anatomy and Operative Surgery at the 
Baltimore Medical College in 1904; Visiting Surgeon at 
the Maryland General Hospital. Commissioned 1st Lieut. 
M. 0. R. C, U. S. A. 1911; commissioned Captain in the 
M. R. C, U. S. A. in 1917; served as instructor at Camp 
Greenleaf, Ga., also as Assistant Director of Greenleaf 
School of Military Hygiene; commissioned as Major M. 
C, U. S. A. in Nov. 1917; served as Camp Sanitary In- 
spector at Camp Forrest and Chickamauga Park, Ga. and 
at Camp Lee, Va. He was retained in the service as 
Camp Sanitary Inspector at Camp Lee, Va., after demo- 
bilization of the army, then transferred to Camp Dix, N. J. 


Children : 

2763. Mai-tillus H., b. Sept. 14, 1890, m. Dec. 22, 1919, 
Adele V., daughter of James WelUngton and Mary 
M. J. (Harper) Wood, of Hedgesville, W. Va. 
He is an alumnus of Johns Hopkins Medical 
School; instructor in Medicine at the University 
of Maiyland ; served as Surgeon in the American 
Red Cross Hospital at Pau, France, in 1914-15; 
commissioned as 1st Lieut, in the M. 0. R. C, 
U. S. A. in Aug., 1917; served as Surgeon at the 
Northern General Hospital at Leeds, Eng. ; was 
transfered to France and commissioned as Cap- 
tain; served as Surgeon at Base Hospital No. 9, 
France, then as Surgeon at U. S. Hospital No. 3, 
at New York City, and at U. S. Hospital No. 2, 
at Fort McHenry, Md., after the army was de- 

*2764. Mildred I., b. Jan. 17, 1892. 

2765. Warren D., b. April 24, 1896, d. July 3, 1897. 

2766. Howard D., b. March 12, 1906. 

2767. Katherine M., b. May 27, 1909. 


Devillo 0. Todd«, (Hollis D.^ Ora B.\ Bela^ Calebs 
Gideon% Gideon^ Michael-, Christopher^ born Feb. 25, 
1872, married Nov. 28, 1892, Florence Powell, who was 
born May 12, 1870. 

He is a surgeon at TrafFord, Pa. 

Children : 

2768. Theodore P., b. May 3, 1895. 

2769. Mary D., b. June 1, 1897. 

2770. Dorothy M., b. Feb. 3, 1905. 
2770a. Billie. 

Leslie B. ToddS (Hollis D.% Ora B.% Bela% Calebs 
Gideons GideonS Michael-, Christopher') born Sept. 10, 
1877, married May 23, 1906, Mittie Smith, who was bom 
Aug. 11, 1878. 


He has a position in the P. 0. at Pittsburg, Pa. 

Children : 
2771. Kenneth V., b. July 7, 1907. 
2771a. Katherine. 


Otis J. Todd^ (Hollis D.^ Ora B.% Bela% Caleb=, 
Gideons Gideon', Michael-, Christopher^ born March 27, 
1883, married Aug. 15, 1906, Helen Lowndes, who was 
born April 4, 1884. 

He is now (1920) Prof, of Greek and Latin at Van- 
couver, B. C. 

Children : 

2772. Duncan K., b. June 23, 1907. 

2773. Alan L., b. Nov. 11, 1908. 

2774. Lois, b. Jan. 23, 1910. 
2774a. David. 

2774b. Laurie. 
2774c. Douglas. 


Hollis H. Todd% (Hollis D.S Ora B.\ Bela% Calebs 
Gideons GideonS Michael-, Christopher') born July 22, 
1885, married Dec. 23, 1905, R. Dawn Greene. 

He is a Prof, of manuel training at Amsterdam, N. Y. 

2774d. Nelson. 


Fred Ora ToddS (Theodore C.\ Ora B.', BelaS Calebs 
Gideon*, GideonS MichaeP, Christopher') married about 
1907, Mary . 

Mr. Todd is the owner of a large bean ranch located 
near Ventura, Calif., comprising several hundred acres. 

Children : 

2775. Alice. 

2776. A son. 



Delphine Todd", (Theodore C.^ Ora B.\ Bela% Caleb'', 
Gideon% Gideon\ Michael^ Christopher') died about 1912, 
Married Frank Colby. 

Mrs. Colby was teacher of Pipe Organ and Piano and 
a popular soloist in Los Angeles. Calif. She had an ex- 
ceedingly fine voice and taught voice culture. She was the 
musical critic for the Los Angeles Times and other Los 
Angeles papers. 

I. Harvey, b., about 1904. 


Archie Homer Todd", (Homer F.% Caleb", Bela% 
Caleb'', Gideons Gideon% Michael-, Christopher') born 
Aug. 30, 1874, married April 20, 1897, Elizabeth Sprague, 
who was born May 14, 1877. 

He is a station agent for the Pittsburg and Lake 
Erie Railroad at Monongahela City, Penn. 

Children : 

2777. Florence Josephine, b. Apinl 21, 1898. 

2778. Emerson Howard, b. Feb. 13, 1902. 

2779. Bradley Homer, b. Sept. 13, 1904. 

2780. Sidney Eugene, b. May 7, 1907, d. Nov. 18, 1910. 

2781. Elizabeth Virginia, b. March 29, 1912. 

2782. Harriet Lucile, b. March 12, 1915. 

2783. John Sprague, b. Oct. 13, 1919. 


Stanton Wesley Todd", (Homer F.\ Caleb", Bela", 
Caleb", Gideon^, Gideon\ Michael-, Christopher') born 
July 9, 1876, married Sept. 18, 1901, Mae C. Stevens. 


He graduated from the Fredonia Normal School at 
Frcdonia, N. Y., in 1901, after which he taught school for 
some time. Later he engaged in the wholesale paper 
business in Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Children : 

2784. Cathryn M., b. July 1, 1902, d. Oct. 26, 1902. 

2785. Dorothy M., b. Oct. 22, 1903. 

2786. Chauncey S., b. June 8, 1906. 

2787. Stanton W., b. Sept. 20, 1908. 

2788. Jack W., b. Aug. 24, 1910, d. July 15, 1911. 

2789. Gretchen, b. June 28, 1912. 


Edwin Lafayette Todd", (Homer F.^ Caleb', Bela«, 
Caleb', Gideons Gideon', Michael^, Christopher^ born 
Sept. 30, 1879, married Sept. 26, 1908, Gretchen Wilbur, 
who was born April 8, 1878. 

He graduated from the University of Buffalo in 1903. 
In 1920 he was living in Dunkirk, N. Y., where he was a 

Children : 

2790. John W., b. May 28, 1910, d. in 1910. 

2791. Charles Lafayette, b. Dec. 9, 1911. 



Lena Delphine Todd", (Homer F.*, Caleb', Bela«, 
Caleb', Gideon^, Gideon^ Michael^ Christopher^) born 
Oct. 15, 1883, married Sept. 21, 1907, Charles R. Keller, 
who was born Jan. 4, 1872. In 1912 they were living in 
Oxnard, Calif. 

Children : 
I. Margaret Todd, b. Oct. 26, 1911. 
II. Homer Todd, b. Feb. 17, 1915. 

III. Charles Richard, b. Mar. 25, 1917. 

IV. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 9, 1918. 



James G. Todd", (Clai-ence L.^ Lewis C.\ Lewis C, 
Caleb^ Gideon*, Gideon', MichaeP, Christopher') born 
June 16, 1876, married Dec. 24, 1902, Myrtle Clara, 
daughter of Albert Henry and Frances J. (Mullen) Lewis, 
who was born Nov. 1, 1880. 

He is a locomotive engineer. They lived in Ashtabu- 
la, Ohio, in 1912. 

2792. Lewis Melvin, b. Oct. 23, 1912. 


Malcolm Howard Todd", (George B.", Frederick P.', 
Thomas J.", Caleb"', Gideon', Gideon', Michael-', Christo- 
pher^ born May 9, 1898, in Norfolk, Va., married Jan. 
4, 1919, Mary Lucile Braithwaite. 

Child : 
2792a. Malcolm Howard, b. Dec. 1, 1919, in Norfolk, 



Nettie Todd", (Charles^, Ruel% Eleazer^ Ruel', Job', 
Ithamar% MichaeP, Christopher') born Dec. 30, 1869, in 
Dundee, 111., married in Elgin, 111., June 30, 1900, James 
Finnegan, who was bom July 9, 1871, in Sycamore, 111. 

Children : 
I. Maurine, b. June 6, 1901. 
II. John James, b. May 9, 1908. 


Ralph Lallaway Todd", (Edward S.% Lucius M.^ Levi", 
RueP, Job^, Ithamar^ Michael^ Christopher') born Oct. 
10, 1889, in Aurora, 111., married in Omaha, Neb., Dec. 5, 


1911, Helen Claire Leet, who was born Nov. 4, 1890, in 
Audubon, Iowa. 

Child : 
2793. Edward Leet. 


Harold Leland Todd'", (Henry H.% George H^. 
Gabriel H.^ John", John-', JohnS John\ John=, Christo- 
pher') born in 1894, married Mabel Weinberg. In 1920 
they were living in Albion, Mich. 

2794. Robert Louis, b. Dec. 10, 1917. 


Grace Joyce Todd'", (Fred F.», Elbert S.% Gabriel H.% 
John8, John'\ John^ John^ John^ Christopher') born 
April 25, 1901, married at Marion, Md., Jan. 6, 1918, 
Louis E. Adams. 

Child : 
I. Joyce Todd, b. March 2, 1920. 


Bertha Todd'", (Henry", DanieP, Jerry', HezekiahS 
Hezekiah\ Caleb*, SamueP, SamueP, Christopher') born 
Aug. 4, 1859, she was married twice, first, in 1877 to 
Walter Scott, from whom she obtained a divorce and later 
married second, Oct. 29, 1884, Lewis Charles Rahl. 

Child by Walter Scott : 
I. Jennie Waltena, b. July 5, 1879, m. in 1900, William 
Canner, and had issue : (1) Walter William, b. May 
20, 1901. 


Child by Lewis C. Rahl : 


II. Lewis Arthur, b. Nov. 15, 1886, m. Susie Mosher, 
and had issue: (1) Ruth Vivian; (2) Lois May. 


James Todd'", (Lester H.», Hezekiah", Jerry^ Hoze- 
kiah^ Hezekiah^ Calebs SamueP, Samuel=, Christopher') 
married . 

Child : 
2795. Frederick, b. 1913. 



Eva L. Todd'", (William E.», EdwinS Street", Hoze- 
kiahS Hezekiah"', Caleb*, Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher') 
born July 30, 1870, died Dec. 7, 1903, married in 1890, 
Charles H. Clark, of Royalton, Vt. 

Children : 
L Marie A., b. 1890. 
II. Arthur E., b. 1897. 



Mabel Louise Todd'", (Oliver S.', Bennetts Zerah", 
Oliver", Hezekiah', Calebs Samuels Samuels Christo- 
pher') born April 4, 1893, married in July, 1916, Hobart 
Nelson Stiles, of North Haven, Conn., the ceremony 
taking place in St. Johns Church in that town. Since 
their marriage they have lived in North Haven, Conn. 

Children : 
I. Joanne Todd, b. April 20, 1917. 
II. Hobart Nelson, b. Oct. 24, 1919. 



Charles S. Todd^», (Albert", Charles', Albert% 
Charles^ Jonah\ Stephen\ SamueP, Samuel^, Christo- 
pherO born Oct. 24, 1867, married July 6, 1896, Lucy 
Barnes, who died March 4, 1915. 

He was a farmer and lived in North Branford, Conn. 

Child : 

2796. Frances N., b. July 6, 1897. 


Alfred Towner Todd'", (Alson B.«, Alfred', Albert', 
Charles^ Jonah^ Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel-, Christo- 
pherO born Oct. 6, 1865, in New Haven, Conn., married 
Sept. 12, 1888, Alice Grace Sanford. 


2797. Sanford Alson, b. Nov. 5, 1891 ; unmarried in 1918. 


Horace Ii-ving Todd'", (Alson B.^ Alfred% Albert', 
Charles", Jonah'\ Stephen', SamueP, Samuel-, Christo- 
pher') born May 27, 1879, in New Haven, Conn., married 
Oct. 28, 1903, Mabel Evelyn Elmer. 

Mr. Todd is a farmer and lives in Hamden, Conn., 
where he established a herd of registered Holstein-Frie- 
sian Cattle in 1903. 


2798. Frederick Elmer, b. Sept. 15, 1912. 



Edith Webster Todd'", (Theron A.», Alfred', Albert', 
Charles", Jonahs Stephen', SamueP, SamueP, Christo- 
pher') born Aug. 14, 1867, married Aug. 4, 1897, Hubert 
Merrill Sedgwick, of Bondsville, Mass. She has been Vice 
Regent in the Daughters of the American Revolution. 


Children : 
I. Ruth, b. May 28, 1898, in New Haven, Conn. 
II. Butler Todd, b. July 2, 1900, d. Aug. 5, 1900. 


Francis Harrison Todd'", (Theron A.", Alfred", Al- 
bert", Charles", Jonah"', Stephen\ Samuel ', SamueP, Chris- 
topherO born July 29, 1874, married in Ottawa, Ont., 
Canada, April 25, 1900, Maude Isabelle Mitchell. 

He is a physician in Paterson, N. J., where his child- 
ren were born. 

Children : 

2799. Roberta Webster, b. Oct. 12, 1902. 

2800. Frances Mitchell, b. July 26, 1910. 


Olin Hatheway Todd'", (Charles F.", Walter S.", Ira', 
Jehiel**, Stephen", Stephen*, SamueP, Samuel', Christo- 
pher') born July 26, 1878, in Chicago, 111., married Feb. 
22, 1901, Addie Dickinson. 

He graduated from the Duluth, Minn., High School. 
He is now (1912) engaged in the stock and poultry busi- 
ness in Barnum, Minn. 

Child : 

2801. Georgie, b. April 15, 1909. 


Stewart Todd'", (Lewellyn E.'-', Zerah A.«, Zerah', 
Jehiel", Stephen"', Stephen^ SamueP, SamueP, Christo- 
pher') born June 15, 1886, married in June 1910, Anna 

Child : 

2802. A son. 



Mary A. Todd'", (Lewellyn E.», Zerah A.», Zerah^ 
Jehiel", Stephen\ Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christo- 
pher') born April 22, 1892, married in June 1910, James 

Children : 
II. . 


Glenn David Todd'", (BetheP, Edwin H.^ Bethel% 
Jehiel^ Stephen^ Stephens SamueP, Samuel-', Christo- 
pher') born Aug. 14, 1883, married March 14, 1908, Zena 
Viola, daughter of Squire and Rosena McDonald, of Rives 
Junction, Mich. 

He is a farmer and resides in Onondaga, Mich. 

Children : 

2803. Leroy Squire, b. Feb. 5, 1909. 

2804. Austin Glenn, b. Sept. 7, 1910. 

2805. Lorna Isabelle, b. Dec. 7, 1913. 


R. V. Eddie Todd'", (BetheP, Edwin H.S Bethel', 
Jehiel% Stephen'', Stephen*, SamueP, SamueP, Christo- 
pher') born Aug. 21, 1886, married April 13, 1908, Mina, 
daughter of George and Susan Brown, of Parma, Mich. 

They reside in Henrietta, Mich., but their post office 
address is Leslie, Mich. 

Children : 

2806. Leo B., b. Feb. 19, 1909. 

2807. Elwin George, b. Oct. 8, 1910. 

2808. Raymond, b. July 10, 1912. 

2809. Edward R. V., b. Jan. 10, 1914. 


Eva Ettie Todd"', (Bethel'-', Edwin, H/, BetheP 
Jehie^, Stephen'', Stephen*, Samuel', Samuel-, Christo- 
pher') born Aug. 21, 1886, twin with the preceding num- 
ber, married June 29, 1905, Emmet, son of Patrick and 
Rose Woods, of Bunker Hill, Mich., where they afterwards 
lived. R. F. D. Leslie, Mich. 
Children : 

I. Alanson Ethelbert, b. May 14, 1906. 
II. Margaret Leota, b. Jan. 8, 1908. 
III. Harold Patrick, b. March 17, 1910, d. April 17, 


Oscar Vivian Todd"', (Frank E.\ Edward P.% Silas-, 
Elam% Edmund', Christopher*, Samuel\ Samuel-, Chris- 
topher') born Jan. 10, 1885, married Dec. 24, 1907, Anna- 
bel Davidson, who was born Aug. 1, 1890, in Elk City, 

He is a mechanic and lived in Visalia, Cal. 

Children : 

2810. Lyle Francis, b. Nov. 22, 1909, in Independence, 

2811. Gareth Waldo, b. May 27, 1911, in Visalia, Cal. 


Russell Lowell Todd'", (Frank E.^ Edward P.', Silas', 
Elam% Edmund^ Christopher*, SamueP, Samuel-, Chris- 
topher') bom July 12, 1890, married Oct. 8, 1913, Myrtle 
Niota Ferguson, who was born Feb. 17, 1889, in Grant 
City, Mo. He is a bookkeeper in Visalia, Cal., where 
their children were born. 

Children : 

2812. John Ferguson, b. March 7, 1914. 

2813. Russell Lowell, b. June 7, 1915. 



Edith Morris Todd^", (Robert B.», Joshua M.^ Eli M.', 
Eli% Jonah', Abrahams Jonah', Samuel-, Christopher') 
was twice married, first, to Adelbert T. Kinney, second, 
Wilton A. McFee. 

Child by Wilton A. McFee: 
I. Jane. 


Robert Morris Todd"', (Robert B.», Joshua M.\ Eli 
M.% Eli°, Jonah-', Abrahams Jonah% SamueP, Christo- 
pher') married Ethel Williams. 

2814. Ruby Jane, b. Nov. 1912. 


C. Milton Todd'", (Arthur C.«, Cyrus L.», Jonah% 
Abi-ahamS Abrahams Abrahams JonahS Samuels Chris- 
topher') born Oct. 22, 1877, married April 29, 1907, Mar- 
garet, daughter of William Eisele, of West End, N. J., 
and where they lived. He is a physician. 

Child : 

2815. Arthur, b. June 3, 1912. 


Rowland Todd'S (Frank O.S IraS OrrinS DavidS 
Abraham'', Abraham*, Jonah^, Samuels Christopher') 
born June 12, 1887, married Sept. 2, 1909, Arlye Owen, 
who was born March 1, 1884. 

Children : 

2816. Madeline, b. July 7, 1910. 

2817. Eugene, b. Nov. 9, 1912. 



Harold L. Todd'", (Howard M.°, Morris', Allen', 
David'% Abraham', Abraliam\ Jonah\ Samuel-', Christo- 
pher") born in or near Qiiasqueton, Iowa, married Alena 

He is a farmer residing about four miles from 
Walker, Linn county, Iowa, which is his post oflice ad- 


2818. Paulina A. 



Pearl E. Todd"", (Howard M.% Morris^ Allen% 
David"^, Abraham'', Abraham*, Jonah^ Samuel-, Christo- 
pher") born in Quasqueton, Iowa, married Edson Slater, 
who is a carpenter and they live in Quasqueton, Iowa. 

I. Gevena M. 


Alfred Lewis Todd"", (Wilmer L.^ HenryS Ezra L.^ 
Ezra L.", James^, James*, James^ SamueP, Christopher") 
born May, 13, 1876, in New Orleans, La., married at Mc- 
Comb City, Miss., Adele Ford, who was born Jan. 14, 
1884, in McComb City, Miss., where they were living in 


2819. Belden Wilmer, b. Aug. 22, 1902. 


Wilmer Lewis Todd"", (Wilmer L.", Henry', Ezra L.% 
Ezra L.", James% James*, James', Samuel^, Christopher") 
born Nov. 27, 1879, in New Orleans, La., and there he 
married Oct. 9, 1906, Anna Albertine Vitter. 


Children : 

2820. Audrey, b. Aug. 11, 1907, d. March 8, 1909. 

2821. Lewis Junior, b. Nov. 8, 1913. 

2822. Audeth Anna, b. July 3, 1915. 



Bertha Adele Todd'", (Wilmer L.», Henry', Ezra L.', 
Ezra L.«, James'', James\ James', Samuel^, Christopher') 
born March 3, 1885, in New Orleans, La., and there she 
married Sept. 25, 1905, Leon Joseph Breedlove. 
Children : 

L Doris Rose, b. Dec. 5, 1906. 
IL Leon Joseph, b. Dec. 21, 1914. 


Rose Elinor Todd'", (Wilmer L.», Henry', Ezra L.^ 
Ezra L.", James'', JamesS James\ Samuel", Christopher') 
bom April 22, 1889, in Charlestown, S. C, married in 
New Orleans, La., Aug. 23, 1910, Leon Henry Grandjean, 
who was born Jan. 9, 1882, in Port Vincent, La. 
Children : 
I. George Henry, b. Jan. 11, 1913. 
n. Ironi Leon, b. Aug. 16, 1916. 


Mildred I. Todd'", (Martillus L." Hollis D.', Ora B.^ 
Bela% Caleb', Gideon*, Gideon', Michael-, Christopher') 
born Jan. 17, 1892, married Sept. 2, 1916, Thomas Mason 
Bacon, son of Thomas Mason Bacon and Alice Haven 
(Cheston) Hicks, who was born in Williamsport, Penn., 
Dec. 24, 1893. 
Children : 

L Thomas Mason Bacon, b. Oct. 5, 1917. 
II. Elizabeth Hart, b. March 3, 1919, d. March 27, 1919. 
III. Martillus Todd, b. April 24, 1920. 




Hiram Todd^ (Isaac% Samuel, Samuels Samuel, 
Samuel-, Christopher^) died about 1912, married Oct. 6, 
1862, Mariette Butler. 

Children : 

* 1430a. Henry, b. Feb. 7, 1864. 

*1431 John B., b. April 29, 1866. Family record on 
page 447. 

* 1431a. Orpha, b. Dec. 7, 1868. 

* 1431b. Berton. 


Burr Todd^ (Isaac", SamueP, Samuel*, Samuel' 
Samuel", Christopher^ married in 1856, Susan Stone. 
For sketch see page 274. 

Children : 

*1432. Carolyn, b. July 27, 1858. 
*1438. Mary Lillian, b. Feb. 21, 1873. 
*1434. Augustus H., b. April 11, 1863. 


Henry Todd*, (HiramS Isaac", Samuel^ Samuel*, 
SamueP, Samuel-', Christopher') born Feb. 7, 1864, mar- 
ried Cora Biehler. 

Children : 

2119a Minnie, married Bertram W. Brown, had issue: 

(1) Watson. 
2119b. Orra, m. Earl Edwards. 


Orpha Todd*, (Hiram', Isaac', Samuel', Samuel*, 
Samuel', Samuel", Christopher') born Dec. 7, 1868, mar- 
ried in 1886, Elwin George. They lived in Arkville, N. Y. 

Children : 

I. Leona, b. 1888, m. Vernon Cook, had issue: (1) Vir- 
ginia, b. 1913; (2) George William, b. 1914. 
II. Lynley, b. 1892, m. Mable Van Valkenburgh. 

Berton Todd^ (Hiram', Isaac", Samuel% Samuel*, 
Samuel, Samuel^ Christopher') married Dec. 26, 1900, 
Pearl F. Seager. 

2119c. Madalon, b. 1905. 



Carolyn Todd% (Burr', Isaac*, Samuel^ Samuel*, 
Samuel', Samuel-, Christopher') born July 27, 1858, was 
twice married, first, in 1879, Allen S. Doolittle, second, in 
1902, Robert E. Worth. In 1920 she was living in Baby- 
lon, N. Y. 

Children by Allen S. Doolittle: 

I. Royal Chilson, b. May 2, 1887, m. in 1913, Ellen 
Topping, had issue: (1) Carolyn Elizabeth, b. Mar. 
29, 1914. 
II. Wilhelmina, b. June 28, 1898. She was adopted by 
, her step-father, Robert E. Worth. 

Mary Lillian Todd^ (Burr', Isaac*, Samuel% Samuel*, 
Samuel^ Samuel-, Christopher') born Feb. 21, 1873, mar- 
ried in 1893, Charles Vincent Spriggs. 


Child : 
I. Cecil Todd, b. Aug. 1903. 


Augustus H. Todd% (Burr^ Isaac% Samuel\ SamueH, 
Samuel", Samuel-, Christopher') born April 11, 1863, 
married in 1882, Sarah Catherine Beardsley. For his 
sketch see page 448. 

Children : 
*2123. Otis H., b. April 4, 1885. 
2124. Merea H., b. May 18, 1894, m. in 1915, Andrew 

2124a. Leah, b. Oct. 22, 1896, m. Ivan Humphry. 
2124b. Katherine, b. March 1, 1900. 


Otis H. Todd% (Augustus H.«, Burr% Isaac% SamueP, 
Samuel^ Samuel% Samuel-, Christopher') born April 4, 
1885, married in 1908, Louise Mungle. 
Children : 
2671a. Oscar H., b. Dec. 10, 1909. 
2671b. Robert William, b. March 19, 1914. 


Lewis Caleb Todd had a ninth child, a daughter, 
named Lewis C, b. Oct. 27, 1917. His daughter Florence 
mari'ied and had Ruth Ann, b. Mar. 12, 1920. His son, 
L. G., married and had Betty, b. Nov. 1916. His son, 
Ora Mark, m. and had Jeriy, b. July 1920. His son 
Harold Ami, m. and had, George and Rud. His daughter, 

Julia E., m. Tighe, and had John V., b. 1919, and 

Mary Elexa, b. 1920. His daughter Jessie B., m. and had 
Barbara Ann, b. Feb., 1921. 



Dr. Elbert S. Todd, was the seventh son of Mr. and 
Mrs. G. H. Todd, who were sturdy Methodists of an early 
day, and pioneers in the new state of Michigan. He was 
born on a farm near Adrian, and early showed fondness 
for school and books. 

By the time he had finished the district school, his 
father had decided that he could never make a farmer of 
this boy, so moved into the growing city of Adrian, in 
order to give his promising son better educational ad- 
vantages. There he graduated with honor from the 
Adrian College — Rev. Asa Mahan, president. 

During his college days, when about sixteen years of 
age, he gave his heart to God, and united with the Metho- 
dist church, and was soon made leader of "The Young 
People's Meeting" — before the day of Epworth Leagues. 

He was a successful leader, and held the position 
until, having decided to prepare himself for the ministry, 
he went to the Garrett Biblical Institute at Evanston, 111. 
After his graduation, he went to the Union Theological 
Seminaiy of New York City and finished his studies there. 
While in New York he became interested in China, as a 
mission field, and decided to take his young bride and go 
as a missionary to that far away land. September 21, 
1867, he left his home and native land, and on arriving in 
China was stationed at Kiu Kiang, where he remained 
until, owing to the condition of his wife's health, the doc- 
tors ordered him to take her and the young son — born in 
China — back to the home land. 

They remained in California, and he joined the Cali- 
fornia Conference, being sent first to the Bush St. (Now 
California St.) Church, San Francisco, then to First 
Church, San Jose, next to Napa, then back to Grace M. E., 
San Francisco, and to First Church, Oakland. From 
there he transfered to Sixty-first St. Church, New York 
City, and then to Grace M. E., Church, Baltimore, for five 
years; Hamline Church, Washington, D. C, five years; 
Strawbridge Church, Baltimore, five years, and Frederick 
City, Maryland. 

He has written some books, and has taken two Euro- 


pean trips, and now has retired from the active ministry, 
and is living at Hollywood, Md., though still a member of 
the Baltimore Conference. 

At their pleasant little bungalow home in Hollywood, 
they now have a religious service every Sabbath 
evening, for the neighborhood. Some who are not in the 
habit of attending church, and those of different denom- 
inations all meet together and enjoy a little informal 
evening of worship. So he is still doing the Master's 

Chan Kiu Sing, the pastor of our Chinese M. E. Mis- 
sion, still tells of the first Christian sermon he ever heard, 
which was preached by Dr. Todd, in the San Jose M. E. 


Charles Henry Todd', (EInathan% John'', JohnS 
John^ John^ Christopher^ born in Connecticut, Sept. 17, 
1814, died in 1892, was twice married, first. Thankful 
Townsend, second, in 1844, Mrs. Audelia Ann (Hilton) 
Sherwood, who was born in 1821, died in 1894. 

Children : 

* 1137a. Walter Brewster, b. May 20, 1847. 

* 1137b. Clarence Elnathan, b. June 14, 1851. 


Walter Brewster Todd«, (Charles H.', Elnathan% 
John^ John*, John'', John=, Christopher') born May 20, 
1847, was twice married, first, in 1871, Fannie S. Green, 
who died in Aug. 1890, second, April 2, 1893, Emily Beers 

Mr. Todd and his son are Funeral Directors in 
Pomona, Calif., in 1921, with a Mr. T. W. Patterson as a 

Children by Fannie S. Green : 
1847a. Charles Walter, b. Dec. 20, 1874, m. Gertrude 
Viola Jones, No children. 


1847b. Bertha May, b. April 24, 1876, m. Charles H. 
Sandmeister, and had issue: (1) A daughter, b. 
May 21, 1905. 

Child by Emily B. Richardson : 
1847c. John Richardson, b. Dec. 10, 1896, m. Sept. 28, 
1920, Grace Koenig. 


Clarence Elnathan Todd", (Charles H.', Elnathan«, 
John'', John*, John', John-, Christopher') born June 14, 
1851, died Dec. 31, 1920, married Uranie Dean. 
Children : 
1847d. Melvin Mortimer. 
1847e. Marion Dean. 
1847f. John Howard. 


The death of Samuel S. Todd occurred at his home 
in Toddsville, (N. Y.,) on Tuesday afternoon, May 10, 
1921, in the 97th year of his ago. Lacking but three 
years and a half of one hundred, Mr. Todd was probably 
the oldest resident of Otsego County. Furthermore, he 
was born in the neighborhood where he died and had 
always lived. Staunch in his Americanism and resemb- 
ling somewhat in personal appearance the character of 
"Uncle Sam", he was known and referred to by that af- 
fectionate title by his neighbors and many friends. Pos- 
sessing a retentive memory and being naturally of a 
genial and companionable disposition, it was a pleasure at 
all times to converse with him in regard to the early days 
of Toddsville and of this locality. He formed a con- 
necting link back to the days of the pioneers, through his 
father and grandfather. 

The writer called upon "Uncle Sam" about three 
weeks before his death. Bent with the infirmities of age, 
the old man said he was expecting the summons at any 
moment and was ready for it. On previous visits, Mr. 
Todd had expressed the determination to live to be a 


hundred, but this time, having passed through a very try- 
ing winter, he did not wish, he said, to go through another 
one. '>' ,"S 

He had resided in his late home thirty-one years. 
Since the death of his wife in 1899, his daughter, Miss 
Florence, has kept the home and cared for her father. 

Mr. Todd was christened in the Presbyterian church 
in infancy and has always been a member of that church. 
A staunch Democrat he was for many years a Justice of 
the Peace in the town of Hartwick. Engaged for many 
years with the late Rufus Steere as salesman of cotton 
goods he was for a long time in the height of the industry, 
a familiar figure in the surrounding countries, making 
long trips with team and wagon, exchanging cotton cloth 
for the produce and merchandise of established cus- 
tomers. Since the close of the industry locally he has 
retired from active business, caring for his garden up 
until last fall. 

Taken from Freeman's Journal of Cooperstown, N. Y. 

Of his six children, five were living at the time of his 
death, namely, Mrs. Martha Gaylord and Fred, of 
Oneonta, Glenn, of Little Falls, and Mrs. James E. Almy 
and Miss Florence, of Toddsville. 


In 1804, Jehiel Todd and his family consisting of his 
wife and sons, Lemuel, (then married) Ira, Caleb, Asahel, 
Zerah, and Bethel and daughters, Sally Todd, (Carr) and 
Polly Todd, (Crandall) came from Wallingford, Conn., 
the home of this Todd family for three generations. 

Jehiel Todd and his son, Lemuel, purchased the 
"Tubbs patent" from Judge Cooper of Cooperstown, N. 
Y., consisting of a tract of 300 acres of land on both sides 
of Oak Creek at the present site of Toddsville, (N. Y.) in- 
cluding the water power. The first house was erected by 
Mr. Tubbs in 1795 and is now, 1921, owned by Mrs. Mary 
Clapsaddle. The Todd families occupied this house until 
1805, when Jehiel Todd erected and occupied the house 
now owned and occupied by Frank Peck. Lemuel Todd 


and his son Samuel S. Todd owning and occupying the 
"Tubbs house" until its purchase by the late Dr. Clapsad- 
dle several years ago. 

The first mill was a grist mill built by Mr. Tubbs 
and improved by the Todds, who soon after they arrived 
also built on the Hartwick side, a woolen mill, and on the 
Otsego side, a saw mill and paper mill near the south end 
of the present paper mill. This paper mill was three 
times burned and rebuilt and operated by the Todd family 
until 1855. The first store was kept by Lemuel Todd in a 
building between the houses now, 1921, owned by Mrs. 
Clapsaddle and Michael Cleary. Zerah Todd ran a store, 
bookbinding and printing plant in connection with the 
woolen mill in the house now known as the "Old Dr. Almy 
House". The first and only hotel was built in about 1827 
by Caleb Todd on its present site. 

The Union Cotton Mill Company, purchased of Jehiel 
and Lemuel Todd about 1810, the farm property known as 
the factoiy property and built a wooden building and 
operated a cotton spinning factory there until 1828 when 
the stone building was erected and operated by various 
comi)anies and proprietors until 1897. 

The country, in revolutionaiy times, was served by 
Jehiel Todd who was a "Minute Man". He was at the 
burning of Danbury by the British in 1777, and at the 
plundering of New Haven by General Tryon. 

Taken from Freeman's Journal of Cooperstown, N. 

For the ancestry of Jehiel Todd see page 139. 


Since writing the sketch of Christopher Todd, there 
has been called to the editor's attention that there may be 
a possible question as to just which ship he took passage 
on and which company he was associated with. In the 
sketch as written it is stated that he came to this counti-y 
on the Hector with Mr. John Davenport's company which 
set sail from London. This may be true, for John Fiske 
states in "The Beginnings of New England" that Daven- 
port "in concert with Eaton (Theophilus) organized a 
scheme of emigration that included men from Yorkshire, 
Hertfordshire and Kent", and as Pontefract is situated in 
Yorkshire, he may have been one of these men. On the 
other hand, Christopher Todd may have sailed from Hull, 
for in the "History of New Haven Colony", Edward E. At- 
water, the author, states that "Ezekiel Rogers, a minister 
of high standing in Yorkshire, having embarked at Hull 
on the Humber, with a company who personally knew him 
and desired to enjoy his ministry, arrived in Boston late 
in the summer 1638. 

From this account it seems that through the repre- 
sentations of Davenport and Eaton, Rogers and his fol- 
lowers came to an agreement whereby they were to re- 
move to New Haven and some of them started for that 
colony immediately. They went by water and encountered 
a heavy storm during which they were cast upon a sand 
bar where they remained until the next high tide. They 
were two weeks on the way. A full account may be found 
in the above mentioned histoi-y on pages 81-83. 

With which of the two companies Christopher came 
to this country the editor does not know positively. Both 
of them were composed of a very desirable people, con- 
taining men of education, means and influence and were 
gladly welcomed on their arrival. 


Abbreviations: p., Page; n., number; 1., line; r., read. 

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p. 591, n. 2024, 1st 1., r. Isabella Thankful Todd, 
p. 614, n. 2152, 1st 1., r. Ophelia Jane Todd. 


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Abram Horace, 


Albert John, 410 







Albert May, 


Ada J., 



Adaline Rachel, 


Albert Nelson, 462 



Albert S., 253 


Addie Emma, 307 


Albert Strong, 380, 


Addie Maria, 305 


Albert Uel, 


Addison E., 168, 


Albert v., 



Albert William, 


Addison Eli, 306-7 

Albert Woods, 149 




Albina Philinda, 


Adelaide Stoyell, 






Adalbert D., 


Alden Giddings, 


Adelia E., 311 


Alerta Grace, 


Adelia Eliza, 266 


Alexander, 275, 


Adeline, 140, 168 


Alfred, 139, 160 


Adeline Maria, 


248, 283, 388, 



580, 587 

Adeline Rachel, 


Alfred Lewis, 635 


Alfred Pierpont, 260 
Alfred Towner, 573 

Alice, 159, 458, 619, 645 
Alice Adelaide, 431 

Alice Ann, 419, 587 
Alice Baker, 467 

Alice C, 178, 319 

Alice Caroline, 297 

Alice Clarilla, 389 

Alice Corolie, 453, 613 
Alice D., 620 

Alice E.. 488 

Alice Edna, 366, 556 
Alice Laura, 175, 319 
Alice Lewis, 569 

Alice Louise, 556 

Alice May, 482 

Alice Miriam, 512 

Alice Street, 428, 594